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Craigslist used cars for sale by owner autos online – Online car shopping from Craigs List offers cheap alternative to purchasing new #second #hand #cars

#autos for sale by owner

Craigslist used cars for sale by owner autos online – Online car shopping from Craigs List offers cheap alternative to purchasing new

by admin on August 24, 2010

Spring 2012 update

The car buying season is in full swing and used car shoppers can t get enough of Craigslist. We have summarized a few car buying tips that will assist you in your used car search. Buying a used car is an important financial decision and without the right knowledge, you may end up making a purchase that will be regretted. Don t be that guy who pays too much for an inferior car. Here are some great tips for the 2012 year when it comes to buying a used car.

  1. Shop for local car deals. Depending on where you live, your next used car deal could be right in your back yard. There is really no need to search high and low for the car that you are interested in. It may be possible that the deal that you are looking for is right next door. Do not depend on just one source when it comes to buying that used car. Check around with other sources such as the local paper or even other websites.
  2. Wait until after the tax rush. Unless you absolutely must, wait a few months until the tax rush is over. In the spring, there is an abundance of used car buyers with fist fulls of cash. Let these people get the first cars of the year and then you can dive in and get in on a much better deal. With fewer car buyers out there, car sellers will be more willing to negotiate with you.
  3. Always have your car checked out. As mentioned several times before, you should always have a qualified person check out any car that you are interested in. This will end up saving you thousands of dollars and a lot of headache. Ask anyone out there that has purchased a lemon and they will tell you that they should have the car checked out. This includes having your mechanic look at it and performing a history report using the vehicle identification number.
  4. Don t hesitate on a great deal. If you find a really great deal on a used car and are sure it is the right decision, don t hesitate. Doing so may cost you the deal and prolong your search for a used car. Once you have decided to purchase a car, make the seller an offer and let them know that you are ready to buy their car.
  5. Never pay too much.  There are many techniques that you can use to determine how much you should pay for a car. All too often folks pay way too much for their used cars. Take a look around at others who are selling similar vehicles and see what they area asking. Remember that the asking price and the selling price are two different numbers.

Craigslist Cars save money in many ways

The summer months are still here and many end of summer car shoppers are out there looking for the best possible deal. Going from dealership to dealership, listening to all the sales pitches and reasons why you should buy from each is enough to give just about anyone a headache.

Skip the headache this time around and consider the purchase of a used for sale by owner vehicle. Getting a private party deal means that you will save even more on your next vehicle purchase. Since private sellers do not have the cost commonly associated with running a business, they can often sell their vehicle for significantly less than the car lot price. Craigslist cars for sale are a great alternative to purchasing brand new.

People who are looking to save a bit of money often turn to purchasing for sale by owner used cars. Purchasing a used car can really save a lot of cash. This is possible because of the rapid depreciation of most vehicles. Most vehicles lose up to half of their value within the first couple of years of ownership. This means that finding a great deal on a used car this summer can be as easy as purchasing used.

When purchasing a used vehicle, choosing a good one could make the difference between getting a great deal and purchasing a money pit. Studies have shown that nearly one third of used vehicles that are sold were sold because of underlying problems. While this does not mean that you should not buy used, it does mean that you should know and understand what you are purchasing before you spend your hard earned money. Getting a problematic used vehicle can really end up costing you big money in the end. Anyone who has ever purchased used and had to replace parts every month know this all too well.

When it comes to purchasing used, many people have the stereotypical image of a used vehicle – old, worn and broken. The truth is, the majority of used vehicles are still in excellent condition and can often be restored to like-new condition with a little elbow grease. Finding a vehicle that is in excellent condition both inside and out and is mechanically sounds is the key to purchasing a great used vehicle. Before you just start looking at cars, discover the style and even models of vehicles that you are interested in by doing a little research online. There is an abundance of information available online from discussion forms to statistics. Perform a Google search and discover a few vehicles that you are interested in.

After performing a little research, take a look at a few online car shopping for sale by owner websites such as Craigs List and see what is being sold in the local area. Craigslist is free to post in most cities and offers a much better selection of vehicles when compared to traditional newspaper advertising. Here, you can search the city that you are in or nearby cities. Remember that car dealerships also advertise here and are usually indicated to the right of the title. It will usually state “dealer: or “owner”. In some cases, you may want to see what a dealership has to offer.

Finding a vehicle that is not a lemon is an important part of purchasing a used vehicle. Sometimes, but not often, people sell their vehicle because it has a problem that requires a lot of money to repair or has several small or reoccurring problems. One thing that you should do is perform a vehicle history report to see if it has been in any accidents or has any other indications that a problem may be present such as a previous flood vehicle. By performing a simple history report. you could save thousands of dollars in the future.

In addition to performing a vehicle history report. one should also have the vehicle checked out by a certified mechanic who has several years experience in the auto repair industry. A good mechanic can spot problems that may cost you a small fortune in the near future. Although they can not always spot all problems, its always a good idea to have the vehicle inspected.

Prior to having the vehicle inspected, there are a few things that you can take a look at to see if the vehicle may potentially have problems. The first thing to check is the oil. It should be light brown and fairly clean. Watch out for milky colored oil because this may be an indication a blown head gasket, other gasket problems or possibly a cracked engine block. Also, check for old leaks, especially ones coming from the rear of the engine block. A rear main seal requires that the transmission is pulled and can cost several hundreds of dollars. Something else to watch out for is the smoke that exits the tailpipe. It should be virtually clear, not blue or white. When cold outside, you may see what appears to be smoke, but its usually just condensation.

There are several areas that a qualified inspector will check so do not rely on your own interpretation when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. By paying a little extra for the vehicle history report and having the car inspected, you can literally save thousands of dollars in the future. Skipping this important step can save you money, however, you are running the risk of inheriting someone else’s problem. The extra money is often worth the peace of mind.

Once a car has been selected, the remainder of the process is relatively simple. Before beginning a shopping journey, ensure that you are able to obtain financing. Shop around for the lowest interest car loan that you can find. Transferring the title means involves coordination between your bank, the car owners bank, you and the seller. Make sure all documents are notarized by a public notary that is licensed.

Tips for purchasing Craigslist cars

Take your time when shopping around for a used vehicle.

  • The worst thing that you can do is be in a position where you need a vehicle immediately. If you can borrow a friend or family members vehicle do so and take your time making a decision. A rushed decision usually leads to making a bad decision. It takes time to make an informed decision and your should always perform your research. Even renting a vehicle for a week to allow you time to shop around can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

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