Laurel Foodsystems, cafeteria management system.

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Cafeteria Management, Food Preparation and Delivery

  • Public and Private Schools
  • Elementary, secondary and college level educational facilities
  • Hospitals, Rehabilitation and other Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels, museums and other attractions catering to the public
  • Convenience Stores
  • Assisted living and senior care institutions
  • Manufacturing and distributing companies
  • Fortune 500 corporations
  • Government & Civic Organizations
  • Convention centers
  • Correctional facilities

  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system

    The Widest Selection In Pittsburgh!

    Below is just a sampling of the thousands of food items we prepare at our headquarters location every day.

    • Two Hard Boiled Eggs
    • Submarine Sandwich
    • Jalapeno Burger
    • Italian Combo
    • Poor Boy Hoagie
    • Turkey & Cheese
    • Meatball Sandwich
    • Double Cheeseburger Platter
    • Jell-O
    • Breakfast Croissant
    • Meatloaf Sandwich
    • Fish Sandwich with Coleslaw
    • Jell-O & Fruit
    • Pasta Salad
    • Onion Burger
    • Fresh Fruit Medley
    • Breakfast Stromboli
    • Cheese Snack
    • Onion Cheeseburger
    • Fresh Veggie Platter
    • Hot Dog
    • Lasagna
    • Philly Cheese Steak
    • Mile High Dagwood
    • Mini-Sub
    • Macaroni & Cheese
    • Philly Cheeseburger
    • Rigatoni Platter
    • Corn Dogs
    • Beef & Bean Burrito
    • Polish Sausage Kraut
    • Roast Beef Platter
    • Plain Bagel
    • Rich’s Individual Pies
    • Roast Beef & Hot Pepper Cheese
    • Sandwich & a Half Chicken Salad
    • Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
    • Ham BBQ
    • Taco Joe
    • Super Hero
    • Bagel Cream Cheese & Jelly
    • Cheese Snack
    • Steak-um and Cheese
    • Tuna Salad Croissant
    • Breakfast Bagel
    • Cheeseburger
    • Cheese Snack
    • Chicken Salad Croissant
    • Cheese Dog
    • Chipped Ham & American
    • Steak & Cheeseburger
    • Sandwich List
    • Chili Dog
    • Grilled Cheese
    • Ham & Cheese Pouch
    • Double Hot Dog Platter
    • Macaroni & Cheese
    • Pepperoni & Provolone
    • Grilled Cheese & Cole Slaw
    • Macaroni & Beef Platter
    • Breakfast Bagel
    • Smoked Sausage
    • Mini-Sub Platter
    • Sub Sandwich
    • Bacon Cheese Dog
    • Turkey and Provolone Cheese
    • Lean Magic Burger
    • Sausage Pizza Dog
    • Bologna & Cheese
    • Veal Parmagiana
    • Taco Pizza
    • Bacon Egg & Cheese Muffin
    • Hamburger
    • Chicken Salad
    • Grilled Reuben
    • Philly Cheese Steak
    • Pasta Salad
    • Egg Salad
    • Meatball & Cheese Hoagie
    • Cajun Breaded Chicken on Poppy Seed
    • Pierogies
    • Ham Salad
    • Pizza Sub
    • Sausage Egg & Cheese Muffin
    • Rocket
    • Bagel Wraps
    • Roast Beef & American on an Onion Bun
    • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bagel
    • Sloppy Joe
    • Pizza with Pepperoni
    • Sausage & Egg Biscuit
    • Fry Chicken Breast with Cheese
    • Summer Sausage & Swiss
    • Tuna Cold Plate
    • Steak Sub
    • BBQ Wings
    • Tossed Salad – Side Portion
    • Turkey Burger
    • Sausage Gravy over Biscuits
    • Cod Fillet & Cheese
    • Stromboli Pepperoni
    • BBQ Rib
    • Red Baron Meat Trio Pocket
    • Italian Hoagie
    • Hot Dog with peanuts
    • Chicken Breast Lean Magic
    • Meatball Sub
    • American Cheese on Wheat
    • BBQ Pork
    • Biscuit Bundles
    • Chili Dog with Cheese
    • Bacon & Egg on Bun
    • BBQ Chicken
    • California Sub
    • Double Pork Chop Sandwich
    • Cheese Steak
    • Bacon Egg Croissant
    • Sunrise Breakfast
    • Country Fried Steak
    • Cube Steak
    • Bacon Burger
    • Large Tossed Salad
    • BBQ Pork
    • Fish Sandwich
    • Bacon Cheeseburger
    • Country Fried Pork Chops
    • Italian Sausage
    • Ham & Swiss Cheese
    • Caesar Chicken Sub
    • Double “D” Burger
    • Spicy Chicken Breast
    • Mozzarella on Rye
    • Cheese Snack Pepperoni
    • Bacon, Egg & Cheese on an English Muffin
    • Steak Sub
    • Pizza burger
    • Chef Salad with Fat Free Dressing
    • Hot Sausage
    • BBQ Chicken
    • Roast Beef
    • Chicken Cordon Bleu
    • Roast Beef & Cheese Croissant
    • Charbroil Beef & Cheese
    • Salami & American
    • Chicken Fried Steak
    • Roast Beef & Provolone
    • Chicken Platter
    • Salami on Rye
    • Sandwich List
    • Hot Roast Beef Platter
    • Mac & Cheese Platter
    • Turkey on Wheat
    • Chicken Tossed Salad
    • Cheese Burger
    • Tossed Salad W with chicken
    • Veggie & Dip
    • Chicken Parmigiana
    • Turkey, Egg & Cheese Muffin
    • Beef Stew Platter
    • Big Bagel & Cream Cheese
    • Chuckwagon Steak
    • Hot Wings
    • Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner
    • Rice Pudding
    • Country Fried Steak Burger
    • Little Charlie’s Pizza Deli Combo
    • Side Chef Salad
    • Double Cheeseburger
    • Top of the Morning
    • Maurice Salad
    • Chicken Sandwich
    • Fish & Cheese
    • Bacon Ham Turkey & Swiss Platter
    • Salisbury Steak & Potatoes
    • Cheese Pizza Squares
    • Gourmet Cheese Snack
    • Bacon Turkey & Swiss Club
    • Pepperoni Rolls
    • Ham & Egg Croissant
    • Breakfast Bonanza
    • Chili Platter
    • Assorted Pies
    • Ham & Swiss Croissant
    • Chicken Tamale over Rice
    • Rigatoni & Sauce
    • Salisbury Steak
    • Hoagie Large Chef Salad
    • Sub Mart Deli Wrapped Hoagies

  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system
  • Cafeteria management system

  • Client Management Solutions Overview, HP® Official Site, client management system.

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    Client Management Solutions

    Manage your PC fleet and your costs with greater ease

    Client management system

    Create pre-boot and OS images

    Create BIOS Configuration

    Create and Import HP-Verified or Custom Driver Packs

    Client management system


    Secure and validate custom images

    Patch HP-delivered BIOS, Drivers, and Software

    Deploy device and identity security policies

    Client management system


    System Image (new and deployed)

    Deployed Software, Drivers, and BIOS

    Download and Install Manageability Tools

    HP Manageability Integration Kit (HP MIK) for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

    The HP Manageability Integration Kit will help speed up image creation and management of HP BIOS, security, hardware, software when managing devices through Microsoft SCCM.

    Deploy the HP Manageability Integration Kit to begin enjoying these key benefits:

    • Speed Up the Basics of IT Management – Reduce the number of steps to create, deploy, and manage images, BIOS, and system security so you can focus on business.
    • Protect Data – Secure BIOS settings, set authentication and credentials requirements, enable Microsoft Device Guard, manage TPM firmware updates.
    • Manage Software – Starting with HP Client Security, IT Admins can remotely manage features supported by the software.
    • Simplifying operations – Unlock additional value from platform-specific features and manage those features from within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

    HP Image Assistant (HPIA)

    The HP Image Assistant is a free tool that provides assistance to IT Admins to improve the quality and security of their PC Windows image by diagnosing the image, identifying problem, recommending solutions, and analyzing their PC’s readiness for migration between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    New features and benefits: (New version 2.1)

    • Support for individual versions of Windows 10
    • Updated report format
    • Improved user interface

    Existing features and benefits:

    • Assist with OS Migration
    • Capture PC configurations such as hardware, software, drivers, and updates to be evaluated
    • Compare Target Image against Reference Image
    • Dashboard view summarizing areas where Target Image and Reference Image differ
    • Display all drivers and Windows updates for both Target Image and Reference Image
    • Display all security related software installed on both Target Image and Reference Image
    • Provide recommendations for fixing missing updates, drivers, software, security settings, and BIOS

    HP BIOS Configuration Utility (BCU)

    The HP BIOS Configuration Utility is a free utility which provides the ability to manage BIOS settings on HP supported desktop, workstation, and notebook computers.

    Features and benefits:

    • Read available BIOS settings and their values from a supported computer
    • Set configurable BIOS settings on a supported computer
    • Set or reset Setup Password on a supported computer
    • Replicate BIOS settings across multiple client computers
    • Get BIOS settings without having to know/write WMI queries and methods

    HP SoftPaq Download Manager (HP SDM)

    HP SoftPaq Download Manager provides a simple, powerful way to download software updates for the HP client PC models in your environment.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Find pertinent information quickly
    • Lists the updates available based on your search criteria on a single screen
    • Easily find the updates that are most important to you and your users
    • Avoid the cumbersome task of downloading updates individually
    • Download the updates where you want
    • One click to start the download process
    • No need to remember or manually track previously downloaded updates
    • Simple, easy-to-use interface

    HP Systems Software Manager (HP SSM)

    Features and benefits:

    • Streamline mass deployment of HP System Software updates
    • Simplify the complexity of HP System Software management
    • Optimize PC performance
    • Provide a stable and consistent PC environment key feature
    • Automatically detect of hardware and out-of date BIOS and HP System Software
    • Automatically install latest HP System Software to multiple PCs simultaneously
    • Updates can take place remotely and in silent, unattended mode
    • Summary report is created for tracking and management purposes

    SSM-compliant BIOS flashing updates for other HP clients are available at the HP driver download Web site.

    Utilize Microsoft System Center

    Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager enables customers to reduce the day-to-day operational costs of managing Windows, as well as enable their business to move more quickly by integrating these core disciplines into a single solution. This solution delivers enterprise-class software distribution and asset management through comprehensive inventory analysis, operating system and software distribution, software usage tracking, and reporting.

    HP Manageability Integration Kit (HP MIK) is the world’s first and only management toolkit certified for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.*

    To learn more about Microsoft System Center products please visit:

    HP Manageability Integration Kit (HP MIK)

    The HP Manageability Integration Kit will help speed up image creation and management of HP BIOS, security, hardware, software when managing devices through Microsoft SCCM.

    Deploy the HP Manageability Integration Kit to begin enjoying these key benefits:

    • Speed Up the Basics of IT Management – Reduce the number of steps to create, deploy, and manage images, BIOS, and system security so you can focus on business.
    • Protect Data – Secure BIOS settings, set authentication and credentials requirements, enable Microsoft Device Guard, manage TPM firmware updates.
    • Manage Software – Starting with HP Client Security, IT Admins can remotely manage features supported by the software.
    • Simplifying operations – Unlock additional value from platform-specific features and manage those features from within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

    HP Client Integration Kit (HP CIK)

    HP Client Integration Kit (HP CIK) is a plug-in for Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager that improves the customer experience in deploying Microsoft Windows-based Client OS images to HP-managed clients. This is achieved through the following custom features:

    • Importing WinPE and HP platform driver packs
    • Integration of the BIOS Configuration utility, which allows the customer to configure BIOS settings during deployment
    • Basic OS task sequences highlighting HP’s custom steps

    The HP CIK is installed on the same server as System Center Configuration Manager, and can be accessed through the System Center console on the server.

    Instant Pot: Support Ticket System

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    Welcome to the Support Center

    In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.

    Your email systems may mistake our ticket emails as spam. If you do not get a response from us within 24 to 72 hours (excluding weekend and Canadian Holidays), please check your “Spam” or “Junk Mail” folders.
    In Gmail, the “Spam” folder is on the left hand side under option named “More”. Simply click on “More” and it will bring up your “Spam” folder.



    Instant Pot has altered the Anti-Block Shield. The manual included with your new Instant Pot may or may not reflect the change. We want our customers to be aware that the Anti-Block Shield has not been omitted from the product; it is simply, a different design. Both anti-block shields are designed to prevent food particles from interfering with the steam release valve.

    Original shield

    Changed Shield


    No beeps or display when plugged in?

    • Detachable power cord – please check the connection of the power cord to the cooker base.
    • Try other outlets

    Still not working? Submit with ticket:

    • Photo of the inside of the cooker base without the inner pot
    • Photo of the silver sticker located at the back of the unit
    • A copy of your purchase receipt
    • A picture of the silver sticker on the back of the cooker base
    • Serial number from bottom of pot
    • Current shipping address and phone number


    Things to check:

    • Anti-block shield in place and cleaned
    • Sealing ring in place. not stretched or broken
    • Wire ring that holds Sealing ring. Same height from lid all the way around
    • Float Valve. moves freely up and down
    • Meal had at least 1.5 to 2 cups of water (2 to 3 for 8 quart) or liquid with a watery type of consistency

    Test to check if pressurizing:

    1. Insert the inner pot in the cooker base and add 3 cups of water.
    2. Put the lid on in the secured position.
    3. Make sure that the steam release handle is pointing to “Sealing”.
    4. Press the “steam” button and adjust the time using the “+” or “-” keys to 5 minutes.

    Still not working? Submit with ticket:

    • Photo of the inside of lid clearly showing the sealing ring
    • Photo of the silver sticker located at the back of the unit
    • A copy of your purchase receipt
    • Serial number from bottom of pot
    • If leaking steam – video showing where leaking from
    • If wire frame holding sealing ring bent – please send a picture
    • Current shipping address and phone number


    Submit with ticket:

    • Photo of the C* ERROR message on the display
    • Photo of the silver sticker located at the back of the unit
    • Receipt of purchase
    • Serial number from bottom of pot
    • Current shipping address and phone number

    Stereo system radio electronics alarms tinting #auto #plac

    #auto audio

    In order to view the newsticker, please enable javascript.

    Audio-Sound has been installing custom car stereo systems since 1975. Yes that’s true, we have been open since 1975 when 8 tracks were still around. We are authorized dealers for Kenwood, Alpine, SoundStream, Powerbass, and Jensen.

    We have a showroom you can mix and match head units, speakers, or subs until you get the right combination, to fit your specific needs. We are a full line authorized dealer of all Powerbass, Kenwood Audio, Jensen, Alpine, and SoundStream products. We are also dealers for satellite radio both Sirius and XM. We offer iPod integration, remote start, keyless entry installations. Drop off service available or get your car Tinted while you wait. We Tint all make and models. Please stop by or call for more information.

    In the meantime you can reach us at 502-448-5606. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you!

    Ssae 16 Type Ii #is #ssae #16 #needed,reports,reviewing #ssae #16,ssae #16,ssae #16 #audit #review,ssae #16 #review,ssae #16 #review #checklist,ssae #16 #reviews,ssae #review,ssae #reviews,ssae-18,ssae16,ssae16 #review,standards,third #party #ssae #guidance #review,who #is #required #to #have #a #ssae #16,who #is #required #to #have #ssae #16,why #get #ssae #16,audit #intensedebate,leave #a #reply: #name #(required): #website: #comments: #submit, #moderation,\’leave #a #reply\’ #\’name #(required)\’ #\’mail #(will #not #be #published) #(required)\’ #\’website\’ #it #services,controls,how #do #you #prepare #for #an #ssae #16 #audit,how #to #prepare #for #a #ssae #16,how #to #prepare #for #an #ssae #16 #audit,new #avenues #for #ssae #16,preparing #for #a #ssae #16,preparing #for #ssae #16,report #writing,ssae #16 #audit #preparation,ssae #16 #consulting #do #we #need,ssae #16 #preparation,ssae #16 #report,ssae #no. #16,example #soc #1 #report,soc #1,soc #1 #report,soc #1 #reports,soc #1 #type #2,soc #1 #type #2 #report,soc #1 #type #ii #report,soc #2,soc #3,soc #i,soc #report,soc #reporting,soc #type,soc #type #1 #report,soc-1 #report,soc1,soc1 #report,soc1 #reporting,soc1 #soc2,ssae #16 #reports,ssae #16 #soc #1,ssae16 #compliant #soc #1,system #and #organization #control #report,what #is #a #soc #1 #report,what #is #a #soc1 #report,what #is #ssae #16 #soc #1 #and #soc #2 #difference,at-c #320,cost,definition #soc #1 #ssae #16,how #ssea #16 #helps #auditors,prices,pricing,soc #1 #audit,ssae #16 #audit,ssae #16 #audit #checklist,ssae #16 #audit #report,ssae #16 #audit #requirements,ssae #16 #auditing #standard,ssae #16 #auditor,ssae #16 #checklist,ssae #16 #cost,ssae #16 #costs,ssae #16 #prices,ssae #17 #audit,ssae #18 #report,ssae #soc #auditing #and #reporting,ssae16 #audit,ssae16 #audit #report,ssae16 #checkilst,what #is #a #ssae #16 #audit,what #is #ssae #16 #audit,what #is #ssae16 #audit,what #is #the #purpose #of #a #ssae #16 #audit?


    The SSAE 18 Reporting Standard SOC 1 SOC 2 SOC 3 Support and Guidance for SSAE18, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reporting standards

    Some organizations have heard of SAS 70, SSAE 16. and soon to be SSAE 18. but, don t really know WHY they need to pay to have a bunch of auditors trounce through their company for a month or two during the year, especially right after their financial audit just finished.
    The answer is simple: Many companies will not even think about using your company to perform services for them without a clean Type II Report in place.
    Some benefits of having an SSAE 16 performed :

    • Ability to perform outsourcing services for Public Companies.
      • If performing financially significant duties for a Public Company, they are required to use a SSAE 16 qualified provider as it is the only way to give investors assurance over controls that are not performed by the Company in question.
    • Public and Private companies are more likely to trust your organization with their data.
      • If you were to trust a company with your data, you would want complete assurance it will be handled with the utmost care
    • A year round accessible knowledge source (your auditors).
      • As a service organization, large or small, you will always have questions regarding your business and having a set of auditors in place with access to a wide array of business knowledge, it will allow you to bounce your questions and concerns off of a group of trusted individuals.
    • A third party to review your controls and activities to ensure they are functioning appropriately, and give advice on how to improve upon them.
      • Sometimes your internal audit department is good, but, not always as stringent as they should be. This will help to serve as a check on their work, as well as your staff. Additionally, if there were any findings noted, your auditors are in a great position to give you some tricks and tips to improve to ensure everything functions well the following period.
    • Improving performance of the organization.
      • Just the knowledge that a review is being performed of an employee s work that can have far reaching consequences for the company as a whole. No more, Oh, I didn t realize that reviewing user access was THAT important to do this month, sorry , now, everyone knows that if it s not done, the success or failure of the organization could rest upon them.

    Think of the SSAE 16 or SSAE-18 audit as an annual investment into your company, increasing potential new clients. productivity and accountability .

    This tip is focused on designing controls that reflect the process being testing, if they don t, a headache of massive proportions will be created once testing begins.
    What do you do to make sure you don t screw this up? Have as many meetings as it takes to get it right.
    What you need to do is sit down with the auditors, the department lead, the main employees responsible for performing the process, and anyone else whom could either play a role in testing or modifying the control in the future. Once that is done, Management should discuss what they determined the control to be and how it should operate, that is then reviewed by the auditors, and then the employees performing the tasks should be reconsulted to verify that the control still reflects their process accurately.
    Many times people try to speed this process up and half-ass it, leaving many open items which upon testing could easily blow up into a huge problem. When the control isn t 100% agreed upon prior to testing and a deviation is noted, it s a tough call between failing the control and the ability to adjust it to accurately reflect the process. The problem is modifying a control after testing has begun is not proper and needs to be avoided at all costs.
    Locking the controls locked down early on could save weeks in wrapping up your new SSAE 16 Report.
    We have seen issues like this cause delays in issuing of the report to the client and running additional fees, since adjusting controls isn t free. Coming from the perspective of the auditor, we can let you know the pitfalls, consequences and how to best navigate the audit process. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below!

    A SOC 1 Report (System and Organization Controls Report ) is a report on Controls at a Service Organization which are relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting. The SOC1 Report is what you would have previously considered to be the standard SAS70, complete with a Type I and Type II reports, but falls under the SSAE 16 guidance (and soon to be SSAE 18 ).

    Please see the following articles discussing the SSAE 16 guidance and additional information related to the SOC 1 (Type I and Type II) Reports:

    In addition to the SOC 1 report which is restricted to controls relevant to an audit of a user entity’s financial statements, the SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports have been created to address controls relevant to operations and compliance and will be discussed in further detail in the future.

    Please see the SOC 1 Reporting Guide page for additional information.

    SSAE 16 is an enhancement to the current standard for Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization, the SAS70. The changes made to the standard will bring your company, and the rest of the companies in the US, up to date with new international service organization reporting standards, the ISAE 3402. The adjustments made from SAS 70 to SSAE 16 will help you and your counterparts in the US compete on an international level; allowing companies around the world to give you their business with complete confidence .

    SSAE16 is now effective as of June 15, 2011, and if you have not made the necessary adjustments required, now is the time to find a quality provider to discuss the proper steps. All organizations are now required to issue their Service Auditor Reports under the SSAE 16 standards in an SOC 1 Report.

    The soon to be effective, SSAE-18. is expected to follow a similar reporting structure to the SSAE-16 within a SOC 1 report.

    Who Needs an SSAE 16 (SOC 1 ) Audit?

    If your Company (the Service Organization ) performs outsourced services that affect the financial statements of another Company (the User Organization ), you will more than likely be asked to provide an SSAE16 Type II Report, especially if the User Organization is publicly traded.
    Some example industries include:

    • Payroll Processing
    • Loan Servicing
    • Data Center /Co-Location/Network Monitoring Services
    • Software as a Service (SaaS )
    • Medical Claims Processors

    What you Need to Know:

    Before starting the SSAE 16 process, there are a number of considerations one must take into account that can save considerable time, effort, and money in the long run. Use the following items as a mini checklist for yourself:

    • Does my Company need an SSAE16, or, are we doing it just because someone asked?
    • Reports on the low end can run at least $15,000 a year, will the business lost be less of a burden than the cost of the report itself?
    • Does your company have defined Business Process and IT controls in place, or, will you need assistance developing and implementing them (readiness assessment)?
    • Have you determined the controls in place which affect the outsourced services being provided?
    • Have key stakeholders been defined and included in discussions?

    There are many other issues to consider before engaging a CPA firm to help with your SSAE 16, for a more detailed checklist please see The SSAE 16 Checklist

    You may have heard SSAE-18 is on the horizon for reports issued as of May 1, 2017. There are some important updates discussed in here: SSAE-18 An Update to SSAE-16 .

    As the standard is formalized and the date approaches we will continue to provide more information to help you prepare for these changes.

    SIP – What does SIP stand for? The Free Dictionary #sip #based #phone #system


    References in periodicals archive ?

    The SIP functionality of RADVISION’s viaIP MCU was publicly demonstrated at this week’s VON (Voice On Net) in San Jose, CA in the Microsoft Developers Pavilion, supporting videoconferencing between Microsoft Windows Messenger SIP -based video end-points (laptops).

    NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced that its BIG-IP[R] SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Load Balancing Solution has won Internet Telephony’s Product of the Year Award, recognizing the greatest achievements in the advancement of VoIP and IP telecommunications technologies on the basis of evident vision, leadership, and attention to detail.

    SIP is the new protocol that enables real-time messaging, voice, data and video and is the next-generation of Voice-Over-IP (VOIP).

    Sumitomo Electric Networks (SEN) is proud to deploy Trillium SIP protocol software in leading Japanese carriers to support NGN services,” said Minoru Kuramoto, general manager of SEN’s Technologies Group.

    The SIP Center covers a number of key areas pertaining to the development of SIP. including background materials, a test platform, developer tools, forums, FAQs, News, Event Diary, White Papers and a product catalogue.

    The event will bring together the semiconductor supply chain to articulate challenges and opportunities for a variety of markets and products using SiP technologies.

    An embedded private branch exchange device that communicates with client stations via SIP. the SMC IP-PBX works with various IP phones (desktop, Wi-Fi, DECT), voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, and analog telephone adapters to route calls among client phones, analog phones, and the PSTN network.

    Easy transition from Class 5 to SIP Softswitches with subscriber-by-subscriber assignment

    The platform is based on the widely deployed SIP Express Router that Tekelec acquired through the purchase of iptelorg in 2005.

    Businesses now have the opportunity to combine a cost-effective SIP hard phone with a PC-based multimedia soft-client to enable traditional grip-and-talk telephony as well as advanced, PC-based telephony applications at a comparable cost to current VoIP offerings.

    SIPit is a week-long event, held twice a year, to improve the quality of the SIP specification and forge global interoperability among SIP implementations.

    With its recent designation as “Avaya Compliant,” Covergence can now solve this challenge by offering its Eclipse SIP security and management solutions for customers using Avaya IP telephony products.

    Beat Traffic Tickets #trouble #ticket #system


    How to Beat Traffic Tickets

    Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and California are on the top four states in terms of driving citations. In the United States, there are 196,000,000 licensed drivers as of 2013. Out of this number, 112,000 receive speeding tickets on the daily average. This means 41,000,000 drivers get traffic tickets annually. About $6,232,000,000 comes from payment for speeding tickets. A speeding ticket costs around $100 and annually the average revenue per police officer amounts to $300,000.

    Traffic tickets are intended to be deterrents to traffic violations to ensure safety and order on the road. Yet even when most Americans are licensed drivers, many have occasionally committed mistakes and with the automated cameras on strategic intersections, you just can’t escape not being punished for a wrong turn or for speeding.

    So how do you beat traffic tickets? The first thing to do is to be aware how traffic tickets work, regardless whether your traffic violation is in court or you simply desire to know traffic rules and avoid any violations.

    What are traffic tickets?

    This is a notice being issued by police officers to motorists or road users who are accused of violating traffic rules.

    In the US, different states, counties and municipalities have codified laws or ordinances and most minor violations are cited as civil infractions. Examples of these minor offenses are non-moving violations, defective vehicle equipment, improper vehicle equipment, seat belt and child-restraint seat violations, or insufficient license proof including registration and insurance.

    What are the types of violations?

    There are three types of traffic tickets:

    1. A moving violation like exceeding road speed limit, running a red light or stop sign and DWI/DUI
    2. Non-moving violation such as parking violation or illegal parking
    3. Strict liability offenses such as driving with broken or burned-out headlights, illegal U-turn, negligence to yield and parking without authorization in a handicap space.

    What to do to beat traffic tickets?

    When a traffic officer stops you for a violation, your attitude is your best defense.

    • Be polite. Always be respectful. Be calm and non-threatening. Do not act arrogant. Aggressiveness and fighting with the police officer will just get you more into trouble. It is good if you roll down your window and put your hands on the steering wheel. Do not attempt to move as this might make the police officer more suspicious.
    • Let the officer finish the basics. Wait for him to ask you questions. As standard questions, he will ask “Do you know why I stopped you?” and your answer should be politely “No, officer I don’t.” The second question is “Do you know how fast you are going?” You can answer any of the following: (a) “I’m not sure, officer.” (b) “I think, it’s my speed limit.” (c) “I wasn t speeding, I checked my speedometer right before you stopped me.” Then, he will usually ask for your driver’s license and car registration. Hand him whatever he asks for.
    • Do not accept guilt. Simply answer “yes” or “no” to his questions. If you have established rapport, you can ask for mercy or consideration. Make it sincere and let him see that this is very important for you. However, when he finally gives you a ticket for your offense, don’t argue. Your argument may be used against you in court.
    • Follow court guidelines. Usually traffic tickets are tried by mail. You can submit a letter claiming your innocence and the police officer will also do the same. Traffic police don’t bother to do the paperwork, so you can win by default. If you lose, however, you can ask for an in-person trial and request for traffic school or pay penalties or fine.
    • Plead your case. As mentioned earlier, plead as “not guilty”. When you do, you will be assigned to a court to continue with the trial. There are instances when the officer may not show up. So again you win because the case may be dismissed. However, in many cities with a large turnout, the judge can decide to simply reduce your offense to lesser charges by reducing points on your driving records, or in county ordinances, no points will be placed on your record.

    Some traffic violators think they can beat traffic tickets using websites offering paid service to assist you with your traffic tickets. Can they really help? Here s an article to guide you before you decide to use websites to fight traffic tickets .

    Let Your Computer Do the Dialing #dialing #system


    Let Your Computer Do the Dialing

    Let Your Computer Do the Dialing

    Have you ever used Phone Dialer? Maybe you didn t even know that Windows had it. It can be used to dial common numbers or just to avoid the hassle of holding the phone while you dial and wait for someone to answer. If your computer has a phone line hooked up to it you can have your computer dial the number for you, then just pick up your phone and talk.

    Windows 98/ME has it listed under Start /Programs /Accessories /Communications /Phone Dialer. If you don t find this feature on your Win 98, you will need to dig through the closet for your install disk to add the feature. Windows 95 has it under the Accessories submenu.

    You can save your eight most frequently called numbers by clicking one of the Speed Dial buttons and entering a name and telephone number.

    Phone Dialer can also keep a log of all outgoing telephone calls made with the program. To log calls, go to Tools /Show Log to display the Call Log window. Select Log /Options and check the Incoming Calls check box. This will keep track of who you called and when.

    The last twenty dialed numbers are retained on a history list, which can be recalled or edited. About twenty calling card options are built-in, plus more can be created as needed.

    This older version was much more of a novelty than a truly useful application. Any good address book program, like our Personal Phonebook Plus download, has a dialing feature plus you can include addresses, make detailed notes about calls, print labels, etc.

    BUT the Phone Dialer included in Windows XP is more than just the simple speed dial novelty of Win 9x. Not only can it be used for speed-dialing with standard phone lines, but also for voice conferencing and video conferencing over network connections.

    To start Phone Dialer, Go to Start / Run and type dialer (without the quotes). If you want to make a shortcut, search for Dialer.exe it should be in the Windows NT folder.

    The first thing you ll notice is the absence of phone buttons. To make a voice call, all you need is the recipient s phone number, IP address, or DNS (Domain Name System) name. Phone Dialer lets you make calls with a telephone connected to your computer, through a modem, over a network, through a telephone switch connected to your local area network (LAN), or an Internet address.

    With a sound card and microphone you don t even need a telephone. Add a webcam and make video calls or do video conferencing. You can even receive calls while you work on the computer if you have Phone Dialer open.

    I could spend all day talking about its features and how to use it. If you decide to use Phone Dialer in XP, I suggest that you go to Help / Index and read up on how it works for yourself. Some of the features require a bit of skill.

    This entry was posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2004 at 3:30 PM and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response. or trackback from your own site. 443

    Best pbx phone system for small business #best #pbx #phone #system #for #small #business, #pbx #and #sip

    PBX and SIP Phone Systems

    ‘ Panasonic has been a market leader in the business telephone industry for over 25 years. The latest product line-up offers high quality phone communications solutions for a broad range of business applications, from simple analogue systems, and smaller digital systems suitable for small or new businesses, through to advanced IP based Network Communications Platforms capable of handling multiple locations across the globe and supporting mobile communication with staff wherever they may be.

    Access the advantages of SIP technology through flexible Panasonic Telephone Systems

    Choosing a Panasonic telephone system that is flexible, easy to deploy, compatible with leading soft-switch technology and capable of growing with your business will help keep your systems installation costs down and ensure you can effectively communicate with your staff and customers.

    With a wide choice of telephone system options, voicemail, handset and conference phone options we can help you create a telephone system suited to your needs and the demands of the working environments your staff encounter. Whether you want a system capable of providing High Definition VoIP calls for a few users through wired or wireless handsets, or a multi site system that can facilitate working and communicating from mobile devices across the world, all controlled by the latest technology communication platforms, Panasonic have the expertise to advise you and build a SIP phone system for you which will support you and your business effectively.

    Leading Telephone Systems are just a call away

    Online Journal of Public Health Informatics #health #informatics #international, #artificial #intelligence; #biomedical #ethics; #clinical #decision #support #system; #clinical #information #systems; #ehealth; #ehr; #phr; #geographic #information #systems; #public #health #informatics; #disease #surveillance; #datamining; #telemedicine; #cloud #computing; #coop


    Online Journal of Public Health Informatics

    Interest in informatics as a specialty in the health sciences disciplines reflects the central role that information collection, analysis, and utilization now play in the healthcare sector. New public health threats such as bioterrorism and flu pandemics will demand an improved infrastructure for disseminating information about best practices. The Online Journal of Public Health Informatics (OJPHI) strives to satisfy the growing need for a public health informatics knowledge portal by practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers. It is a quarterly open access, open source, peer-reviewed journal.

    The emergence of public health informatics as a professional specialty is part of a larger development of informatics in related health fields, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry. Interest in informatics as a specialty in these areas reflects the importance that information collection, analysis, evaluation, and utilization now play in the health care sector. New public health threats such as bioterrorism and influenza pandemics will demand an improved infrastructure for disseminating information about best practices. In response to the new role of health-related informatics, journals have been created in medicine and nursing informatics to service the growing professional audience in these fields. The Online Journal of Public Health Informatics (OJPHI) is the newest of these specialty journals. The mission of the journal is to satisfy the growing need for public health informatics knowledge portal and knowledge base of best practices among health practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers in developed and developing countries. OJPHI also explores the socio-economic, ethical, and legal impacts of informatics applications in public health. The journal will be published three times a year. It is an open access, open source, peer-reviewed journal based on Open Journal Systems.


    New York City Small Claims Court> #court, #courts, #new #york, #new #york #state, #new #york #city, #nyc, #nys, #ny, #ucs, #oca, #new #york #state #unified #court #system, #unified #court #system, #office #of #court #administration, #ecourts, #e-courts, #casetrac, #case #trac, #casetrak, #case #trak, #casetrack, #case #track, #future #court #appearance #system, #webcrims, #county, #civil, #family, #housing, #commercial, #supreme, #appeals, #appellate, #claims, #small #claims, #divorce, #law, #litigant, #litigation, #attorney, #lawyer, #cle, #juror, #jury, #jury #duty, #judge, #chief #judge, #justice, #judicial, #judiciary, #legal #forms, #court #rules, #decisions, #jury #charges, #law #libraries, #legal #research, #court #news, #town #court


    Starting a Case

    Anyone 18 years of age or over can sue in Small Claims Court. If you are younger than 18, your parent or guardian may sue on your behalf. Only an individual can sue in Small Claims Court. Corporations, partnerships, associations, or assignees cannot sue in Small Claims Court. However, they can be sued in Small Claims Court. If you are a corporation, partnership, association or assignee, you can bring a Commercial Claim or Consumer Transaction. For more information, click on Commercial Claims and Consumer Transactions.

    In general, the person suing is called the claimant. The person being sued is called the defendant. You may sue more than one person at the same time.

    You must be the proper person to sue in Small Claims Court. For example, if you are involved in an accident while driving an automobile that is not registered in your name, you cannot sue for the damage caused to the automobile during the accident. Only the registered owner of the automobile can sue for the damages caused to the automobile.

    To learn more about bringing a Small Claims Court case, continue reading below. You can also read the law on this procedure, by clicking on Civil Court Act section 1803 .

    Where to Sue: Venue

    A claimant must begin the lawsuit in the proper county. In general, a claimant can sue in the county where either party resides. If no party resides within the City, the action can be brought in the county where either party has employment or a business address. If the defendant does not have a residence, employment, or have a business address within the City of New York, you cannot bring the lawsuit in the Small Claims Court. To find the location in your county, click on Locations .

    Starting the Case

    To begin an action in Small Claims Court, a person, or someone acting on his or her behalf, must come to the Small Claims Court Clerk s office in the proper county and fill out a statement of claim. To find out where the clerk s office is located in your county, click on Locations. To find out when the Small Claims Court Clerk s office is open, click on Court Hours. You may also use an outside service to fill out your statement of claim and electronically file it with the Court. If you are interested in starting your case this way, click on electronic filing .

    The person filling out the statement of claim must be able to explain the reason for the lawsuit, know the amount of the claim, and have the correct name and address, including zip code, of the person or business that is being sued. If you are not sure of the correct name of the business, you should go to the County Clerk s office in the county where the business is located and look up the certificate of doing business, photocopy the certificate and bring it to the court. The person filling out the statement of claim must be able to explain the reason for the lawsuit, know the amount of the claim, and have the correct name and address, including zip code, of the person or business that is being sued. If you are not sure of the correct name of the business, you should go to the County Clerk s office in the county where the business is located and look up the certificate of doing business, photocopy the certificate and bring it to the court. View and print the small claims claim form.

    You can watch a short tutorial to explain how to fill in the form.

    Small Claims Form Instructions:
    Video (run time: 4:52 minutes/seconds, Windows Media format )
    Written Transcript

    You will have to pay the court fee to file your claim. If your claim is for an amount up to and including $1,000.00, there is a fee of $15.00. If your claim is for an amount over $1,000.00 and up to $5,000.00, there is a fee of $20.00. The fee must be paid by cash, certified check, money order or bank check made out to Clerk of the Civil Court. Personal checks will not be accepted.

    The clerk will give you a date for the hearing. Small Claims Court hearings are usually held at 6:30 p.m. If you are a senior citizen, a disabled person, or a person who works during the evening, you may request that your small claims hearing be heard during the day. You or the person appearing on your behalf must show proof of age, or disability, or nighttime employment. The proof can be in the form of a letter from your job or from a doctor, a driver s license showing your birth date, or other similar documents.

    If you live outside the City of New York and want to sue a party within the City of New York, you may file your claim by mail. Contact the Small Claims Court Clerk s office in the county where the defendant lives, works or has a place of business to obtain the necessary form.

    The court system does not provide electronic filing at this time. However, several private vendors provide this service. The service provided by each of the vendors is different, and you must review their requirements. We advise that you review this entire website, as it offers a lot of information on how to proceed with your case.

    The current vendors are:

    Notifying the Defendant

    After your claim is filed, the Small Claims Court clerk will serve a notice of your claim by sending it to the defendant. The notice of claim tells the defendant when to appear in Small Claims Court, and includes a brief statement of your claim and the amount of money you are requesting.

    The notice of your claim will be sent to the defendant by certified mail and by ordinary first class mail. If the notice sent by ordinary first class mail is not returned by the post office within 21 days as undeliverable, the defendant is presumed to have received notice of your claim, even if the notice of claim sent by certified mail has not been delivered.

    If the post office cannot deliver the notice of your claim (for example, the defendant may have moved without leaving a forwarding address), the court clerk will give you a new hearing date and will tell you how to arrange for personal delivery of the notice to the defendant. Anyone who is not a party to the small claim and who is 18 years of age or older can personally deliver the notice of claim to the defendant. The claimant or any other party to the action may not serve the notice of claim personally on the defendant.

    If the notice of claim cannot be served on the defendant within 4 months after you filed your claim, your claim will be dismissed. If you learn new information about the defendant s location at a later date, you can file your claim again.

    A small claims case will not proceed to trial until the defendant has been served with a notice of your claim.

    The defendant may want to file a counterclaim. For information about this procedure, click on Counterclaims .

    Preparing for Court

    Before the date of the hearing, you should gather all the evidence that supports your claim or your defense. Evidence may include: photographs, a written agreement, an itemized bill or invoice marked paid, receipts, at least two itemized written estimates of the cost of services or repairs, a canceled check, a damaged item or article of clothing, or letters or other written documents. If there are records that are not in your possession, you may wish to subpoena them to be produced at the hearing date. For information about this procedure, click on Subpoenas .

    You should also prepare any witnesses you plan to testify at the hearing in support of your claim or defense. The testimony of a person who has special or expert knowledge and experience concerning the subject of your claim may be necessary for you to prove your case. For example, if your claim involves the quality of medical care, you must find a doctor who is willing to give an opinion, in court, about the quality of the care you received. While you might find an expert witness who will testify at no cost to you, it is more likely that you will have to pay for an expert witness testimony.

    If a witness, other than an expert witness, will not testify voluntarily, you can serve the witness with a subpoena requiring them to appear in court and testify. For information on how to do this, click on Subpoenas.

    Wiring Information #phone #system #wiring


    Notes: A domestic single line telephone installation will have one master socket which is provided by the service provider (B.T. cable company etc.). A master socket contains a 1.8�F capacitor to pass ringing current to the telephones, a surge arrestor 11A or 26A to suppress high voltage spikes etc. and a 470k ohm resistor for testing purposes. Additional secondary sockets are wired off the master as shown above, the colour codes shown are the standard, but may differ in some existing installations. The wiring diagram for a master LJU socket is shown here. Note that the pictorial view shown above only serves to indicate the two differing types of sockets and wiring connections. Contrary to how it might seem, C1 is connected to terminals 2 3, not 1 4.

    In recent years NTE5 or CTE5 Lineboxes are fitted in place of master sockets, these have a removable (lower half) panel which house the terminals to connect wiring to the secondary sockets. � Terminal pins 1 and 6 may be absent on some versions of C/NTE5, but these connections are not normally used anyway. Further NTE5 wiring instructions are contained in this leaflet. The NTE5 tends to have the same components inside as a master LJU, however later NTE5 sockets differ by not having a surge arrestor, have only pins 2, 3, 4 5 or 2, 3 5 connected, they also have a small coil in series with the ‘bell wire’ on pin 3 which acts as a filter.

    On older installations (pre-1980) cream or grey cables were used. They contained conductors coloured blue to pin 2, orange to pin 5, brown to pin 3 and green to pin 4 (if used), on some conversions green was used for pin 3 and brown for pin 4.

    On some installations of internal extension wiring (post-2012) BT/Openreach have now come full circle and have reverted back to using white four core cable containing solid colours: blue to pin 2, orange to pin 5, brown to pin 3 and green to pin 4 (if used).

    Additional Bells are wired between pin 3 (orange/white) and pin 5 (white/blue).

    External overhead telephone line colour code: orange / white = line 1; green / black = line 2.

    For further information on telephone sockets including NTE5 with ADSL faceplate visit the Line Jacks page.

    Benefits of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries assessed: A realistic hope for spinal cord injury patients – ScienceDaily #somatic #cord, #stem #cells; #nervous #system; #disability; #bone #and #spine; #neuroscience; #stroke; #dementia; #schizophrenia


    Benefits of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries assessed

    A realistic hope for spinal cord injury patients

    Date: April 29, 2016 Source: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Summary: Stem cell therapy is a rapidly evolving and promising treatment for spinal-cord injuries. According to a new literature review, different types of stem cells vary in their ability to help restore function, and an ideal treatment protocol remains unclear pending further clinical research. Share:

    Stem cell therapy is a rapidly evolving and promising treatment for spinal-cord injuries. According to a new literature review, published in the April issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (JAAOS), different types of stem cells vary in their ability to help restore function, and an ideal treatment protocol remains unclear pending further clinical research.

    Approximately 230,000 Americans suffer life-changing acute spinal cord injuries each year. These injuries lead to neurological compromise through an inflammatory response and cell death within the spinal cord. But stem cells are considered promising because they are self-renewing human cells that can differentiate into one or more specific cell types. Ideally, treatments for spinal cord injuries would limit existing cell death, stimulate growth from existing cells, and replace injured cells.

    “Stem cell treatment is a realistic hope for spinal cord injury patients,” said lead author Gregory D. Schroeder, MD, spine research and clinical fellow at the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. “There is high-quality basic science research, and clinical trials in humans are underway.”

    The authors evaluated research findings on different types of stem cells:

    • Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), most commonly harvested from bone marrow, can prevent activation of inflammatory responses that lead to cell death. Functional recovery using MSCs in spinal cord injury patients has been mixed.
    • Peripheral nervous system stem cells can secrete nerve growth factor to aid cell growth and temporarily act as replacement cells. Limited studies are promising, with one showing marked improvement in sensory scores but no improvement in motor function.
    • Embryonic stem cells, although controversial, are resilient, and many animal studies have shown that embryonic stem cells limit inflammatory responses and promote cell growth. Very few human studies have been published about embryonic stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury patients.
    • Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), derived from adult skin cells, are the newest stem cell being investigated for use in treating spinal cord injuries, but to date, no clinical studies have been published. Early animal studies indicate these cells offer benefits similar to those of embryonic cells without the ethical issues.

    Materials provided by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons . Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

    1. Gregory D. Schroeder, Christopher K. Kepler, Alexander R. Vaccaro. The Use of Cell Transplantation in Spinal Cord Injuries. Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 2016; 24 (4): 266 DOI: 10.5435/JAAOS-D-14-00375

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. “Benefits of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries assessed: A realistic hope for spinal cord injury patients.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 29 April 2016. .

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (2016, April 29). Benefits of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries assessed: A realistic hope for spinal cord injury patients. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 25, 2017 from

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. “Benefits of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries assessed: A realistic hope for spinal cord injury patients.” ScienceDaily. (accessed June 25, 2017).

    Aug. 13, 2015 Researchers are exploring a new therapy using stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries within the first 14 to 30 days of injury. The therapy uses a population of cells derived from human embryonic. read more

    June 8, 2015 New research shows promising progress in the use of stem cells for treatment of spinal cord injury. The results show that human stem cells that are transplanted to the injured spinal cord contribute. read more

    Aug. 24, 2013 Transplantation stem cells is a potential clinical therapy for repair of spinal cord injury. However, transplanted cells are especially vulnerable due to a lack of sufficient growth factors at the. read more

    Jan. 27, 2013 Stem cells from bone marrow or fat improve recovery after stroke in rats, finds a new study. Treatment with stem cells improved the amount of brain and nerve repair and the ability of the animals to. read more

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    Learn more

    The RainCAD 13 BricsCAD Edition runs seamlessly inside of your existing license of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys . The combination of these two programs provides the power and speed without the additional expense of AutoCAD . The software saves drawings in an AutoCAD DWG format eliminating the translation process. The software creates quality landscape and irrigation designs to help separate your company from the competition. In addition, the software assists the user in becoming more precise in the material takeoff and estimating process.

    System Type:

  • Integrates with your existing copy of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys
    ( BricsCAD is not included with RainCAD and must be purchased separately )
    Designer Type:
  • Novice to advanced CAD users
  • Users that need a cost effective yet robust design system without the additional expense of AutoCAD
    Project Types:
  • Small to large residential design projects
  • Small to large commercial, parks and recreation, or golf course irrigation design projects

    Learn more

    The RainCAD AutoCAD Edition runs seamlessly within your existing license of AutoCAD . RainCAD provides all of the design tools necessary to create fast and accurate irrigation designs, distribution analysis, hydraulic calculations and more. The superior landscape design features help the user to create landscape designs that are more professional in appearance without sacrificing speed. The software quickly creates symbol legends, material lists, installation estimates, and more.

    System Type:

  • RainCAD 2013 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2013 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 2012 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2012 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 2011 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2011 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 5.5 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit).
    ( AutoCAD is not included with RainCAD and must be purchased separately )
    Designer Type:
  • Advanced users with a working knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Designers who regularly transfer DWG files with Architects, Engineers or other AutoCAD users
    Project Types:
  • Small to large residential design projects
  • Small to large commercial, parks and recreation, or golf course irrigation design projects

    Sample RainCAD Designs

    Russ Prophit, CID, CIC, CLIA
    Precise Irrigation Design & Consulting

    Copyright 2014 Software Republic, L.L.P. All rights reserved.

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    Software products for desktop and mobile

    Easy to use and effective software products to make your life easier! We offer a variety of software products that run on desktop computers and smartphones, choose a product below to learn more.

    All products listed below are for Microsoft Windows computers. We offer several shareware utilities, development tools below which have a 30-day trial download available before a purchase is required. Take a tour of our various software products below and download a free trial version.

    Windows Software for Notebook and Desktop Computers

    Throttle 8 – Speed Up Your Internet

    Accelerate your internet connection speed, surf the web faster and download files faster. Instantly have a faster dial-up, DSL, cable and wireless internet connection.

    GameGain 4 – Make Games Run Faster

    Immediately make your computer games run faster, smoother and with better graphics. No longer do you have to deal with stuttering and games that lag.

    PCMedik 8 – Fix and Make Your Computer Faster

    Fix problems on your computer; clean up the system and make your computer work faster. Instantly heal your computer and get it working like it’s new.

    PCBoost 5 – Make Your CPU Run Faster

    Soft-overclock the speed of your computer processor and make your computer work faster. Faster games, faster software instantly by accelerating the CPU.

    SuperRam 7 – Make Your RAM Run Faster

    Instantly make your computer run faster by optimizing the way your computer memory works. Increase computer speed instantly with super charged memory.

    GameSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Games

    Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and instantly fix problems on your computer. Use your computer like its brand new again.

    GameBoost 3 – Faster Games and Internet Speed

    Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster games.

    PCSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Internet Speed

    Make your computer run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster performance.

    SystemSwift 2 – Faster Computer, Games and Internet Speed

    Make your computer run faster with improved performance, faster games and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Faster computer, faster games and faster internet.

    10 Things to Know Before Replacing Your Central AC System #10 #things #before #replacing #ac, #ac #system #replacement, #guide #to #replacing #ac, #replacing #air #conditioner, #central #air, #central #air #conditioner



    10 Things You Should Know Before Replacing Your Central AC System

    Maybe your old central air conditioner has quit working, and you think you need a replacement. Maybe you want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient or environmentally-friendly system. Maybe you’re not sure what to do.

    Whatever the reason you’re considering a new air conditioner or furnace, you’ll want to go through this handy checklist to make sure you are shopping for the right equipment and asking contractors the right questions.

    1. How much time do I really have to replace my system?

    Click here to learn how to put time on your side to get the right equipment for your needs.

    2. Do I really need to replace my entire system or can it be repaired?

    Click here to see the many factors facing the repair vs. replace decision.

    3. How much space am I trying to cool (and has it changed since the old AC was installed)?

    Click here to learn how you might need more or less cooling and heating power based on changes in your home or workspace.

    4. Do I want something more than “just cold air”?

    Click here to read about how improvements in comfort, energy costs and the environment can make you feel better and save you money.

    5. Do I really need to cool the whole house all the time?

    Click here to see how some common suggestions can actually lead to bigger problems.

    6. Is there really anything new in air conditioning?

    Click here for an overview of new technologies available today and what they mean to you.

    7. Are there unique needs in my region of the country?

    Click here to see how where you live might determine the type of equipment you should buy.

    8. Should I replace my furnace if I replace my air conditioner?

    Click here to learn how your air conditioner and furnace work together… and apart.

    9. Should I invest in a programmable thermostat?

    Click here to see how you can save 20-30% on your energy bill without changing your routine.

    10. How do I know which contractor to hire?

    Click here for insights into how to ask the right questions and select the best contractor for your situation.

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    IT Helpdesk Support – Waterford Carlow Dungarvan Clonmel #phone #system, #voip, #ip #telephone #system, #internet #phone, #panasonic, #phone #systems #waterford, #phone #systems #carlow, #phone #systems #waterford, #phone #systems #dublin, #nec, #telecom, #outsourced #telecoms, #helpdesk, #callout, #it #support, #it #support #carlow, #it #support #waterford, #it #support #ireland, #it #support #dublin, #it #services #carlow, #it #services #waterford, #it #services #dublin, #it #services #ireland, #it #services, #it #products #carlow, #networking, #structured #cabling, #networks, #office #setup, #it #solutions, #computers, #servers, #technology, #waterford #it #companies, #carlow #it #companies, #dublin #it #companies, #irish #it #companies, #radius #technologies, #backup, #offsite #backup


    IT Helpdesk Support

    Radius Technologies provide a range of IT support and helpdesk services. Our maintenance and service contracts can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements.

    The Radius helpdesk is staffed by full time dedicated helpdesk engineers. The support levels include telephone assistance, remote dial in and on-site assistance. We operate a fully open helpdesk system, whereby all contract holders can log on and review calls via our on-line call management systems.

    This system provides for 100% transparency and traceability, where all calls, time details, as well as resolution are securely available online. The online portal also allows customers to log on and escalate their own calls and also manage calls on behalf of their other offices and system users.

    This contract type is used by companies that have very little IT support requirements or where they require advanced technical expertise coupled with full help-desk services backed up by guaranteed service level for on-site support. Unlimited remote and telephone assistance are covered in the contract cost. However, on-site work will incur an additional charge.

    This is similar to the retainer contract. However, this contract also includes unlimited on-site break fix time. Standard contract costs are based on the number of PC s and servers being supported. Standard contracts are designed for companies that want to know in advance what their annual IT support budget is going to be. This contract can be paid monthly by direct debit, if required.

    Pro-active contract calls are normally taken out in conjunction with a standard contract where the company wishes to have a fixed annual cost for IT services and also wants Radius to provide ongoing maintenance on their servers and PC s. This would involve applying security patches, cross checking internet usage logs, updating anti-virus software, performing printer maintenance, etc. These calls can also be used to carry out system changes and re-configurations that the customer queues up. This contract is pro-active, where Radius manages the sites, servers, backups, email, web usage and security. We become the company s IT department and report to management on budget, system usage and system recommendations as well as best practice.

    Time Block Contract

    This type of contract is suitable for any company looking for occasional IT support and want to draw down support hours as required. The minimum time block contract is 5 hours with hourly rates reducing on a sliding scale. Our web based ticketing system displays remaining hours outstanding and also breaks down hours used to date, including a detailed description of call activity, escalation and technical resolutions.

    Remote monitoring is a service where software is installed on the customer s server and/or systems. The system is monitored 24x7x365. The software automatically interfaces with our online call management software and auto generates service tickets when required based on pre-defined error handling criteria. Remote monitoring is priced on a per unit basis and works on a sliding scale based on the number of servers/systems being monitored. Remote monitoring services can be provided alone or in conjunction with any of our contracts. Prices start from as little as 65 cent per day.

    Note: We also provide server and comms only contracts.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about how Radius Helpdesk can support your business, why not give our team a call on Lo-Call 1890 592 500 .

    Alternatively, you can visit our Contact page. complete the Contact Form, and we’ll call you back.

    Download Free HR Payroll Management Software at #employee #payroll #management #system


    • Instant XBRL
      XBRL Filing Software
    • EasyPAY
      Payroll Management Software
    • EasyPAY.Web
      Web Payroll Management Software
    • EasyPAY.Web
      HR Management Software (HRMS)
    • EasyTDS
      TDS Management Software
    • AssetExpert
      Fixed Asset Management Software
    • e-TDSExpress
      e-TDS Return Filing Software
    • ServiceTax
      Manage Service Tax Compliance
    • eFormExpert
      IT Return e-Filing Software
    • BackupExpress
      Data Backup Software
    • Digital Signature
      Class 2 Signatures
    • PDF Signer
      Digital Signing of PDF documents
    • Biometric Attendance
      Biometric Deductions
      Leave Attendance Management
      Loan Advance Management
      Payroll Processing
      Salary Reports
      (Payslip Salary Sheet)
      Bank Transfer
      Reimbursement Management
      Arrears Calculation
      Other Payments
      PF Calculation Reports
      ESIS Calculation Reports
      Professional Tax
      Income Tax Management
      Full Final Settlement
      User Defined Reports
      Data Import
      (Masters, Salary Leave Record)
      HR Functions
      Other Add on Modules
      User Rights

      Key Feature Details:

      Flexible Structure building capability of Earnings Deductions

      1. Flexibility to add or modify any number of Salary Components – Earnings Deductions
      2. User Defined Entry Field with unmatched flexibility for Formula, percentage or Customized Calculation
      3. Taxable Non Taxable Earnings for Income Tax Calculations
      4. Payslip / Non Payslip Component
      5. Calculation based on Attendance
      6. Monthly or Yearly Payments
      7. Also compute various other components that do not appear in Payslip
      8. Also compute various other components that do not appear in Payslip

      Leave Attendance Management

      1. Leave Rules can be defined
      2. Increment of Leave on Pro-rata basis
      3. Carry forward facility for balance leave
      4. Encashment of Leave
      5. Leave Utilizes Balances can be checked
      6. CL, PL, SL, Compensatory Customizable Leaves
      7. Automatic Leave payout on termination of Employees (in Full Final Settlement)
      8. Swipe card / Attendance machine if any can be linked to our software
      9. Attendance Arrears
      10. Monthly Attendance Register Yearly Attendance Summary

      Loan Advance Management

      1. User Definable Loans/Advances (Multiple)
      2. Loan Disbursement option with EMI option
      3. Automatic recovery of EMI stops automatically once the Loan amount is totally recovered
      4. Auto calculation of Interest on Loans based on Flat Interest, Reducing Balance
      5. Lumsum recovery of Loan
      6. Interest free Loan Perquisites as per Income Tax
      7. Loan Recovered, Loan Balances Loans History a�� Employee wise
      1. Input information for all newly joined employees and resign left employees
      2. Create a new payroll month Process Salary
      3. Over-ride facility for any Salary components
      4. Salary on Hold Freezing of Salary in case of Termination of Employees
      5. Process by Exception – you only need to enter Pay and/or deduction information when there are changes
      6. Pro-rata calculations for employees based on Absenteeism
      7. Process Print Payslips for groups or for selected employees
      8. Lock month facility to avoid changes in Processed Data

      Salary Reports (Payslip Salary Sheet)

      1. Automatically calculates all the income, deductions Company Contributions as per the requirement
      2. Regular Payslips (with Logo) can be viewed or Emailed
      3. Reimbursement Payslips can be viewed or Emailed
      4. User defined Salary Sheets can be viewed
      5. Generates Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer List
      6. Generate Bank Statement, Direct Electronic Bank transfer files Covering Letter for Banks
      7. YTD salary Sheet Summary of each employee
      8. Separate Payslips can be generated for Arrears, Medical, Reimbursement LT
      1. Bank Transfer Statement facility available for all the banks
      2. Soft copy format also available in Excel or any format specified by different banks
      3. Bank Transfer Statements can be generated for both Regular, Reimbursement Payments Supplementary Payments
      4. Covering Letters
      5. Cheque / Bank Transfer / Cash List
      1. Multiple Reimbursement Components like Medical. LTA Customizable Reimbursement Components
      2. Upper limits can be specified a�� Employee wise or Grade wise
      3. Annual Limits or Monthly Accruals
      4. Opening Balance, Entitlement, Amount Reimbursed and Balance amount can be checked
      5. Reimbursement Payslips, Bank transfer statement for Reimbursement Component
      1. Arrears calculation for any previous period / Retrospective effect
      2. Separate Payslips can be generated for the Arrears Components
      3. Bank transfer statement for Arrears Component
      1. Arrears Calculations
      2. Gratuity, Bonus Exgratia Calculation
      3. Reimbursement – Medical, LTA or any other user definable reimbursement
      4. Supplementary Payments
      5. Monthly Reconciliation – allow us to compare the changes in the pay components from last month to this month or for any number of months

      PF Calculation Reports

      1. User defined PF Rate of Deduction for Employer Employee
      2. Employee Employer Contribution
      3. Automatic Bifurcation of EPF EPS
      4. PF applicability check at Employee Level
      5. Options to Limit Maximum Salary for PF Deduction
      6. Form 5, 10, 12A, 3A, 6A, Challan Reconciliation Statement

      ESIS Calculation Reports

      1. User defined ESIC Rate of Deduction for Employer Employee
      2. ESIC applicability check at Employee Level
      3. ESIC Register, Form 5, 6 Challan
      1. User definable State wise Slab
      2. PT applicability check at Employee Level
      3. Form III Challan

      Income Tax Management

      1. Auto calculations of Exemptions Deductions and compute income tax payable for the entire year the tax to be paid this month
      2. Auto calculation of TDS based on Projections
      3. Income Tax Projections with the options to deduct projected tds from Monthly Salary
      4. Prints Form 16, 16AA, 12BA Challan 281
      5. Quarterly e-TDS Return as per the NSDL format
      6. Income Tax Projections can be emailed in PDF format

      Full Final Settlement

      1. Employees Full Final settlement can be prepared based on resignation of employees either in the current month or in the previous month
      2. Automatically calculates outstanding Loan balances, Notice pay and Leave Encashment. Gratuity and recovers all Loan balances and Income Tax.
      3. Generates Full Final Settlement Calculation sheet for all the calculations done

      User Defined Reports

      1. User Defined Reports with the option to choose from the available field, user can define his own customized columnar reports
      2. Sorting, Grouping, Sub-total, Grand-total Conditions can be defined
      1. Output reports to screen, printer, MS Word Excel
      2. Option to preview Payslips / Salary Sheets or any other reports on screen before final printing
      3. Print Transaction Master History for any period
      4. Generating report is made easy with an advanced filter function to select the relevant employees or groups for the report
      5. Prints any of our report for the previous periods.

      Data Import (Masters, Salary Leave Record)

      1. Employee Payroll Data if available in Excel can Imported to our software

    Duct Tape Marketing Ultimate Marketing System #online #marketing #system


    Ultimate Small Business Marketing System

    The Duct Tape Marketing Complete Small Business Marketing System

    A proven small business marketing road map consisting of 5 content packed modules with unlimited online access.

    The Ultimate Marketing System is a complete small business marketing system consisting of 5 modules including audio, video, workbooks, worksheets and additional materials – the product of over 20 years of working with some of America’s most successful small businesses and independent professionals. See entire list of titles included below.

    Now you can have one of America’s most respected small business marketing experts — one who has helped thousands of small owners grow their businesses with a proven step-by-step system — actually guide you along the marketing path for a fraction of the cost of what others have paid to get this same expert advice and coaching.

    “John is a master at taking proven processes and integrate them with online marketing to truly reveal what makes you remarkable. The DTM system will engage you in developing your focus and inspire you to be even better. Through simple videos and workbooks, you will be hooked on marketing and fall in love with your business again.” – Steve Gasser

    The 5 modules contain lessons that include thorough explanation of critical small business marketing topics, real-life small business examples and worksheets, forms and tools needed to help you implement each lesson.

    The Duct Tape Marketing Ultimate Marketing System Includes 5 modules packed Full With 13 Lessons (detailed list of lessons )

    Click to enlarge system map

    “I have never been fond of marketing (cold calling and the like). I always find new and better marketing things but don t implement them because I find something wrong with them and they won t work with how I run my business. After going through the first module the light in my head went off and I plunged right through the rest. I have learned so much from this course and have put in place my marketing for next year already! Thank you for the opportunity to take this course!” – Rebecca Thompson

    Each module comes with video and written instruction click to enlarge

    Click to enlarge sample form

    The system contain 13 downloadable workbooks

    In addition to all the modules and training you also get:

    • 30 days of unlimited email support
    • A 30 minute review session with a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
    • Access to monthly live Q A sessions with John Jantsch
    • One core marketing document review and critique

    The Ultimate Marketing System is THE small business marketing road map.

    “If you want a complete marketing package, get started by buying this package. You do not need to buy any other books or systems. It is well worth your time (lots of it) and money! “ – Brent Pohlman

    3-Month No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you don’t think the Ultimate Marketing System can help catapult your business to fame and fortune just ship it back to me and I will cheerfully refund all your money. You don’t even need to give me a reason for returning it. See, I know the power of this program and I’m confident you will get it the first day you dig into the material. You win no matter what because I shoulder all of the risk.

    How much?

    The cost of the Ultimate Marketing System is $497. We understand that times are tough these days especially for small business owners. In order to make the Ultimate Marketing System available to anyone who wants to get started immediately, we ll let you spread the cost over six payments of $82.84 over a six month period.

    Order the Ultimate Marketing System by clicking on the buy now botton below.

    Order securely online – you will receive your log in information once purchase is completed.

    We accept the following payment options on our secure online shopping cart:

    So why wait? Order your seat today!

    Not 100% sure you are ready to purchase? Click here to gain access to a totally free sneak peek of the Ultimate Marketing System.

    Dynalec – Shipboard Communication Terminals #lucent #telephone, #weatherproof #analog #phone #terminal, #interior #voice #communication #system, #ivcs, #extension #signal #relay, #intercom #station


    Communication Terminals

    Modified Lucent 8411 Telephone Set (IP/IC Functionality) Dynalec part #65032-200


    • Designed to interface with any Lucent Technology switchboard utilizing DCP (Digital Communication Protocol).
    • Supports simultaneous IC and IP calls.
    • Channel two is configured as an auto answer hands free speaker phone.
    • System interface consist of Line In, Adjunct, Speaker Out and Aux line connections.
    • Pivoting base allows for desk or bulkhead mounting.
    • Handset is secured to phone via push button latch. Optional PTT switch can be added as required.

    Weatherproof Analog Phone Terminal
    Dynalec part #65032-300


    • Designed to interface with any PBX utilizing a standard two wire analog interface.
    • Weather proof phone designed to meet stresses common to sea-going vessels such as shock, vibration and EMI.
    • Responds to forward party disconnect signaling.
    • Operates with H-319/U handset, H-320/U headset, LS-613A/STC-1 or LS-614/STC-1 intercoms.
    • Features automatic redial button and 10 speed dials.
    • LED backlit dial pad for night time use.
    • A sonalert is provided for audible signaling and a LED for active indication.
    • Supports PTT operation.
    • Enclosure is of cast aluminum construction and is designed for desk or bulkhead mounting.

    Interior Voice Communication System (IVCS) Components Part 1


    The Interior Voice Communication System is an automatic, electronic telephone system which provides the primary means for individual or group communications aboard ship. It combines the functions and features normally provided by several independent systems such as dial and sound powered telephones and remote control radio.

    Interior Voice Communication System (IVCS) Components Part 2


    The Interior Voice Communication System is an automatic, electronic telephone system which provides the primary means for individual or group communications aboard ship. It combines the functions and features normally provided by several independent systems such as dial and sound powered telephones and remote control radio.

    Extension Signal Relay
    Dynalec part #65150-205


    • Provides station telephone sets with an additional audible and/or visual signal high in ambient noise level environments.
    • Provides for signaling of incoming calls to be placed apart from telephone set.
    • Extension Signal Relay is packaged in a watertight, shockproof, bulkhead-mounted enclosure.

    Intercom Station: LS-518/519
    Dynalec part #61690-600/61690-700


    • Capable of providing two way communication with up to 10 other intercommunication stations (LS-518D/SIC) or up to 20 other units (LS-519E/SIC) .
    • May be used in Handsfree or Press-To-Talk modes.
    • Contains talk-listen loudspeaker. Other input and output devices can be used.
    • Has front panel receptacle for M-132/SIC microphone or H-186A/U handset.
    • Solid state electronic switching keypad.
    • 10-watt amplifier capable of driving five selected station loudspeakers simultaneously to 99dB sound pressure at two (2) feet. When more than five stations are called, the output is reduced.
    • Suitable for operation in 21MC and similar intercommunication circuits.
    • Master Station is designed for mounting on a bulkhead, in a panel, in a desk and is suitable for shipboard installation in protected areas. When the Master Station has to be used in unprotected areas, the Watertight Enclosure (Dynalec Part 61690-220) is recommended.
    • Enclosure is aluminum and drip proof in accordance with MIL-I-983E.

    Electrical PDF courses ~ Electrical Knowhow #online #electrical #courses, #free, #electrical #software, #electrical #books, #electrical #spreadsheets, #electrical #design, #sound #system #design #course, #voltage, #power, #transformer, #current, #voltage #drop, #generator, #circuit #breaker, #fuse, #cable, #low #voltage, #high #voltage, #wire, #power #factor, #title #block, #cad #drawing, #nec #code, #nfpa #70, #method #statement, #electrical #procurement, #tendering, #short #circuit, #over #voltage, #switch, #receptacle, #ligh #fixture, #lighting, #grounding, #bonding, #earthing, #lightning, #raceway, #fire #alarm, #smoke #detector, #bms, #cctv, #switchgear, #panel, #busbar, #automatic #transfer #switch, #demand #factor, #capacitor, #resistance, #coil, #battery, #ampere, #horsepower, #watt, #switchboard, #schedule, #single #line #diagram, #quantity #survey, #bill #of #quantities, #specification, #copper, #aluminum, #sensor, #strobe


    Electrical PDF courses

    1. click on the file name that you want to download
    2. a new page will open, don’t care about the message “these files are temporary unavailable”,
    3. Look in the upper right corner of the page, you will find an arrow point to down,
    4. click this arrow the download will start automatically.
    5. after downloading, you will need to enter your password to open the file.

    Non-registered members in Electrical-Knowhow website will not be able to open and read Our PDF Courses.

    To register as a member of Electrical-Knowhow website, do the following:

    On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

    • Understand the technology, concepts and terminology of Electrical Motors.
    • Recognize different types, theory of operation, components and accessories of Electrical Motors.
    • Specify correctly any type of Electrical Motors for certain applications.

    On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

    • Understand the concepts. terminology and basics for lighting design,

    • Recognize lighting sources, fixtures and lamps,

    • Understand day lighting design basics.

    3- An Introduction to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

    On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

    • Understand the technology, concepts and terminology in the design of HVAC systems.

    • Recognize different types, components and accessories of HVAC systems.
    • Specify correctly any type of HVAC systems.

    4- Electrical Load Estimation Course

    On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

    • Recognize different calculation method for electrical load estimation.
    • Understand the procedures and logic of each method for electrical load estimation.
    • Perform the calculations steps of each method for electrical load estimation.

    Our country is now implementing the K 12 program. we are now on the grade nine. I am one of those experts assigned to develop learning materials for the grade 10. Your guides are explained in a very friendly way that even those who are not so good in English can understand because of the very nice presentations. I wish I could use some of the information if your group will allow us granted that the learning materials will be for reference only. All the information you have given is enough for an instructional designer to develop his own. To all of you thank you and may god will always give you wisdom in helping the people world wide. I am from the Philippines GOD BLESS.

    I give you a permission to use the learning materials in this website as a reference for your learning materials and if you need any help, just send me email or comment.

    Oklahomans want a less barbaric criminal justice system #is #the #criminal #justice #system #really #a #system


    Oklahomans Want a Less Barbaric Criminal Justice System. The State Doesn’t.

    Oklahomans Want a Less Barbaric Criminal Justice System. The State Doesn’t.

    Oklahomans Voted to Make the State’s Criminal Justice System Less Barbaric

    United States Congress

    In November, Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly to reform their bogged-down criminal justice system. In one of the most conservative states in the country, voters approved two referendums to make low-level drug and property crimes misdemeanors instead of felonies and to use the subsequent cost savings to fund rehabilitation programs. The will of voters won t necessarily become enacted as state law, though. The referendums were put forward as state questions rather than binding constitutional amendments, which means the Oklahoma Legislature can edit the reforms any way they want before they go into effect on July 1. State representatives are using that power to try to stop criminal justice reform before it takes root.

    Oklahoma s House of Representatives approved a bill on Thursday that would once again make it a felony to possess any amount of drugs within 1,000 feet of a day care facility, school, university, park, or church or around any child under the age of 12. Those enhancement zones would cover a huge swath of the state s biggest cities, essentially making drug possession a felony again in most places where Oklahomans live. If the bill passes in the Senate and gets the signature of Republican Gov. Mary Fallin, it will essentially gut policies that were approved by voters just a few months ago

    In pushing for this legislation, Oklahoma politicians are following the lead of the state s district attorneys. The anti-reform bill is backed by the powerful Oklahoma District Attorneys Association, and most of the DAs in the state have criticized or opposed the referendums. The district attorneys who opposed our reforms are very influential within the state legislature, said Kris Steele, former Republican speaker of the State House and one of the leaders of the pro-referendum campaign. They are good at scaring and pressuring and manipulating lawmakers into passing policies that ultimately benefit their position.

    District attorneys have been working hard to prevent these reforms from being implemented, even in counties that overwhelmingly supported the referendums. In the state s most populous district Oklahoma County, which includes Oklahoma City the referendums passed with almost 70 percent of the vote. But District Attorney David Prater has been publicly critical of the ballot measures, arguing that the threat of long prison sentences is necessary to incentivize drug addicts to change their behavior. The district attorney in Tulsa, where 65 percent of voters supported the reforms, has also voiced his opposition. Proposition 780 will make Oklahoma the most liberal drug possession state in the union, Steve Kunzweiler said in a statement. apparently ignoring the states that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana.

    Kunzweiler and other district attorneys have repeatedly tried to draw unfounded connections between low-level drug possession and violence, gang activity, and even murder. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn, for one, has argued that the failure to obtain harsh sentences for drug possession could let defendants go free to commit more violent crimes. I will have a conversation with a family with a guy who s been six times in the county jail for meth, and then he kills somebody, he told KFOR. And, I will have to tell them, if the law hadn t changed, I might have stopped this guy. (The referendums passed with 66 percent of the vote in Cleveland County.)

    Oklahoma’s DAs could charge fewer crimes as felonies. Instead, many cling to a draconian, tough-on-crime ethos.

    The district attorneys rhetoric has now been adopted by the state legislature. Scott Biggs, the state representative who introduced the enhancement zone bill, says that voters didn t realize what they were doing. After hearing from my constituents after the election, I believe there is a large group of voters that didn t understand that this state question would essentially decriminalize drugs in schools, parks, and playgrounds, he said. I m all for cleaning up our books to have a more efficient justice system but not at the expense of our children.

    To be clear, the ballot measures that Biggs seeks to overturn didn t have any effect on state laws about the sale or distribution of drugs. After the passage of those two referendums, a drug dealer hawking kilos on a playground will still be eligible for a felony charge, and possession of drugs on school grounds is also still a felony. Yet, under Briggs safe zone bill, young people caught with pot at their high school or college campus could face lifelong felony records.

    The bill working its way through the legislature threatens to continue the tradition of draconian punishments for low-level crimes that has long defined criminal justice in Oklahoma. The state has the second-highest incarceration rate in the country, and incarcerates both women and black people at a rate higher than any other state. There s an overcrowding crisis in the state s prisons, which are currently at 115 percent capacity. and more than half of the inmates suffer from mental health issues. A staggering 1 in 12 residents is a convicted felon. facing lifelong barriers to employment, housing, and education. Many crimes that are misdemeanors in other states, like low-level drug possession, are felonies in Oklahoma. If a first-time offender is caught with any marijuana in Oklahoma, he can go to jail for a year. Twice, and he could go to jail for 10 years. Until 2015, some nonviolent drug offenses could land you in jail for life without parole.

    But it s not just the harsh laws that are the problem: It s the prosecutors. Oklahoma s district attorneys could decide to charge fewer crimes as felonies, helping to alleviate Oklahoma s bloated prisons problem on their own. Instead, many still cling to a draconian, tough-on-crime ethos that most states have sworn off. In the last six years, 31 states have managed to reduce incarceration while also reducing crime. In contrast, Oklahoma s prison population has grown by 9 percent in the last five years. How is that happening? Consider that in 2016, Prater, the district attorney of Oklahoma County, filed more than 10,000 felony indictment s. That s more than the amount filed in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, combined in 2015 jurisdictions that have five times more people.

    The two voter-approved referendums would help turn the criminal justice system around. State Question 780, which reclassified some felonies to misdemeanors, is expected to reduce annual prison admissions by 20 to 25 percent, saving the state millions of dollars. State Question 781 would reinvest those cost savings into a fund for rehabilitative programs, such as mental health and substance-abuse treatment programs that are much needed in the state with the highest rate of prescription drug abuse in the country. Under the new policies, people convicted of drug possession could get counseling, job training, and treatment instead of sitting in prison for years.

    The legislators and district attorneys that oppose these ballot measures are outside the largely bipartisan consensus on the need for criminal justice reform. Last month, a task force assembled by the governor recommended that the state drastically reduce its prison population. While the recommendations were supported by some law enforcement officials, Oklahoma s district attorneys still rejected the need for change. This is such a dishonest report, Prater said. It s going to make Oklahoma a much more dangerous place.

    Proof, if it were needed, that you cannot change a government via ballot measures. If Oklahomans really want a less barbaric criminal justice system – or a less bad anything – they have to stop electing Republicans. More.

    The enhancement zone bill is now headed to the state senate. If it passes, it s possible Fallin will veto it. Although she s said that she opposes the bill, the governor hasn t yet indicated what she will do if it comes across her desk.

    As more voters pay attention to the legislative process, the push to undo the referendums may face increasing blowback. At a raucous town hall meeting in Oklahoma City last month, Republican State Sen. Ralph Shortey, who opposed the referendums, faced 200 constituents who opposed making any changes to the measures they d voted to pass. Do your job, one attendee yelled at Shortey. Leave the people s voice alone. The room broke into applause.

    Rory Fleming is a legal fellow at the Fair Punishment Project .

    Using the haproxy load-balancer for increased availability #debian #system #administration #news, #debian #sysadmin, #linux #administration, #linux #sysadmin, #sysadmin


    Posted by Steve on Wed 27 Aug 2014 at 14:12

    HAProxy is a TCP/HTTP load-balancer, allowing you to route incoming traffic destined for one address to a number of different back-ends. The routing is very flexible and it can be a useful component of a high-availability setup.

    The last time we looked at load-balancers was in 2005, where we briefly examined webserver load-balancing with pound .

    HAProxy is a little more flexible than pound when it comes to configuration, and in this article we’ll show how it can be used to balance traffic between the internet-at-large and a small number of local webservers, along with some of the more advanced facilities it supports.

    The general usecase for a load-balancer is to present a service on a network which is actually fulfilled by a number of different back-end hosts. Incoming traffic is accepted upon a single IP address, and then sent to actually be fulfilled by one of a number of back-end hosts.

    Splitting traffic like this allows a service to scale pretty well, barring any other limiting factors (such as a shared filesystem, a single database host, etc, etc).

    HAproxy can be used to route traffic regardless of the protocol, for example it could provide load balancing to:

    • Webservers
      • Such as a number of hosts running Apache, nginx, lighttped, etc.
    • Mail servers
      • Such as a small pool of hosts running postfix, exim4, qpsmtpd, etc.
    • Arbitrary TCP services
      • Such as APIs implemented in go, lua, or node.js.

    I’d imagine the most popular use-case though would be directing traffic to webservers. In this next example we’ll show connections made to a single IP address can be passed to four backend hosts.

    Getting Started with HAProxy

    To get started first install HAProxy. Depending on the release of Debian you’re running you might find you need to enable the backports repository first.

    If you see a “package not found” response do consult the package search results here. for a clue.

    Once installed the configuration is carried out solely by editing the configuration file /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg .

    The following example is perhaps the simplest useful configuration, listening for incoming HTTP requests on port 80, and distributing those requests to one of four back-end hosts:

    With this configuration file in place the service can be restarted to make it live, and the configuration file will be tested for errors before that occurs:

    This example is pretty similar to that we demonstrated with pound. so many years ago, however HAProxy has many useful additions which we can now explore.

    Obviously for this example to be useful to you it must be updated to refer to the real backends, and they must be reachable from the host you’re running the proxy upon. In this case our traffic is passed to port 8080 on a number of hosts in the network. In my case I tend to run a small VPN to allow members of a VLAN to communicate securely. Even though I trust my hosting company I see no reason that my traffic should be sniffed.

    Equally although this example will give you increased availability, because any failing backend will be removed, it won’t provide high -availability because the proxy itself is now a single point of failure.

    To use HAProxy for high-availability it should be coupled with IP failover to remove itself as a single point of failure.

    Load-Balancing Modes

    The simple example listed previously routed traffic “randomly” between the various backend hosts.

    There are various different options, which may be specified via the “balance ” directive, in the backend section. The three most common approaches are:

    • Distributing each request in turn to the next server:
      • balance roundrobin
    • Distributing each incoming request to the least loaded backed we have:
      • balance leastconn
    • Distribute each request to a particular server, based upon the hash of the source IP making that request:
      • balance source

    Of these options only the “balance source ” requires any real discusion. This method will ensure that a request from the IP address will always go to the same backend. assuming it remains alive. This allows you to sidestep any issues with cookie persistence if sessions are stored locally.

    The roundrobin mode also allows you to assign weights to the backends, such that bigger hosts can receive more of the traffic. The following example has four hosts, two of which have more RAM/CPU to burn, and receive more of the traffic:

    The “weight ” parameter is used to adjust the server’s weight relative to other servers. All servers will receive a load proportional to their weight relative to the sum of all weights, so the higher the weight, the higher the load. By giving the first two servers weights twice those of the last two we should see they handle twice as many requests as those.

    Health Checks

    HAproxy will notice if a back-end disappears entirely, because it will fail to connect.

    Beyond that though you might wish to programatically determine whether a host is in the pool. The way you do that is by definining the URL that the proxy will poll.

    Each backend host can have a URI defined which will be used to determine whether the host is alive – if that URI fails to return a “HTTP 200 OK ” response then the host will be removed, and receive no new connections.

    The following example will request the file /check.php. sending the correct HTTP host header, against each of the named servers.

    Although we’ve not talked about load-balancing TCP-connections, rather than HTTP-connections, this next example shows how you could test that a Redis server is still working:

    This example first sends a “PING ” string, expecting a “PONG ” reply, then tests that the remote host is a Redis master. As you can see this is both simple to configure and extraordinarily powerful.

    If you consult the HAProxy documentation you’ll find further details which can be used to specify the number of failures required to remove a host, and tweak things such that post-failure a host must respond positively a specific number of times before it is reintroduced, avoiding flaps as services come and go in quick succession.

    Adding Gzip Support

    Although it isn’t possible to rewrite incoming requests, or massage the output received from the backend hosts arbitrarily one thing that is supported by HAProxy is adding Gzip compression between itself and the requesting client.

    To enable this update your front-end definition:

    Obviously there is a trade-off to be made here:

    • With no compression you’ll serve more network traffic.
    • With compression enabled your CPU will have to do more work, (to performi the compression).

    In the general case HAProxy has sufficiently low overhead that it is probably a good idea to enable compression. If your load-levels start to rise too high you might want to reconsider that though. This is a common server tuning consideration .

    (Adding single/static headers is supported, but complex rewrites are not possible.)

    DoS protection

    HAProxy can be used to protect servers from particular kinds of attacks, most notably the “slowlaris” attack – where a remote host ties open multiple connections to your server and simply sends requests very very slowly.

    To mitigate against this you’d add timeout options:

    Here we’ve setup some timeout values which seem sane – If a remote client makes a request to your server that takes longer than 5 seconds it will be closed, for example.

    Further documentation on the timeout options is available in the HAProxy website along with other notes on connection-counting.

    If you have a sufficiently recent version of HAProxy it can be configured to keep a running count of the connections initiated by remote IP addresses – protecting you from a single host attempting to open many connections.

    The version of HAProxy available to Debian’s stable release, as a backport, doesn’t currently support this connection-tracking, but you can install a later 1.5 version via the site.

    With a suitably recent release of HAProxy the following definition will allow you to reject more than ten simultaneous connections from a single source:

    Final Example

    The final version of our sample configuration file would look like this, taking advantage of all the options we’ve covered so far.

    There is a lot more to HAProxy than this brief introduction has covered, such as the SSL support, but I hope it was useful regardless.

    Security Cameras and Surveillance #surveillance #cameras, #surveillance #system, #ip #camera, #cctv #camera, #video #recorder, #network #camera, #video #monitoring #kits, #surveillance #hard #drive

    # – A great place to buy computers, computer parts, electronics, software, accessories, and DVDs online. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service – once you know, you Newegg.

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    If you see this message, your web browser doesn’t support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings so can function correctly.

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    Security Cameras & Surveillance

    • Security Cameras and Surveillance

    Security Cameras & Surveillance

    Why rely on third party security companies to protect you when you can build the perfect home surveillance ecosystem yourself? Gone are the days of advertising your home security system with a sign pinned to your lawn and hoping nobody tested your setup. Take charge of your home security with a CCTV surveillance system that is discreet, high-powered, and built to last.

    Build the Perfect System

    Link up individual analog cameras from LaView, Ezviz, and Night Owl Security Products or get a pre-built surveillance system kit. Choose between four or eight camera kits that are built to endure outdoor weather conditions and record full 1080p in both day and night. Featuring a built-in, large-volume DVR, they often also come with free cloud access so you can back up and access the footage from anywhere.

    Video encoders from AXIS allow you to configure multiple individual streams per channel in H.264, which means you’ll be able to easily transfer your footage into other types of physical and digital media. These separate channels each have their own IP address, giving them an extra layer of security. Oh, and don’t forget to add in a dedicated HDTV to view your live footage. Want to enhance a specific frame? Many of these Analog Cameras boast a powerful three million pixel resolution.

    Security You Can Trust

    If you’re looking for a simpler approach to home security, then a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) network camera is a great option. D-Link, Nestcam, Netgear, and Trendnet all have IP cameras that, unlike the typical analog cameras you find in a CCTV system, can send and receive data through your home network. The benefit is that you only need one cable to power and run the system, a great option if you don’t want to run a bunch of cables outside. Another good thing is that by adding an Uninterruptable Power Supply. you can guarantee 24/7 operation. Add in an auto surveillance VLAN from D-Link to make sure that your surveillance system is given priority traffic over everything else in your network.

    If you think this all sounds like a big investment, remember there can be multiple applications for your home surveillance system. In addition to security, outdoor cameras provide extra accountability. Expecting a package on a day and the delivery service claims they already came by? Now you have the video footage to prove otherwise. Plus, because they’re equipped with night vision, they’re also a great way to view any four-legged visitors who may only show up after dark. You’ll find that the more information you can have at your disposal, the more secure you’ll feel.

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    Why can’t we show you details of this product?

    Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.

    Price Available at Checkout

    How do I find out the price?

    1. Add it to your shopping cart
    2. Go to checkout, the price will be listed in the Order Summary
    3. You can remove the product from your order by clicking the “Edit Shopping Cart” button
    4. To keep it, click the “Submit Order” button

    Why can’t we show you details of this product?

    Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.

    Why can’t we show you details of this product?

    Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.

    6 Phone System Features Every Business Needs #phone #system #features


    6 Phone System Features Every Business Needs

    The technology of telephony is always changing. There are big infrastructure changes, such as the shift from landlines to mobile and the shift from traditional phones to VoIP. There are also many small functional changes that these big changes make possible.

    In this article, we highlight six features of modern business phone systems that have been enabled by big telephony changes over the past two decades. Some of these features bring small efficiencies to how your business uses its phones, while others bring systemic improvements to how phone systems are managed and secured. All are easy to implement. If your business is lacking any of them, 2014 could be the year to change that.

    1. Forward your calls to any device with “Find Me, Follow Me”

    When you receive an email, you can read it from your computer in the office, your tablet at home, your cell phone on the road or any other device with Internet access. Find Me, Follow Me (FMFM), a feature common to modern phone systems, makes the same possible with phone calls.

    Phone calls happen in real time, so you need to set some rules for how you want FMFM to reach you. You can have it, for example, ring all your devices simultaneously, or have them ring in your chosen sequence: Try my office line first. If I don’t answer that, then call my cell. If I don’t answer that, then call my coworker. If there s still no answer, then go to voicemail.

    “Almost any business that is heavily sales-oriented is going to find this a very attractive feature,” explains Jeff Palmer, manager of inside sales and marketing at Jive Communications. “Especially when you’re talking about professional sales, like insurance agents, real estate agents, anyone dealing in investments, or high-end professional sales these people can’t afford to miss calls, so FMFM allows them to not be handcuffed to their desks.”

    2. Read quickly instead of listening slowly with voicemail transcription

    If you run a small business or spend much time on the phone, chances are good you also spend a lot of time listening to voicemail messages. A feature common to many newer phone services is voicemail transcription.

    “This is huge for our customers,” explains Jeff Valentine, chief marketing officer at Fonality. “Instead of listening to voicemails, with this add-on users can read their voicemails in their email inbox. We literally transcribe the messages into text and email both the transcription as well as an attachment with the original audio recording to the user.”

    These services rely on speech recognition technology to transcribe the audio into emails. This means the messages aren’t always transcribed perfectly word-for-word, but not having someone listen to and manually transcribe messages removes any privacy risks.

    3. Add new extensions as needed with easy expansion

    Traditional telephones are needy; they need their own wire connecting them to the network. If your network has only ten lines and you want an 11th phone, then a new physical line must be added. This is inconvenient and expensive, and it might even be the reason you started looking into new phone systems in the first place.

    Unlike traditional telephones, VoIP phones connect to computer networks. They can either plug directly into computers, plug into the networks the computers are on, or in the case of VoIP softphones (software phones), run as software on a computer. In all three cases, the number of phones on a network is limited only by bandwidth.

    The shift away from copper phone lines to digital bandwidth is one of the big infrastructure changes we mentioned. Unlike phone lines, bandwidth isn’t a physical thing. Bandwidth can be thought of as a virtual commodity; if more is needed, you simply pay for more. In most cases, no physical hardware changes need to be made.

    4. Have total control over active calls with Monitor, Whisper, Barge and Record

    One of the big infrastructure changes we’ve seen is the digitalization of voice calls. Calls that operate in the digital world can seamlessly integrate with computers. This means many advanced call features are only a mouse click away.

    Below is an example of the Heads Up Display (HUD) used by Fonality phone systems. Each phone line in the system is displayed in its own box, with different colors to indicate the status of the call. Clicking on an active call displays the pop-up window seen here in the lower center.

    Monitor: This lets you simply listen in on a call. Neither party can hear you on the line. This is useful for employee training and monitoring for quality assurance.

    Whisper: This lets you listen in on a call and speak so that only the internal party can hear you. Giving suggestions to an employee who is speaking with a customer is one use-case scenario for this feature.

    Barge: This lets you join an in-progress call, allowing both parties to hear you. It’s similar to a conference call, but can be initiated anytime. If, for example, a manager is monitoring a call and needs to intervene, the barge function allows that.

    Record: Accessed by pushing the red circle, this starts a two-way recording of the phone conversation. The recording is saved as an audio file on a network server, where it can later be retrieved and reviewed.

    5. Manage systems with ease with an intuitive browser interface

    What good are new features if you can’t figure out how to access them? Thankfully, recent years have brought huge improvements to user interfaces. Gone are the days when changing a small setting on office hardware required learning the exact sequence of buttons to push on an unintuitive panel with no user feedback.

    Many modern systems allow you to make configuration changes through a user-friendly web browser interface. These interfaces keep simple tasks simple- changing your voicemail greeting, viewing call statistics and managing active calls are all as straightforward as browsing a web page.

    The Shoretel® Contact Center Director shows the level of control available with browser-based system management tools

    Intuitive browser interfaces have done more than make simple tasks simple; they’ve also made advanced tasks available to un-advanced users. Making system-wide changes like rearranging extensions and reorganizing call-flow processes can often be accomplished without calling in outside help.

    6. Secure and simplify your phone system by moving it to the Cloud

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the ability to make the management of your phone system infrastructure someone else’s responsibility.

    “For small and medium businesses, we’re starting to see a big wave of people wanting to move to the cloud,” says Palmer of Jive Communications. This shift is primarily due to a desire for improved security, simplicity and more trouble-free system management.

    It’s a common misconception that in-house systems are more secure than cloud-based systems they’re only more secure if they’re better managed. While many larger organizations do have teams of dedicated IT security specialists keeping their internal networks safe, small and midsize businesses often do not. Moving core components of a telephone system to a cloud-based service puts it in the hands of the professional security experts these companies employ to keep customer data safe. It’s often the most economical way to keep your system secure.

    It can also be an economical way to keep things simple. Business phone networks are complex, and keeping them running smoothly can be a challenge, especially as a company grows. Moving infrastructure management to the cloud shifts this responsibility to companies that specialize in this area.

    ShoreTel and the ShoreTel logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ShoreTel, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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    Data Center Build Cost Savings – Green Revolution Cooling #data #center #flooring #system


    Data Center Build
    Cost Savings

    Reduce Data Center Build Costs by Up to 60%

    The CarnotJet System is enables the lowest data center build-out cost in the industry. The system eliminates the need for capital intensive air conditioning equipment and can be deployed in an unconditioned bare shell such as a warehouse, thereby significantly reducing the construction and equipment costs and deployment time.
    Here is what makes the CarnotJet System the ideal choice for prudent infrastructure planners:

    Immersion-cooled systems do not require chillers, CRAC units, raised flooring, etc. This method has the potential to cut in half the construction costs.

    David Prucnal, P.E. at NSA

    Eliminates Capital Intensive Equipment (Chillers, CRACs/CRAHs, raised floors, etc.)

    The CarnotJet System completely eliminates the need for any air conditioning or handling equipment including chillers, CRACs/CRAHs, air filtration, humidity control systems, etc. Apart from being extremely capital intensive, these systems are also energy and space intensive and add to the complexity of the build.

    Minimal Site Requirements- Warehouse Vs Whitespace

    The CarnotJet System eliminates the need for any kind of specialized infrastructure including raised floors, aisle containment, and plenum spaces. The system is equally deployable on a concrete slab in a warehouse, as is in a state-of-the-art whitespace facility. All that is required is a powered shell and access to a warm water line. This ability of the system to be deployed in an unconditioned space has allowed data centers to expand in spaces that were once considered unusable.
    Apart from the significant cost savings from building out in an unconditioned space, the minimal infrastructure makes meeting building code requirements a breeze, in any part of the world.

    The image on the right shows a CarnotJet rack installed in a loading dock. This single rack can support over 100 kW of IT load.

    Downsizes Power Backup Infrastructure

    The CarnotJet System reduces the total (IT + Cooling) power of a data center by up to 50%, as compared to traditional air cooling. This reduction in peak power translates into a proportional downsizing of all electrical and backup infrastructure, including capital intensive equipment such as diesel generators, and battery backup. Thereby significantly reducing the upfront cost of a data center.

    Simplified Hardware

    The CarnotJet System enables simplification of servers that can yield substantial energy and upfront cost savings, this is made possible through:

    • Elimination of fans, intricate chassis, heat spreaders, etc.
    • Replacement of detailed chassis with simple flat sheets of metal
    • Downsizing of power supplies, to compensate for fan removal
    • Picking optimal components without concerns regarding form factor and thermal restraints.

    Overall, choosing the right combination, and size of optimized hardware can result in savings close to $300 per server, adding up to a total of up to $12,000 per 42U rack.

    The above image shows a simplified server: two boards mounted on a single frame. This is the complete server; nothing is hidden from view.

    To learn more about how GRC helped the Vienna Scientific Cluster optimize their hardware, download the VSC case Study here

    Data Center Fire Suppression Systems: What Facility Managers Should Consider – Facilities Management Data Centers Feature #data #center #flooring #system


    Data Center Fire Suppression Systems: What Facility Managers Should Consider

    Facility managers have a range of factors to consider when it comes to data center fire suppression systems. The primary fire protection systems used within data centers typically include: wet pipe sprinklers, pre-action sprinklers, and special suppression (i.e. clean agent, inert gas, or mist). Suppression systems need to consider higher challenge areas such as automated information storage systems units and tape libraries.

    A wet pipe sprinkler system is the most basic sprinkler system option. This system, however, is always water-filled and is therefore usually not a preferred approach in data centers. These pipes have the potential for false discharge and water leaks or pipe failure, which could damage equipment and disrupt service. Welded pipe systems are preferred, although mechanical pipe connections are still found in many older facilities.

    Two water-based fire suppression methods are typically preferred for data centers: single and double interlock systems. Single interlock systems rely on a separate event such as a smoke detector to activate before water is released into the system. In this case, if an individual sprinkler were to fail or break due to mechanical damage without a detector in alarm, the system will not release water into the pipes. After water fills the pipes, the system acts as a traditional wet pipe system and will not discharge water until temperatures in the room are high enough to activate a sprinkler.

    A double-interlock pre-action system provides additional redundancy before water is released into pipes. Both a detector actuation, typically a smoke detector, and a sprinkler actuation must occur simultaneously before water will enter pipes. Usually the most critical applications warrant such a system.

    Alternative suppression systems, clean-agent or inert gases, are the most common non-water based protection systems in data centers. These gaseous agents actuate early in a fire scenario to protect the data and IT equipment. Clean agents were developed as a replacement for Halon 1301. Because these systems do not use water, they are considered less likely to damage electrical equipment.

    Clean agents are classified as either halocarbon agents or inert gases. Both types require a minimum design concentration based on agent classification and potential fire scenario to extinguish a fire. Factors such as pre-discharge warning signals, manual discharge stations, space considerations for agent supply, reserve agent supply, total flooding, or local flooding applications need to be considered when designing clean agent systems. NFPA 2001, Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. provides guidance on the design of clean-agent fire extinguishing systems.

    Water mist provides another alternative. These suppression systems use high pressure water to produce very fine water droplets, with most droplet diameters less than 1000 microns. Mist systems have benefits similar to clean-agent systems. See NFPA 750, Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems.

    Many authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) will not allow an alternative automatic extinguishing system to be the only means of fire protection in a data center. Typically, a pre-action sprinkler system is required in addition to an alternative system. Alternative suppression systems are typically used for property protection and business continuity, extinguishing a fire in its earliest stages. Sprinkler systems provide complete sprinkler coverage required by code, in the event the alternative system fails.

    In all instances, the fire alarm and suppression systems are required to be interfaced in a data center fire protection application. A control panel, often referred to as a releasing panel, relies on input from the fire alarm detection system to then subsequently open pre-action valves, initiate alternative suppression, sound pre-discharge alarms, shut down ventilation, or other actions. It is important in any design that all required interfaces be thoroughly examined and considered.

    Continue Reading: Data Center Fire Protection

    Kerui G18 Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Siren, wholesale cheap discount price #kerui #g18b,wireless #alarm, #burglar #system, #alarm #gsm, #system.


    Kerui G18 Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Siren; This alarm system is a high-end GSM alarm with stable and reliable performance and applies 1.7-inch TFT color screen and touch keyboard with built-in powerful CPU master and excellent operation experience. Automatic voice prompt or SMS message notify the location and events upon alarm. Compatible with wireless PIR sensor, door sensor, smoke detector, gas detector, panic button etc. It has been widely used in home, factory, school, shop, villa and residential area to provide protection for valuable assets.; Arm/Disarm by different method. Remote Control, on Main Panel, Dialing to the system or sending SMS to the system, App operate in smartphone; Easy to add additional accessories. Easy to add compatible wireless detectors (wireless learning code); Alarm record inquiry for 30 records; Different arm mode. Away Arm, Home Arm, Delay Arm, Emergency Arm; Priority arm calling: Even the line is busy, system will dial out proirity when alarming. Build-in rechargeable battery (automatically recharge). For short term backup only. App operate in Smartphone. Free Apps available for download in iPhone or Andriod phone. Simple using App to send SMS for making Away Arm, Disarm, Get record. We hope our excellent products,warm-hearted service can obtain your favors! Wholeheartedly welcome your support and cooperation.

    Home >> Security alarm system >>Kerui G18 Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Siren

    Kerui G18 Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Siren

    Kerui G18 Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Siren

    Kerui G18 Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Siren

    1.)TFT color display, humanized menu, operation with voice prompt, easy to use.
    2.)There are 99 zones and 8 zone types optional in each zone; ON/OFF siren in each zone is available.
    3.)4 sets scheduled arm/disarm/stay arm function by zone/day/time.
    if you want to know wholesale discount price,please contact us by e-mail.

    If your shipment is delivered to a remote area,this charge will be added to your shipping cost.Checking your area is a remote area or is not a remote area on the website:

    Kerui G18 Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Siren Specifications:

    Package included :-
    GSM Alarm System x 1
    PIR Sensor x 5
    Door Sensor x 5
    Remote Controller x 2
    Outdoor Siren x 1
    Power Adapter x 1
    User manual x1

    This alarm system is a high-end GSM alarm with stable and reliable performance and applies 1.7-inch TFT color screen and touch keyboard with built-in powerful CPU master and excellent operation experience. Automatic voice prompt or SMS message notify the location and events upon alarm. Compatible with wireless PIR sensor, door sensor, smoke detector, gas detector.panic button etc. It has been widely used in home, factory, school, shop,villa and residential area to provide protection for valuable assets.

    Package included

    We also provide other FUERS Wireless Wired accessories for sale. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.
    We will send power adapter according to your country!

    Main Function And Feature:

    • TFT color display,humanized menu, operation with voice prompt, easy to use
    • There are 99 zones and 8 zone types optional in each zone; ON/OFF siren in each zone is available.
    • 4 sets scheduled arm/disarm/stay arm function by zone/day/time.
    • 6 groups alarm phone No. automatically dial preset phone number when power failure.
    • 10s automatic message recording with built-in artificial voice,so that user can know the alarm place and zone when receive the alarm call remotely.
    • Arm/Disarm, Monitor, Speaker, siren ON/OFF, smart socket ON/OFF remotely.
    • Wireless study 1527 series accessories, and as much as 99 detectors and 99 remote controls.
    • Telephone/SMS message long-distance control for arming, disarming, monitoring, remote announcement.
    • APP control host set and administration, and supports IOS/Android.
    • Host can call other phones directly as a common phone
    • One-way alarm linkage wireless relay, and one-way wireless strobe siren
    • Integrate high precision clock chip so that time never lost even power failure.
    • Display the latest 72 arm/disarm and 102 alarm records
    • 2 groups of CID number,Compatible with international alarm networking protocol Contact ID
    • Low-voltage indication and anti-tamper
    • Built-in rechargeable high capacity LI battery and supply power automatically when power supply failure
    • Caller ID display, power-off reminder.
    • Host applies four frequency GSM/GPRS module

    Choose Your Perfect Alarm System And Make Best Use Of It


    Emar system #emar #system


    Omnicell eMAR automates the entire medication management and administration process, making it safe, simple and compliant for everyone involved. The system gathers information, provides prompts and accurate instructions for care home staff and gives managers real time medication administration data at the touch of a button.

    Omnicell eMAR for Pharmacy

    Invest in Omnicell eMAR and you can offer your care homes a fully automated medication management and administration process, making it safe, simple and compliant for everyone involved.

    Help your care home to automate their medication management with Omnicell eMAR and:

    • Generate additional revenue by investing in Omnicell eMAR
    • Integrate with your PMR or acts as a standalone system
    • Create an electronic interface with your care homes
    • Comply with NHS IG Toolkit
    • Support compliance and CQC audit and guidelines

    Omnicell eMAR for Care home

    Omnicell eMAR uses patient specific barcoding coupled with original packs or blister packaging to automate the entire care home medication management and administration process, making it safe, simple and compliant for everyone involved. Talk to your pharmacist today about Omnicell eMAR and you will always be ready for a CQC inspection.

    • One easy to learn and simple to use system
    • All equipment, software and licenses provided
    • Free custom planning and installation
    • Initial training and ongoing support every step of the way
    • 7am to 9pm technical support, 365 days a year
    • How to guides
    • Data governance guidance to ensure compliance with NHS IG toolkit
    • Always be ready for a CQC inspection with Omnicell eMAR

    How to order Please contact us – our experienced sales team are here to help, no matter how big or small your requirement.

    +44 (0) 161 413 5333

    Since 1992, Omnicell automated healthcare solutions have enabled healthcare facilities to improve efficiency, patient safety, medication adherence, and regulatory compliance.

    Julie Spencer, Head of Care at Avery Healthcare Group, discusses how the introduction of innovative technology has improved medication management within their care homes.

    Omnicell Uses The Clinical Pharmacy Congress Show As A Platform To Launch New Awareness Campaign Safe: Safeguard Against Frontline Errors

    Omnicell Introduce New Automated Pharmacy Filling Solution, Omnicell VBM 200F

    CRM Software #crm #software, #customer #management #software, #small #business #crm, #crm #application, #crm #system, #online #crm, #hosted #crm


    Intrabench CRM Software

    Small business CRM software to manage all your customer relations using your contacts and company knowledge. Intrabench CRM is a convenient software centre to manage your accounts, invoicing, sales and marketing. Intrabench crm software also provides full email management capabilities including client tracking and bulk email. Intrabench CRM is a fast, secure and reliable way to organise contacts, drive sales, manage productivity and keep accounts – all from your personal user-interface – simple and intuitive CRM.

    Monitor your performance

    Be more organised and don’t forget expensive leads

    Intrabench is designed with the business in mind, each feature is created to save time and enhance your productivity. Have a look at the features and see how some of these will benefit you, from searching for clients, call back reminders, opportunity tracking, quotes and invoicing to automatically chasing payments. Intrabench offers you the entire circle of operation that no other small business crm system can offer. Try it and you’ll see why so many people love it.

    Use your time more effectively

    Intrabench is a complete business-management and data protection CRM software system. Versatile, fast and secure, Intrabench is the best way to organise contacts, drive sales, manage productivity and keep accounts – all from your customised user interface. Intrabench also provides full email management capabilities including client tracking and bulk email. Create surveys, text contacts and set reminders for call-backs at the click of a button.

    Intrabench is a hosted (online) CRM, therefore leaves you without the stress of managing any hardware, organising backups and carrying out maintenance upgrades. It’s all done for you, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    Small Business CRM

    Intrabench’s small business CRM software brings the power of customer relationship management within easy reach of small and mid-size businesses. The tools allow you to consolidate customer data in a single secure database that you can access from anywhere and at any time. In-depth customer history can be maintained which enables you to provide a personalised one-to-one service. This helps to create and maintain customer loyalty, and thereby maximise customer retention.

    How can CRM software benefit your business

    CRM can benefit virtually all departments within an organisation: including sales and support, finance, forecasting, human resources, manufacturing, R D, and logistics. Allowing you to keep track of everything going on in your organisation.

    View case studies of current customers who are completely satisfied with Intrabench to see how easily Intrabench CRM can be incorporated into your business. We have clients ranging from high-end development industries, financial services and retail outlets as well as one man bands who just want to keep their affairs on track.

    • Be quicker to follow up leads (automatically).
    • Convert leads and track conversations made.
    • Manage billing and accounts with ease.
    • View reports on sales, opportunities and invoices due or overdue.
    • Market your product and see response rates and clicks.
    • Allow staff to work better by sharing information.

    Customer Management Software

    Intrabench specialises in Customer Management Software that can assist any size of business. Our web based solutions provide the best answer for companies seeking to buy a wealth of usable features and information than can be easily accessed with our online web based Customer Management Software. Reporting is made simple and offers applications that many other UK Customer Management Software solutions do not come close to matching.

    One tool to perform many tasks

    Management Training Courses #environmental #management #system #training #courses


    Management Training Courses


    The OH S standard is currently at Draft International Standard (DIS) stage. We are developing a range of training courses to meet the demands of industry commencing with the ISO 45001 DIS update workshop.

    For further ISO 45001 information and updates please click here

    We are pleased to announce the following NEW COURSES are now available to BOOK

    Do you export to the USA? are you planning to?

    We have added to our training portfolio the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved training course to meet the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) requirements for food processors. This course, was developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) under a grant from the FDA and satisfies the requirement for exporters of food or food ingredients to the US.

    This one day course is designed to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to successfully implement Issue 3 of the standard at their site and is for delegates from sites that are currently certified to Issue 2 of the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution. It is aimed at personnel working in the logistics sector or manufacturers operating a logistics division as well as retailers and food service companies.

    This 2 day course will provide delegates with an understanding of the content of the BRC Storage and Distribution Standard Issue 3 in terms of the protocol and the requirements and includes BRC auditing methodology and events during and after the audit. The course is designed for all personnel working in the logistics sector or manufacturers operating a logistics division as well as retailers and food service companies. Auditors and consultants will also benefit from attending this course.


    October 2016 – Publication of the new international standard IATF 16949:2016.

    November 2016 – Release of Rules.

    January 2017 – Date from which the new standard will be in effect.

    September 2018 – Date by which all organisations must transition to the new standard or risk losing their certification. No audits (initial, surveillance, re-certification or transfer) shall be conducted to ISO/TS 16949:2009 after 1st October 2017.

    Call our Sales Team on 02921 510 190 to talk through your options

    Top 10 Best Wireless Home Security Alarm System, Wireless Security System Reviews, home alarm system price.#Home #alarm #system #price


    Home alarm system price

    The Dakota Alert WMA-3000 Wireless Motion Alert Kit-600 Max Range is an instrument that can protect your home or business from unexpected visitors. The WMA-3000 system sends an immediate alert when a person or car enters your property. The transmitter from the system operates on only one 9 Volt battery and it is weatherproof so.

    The Visonic POWERMAX+ KIT2 or PowerMax Plus wireless home security system is one of the most advanced home security and automation platform available in the market today. The PowerMax Plus is easy to be configured and it offers clean wireless installation. The kit that comes together with the system has pre-programmed sensors. The system also.

    The AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY provides the users the peace of mind similar to what other advanced wireless alarm system could provide, just like what the AAS 500 does. The AAS 600 wireless alarm system is one of the most affordable, technologically advanced, sophisticated, yet easy to use and install.

    The Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit is a wireless security alarm system designed to protect you and your family from intruders, theft, accident, fire, flood or other emergency. The system is normally use in small to medium houses or offices of up to 3,000 square feet. The SC-100 does not require monitoring or registration.

    The GE 51107 Personal Security Alarm System Kit which is priced at around $30 features a deluxe door alarm with four-digit keypad and three independent window alarms. Wiring or drilling is not required because the alarm kit is a wireless system. Each of the 120-decibel alarms is quite loud to make the intruder to hesitate.

    • Home alarm system price
    • Home alarm system price
    • Home alarm system price
    • Home alarm system price
    • Home alarm system price


    • Home alarm system price

    Home alarm system price

    Connect with me

    • Home alarm system price

    AAS V200 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Review

    [easyazon-image align= right asin= B0041HQX3Q locale= us height= 160 src= width= 160 ]The [easyazon-link asin= B0041HQX3Q locale= us ]AAS V200 Wireless Home Security Alarm System[/easyazon-link] continually monitors you property whether you are at home or away.

    This full-featured Wireless Home Security System is a combination of the most popular security features in an economical package.

    The [easyazon-link asin= B0041HQX3Q locale= us ]AAS V200[/easyazon-link] gives you peace of mind that your family and property are protected.

    It accommodates unlimited number of sensors in each zone with 99 zone displays. It has auto-dialing capability for up to six phone numbers when alarm is triggered, and has redialing feature.

    This AAS Wireless Home Security System is among the most technologically-advanced, sophisticated and most affordable systems in the market.

    Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master Security System Review

    [easyazon-image align= right asin= B003X26LYG locale= us height= 160 src= width= 107 ]The [easyazon-link asin= B003X26LYG locale= us ]Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master Security System[/easyazon-link] gives you peace of mind that your family and home are protected from intruders even when you’re not at home.

    It’s a complete digital video security system that allows you to access crystal-clear HD-quality video online and on your mobile phone anywhere with its free iPhone, Blackberry and Android apps.

    With high-quality video resolution of 960 x 720 at 15 frames per second, the HD-quality video images let you identify license plate numbers and facial features far better than analog IP or VGA cameras.

    This Logitech Home Security System eliminates the need for installing multiple cameras in one spot because it has wide-angle lens that provides 132 degrees of field of view.

    Set up is really easy with [easyazon-link asin= B003X26LYG locale= us ]Logitech Alert 750i[/easyazon-link] Home Security System as its set-up wizard guides you through the process.

    AAS V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Review

    Home alarm system priceThe AAS V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System offers all the bells and whistles that you need to efficiently protect your home from burglars.

    This AAS Wireless Home Security System accommodates unlimited number of sensors in each zone with 99 zone displays to give you the most extensive coverage for protecting your family and home.

    This Wireless Home Security System is one of the most technologically-advanced and sophisticated systems available at a very affordable price.

    It is easy to use and install without requiring professionals and extra wires and cables for setup.

    The AAS V500 automatically dials up to six pre-set phone numbers when alarm is triggered and has redial function.

    How to Restore Windows 10 #restore #computer #to #earlier #date, #restore #computer #to #an #earlier #time, #restore #computer #system #to #an #earlier #point #of #time


    How to Restore Windows 10/8/7 Computer to Earlier Date?

    Why restore computer to earlier date?

    To restore computer to an earlier time actually is as same as to restore your computer’s system to an earlier point of time. When you use computer, you may meet a lot of troubles. When the system crashed, the computer cannot boot successfully, and you cannot use the applications at all. In this situation, to restore computer to earlier date can help you go back to the previously state. Besides, there are many reasons can cause an unexpected change to your computer, such as a program, a driver, and your computer cannot work normally as before. To solve this problem, uninstalling the program may help a lot. But, if it doesn’t solve the problem, then, to restore computer to earlier date is a wise idea to bring your computer to a correct working state.

    How to restore computer to earlier date?

    Restore computer to earlier date is a good idea to help you go back to the correct state. Well then, how to restore computers system to an earlier point of time?

    To restore computer to the previous date, you must create a system backup image before. Then, when you need to do system recovery, you can use it directly. Windows 10/8/7 and other Windows operating system has snap-in tool which can create system image backup and restore it to your computer. Open it to create a system image backup and store it to other local partitions or an external hard drive. If there is something wrong, you can use it to restore your computer to an earlier date.

    However, many people think that the Windows built-in tool is complicated and it creates a big system backup image. Fortunately, AOMEI Backupper can help you a lot.

    Restore computer to earlier date with the AOMEI Backupper

    AOMEI Backupper is a great powerful software that can backup restore system, partition, disk, file/folder. Besides, it has many other utilities such as create bootable media, sync two folders, etc. It supports almost all the Windows OS no matter Windows PC or Windows Server. The free edition AOMEI Backupper Standard is designed for PC users, supports Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP. So, to restore computer to earlier date, you can download the freeware AOMEI Backupper Standard.

    Make sure that you have created system backup before (You can click System Backup under the Backup tab to create a system backup image ).

    Step1. Launch this freeware. Click Restore at the left side. It lists the task here, or you can click Path to select the image file to restore data from it. Click Next .

    Step2. It will popup a window to remind you that you are doing system restore, click Yes and select a backup time point to restore. Click it and click Next .

    Step3. It will move to the Operation Summary page. Here you can confirm the information, if there is no problem, click Start Restore to launch the progress.

    When the progress reached 100%, click Finish to exit.

    If you are more opt for restoring some drivers instead of all of them, have a try at this driver product . It allows you to select certain drivers that you need to backup and restore and thus save you tons of space to store other important files and programs. Moreover, it helps you detect and update all the needed drivers for FREE. Here is more detailed information about it.

    AOMEI Backupper enables you to do a universal restore. which can restore system from one computer to another computer. But this feature is only existing on AOMEI Backupper Professional edition, which means you need to upgrade your Standard edition to AOMEI Backupper Professional.

    Smart House: Burglar Alarm System by Vivint Tested – ABC News #smart, #house, #burglar, #alarm, #system, #vivint, #verizon,, #science #news, #technology #news, #gadget #news




    Yahoo!-ABC News Network | 2017 ABC News Internet Ventures. All rights reserved.

    Smart House Catches Burglars

    WATCH Monitor Home From Your Cell Phone

    For years the smart home has seemed like one of the ultimate dreams of how technology could enhance our lives — responding to, and even anticipating, every whim for entertainment, comfort, and safety. The road to the automated home, however, has been difficult — fraught with exorbitant prices, difficult installations, and incompatible and unreliable products.

    Even so, more companies are now looking to get into the business. Among them are Verizon Wireless, which has begun to offer home automation installations; security giant ADT via its Pulse offering; and Vivint (formerly APX Alarm) an up-and-coming ADT competitor, which installed its security and automation offering in my home and provided up to a year of service for me to test it.

    Vivint’s system is controlled in two main ways. The first is a touch panel installed near the front door that provides weather at-a-glance and is useful for arming and disarming the system upon entry. Arming can be done in either “home” or “away” mode, with the former turning off motion sensors. The second way is via a well-designed website and group of smartphone apps (no iPad app yet) from a company called that makes it easy to configure users and passwords, as well as operate nearly every aspect of the system remotely, which is one of the best features of the system.

    Vivint offers an impressive array of sensors based on the Z-Wave wireless home automation standard. These include motion detection, glass breakage detection, water detection, carbon monoxide and fire detection, and opening and closing of doors. If you’ve heard about alarms being set off by pets activating motion alarms, that problem seems to have been addressed by updates that only detect movement by much heavier beings. The system is even theoretically open to other Z-Wave components that can perform more high-tech wizardry, such as opening drapes; however, casual attempts at controlling components via home automation software yielded only partial success.

    While most of these sensors are barely noticeable, other parts of the Vivint system make your walls and ceilings look like they’ve sprung plastic goiters. The Vivint system logs everything, and allows you to have a complete record of every time someone opens a window a door.

    Speaking of doors, another key component is the door lock, which allows you to open the door with either a traditional key or a keypad. It was really liberating to leave the house without taking those jangling keys, and to be able to unlock a door from across the country remotely to let in the house sitter.

    Next up are the thermostats, which have simple monochrome touch screens for switching between heating and cooling. Vivint claims that between the discount on homeowners’ insurance, and the better energy savings achieved via programmable thermostats, the Vivint system can pay for itself. While I didn’t make that calculation, it was pretty cool — so to speak — to be able to turn on air conditioning remotely on the way home via the app. On occasion, though, the app did not receive feedback on the status of the thermostat, even when it successfully sent a command to turn the air on.

    This raises another point about home automation via Vivint, which is that everything is done through a cellular connection, even if you are at home. It would be nice to have a way to control the system via Wi-Fi, too.

    Along with temperature control, another key aspect of home control is lighting –particularly the ability to control dimming at various times. Vivint supports various lamp and appliance modules today for timed control of lamps, but the real win comes with control of in-wall switches that the company is planning to support. Alas, these proved to be Vivint’s Waterloo: Despite multiple visits, Vivint could not get the lights hooked up to the system, although it is likely to improve as the company gains experience with more installations.

    Vivint also offers two different kinds of cameras that can help keep tabs on things while you’re away, or record video in case you want to turn back the clock a bit and check for any home disruptions. One of its models offers remote panning and tilting capabilities to survey a large room, but it does not yet offer outdoor cameras for nighttime surveillance.

    Living in a home with any security system involves a bit of learning and lifestyle adjustment — and there was the inevitable false alarm that Vivint’s operators took in stride. The key thing about adding control of things like door locks, cameras, and thermostats is that they take what is normally a passive benefit — like security — and makes it something that can be actively used in daily life. It’s certainly not a need that everyone has, but it’s a much more affordable option than having a custom installer outfit one’s home.

    The dream of complete, seamless control of a home remains down the road, but those looking for a modern security system can at least unlock their front door remotely before they get home.

    SDLC Phases – Software Development Life Cycle #system #development #life-cycle


    You are here: Home / SDLC Models / Software Development Life Cycle SDLC Phases

    Software Development Life Cycle SDLC Phases

    SDLC Phases Explained

    What are the SDLC Phases? Software Development Life Cycle, or SDLC is a process used to develop software. There are different stages or phases within the Software Development Life Cycle and in each phase, different activities take place.

    SDLC creates a structure for the development teams to be able to design, create and deliver high quality software by defining various tasks that need to happen The life cycle defines a methodology for improving the quality of software and the overall development process.

    The methodology within the SDLC process can vary across organizations, but standards such as ISO/IEC 12207 represent processes that establish a life cycle for software, and provide a standard for building and maintaining software.

    The intent of a SDLC process it to help produce a product that is cost-efficient, effective, and of high quality.

    SDLC Phases

    1. Requirement Analysis

    Software Development Life Cycle begins with Requirement Analysis phase, where the stakeholders discuss the requirements of the software that needs to be developed to achieve a goal. The aim of the requirement analysis phase is to capture the detail of each requirement and to make sure everyone understands the scope of the work and how each requirement is going to be fulfilled.

    It is a normal practice to also discuss how each requirement will be tested and so testers can add great value in participating in requirement analysis meetings.

    Depending on which software development methodology is used, different approaches are taken in moving from one phase to another. For example, in the waterfall or V model . the requirement analysis phase are saved in a SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document and needs to be finalized before the next phase can take place.

    2. Design

    The next stage of Software Development Life Cycle is the Design phase. During the design phase, developers and technical architects start the high-level design of the software and system to be able to deliver each requirement.

    The technical details of the design is discussed with the stakeholders and various parameters such as risks, technologies to be used, capability of the team, project constraints, time and budget are reviewed and then the best design approach is selected for the product.

    The selected architectural design, defines all the components that needs to be developed, communications with third party services, user flows and database communications as well as front-end representations and behaviour of each components. The design is usually kept in the Design Specification Document (DSD)

    3. Implementation

    After the requirements and design activity is completed, the next phase of the Software Development Life Cycle is the implementation or development of the software. In this phase, developers start coding according to the requirements and the design discussed in previous phases.

    Database admins create the necessary data in the database, front-end developers create the necessary interfaces and GUI to interact with the back-end all based on guidelines and procedures defined by the company.

    Developers also write unit tests for each component to test the new code that they have written, review each other s code, create builds and deploy software to an environment. This cycle of development is repeated until the requirements are met.

    4. Testing

    Testing is the last phase of the Software Development Life Cycle before the software is delivered to customers. During testing, experienced testers start to test the system against the requirements.

    The testers aim to find defects within the system as well as verifying whether the application behaves as expected and according to what was documented in the requirements analysis phase.

    Testers can either use a test script to execute each test and verify the results, or use exploratory testing which is more of an experience based approach.

    It is possible that defects are identified in the testing phase. Once a defect is found, testers inform the developers about the details of the issue and if it is a valid defect, developers will fix and create a new version of the software which needs to be verified again.

    This cycle is repeated until all requirements have been tested and all the defects have been fixed and the software is ready to be shipped.

    5. Deployment and Maintenance

    Once the software has been fully tested and no high priority issues remain in the software, it is time to deploy to production where customers can use the system.

    Once a version of the software is released to production, there is usually a maintenance team that look after any post-production issues.

    If an issue is encountered in the production the development team is informed and depending on how severe the issue is, it might either require a hot-fix which is created and shipped in a short period of time or if not very severe, it can wait until the next version of the software.


    All the stages in the Software Development Life Cycle defined above are applicable to any software development methodology, but the duration and the activities in each phase depend on whether you follow the V Model development methodology or Agile.

    In Agile, the duration to deliver a working software is typically between 2 to 4 weeks and so each of the above phases are shortened. Also in agile, it is a whole team approach where the developers and testers are involved and work together to make a high quality product.

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    System requirements – Helpdesk Ticketing System by Jitbit #help #desk #software #ticketing #system


    Help Desk Software – System Requirements

    Any ASP.NET-compatible web hosting with MS SQL database support:

    • Windows 2000/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/2012 or above
    • IIS Server 6+ (IIS 7.0 or above is highly recommended)
    • .NET Framework 4.5
    • MS SQL Server 2005 and above (free Express edition is fine), optionally you can install Full-Text Search
    • (optional) If you plan to install the Helpdesk Software using “setup.exe” on a Windows 2008/2012/7/8 machine you may need to set up the “IIS 6 compatibility mode” (like described here ) OR install the product manually by copying the files to your web-server.
    • For inbound emails to work you need the “SocketPermission” for the helpdesk software application, and this may be disabled on some shared hostings

    Client-side requirements

    Any computer/smartphone/tablet with a browser (on PCs modern browsers are recommended: IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera).

    Did you know we have a hosted version?

    To save yourself from configuring a server, installing the ticketing system and maintaining updates later, consider trying the hosted helpdesk which is just a few seconds away.

    Help Desk Software

    Jitbit Software

    Helpdesk products

    Top features


    Copyright 2005-2017 Jitbit Software.

    Application Virtualization with Cameyo #cameyo, #application #virtualization, #virtualizer, #virtualize #program, #system #snapshot


    Application Virtualization with Cameyo

    application features
    • Make non-portable applications portable
    • (2 more, see all. )
    • Application-level virtualization
    • Included Package Editor lets you take a look inside the virtualized package

    Make any non-portable application portable through virtualization. Cameyo lets you shrink all the files of a regular application in a single package that can be used portably on any Windows system you run it on.

    The application works in a similar way as MojoPac. with the difference that the latter achieves this by installing the programs in a virtualized operating system, whereas Cameyo lets you enclose any application in its own virtual environment. Cameyo is free of charge and takes little time to install on the computer.

    You have to know from the beginning that the programs resulting from virtualization process are not 100% portable as once you run them on a clean computer they will leave traces in the registry. The process used by Cameyo to virtualize, relies on system snapshots taken before and after the installation of the targeted programs.

    These help determine the data the installed program requires in order to function properly. Next step consists in building up a package with all these files and create an executable file that launches them all on the host computer.

    Cameyo s interface is extremely simple, as it features only two options: start the installation capture and edit an existing package. These options can also be found separately in Tools folder of the application in the Start menu.

    The first part in the virtualization process does not take too much time to complete. During our tests the taking the initial snap of the system state required about two minutes to complete. Next follows the actual installation of the target program and configuring it to fit your needs.

    As far as the post-installation system snapshot is concerned, at each of our attempt this took quite some time. Its completion depends on the amount of the data added to the system. The software set used during our tests included FileZilla. uTorrent. Google Chrome and Maxthon 3 .

    For the first one we waited 7 minutes for the post-installation snapshot to complete, the second took the same, Chrome required about 6 minutes and Maxthon 3 lags behind with a total of 14 minutes. While taking the system snapshots it is advisable not to use your computer at all as this influences the resulting virtual package directly. Every move you make on the system drive between the two snapshots is recorded and added to the final result.

    Our experience with the virtualized results of Cameyo was not too pleasant. From all the aforementioned programs only FileZilla and uTorrent worked. Maxthon 3 would crash every time we tried to launch it while Google Chrome s interface loaded, but nothing worked as its tabs would crash and later attempts faced us with a fatal error informing us that the virtual key could not be opened, so the application would no longer load.

    To give it another chance, we packed the latest Opera and tried it. This one worked as it should and all settings made previous to post-install system snapshot were preserved upon launching on a different machine, just like in the case of FileZilla and uTorrent. But the launch took quite a while.

    Cameyo also features an editor for the virtualized packages it creates. This allows you to load a virtualized program and check the data it contains, both files and the entries that are deployed in the registry of the host system (HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software VOS section).

    All the registry entries and files available through Cameyo s Package Editor are actually the results of the modifications brought to the system drive between the two system snapshots. You have a chance to analyze them, and, in the case of files, it seems like you can delete the folders that have nothing to do with the virtualized application. We tried to eliminate the clutter but the impact on the package was insignificant.

    Cameyo proposes a very interesting and appealing form of virtualization, confining it to application level and thus allowing non-portable programs to be launched on different computers with the same user settings. But the resulting file will leave traces in the registry and hiccups are bound to occur. We had trouble with some of the virtualized apps as they refused to launch from a couple of reasons.

    The total process of creating a virtualized copy of a desired program could take quite long and the result may in some cases be larger than you have hoped unless you keep system activity to a minimum. In the case of Maxthon 3 the final result was 222MB in size and we could not slim it down through Cameyo s Package Editor.

    The Good

    It installs easily and does not require any computer knowledge to successfully complete a program virtualization job; all the steps come with instructions on what has to be done.

    In the case of paid products the license number is preserved so you do not have to type it on each computer you launch the app on.

    The Bad

    It happened more than once not to be able to launch the results of Cameyo on different computers. The post-install system snapshot is a very time consuming process in the case of some simple applications.

    Virtualized application remains installed on the host system and in case virtualization does not succeed as planned you have to uninstall them in order to repeat the procedure. Package Editor is more an informative component of the application as we could not trim the package down too much.

    The Truth

    Cameyo s approach on virtualization is indeed great, but the implementation needs some serious work in order to result in a stable application ready to tackle just about any sort of software. At the current stage there is much too scarce documentation and the nags we experiences are not at all small.

    Best Small Business Phone Systems 2017 #phone #system #for #small #business


    Best Small Business Phone Systems Comparison

    The small business phone systems compared on this page are our top picks, the top four phone systems for small businesses in the US. Small teams should bear in mind that these suppliers all cover large areas of the country, so if your team is locally based than it is possible that you may find a better deal with a smaller service provider that is based in your area. We compare small business phone systems on a national and regional level, so fill out the form at the top of the page to find the best small business phone systems for your area.

    Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to Save up to 30%

    Do you already have a Phone System ?

    8×8 Virtual Office

    8×8 communications are easy to use, manage and deploy. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a phone of your choice.

    Why 8×8?

    8×8 Virtual Office is one of the best all-around small business phone systems. It’s easy to use, has an assortment of useful features and costs as little as $21.99 per month. 8×8 is also an industry leader in customer support and boasts a 99.997% uptime. So, businesses can rest assured that their lines will be remain up and running throughout the year and that an agent is only a phone call should assistance be required.

    Since 8×8 Virtual Office requires no equipment to be installed or maintained, it’s an excellent choice for small businesses. Setup with 8×8 is as easy as plugging in your new 8×8 router and connecting your phones via an Ethernet port to start making and receiving calls. Unlike on-premise systems, 8×8 takes care of all maintenance and upgrades so you don’t need extra IT staff.

    8×8 has an impressive assortment of features ideal for small businesses. This includes call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail-to-email, automated attendants, caller ID blocking, and many more. Team collaboration is made easy with 8×8’s presence features which show who’s available and who’s busy, and lets staff members host online meetings. A full list of 8×8 features can be found on the 8×8 website.

    Ooma Office

    Ooma Office is an enterprise-grade phone service built for small businesses so you can be more professional. Ooma Office supports select IP phones, analog phones, and mobile phones.

    Why Ooma?

    What makes Ooma Office a great choice for small businesses is its straightforward setup, low cost and top-notch customer support. While Ooma doesn’t have the vast feature set offered by other suppliers, they offer the essentials for as little as $9.99 per month.

    Small businesses have the option of choosing a traditional or virtual phone system with Ooma. Ooma’s virtual system (Ooma Office for Mobile) is perfect for small businesses that want to present a professional image at all times and don’t want their personal devices to double up as office phones.

    Ooma Office for Mobile supports up to 20 employees and is the most affordable virtual small business phone system on our list. Ooma claims that small businesses who opt instead for their traditional on-premises system can get setup in 20 minutes or less.

    RingCentral Professional

    RingCentral Professional offers a complete hosted virtual phone service with toll-free and local numbers for voice, fax and text, starting at $9.99.

    Why RingCentral?

    RingCentral is one of the leading virtual phone systems for American businesses. It’s easy to use, is affordably priced and comes with a host of valuable features. What makes Ringcentral Professional an ideal choice for small businesses is that small teams can use their mobile devices to make and receive calls as their primary phone while still presenting a professional image at all times.

    Unlike most virtual phone systems that connect your desktop phone to a router, RingCentral Professional is a call-forwarding service that lets employees answer calls from customers on their mobile, home phone or any preferred line. Setup with RingCentral Professional is simple since no additional equipment is required to get up and running. If customer support is a priority then you are sure to be satisfied as we found RingCentral’s phone support to be of superb quality.

    ShoreTel Connect

    Want a hosted, managed service from the cloud? Prefer to maintain onsite control? Want a mix of both? ShoreTel Connect gives businesses the freedom to tailor their system to their needs.

    Why ShoreTel?

    ShoreTel is an excellent small business phone system for teams that require call center services. It comes with a host of advanced features ideally suited for call centers and is available as an on-premise and cloud-hosted solution. A key benefit of ShoreTel Connect is its built-in fail-safe that helps ensure your system is always up and running. Because each site switch acts as an independent call processor and the switches tap into landlines, the phones will work even if your system has gone out.

    The on-premise solution is a popular choice for small teams because it’s easy to scale the number of active devices up or down depending on your needs. It’s worth noting that, unlike their cloud-hosted system which is called ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, ShoreTel Connect ONSITE requires a technician to set-up.

    ShoreTel’s cloud-hosted systems can be set-up straight out of the box on the other hand. Businesses who opt for ShoreTel’s cloud system will find that maintenance is easy since ShoreTel handles everything and acts as your team’s very own IT department.

    Other Leading Suppliers

    Compare Small Business Phone System Providers


    A leading telecoms provider for over 30 years, Cisco has a range of options and phone system solutions to help small businesses improve their communications. As a leader in the field Cisco offer solutions that can help the growth of companies regardless of their sector or industry.

    Why Cisco?

    Cisco offers a range of small business phone systems that can help your company compete more effectively with larger organizations. Businesses that choose Cisco use the company’s voice, conferencing, and unified communications solutions to enhance their business communications.


    Estech Systems (ESI) is a Texas-based company which is trusted by some of the country’s biggest brands. So, if you’re a small team with an ambitious growth strategy then they may be right for you.

    Why ESI?

    ESI have been in service for over 30 years and offer cloud, hybrid, IP and SIP solutions. ESI provide a number of features that are ideal for small to medium sized organizations, including customizable music or messages for customers on hold as well as IP and softphone capabilities.


    Panasonic is one of the country’s leading small business phone system suppliers. They offer a range phone systems but their desktop IP phones are a flagship product for small teams.

    Why Panasonic?

    Panasonic manufacture a wide range of desktop phone systems and handsets ideal for small offices. With Panasonic you can save big on upfront costs by only adding new devices onto your network as and when they are needed. Panasonic phones are a great choice for small teams who need an affordable and quick solution.


    Mitel lets small businesses to take total control of their communications by offering tailored solutions for different industries and team sizes, making them a great choice for teams operating in niche industries.

    Why Mitel?

    Canadian-based Mitel has been helping businesses improve their communications since 1973. Mitel have a reputation for manufacturing phones that are affordably priced and of a very high quality. The company’s desktop IP phones are perfect for teams who want to appear professional at all times.


    Another leading provider, Zultys’ highly rated cloud phone systems allows small business to compete with larger organizations by offering feature rich solutions tailored for SMEs.

    Why Zultys?

    Zultys specialises in integrating voice, instant messaging, email, video and web conferencing, so that businesses can seamlessly communicate across all devices. Trusted by brands like Allstate, NPR, Timex and Mitsubushi, small teams won’t have to worry with Zultys about downtime or related service issues.

    Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to Save up to 30%

    Do you already have a Phone System ?

    From $19.99 per user per month

    Calculating the cost of a phone system for your small business depends on a number of factors. As laid out in the section above, there are a number of different types of system that come with their own unique advantages.

    Today there are a number of phone systems with the capabilities to be hosted away from your office on external servers. This reduces initial installations costs as well as helping you save money on hefty equipment and recurring maintenance fees, which can have a big impact in the long run. These virtual systems are easy to expand, meaning you no longer have to worry about paying huge fees whenever you need to add additional devices. Read our VoIP Phone System Buyers Guide [Updated for 2017] here.

    Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to Save up to 30%

    Do you already have a Phone System ?

    California bill to reform bail system is victim of false claims #california, #bail, #bonds, #system, #reform, #legislature, #dog, #bounty #hunter #


    In reforming the California bail bonds system, few defendants would need to pay a nonrefundable fee to a bond company to get pretrial release. Instead, courts would assess whether individual defendants were flight risks or threats to public safety. Eric Risberg The Associated Press

    In reforming the California bail bonds system, few defendants would need to pay a nonrefundable fee to a bond company to get pretrial release. Instead, courts would assess whether individual defendants were flight risks or threats to public safety. Eric Risberg The Associated Press

    May 18, 2017 1:30 PM

    False claims stoke fears about reforming California’s bail system

    Special to The Bee

    Assemblyman Travis Allen and reality TV star “Dog the Bounty Hunter” have a message: California bail reform is a threat to public safety.

    In a recent video, Allen insists, “Senate Bill 10 would eliminate the bail system in California.” He’s wrong. “If it passes, criminals would no longer have to post bail and would be free to roam our neighborhoods.” He’s wrong about that, too. “My good friend Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman joined me at the Capitol to fight SB 10 and protect our communities and keep fugitives where they belong.” Third strike: that’s not why the bail industry is fighting to protect commercial bail.

    Across a growing number of states, industry representatives are working to protect the status quo by making false claims about pretrial release and stoking fear about the consequences of reform.

    First, SB 10 would restructure California’s bail system. but it would not. as industry defenders claim, “eliminate the bail system.” With reform, few defendants would still need to pay a nonrefundable fee to a bond company to get pretrial release. Instead, courts would assess whether individual defendants were flight risks or threats to public safety. Defendants deemed “bad risks” would have to submit to release with conditions, like checking in with a pretrial officer or taking random drug tests.

    Second, bail industry representatives claim reform is dangerous because bail bond companies help protect public safety. That assertion bears little resemblance to my firsthand experience.

    I worked as a bail bond agent in a large urban county for a little over a year for my ethnographic research. During this fieldwork, I heard a great deal about “public safety” from lawyers arguing about bail and judges making pretrial release decisions. But I rarely encountered mentions of public safety in the bail office. So long as defendants could pay us 10 percent of their bail, provide a solid co-signer (and, in some cases, collateral), and convince us they weren’t a major flight risk, we’d bail them out. Once defendants are out, the company’s main concern is protecting its investments – not the public’s safety.

    To quote Allen, a Republican from Huntington Beach, our clients were “free to roam our neighborhoods.” We rarely kept in touch with clients unless they missed court or a payment; our office staff sent email and text reminders to avoid missing court. And we didn’t worry whether they might commit crimes while on release – that was the cops’ concern, not ours. Even if the police arrested someone we’d bailed out, our investment was protected: Defendants who are locked up don’t miss court.

    When pressed, industry representatives will insist that bail companies protect public safety by returning fugitives to justice. And yes, some defendants fail to appear for their court date, and recovery agents usually track them down. But our bail company typically waited days or weeks after receiving forfeiture notices before sending out a bounty hunter or otherwise spending money on fugitive recovery. Often, before any expenditure was needed, the police arrested our clients or defendants turned themselves into the local jail. No need to open our wallet and send out our own cavalry.

    The connection between commercial fugitive recovery and public safety, then, is truly tenuous. Even if we assume defendants roam the streets committing crimes as they await trial, that’s hardly a justification for cash bail. It would be at least as effective – though less profitable – to strengthen police departments’ capacities to track down fugitives.

    The bail lobby’s “tough on crime” campaign paints a misleading portrait of commercial bail. Their fight against SB 10 is not about protecting public safety. It’s about protecting a lucrative industry.


    Editor s Choice Videos

    Criminology – Criminology – Ryerson University #criminology, #criminal #justice, #crime, #police, #justice, #courts, #lawyer, #law, #youth #justice, #human #rights, #national #security, #aboriginal #governance, #policing, #research, #ryerson, #faculty #of #arts, #law #and #justice, #ba, #victims, #offenders, #criminal #justice #system, #social #anthropology, #sociology, #violent #crime, #psychology, #criminal #behaviour


    Department of Criminology

    Criminology at Ryerson

    The Criminology program at Ryerson examines the key players and institutions that affect, and are affected by, the justice system and other institutions of regulation. We seek to understand the balancing of the interests of victims, offenders, the public, and politicians along with concerns about human rights and social justice. This makes the field of criminology incredibly dynamic and ever-changing and is reflected in our curriculum. You will learn about the operation of the criminal justice system, the professionals that work within the system, and the various stakeholders that are involved. The ability to think critically about issues in criminology and the substantive knowledge you will acquire, will prepare you for work in criminal justice related fields as well as postgraduate education. Read More

      Department: In keeping with Ryerson’s tradition of being deeply connected to one of the world’s most culturally and linguistically diverse urban centres, our 3-semester MA emphasizes social justice and critical analyses of existing criminal justice, legal and social structures

      Department: The global fight against large-scale corruption has generated widespread attention and action from governments, NGOs, businesses and academics. But is all this discussion and action accomplishing any reduction in corruption, or is it little more than new laws and policies with no teeth, no resources for enforcement and no will to implement from political and business elites?

    Online Booking System Software for Event, Activity – Meetings #sports #booking #software, #commission #free #online #booking #system


    A Booking System Built For Business

    All kinds of businesses and individuals, just like you, trust BookingHound to sell their tickets and places online.

    We work with organisations of all sizes including: activity and expericences providers, events, concert and festival organisers, local councils, training organisations, clubs, service associations and groups, to ensure their on-line sales are quick and super simple.

    “We have just started our expedition season and I wanted to let you know just how much time you guys have saved us. I appreciate that what you have done for us is a little unusual but to be honest that makes the service you have given us even more special.”

    DofE Local Centre

    BookingHound are a great company to deal with. All features are explained clearly, and they ensured everything was set up the way we wanted. The system is very reliable, and we have seen quite an increase in sales since we have used it.”

    Indoor Go-Karting Centre

    The BookingHound online booking system is an excellent resource for organisations that require capacity controlled and time specific software. Our whole team find it easy to use and the ongoing technical advances and support that BookingHound offer is excellent.”

    BookingHound provided the online booking system for the recent 2017 Gosport Marine Festival. This enabled 1000 people from 6 years old and above from the local community to try out water based experiences ranging from Rib Rides to Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

    All of the team at BookingHound were extremely helpful and supported us with configuring the extensive features but simple to use system.

    We would not hesitate recommending their system for events and activity based organisations.

    See you next year.

    Gosport Marine Festival

    “BookingHound have ensured that our customers have a faultless experience when discovering our business and making a booking”

    Watersport Multi Activity Centre

    The Bookinghound team have proven to be very personable, considerate of our product and sector and are very client centered.”

    BookingHound has honestly transformed what was a problem area for us into something that is now a joy to work with. In the time that we have had BookingHound providing a solution to our bookings it has been extremely efficient, easy to use and reliable.

    You really do have a fantastic product and I look forward to exploring more of its potential over the coming months and years.

    Your customer service has also been terrific, I am so glad that we moved over to your system !

    Drifting Driver Training Academy

    BookingHound has made the booking process easier for our customers and reduced the workload to the business, it is flexible, easy to set up and control”.

    Training centre for an International Airline

    Our online booking system and booking software has been especially designed to address the most complex business requirements. This allows any business or individual to cost effectively increase operational efficiency and turn events, activities, tours, experiences, courses or even just ideas into real value.

    No matter if you are looking for an online booking system for activities, events or training, we will provide your customers with a complete solution that will give them the ability to browse, select and pay for your sessions within a secure, real-time and engaging environment that will take their user experience to the next level.

    Our online booking software is ideal for tour operators, training consultants or an event management agencies. If you need a powerful, highly flexible and feature rich booking software solution that will address your biggest challenges and help create opportunities, then BookingHound is what you are looking for.

    With our free sign up, 30 day free trial with no credit card required, zero commission and customer payments that go straight to you, what have you got to lose? Sign up now for your free trial

    VOIP Phone System #cloud #based #phone #system


    Business VoIP Phone System With
    HD Quality

    S-Net’s Complete Cloud Phone System

    Imagine having the advantage of taking your office phone service with you while traveling or working from home. With the S-Net Cloud Phone System, you can stay connected through desktop mobile applications, all while appearing to be in the office with the same extension.

    Utilizing advanced phone features Like: FInd Me/Follow Me, Unified Messaging, Voicemail to Email, and Softphone Applications, all of you calls, emails, voicemails, and faxes will be accessible from anywhere at any time.

    Your business will benefit from the simplified fixed monthly pricing that ranges from $19.99-$24.99 per phone.

    Who We Are

    S-Net Communications is Chicago s local and reliable leader in high bandwidth fiber and complete cloud phone solutions. We are well known for having a hands on white glove support team, that will completely customize a communications solution for all businesses.

    We offer top of the line enterprise class Cisco hardware and software applications that help your business increase productivity, lower monthly expenses, and simplify maintenance. Our infrastructure includes two large data centers located within the Chicagoland area.

    Get A Quote

    Mobility Unified Communications

    Stay connected with S-Net Connect Desktop S-Net Connect Mobile Applications. Our apps. are designed specifically to keep employees connected wherever they are throughout the day and is the perfect solution for businesses with multiple locations, remote from home workers, and call centers.

    A Secure Reliable Phone System For Your Business

    Is your business ready to make the switch to the new cloud/VOIP technology? Our cloud phone system allows you to increase business productivity by never missing a call and connecting today’s flexible workforce.

    Polycom VVX 300

    This VoIP phone is a powerful entry-level business media phone for today s cubicle workers .

    Polycom VVX 400

    A color mid-range business media phone for today s office workers and call attendants delivering crystal clear communications.

    Polycom VVX 600

    A premium business media phone delivering best-in-class desktop productivity for busy corporate executives and managers.

    Polycom VVX Color Expansion Modules

    Delivers advanced call handling capabilities to help boost productivity of a telephone attendant

    Polycom SoundStation IP 5000

    Made for small conference rooms or executive offices, this advanced IP conference phone delivers first-rate voice quality.

    Polycom SoundStation IP 7000

    Designed for medium to large rooms, this IP conference phone can pick up sound from 20 feet away while resisting interference from mobile devices.

    S-Net Cloud Phone System Benefits:

    Our Complete Cloud Solution includes hardware with a lifetime warranty: (Choice of IP Phone: Polycom
    VVX 300, Polycom VVX 400, Polycom VVX 500, and Polycom VVX 600) Cisco Routers Switches
    Software: (S-Net Mobile Desktop Applications for phone system management)
    And Installation, together for one low fixed monthly fee that ranges from $19.99-$24.99 per phone.

    • Reduced monthly communication expenses
    • One telecom provider for multiple services
    • Integrated phone solution with mobile desktop applications
    • Secure and reliable VoIP phone solution

    Call our team today for more information at: (312) 702-1676. or complete the Request Form for us to contact you.

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    What are SIP or VoIP phones? #sip,voip,voice #over #ip,sip #phone,voip #phone,ip #phone,ip #phone #system,ip #pbx


    What are SIP or VoIP phones?

    VoIP phones are connected to an IP phone system using LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. Most IP phones are using the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol), no matter if those are hardware or software IP telephones. Well known manufacturers of IP phones are Polycom, Snom, Gigaset, Tiptel, Yealink and Alcatel. Widely used examples for softphones are Blink and Bria.

    Using an IP PBX phone system usually requires you to use VoIP telephones. Hardware SIP phones look nearly like traditional analog or ISDN phones. IP phones are developed to be used in IP networks. This is also called Voice over IP. Another type of IP phones are so called softphones. A soft phone is piece of software that behaves exactly like a normal IP telephone. You can run a soft phone on a PC, mac, tablet or smartphone.

    The AskoziaPBX IP phone system supports the majority of all IP phone handsets sold world-wide. Furthermore, AskoziaPBX supports auto-detection and auto-configuration for the most popular IP phones .

    How to configure VoIP phones with an AskoziaPBX is shown in our online handbook

    Common questions about IP Phone Systems, PBX and VoIP





    Contact us

    +49 (0)511 656 110

    Copyright 2017, plaintel gmbh. All rights reserved. Askozia is a registered trademark of plaintel gmbh.

    Afterwork VoIP Roadshow 2017 in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover und Düsseldorf

    Auto Shop Writer Management System #auto #loan #bad #credit

    #auto shop

    Staying in touch is a two way street !

    Special Features

    Auto Shop Writer has many unique features, but here are a few that save time, plus improve your business and profits:

    + Automatic Customer Follow Up: Set it up once, and then let ASW send a thank you note, plus 30, 60, 90, and 120 day reminders by email, all without you doing anything additional.

    + Powerful Integrated Appointment Management: Create appointments for your clients, add the vehicle to it, and even create a quote ( parts and labor ). Then when they arrive, make a quick selection and the workorder will be created with client, vehicle, notes, parts and labor, all with one button. Clients like fast processing.

    + Comprehensive Service Histories: Know what you did, when you did it, what parts you used, and where they were obtained. For those services performed elsewhere, you will get the info from the CARFAX Service History. Also, use the PM scheduler for repetitive services and know when they should be performed.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg. see our feature summary for more.

    Free Networking tutorials, System Administration Tutorials and Security Tutorials #free, #tcp/ip, #mcse, #ccna, #linux, #rhce, #system #security, #security+, #tutorials, #free #computer #study #materials, #free #online #computer #study #guides, #documentation


    Welcome to (Free Networking Tutorials, Free System Administration Tutorials and Free Security Tutorials). Here you can gain the basic and intermediate level knowledge in Networking, Network Security, and System Security absolutely FREE. We have organized all technical information for a beginner in Networking, Network Security and System Security here. We will guide you step-by-step in the learning process, and make sure that you will become a master. Remember, nothing can replace knowledge in IT world.

    Today, Computer security has become one of the most important areas in the entire discipline of computing. We are dependant on computers today for controlling large money transfers between banks, insurance, markets, telecommunication, electrical power distribution, health and medical fields, nuclear power plants, space research and satellites. We cannot negotiate security in these critical areas. As the complexity of the systems and the networks are increasing, vulnerabilities are also increasing and the task of securing the networks is becoming complex. Here we are trying our best to guide you in to the basics of network security.

    Getting certified in major IT products is the smartest move you can make. Certification can also boost your confidence level. When you achieve the level of certification you desire, employers will recognize and reward your accomplishment. Certified IT professionals earn more when compared with a non-certified counterpart. In fact, many employers require certification for specific job roles. Even if you already have the job skills and experience required in order to perform your job successfully, certification will enhance your marketability.

    The most demanding IT certifications in the industry are MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), RHCE (RedHat Certified Engineer), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Networking Professional) and Security+. We will guide you step-by-step in the learning process and our explanations with configuration screen shots will help you to grasp the technology in a fast and easy way.

    MCSE’s, RHCE’s, CCNA’s and Security+ are in great demand in the IT industry. Main job titles waiting to be filled by MCSE’s, RHCE’s, CCNA’s and Security+ certified people are System Administrator, Network Administrator, Technical Support Engineers, Network Protocol Analyst, Network Design Professionals, Network Security Engineer, Web Server Administrator etc. (Free Networking Tutorials, Free System Administration Tutorials and Free Security Tutorials) Team welcomes you to this wonderful technical learning portal and we are sure that you can find lot of technical tutorials for MCSE, CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, RHCE and Security+ exam titles here.

    Welcome to! Learn and master the technologies completly and thrive in your industry. Free Networking Tutorials, Free System Administration Tutorials and Free Security Tutorials

    Motor Efficiency, Power Factor, and Load #power #factor, #efficiency, #load, #motors, #system #performance, #cost #savings, #electric #motor #efficiency, #energy #efficiency, #power #quality


    Motor Efficiency, Power Factor, and Load

    How to improve system performance and generate cost savings on the plant floor

    By developing a greater understanding regarding electric motor efficiency and operating characteristics, you can realize some serious electric energy cost savings. An often overlooked and widely misunderstood characteristic of electric motors is power factor (PF). Proper electric motor application and efficiency are important things to know when applying or replacing a motor, although PF can be equally important when operating costs are considered.

    Recent studies indicate the level of knowledge and implementation of motor system energy-efficiency measures is low. A plethora of information on motor system design, best practices, purchasing, and management is widely available, but few companies have embraced it. Training opportunities and tools to deepen the knowledge base of end-users is necessary to apply motor and motor system efficiency measures at the plant level.

    Most electric motor purchase and maintenance decisions affecting efficiency are made at the plant level. In addition, there has been limited training at this level regarding motor efficiency and motor system optimization. Studies have also shown that a low percentage of facility managers have implemented motor purchasing and maintenance specifications. These factors can be attributed to adoption of plant-level motor system efficiency improvements.

    Motor efficiency

    The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) became effective in 1997. EPAct requires 1-hp to 200-hp general-purpose motors sold in the United States to meet minimum efficiency levels, referred to as EPAct levels. The U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), effective December 2010, updated EPAct efficiency levels for 1-hp to 200-hp motors and established minimum efficiency levels for most 201-hp to 500-hp motors.

    Motor efficiency is the ratio between the amount of mechanical work the motor performs and the electrical power it consumes to do the work, represented by a percentage. A higher percentage represents a more efficient motor. Electric motor efficiency is dependent on (but not limited to) design, materials, construction, rating, load, power quality, and operating conditions.

    Power factor basics

    PF, often discussed as an energy cost reduction measure, is not a true energy savings measure. Improving PF can reduce energy costs if the end-user is subject to utility PF charges. Users with electric utility rates based on energy use only, no demand charges (such as residential and small commercial users), will typically not benefit from PF correction measures. End-user PF correction is primarily applied to avoid electric utility charges for low PF and to reduce demand on end-user transformers and generators to free up capacity. Electric utilities, in order to reduce their system losses, encourage energy users to consume energy efficiently by defining their charges based on certain parameters. A common electric utility charge is for low PF.

    Best described and understood by reviewing the components of an electrical system, PF is the ratio between kilowatts (kW) and kilovolt-amps (kVA). Total electrical power kVA has two components: real power kW and reactive power kilovolt-amps reactive (kVAR) mathematically described as:

    kVA2 = kW2 + kVAR2

    Power factor = kW kVA

    Many commercial and industrial facility loads are motors, inductive loads requiring inductive reactive power. Capacitors provide reactive power electrically in the opposite direction of the inductive reactive power. Inductive kVAR can be reduced or canceled by adding capacitive kVAR. Unity PF, or 100% PF, is when kVA = kW. A lagging PF is any PF that is less than 100%, inductive kVAR, and is typical in commercial and industrial facilities. Leading PF, capacitive kVAR, is any PF that is greater than 100%. Leading PF is typically an undesirable electric condition for a variety of reasons. The variation in the reactive power component has no effect on the real power required by the load. Reactive power does have an effect on the kVA supplying the load and can make the load on the generator larger than necessary. Fixed capacitors on the main electric service are a common method to correct lagging PF. Facilities with large motors may also locate capacitors at motors, helping reduce conductor and transformer current load up to the motor.

    Power factor and motor efficiency

    Since reactive power does not perform any work, PF indicates the percentage of useful energy from the total energy and is best when it s as close to unity as possible. Low PF can contribute to low efficiency, higher losses, and unnecessary electric utility charges.

    Induction motors require both real and reactive power to operate. The real power (kW) produces work and heat. The reactive power (kVAR) establishes the magnetic field in the motor that enables it to operate.

    The PF of a motor is lower when the motor is under-loaded and is significantly reduced when the motor load is less than 70%. Closely matching the motor to the load is the best way to keep the PF close to the motor design rating, which is typically 80% to 85% PF.

    Motor system power factor improvement project

    I recently conducted a motor system, PF improvement project at a small industrial process plant with a significant amount of large motor load. At the time of the study, the aggregate plant peak demand was 480kW with an 85% PF, resulting in a $276 average monthly electric utility PF charge.

    The objective of the project was to identify motors contributing to the less-than-desirable PF and improve the plant PF to avoid future PF charges. A process line, consisting of five induction motors (75 hp, 150 hp, 200 hp, and two at 125 hp) was identified to monitor the power use and PF of each motor in the process during a normal production cycle. A power monitor collected the data, and its associated software package was used to analyze the data. The Table shows a summary of the monitoring findings.

    The power monitor measurements indicated all of the motors were under-loaded, which was driving the motor PF on M1 and M2 significantly below the nameplate rating. The findings also suggested the entire process line is oversized based on normal production. Under-loaded motors operate below nameplate PF, as seen in the Figure .

    System improvement measures

    To avoid electric utility PF charges, the plant needed to be at or above 90% PF. After careful analysis, discussion, and consideration, it was decided to reconfigure the process in a way that would allow 75-hp motor M1 to be removed. M1 was only 41% loaded and using inductive kVAR at 63% PF. There would also be some diversified kW demand reduction and possible energy savings by removing M1. Although demand and energy savings were difficult to calculate because the work that M1 was performing was transferred to motor M4 in the process, M4 had capacity to absorb the load from M1. There was also potential to improve the efficiency and PF of M4 with the load addition, effectively reducing the inductive kVAR contribution of M4.

    Another improvement to the motor system was analyzed and determined to be a cost-effective measure to implement. It was decided to add 50 kVAR of capacitance at 200-hp motor M2. Based on the loading and PF measurements of M2, adding the capacitive kVAR would not correct the M2 PF above 90% but would provide enough capacitive kVAR, along with the M1 and M4 improvements, to bring the overall plant to 90% PF.

    The results

    The improvement measures implemented resulted in a plant PF of 93%, eliminating the $276 monthly PF charges. The measures also resulted in an average monthly plant peak demand reduction of 10kW a $90 monthly savings. The project payback was less than 18 months. Note: The plant had an existing, functioning 200 kVAR fixed capacitor in place at the main electric service entrance for PF support before this project began. This capacitor remains in place.


    There is a wide range of barriers that affect the implementation of motor system efficiency measures, including operating issues that affect decisions regarding allocation of resources. Motor system improvement results support the need to create plant level knowledge and tools necessary to improve motor systems. Decision leaders reviewing motor management practices need to decide their adequacy in satisfying improved effectiveness and cost savings goals that most leaders are faced with. Improvements to motor system management, purchasing, and training can lead to significant, sustainable savings. Considering the initial price of a motor only represents approximately 2% of its life-time operating cost, enormous savings potential exists.

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    Department of Health #national #surveillance #system


    National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System – current CDNA fortnightly report

    The Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA) holds fortnightly teleconferences to share and evaluate the latest information and developments in communicable diseases surveillance. This report provides a fortnightly summary on diseases of current interest and notifications of Australia’s nationally notifiable diseases.

    Page last updated: 21 July 2017

    Fortnight 14: 01 July to 14 July 2017

    If you are unable to download any of the above files please email OHP Webmaster .

    Infectious syphilis

    Increases in infectious syphilis notifications are attributed to an on-going outbreak occurring in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people residing in northern and central Australia and continued increases among men who have sex with men (MSM) in urban areas of Victoria and New South Wales.

    Outbreak in remote Australia

    In January 2011, an increase of infectious syphilis notifications among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was identified in the North West region of Queensland, following a steady decline at a national level in remote communities. Subsequent increases in infectious syphilis notifications were reported in the Northern Territory in 2013, Western Australia in 2014 and South Australia in 2016, following sustained periods of low notification rates.

    For the latest information on the infectious syphilis outbreak, refer to the Department s website – Infectious syphilis outbreak .

    Increases among MSM

    Since 2010, increases in notifications of infectious syphilis have been reported in MSM, predominately 20-39 years of age, residing in urban areas of Victoria and New South Wales.

    Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD)

    The number of cases of IMD due to serogroup W (MenW) has been increasing across most jurisdictions in Australia since 2013. The Commonwealth Department of Health, in collaboration with the states and territories, is closely monitoring the incidence of IMD in Australia. For the latest information on IMD, refer to the Department s website .

    Influenza (laboratory confirmed)

    Influenza activity is increasing in the majority of Australian jurisdictions. The increase in notifications reported year to date is due to an increase in notifications reported in the first two months of the year, along with an earlier season onset in some regions of Australia and an increase in doctors testing for influenza.

    The Australian Government Department of Health continues to monitor influenza activity and a detailed analysis of influenza activity is available on the Department’s website .


    There have been 75 notifications of shigellosis in the last fortnight compared to 58 in the same reporting period in 2016. Of these, 31 were notified in the Northern Territory. The increase is distributed across central Australia with no focal point and mainly in Aboriginal communities. An alert has been issued to clinicians in Central Australia.

    Interpretative Notes

    Selected diseases are chosen each fortnight based on either exceeding two standard deviations from the 90 day and/or 365 day five year rolling mean or other disease issues of significance identified during the reporting period. All diseases reported are analysed by notification receive date. Data are extracted each Monday of a CDNA week.

    Totals comprise data from all States and Territories. Cumulative figures are subject to retrospective revision so there may be discrepancies between the number of new notifications and the increment in the cumulative figure from the previous period.

    1. The past quarter (90 day) surveillance period includes the date range 16/04/2017 to 14/07/2017.
    2. The quarterly (90 day) five year rolling mean is the average of 5 intervals of 90 days up to 14/07/2017. The ratio is the notification activity in the past quarter (90 days) compared with the five year rolling mean for the same period.
    3. The past year (365 day) surveillance period includes the date range 15/07/2016 to 14/07/2017.
    4. The yearly (365 day) five year rolling mean is the average of 5 intervals of 365 days up to 14/07/2017. The ratio is the notification activity in the past year (365 days) compared with the five year rolling mean for the same period.

    The five year rolling mean and the ratio of notifications compared with the five year rolling mean should be interpreted with caution. Changes in surveillance practice, diagnostic techniques and reporting may contribute to increases or decreases in the total notifications received over a five year period. Ratios are to be taken as a crude measure of current disease activity and may reflect changes in reporting rather than changes in disease activity.

    Table of communicable disease notifications reported to the NNDSS for this fortnight

    Please use the scroll bar located at the end of the table below to view all columns.

    A copy of the table of communicable disease notifications for this fortnight is also included in the PDF printable version of the NNDSS report .

    Notifications of Nationally Notifiable Diseases for the period 01/07/2017 to 14/07/2017

    * Ratio of the 90 day prior surveillance period to the past 90 day 5 year rolling mean, or ratio of the 365 day prior surveillance period to the 365 day 5 year rolling mean.

    NN = Not Notifiable, NEC = Not Elsewhere Classified

    The data in this report is reliant on the surveillance data provided from by states and territories to the Department of Health. Delays in the reporting of data may cause retrospective revision causing discrepancies between the number of new notifications and the increment in the cumulative figures from the previous period. Please note that Victoria is currently experiencing an administrative backlog in the entry of notifications, this has affected the availability of notification data for the following diseases: Gonoccocal infection, Varicella and Campylobacteriosis.

    • Past Quarter (90d prior surveillance period): 16/04/2017 to 14/07/2017
    • Quarterly rolling 5Yr Mean (90d 5Yr Mean):
    • Quarterly rolling 5Yr Mean (90d 5Yr Mean) 1: 16/04/2016 to 14/07/2016
    • Quarterly rolling 5Yr Mean (90d 5Yr Mean) 2: 16/04/2015 to 14/07/2015
    • Quarterly rolling 5Yr Mean (90d 5Yr Mean) 3: 16/04/2014 to 14/07/2014
    • Quarterly rolling 5Yr Mean (90d 5Yr Mean) 4: 16/04/2013 to 14/07/2013
    • Quarterly rolling 5Yr Mean (90d 5Yr Mean) 5: 16/04/2012 to 14/07/2012
    • Past year (365d prior surveillance period): 15/07/2017�to 14/07/2017
    • Yearly rolling 5Yr Mean (365d 5Yr Mean):
    • Yearly rolling 5Yr Mean (365d 5Yr Mean) 1: 16/07/2015 to 14/07/2016
    • Yearly rolling 5Yr Mean (365d 5Yr Mean) 2: 15/07/2014 to 14/07/2015
    • Yearly rolling 5Yr Mean (365d 5Yr Mean) 3: 15/07/2013 to 14/07/2014
    • Yearly rolling 5Yr Mean (365d 5Yr Mean) 4: 15/07/2012 to 14/07/2013
    • Yearly rolling 5Yr Mean (365d 5Yr Mean) 5: 16/07/2011 to 14/07/2012

    State or Territory

    Department of Health

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        Security Sales Integration magazine covers a Lunch Learn session with CEO John L. Moss, “The Future of Access Control” hosted by systems integrator CGL Electronic Security.

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