Pilot® SC-275G – Gray Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support #cheap #auto #parts

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Universal Gray Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support (SC-275G) by Pilot®, 23″H x 23″W x 2.5″L. Pilot offers a full selection of seat cushion cover with a special thermal foam pads to provide maximum comfort and protection. Made from strong, sturdy fabrics, for a more snug, wrinkle-free fit.


  • Provides a orthopedic and comfort
  • Contains one seat cushion
  • Elastic strap keeps cushion in place
  • Durable and breathable
  • Designed to fit most high and low-backed bucket seats

When the time has come to add a little more style and functionality to your vehicle, Pilot has you covered. To satisfy every need of every car enthusiasts out there, the company offers the widest range of top-quality accessories and parts, ranging from the impenetrable car covers to the eye-catching chrome accessories and everything in between. Grilles, wipers, exhaust tips, floor mats and fuel pumps are just a few examples of what Pilot has in store for you.

Whatever vehicle you drive, you can count on Pilot to deliver the highest quality, the best-performing, and the most innovative products out there. Every single accessory and part created by Pilot is precision-engineered using advanced equipment and then meticulously crafted to stringent quality standards. It’s all because the company’s goal is not to meet your expectations but to consistently exceed them. And for you to be sure that the Pilot’s team stands behind the products in every way, the company backs ever product by a 1-year warranty.

Wang’s International began as a small, niche supplier of automotive accessories to the traditional Accessory Market. Pilot Automotive was created in 1996 to support the growing DIY Market. Both sides of the company are designed to specialize and maximize the different types of support required for different types of markets. In the beginning, the warehouse and offices actually occupied the same room and they had one employee. Today, they have grown to five distribution centers, more than 100 Pilot team members, and are one of the largest automotive and truck accessory suppliers.

Charity Car Auctions – Support Minnesota Charities #bad #credit #auto #loans

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Welcome to CharityCarAuctions.com

Starting Thursday, November 19, all donated vehicles will now be sent to Copart USA .

Charity Car Auctions is a division of Metro Auto Auctions. We are selling cars on behalf of charities, including the Children’s Charities in Minnesota. Disabled American Veterans and others. Included in the auction are passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.

Register to bid on the current auction by clicking above. Next auction begins closing Wednesday December 2, 2015 at 8:00 pm.

Once a bidder selects a vehicle at the “Buy It Now” price, their bids are NOT retractable and must be picked up the next business day or they will owe non pickup fees as well be liable for any legal action due to failure to complete their contract. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for full details.

Donate a Car to a Local Charity

Do you have a vehicle you would like to donate? Donate your car to Wheels For Wishes or Vehicles for Veterans and help a Twin Cities charity today! Proceeds from vehicles donated to Wheels For Wishes benefit children’s charities in Minnesota and proceeds from cars donated to Vehicles for Veterans benefit the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota.

Select one of the following charities to find out how your donation helps those in need.

McAfee Subscription Renewal, McAfee™ Official Store, contact mcafee technical support.#Contact #mcafee #technical #support


contact mcafee technical support

Stay protected – keep your subscription live and ready to fight online threats.

Renew without broadband

Secure your devices without an internet connection by renewing your subscription offline.

Upgrade my Subscription

New products for 2017 now include unlimited device protection and many new and enhanced features.

Renew your subscription in 3 Simple Steps

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

1. Sign In

Go to “Subscriptions” at the top of the page then select “All Expired” to view your out-of-date subscriptions.

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

2. Go to Subscriptions

Go to “Subscriptions” at the top of the page then select “All Expired” to view your out-of-date subscriptions.

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

3. Renew your protection

Select the subscription you wish to reactivate and then click “Renew”.

Auto-renew in 3 simple steps

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

1. Sign In

Sign in and click on “My Account” to view your current security package and its date of expiry.

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

2. Go to Billing Info

Go to “Billing Info”, select “Edit” and make sure you have entered up-to-date credit card information.

Contact mcafee technical support

Contact mcafee technical support

3. Activate Auto-Renewal

Go to “Auto-renewal settings” on your account dashboard and follow the simple step-by-step guide.

Renew without broadbrand in 5 simple steps

Contact mcafee technical support

  1. View your product expiry date:

Click on My Account to view the expiry date of your product.

  • Choose the right product for you:

    Visit our Product comparison page to compare our range of security solutions and choose the product that s right for you.

  • Visit a software stockist near you:

    Having chosen your ideal security software, head down to your local computer software retailer to purchase your product.

  • Uninstall your old software

    Uninstall the existing security software on your computer before installing your new product (find out how here).

  • Install new software

    Once the old anti-virus protection has been uninstalled, you can download your new McAfee protection.

  • Upgrade subscription in 5 simple steps

    Contact mcafee technical support

    1. Go to My Account:

    Visit My Account to view your product and its date of expiry.

  • Choose your preferred protection:

    Navigate to the upgrade centre using the links at the top of the page then select the security software that s right for you.

  • Download your software:

    Once you have completed your purchase, return to My Account to begin the installation process.

  • Uninstall previous protection:

    First, uninstall your old anti-virus software for a smoother installation of your new product (learn how here).

  • Install new protection:

    Now that your old security software is uninstalled, you can download your new McAfee anti-virus protection.

  • Probate Attorney – Estate Planning, Wills – Trusts #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney, #divorce, #family #law, #child #support, #adoption


    For over 30 years, founding attorney, Christy Brad Escobar, has been practicing law with the aim of improving people’s lives. We think that tradition is important.

    For over 30 years, founding attorney, Christy Brad Escobar, has been practicing law with the aim of improving people’s lives. We think that tradition is important.

    For over 30 years, founding attorney, Christy Brad Escobar, has been practicing law with the aim of improving people’s lives. We think that tradition is important.

    Over 30 Years Of Legal Experience

    At Escobar Associates Law Firm, Ltd. we have more than 30 years of experience guiding people through legal issues, including divorce, adoption and other family law matters, as well as estate planning and probate. Our goal is to provide personalized legal counsel for each of our client’s unique needs.

    Our background in counseling with family members gives us the ability to carefully listen to our client’s desires and translate them into legal strategies in a variety of legal areas. Our founding lawyer, Christy Brad Escobar, is known for his extensive legal knowledge in the core areas of family law. He knows how important it is to protect your rights as you face family law proceedings regarding divorce, child support and custody, guardianship and other significant decisions affecting your family. Escobar Associates Law Firm, Ltd. is also recognized as an established law firm facilitating adoption in Nevada.

    Nevada Will And Trust Attorney — Protecting Your Assets And Your Loved Ones Through Estate Planning

    Our attorney has assisted countless clients in creating estate plans that address each client’s unique needs and wishes. If you want to protect your assets, reach out to our firm to discuss the creation of a will, trust, power of attorney or other estate planning document. We are also here to help clients settle the estates of their loved ones through the probate process .

    Contact Us To Learn More About Our Broad Range Of Legal Services

    To learn more about the services we provide and how we can help in your legal situation, call Escobar Associates at 888-339-6061 or contact us online. Our office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is easily accessible from Centennial Hills, Summerlin and The Lakes.

    Get the answers you need

    Request more information or schedule an appointment.

    Phoenix Divorce Attorney, Divorce Lawyer #divorce #attorney #phoenix, #divorce #lawyer #phoenix, #divorce #attorney #arizona, #divorce #lawyer #arizona, #divorce #lawyer, #divorce #attorney, #divorce #arizona, #divorce #phoenix, #divorce #mesa, #divorce, #family #law #arizona, #family #law #phoenix, #family #law #mesa, #family #law, #child #support #phoenix, #child #support #arizona, #child #support, #child #custody #phoenix, #child #custody #arizona, #child #custody, #child #support #attorney #phoenix, #child #support #attorney #arizona, #child #support #attorney #mesa, #child #custody #attorney #phoenix, #child #custody #lawyer #phoenix, #child #custody #attorney #arizona, #child #custody #lawyer #arizona, #child #custody #attorney, #child #custody #lawyer



    Phoenix Divorce Lawyer

    There are two ways to finalize a divorce by reaching an agreement with your spouse or by allowing a Judge to make the final decision. At the R. J. Peters Associates law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, we certainly prefer to avoid the time, costs and uncertainty of letting a Judge decide everything. We are always prepared, however, to fight for you, whether it’s in a courtroom or in settlement negotiations. Our divorce attorneys can help. Call today for a free consultation.

    Arizona Divorce Attorneys We Take Sides

    Call Now for a Free Consultation 602-256-7575 Contact Us

    Divorce (dissolution) is the legal process that resolves the very important issues involved when a marriage ends. Every divorce is different, but all divorces will generally include some or all of the following six issues:

    What are the legal requirements for filing for divorce in Arizona? To file for a divorce in Arizona you or your spouse must have lived in Arizona or been stationed as a member of the armed forces here for at least 90 days before you file. If you are asking the Judge to decide matters about children, like custody and support, you must generally have lived here for 6 months with the children. Please contact us to discuss with our divorce attorneys how these rules might apply to your situation.

    What happens when the divorce documents are filed? After the initial necessary documents are filed, a temporary restraining order will forbid either party from selling, concealing or wasting the marital assets. It also prevents either parent from removing any common children from the state of Arizona. Both parties are prohibited from bothering or harassing the other party. Failure to obey this restraining order is punishable by proceedings for contempt.

    How long does it take for a divorce to be granted? The simplest divorces are generally final in 80-90 days while complex divorces can take up to two years. An experienced divorce lawyer can give you an estimate based on your specific case.

    What is a no-fault divorce? Arizona is a no-fault divorce state. That means you do not need to prove that the other spouse did something that entitles you to a divorce. You simply need to assert that your marriage is irretrievably broken and that there are no reasonable prospects of reconciliation. (The rules for the new covenant marriages are different.)

    What about counseling to save the marriage? Maricopa County offers free counseling to married couples. When one spouse asks for free counseling, the other spouse is prevented from filing until counseling is complete. If counseling is requested after a Petition has already been filed, the case will be put on hold for a period while counseling goes forward.

    We take sides at the R. J. Peters Associates law firm. This is an important concept that we do not take lightly. Settlement of the difficult issues which arise in family law matters is always an important effort, but not always possible. Our divorce attorneys focus on fighting for our clients whether in settlement efforts or in litigation. Our only business is family law. From our office located near downtown Phoenix, we represent clients in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona.

    Free half-hour consultation with a divorce lawyer. Major credit cards accepted.

    Online Journal of Public Health Informatics #health #informatics #international, #artificial #intelligence; #biomedical #ethics; #clinical #decision #support #system; #clinical #information #systems; #ehealth; #ehr; #phr; #geographic #information #systems; #public #health #informatics; #disease #surveillance; #datamining; #telemedicine; #cloud #computing; #coop


    Online Journal of Public Health Informatics

    Interest in informatics as a specialty in the health sciences disciplines reflects the central role that information collection, analysis, and utilization now play in the healthcare sector. New public health threats such as bioterrorism and flu pandemics will demand an improved infrastructure for disseminating information about best practices. The Online Journal of Public Health Informatics (OJPHI) strives to satisfy the growing need for a public health informatics knowledge portal by practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers. It is a quarterly open access, open source, peer-reviewed journal.

    The emergence of public health informatics as a professional specialty is part of a larger development of informatics in related health fields, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry. Interest in informatics as a specialty in these areas reflects the importance that information collection, analysis, evaluation, and utilization now play in the health care sector. New public health threats such as bioterrorism and influenza pandemics will demand an improved infrastructure for disseminating information about best practices. In response to the new role of health-related informatics, journals have been created in medicine and nursing informatics to service the growing professional audience in these fields. The Online Journal of Public Health Informatics (OJPHI) is the newest of these specialty journals. The mission of the journal is to satisfy the growing need for public health informatics knowledge portal and knowledge base of best practices among health practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers in developed and developing countries. OJPHI also explores the socio-economic, ethical, and legal impacts of informatics applications in public health. The journal will be published three times a year. It is an open access, open source, peer-reviewed journal based on Open Journal Systems.


    Tampa Family Law #tampa #family #law, #divorce, #adoptions, #probate, #wills #and #trusts, #child #support, #child #custody, #bankruptcy, #foreclosure #defense, #collaborative #law, #dependency, #french #speaking #attorney, #rachael #ledet #rudin, #genevieve #torres, #family #law #mediation, #mediator


    From adoption representation, preparing for a life after divorce or ensuring your estate is fully protected, we recognize and respect your need for information, thoughtful practical advice and understanding. Our main goal is to help you resolve your legal issue(s) as quickly as possible so that you can move forward with your life.

    about family first law group

    Genevieve H. Torres, Esq.

    Areas of Practice. Family and Marital Law, Collaborative Law, Adoptions, Wills, Trusts, Probate Administration.

    Bar Admissions. Florida

    Education. Stetson College of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2007

    Languages. English and French

    Rachael Ledet Rudin, Esq.

    Areas of Practice. Family and Marital Law, Collaborative Law, Adoptions, Wills, Trusts, Probate Administration. Court Certified Family Law Mediator

    Bar Admissions. Florida

    Education. Stetson College of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2009

    legal services


    I was able to contact my attorney at any time. She worked with me through all of my problems with my divorce. I did not have to worry about a thing. She was on top of everything to make my divorce very easy.

    I started this process while stationed at an undisclosed location in the Middle East. My attorney and her staff assured me they would work hard so that I could see my son as much as possible. At trial, my attorney had my ex stumbling over every statement she made. Family First Law Group showed me why they are one of the best if not the best family lawyers in Tampa.

    Ms. Torres’ professionalism and expertise were of invaluable help and support to me during my divorce process. She provided me with answers to my questions, was consistently accessible and available to me. She was welcoming and and responsive to my calls and questions in a positive and welcoming way. I felt my divorce was as important to Ms. Torres as it was to me. I am indeed grateful to have worked with her during this transitional time in my life.


    Essentially there are two types of Adoption: Closed and Open. Closed simply refers to adoptive parents who do not meet or know the birth parents. Open adoptions refer to the adoptive parents meeting, knowing and/or working with the adoptive parents.

    Adoptions also fall into several sub-categories such as international adoption, private/intermediary adoptions and agency adoptions. Family First Law Group assists families with Intermediary Tampa Adoptions, sometimes referred to as private or direct placement adoptions.

    In most U.S. jurisdictions, at the time the adoption is finalized, the adopted child’s name is legally changed and the court orders the issuance of a new amended birth certificate.



    Before you take any legal steps to end your marriage, you should make sure that you have tried all possible ways to save it. If you need professional help, many communities, social and religious organizations offer counseling services either free or on a sliding fee scale or you may want to consult with a marriage counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, minister, priest, rabbi or other qualified person.

    Florida is a no-fault divorce state (meaning neither spouse is required to prove fault or marital misconduct on the part of the other).



    In Florida, child custody is now referred to as parental “time-sharing of minor children. Regardless of what it is called, children deserve to be loved and cared for in a stable environment. Family First Law Group Child Custody Attorneys can help you understand all the factors that a court will weigh in making time-sharing decisions, and your options, to determine what would be in the best interests of your children.

    Child custody is not an issue limited to divorce. Relatives often assume the responsibility of caring for children in their families, when the children’s parents are unable to do so.



    Parents are legally obligated to contribute to the support of their children and this obligation cannot be contracted away. Child support is calculated using the guidelines contained within the Florida Statutes. It is based, in part, on the number of children and the combined monthly income of the parents. Daycare costs, health insurance payments made on behalf of the children and the amount of time the children spend with each parent are also taken into consideration.

    A parent who is voluntarily unemployed, or underemployed, is still responsible for his or her children and can have income imputed by the court based on work history, qualifications and prevailing earnings level in the community.



    The goal of Collaborative Law is to enable parties involved in a dissolution of marriage and other family law matters to resolve their differences in a non-adversarial and dignified setting using techniques committed to mutual resolution and reduced conflict. Collaborative Law works best for parties who wish to settle without going to court and are willing to commit to a good faith effort to do so.

    The collaborative process is based on a pledge not to litigate in court. The process facilitates an open exchange of information with the goal of reaching the best possible solution for you and your family.

    The Collaborative Team consists of a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional. Other professionals may be added depending upon the needs of your family.


    PGWARE – Effective Desktop and Mobile Software Products That Are Easy to Use #2000, #2003, #2008, #2012, #7, #8, #95, #98, #accelerate, #adsl, #advance, #adware, #alloy, #blue, #boost, #box, #branding, #broadband, #bug, #business, #cable, #card, #cd, #commercial, #component, #computer, #connect, #consumers, #control, #corporate, #cpu, #crash, #custom, #design, #desktop, #developer, #dial, #dialog, #dsl, #enhance, #extension, #fast, #fix, #format, #frame, #freeware, #game, #gameboost, #gamegain, #gaming, #hard, #hardware, #hosting, #increase, #internet, #isdn, #lan, #license, #maintenance, #manage, #me, #medicine, #memory, #mod, #modem, #net, #network, #nt, #optimize, #overclock, #partner, #pc, #pcboost, #pcmedik, #perform, #problem, #processor, #product, #program, #quality, #quick, #ram, #reliable, #repair, #rom, #sales, #satellite, #screen, #setting, #shareware, #sick, #slow, #soft, #software, #solution, #speed, #spyware, #stability, #stop, #superram, #support, #system, #throttle, #tweak, #update, #video, #virus, #vista, #win32, #windows, #xp


    Software products for desktop and mobile

    Easy to use and effective software products to make your life easier! We offer a variety of software products that run on desktop computers and smartphones, choose a product below to learn more.

    All products listed below are for Microsoft Windows computers. We offer several shareware utilities, development tools below which have a 30-day trial download available before a purchase is required. Take a tour of our various software products below and download a free trial version.

    Windows Software for Notebook and Desktop Computers

    Throttle 8 – Speed Up Your Internet

    Accelerate your internet connection speed, surf the web faster and download files faster. Instantly have a faster dial-up, DSL, cable and wireless internet connection.

    GameGain 4 – Make Games Run Faster

    Immediately make your computer games run faster, smoother and with better graphics. No longer do you have to deal with stuttering and games that lag.

    PCMedik 8 – Fix and Make Your Computer Faster

    Fix problems on your computer; clean up the system and make your computer work faster. Instantly heal your computer and get it working like it’s new.

    PCBoost 5 – Make Your CPU Run Faster

    Soft-overclock the speed of your computer processor and make your computer work faster. Faster games, faster software instantly by accelerating the CPU.

    SuperRam 7 – Make Your RAM Run Faster

    Instantly make your computer run faster by optimizing the way your computer memory works. Increase computer speed instantly with super charged memory.

    GameSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Games

    Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and instantly fix problems on your computer. Use your computer like its brand new again.

    GameBoost 3 – Faster Games and Internet Speed

    Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster games.

    PCSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Internet Speed

    Make your computer run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster performance.

    SystemSwift 2 – Faster Computer, Games and Internet Speed

    Make your computer run faster with improved performance, faster games and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Faster computer, faster games and faster internet.

    Marijuana Addiction and Recovery #smart #recovery, #marijuana, #quit #smoking #pot, #addiction, #weed, #pot, #recovery, #how #do #i #stop #smoking #marijuana, #what #is #marijuana, #rehab, #support #group, #meetings


    Marijuana and Addiction

    Marijuana (also known as Weed or Pot) is the most frequently abused (mostly) illegal drug in the US, and makes up 17% of admissions to treatment programs [1].

    Treatment is often sought because the long-term use of marijuana can lead to addiction, and individuals looking to quit have to deal with challenging withdrawal symptoms that can keep them from stopping their marijuana abuse.

    Statistics show that about 7 percent, or roughly 1 in 14 teens, report using marijuana in the past month. [3]

    Is marijuana addictive?

    Abuse of any substance – including marijuana – is when the user begins seeking the substance compulsively and continues use though there have been harmful effects to their lives, including problems with family, school, work or the legal system. Research has shown that about 9% of all marijuana users [2] become addicted and that those who start early and who are daily users are more susceptible to marijuana addiction.

    What happens when you try to quit smoking pot and you’re addicted?

    Pot smokers who are classified as marijuana abusers frequently report that they have withdrawal symptoms that include sleeplessness, no appetite, anxiety, cravings to use, and irritability. While any of these can make quitting difficult, the combination of several symptoms can make it difficult to stay on the road to recovery. This is where SMART Recovery can help.

    How do I stop smoking marijuana?

    SMART provides our members with tools and skills that they can use to help them recover from marijuana addiction as well as alcohol, or other drugs or negative behaviors. SMART Recovery, which can be used as a support group alternative to Marijuana Anonymous (MA), uses a 4-Point Program , with each element designed to help you overcome your problems with abusing marijuana:

    Building Maintaining Motivation – Helps you identify and keep up with your reasons to quit. Why do you want to quit smoking pot – what will keep you focused on that goal?

    Coping with Urges – Dealing with urges and cravings is part of recovery. SMART has tools designed to help our members cope with urges to use or smoke pot that can help you maintain abstinence.

    Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors – We frequently turn to using drugs to either escape from or avoid solving our problems. SMART’s members learn problem-solving tools to help them manage challenges along the way.

    Lifestyle Balance – When you are addicted to, or abuse a drug like marijuana, your life frequently falls out of balance – you may find yourself opting to smoke pot rather than go to work or school. You may find that things you used to enjoy aren’t fun anymore. SMART Recovery helps members build skills to help balance both short and long-term goals, pleasures and needs that were once out of balance due to drug abuse.

    Where do I go from here?

    Getting started with SMART Recovery is easy! If you would like to get started right away, you can join our online support group where you can read, share and learn from our worldwide community of members at any time of the day or night. You can also find a local SMART Recovery meeting. or, if we don’t have any meetings in your area yet, you can join us at one of our online meetings.

    If you’d like to have printed material to refer to, you can purchase the SMART Recovery Handbook.


    [3] SAMHSA – 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health

    IT Helpdesk Support – Waterford Carlow Dungarvan Clonmel #phone #system, #voip, #ip #telephone #system, #internet #phone, #panasonic, #phone #systems #waterford, #phone #systems #carlow, #phone #systems #waterford, #phone #systems #dublin, #nec, #telecom, #outsourced #telecoms, #helpdesk, #callout, #it #support, #it #support #carlow, #it #support #waterford, #it #support #ireland, #it #support #dublin, #it #services #carlow, #it #services #waterford, #it #services #dublin, #it #services #ireland, #it #services, #it #products #carlow, #networking, #structured #cabling, #networks, #office #setup, #it #solutions, #computers, #servers, #technology, #waterford #it #companies, #carlow #it #companies, #dublin #it #companies, #irish #it #companies, #radius #technologies, #backup, #offsite #backup


    IT Helpdesk Support

    Radius Technologies provide a range of IT support and helpdesk services. Our maintenance and service contracts can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements.

    The Radius helpdesk is staffed by full time dedicated helpdesk engineers. The support levels include telephone assistance, remote dial in and on-site assistance. We operate a fully open helpdesk system, whereby all contract holders can log on and review calls via our on-line call management systems.

    This system provides for 100% transparency and traceability, where all calls, time details, as well as resolution are securely available online. The online portal also allows customers to log on and escalate their own calls and also manage calls on behalf of their other offices and system users.

    This contract type is used by companies that have very little IT support requirements or where they require advanced technical expertise coupled with full help-desk services backed up by guaranteed service level for on-site support. Unlimited remote and telephone assistance are covered in the contract cost. However, on-site work will incur an additional charge.

    This is similar to the retainer contract. However, this contract also includes unlimited on-site break fix time. Standard contract costs are based on the number of PC s and servers being supported. Standard contracts are designed for companies that want to know in advance what their annual IT support budget is going to be. This contract can be paid monthly by direct debit, if required.

    Pro-active contract calls are normally taken out in conjunction with a standard contract where the company wishes to have a fixed annual cost for IT services and also wants Radius to provide ongoing maintenance on their servers and PC s. This would involve applying security patches, cross checking internet usage logs, updating anti-virus software, performing printer maintenance, etc. These calls can also be used to carry out system changes and re-configurations that the customer queues up. This contract is pro-active, where Radius manages the sites, servers, backups, email, web usage and security. We become the company s IT department and report to management on budget, system usage and system recommendations as well as best practice.

    Time Block Contract

    This type of contract is suitable for any company looking for occasional IT support and want to draw down support hours as required. The minimum time block contract is 5 hours with hourly rates reducing on a sliding scale. Our web based ticketing system displays remaining hours outstanding and also breaks down hours used to date, including a detailed description of call activity, escalation and technical resolutions.

    Remote monitoring is a service where software is installed on the customer s server and/or systems. The system is monitored 24x7x365. The software automatically interfaces with our online call management software and auto generates service tickets when required based on pre-defined error handling criteria. Remote monitoring is priced on a per unit basis and works on a sliding scale based on the number of servers/systems being monitored. Remote monitoring services can be provided alone or in conjunction with any of our contracts. Prices start from as little as 65 cent per day.

    Note: We also provide server and comms only contracts.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about how Radius Helpdesk can support your business, why not give our team a call on Lo-Call 1890 592 500 .

    Alternatively, you can visit our Contact page. complete the Contact Form, and we’ll call you back.