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User Voice Fixes Pivot Table Default Settings

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I ve been using Pivot Tables in Excel for twenty years or more. They are one of the features that have made Excel such a killer program. Pivot Tables are easy to use after a bit of learning, and they re fast and flexible. And the Pivot Table default settings used to be alright.

A few Excel versions ago, I believe in Excel 2007, Microsoft added some additional layouts to Pivot Tables, so in addition to the historic Tabular layout, you can now choose Compact or Outline. The problem is that they made Compact the default, and except for the simplest Pivot Tables, I never want to use Compact, I always want the Tabular layout. So right after I build a Pivot Table, I need to fix it. (This may have been Yet Another Reason to hate Excel 2007.)

There are a few other default settings that I need to correct these as well, though they were never as annoying as the Compact layout.

Let me illustrate the problem. I have a simple Table with the headings Greek (containing Alpha , Beta , or Gamma ), Latin (containing A , B , or C ), Arabic (containing (1, 2, 3, or 4), and Values (containing a random two-decimal-digit number between 3 and 8). When I insert a Pivot Table with Greek in the columns area, Latin and Arabic in the rows area, and Values in the values area, here is the out-of-the-box default Pivot Table.

Voice settings

What s wrong with this Pivot Table?

  1. It s in compact layout, which means all of the row pivot fields are compressed into one column, with field items indented according to their order in the rows area. The field names are not shown at the top of the field; instead there is a single label called Row Labels.
  2. There are subtotals, and I usually do not want subtotals.
  3. There are grand totals on rows and columns, and I usually want no subtotals at all, and if I do want subtotals, I usually only want column totals, or sometimes only row totals.
  4. The columns have all been autofitted, so the first two columns are very wide, and all columns have different widths. When the Pivot Table is refreshed, these widths are subject to change due to the autofitting.

So I have to go to the Pivot Table ribbon tab and fix the first three problems, and to Pivot Table Options to fix the column autofitting. Yeah, big deal, it s only 30 seconds, but it s 30 seconds each, and it s easy to forget to fix them all, and anyway, it s a pain.

For all those years I was merely annoyed about Excel s Pivot Table default settings, Bill Mr Excel Jelen went further, and lobbied with every Excel user and every Microsoft Excel product team member to change them. For years this had no effect, other than he became well known within the Excel product group.

But then Microsoft introduced User Voice, an online forum that lets users suggest new features and improvements to existing features, and vote on other suggestions. Microsoft reads all of the suggestions, and those suggestions with the most votes are considered for inclusion in their product.

Two weeks ago, the official Excel Team blog contained an article entitled PivotTables just got personal. Long story short, they ve implemented Bill s suggestion, and in a very flexible way. Instead of simply changing the Pivot Table default layout back to Tabular, they allow users to set all Pivot Table options to create a custom Pivot Table default. This feature is available to all Excel 2016 users with Office 365, as long as they have gotten the recent updates.

Here s how to change your Pivot Table default settings. On Excel s File tab, select Excel Options, and click on Data in the Excel Options dialog.

Voice settings

Click the Edit Default Layout button to open the Edit Default Layout button.

Voice settings

Layout Import uses the settings of an existing Pivot Table as the new custom default layout (I happened to have cell S21 selected when I opened the dialog; this cell was not in any Pivot Table). You can start with that, or simply make any changes in the dialog. You can see that I ve already fixed them all.

You can even click the Pivot Table Options button to access any settings in the entire Pivot Table Options dialog, like that pesky Autofit Column Widths setting.

Voice settings

After correcting my Pivot Table default settings, when I insert a pivot table, here is the absolute first view of the result. I don t need to change anything!

Voice settings

Thanks Microsoft, thanks User Voice, and thanks Mr Excel for his tireless whining lobbying to make this improvement to Excel. I hope this Pivot Table Default Layout feature becomes the model for how users interact with all Excel defaults in the future.

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ACD Hosting Services

Hosted ACD services can be provided to virtually any size organization by Database Systems Corp. (DSC). Automatic call distribution (ACD ) phone systems and hosted ACD phone services are supplied to commercial organizations and government entities who wish to have calls answered automatically using the latest phone technology.

DSC provides call processing phone services from a secure call center that answers calls automatically and distributes them to work-from-home employees or remote agents. Phone support representatives no longer need to work at one centrally located call center.

A typical ACD phone service will process incoming phone calls on a first come / first serve basis. However, intelligent hosted ACD services such as those provided by Database Systems Corp. can analyze each incoming call based upon caller identification, dialed number, time of day, and other user defined guidelines established in an IVR (Interactive Voice Response ) program. This ACD hosting service employs IVR technology to route calls however a business or organization requires these calls to be processed.

Contact DSC to learn more about our hosted ACD services and automatic call distribution phone solutions.

Advanced Call Distribution – Ankida

“Our goal is to help you find peace, answers, questions, serenity, work, happiness, inner love, growth or whatever you seek, as long as it brings no harm to anyone else. At ANKIDA there is no room for judging others, and all are welcome with laughter and love. There is a particular fondness here for ancient history, almost all sciences and people who want to deal with others who enjoy being trustworthy and warm.” –

Ankida provides phone coaching solutions to its customer utilizing our advanced call center technology and hosted ACD service center to process incoming calls from customers. Subscribers call Ankida’s 800 number which is answered by our phone service. Callers are connected to Ankida specialists based upon the needs identified by the callers. Complete database, phone and call accounting services are provided by DSC.

ACD and IVR Phone Applications

Phone applications and ACD call processing are becoming an integral part of business and service organizations. Both public and private groups are providing information to members and clients 24 hours a day. In just a short period of time, this technology has been applied to a growing number of industries and projects.

The following are just a few of the phone applications developed by DSC using its ACD software.

ACD Service Features

Hosted ACD services from Database Systems Corp. are provided at our secure data center. Here are just a few of the functions provided to our ACD outsourcing clients.

  • Route calls to local and remote agents
  • Intelligent skills based routing
  • Prioritized call routing
  • DNIS based assignment to agent groups
  • GUI interface
  • Unlimited number of agent groups
  • 800 answering services
  • Custom messages for each DNIS
  • Call queuing and call routing
  • Web call backs
  • Multimedia support (email, chat, inbound, outbound calls)
  • Alarms for callers in queue
  • Call-back message support
  • Customizable agent screens

ACD Call Center Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our ACD phone services and call answering solutions.

Voice Lessons in New York City (NYC) #nyc #voice #lessons, #voice #lessons #new #york #city, #voice #lessons #in #nyc


Voice Lessons

MUSIC IS ABOUT EXPRESSION. It brings me great joy to work with a student and help him/her grow not only as a singer, but as an artist.

I have over 10 years of experience teaching voice lessons in New York City and performing in Musical Theatre and Opera productions throughout the United States. Additionally, I have a degree in Vocal Performance from Boston University’s School of Music and a Certificate from the Sound and Music Healing Institute at the New York Open Center.

“Music is not just my passion; it is a way of life.

Teaching Philosophy

We each have a tremendous capacity to feel, to emote, and to convey our diverse backgrounds and life experiences through singing in a way that is unlike any other. Because no two individuals are alike, I tailor lessons to the personal needs and goals of each student.

Through your musical journey you will develop a sense of awareness about your voice through specialized vocalizations, specific breathing and relaxation techniques, and dramatic exercises. You will gain self-confidence, reach your greatest potential, and achieve your goals as a singer. A typical lesson will include:

• Vocalization based upon the Bel-canto technique:
Ultimately means achieving your most free and natural sound. These vocalizations will help your voice blossom and grow as I identify your strengths and weaknesses as a singer. We will work on pitch awareness, range, projection, stamina, expression, depth of sound, vocal clarity and control, dynamics, resonance, and flexibility in order to achieve your greatest vocal potential. You will sing with less effort, release strain and tension, and develop a renewed sense of freedom in your singing.

• Breathing and physical awareness:
You will learn how to support your sound and train your muscles in order to sustain notes and sing with your whole being. By learning how your posture and alignment affect your singing you will free yourself from physical habits that stifle your sound and consequently achieve greater stage presence.

• Dramatic exercises and song interpretation:
You will discover what the exciting world of acting is really all about through utilizing dramatic intention, sensory exercises, and tapping into your emotional core. You will enhance your ability to express yourself through your songs.

• Overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety:
When we release negative preconceived notions about our vocal ability then singing becomes an incredibly transformative experience. We will identify the key triggers which can sabotage your singing ability and learn how to apply this knowledge in your lessons. Through relaxation techniques, emotional releasing, imagery, and mind-body awareness I will help you overcome these fears.

• Song selection:
We will work on songs which are best suited for your personality and voice. These songs will further your vocal growth and strengthen your sound. We will prepare them for any number of events whether it is for auditions, performances, karaoke, weddings, choir solos, or simply for your own personal satisfaction. You will also gain knowledge about vocal repertoire and expand upon your understanding of musical styles, basic music theory, and rhythmic understanding.

For those who desire, we will delve into the world of Sound and Music Healing. where you will free yourself from emotional and physical wounds such as the aftermath of trauma, hurt, pain, childhood fears, regret, sickness, or loss. The voice is a gateway to the soul; as you learn about your voice, you will learn also about yourself. Singing is really so personal in nature and I am blessed with students who trust me as the keeper of their life stories as we work through these areas together.

I also work with students in leadership positions who are looking to have greater command of their speaking voice and develop strong public speaking skills. By using singing as a vehicle to achieve your goals you will have better control of your vocal ability, increase your confidence, and communicate more effectively.

Q: What ages do you teach?
A: I teach from ages 7 to adult, however my instruction is quite different for my younger students. Please inquire about specifics.

Q: What styles do you teach?
A: I teach many different styles, which include but are not limited to musical theatre, classical, folk, country, R B, rock, pop, hip hop, Hebraic chant, yogic chant, world music, Jazz, as well as singer/songwriters who compose their own music.

Q: Do you teach beginners with no prior vocal experience?
A: I teach students at all different levels from very beginner with no prior vocal experience to advance. It is normal for beginners to feel some initial trepidation, shyness, and nervousness about learning how to sing, but as you progress in your lessons you will alleviate these fears, sing with joy, and open your heart and mind.

Q: I have had vocal issues all my life. Is there anything you can do to fix these problems?
A: Through my expertise I have helped many students identify issues with their voices. Many students express frustration about hoarseness, vocal fatigue, strain, and overall unhappiness with their vocal quality. Some students also come to me because they developed nodules, nodes, callouses, and acid-reflux. The great majority of these issues were rectified through increasing their understanding about the voice, rigorous vocal therapy, and guidance.

Q: Do you teach group classes?
A: I teach group classes for a maximum of two students.

Q: Do you teach International students?
A: My studio is incredibly multicultural. I have students from all over the world singing in a multitude of languages.

Q: What are your teaching hours and how long is each lesson?
A: My teaching hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM. On occasion, I also teach Saturday mornings. Each lesson is 60 minutes.

Q: Are you currently accepting new students into your studio?
A: Yes.

Q: Where do you teach?
A: My private vocal studio is located in Midtown-West Manhattan, West 60th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus. I am just one block from the 59th Street Columbus Circle subway station (Subways A, C, B, D, 1, N, Q, R).

Live Operator Service #live #operator,business #presence,dedicated #phone #number,real #voice,operator,customer #service,high #security,singapore,malaysia,english,professional #skill,welcome #message,corporation,business #address,free


Clients who call your business phone will be able to talk to a live operator who will answer calls as a representative of your company. For instance, an operator would answer a call along the lines of:


Dynalec – Shipboard Communication Terminals #lucent #telephone, #weatherproof #analog #phone #terminal, #interior #voice #communication #system, #ivcs, #extension #signal #relay, #intercom #station


Communication Terminals

Modified Lucent 8411 Telephone Set (IP/IC Functionality) Dynalec part #65032-200


  • Designed to interface with any Lucent Technology switchboard utilizing DCP (Digital Communication Protocol).
  • Supports simultaneous IC and IP calls.
  • Channel two is configured as an auto answer hands free speaker phone.
  • System interface consist of Line In, Adjunct, Speaker Out and Aux line connections.
  • Pivoting base allows for desk or bulkhead mounting.
  • Handset is secured to phone via push button latch. Optional PTT switch can be added as required.

Weatherproof Analog Phone Terminal
Dynalec part #65032-300


  • Designed to interface with any PBX utilizing a standard two wire analog interface.
  • Weather proof phone designed to meet stresses common to sea-going vessels such as shock, vibration and EMI.
  • Responds to forward party disconnect signaling.
  • Operates with H-319/U handset, H-320/U headset, LS-613A/STC-1 or LS-614/STC-1 intercoms.
  • Features automatic redial button and 10 speed dials.
  • LED backlit dial pad for night time use.
  • A sonalert is provided for audible signaling and a LED for active indication.
  • Supports PTT operation.
  • Enclosure is of cast aluminum construction and is designed for desk or bulkhead mounting.

Interior Voice Communication System (IVCS) Components Part 1


The Interior Voice Communication System is an automatic, electronic telephone system which provides the primary means for individual or group communications aboard ship. It combines the functions and features normally provided by several independent systems such as dial and sound powered telephones and remote control radio.

Interior Voice Communication System (IVCS) Components Part 2


The Interior Voice Communication System is an automatic, electronic telephone system which provides the primary means for individual or group communications aboard ship. It combines the functions and features normally provided by several independent systems such as dial and sound powered telephones and remote control radio.

Extension Signal Relay
Dynalec part #65150-205


  • Provides station telephone sets with an additional audible and/or visual signal high in ambient noise level environments.
  • Provides for signaling of incoming calls to be placed apart from telephone set.
  • Extension Signal Relay is packaged in a watertight, shockproof, bulkhead-mounted enclosure.

Intercom Station: LS-518/519
Dynalec part #61690-600/61690-700


  • Capable of providing two way communication with up to 10 other intercommunication stations (LS-518D/SIC) or up to 20 other units (LS-519E/SIC) .
  • May be used in Handsfree or Press-To-Talk modes.
  • Contains talk-listen loudspeaker. Other input and output devices can be used.
  • Has front panel receptacle for M-132/SIC microphone or H-186A/U handset.
  • Solid state electronic switching keypad.
  • 10-watt amplifier capable of driving five selected station loudspeakers simultaneously to 99dB sound pressure at two (2) feet. When more than five stations are called, the output is reduced.
  • Suitable for operation in 21MC and similar intercommunication circuits.
  • Master Station is designed for mounting on a bulkhead, in a panel, in a desk and is suitable for shipboard installation in protected areas. When the Master Station has to be used in unprotected areas, the Watertight Enclosure (Dynalec Part 61690-220) is recommended.
  • Enclosure is aluminum and drip proof in accordance with MIL-I-983E.

Reverse Speech – Voice of the Unconscious Mind #voice #volume


It has been called the discovery of the 7th sense. The research into this phenomenon has been described as being of “Nobel calibre”. It has been featured in numerous publications around the world, and in the United States it became a household name in the late 90s. It is called Reverse Speech.

Experience the amazing power Reverse Speech has to pinpoint personal issues and heal them. All sessions can be conducted over the phone.

Learn how reverse speech can benefit small to large businesses with precise decision making.

Free Book

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When I first started with David Oates my approach was hey it’s worth a try why not? I was running a business with my partner and although we had been fairly successful, life kept putting hurdles in our way, I was getting fed up of hitting the same brick wall. I’m actually a no fuss kind of perso.

Famous Quotes

“Thine forward voice, now, is to speak well of thine friend; thine backward voice is to utter foul speeches and to detract.”

Shakespeare Insult 3 – The Tempest

Latest News

Ashland Oregon Reverse Speech Lecture Ashland Oregon Reverse Speech Lecture May 27th, 2017 ?>

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Thank you for your possible interest in working with us at Travel Outlook!

Travel Outlook is a company that provides voice reservations services for a select group of hotels. We are a virtual company, which means that we all work from home offices. We take pride in the fact that in our industry, we’re the best.

You’re applying for a position as one of our work-from-home reservations specialists. This means that you will work from a suitable home office, receiving incoming reservation calls that have been routed to you by our sophisticated contact center phone system. Working from home offers many benefits.

  • Productivity Many people prefer an at-home environment to be able to concentrate and work more productively.
  • Comfort Home offices are more comfortable. You can design your own work area, sit on the couch, stand, pace do whatever feels best.
  • Commuting With the average commute to work over 25 minutes, working from home means you can start and end your day with sanity and peace.
  • Nutrition With full access to your own kitchen, you can prepare meals and snacks during approved breaks.Besides saving money, this is often a healthier option.
  • Exercise No need to carry workout clothes, a hair dryer, and makeup kits to the office.
  • Compensation Those who work from home team effectively earn more than office-bound counterparts some studies estimate 10-15% more, saving on gas, the bus or subway, eating out, clothes or on dry cleaning all of these work-related items add up, and mean more cash to put toward an emergency fund, the house and family, or to fund a retirement account.

CUSTOMER SERVICE and COURTESY IS PARAMOUNT You will have a crucial position within our company, because you will be the main representative for our company to both our clients and to their hotel guests. Most likely, in the past you have made a hotel reservation over the phone….think about how the person you spoke with made an indelible first impression in your mind about the hotel. Your role is absolutely critical in our clients’ success. In addition to a warm personal presence, our team members must demonstrate creative problem solving. The most important part of your job will be to provide pleasant, effective service whenever you are called on, and you can expect the same experience when working with other Travel Outlook personnel. We need to make everyone we work with – especially our hotel clients and their guests feel cherished and important.

SALESMANSHIP Professional salesmanship is also important, and we will provide highly-focused, proven sales training for you which focuses on two important areas of hotel sales proficiency: conversion, and nightly rate maximization. Conversion is the measurement of how often you will convert an incoming phone call to a hotel reservation, and, of course we strive to convert as many calls to bookings as we can for our hotel clients. Travel Outlook is known for achieving some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Rate Maximization refers to the nightly hotel room rate that the caller pays to stay in the hotel, and our sales training focuses on achieving the highest hotel rate for each call. This requires the ability to listen to the caller, and to recognize and capitalize on opportunities to book at the higher rate. We’ll go over these techniques in detail during our sales training.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Often, we connect directly into a hotel s property management system, so you may learn to enter information into multiple property management systems as well as learning about the features and benefits of each particular hotel. To achieve this, we have specific requirements regarding training availability, your technical skills, your computer equipment, and your Internet connection. The application process covers these in detail, but at minimum, the basic requirements are:

  • A Windows-based computer system (Windows 10 or 8.1 recommended)
  • A high-speed Internet connection (25Mb down/5Mb up or higher required)
  • A quiet and distraction-free work environment that would prohibit any ambient background noise.

Additional Info:
TRAINING Please note that you must also agree in writing to a background check before employment with us, and we will conduct this check. Employment status is contingent on an acceptable background check. Travel Outlook also reserves the right to perform third-party drug testing on all employees as permitted under your state’s law.

Once hired, you will complete 20 40 hours of group training prior to answering any incoming calls. This includes:

  • sales techniques
  • introduction to hotel property management systems
  • learning about our different client hotels
  • shadowing of live calls with one or more of our current agents.

All training and regularly scheduled hours will be paid bi-weekly in the appropriate pay period. You will be required to complete all four sections of training within four weeks of being hired. Training will take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm MST and will include approximately 30 hours of group and paid self-led sessions.

Additionally, as you progress with Travel Outlook, each month you will be required to complete up to 8 hours of paid continuing education outside of your regularly scheduled work hours.

We are currently looking specifically for applicants in one of the following 18 states: Arizona, Florida. Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

Many on our team have found that working in our industry can be interesting and fulfilling. We are always adding new clients in different areas, and you are always welcome to visit these hotels in accordance with our company policies.

Thank you for your interest in us, and we look forward to working with you.

John Smallwood,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sonika Chauhan Car Crash: Kolkata Police Record Actor Vikram Chatterjee s Statement #sonika #chauhan,sonika #chauhan #death,vikram #chatterjee,vikram #chatterjee #accident,kolkata #police,justice #for #sonika,voice #for #vikram


Sonika Chauhan Car Crash: Kolkata Police Record Actor Vikram Chatterjee’s Statement

Kolkata: Actor Vikram Chatterjee on Tuesday gave a statement to the Kolkata Police about the car crash on 29 April that killed model Sonika Chauhan. He was questioned by the police for several hours after he arrived at the Tollygunge police station around 10 pm. Mr Chatterjee was served a notice on May 4, the day he was discharged from the hospital, to record his statement by May 10. Five of Sonika Chauhan’s friends, who were with her on the fateful night, have already made police statements. They are expected to make statements to court today.

The actor’s statement on Monday came four days after he claimed, at a press meet, that he was neither intoxicated nor speeding at the time of the crash. He had held the press meet hours after getting bail from the court.

“Vikram was not intoxicated when the accident happened. Nor was he speeding,” insisted Danish Haque, the actor’s lawyer.

But pictures that Sonika’s friends shared on Snapchat have, meanwhile, set off a storm. The footage shows Vikram Chatterjee with a glass in his hand. The debate, on whether the glass contained alcohol or cola, has divided friends of Sonika and Vikram down the middle. The battle on social media got ugly too.

“There is a silent kind of intimidation going on. After I posted on social media, I got calls saying, ‘Don’t push it too much’. I am still speaking out but people are worried about repercussions,” Sonika’s friend Nil, a fashion designer, said.

Nil’s words were echoed by Pranadhika Sinha, who launched the ‘Justice for Sonika’ campaign, which has garnered over 5,000 signatures.

“There is a cover up going on. Where is the toxicology report,” she asked.

“The petition will keep the fight for justice for Sonika alive. Vikram went to court on Friday. He has to appear in court again in September. I don’t want people to forget,” Ms Sinha added.

Vikram Chatterjee, who is already back to work, is also finding a lot of support on the ‘Voice for Vikram’ page. “Don’t worry Vikram da, we are with you,” one supporter posted.

Joint Commissioner (Crime) Vishal Garg of the Kolkata Police said that CCTV footage and bills have been collected from clubs visited by the couple on the fateful night. He added that the staff is being questioned and forensics awaited. Mr Chatterjee’s blood sample, he said, was collected soon after the crash.


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VoIP telephone

Related Terms

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, telephone products connect to VoIP. or Internet telephony. systems, which use packet-switched telephony to transmit calls over the Internet as opposed to the circuit-switched telephony used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN ).

How it Works

VoIP telephones look and largely function like standard phones, but they have built-in IP technology and an RJ-45 Ethernet connector instead of the standard RJ-11 phone connector that enables the VoIP phone to connect directly to a router for making and receiving IP calls. A standard phone can also function as a VoIP telephone when used with an analog-to-digital converter called an ATA, or analog telephone adaptor. Another option is to bypass the phone entirely and simply use a VoIP-capable computer to make and receive IP calls.

VoIP service provider

volatile memory

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Free phone service FreedomPop unveils $20 Unlimited plan #data #voice


Free phone service FreedomPop unveils $20 ‘Unlimited’ plan

Free phone service FreedomPop is serving up a $20-a-month all-you-can-eat option.

Unveiled on Thursday, the new “Unlimited Everything” plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data for the $20 monthly fee. The only apparent drawback is that once you consume more than 1GB, your data speed drops from 4G to 3G. Free tethering is also included with all new LTE phones to turn them into wireless hot spots.

Founded in 2011, and initially backed by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom, FreedomPop offers free but limited Net-based phone service (as well as Internet access) by way of wireless broadband. It also offers paid phone plans that include more voice and text but still cap the data (the Unlimited Everything plan does away with the data limit). The company’s services are available only in selected areas.

In line with its official shift to Sprint’s 4G LTE network. FreedomPop is also offering a few new LTE phones. The Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Victory join the Galaxy S2, the HTC EVO 4G, and the iPhone 5 as part of the mobile provider’s lineup. All new LTE phones automatically come with the free mobile broadband service that offers 200 voice calls, 500 texts, and 500 megabytes of data per month.

“Now that we have complete access to the most expansive wireless network, we are able to fully upgrade our device portfolio to the high-end smartphones that our customers want,” FreedomPop Chief Operating Officer Steven Sesar said in a statement.

As always, though, you have the option of buying a phone with FreedomPop or bringing your own device to the service. Customers can carry over various Android phones as well as the Sprint-compatible iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 handsets.

You can find out if FreedomPop’s mobile service is available in your area and check out its phones, hot-spot devices, and mobile plans at the company’s website .

Further, FreedomPop has launched a new Android app called FreedomPop Free Voice and Text. As per its name, the app lets users of Android phones directly sign up for and tap into the company’s free voice and text services to make calls, send texts, and access voicemail. Through the over-the-top communications app, users can also request a new phone number or port over an existing number.

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