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Auto parts salvage

Tuscarawas Auto Parts

44663 New Philadelphia

Auto parts salvage

Jason and the crew at Tuscarawas are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I HIGHLY recommend them for all needs. Very helpful! Thanks for all the help!

Auto parts salvage


Auto parts salvage

No Doubt !! The Best, Prices, Junk Cars, Parts to no end always avalible 24/7/365. Top Prices Paid Cash for any and all Junk cars. Automobile Parts, Body Shop, Repair Shop and MORE.

Auto parts salvage

Silverback Services

Auto parts salvage

Need a part for my ford truck, call and they had it pulled in about 3 hours and ready for me to pickup

Recent Junk Cars For Sale

$200 Blew a rod so motor is no good but has.

$900 2000 Mercedes Benz SUV ML320. Front.

$500 Gray fully loaded leather interior.

$0 Major damage to front end. Radiator bent.

$250 Blue starter went out but its still a.

$1,000 Full working order except transmission.

$200 Motor half way gone all doors are gone.

$600 The car is in good condition inside.


$950 White with tan leather interior. .

$1,400 Takes you to point a to point b. Only.

$1,000 Has a good engine, good air bags.

$400 It turns on sometimes something wrong.

$400 98 Honda Accord has some dents.

$1,000 Truck needs a new passenger rear.

$200 Has been Parker for a year but.

$2,750 1989 Camaro I-ROC-Z Original.

$800 Right front end damage that.

$300 2000 Ford Ranger, 4cyl 2wd automatic.

$900 Totalled in accident but good for.

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Selling your junk car to a junkyard that pays for auto salvage is a good way to get some fresh cash. These salvage yards sells the vehicle parts to other car owners for money. Before selling your car, you should ensure you will get the maximum value for it.

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Buying a junk car from a salvage yard or a private seller might be a way to save money on car parts or purchase a vehicle for a very low cost. On our website you will find these two options.

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Auto parts salvage

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Auto parts salvage

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If you own a car, you know that you have to pay every year not only for maintenance but also for taxes, fuel and other unforeseen expenses. In addition to this, insurance can become expensive (depending on the case) and it is mandatory to take the vehicle to the official inspection, once a year. Therefore, when we are faced with the need to carry out a repair of some importance of our car, it is advisable to also assess the acquisition of guaranteed scrap yard parts. The list below can help you save a few dollars and work perfectly for very long periods. [. ] Read more

Auto parts salvage

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Auto parts salvage

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Auto parts salvage

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