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Welcome To Budget U Pull It. With a few simple tools and a little elbow grease, you can save as much as 80% Over New Auto Parts. We Buy Cars. We Pay Cash For Your Junk Car! Call Us Today!

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**No Admittance To Yard After 4:30pm**

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I can’t believe how simple it is! I had a lot of fun! -J.Burns

Great prices. The staff was very helpful. -M.Harris

First time pulling my ownparts, it was so easy and cheap. I will be back. -Grunze

Thanks Bill for all you help, Budget saved me a lot of money. -L. Whitehead

Budget U Pull It Used Auto Parts

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Junk yards Orlando

(ABC AUTO) This well known junk yard Orlando can be heaven for a mechanic or a person that loves to fix their own vehicles, or just someone trying to save a bunch of cash by bypassing the dealer or auto repair shops. They also buy junk cars, pay cash for used cars and sell used auto parts Orlando. One of the biggest junkyards in Orlando.

Best Used Auto Parts In Orlando keeps many older vehicles in supply with hard to find or rare used auto parts. Since this junkyard is mostly a car crushing and recycling business, there are a few different procedures. This is a you-pull-it salvage yard and you must bring your own tools before heading out to their location. Also, they crush cars rapidly and you will need to stop by to check the wide dynamic junkyard inventory.

Junk Cars FL in Orlando, FL can help you find a large variety of car parts foreign and domestic. They handle all junk car removal needs and will give you cash for junk or used cars all over Orlando serving: Melbourne, Kissimmee, and Orange County and surrounding cities. Their Scrapyard provides customers with an easy way to sell to junk any car, truck or van for cash.

One of the largest junkyards in Orlando, Florida. You’re invited to come and discover why they have the highest customer satisfaction rate in town.

U Pull N Save Junkyard is located in Fort Myers, Florida. The largest self-service auto parts yard in southwest Florida. Visit their location on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to check their junk yard inventory of used and scrap vehicles. Admission fees may apply.

They offer free junk car appraisals and can pay out superior amounts of cash for junk cars and salvage automobiles. Lots of used car parts at this location.

Used Motors, Used Engines, Used Batteries, Used Tires more.

Customers please be aware that a few of these top local junkyards in central Florida will charge an admission fee to enter their establishment. You can be sure that they have all types of used and genuine auto parts and salvage car parts such as: used batteries, used tires and rims, alternators, used engines, transmissions, starters and more. For more details on finding your specific auto part, please call our toll free hot line at 877-547-7533. You can also check our gallery of used car parts. If you are unable to successfully fix your vehicle, you can always sell your used or scrap car to one of our auto salvage yards or cash and free towing.

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A-1 Salvage: New Mexico yard lives up to A-1 billing

Bob Jenkins has operated A-1 Auto Salvage in Roswell, N.M. for 40 years. He estimates in that time he has gone through more than 10,000 cars. 

Some of Old Cars Weekly ’s long-time readers may recall seeing A-1 Auto Salvage chronicled in these pages many years ago by our original salvage yard storyteller Phil Skinner, a.k.a. “Doc Boneyard.” Since so many years have passed since that report was published, I felt revisiting the yard to allow newer readers in on its offerings by a fresh set of eyes was justified. In tribute to Mr. Skinner’s initial legwork, just call me “Dork Boneyard.”

In truth, after touring the UFO Museum I’m still on the fence about whether or not an alien spaceship crashed in the desert near Roswell in 1947. A little more hard evidence and less reliance on speculation would have helped seal the deal. No such doubt exists about A-1. After my visit to the yard I can confirm it’s the real deal.

Among the many coupes (above) in the yard is this 1936

Lafayette three-window model that offers a complete shell to

an ambitious restorer. More complete (below) is this 1955

Mercury Montclair hardtop that is solid all around.

Studebaker is one of several well-represented marques in A-1

Auto Salvage. This 1953 Champion coupe has some rust, but

offers many donor parts.

Promoting A-1 in such a lofty manner, in my estimation, is earned because this yard has all the correct ingredients: A long-term owner that knows his inventory and has interesting stories to tell about the vehicles in his yard; a large inventory of vintage cars and trucks, many with solid metal and not all picked over; rare vehicles included in the inventory; and a well laid out yard with logical groupings of vehicles. Earning bonus points, A-1 Auto Salvage also puts a unique spin on both its guard animal and its storied location.

A-1 owner Bob Jenkins was working out front when I arrived unannounced at the yard. After introductions, he gave me a quick tour of the yard and then allowed me to roam on my own in more detail.

In our initial conversation, Jenkins told me that he is 70 years old and had been at A-1 “only 40 years.” The “only” part of Jenkins’ four decades of ownership was in reference to the yard actually being started in 1924. At some point, that original yard went out of business, and the property was cleared and resold. Later, the original yard owner re-acquired the property, and it is from he that Jenkins purchased the land on which A-1 is situated today.

“There was nothing here when I started,” explained Jenkins. He added that he had always had an interest in owning a salvage yard, and started buying and selling cars at age 14 in his hometown of Knoxville, Tenn. “I moved to New Mexico for the weather,” Jenkins said of his early Tennessee uprooting.

Jenkins prides himself on working hard, but he emphasized to Old Cars Weekly that anyone wanting to visit A-1 needs to call first and make an appointment.

“Before I turned 70, I was here from dawn to dusk,” Jenkins recalled. “[Now], any excuse to spend time away from here I’ll do it.”

Jenkins’ desire to slow down a bit is understandable, as the yard is spread across 20 acres and contained 3,000 vehicles at peak inventory. He estimates that he’s gone through “well over 10,000 cars” in the 40 years of A-1’s existence.

Jenkins said that in recent years he’s sold approximately 500 vehicles to make room in the yard. Noteworthy among these sales are entire inventories of first-generation Chevy Camaros and Ford Mustangs, and many early Cadillacs and tri-Chevy hardtops and convertibles. “I [also] sold lots of cars to Sweden and all my Porsches to Japan 10 years ago.”

Jenkins also recalled selling several Austin-Healeys from the yard years ago to a lady in England. “I let them go for $1,000 to $1,300 apiece. Look what they’re worth now,” Jenkins lamented of their current value hovering around the mid-to-high five figures.

In most yards, that level of house-cleaning would pretty much have cleared out the bulk of desirable cars, but that’s not the case in A-1. As I walked among the rows of cars, many with vehicles stacked two high, I marveled at the desirability, and often rarity, of what I saw.

Jenkins mentioned at one point having one each, a 1939, ’40 and ’41, of the in-demand Willys coupes in inventory before they were sold. With the coupe — both three- and five-window versions — being my favorite body style, I found many of the curvaceous wonders parked among the rows of different manufacturers. Jenkins admitted that the many Ford coupes still in inventory were his personal favorites. He stated, though, that to pry any of them loose from the yard, a customer must be willing to make a serious offer or the car stays put.

One of biggest reasons for A-1 having such depth of desirable and/or rare cars through the years is the yard’s close proximity to the former Walker Air Force Base. Cars owned by service personnel were often sports or muscle cars that were used and left behind when the airmen transferred from the base. The base, according to Jenkins, known for having the longest runways in America, was closed in 1967. It’s still owned by the government, and is maintained by the city of Roswell if its future military use is necessary.

In addition to all the great cars and trucks in the yard that Jenkins emphasized he will only sell whole and not as parts donors, A-1 does contain lots of available parts, both lying next to vehicles in the yard and stored in outbuildings on the grounds.

Jenkins said he has a good handle on what parts exist in the yard and a phone call can answer any questions Old Cars Weekly readers may have concerning parts inventory.

The main rule that customers must follow to enter A-1 Auto Salvage is that Jenkins will chaperone those he does not know. Also, no toolboxes are allowed in the yard. Parts shipping is offered, but it’s negotiated on an individual basis.

Overall, my trip to Roswell was a unique experience — on several levels. Unlike those who gripe about having nothing to show for a vacation other than some crummy T-shirt, my “I have relatives in Roswell” shirt that I purchased at the UFO Museum gift shop is something I wear with pride.

And, just when I thought my years of touring yards had shown me all there is to see regarding the salvage industry, as my journey through A-1 was winding down I came upon “Jack.” I’ve met plenty of guard dogs (from a distance), but “Jack” is the first guard burro I’ve encountered.

“He’s good for weed control, fox control and snake control,” Jenkins explained of his meek-looking burro. But looks are deceiving as “Jack’s” kick is a pain that will linger. He’s also good at leaving droppings all over the yard, so looking before you leap will save shoe-scraping later.

I spoke with Jenkins for a long time about his yard, the salvage industry and the old car hobby, but the time came when I had to ramp up my courage and ask the dreaded question: So, Mr. Jenkins do you believe in space aliens? I thought either he would throw me out of his yard or have “Jack” kick me upside my skull, but instead he chuckled and gave a quite unexpected response:

“My house [since relocated] was formerly the hospital where the aliens were taken [after the claimed crash site was excavated in 1947].”

Jenkins is ably assisted at the yard by Sandy, and questions about cars or parts inventory will reach her by phone at 575-622-2489, or use postal mailing address: A-1 Auto Salvage, 204 N. Brown Rd. Roswell, NM 88202.


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Is the 1955 Mercury hardtop not a parting-out candidate, or is it an automatic transmission model? My need is for a column-mounted manual shift component.

Joe kemp June 23, 2012 at 10:56 pm

I need a body or hull for a 1962-65 Chevy 2 nova with vin and title my number is 806 392 8623 I m in Lubbock tx call me if u can help me thanks

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The Best Used Auto Parts Junk yard in orlando central florida

Welcomes you to experience our large selection of foreign used parts for cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. Bring your tools or ask for assistance for pulling junk yard auto accessories for your vehicle.

Call 407-804-0707 for used auto parts and to get in touch with Orlando’s top junk yard warehouse for automotive do-it-yourselfers, mechanics and auto repair specialists.|

JunkYard Orlando owns operates Orlando’s TOP import auto salvage facility

JYO is conveniently located 6 miles east of Alafaya Trail at 18609 East Colonial Drive in Orlando, FL 32820. We have close to 40 years’ experience with selling junk yard parts from old and new cars, trucks and vans.

There has always been a large demand for junkyard auto parts. Junk Yard Orlando built their Business upon customer satisfaction offers the best quality automotive services and used parts. Operated and owned for nearly 31 years, this Orlando Junkyard knows what their customers want and we deliver top quality junkyard car parts for low discounted prices.

Our you pull it JUNK YARD offers free entry ($0 ENTRY FEE) to our auto parts warehouses. All of our engines, transmissions and electronic parts are tested by top certified technicians. You can also get cash for your used or junk car. We have tested, low mileage used engines for V8, V6 and 4 cylinder Ford vehicles, trucks and vans in our scrap yard, used and tested Dodge, Chevy engines and transmissions. We start our VTech used engines for you before you buy it, so you can hear it running. If you cannot afford buying our used auto parts, you can finance them also!

Our Lexus Acura junkyard carries many different used parts for cars, trucks and vans. When it comes to used auto parts in Orlando Central Florida. our business ranks among the highest in Florida.

We receive new vehicles every day and our inventory is always expanding. We also offer top quality junk car removal services and cash for junk cars Orlando.

Why buy new auto parts when you can save time and money buying used recycled car parts from our Junkyard in Orlando? Did you know you can usually save around 80% by buying used parts instead of new parts?

NOW TRENDING: Google is planning to automate driving in four years. So far the Google self-driving vehicles have been in 11 accidents, all at the fault of other drivers.

We carry Sell foreign Toyota Honda Nissan used engines and salvage transmissions

Call our office for more information on your type of used auto. Junk Car Parts Orlando offers great deals on multiple vehicle parts at our scrapyard.

We are a full service AUTO RECYCLING company with reclaimed salvage used auto parts on East Colonial drive. We have two pull and pay junkyards with many recycled cars to choose from and there are always new old vehicles coming in. If we don’t have the vehicle or used car part you are looking for, please try back in a week and we may have it. Visit the Top U Pull It Junkyard in Orlando where we buy junk cars cash! Junk your car, sell your truck or scrap a van for cash today.

Let us know if you don’t have the original title, this will help us determine which steps will be necessary to legally purchase your automobile and will lessen the chances of surprises when the driver shows up.

Visit our Apopka Infiniti Junkyard, Sanford Used Auto Parts and Central Florida Salvage Vehicle Recycling yards. We have our clients travel from Kissimmee, Altamonte, Deltona, Daytona, Deland, Tampa, Cocoa, Titusville, Rockledge, Central Florida and beyond.

The #1 Used Auto Parts Junk yard in Orlando is open 7 days a week

Junk yard cars can be described as a vehicle that is unable to run and or drive and will cost too much to repair. Some customers recycle their car and sell it to our junkyard because they bought a new car and don’t want to hassle themselves trying to sell it.

Most local Orlando junkyards don’t have the amount of vehicle parts and salvage automotive parts for cars. Our two junkyards in Orlando are packed full of scrap vehicle parts, used car parts in Orlando and salvageable vehicle accessories. We buy salvage cars and sell scrapyard, low cost salvage parts.

We sell high quality, top notch used auto parts in the local Orlando area. We are known for being one of the most reputable destinations for owners of Civic, Corolla, Accord, Camry, Jetta, Altima, Accord, 626, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, CRV, CRX, Civic Del Sol, Prelude, Matrix, Lancer, 4Runner, Integra, Maxima, Sedona Odyssey Models.

Copyright В© 2015 Junkyard Orlando Used Auto Parts Store. All rights reserved.

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Say no to cracks in your basement!

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We provide a permanent solution to solve leaking wall, floor and cove joint cracks

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A crack in your basement walls let cold air in during fall and winter months. Sealing up those and insulating your basement as a whole will naturally reduce your energy bills, and it will make it easier for you to maintain the temperature in your basement.

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Jan S.

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Used Auto Parts

1998-2013 R. Newell, Inc., All Rights Reserved

Junk Yard Dog Is a Registered Trademark of R. Newell, Inc.U.S. Reg. Number 2368401

Junk Yard Dog has been helping visitors find used auto and truck parts for over 15 years. We never charge the visitor for our service. The vendors and advertisers supply the resources to run the website. These vendors have used auto parts for sale, and some sell new and reconditioned parts. Some parts are better to buy new, and some used. We are currently producing videos to give example of these parts.

We don’t sell parts, altough our experience is vast. We can help you find the parts you need, and it is all free.

By using the Used Auto Parts request form above, you can query many vendors at once. When you fill out this form, you are sending a request for a quote on the used auto parts you are looking for, you are not making any commitment. Your request is immediately forwarded to junk yards and other used and aftermarket auto parts businesses in the USA. If one or more of these auto parts dealers can help you, they will contact you directly. Please remember that you will receive an email with a receipt showing exactly what parts you are requesting. KEEP THIS EMAIL until your transaction is complete. This email also gives you security tips on protecting your transaction.

If you are looking for a salvage yard in your area, Junk Yard Dog has a database of salvage yards all over the United States. Just click on the Find A Salvage Yard map in the top right corner of this page, and you will see a map of local salve yards. If you are going on a trip and are looking for a yard in another area, there is a search form.

AA Foreign Auto Parts Online – Trust the Top Salvage Yard for Quality Parts #cars #and #trucks #for #sale

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AA Auto Parts Welcome You!

Located in North Little Rock, Ark, where we make it easy to salvage car parts. We re a reputable salvage yard that specializes in southern hospitality and used/rebuilt foreign auto parts, especially Toyota and Honda.

We ve steadily provided our customers with late-model foreign car salvage since 1976, back when Corduroy suits and bellbottoms were in-style. Feel free to stop by or browse our extensive inventory using our online database to find exactly what you need in minutes.

The AA Auto Parts Difference

AA Auto Parts has new arrivals streaming in each day which then immediately become available to you at affordable prices that everyone loves. Whether you walk-in, order over the phone or purchase your auto parts online through our computerized inventory, we re happy to offer daily shipping and Free Local Delivery!

We fully understand what kind of a hassle it can be to salvage auto parts, especially these days when there are zillions of different cars coming off the line all the time with all kinds of new updated 21 st century systems. It just makes sense to salvage car parts rather than having to invest in a new or used vehicle you have no history with.

Engrossed in a Fixer-Upper?

We ve been helping folks fix up their rides for just shy of thirty years now and know the ins and outs of the process like mechanics know the smell of oil and gasoline. Our customer support staff stands always at the ready to take make the stress melt away. It feels good to source the best part for the best rates in a speedy manner. Who has time for the run around these days? No one!

We took the liberty of answering many of the common questions we come across on our FAQ page, and also have a specialized Request Form that allows people to make use of our nationwide parts-locating system. How about that?

When it s time to salvage auto parts, don t hesitate to contact us via our online platform or simply pick up the phone and dial 1-800-336-2231. AA Auto Parts looks forward to make your life a while lot easier.

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Utah s Premier Auto Wrecking Yard Serving Salt Lake City, Utah

Remember the good old days when scoring that perfect used auto part meant perusing an actual wrecking yard—not a virtual one? When you took the family on a treasure hunt, seeing firsthand the quality of the parts without second-guessing yourself after you paid? Those days are far from gone. At Western Auto Wrecking. we’ve kept all the good stuff from the old days and paired it with a complementary online inventory that supplements our real-life wrecking yard (but doesn’t replace it). It’s where our Salt Lake City, Utah neighbors can grab that hard to find part. Even better, if you have a piece of junk in the yard and can’t give it away, Western Auto Wrecking will pick it up and pay you cash. It might just have the part one of your neighbors needs.

There’s something about a restoration project—and the thrill of getting paid handsomely for getting rid of that eyesore in the driveway. Whether it’s a massive project or you just don’t want to depend on someone else to replace a basic part, “getting your hands dirty” is a favorite hobby for many in the region. At Western Auto Wrecking, we’re happy to help your project come to life—or completion. Enjoy perusing our extensive inventory in a real auto wrecking yard that’s safe, organized and makes it easy to find what you need. Ready to finally ditch that pile of rust that’s ruining your home’s curb appeal? Give Western Auto Wrecking a call and we’ll haul it away, leaving you with cash in hand.

Prepare for your visit to the best auto wrecking yard in Salt Lake City, Utah

At our wrecking yard, prices are kept incredibly low because we don’t waste time, money or efforts on anything that isn’t necessary. Yes, we have the best professionals in the region who can help you quickly find the parts you need. You may not have time to wander the yard, checking out each matching make and model to compare parts. That’s why our team of experts knows the vehicles inside and out, and can immediately direct you to the best one.

Bring your list of parts needed, and we’ll make sure you get matched with the perfect car. Once you’ve found your perfect match, simply bring your parts to the cashier. It can be done quick and dirty, or you can spend the day here discovering everything we have to offer. Scavenging wrecking yards has become a great tradition for many friends and families, and it’s the perfect way to start your weekend. No matter how big or small the project, it all starts with the right parts.

What to Expect The best auto wrecking yard experience!

Since we welcome new inventory on a daily basis, compliments of our neighbors which scored cash for having us haul away their unwanted cars, there’s no telling when your next great part will arrive. However, we guarantee the best in service every single time you visit us. Western Auto Wrecking was born out of mutual passion for mechanics and fixing up machines, and now we’re excited to share the fruits of our labor with you—so you can get started on your own labor-heavy project. We know that mechanics, whether pro or hobbyists, require and deserve only the best parts.

That’s exactly what we provide in an environment that’s fun, safe and easy to navigate. We’ll turn you loose in the wrecking yard if you prefer to hunt on your own, or help you identify exactly what you need. And if you just want to get paid to have someone else remove a vehicle you’re done with, whether it’s totaled, more rust than car or just on it’s last tire, that’s our specialty.

Get Quality Used Parts at Salvage Yard San Diego #auto #body #supplies

#auto parts salvage

Salvaged or Used—We Have the Parts You Need

Salvage Yard San Diego, is dedicated to providing the most convenient, safe, and comprehensive environment in which you can find and pull used parts for your vehicle.

Bring your tools and come by to experience our excellent service at either of our convenient locations. When looking for the best salvage yards in the San Diego area, come to us!

We Pay Cash for Cars

Get cash for your vehicle! Get rid of that old clunker taking up space in your garage or on your lawn now! We take cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs in any condition—and we’ll even tow your vehicle for free.

Simply call or submit the online form with the following information to speed the process along: year, make, model, condition, vehicle location, your name, telephone number, and registration (if available).

Huge Inventory of Used Parts

We have parts for a huge variety of makes and models. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll tell you where to find it. All of our vehicles are organized by make, which makes it easier to pull parts more quickly and conveniently.

Feel free to use our engine pullers and carts when needed. The best San Diego used and salvaged auto parts can be found here at Salvage Yard San Diego.

Volume Buyers

Need parts in large quantities? Then you qualify as a volume buyer and can expect to receive quantity discounts along with parts location and parts removal services.

We’ll remove the parts for you—simply contact our volume buying department, and we ll do the rest. Then haul it yourself or arrange for us to haul the load for you.

Our trucks deliver throughout the western United States. We also ship to anywhere in Mexico. Overseas deliveries can be made anywhere in the world, and we always welcome new buyers from other countries.

Salvage Yard Tampa #payment #calculator #auto

#auto parts salvage

Tampa Used Parts Salvage Yard Serving Clearwater, St Petersburg, Brandon, Lakeland, Sarasota, and Other Nearby Locations

In Tampa, the salvage yard people turn to for quality used auto parts and affordable pricing is Gagel’s. Located just minutes off Interstate 75 in Riverview, Gagel’s has one of the most extensive selections of used auto parts in Tampa Bay and our inventory changes daily. Our salvage yard has been in the same location since 1978, and has always been run as a family-owned and operated business. Over time, we have been able to stock cheap auto parts for a range of U.S.-made and foreign cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

We also clean, test, and inspect the vast majority of the used automotive parts in our salvage yard, guaranteeing our customers the best used parts possible. If a part doesn’t work like it should, bring it back to Gagel’s within six months after purchase and we’ll either replace it or refund your money.

  • Bumpers
  • Door assemblies
  • Dash assemblies
  • Axle assemblies
  • Brakes
  • Fuel tanks
  • Steering columns
  • Lights
  • Windows
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • And much more

Looking for used autoparts. Visit the Gagel’s salvage yard. We pride ourselves on our selection of used parts, and even have cheap, barely used car parts for Japanese, German, and other European vehicles. So, before you spend countless hours searching for a hard-to-find and overpriced foreign car part, see if we have it in our Tampa parts inventory.