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Automobile owners in the country have been constantly on the hunt for cheap, quality used engines. When your engine breaks down, Used Car Parts Exchange is here to provide the lowest possible prices in the entire industry. Our used engines are also guaranteed to be the highest possible quality. Gasoline or diesel, old or new, it doesn’t matter: We’re the largest supplier of used quality engines in the country.

With our unique service, we offer every customer up to three years of warranty protection and a 30-day low price guarantee on every make and model of engine we have in stock. And with over 200 of the nation’s top salvage yards, finding exactly what you need is never a problem. When you shop with us, you can know that you’re shopping quality, time and again, from the top salvage yards that know exactly where and how to find superior motors.

What we’re offering

America is an enormous, 300-million-plus melting pot nation of different faces. People are individuals, and as such, thousands of different automobile models are driven in the country. We cover it all. We take tremendous pride in carrying the widest selection of used engines in the entire industry. Not only will you find American classics like Chevy and Ford, but we also carry Aston Martin, BMW, Volvo, Nissan, and motors from every manufacturer under the sun.

You’ll find the best prices in the industry on every make, model and year imaginable. Quality is our strong suit, and we’re always working to ensure that every motor we sell lasts a lifetime.

When a used engine is brought into one of our 200-plus salvage yards, it’s thoroughly inspected for a wide range of quality-control issues, including overall functionality, wear and tear, and many safety issues. We have the best people in the business overseeing the day-to-day operations at Used Car Parts Exchange. So when a motor is advertised for sale on our website, you can rest assured that it’s in pristine condition – just like the day it was first driven off the lot.

The Largest Network

Instead of working through one central location, we’re conveniently located in over 200 locations. This means that not only do we have access to even the rarest engines in the industry, but we’ll also be able to find whatever you need. Engines come in all different shapes and sizes; you may need a rare Mini engine. No problem. Simply browse our site and seek your part, and if you can’t find it, we’ll happily locate it for you.

We’ll put out the word that you need a certain make, model and year engine – all you have to do is wait patiently until we can find one that will run for you like it’s brand new. It won’t be long, either. We receive thousands of parts from a wide variety of manufacturers on a daily basis. Used Car Parts Exchange works hard to make sure that we cover a multitude of models and years; we know that not everyone drives the same automobile. Some people need diesel, some need gas, some need rare, but all need affordable quality. And that’s where we excel.

Always Quality – Always Affordable

Any company in the industry can pull out an engine and pawn it off as “quality,” we know that. We also know that you know that. In this day and age, far too many suppliers of used engines claim that their parts will last the long haul, but they just end up breaking down. We’re entirely different. We take tremendous satisfaction in the fact that we put every used engine through a rigorous inspection process. When we decide to sell it, we let you know that it will last.

Our three-year warranty plan on used engines is leaps and bounds above what the next best competitor is offering. There’s no question that our engine is going to breathe new life into your automobile.

The pricing options we offer are also sending our competitors into a frenzied state. We find the absolute lowest market price and make sure that our used engines are priced below that line. You’ll never overpay a single penny with us. And if you do, you’ll fall into our 30-day lowest price guarantee.

If the used engine you purchased elsewhere has the same warranty features and the same high quality, we’ll make up the difference to you in cash so you know that you’re never paying more than the lowest price on the market.

Used Car Parts Exchange offers multiple ways to save on used engines. For more information call us toll free at 1-866-612-9798 – or stop in and browse our parts inventory.

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