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How To Refinance Auto Loan With Bad Credit

If you are looking to refinance your car loan, you might be worried since you have damaged credit. Although your options might be limited, it is possible to refinance auto loans with bad credit. Let’s find out how.

What To Do First

Before refinancing you should carefully check your credit score. You can get a copy of your credit report from:

Be careful not to get misled by imposter sites that might be involved in identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides helpful information about obtaining credit reports.

When you get your credit report, check for errors such as:

  • Accounts listed that are not yours
  • Inaccurate account information (e.g. incorrect credit limits, personal data errors)
  • Outdated information (e.g. expired accounts)
  • Fraudulent accounts (e.g. someone else used your data to get credit)

Go Loan Shopping

The next step in the refinancing process is to look for a new lender. You can check with banks, financial companies, or credit unions. There are also online lenders and services that can help you find a potential lender.

One quick way to find out if you qualify for a loan is to use an auto refinance network, like CARCHEX. This service contacts nearly 100 different lenders, and some might be willing to offer you refinancing even with bad credit.

Prime Vs. Subprime

The biggest factor that goes into refinancing decisions is the interest rate. Your credit score has a big influence in what rate lenders are willing to give you. Borrowers with excellent credit are eligible for prime loans which offer the lowest interest. People with poor credit are offered subprime loans which carry higher credit, sometimes up to 15-20% higher than prime loans.

Things To Watch Out For

Making inquires to multiple lenders is acceptable, but all inquiries must be done within a 30 day period. Services like CARCHEX help here since they consult with many lenders in just a few days.

Also, do not apply for other types of credit, like home equity loans, while you are inquiring about car loan refinancing. Multiple types of inquires at the same time could hurt your credit report.

Finally, you might be offered refinancing with a lower monthly payment, but at a very high interest rate. Try to avoid this as you will end up paying much more overall. Remember to ask about the total loan amount, and then compare this figure to your current car loan before you decide to refinance.

What To Do If You Are Turned Down

If you are not approved for refinancing, the first thing you should do is try to improve your credit rating. Things you can do are:

  • Make timely payments on all your credit accounts
  • Pay down any loans as quickly as possible; make extra payments if possible
  • Get your late account payments up to date as soon as possible
  • Consider seeking credit counselling
  • Keep credit card balances low or don’t use credit cards at all
  • Don’t take out a new credit card to pay off an old card


Bad credit limits your refinancing options, but there are things you can do to maximize your chances. Even if you get turned down, you can work towards improving your credit score and re-apply for refinancing in the future.

Joe Campanella is the EVP of Business Development for CARCHEX and oversees partner relationships. Joe possesses 12+ years of experience building sales/customer service teams and securing strategic partnerships. He is a sports enthusiast who enjoys mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding in his spare time.

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How to Get Bank Auto Loans with Bad Credit

You may be here if you have bad credit and are looking for bank auto loans. People with bad or no credit have a harder time obtaining a car loan than people with good to excellent credit. However, do not fret if you have really bad credit because there are options available to you. People have different reasons for having bad credit, such as irresponsible spending habits, or unexpected medical bills. Regardless of your situation, there are lenders that are available to people with less than admirable credit ratings. These lenders specialize in bank auto loans for people with bad credit and will be able to work with you so that you can obtain a loan for a new vehicle. Your credit history is not the only determining factor when trying to get approved for a loan. Besides your credit history, some things that a private auto loan lender will look at are; current monthly earnings, duration of job, and your financial situation.

Applying Online Many people who have no credit are ashamed to ask for a loan and give up before they even try. Did you know that there are many lenders on the Internet that are willing work with people that do not have a credit score? As a consumer with no credit, all you need to do is to fill out an online loan application and have sub-prime lenders compete for your business. The best way to get a bad credit bank auto loan is to fill out as many online applications as possible and see which lender will bite .

Funds for Down Payment Another factor of how much you will be able to receive within your auto loan package is the amount of money that you have for the down payment on the car you are attempting to buy. Remember that a down payment is a very important determining factor when getting accepted for a loan with no credit, because a higher down payment means that there is less risk on the lender. Also, a large down payment can prove to the lender that you are a responsible individual who knows how to save and will provide evidence that you are improving your credit score.

Seek a Co-Signer The last factor when trying to get bank auto loans with bad credit is to seek out a co-signer. A co-signer will help out your cause and will increase your chances of getting a loan. The reason why a co-signer helps when trying to get private auto loans is because they are partially responsible for the loan and the lender will also look at their income as a determining factor when approving your loan application.

Remember that there is hope for you if you are trying to get bank auto loans with bad credit. If you follow the steps of applying for loans online, increasing your down payment, and obtaining a co-signer, then you will most likely get approved for a no (or bad) credit private auto loan.

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Auto Repair Manuals

Paper auto repair manuals are becoming a thing of the past. You can confirm this fact with any well equipped auto repair shop. Why buy paper books when you can get the same targeted information that professional mechanics use online with a Diy twist.

You’re one step away from having the power to fix it right the first time. Stop guessing at the problem and diagnose it with proven methods. This is a service manual that is less expensive and more useful. It’s the Factory information supplied to Dealership mechanics, but it also provides additional support designed to help do it yourself technicians.

You can kick the tires and try the ALLDATAdiy demonstration right now! But if you stick around I can tell you a few things about the program they will not. Learn about it by reading this short page. Then watch the auto repair video below. See for yourself how to use it on a real world common car problem. Then decide if it’s right for you.

Repair Advice the Modern Way

My name is Mark I’m a Certified Master Technician and an auto repair expert with 30 years of front line wrench turning experience. I will never go back to using paper repair diagrams.

I have used many online programs that replaced the printed service manual. Online service manuals aren’t all created equally. There are differences between major brands.

The depth of information the database contains can make it hard to find the exact stuff you are looking for. This makes the interface a key component of the program. Being able to grab information fast is extremely important.

With All-Data Diy the navigation is straight forward and user friendly. A handy search function is located at the top of every page and works just like a search engine to help you quickly find the schematics you need.

Browse through printable factory supplied wiring diagrams, step by step troubleshooting guides, fluid capacity specifications, bolt torque, tightening patterns and much more. Component location diagrams are also provided that can pinpoint where parts are located for that specific year and model.

Another useful feature is being able to print repair diagrams and take them to the driveway. This can reduce vehicle down time. The interface also has embedded short cuts to technical service bulletins and recalls right from the main menu for the chosen automobile.

Technical Service Bulletins, or TSB’s are notifications from car-makers and manufacturers to dealership level technicians. This provides the latest information on repeat failures, updated diagnostic procedures, repair trends and specific solutions for known problems.

Watch a 4 minute video showing you how to find the no strings demo and a few key features to help you get the most from it.

Do it Yourself Automotive Repair Information from ALLDATAdiy.

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Tired of constant rejection? Want to fulfill your car dream in an instant? Apply on to secure guaranteed car loans. You can forget worrying about auto financing approval and enjoy lower rates by applying on 100% safe website. Fill in the car loan application form and say yes to approval regardless of credit history, down payment or co-signer.

Anyone can apply for this auto loan program. Bad credit borrowers, students with no credit, first time auto buyers, people with good credit, etc. can enjoy guaranteed car loans with

Rapid Car Loans has wide auto loan approval criteria. It considers your credit score, financial history, car loan term, loan amount, down payment, co-signer, income, job, etc. and provides guaranteed car loans. This means if you are weak in one or two aspects, don’t worry. You can get guaranteed auto loans at lower rates because of your other strong factors.

If you think bad credit history is going to trouble you or your no credit score will become an obstacle in getting auto loans, think again. You can get guaranteed bad credit car financing by concentrating on other factors like income, co-signer, down payment, etc.

Do you want to avail guaranteed car loans without co-signer? If yes, you can improve your approval chances by having regular income and down payment.

Do you want to secure guaranteed auto loans without down payment? Having a co-signer, stable employment, etc. can prove beneficial. can even approve you for guaranteed bad credit auto loans with no money down. So, don’t worry about approval anymore. Apply now on the website and get free no obligation car loan quotes.

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How To Buy


Dear customers, Due to August 15th being  major festival in Japan known as O-Bon, there will be very few auctions running August 10th to August 15th. As usual, Get Cars Japan will be monitoring communications, and accepting bids for any auctions that are open. All auctions will be back to [Read More. ]

Negotiation fee change

From July 2015, USS auction group have changed their negotiation fee from 5,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY. At this stage most other auctions still charge 5,000 JPY. Up until now, we have added 5,000 JPY to the auction purchase price for cars purchased through negotiation. NEW INVOICING STRUCTURE [Read More. ]

This is what we do !

Last week a customer bid on this classic BMW 8 series coupe and it passed on his bid of 345,000. (He bid the highest but the reserve price was higher). The minimum offer to negotiate after the auction was 460,000.  He considered offering this but we advised him to wait a week as sellers often set [Read More. ]

Buyers Beware

Accident car transport fees:

One Price

Importer prices not much more than auction price?

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TrueCar’s New CEO Says Top Goal to Be Mending Ties With Dealers

TrueCar Inc.’s new chief executive officer, Internet auto pioneer Chip Perry, said his top priority for the online vehicle pricing and data provider when he takes over for co-founder Scott Painter next month is to repair relations with car dealers.

The company has had contentious relations with dealers, which it charges $300 a car or a subscription fee to provide consumer leads that turn into sales in showrooms. In July, TrueCar and AutoNation Inc. the biggest U.S. new-car retailer, ended their agreement after AutoNation decided not to provide data TrueCar required to charge them for its services.

“Many dealers have had misgivings about working with TrueCar,” Perry said in an interview Monday after his hiring was announced. “My goal is going to be to earn their trust back by listening to them and building their feedback into our future plans.”

Perry, 62, is taking on the TrueCar job amid the company’s loss of two auto-industry veterans. Larry Dominique, a former Nissan Motor Co. executive, is stepping down as an executive vice president next month and John Krafcik, former head of Hyundai Motor Co.’s U.S. operations, left as president in September to lead Google Inc.’s self-driving car project. Painter will step down as CEO on Dec. 15 and will also resign as chairman and a director, after TrueCar said in August that he would keep the chairman post.

Perry was the first employee at in 1997 and built it into the world’s largest online vehicle marketplace with $1.5 billion in revenue, TrueCar said in a statement. He resigned from AutoTrader in 2013 after it withdrew a plan for an initial public offering. Since July of this year, he has been CEO of RentPath LLC, parent of and

“Scott did an amazing job getting TrueCar to this stage and for him to step aside does enable a clean, new chapter to open up,” Perry said. “To be able to signal a clean sheet of paper in terms of how we work with car dealers will be very helpful.”

TrueCar’s shares gained 5.7 percent to $7.83 at 3:42 p.m. New York time. The Santa Monica, California-based company’s stock slid 68 percent this year through Friday, including a 36 percent plunge on July 24 after cutting its 2015 sales forecast.

The company may need “some adjustments to the business model” to get its dealer relations and stock price turned around, Perry said. Six million people a month now visit TrueCar’s website and 10,000 dealers a day interact with the company’s marketing tools, he said.

“We’ll be able to come up with an action plan that works for car dealers and makes TrueCar a friendlier, stronger, better marketing partner,” Perry said.

He said he plans to begin visiting dealer showrooms in his first week on the job, with AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson one of the first he wants to meet.

“I’m hoping we can find a way to work together again,” Perry said. “It will be an important priority to build a bridge that AutoNation would be comfortable crossing.”

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Auto Loan Amortization Calculator

Home / Loans / Vehicle Payment Amortization Tables /

Car Loan Amortization Schedule

Auto Loan Amortizing Simplified

When they are secured using credit, the total purchase prices of big-ticket itemsВ are repaid over time, with interest added.В  Payment amounts and the duration of each billing cycle are unique to each loan, tied to a host of variables impacting repayment.

Major purchases, like real estate and cars, are financed using installment credit, which furnishes consistent repayment schedules and amounts.В  These purchases are long-term investments, requiring years to pay-off, so installment credit allows borrowers to forecast payment responsibilities accurately. Car loan amortization calculator harnesses all the factors influencing borrowing and repaying car loans, distilling your loan’s payment amount at various intervals.

Amortizing Loans Reduces Lender Risk

Loan repayment is subject to terms and conditions agreed upon by lenders and borrowers as loans originate.В  The amount of each payment, the length of the repayment term, and the interest percentage applied to theВ loan represent the basis for car loan repayment schedules, which consumers use to budget for future purchases.

Loans are structured in different ways, each carrying distinct advantages for lenders and debtors.В  Balloon loans, for example, require interest only payments for a particular term, before the entire loan principal balance comes due. Because a large part of the financing comes due all at once, toward the end of a loan period, balloon or bullet loans are very risky to lenders.В  It is just too easy for borrowers to limp along with interest payments, only to falter when the mother lode comes due.

To limit risk and help borrowers budget for payments; mortgages, car financing, and other high-dollar loans are amortized, or spread out, over the course of long-term repayment.В  Amortized payments are associated with the original sum borrowed, or principal amount.В  The amount to be repaid is broken into manageable chunks, due each billing period.В  Interest is then added to each amortized principle payment, comprising the total required payment for each billing period.

Interest and amortized principal operate on different schedules, so additional measures are required to keep payment amountsВ balanced over the life of aВ loan.В  Early payments on mortgages and other installment credit, for example, include higher portions of interest than those falling closer to the end of a loan’s life.В  As the final payments near, the amount of each payment applied to the original principal balance grows, while the interest amount charged during each billing cycle declines.В  Payments remain the same, they are just split-up differently.

Car amortization schedule uses inputs like down payment amount, loan term, and interest rate to help identify exactly what your car payments are, or will be.В  Interest is expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR) to be applied to the original loan balance.В  By keeping other terms equal, it is easy to see how APR influences each month’s payment.В  Amortization calculations also use the type of payments you make to determine where you stand on car loan amortization.В  Monthly payments, for example, provide one set of payment obligations, while bi-weekly payments alter the structure of repayment schedules significantly.

Once created, amortization schedules hold true until one or more of the variables used to create them changes.

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Raspberry Pi Car Computer

Use the inexpensive Raspberry Pi to make an on-the-go, wi-fi enabled media center in your vehicle.

Raspberry Pi in my Ford Focus running Raspbian Wheezy.

I have always loved those old TV series with futuristic tech in those futuristic vehicles, like Knight Rider. Airwolf. and Street Hawk. So it got me thinking about how easy it would be to add a computer to a vehicle. Now I know it s been done before, and a quick Google search shows multiple companies making very complex vehicle computers, but at a large cost.

Well, I thought, my Raspberry Pi is the perfect device for this.

  • It s cheap
  • It s very small
  • It s got small power requirements (runs off a micro USB car charger)
  • It s got flexible video and audio outputs (HDMI and Composite RCA for video, HDMI and 3.5mm audio jack for audio)
  • And best of all, you can change operating systems by simply switching out SD cards.

Below is a photo of the Raspberry Pi running the excellent media center-type operating system Raspbmc  which is perfect for browsing and playing your media collection using a media center remote or something similar, as shown in the Parts list.

Raspbmc running on a Raspberry Pi in the car.

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7 automakers with the best car warranties

Shopping for a new-car warranty

When shopping for a new car, an important part of sizing up a deal financially should be to determine the value of the car warranties.

Auto companies traditionally offer basic coverage, which covers repairs and defects for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, some companies are offering warranties for much longer than the three-year 36,000-mile standard, and savvy shoppers can take advantage.

These buyers may benefit from having a lower total cost of ownership. There are generally at least four types of new-car warranties.

  • Basic: Also known as “bumper-to-bumper” coverage, this is the general coverage that would pay to repair defects in factory-installed parts. Tires are not typically included because they’re usually covered under a separate tire manufacturer warranty.
  • Powertrain: Covers the engine, transmission and transaxle parts, and usually lasts longer than basic coverage. This is also known as a drivetrain warranty.
  • Corrosion: Covers rust that causes holes in sheet metal in parts such as the doors or side panels.
  • Roadside assistance: Provides help with towing and tire-changing if the car breaks down while traveling.

It’s best to check with dealers for specifics, but here is a list of seven top auto companies that offer among the best car warranties, despite the fact that many are rated safe cars by independent research firms.

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Yeah, not as smooth as I had hoped. He told me to call the financing company to get my money back, which I thought was odd, but called anyway. They laughed and told me that the owner has to give me my money back, not the finance company, which made sense to me. Anyways, I called the guy’s cellphone, and he refused to answer, but when I called the main desk, and then they transferred me through to him, he answered. Anyways, I got very serious with him, and told him that he needs to stop taking me on some little joy ride of his, and to give me my money back. He told me they can’t send me a cheque, and that I have to drive the 5 hours back to Toronto to pick it up in person, and I have a feeling they still won’t give it to me even if I do go there tomorrow. Not to mention it will cost $150 in gas to get there. not even worth it.

Anyways, I told him that they have two options. Send me the money back in cheque form/credit card, or I will take them to court. He started screaming at me telling me to f*** off and TAKE ME TO COURT.

I can’t believe I got all wrapped up in this. In total, if I go get the money back, this will cost me around $600 with gas (x2), and food (x2). I hate myself right now for falling into the palms of your typical used car salesman.

If, for instance, I did take him to court, could I sue for damages in the sense that he made me drive back to pick up my money, and the drive there to begin with, since I only went there to see the Audi that he supposedly had, but when I got there, it wasn’t there, and I wasn’t allowed to test drive like I was told I would be, and, turns out, the finance company won’t finance me now because I’m under 25, which is not what I was told over the phone. Basically, this was a complete waste of my time, money and patience.

Thanks for your replies guys, I appreciate it!