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Linux and Windows Web Hosting in Pittsburgh

For the lowest price and the highest reliability in professional web hosting services for the Pittsburgh area, you can rely on Sun Hosting. In business since 1995, Sun Hosting hosts the websites of over 370 companies in the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs.

Additionally, Sun Hosting provides complete domain name registration services for any size business, company or government. We take care of the whole registration process for you at no cost, when you choose any of our annual hosting plans .

Sun Hosting is one of the lowest cost Web hosting company in Pittsburgh. selling directly to businesses, resellers, banks and government. But low-cost does not mean low-quality. All hosting packages at Sun Hosting are of the highest QoS (Quality of Service) and include full UPS backup (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), further protected by industrial-grade diesel power generators.

Our ultra-modern Pittsburgh data center incorporates full fire protection, is completely air-conditioned and feature the tightest security available, thanks to security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Linux Web hosting packages for businesses, industry, government, non-profit organizations and personal sites can all be viewed on this page. Did you know that about 75 percent of all Web sites today are hosted on the Linux platform? Linux costs less than Windows and will do the same job in about 80 percent of cases. Our Windows hosting plans can be viewed here . And please click here to learn the difference between the Linux and Windows server operating systems.

Please click here to view our Windows Web hosting plans.

We are strongly confident that you will find the right hosting plan that will fit your specific needs, whether your company operates in Pittsburgh or anywhere else.

Sun Hosting can configure for you a customized hosting plan just for your exact requirements, and without incurring any additional setup costs or penalty! Simply contact us if you have any questions.

Please click here to discover the many reasons U.S.-based companies should host their Web site and Internet applications in Canada.

Sun Hosting is also a full-range Internet domain name registrar . Find all the commonly-used terms in the web hosting industry with our Glossary of Hosting Terms used. Our mission is simple: Provide the best corporate Web hosting packages, at the best wholesale prices and with the best technical support there is.

We have been hosting corporate Web sites since 1995. Sun Hosting currently hosts over 26,000 Web sites from about 21,500 businesses, 800 non-profit organizations and all levels of government from over 42 countries. From the moment we receive your order, your Web site can be up and running in less than 30 minutes, provided the DNS transfer has been done.

Discover how you can save on Internet bandwidth . Remember that the best wholesale web hosting company in Canada is Sun Hosting.

Read our Customer Terms of Use .

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The Best Windows Tablets for 2017: Windows Tablet Reviews & Buying Advice – PC Advisor #best #windows #tablets,windows #rt,pro,rt,microsoft,ipad,othere,pcs,intel-powered,arm-based,arm,table-of-contents,tablets,windows


The best Windows tablets for 2017

Your buying guide for the best Windows tablets in 2017

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best Windows tablets you can buy today in the UK, but do read our buying advice before spending your money. Windows tablets have – over the last couple of years – been gaining in popularity, although they represent less than a quarter of the whole tablet market.

Because they run Windows most models come with a keyboard, although strangely not Microsoft’s Surface – you have to buy the keyboard separately. Whether you want to work or play, you’ll find something here to suit your budget.

If you don’t really need to get any work done on your tablet, an iPad or and Android tablet might suit you better, so check out our list of the best tablets. and also the best new tablets coming in 2017 .

Unlike the alternatives tablets running Windows 10 offer true portable computing on the move. Microsoft’s own Surface Pro. for example, is as powerful as many desktop PCs. and it offers decent battery life. You can install proper Windows software on it, and perform any task for which you would normally rely on a desktop PC. All it will fit into any man bag.

The Surface Pro 3 offers the best of all worlds, with relatively little sacrifice. It’s cheaper now that the Surface Pro 4 has superseded it. If you can afford one and you really want one device for everything, it is a great purchase. But the Surface Pro 5 is coming soon, so if you can wait a little while, the older tablets could get even cheaper.

Should I buy a tablets or a 2-in-1 hybrid?

You’ll note in our chart below that not all the devices look the same. That’s because Windows offers manufacturers flexibility of form. Some Windows tablets are tiny portable devices. Others are more like laptops which can also be used like tablets. These are often called 2-in-1s or hybrids.

Just remember that by its very nature a tablet should be a flexible and portable device. So ask yourself whether you need a keyboard (and if so whether an ultraportable laptop would be a better idea). How big a screen do you need, and how much weight are you prepared to carry? Hybrid devices can seem like the best of all worlds, but they tend to be equally imperfect as laptops and tablets – how often will you transform their functions in your daily life?

If anything in the list below grabs your attention, read the full review in detail, and the answers to these and other questions should become clear. If you specifically want a 2-in-1 device then check out our best convertible tablets chart .

Best Windows tablets 2017 UK – Windows tablet reviews

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

There is a great deal to like and rave about the Surface Pro 4. The design is thinner and lighter for starters. The screen is awesome, there’s plenty of power available, the new Surface Pen is better and the Type Cover is a vast improvement on the last one. However, the design is inherently awkward at times, it’s more expensive that a lot of laptops and the Type Cover, which you’ll pretty much need, isn’t included lowering the value.

2. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

The TabPro S is undeniably a beautiful and capable piece of hardware and it can be a joy to use. The problem is, it’s not a joy to use all the time. The 2-in-1 form factor can work, and we still think that the Surface Pro 4 is the best example of this, thanks to its build quality and integrated kickstand. The TabPro S is an excellent computer, but it remains frustrating that it doesn’t always excel in being one. Hopefully Samsung will consider improving simple things like the stand on the inevitable sequel if it is to continue to charge this much money for it.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

A very decent laptop replacement, and an okay tablet, the Surface Pro 3 is undeniably impressive. If you need a single device to do everything we can’t think of any better device. And when you consider the cost of buying a discrete laptop, tablet and desktop PC the Surface Pro 3 is priced to shift. The question remains as to whether people want a single device rather than multiple gadgets that are better at their individual tasks. Microsoft’s latest results suggest that Surface Pro 3 is winning hearts and minds. Has it won yours?

4. Microsoft Surface 3

Objectively, the Surface 3 is the best compromise between a laptop and tablet. It’s a highly portable gadget which can run full Windows programs and it costs less than the Surface Pro 3. It’s not exactly cheap by the time you’ve added the keyboard and stylus, though. It’s also only good for lightweight duties – it’s less powerful than laptops costing the same – and some people will find the screen is too small for ‘proper’ productivity. It’s a better work tool than an iPad and Bluetooth keyboard, it has to be said, and if you only need to use office apps and a web browser, it could be exactly what you’re after. Most people are better off spending more on the Surface Pro 3 or, if you don’t need a touchscreen, a Core M laptop such as the Asus UX305F.

5. Chuwi Hi10 Pro

The Chuwi Hi10 Pro is an excellent value Windows 10 laptop-tablet hybrid with the addition of Android (albeit old Android) and a pleasing build for the money. We take issue with its fingerprint-prone screen and tinny, poorly placed speakers, but in all other respects this is a very decent device for the money. It’s not a fast device, and we wouldn’t recommend it to gamers, but it’s fast enough for most daily Windows tasks.

6. Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA

Whether the Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA is a good buy or not depends entirely on your priorities. If you want to open up loads of browser windows and have plenty of apps open at once, this isn’t for you. The Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA only really runs well with an app or two running, and no data-intensive background processes going on. In laptop terms it’s a whelp. However, good stamina, a smart design and good, non-cramped keyboard make it a great low-cost choice if you want something to do some writing/emailing/browsing while you’re away from home.

7. Chuwi HiBook Pro

Chuwi’s tablets are not the fastest Windows machines you can buy, but they make excellent portable computers if you’re on a budget. With its Quad-HD screen and fast USB-C charging, the HiBook Pro is a very good cheap option. We recommend you also buy the optional keyboard that turns this Windows/Android tablet into a laptop.

8. Venturer BravoWin 10KT

If you don t mind what it looks like, the Venturer BravoWin 10KT is an ideal budget option for students. It costs just 150 and can be with you tomorrow, and that price includes a magnetic docking keyboard and a full copy of Windows 10. It s easily portable and sufficiently capable, if not a speed demon.

Should You Use Windows Server Backup? #windows #server #backup, #windows #server, #backup #and #recovery, #windows #client, #windows #server #2008, #systems #management


Should You Use Windows Server Backup?

Executive Summary: Windows Server Backup, the Windows Server 2008 replacement for the built-in Windows NTBackup backup and restore utility, has some differences that IT administrators might find annoying. Learn how you can work with Windows Server Backup s limitations and whether you might need a more full-featured backup and restore solution for your Windows servers.

We ve often been reminded by Microsoft that NTBackup included with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 wasn t intended as a full-featured, enterprise-level backup solution. Nevertheless, many of us would use it that way in a pinch. Since Windows Server 2008 s release, however, we can t get away with using Windows new built-in backup tool for large-scale, enterprise backups as easily we could with NTBackup. That s because Windows Server Backup, the Server 2008 replacement for NTBackup, functions much differently from NTBackup. I ll take you through some of the annoying differences between NTBackup and Windows Server Backup, tell you how you can sometimes work around those annoyances, and explain why you might need to consider a more fully featured backup solution.

Annoyance #1

Windows Server Backup Isn t Installed By Default. Unlike NTBackup, which was installed by default on Windows 2003 and Windows 2000, Windows Server Backup isn t installed by default on Server 2008. To use Windows Server Backup, you need to use the Add Features wizard, which lets you install Windows Server Backup, and the wbadmin.exe command-line utility, which you use to back up Server Core computers.

The lack of default backup software can be very annoying in certain circumstances. Say you ve been called in to look at a server that s behaving erratically, only to find that it has never been backed up and that you can t install any new software. I like to back up a server before I do more invasive mucking about, and not having backup software installed by default can make investigating a server problem more of a challenge. I ve found that companies especially small businesses often don t consider backups until problems occur.

The only way to avoid the problem of getting caught without Server 2008 s backup software installed is to install the Windows Server Backup and wbadmin.exe features when you deploy Server 2008. Unfortunately, you re still likely to get called to look at servers that have never been backed up and probably don t have Windows Server Backup installed. It s a pity there s no warning on Server 2008 that asks you to regularly back up the server in the same way that it nags you about configuring automatic updates. With such a warning, only the most recalcitrant administrators would fail to ensure that their data was safely backed up.

Annoyance #2

No Tape Drive Support . One of the most surprising facts about Windows Server Backup is that it doesn t support tape drives. You didn t misread that: Windows Server Backup and the wbadmin.exe command-line utility can t be used to write backups to tape. There s at least one perfectly good reason why that s the case: Tape drives are going the way of the floppy disk. Not only can today s hard drives store insane amounts of data, they re also significantly faster than tapes during the backup and restoration process. However, most IT shops have an existing backup tape infrastructure, and good tape drives never came cheap. Going to Server 2008 might mean that expensive tape drive starts collecting dust.

If you re migrating from a previous version of Windows to Server 2008, you might have to decide to ditch the legacy hardware and purchase some removable hard drives or perhaps go with another vendor s backup solution. You ll also need to devise a plan for recovering data stored on tapes once you fully migrate to Server 2008. Although Windows Server Backup doesn t let you import backups made with NTBackup, and you can t use NTBackup to restore backups made with Windows Server Backup, Microsoft provides a restore-only version of NTBackup at go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=82917. This version of NTBackup can read from tape drives, but can t write to them. You can extract your existing backup data from the tapes, but you won t be able to use the tapes anymore after that. To use the Server 2008 restore-only version of NTBackup with a tape drive, you need the correct Server 2008 driver for that tape drive. Because Windows Server Backup doesn t support tape drives, some tape drive manufacturers are reluctant to support Server 2008.

Annoyance #3

A Dedicated Disk Is Required for Scheduled Backups. Windows Server Backup requires a dedicated disk (not just a partition) to store scheduled backups. When you run your first backup to the new disk, the disk is repartitioned and formatted. You won t be able to use it for anything other than storing backup data, and you can t view it in Windows Explorer. You can have Windows Server Backup write data to an internal hard drive or to a USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 compatible disk. Microsoft recommends that your disk be roughly two and a half times larger than the amount of data you d write in a full backup, and the smallest amount you can back up is an entire volume. The default Windows Server Backup settings involve a full backup followed by incremental backups. Windows Server Backup manages data so that the oldest backup is automatically removed when the disk begins to run out of space. The idea behind this approach is that you can set up and schedule your backup, then forget about it until it s time to perform a restore.

This method is pretty good for a bare-bones backup solution, but if you re used to the configurability of NTBackup, it can be a bit annoying. You can perform a one-off backup to a network location or optical media, but you can t schedule backups to these locations. Clever administrators might write a script called by a scheduled task that uses wbadmin.exe to write a backup, but you won t be informed if the target location has enough space for the backup to finish successfully. Going outside the parameters of what you can accomplish with scheduled backups is one of those you can do it, but you probably shouldn t make a habit of it things that systems administrators are always being warned about.

Requiring a dedicated disk also makes the practice of rotating backups to offsite locations more challenging. Many organizations take one set of backups offsite each week, enabling data recovery in the event that the building burns to the ground, is flooded, or is hit by a meteor. Windows Server Backup works on the philosophy that the backup volume is tethered to the server and will probably not be rotated offsite. If disaster recovery is a concern, you need to look at a more full-featured solution.

Annoyance #4

The Volume Is the Minimum Backup Selection . Unlike NTBackup, which lets you select individual files and folders to back up, the smallest item that you can back up using Windows Server Backup is an entire volume. This limitation exists because Windows Server Backup uses a full disk image rather than just writing files and folders to a location and compressing them into a binary blob. You can still restore individual files and folders, however.

One thing that surprises many admins is that Windows Server Backup can t perform a system-state only backup. It s possible to perform a system-state only backup using the wbadmin.exe command start systemstatebackup, but some admins aren t comfortable using the command-line environment to complete what should be a relatively straightforward task.

Why Use Windows Server Backup?

Windows Server Backup works best if you remember that it isn t designed to be an enterprise-level backup solution. Many administrators find this limitation annoying because that s essentially how they ve been using NTBackup for much of the past decade. If you take it for what it is the WordPad of backup programs you ll find that what it actually does do, it does quite well. If you use Windows Server Backup to schedule a regular backup to a removable disk or an internal hard disk, it s very simple to perform a complete restore of the entire Windows OS. You wouldn t use Windows Server Backup to back up your Exchange Server or SQL Server systems, but you probably didn t use NTBackup to do so, either.

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UK Dedicated Servers

Memory Configuration

  • 16GB DDR4 ECC +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 32GB DDR4 ECC +£10.00 ex VAT/m
  • 64GB DDR4 ECC +£30.00 ex VAT/m

Drive Configuration

  • 240GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 1TB HDD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 240GB SSD +£7.50 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 1TB HDD +£7.50 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 2TB HDD +£17.50 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 480GB SSD +£20.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 960GB SSD +£30.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 4TB HDD +£35.00 ex VAT/m


  • 20TB +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 30TB +£15.00 ex VAT/m
  • 50TB +£45.00 ex VAT/m

IP Allocation

  • 1 x IP Address +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x IP Addresses +£1.00 ex VAT/m
  • 3 x IP Addresses +£2.00 ex VAT/m
  • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
  • 5 x IP Addresses +£4.00 ex VAT/m
  • 10 x IP Addresses +£9.00 ex VAT/m
  • /27 IP Allocation (32 IPs) +£20.00 ex VAT/m
  • /26 IP Allocation (64 IPs) +£35.00 ex VAT/m
  • /25 IP Allocation (128 IPs) +£60.00 ex VAT/m
  • /24 IP Allocation +£100.00 ex VAT/m

Memory Configuration

  • 32GB DDR4 ECC +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 64GB DDR4 ECC +£10.00 ex VAT/m

Drive Configuration

  • 2 x 240GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 1TB HDD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 1 x 480GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 2TB HDD +£12.50 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 480GB SSD +£15.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 4TB HDD +£25.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 960GB SSD +£30.00 ex VAT/m

IP Allocation

  • 1 x IP Address +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x IP Addresses +£1.00 ex VAT/m
  • 3 x IP Addresses +£2.00 ex VAT/m
  • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
  • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
  • 5 x IP Addresses +£4.00 ex VAT/m
  • 10 x IP Addresses +£9.00 ex VAT/m
  • /27 IP Allocation +£20.00 ex VAT/m
  • /26 IP Allocation (64 IPs) +£35.00 ex VAT/m
  • /25 IP Allocation +£60.00 ex VAT/m
  • /24 IP Allocation +£100.00 ex VAT/m


  • 30TB +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 50TB +£30.00 ex VAT/m

£140.00 per month

Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 Processor

Drive Configuration

  • 2 x 480GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 2TB HDD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 960GB SSD +£30.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x 4TB HDD +£35.00 ex VAT/m

Memory Configuration

  • 64GB DDR4 ECC +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 128GB DDR4 ECC +£40.00 ex VAT/m

IP Allocation

  • 1 x IP Address +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 2 x IP Addresses +£1.00 ex VAT/m
  • 3 x IP Addresses +£2.00 ex VAT/m
  • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
  • 5 x IP Addresses +£4.00 ex VAT/m
  • 10 x IP Addresses +£9.00 ex VAT/m
  • /27 IP Allocation (32 IPs) +£20.00 ex VAT/m
  • /25 IP Allocation (128 IPs) +£60.00 ex VAT/m
  • /24 IP Allocation +£100.00 ex VAT/m


  • 40TB +£0.00 ex VAT/m
  • 50TB +£15.00 ex VAT/m
  • 100TB +£90.00 ex VAT/m

Windows Server 2012: Installing Active Directory Users and Computers and Group Policy Management Console – 404 Tech Support #active #directory #users #and #computers #windows # #snap #in


You are here: Home / Articles / Operating Systems / Windows Server 2012: Installing Active Directory Users and Computers and Group Policy Management Console

Windows Server 2012: Installing Active Directory Users and Computers and Group Policy Management Console

Managing Active Directory and Group Policy can be a little obscure due to the prerequisite of installing the Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 7 and 8. In Server 2012, there is no separate install of the RSAT tools, you just have to know where to look. Fortunately, it proves consistent by being part of the Add/Remove Roles and Features part of the Windows Server operating system. I like the role-based installations because it greatly simplifies the install process, provides you a list of Server s native capabilities, and keeps the installation minimal by allowing you to manually choose what you want installed after the fact.

To get the Active Directory Users and Computers, you want to be sure to install just the tools you need, not the entire domain services on your server. That is, unless you wish to make your server a domain controller.

Open up Server Manager by clicking the icon pinned to the Taskbar or right-clicking Computer and going to Manage. In the top-right corner of the window, go up to the Manage menu and click Add Roles and Features .

From here, you will go through a dialog wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to get to the install on the server you want configured. Choose Role-based or feature-based installation and select your server.

Unless there are other roles you would like installed, skip Server Roles and hit Next to get to the Features.

On the Features page, check Group Policy Management Tools.

The description reads: Group Policy Management is a scriptable Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, providing a single administrative tool for managing Group Policy across the Enterprise. Group Policy Management is the standard tool for managing Group Policy.

Scroll down a little bit to get to and Remote Server Administration Tools – Role Administration Tools – AD DS and AD LDS Tools and check those boxes, particularly AD DS Snap-Ins and Command-Line Tools.

The description reads: Active Directory Domain Services Snap-Ins and Command-Line tools includes Active Directory Users and Computers, Active Directory Domains and Trusts, Active Directory Sites and Services, and other snap-ins and command-line tools for remotely managing Active Directory domain controllers.

You can also select other tools you want like the Active Directory Administrative Center but to specifically get just Active Directory Users and Computers, check the box in front of AD DS Snap-Ins and Command-Line Tools.

Confirm your selections and let the install do its work.

Once the installation completes, you will see Active Directory Users and Computers and Group Policy Management Console on the Start Screen. You can also find them under the Administrative Tools folder should you want to copy a shortcut to your desktop. Note: using the GPMC from Server 2012 gives you access to New Windows 8 and Server 2012 Group Policies .

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Harmonizing Your Interior and Exterior Spaces

Bi-fold glass doors not only illuminate your home, but also expand your living space. By harmonizing your interior and exterior, bi-fold doors open-up your perspective and your ability to enjoy your home to the fullest.

As one size or style does not fit all, we offer customizable sizes and selections. From hinges and handles to threshold and frame color options, we have just the right fittings to suit your style.


Reflecting Your Home’s Character From the Inside Out

Sliding Glass Doors reflect your home’s character from the inside out. They offer access, light and spacious depth. Our product offerings combine form and function to provide you with the most fitting and practical sliding door solutions for your home.

Impact windows florida


The Gateway to Your Home

Your house’s entrance is the gateway for your guests to feel welcome in your home. It also represents safety, security and the passage into your family’s private space.

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida


For Retail, Municipal, Healthcare and Hospitality Spaces

Whether in a retail, municipal, healthcare or hospitality setting, your building’s entrance sets the tone for the user’s experience. So many considerations to entertain, ranging from appearance to security to functionality. South Florida Windows & Doors brings quality and selection to the table, along with first-rate experience.

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida


Protect Your Family. Protect Your Investment.

Impact Window and Door Requirements

Every impact-resistant window and door model offered by South Florida Windows & Doors goes through the rigorous testing requirements set by Miami-Dade County, the toughest wind-borne debris standard in the world. Our hurricane-safe products are tested and comply with the tougher Large Missile standard.

Impact Code Approved: An impact resistant window or door is only considered ‘impact code approved’ if it has gone through the test requirements defined by an approved code body and received a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) or approval documentation. The pressure of the Cyclical Test used is documented in the approval, shown as PSF (pounds per square foot). All NOA’s are public information and should be accessible through the various code bodies.


Home Improvement Financing For Energy Efficiency Upgrades

How can YgreneWorks™ work for me?

According to the EPA, improving your home’s energy efficiency can help lower costly energy bills, improve spatial comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By saving energy, you may also enjoy the added benefit of increasing the value of your home (2). The YgreneWorks PACE financing program enables you to easily and affordably invest in energy efficient, renewable energy and hurricane protection improvements to your home or business, with no money down.

Named one of the top 20 “world-changing” ideas by Scientific American magazine, PACE is a simple and effective way to finance energy efficiency and hurricane protection building upgrades. Payments are made through a special assessment added to the property’s tax bill and repaid with terms of up to 20 years. State and local governments authorize PACE financing programs to help create jobs, promote economic development and protect the environment.

Is making payments through my property tax bill a good idea?

YgreneWorks PACE financing payments are authorized under Florida State Statute 163.08 and secured by a continuing lien on the property. YgreneWorks PACE financing may have tax benefits (consult your tax advisor about potential deductibility; South Florida Windows & Doors and Ygrene do not provide tax advice), and, if you sell your property, payments may transfer to the new owner, just like property taxes (3).

It’s easy. If your property is in an active Ygrene service area, South Florida Windows & Doors can get you pre-approved in just a few minutes—at no cost. Eligibility is based on the equity in your home (among other factors), and not on your credit score, proof of employment, income or financial statements. While neither we, nor Ygrene will use your credit score to determine your eligibility for financing, we will pull your credit report to confirm certain underwriting criteria.

Based on Available

No Payments Until

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Impact windows florida

Ygrene Energy Fund terms and conditions: (1) Applies to contracts funded by 6/30/17; other conditions apply; FL residential customers only. (2) According to Residential Energy Services Network, the market value of a home increases by $20 for every $1 decrease in annual energy costs (www.resnet.us). (3) Property taxes are legally transferable upon sale, however, mortgage lenders may require full repayment of the special tax upon sale or refinancing. 40044-FL-9-16.

What our clients say

I also want to tell you what a fantastic worker George is. He worked very late on Friday night making sure that everything was done perfectly and cleaned up too! I know his family was waiting for him so they could leave on a family trip but he continued to work until it was perfect!

I am so glad I got South Florida Windows and Doors. The salesman Brandon was the best!! The windows were perfect and the crew that he sent out to install the windows were great. They did the work perfectly and they even washed the windows. They put up the blinds too. I think they were the best workers that I ever had in the house. I would recommend them to everyone that wants windows.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for a job well done! We were quite pleased with the professionalism, craftsmanship and efficiency of your crew, Kris and Klaus. They arrived on time and got right to work and we were impressed with how quickly they were able complete our project. We appreciate Mark stopping by on both of our project days to make sure everything was moving along smoothly. We are also happy with the final product.

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Easy to use and effective software products to make your life easier! We offer a variety of software products that run on desktop computers and smartphones, choose a product below to learn more.

All products listed below are for Microsoft Windows computers. We offer several shareware utilities, development tools below which have a 30-day trial download available before a purchase is required. Take a tour of our various software products below and download a free trial version.

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Throttle 8 – Speed Up Your Internet

Accelerate your internet connection speed, surf the web faster and download files faster. Instantly have a faster dial-up, DSL, cable and wireless internet connection.

GameGain 4 – Make Games Run Faster

Immediately make your computer games run faster, smoother and with better graphics. No longer do you have to deal with stuttering and games that lag.

PCMedik 8 – Fix and Make Your Computer Faster

Fix problems on your computer; clean up the system and make your computer work faster. Instantly heal your computer and get it working like it’s new.

PCBoost 5 – Make Your CPU Run Faster

Soft-overclock the speed of your computer processor and make your computer work faster. Faster games, faster software instantly by accelerating the CPU.

SuperRam 7 – Make Your RAM Run Faster

Instantly make your computer run faster by optimizing the way your computer memory works. Increase computer speed instantly with super charged memory.

GameSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Games

Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and instantly fix problems on your computer. Use your computer like its brand new again.

GameBoost 3 – Faster Games and Internet Speed

Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster games.

PCSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Internet Speed

Make your computer run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster performance.

SystemSwift 2 – Faster Computer, Games and Internet Speed

Make your computer run faster with improved performance, faster games and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Faster computer, faster games and faster internet.

Top 10 Windows Virtual Private Servers – Best Windows Virtual Private Servers Hosts #top #10 #windows #virtual #private #servers, #windows #virtual #private #servers, #windows #virtual #private #servers, #best #windows #virtual #private #servers


2017 Top 10 Windows Virtual Private Servers Companies

Windows Virtual Private Servers

VPS or Virtual Private server is used to get multiple servers out of a single physical server. This is done by logically dividing the physical server into many virtual servers. All the virtual servers so formed are independent and thus have dedicated resources with them. This will help them to work independent of one another. The performance of one server will never influence or degrade the performance of another. Thus the virtual servers help to get multiple servers at a cheaper rate. Hence they are widely used in the development of web site.

When VPS is used in web site development and hosting, each client will get a server to work on. This never requires the presence of too many physical servers. So the business of web site hosting becomes an easier job and the profit earned with little expense. The hosting can be performed on any architecture like main frame, Windows or Linux. The virtual private server you need will depend on the purpose of the websites being hosted.

Do I Need a Windows Virtual Private Server?

When looking for virtual private server providers, you may notice that some hosts offer both Linux virtual private servers and Windows virtual private servers. This is because of the difference in the features they provide. Some websites may require Windows to use Windows-based technologies that Linux cannot provide. Likewise, other websites may only need Linux virtual private servers to run PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

There are several instances where you can never go for a Linux virtual private server and are bound to use a Windows virtual private server. If you are using .Net technology using ASP.net then you can find that it is not supported in Linux. If your web site is designed using Microsoft .Net technology then there is no compromise in the architecture and you will be forced to go for Windows. Even if you relax your need and prefer to go for ASP without .Net, there is no option in a Linux virtual private server and you will have to choose Windows for your virtual private server needs.

If your web site has an MS Access database, Linux will not work for your website as MS Access is intended and designed to work with Microsoft. With a Linux virtual private server. you will have no option to work with Access databases. Another restriction is in the use of MS SQL. MS SQL is also designed specifically for Microsoft Windows. Linux provides various enterprise databases but those users who want to go for MS SQL will have to choose a Windows virtual private server. Lastly, Microsoft SharePoint services can be used only in Windows.

But when the cost of virtual private server hosting is all that matters, it is always good to use Linux virtual private servers. Enterprise web sites will be more effectively executed in Linux. Most busy web sites are created and run on the Linux operating system.

Because of the user friendliness that Windows provide, most users who are unskilled in the hosting service will go for Windows as their platform for VPS hosting. The Microsoft features are so advanced that even a novice user can host a web site. However, the typical increased cost of Windows virtual private servers is usually the reason many hosting customers look for cheaper alternatives.

We hope the above better explains Windows virtual private servers to you. If you think Windows virtual private servers is right for you, please look above for our most recent Windows virtual private servers real user VPS reviews. We are positive you ll be able to choose the right Windows virtual private servers that is right for your needs.

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Alspec Aluminium Systems Specialists, Aluminium Fabricators, Aluminium Extrusions, Architectural Extrusions #alspec, #aluminium #systems, #aluminium #fabricators, #aluminium #extrusions, #architectural #extrusions, #architectural #windows, #architectural #doors, #commercial #doors, #commercial #windows, #residential #doors, #residential #windows


Welcome to Aluminium Specialties Alspec

Established in 1974, Alspec are the market leaders in the design and distribution of innovative aluminium systems to the architectural, industrial and home improvement markets. Our range of quality, tested products together with our professional and personal service ensures we are uniquely positioned to support the growth of your business. With a national network of over 400 staff and nine locations, Alspec is a wholly Australian-owned private company at the forefront of the Australian Aluminium Systems market.

Windows Doors

An extensive range of sophisticated window and door systems includes multi-fold, hinged, pivot and sliding doors as well as sliding, awning, casement, pivot and double hung windows for commercial, high end residential and multi unit developments.

Commercial Framing

Alspec design and distribute a modern and diverse range of Architectural Systems for interior fit out, shopfront and curtain wall applications that enhance the design and function of any building.

Louvres Solar Control

Our range of Solar Control products include the F57, a fixed elliptical blade system for the exterior of buildings and the A89 adjustable blade system for internal and external use.


We offer a complete range of Commercial and Residential Door and Window accessories covering many of the major brand names in the industry, stocking gaskets, seals, door locks, hinges, door closers, fasteners, stays and sealants.

Home Improvement

Our Home Improvement products, led by our 316 stainless steel mesh security system Invisi-Gard, offers a wide range of security and fly screening products along with a variety of aluminium sections.


We stock a large range of geometric shapes to suit many applications. If you can’t find the right shape we can work with you to design your specific shape and have the product extruded to suit your project.

Alspec finding solutions in a range of projects

Alspec invest heavily on Research Development to come up with innovative solutions in catering for all requirements in the National Construction Code. Working with Architects and Builders, Alspec have tested and developed products to meet a range of building requirements in Commercial and Residential areas offering a complete solution for all your needs no matter how large or small a project may be.

BAL-40 Solutions

Bushfires in Australia are almost a common occurrence during the hotter months due to Australia’s hot and dry climate. Bushfire events in New South Wales, South Australia, Canberra, Western Australia and Victoria have been the most tragic bushfires events to occur in Australia’s history. The Alspec BAL40 aluminium range has been designed to withstand temperatures of up to 40kW without failure to the glazing system while complying with AS2047.

View BAL-40 Solutions

Cyclonic Compliance

Solutions for Commercial and Residential Applications. Affecting the eastern, northern and western coastlines of Australia, and characterised by strong winds and large volumes of moisture, tropical cyclones place enormous stresson the building envelope. The use of windows and doors designed and manufactured to meet the highest pressure, impact and water performance requirements will minimise the possible damage that cyclones can cause.

View Cyclonic Solutions


Alspec’s new thermally broken window system is an energy efficient option that utilises the latest in European Polyamide Thermal Break technology, combined with Australian design principles, to achieve the best possible results in energy rating in a system that is easy to fabricate and install.

View ThermAFrame Solutions

The Alspec brands represent quality, style function

With over 40 years of commercially-bred experience, Alspec also offers a comprehensive range of other products and systems for your application. Click on the links below to visit our other websites to see more information on; Carinya, our premium quality residential window and door systems, Invisi-Gard, the renowned 316 Stainless Steel Security Screen and the KidScreen window fall prevention screen.

Invisi-Gard is Australia’s premier security screen brand because it’s made from the toughest material in its class and features unique patented product architecture. These two vital features provides the maximum protection for your family and your home.

View Invisi-Gard website

With a design pedigree established in the demanding commercial window market, the new Carinya range of residential windows and doors has been created by commercial window powerhouse Alspec to be the leader in its class.

View Carinya website

KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screens are a unique patent design, cost effective barrier solution designed specifically for child protection of openable windows. They are without question the best investment for your children’s safety.

View KidScreen website

How to Monitor Your Internet Bandwidth Usage and Avoid Exceeding Data Caps #windows # #bandwidth #monitor


Internet connection data caps are becoming more widespread in the US. Internet service providers may claim their data limits are good for millions of emails, but emails are small and HD videos on Netflix are much, much larger.

Follow our tips to deal with Internet bandwidth caps to help cut down on data usage, especially when streaming videos. Some ISPs may throttle your Internet connection speed after a certain point.

Use GlassWire to Monitor Your Bandwidth

GlassWire is a great firewall application for Windows that does a lot more than just block incoming connections. It s also really amazing for monitoring your bandwidth usage.

The default view when you launch it shows you a graph of all network activity in real-time, which is pretty great, but once you switch over to the Usage tab you ll see the real power of this application.

You can see your bandwidth usage by connection, whether it s incoming or outgoing, and even drill down into individual apps to figure out exactly what is taking up so much bandwidth.

Want to know what hosts your applications are connecting to, and what type of traffic it is? You can easily see that as well. And, of course, you can drill down into more details, or zoom in to just the last day.

The basic version of GlassWire is free for everybody. but if you want the extra features, you ll have to pay for the full version .

It s definitely a great application, and we recommend it.

Check Your ISP s Web Interface

If your Internet service provider is tracking your bandwidth usage and holding you to a cap, they probably provide a page on their account website where they display how much data you ve used in the last month. After all, they re already tracking your data usage on their end. Cox calls this a Data Usage Meter, while AT T calls it myAT T Usage. Other ISPs call it similar things, generally involving the word Usage.

Your ISP s tool is the best way to stay up-to-date on how much data you re using. No matter how well you monitor your own data, your ISP will always use their own numbers to decide how much data you ve uploaded and downloaded.

The downside of your ISP s tool is that it may not be updated very frequently. For example, some ISP s may update this bandwidth usage meter every day, although some may update it more frequently. Tools you use yourself can give you up-to-the-minute bandwidth usage information.

Track Bandwidth With Windows 8

Windows 8 includes a feature that can track how much bandwidth you ve used on a connection. It was clearly introduced to aid with mobile data usage and tethering. but you can mark any connection as a metered connection to track its data usage.

This feature can be useful, but it only works on Windows 8 devices and only tracks a single PC. It also won t line up with your ISP s billing period. It s much more useful if you re monitoring a connection that only your device has access to for example, a mobile data connection built into a Windows tablet.

Monitor Bandwidth Across Multiple PCs

We ve previously recommended Networx for monitoring your bandwidth usage. It s a free Windows application that allows you to monitor the bandwidth used by multiple Windows PCs. Its most useful feature is that it can synchronize bandwidth reports across a network. So, if you have five different Windows computers on your home network, you can sync them up with Networx to track bandwidth usage across all PCs in a single place. if you just have a single PC, no problem you can use Networx to track bandwidth usage for one PC.

Unfortunately, this only works with Windows PCs. Networx doesn t work with Linux systems, Macs, Chromebooks, smartphones, non-Windows tablets, game consoles, set-top boxes, smart TVs, or the many other network-connected systems and devices you might own. Networx is great if you only use Windows PCs, but it s an incomplete picture otherwise.

You ll also need to do more configuration to ensure Networx is capturing data for only your local network. For example, if you install Networx on a laptop and connect that laptop to other Wi-Fi networks, you ll want to ensure Networx is only ytacking data used on your home Wi-Fi network.

Monitor Data Usage on Your Router

The problem with typical bandwidth monitoring solutions is that they monitor Internet connection usage on a single device. To measure all the data flowing in and out of your home network, you d need to measure the data usage on your home router itself. Every device, wired or Wi-Fi, connects to the Internet through the router. Tracking data at the router will give you a complete picture.

The bad news is that home routers generally don t have this feature built-in. The good news is that you can install a third-party router firmware like DD-WRT or OpenWRT and use bandwidth-monitoring software on it, getting a complete picture of your bandwidth usage.

For example, you can install DD-WRT, access its web interface, click over to Status Bandwidth, and look under WAN to see how much bandwidth you ve used in the last month.

If your ISP doesn t provide a reliable way to track bandwidth and you need to do it on your own, purchasing a well-supported router and installing a custom firmware like DD-WRT is probably the best thing you can do.

Some third-party software programs can use the SNMP monitoring protocol to talk to a router and expose its bandwidth usage, among other networking statistics. However, there s a good chance your home router doesn t support SNMP. SNMP applications also tend to be complex tools designed for professional network administration, not easy tools to display a bandwidth usage meter at home.