Oct 13 2019

8 Excellent Websites to Find Used Cars for Sale in the Philippines #auto #repair

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8 Excellent Websites to Find Used Cars for Sale in the Philippines

Written by caleb

F inding used cars for sale in the Philippines has never been easier. Both buy and sell agents and private car owners can go online and choose from a variety of free car listing directories to post ads from. Buyers just need to type in a make and model then hit enter to get a gazillion results.

I myself went through a car addiction stage and spent countless hours online searching for second hand cars for sale My favorites are the ever reliable Toyota Corolla big body and EK Honda Civic. I put this list together to help other buyers find high-quality 2nd hand units from the best buy and sell car websites.

8. Adpost Philippines Cars

An oldie but goodie, find your next ride here. Adpost is a low key general classifieds listing but the used cars section is the best part. It s not that popular so there are less car dealers and more real owners posting ads. The website design needs a complete makeover but it s strength lies in it s informative descriptions and page listing layout.


My first visit to was quite a pleasant discovery. It came up on a google search paid listing while I was doing research for this post. I usually don t trust paid Google results but I m glad I clicked on the ad. MyCars has the best search filtering system I ve seen among all the buy and sell car directories. The site is very informative, intuitive, and clean looking.


A promising newcomer, this site offers a clean and easy-to-use directory. You can also post your car for free.


Owned by the second hand sales giant, Buy and Sell Philippines and the most popular used car magazine Car Finder. Sellers who buy ad placements on the physical magazine also get their ads listed here online so you have more chances of finding jewels from non-internet savvy/offline sellers.

4. Classifieds

Autoindustriya or AI for short, is one of the oldest Philippine automobile classified websites. Not the most organized used car listings but well worth taking a look at. It also boasts of a strong community and interesting automotive articles.

2. Grupo Toyota Auto Trader

Definitely the site to go to find the best deals for used Toyota cars for sale. Most vehicles for are owned by club members so you know the vehicle is well taken care of. I ve wasted numerous hours of my life scanning the selling forum.

3. Mitsubishi Lancer Club Vehicles for Sale

If you re looking for a good condition used Mitsubishi Lancer this is the right place. You ll find all Mitsubishi Lancer models in the classifieds vehicle section of the forum. Go find your pizza pie, itlog, sinkit and more in this amazing community. *Requires registration

2. HCP Pitstop/ Sellin (Honda Club Philippines)

Quality used Honda cars sold directly from Filipino die-hard enthusiasts. It s not uncommon to find fully loaded Honda cars at super bargain prices here.


This site has the freshest list of 2nd hand cars among the choices above. This is what makes it number one. That and the fact that it has the best local car discussion forums. The listings are well-organized and categorized. There are plenty of units to choose from.

But Where s Sulit.

I did not include the mainstream classified sites like Sulit and Ayosdito on purpose. I love Sulit for everything else except cars classifieds. It would be the last website I would try searching because of the overpopulation of sellers and questionable quality of listings.  When you re about to invest 100k and up for a second-hand automobile, it would be best to first start with the specialized classifieds mentioned above.

Used Car Dealers / Online Showrooms

Used car dealerships make the whole buying process smoother. You deal with pros and there s a physical establishment you can come back to in case you need help. Car loans and installment payments are available and they usually do all the paperwork for you like transfer ownership and registration. Of course there s a hefty premium you have to pay for this comfort.

Here are some good used car dealerships I ve used as reference and their websites.

I still prefer meeting the real owner of the vehicle in person and saving money by skipping the middle man.


The best online  used cars are found in car club forums and communities. Have the patience to register and browse the threads thoroughly. You can even make new friends on the way. Crowded classified websites like sulit and ayosdito should be your last resort to choose from. Buying directly from the owner is cheaper than purchasing from a used car dealer although the latter does have it s advantages.

What are your tips and personal experiences in buying 2nd hand cars. If you found this post useful, share it with your friends with a quick like or tweet.

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