Sep 1 2017

Find Your Cars Value Using Black Book #where #to #buy #used #cars

#auto trade in value

Use the Black Book to get the full market value for your trade!

When you’re looking for a trade in value or a used car value, you’re not looking for a little black book with phone numbers – but the Black Book that tells you what the used vehicle you’re buying or selling is worth on the automotive market.

At Auction Direct USA, you can be assured our appraisal professionals will use the Black Book, and their experience, to come up with the best, most competitive trade in value for your used car, truck, van, crossover or SUV.  We’re in the business of buying and selling used cars day-in-and-day-out, so our professionals know how to arrive at the best used car value when you bring in your vehicle for a trade.

We’re not only very familiar with used car values for both foreign and domestic vehicles; we also utilize the Black Book and other resources to ensure we come up with the most accurate trade in value for your automobile.  Auction Direct USA uses the same information to make sure the prices of all our used cars are among the most competitive in your city.

You can be sure when you bring your used car to trade to us; you can trust the trade in value you receive for your vehicle.

And you don’t even have to be purchasing a vehicle to get a no obligation appraisal for your trade in.

All trade in appraisals is good for five days or 500 miles, which gives you a chance to compare our offer with other dealers.

You’ll find the same is true at our Auction Direct USA Showrooms!  We come up with the best used car value for every vehicle on the lot.

When it comes to getting the best Black Book value for your trade in or your purchase, Auction Direct USA is where you need to be looking for a used car!

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