Oct 13 2019

Recovery Program for Women – The Hope Center, Lexington, KYThe Hope Center, Lexington, KY #drug #rehab #lexington #ky


Recovery Program for Women

The success of the men s recovery program led many in the community to urge the Hope Center to open a similar program for women.

In 2002, the Hope Center opened a new residential facility at 1524 Versailles Road to house the Recovery Program for Women.

The Recovery Program for Women is based on the same peer-driven, professionally supervised model as the men s program. It features SOS (supportive, safe environment to gain sobriety) instead of a detoxification center, adds several gender-specific features, and includes a health clinic.

Outcome data indicates that 95 percent of women remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol six months after entering the program. One year after completion of the program, 71 percent remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Many of those who relapse use the tools and resources they learned and quickly return to the path of recovery before doing further damage to themselves and others.

Recovery from addiction and alcoholism is a process, not a destination. For those who participate in the Hope Center Recovery Programs, every day is an opportunity for growth, change and living a positive, productive life.

*This program is intended for recovery clients only. If shelter or housing is needed before program admittance, please contact the Salvation Army at (859) 252-7706 or GreenHouse17 at (859) 233-0657.

Ball-Quantrell Recovery Center for Women
1524 Versailles Rd.
Lexington, KY 40504
Phone. (859) 252-2002
Fax. (859) 252-2592

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