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ABC Bail Bonds has been in business for over 20 years, a feat we have accomplished by always remembering that our clients are our business. We feel that bail bond agents have an obligation to their clients to do more than just issue bonds. We provide our clients with unparalleled prompt, friendly, and comprehensive service. We maintain a knowledgeable support team with a combined experience of over 60 years.


Sign paperwork from your home, office or anywhere using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Our Business Ethics:

  • Never mislead our Clients.
  • Engage in honest business practices.
  • Uphold our fiduciary responsibilities to our Insurer, Clients, Courts, and all other parties involved.
  • Respect the values and opinions of each individual.
  • Maintain integrity as the foremost value in all transactions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Agents
  • Live Agents 24/7/365 Including All Holidays
  • Immediate response
  • Payment Plans
  • Collateral Not Always Needed
  • Nationwide Bail Service
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Electronic Bonding

Commitment to our Clients:

  • Never forget that our Clients are our business. Without you we would not exist.
  • Always show a high standard of respect for our Clients.
  • Be patient and helpful and answer all questions thoroughly.
  • Ensure our business culture promotes a respectful atmosphere for all.
  • Always act with urgent purpose.


  • Bail Bonds
  • Nationwide Transfer Bond Network
  • Notary Services
  • Warrant Checks
  • Bail Before Jail (Warrants)
  • Easy Payment Arrangements

How to Get a Surety Bond Released #surety #bond #new #jersey


How to Get a Surety Bond Released

The U.S. Treasury will replace lost savings bonds.

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A surety bond is often required for you to engage in business. The bond may be needed for a trade license or to guarantee your performance of a particular contract. To obtain the bond, you may have provided collateral and been required to make periodic premium payments as long as the bond was in effect. If the purpose for the bond no longer exists, you need to release it to avoid incurring further premiums and to release any property you used as collateral.

1. Call your bonding company — or the broker or agent who arranged the bond for you — to inform the company that you no longer need the bond and want it released. Request that the company send the necessary bond release forms and information to you.

2. Fill out the bond release request form you receive from the bonding company and return it. Depending on the type of bond you received, you may have to obtain a release from your client — another business or government agency — that required you to obtain the bond. For example, if the bond was required to guarantee your completion of a government construction contract, you may need a release from a government office indicating it has no claims against the bond for your work.

3. Follow up on any additional requests from the bonding company regarding release of the bond. You can expect the bonding company to complete a thorough investigation that no claims will be made against the bond before providing you with the release.


  • If you believe that your bonding company is not responsive to your request for release of the bond, you can contact the office in your state that’s responsible for overseeing licensed bonding companies for assistance.
  • Surety bonds that are provided due to a pending court case, such as a probate or criminal proceeding, may require a court order before the bond can be released.

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