Dec 9 2016

VOLO AUTO MUSEUM – Review of Volo Auto Museum, Volo, IL #bennett #auto #supply

#volo auto museum

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My sister lives down the street from this museum and we’ve passed it many times but I never thought it would be interesting enough to go to. I had 5 kids to entertain for about an hour or so, so I decided we might as well go check it out. I am SO glad we did.

Right outside the museum entrance is a small park along with picnic tables. I wish I would have known and brought a picnic lunch with us. There are SO many cars in this museum from classic cars, military type vehicles, cars from tv shows and movies, as well as cars from celebrities. Although I think I enjoyed this the most, the kids loved seeing the cars from tv shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Barbie, Jurassic Park, Flintstones, Scooby-Do, etc. You have to walk through buildings 1-3 before getting to the building with the kids stuff in it (building 4). In building 4 is also several 50 cent coin operated ride on toys/vehicles that the kids loved riding on. I think I spent another $5 for them to ride on them. lol Bring quarters or $1 bills if you plan to do this.

Kids under 5 are free so that helps with the cost of admission. I do think it’s a little pricey but for a one time stop there it was definitely worth it. They also currently have a deal on their website so we were able to save some money on admission because of it. Make sure to check there before you go.

There are SO many cars you are going to struggle with a stroller so I would leave it in the car. If you have really young kids expect to say, Don’t touch the cars over and over.

We had a great time and wish we had gone sooner!

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