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Top 10 Car Websites in South Africa

by Dalene Ingham-Brown on 13 November 2012

If it packs va-va-voom, then it s on this list. These top ten car blogs and websites in South Africa bring you the latest in motoring news and reviews, tips and tricks.

Landing themselves in various different categories, here is a quick list of our pick for the most informative, helpful websites around.

News and Reviews

Car Mag is the cool son of the Car magazine print title that was born in 1957. The Car Mag blog s updates offer candid, personal views on all things motoring. Why s this site greater than great? Well, it allows you to submit your own articles to its online community, and even has a mobile version to make handheld browsing a breeze. That s neat. Without a doubt, one of the best South African car blogs.

Wheels24 s slogan is Motoring News. First. and that s exactly what they provide. Falling under the Media24 umbrella, Wheels24 diligently brings its interactive audience daily updates on everything from news releases to the glitz and glam of motor shows.

SA Car Fan brings you the latest motoring news daily. as promised. Its fresh news and down to earth reviews give its readership what they re looking for: honesty. Other updates introduce the newest car models on the market while their website video channel hosts an entertaining collection of motoring gems.

TopCar brings readers the freshest news and motoring nuggets from the relm of motorsport, first drives and road tests. What makes this one of the coolest car blogs in South Africa? Each car that has been road tested gives readers the opportunity to contribute their ranking of the vehicle by use of a five-tier star rating system. It s a brilliant way to get a fair overview of showcased vehicles.

Motoring journalist Ray Leathern is a proud member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ), and manages his own website, Autocirca. Featured in almost every motoring publication under the South African sun, Ray s first drive reviews are not to be missed. Always managing to bring the fast paced world of motoring to readers in a passion filled, entertaining and simplistic way, Autocirca gets the quirky award.


Calling all serious off-roaders, adventureres, outdoorsy people and nature lovers. Leisure Wheels brings you off the beaten track adventures with its focus on 4×4 s and exciting southern Africa destinations. The best car blog South Africa offers in its genre.

Our trusted friend, AA. pioneered roadside assistance in South Africa and now they bring us their expert advice. The website s pool of motoring and travel tips are hugely informative and make for easy reading. Their calculators and tools deserve a high-five; they really do their part in making it easier to plan road trips.

Technology, Design and Features

Popular Mechanics. Popular offline, popular online. As is expected, the website blog brings readers the most exciting science and technology breakthroughs of the century, as well as the latest news on everything with wheels. and more.


When you re in the e-commerce trade of new and used cars, there s no better way to add value for your users than to provide them with a constant stream of motoring news and reviews. Autoworld gives those looking to buy vehicles the latest industry news for juicy reading in between picking their dream car.

Cars is another e-commerce site successfully adding value to those who end up on their website. Apart from the updated motoring, transport, road closure and regular industry related news, the website also offers informative articles that help you through the different stages of buying a car.

These are our pick of the top 10 car blogs in South Africa. Did we miss an outstanding one? Comment below and let us know.

Dalene Ingham-Brown

Title: Blog Contributor

Affiliation: Drive South Africa Blog

Passionate about travel, social media and making lists, Dalene is on a mission to nurture her love for camping in South Africa.

Top 20 Used Cars to Avoid: Consumer Reports » News #vintage #auto #parts

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Top 20 Used Cars to Avoid: Consumer Reports

20. BMW 7-Series

In the market and shopping for a used car? Consumer Reports has released a list of 20 used vehicles to stay away from as they have a reputation for causing trouble. Listed is a top 20 list of used cars from 2003 to 2012 model year to avoid in alphabetical order. These vehicles had multiple years of much-worse-than-average overall reliability, according to Consumer Reports Annual Auto Survey.

The BMW 7-Series may be the German automaker s luxury flagship, but used models aren t without their issues. From 2001-2008, the 7-Series featured the good ol Bangle Butt and sported some highly controversial styling. Early production of that generation was overwhelmed with issues even causing BMW to purchase back some of the vehicles back in 2002-2003. BMW of North America even extended its warranty on all 2002-2003 model year 7-Series vehicles to six years/100,000 miles from the original four years/50,000 miles.

According to Consumer Reports. the BMW 7-Series ranked worse in the categories of Engine Major, Engine Minor, Transmission Major, Transmission Minor, Body Hardware, and Audio System.

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1985 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3-16V

It looks a little silly at first glance, a compact mid-Eighties Mercedes sedan with fender flares and wings bolted to it. The Cosworth- modified Mercedes 190E 2.3-16v set the template for an entire generation of The Fast and The Furious -inspired cars.

This hot rod sedan may seem a bit out of character for Mercedes, especially in its wildly aggressive final form, but it’s got a very important place in the flow of automotive history: many people agree that this is the car that officially kicked off the German horsepower wars. It’s definitely responsible for the BMW M3, because BMW put that car on the road as a direct response to the 190E 2.3-16v.

As with many car stories, it all begins with racing. Mercedes started out looking for a sensible replacement for the 450SLC that was its entry in international rally racing. Teaming up with Cosworth was a sensible way to go about it, and the W201-chassis 190E underwent a comprehensive makeover in 1984. And then the Audi Quattro happened. The all-wheel drive car took the rally world by storm, so Mercedes changed its focus to the German Touring Car Championship. The 190E was modified and did a successful turn in the series, racking up 42 victories over its life span. As regulations required, the car was also homologated for road use, resulting in the 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth.

And with that, a long-standing competition was born. As BMW developed the M3, the 190E 2.3-16v became more extreme as well. In its final form in 1990 as the 190E 2.5-16v Evo II, it looked and sounded like a DTM car for the street. Though the 190E 2.3-16v was only officially sold in the United States in 1986 and 1987, the hot-rodded 190E models helped to spawn a generation of legendary super-sedans.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3-16V.

TrueCar – s New CEO Says Top Goal to Be Mending Ties With Dealers – Bloomberg Business #used #autos #for #sale

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TrueCar’s New CEO Says Top Goal to Be Mending Ties With Dealers

TrueCar Inc.’s new chief executive officer, Internet auto pioneer Chip Perry, said his top priority for the online vehicle pricing and data provider when he takes over for co-founder Scott Painter next month is to repair relations with car dealers.

The company has had contentious relations with dealers, which it charges $300 a car or a subscription fee to provide consumer leads that turn into sales in showrooms. In July, TrueCar and AutoNation Inc. the biggest U.S. new-car retailer, ended their agreement after AutoNation decided not to provide data TrueCar required to charge them for its services.

“Many dealers have had misgivings about working with TrueCar,” Perry said in an interview Monday after his hiring was announced. “My goal is going to be to earn their trust back by listening to them and building their feedback into our future plans.”

Perry, 62, is taking on the TrueCar job amid the company’s loss of two auto-industry veterans. Larry Dominique, a former Nissan Motor Co. executive, is stepping down as an executive vice president next month and John Krafcik, former head of Hyundai Motor Co.’s U.S. operations, left as president in September to lead Google Inc.’s self-driving car project. Painter will step down as CEO on Dec. 15 and will also resign as chairman and a director, after TrueCar said in August that he would keep the chairman post.

Perry was the first employee at in 1997 and built it into the world’s largest online vehicle marketplace with $1.5 billion in revenue, TrueCar said in a statement. He resigned from AutoTrader in 2013 after it withdrew a plan for an initial public offering. Since July of this year, he has been CEO of RentPath LLC, parent of and

“Scott did an amazing job getting TrueCar to this stage and for him to step aside does enable a clean, new chapter to open up,” Perry said. “To be able to signal a clean sheet of paper in terms of how we work with car dealers will be very helpful.”

TrueCar’s shares gained 5.7 percent to $7.83 at 3:42 p.m. New York time. The Santa Monica, California-based company’s stock slid 68 percent this year through Friday, including a 36 percent plunge on July 24 after cutting its 2015 sales forecast.

The company may need “some adjustments to the business model” to get its dealer relations and stock price turned around, Perry said. Six million people a month now visit TrueCar’s website and 10,000 dealers a day interact with the company’s marketing tools, he said.

“We’ll be able to come up with an action plan that works for car dealers and makes TrueCar a friendlier, stronger, better marketing partner,” Perry said.

He said he plans to begin visiting dealer showrooms in his first week on the job, with AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson one of the first he wants to meet.

“I’m hoping we can find a way to work together again,” Perry said. “It will be an important priority to build a bridge that AutoNation would be comfortable crossing.”

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Ford GT Heritage Edition For Sale At Cats Exotics

The Ford GT may have had a short lifespan – it lasted only two years – but there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the supercar left an indelible mark in the American auto industry. No more is that evident than in the limited edition Ford GT Heritage Edition. Limited to just 343 units, the GT Heritage Edition separated itself from other Ford GTs because of its Gulf livery, the same body finish the Ford GT40 had when it won at the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1969. These days, the GT Heritage Edition has become increasingly collectible, having sold in auctions in excess of $300,000 in the past. The “sought-after” status attached to the GT Heritage Edition will again be on full display as another example of this prized collectible is currently being sold at Catsexotics at a price of $374,888.

This particular GT Heritage Edition has 7,617 miles on its odometer and carries the VIN number 1FAFP90S36Y400856. It also has all the available options from the factory, including the lightweight aluminum BBS wheels, McIntosh stereo system, and most importantly, the Heritage Gulf paint livery. According to the seller, the car has been involved in an accident in the past, but the damage sustained was limited to the passenger side wheels so the body of the car has never been touched. The wheels were eventually replaced through an insurance claim.

Other than that, everything about the GT Heritage Edition justifies the six-figure price tag attached to it. The body of the supercar also features HID headlights and Eagle F1 Supercar tires that have less than 2,000 miles on them. Likewise, the interior has leather-trimmed carbon fiber seats and standard air conditioning. It also retains the same 5.4-liter, supercharged V-8 engine that produces 550 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque.

Those interested in buying a Ford GT Heritage Edition now have a chance to do so. The only question is whether they’re willing to pony up that much money for a car that’s seen its share of adventures.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

Miami Auto Show @ Top Speed #auto #source

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2015 Fiat 500 Ribelle

Fiat understands that the 500’s expanded presence in the US is slowly giving it a bigger audience to showcase its styling wares. The new personalized features on the 500 Ribelle drive home that point with a blend of new exterior colors, cosmetic updates, and interior refinements.

2015 Fiat 500L Urbana Trekking

The introduction of the Fiat 500L at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show marked the first time the Italian compact hatchback came in a different configuration. At 166.5 inches long, the 500L is almost 30 inches longer than the Fiat 500, making it the perfect five-passenger model to expand the company’s portfolio out of its compact comfort zone. While the 500L is still lagging behind the 500 in terms of sales numbers an airbag recall in July 2014 hurt the former’s momentum the crossover is slowly gaining traction with just under 1,000 units getting sold in October 2014. That number marks a 48-percent increase over the 623 units sold in September 2014.

The 500L Urbana Trekking is based on the 500L Trekking and has been dressed with a plethora of unique exterior and interior features to highlight the amount of personalization the crossover can have. The model gets six glossy exterior paint options, new wheels, and an upgraded interior with generous applications of leather.

Expect to see the Fiat 500L Urbana Trekking in Fiat studios beginning in the first quarter of 2015.

Click past the jump to read more about the Fiat 500L Urbana Trekking.

New Auto Sales Top 20 Sites #american #auto

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New Auto Sales

The new auto sales Top 20 review brings you the pick of the best and most popular new car buying guide services online today.

Consumers buying a car have more information at their fingertips now than ever, and there is a big trend towards researching and purchasing new autos online. There are now a number of dedicated car buying guides on the Net which enable the buyer to get the best features and the best new car price, without all the dealer visits and haggling that was necessary before. And to make finding the right deal for you even more convenient, we bring you the leading new autos sites on a single page. That way you get one-stop access to the pick of the best and most popular new autos sites where you are most likely to find the best deals.

TrueCar provides the actual dealer cost on new autos, as well as the factory invoice price, the MSRP (or sticker price) which then enables the best possible leverage for negotiations with a dealer. They provide the true price of what people are paying on average for new cars in each local area, and also offer a complete service for the new car buyer with a haggle-free, guaranteed price quote on brand new autos by location. This service has proved so useful and successful that many other new autos sites (most notably Yahoo Autos) are now powered by TrueCar . When it comes to pricing on a new auto TrueCar provide an exceptionally valuable price transparency tool which is why we have rated them #1 in this review. now attracts more than 5 million vehicle shoppers each month and is partnered with 175 leading newspapers, TV stations and their websites. They place vehicle listings from nearly 10,000 dealers alongside nationwide classified advertising and private-party listings to offer a huge selection of used and new autos online, They also provide the content, tools and advice to help in making the right new auto decision.

Edmunds have been a key provider of new car information since 1966, and more recently their Web site was called best car research on the Web, hands down by Forbes.

As the long-time publisher of True Market Value ® there are few organizations around who know more about what autos are truly worth.

Edmunds now offer a free price quote and information service from their Web site which enables you to get auto quotes from multiple local dealerships – along with the information you need to get the best deal.

Autobytel invented online car buying in 1995 and quickly became the benchmark for a new industry. They are still a fairly comprehensive service for new vehicle research and purchasing.

You can compare prices and options, or read reviews on new models. They have a my favorites section too so you can save what interests you to be revisited later.

All these organizations in the new autos top 20 offer an online price request service for your new car, and to get the deal that is right for you it could worth looking through a number of them to get the information and the source you are most comfortable with.

Other recommended new car buyers resources are listed in the right hand column.

I hope the new car top 20 brings you the information you are looking for in the growing world of online new car information and sourcing. And, if you did find this top 20 review useful, please remember to bookmark the page, it may be the only new auto reference you’ll ever need.

Top Minivan Ratings #auto #glass #houston


Minivan buying guide

Getting started

As a category, minivans provide the most spacious, versatile, and cost-effective solution for families on the go, but the rise of car-based crossover vehicles has caused the minivan market to shrink in recent years. Many models have been discontinued, some have been redesigned and re-imagined, and those that march on are either quite traditional in design or are daring to be different in order to attract minivan-adverse customers. Minivans continue to improve in overall refinement while introducing clever packaging features and leading-edge entertainment solutions.

Why buy a minivan?

Key things to consider

What you’ll spend

Engines and fuel economy



The versatile seating configurations of a minivan mean that nearly all of the space behind the front seats can be used for cargo, if needed. This is done with second- and third-row seats that are either removable or fold down into the floor. The most convenient type of third-row seat is one with a split design, so that one section can be folded down while allowing someone to sit in the other section. Some models have seats that fold electrically.

When comparing models, try removing and folding the various seats to see which designs are easier to lower, raise, and/or remove. In our testing, we find that there is a significant difference, and some seats may be too heavy or cumbersome for smaller adults to remove without assistance. Minivans also typically have wide rear openings and lower floors than SUVs, which make loading easier. They usually have maximum weight loads of 1,100 pounds or more, which is more than most SUVs have.

Top 10 Reviews of Express Credit Auto #search #used #cars

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Express Credit Auto

By lerin.tilleyyy488 – 11/07/2014

Rating: 1 / 5 1

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — In September 2013, I had a car repossessed due to bad choices on my part. Knowing full and well I couldn’t finance another car through a reputable source, I went to ECA and purchased a 2007 Toyota Yaris for $9,996.00. My payment was $300.00 a month ($149.00/biweekly), and I was told that the reason the car was so high in price was due to the warranty.

After having my car for less than 30 days, the blower in the AC/heat went out. The warranty department fixed it for free, but dealing with the warranty department was a huge pain. You have to drop off your vehicle and be without a car for at least a day, which is terrible if you only have one car in the family. I had belt problems that always squealed when the weather was cool or moist, and I took it to ECA Warranty three separate times to have it fixed. I also had a mechanism in the fuel system leave me stranded on the side of the road once, and had to pay the $100.00 deductible to have it fixed through their warranty.

They put a GPS tracker in the vehicle, along with a kill switch. I was dedicated to never being behind on my car payments, so they were always withdrawn the same day I got paid so the money would always be there. One day, I stepped out of work to go to lunch and my car was dead. Originally I thought it was the battery, but I called ECA anyway to see if it had been shut off on their end. When I talked to her, I asked if, for some reason, my last payment hadn’t gone through (even though it showed up on my bank statement) and she said, “Yeah, but we just had a glitch so it shut down your car.”

I asked why I hadn’t been notified earlier about the glitch, and she said, “Well, you know now.” So basically, even though I’d made every payment and never been at all late, my car was deactivated. I called back later and asked to speak to the manager, and I was rebuffed and told that I had no reason to complain because my car was back on.

I talked to my bank and they agreed to refinance my auto loan at a much lower rate (I went from 23% to 8.49, which is wonderful for someone with a discharged Ch. 7). I called and asked for a payout, which was faxed to me. I was sick that week, so I never made it to the bank and another car payment went through. The next week, I called again requesting an updated 10 day payout. He started to verbally tell me the payout, and when I asked for a written payout, he rudely refused. I said, “I have a payout that was faxed to me two weeks ago, I don’t understand why I can’t get an updated payout,” and he said, “Whoever sent you that shouldn’t have, I can’t send you another one.”

I asked how I was supposed to give my bank the information when they needed it in written form, and he said, “Uh, you just use the old one?” in a very condescending manner. I told him the old one was no longer accurate in terms of my balance, and he said that wasn’t his problem. So I got frustrated and hung up. He called me back shortly and told me that even though it wasn’t his problem, he would email me my payout “just this once”. Finally, I got the stupid thing in writing.

Today, I called their finance office to see about dropping off the check for the full amount. They told me to drop it off at the branch from which I bought the car. My loan manager at my bank then did so at 11:30 a.m. I called ECA at 1:00 p.m. to make sure the check had been received, and was told that the check was supposed to be dropped off at their headquarters, which is across town.

No one told me this information before that phone call. I have a car payment scheduled to be auto withdrawn this Saturday, and I was told it would take 3 days to cancel the auto withdrawal feature. I asked them if I would receive a refund for the $149.00, since that payment would technically be an overpayment once the bank’s check is processed, and she said, “Maybe.”

Overall, I knew what I was getting into when buying a car from them. They Target a very shady demographic of people that are bad with money, so it makes sense to overcharge so they aren’t losing money. That being said, I had a naive thought that they would treat me with respect because I pay my bill on time, I keep insurance on my car, and I give them no issues. Never have I been late on a payment, never have I let my insurance lapse, and never have I done anything to warrant being treated with a lack of respect.

Despite all of this, I still got to experience having my car deactivated due to a “glitch”. Imagine trying your hardest to pay all your bills on time and be a perfect consumer and being punished by your car not turning on. I was at work, my car wouldn’t start, and I was horrified people would think it was because I was irresponsible. There is no reason for ECA to have such terrible customer service. There is no reason why people that are following the rules should be made to feel so small and humiliated.

If you are in the terrible position of buying a car from them, hear me now: finance with them, then try your hardest to get the loan refinanced somewhere else. They will treat you like crap once they realize you won’t be giving them that 18-23% anymore, but you will be free.

Top 293 Complaints and Reviews about AutoZone #buying #a #used #car

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Consumer Complaints Reviews

Most recently, I bought two batteries for my truck. The batteries are dead in just one year. My employee took the truck to AutoZone to swap the batteries under warranty. They insisted on having a phone number. I said “you acknowledge it’s your battery, right? and you see the date on the batteries are just from a year ago right?” He said it didn’t matter and he needed the phone number. I wasn’t there so I was rattling off all of the phone numbers we have for the store, my cell, my home, our pseudo number, etc. none of them was coming up. Before my employee left, but was in the parking lot, he said, “was Tim working for you then?” so he went back in and tried an old employee’s phone number. Still no luck. So they basically say “** you, we know it’s our bad battery but if you can’t come up with a receipt or phone number, we won’t honor it.”

In a separate incident several years ago my friend and I were working on his brakes. He took his rotors in to have them turned and we went to eat lunch. When we got back an hour later, they hadn’t done and it and said “we can’t turn them because they’re too thin.” I asked him “what’s the specs? let me see how you measured it.” He gets the micrometer out and shows me the thickness. I said, “that’s not how you read that thing.” He didn’t know he was talking to two engineers. So either he was totally incompetent or he was scamming everyone. It’s possibly a company policy, but he sure was confident in his scam. And he was completely embarrassed when I showed him how to read the micrometer. We took the rotors to Oreilly down the road.

AutoZone Company Profile

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