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Online Auto Mechanic School

In the old days, anyone with a wrench, a repair manual, and the willingness to shimmy under a car with a creeper could call themselves an automotive mechanic. No more! Today’s dealerships and auto mechanic shops are looking for graduates of auto mechanic schools who know how to use computerized diagnostic equipment to identify problems in ever-more-complicated cars and trucks.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most employers seek candidates who have completed formal auto mechanic courses or auto mechanic degree programs that are qualified to handle emerging automotive technology. In the larger cities, the BLS reports, many employers demand entry-level automotive mechanics to hold an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. You can kiss the old-school wrench jockeys goodbye.

Auto Mechanic School: What to Expect

Today’s campus and online auto mechanic schools may provide instruction in diagnosis, service, and repair of domestic and foreign vehicles, along with the increasingly sophisticated computerized tools required to keep pace with emerging models and systems, including hybrids. That doesn’t mean you won’t be required to handle tools or use your common sense and your experience. Auto mechanic courses may combine technical training with hands-on practice in generally required skill areas, including:

  • Engines and power plants
  • Transmission systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Electronic fuel injection systems
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Diagnostics and smog certifications

You may also choose to continue your education later by enrolling in courses for high-performance vehicles, street rods, diesel engines, chassis repair or fabrications, trim and upholstery, or collision repair and painting. Some auto mechanic schools may focus on manufacturer specific training for diagnosing, repair, or maintenance of foreign and high-performance vehicles.

Among the auto mechanic degree programs, you’ll find courses leading to diplomas, certificates, associate’s degrees, and four-year bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering technology.

Career Options for Auto Mechanic School Graduates

Grads from auto mechanic degree programs may take jobs with automobile dealerships, private repair shops and garages, auto parts stores, parts manufacturing companies, tire retailers, or as self-employed professionals.

If you work for a dealership or repair shop after graduating from mechanics school, you may probably work as an apprentice behind a seasoned mechanic who checks your work. With experience, you may also move from assigned auto maintenance roles to diagnostic and repair work. You may choose to pursue additional training on specific brands of vehicles as your employer asks you to obtain certifications.

Salary Outlook for Auto Mechanic School Degree Holders

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that automotive service technicians and mechanics earned mean annual wages of $35,790 in 2010. Wages may vary by region, training, and the size of your employer.

States areas with the highest concentration of auto mechanics include Vermont, Montana, West Virginia, and Maine, while the top-paying state was Alaska, with an hourly mean wage of $23.74. You can earn more by continuing to add specializations and certifications. In the auto body field, by comparison, the 2009 mean annual wage was $41,020, with the top earners drawing $63,980.

The BLS predicts very good job opportunities for auto mechanics with formal training and ASE certification.

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Automotive Mechanic Schools Colleges

Gain better traction in your employment pursuits by learning a trade known for having reliable job opportunities! Many auto mechanic schools provide training that lets you practice skills directly on the types of cars and trucks you’ll encounter in real repair shops. That means you could make a great impression when you enter the job market.

But choosing a school isn’t just about preparing for a dependable career. It’s also about helping you put your personal satisfaction into overdrive. Mechanic training can lead to feeling proud of what you do. And it can offer a way into daily work that’s fun and keeps your mind sharp.

Consider this: Today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever. As a result, cars are even more exciting to work on. And they’re only getting more and more interesting each year. Your training can get you up-to-speed while also giving you the abilities that make it possible to enjoy staying on top of all the interesting changes.

To find out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about automotive careers, and the training required to get into them, check out this detailed article. And when you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is find a school using our convenitent guide and request program information.

Find an Auto Mechanic School

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Automotive Technology Training

Personalized hands-on auto tech training programs

Guidance from Professionals

Automotive training at Lincoln College of Technology and Lincoln Technical Institute lets you learn from ASE-Certified instructors with years of professional experience. You’ll receive personalized hands-on training that puts the tools you need to succeed as an automotive technician right in your hands.

Lincoln isn’t your ordinary auto mechanic school – it’s a place where your Automotive technical training takes shape, and includes:

    Working under the hood in auto bays inside our fully-equipped auto shops featuring computerized diagnostic equipment and specialty tools.* Assembling and dissecting engines, transmissions and transaxles from cars and trucks. Learning how to diagnose no-start/no-fuel problems and how to operate exhaust gas analysis equipment and determine necessary actions. Fun, interactive learning techniques such as web-based information retrieval systems, where professors use a projector to ask questions, and students respond by using a “clicker” to chime in with their answers. “Driving Your Performance” orientation class that talks to you about what you can expect, what you’ll learn and explains what Lincoln’s role is in your educational training.

Preparation for an Auto Technician Career

At Lincoln’s automotive technology schools, you’ll get ready to shift into high gear with a career in the automotive industry. You’ll be prepared to pursue entry-level employment opportunities at as an automotive technician at car dealerships, independent automotive shops, service centers, fleet maintenance departments and more! As new makes and models continue to hit the market, so does the need for qualified technicians to repair and maintain these new technologies, parts and intricate systems. And to help you find companies that need people just like you, Lincoln’s Career Services department can help connect you to our industry contacts!

Learn how to fix the cars you love to drive – enroll in automotive technical training at Lincoln, and get on the path to a successful automotive career!

*Campus equipment and machinery varies by school.

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The Latest at Gale

Empowering Libraries for 63+ Years

From sponsoring the busses at countless ALA meetings to co-founding the Corporate Committee for Library Investment, Gale has made important contributions to the library world since 1953. It has never been more important for business partners within the library community to promote the impact of libraries and librarians on education and the economy.

News at Gale

Nearly ¾ of College Freshmen Lack Research Skills

Too many students start college underprepared, but Gale can help them cultivate the necessary skills—and they agree. Read what 12th-graders in a Project Tomorrow® study reported as the top benefits of Gale resources.

Product Release

Witness the March Toward Women’s Rights

Gale’s Women’s Studies Archive provides a closer look at some of the pioneers of women’s movements. It offers scholars a deep dive into the issues that have affected women and the many contributions women have made to society.

Leaders in Library Research Resources

Gale is a global leader in education, learning, and research resources online.

We have a vast digital archive of research databases, reference books

(both eBook and print), and more!

Explore Our Products

Support your researchers with up-to-date, full-text magazines, newspapers, journals, periodicals, videos, and podcasts.

Enhance your institution s ability to do deep research with rare, primary source materials that are now at your fingertips digitally.

GVRL is the platform that brings our extensive eBook collection to libraries – from foundational classics to new, topical titles.

Bestselling titles and authors in large print, across fiction (like mystery and westerns) and nonfiction (like history and lifestyle).

Learning solutions that support or provide full class curriculums and help to teach a wide range of disciplines.

Explore over 5,000 reference and nonfiction, and fiction titles across multiple formats including large print.

Florida Insurance Schools with Overviews of Programs and Classes #university #of #florida #insurance, #florida #insurance #schools


Florida Insurance Schools with Overviews of Programs and Classes

The Florida area has more than four schools that offer insurance programs. Get some information about the courses, and see some quick facts for two of these schools to make an informed education decision.

Essential Information

Florida students seeking an insurance education can find options that range from single courses to full undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in risk management and insurance are available at several business schools, and these programs may include internships and feature online study options. Those interested in becoming insurance sales agents can find on-campus and online pre-licensure courses or short-term career programs that meet Florida State licensure requirements. There are also continuing education courses for licensed insurance professionals who need to renew their licensure.

Florida State University

Located in Tallahassee. Florida State University’s College of Business opened in 1950 and is now among the nation’s ten largest business schools. Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in risk management and insurance are available. The bachelor’s program provides studies in insurance products, such as health, life, commercial and property insurance plans, as well as financial risk assessment and management.

The master’s program is only available online, and it includes studies in insurance contracts, government regulations, insurance agency processes, financial assessment, risk analysis, estimation of value and projection of necessary coverage. The school only admits two students annually into its PhD program, which requires a master’s degree and courses in mathematics and economics as prerequisites. Students in the PhD program learn about company benefit packages and financial risk in business. There are also seminars on life, health, property and liability insurance products.

  • Programs Offered: BS in Risk Management and Insurance
    MS in Management in Risk Management and Insurance
    PhD in Risk Management and Insurance
  • Undergraduate Tuition Fees (2013-2014): $6,507 (in-state), $21,673 (out-of-state)*
  • School Type Setting: 4-year, public; midsize city

Florida SouthWestern State College

Florida SouthWestern State College, located in Ft. Myers. offers online non-credit insurance pre-licensing classes for prospective insurance agents, brokers, adjusters and representatives, as well as continuing education courses for those already licensed. The pre-licensing courses are available with day, evening or accelerated schedules, and they are targeted towards aspiring general line agents; general lines customer service representatives; personal lines agents; life, health and variable annuities sales agents; and insurance adjusters.

The school also offers an online 40-hour course for those seeking the Registered Customer Service Representative Designation, and graduates won’t need to take the Florida licensure exam. Since Florida licensure requires insurance adjusters, agents and representatives to maintain updated professional education standards and knowledge through 10-24 hours of ethics, law and specialized deduction every two years, the school also offers several continuing education courses for this purpose.

  • Programs Offered: Personal and Commercial Line Pre-Licensing Courses
    Registered Customer Service Representative Designation Course
    Insurance Continuing Education Courses
  • Tuition Fees (2014): $118-$395 per course for pre-licensing courses, $290 for Registered Customer Service Representative Designation, $18-$84 for continuing education courses**
  • School Type Setting: 4-year, primarily associate’s, public; large suburb

School Comparison: At a Glance

  • Master
      • Master of Arts in Law – Business
      • Master of Business Administration – Accounting
      • Master of Business Administration – Finance and Investing
      • Master of Business Administration – Franchising
      • Master of Business Administration
      • Master of Business Administration – General Management
  • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
      • Bachelor of Science in Business
      • Bachelor of Science in Business – Accounting
      • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Business
      • Bachelor of Applied Science in Management and Leadership
      • Bachelor of Science in Business – General Management

Get Started with Regent University

Perfect School Search

10 Popular Schools

The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

  • Master of Business Administration – Management (Spanish)
  • BA in Business Administration – Finance
  • BA in Business Administration – Management
  • Business Administration, BA – Management
  • AA in Accounting

  • LVN Programs Los Angeles: Nursing School at, rn schools in los angeles.#Rn #schools #in #los #angeles


    Rn schools in los angeles

    • Rn schools in los angeles

  • Rn schools in los angeles

  • Rn schools in los angeles

  • Rn schools in los angeles

  • Rn schools in los angeles

  • Rn schools in los angeles

  • Rn schools in los angeles

  • Rn schools in los angeles


    Start the career you want with an education you deserve!

    Rn schools in los angeles

    Why Choose CDI?

    We set high standards because we know our students can meet them. Students complete our vocational nurse programs with confidence that they are prepared to handle the demands of the job and keep achieving even more.

    We re proud to be one of the only nursing schools in Los Angeles that:

    • Earned 100% NCLEX pass rate for 5 years in a row
    • Has full accreditation with the BVNPT, ABHES, CDPH and BPPE
    • Is licensed with Bureau of Secondary Education
    • Offers free tutoring and NCLEX prep
    • Job placement assistance after course completion
    • Has provided top quality nursing programs since 1998
    • Earned Awards for Outstanding Performance 15 years straight
    • *Ranked #1 LVN Program in California according to

    Apply Now!

    Rn schools in los angeles

    LVN Program

    Here at Career Development Institute, Inc. (CDI), we make sure our licensed vocational nursing students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful nursing professionals. In our accelerated program, students graduate in just 13 months. Our accredited nursing school has been continuously considered one of the best in Los Angeles.

    We tailor our students academic experience by offering:

    Small LVN class sizes

    Free tutoring services

    Valuable one-on-one attention

    NCLEX test prep

    From enrollment to graduation, our caring and knowledgeable staff is here to help students successfully complete their academic and career goals. We are here for our students and encourage them to come to us for questions, concerns, support and council.

    Through a combination of classroom instruction, simulation skills lab training and hands-on clinical experience in Los Angeles, LVN students develop a solid foundation and understanding of the medical industry. Critical nursing course material is reviewed and revisited throughout the LVN program, helping students fully absorb and internalize key information.

    Rn schools in los angeles

    Contact CDI

    From enrollment through graduation, our caring and knowledgeable staff is here to help students successfully complete their academic and career goals in California. Find out how to become an LVN! Get personal assistance by contacting us today.

    Rn schools in los angeles

    LVN Explained

    CNA, LVN, LPN and RN Explained

    In the medical industry there can be a lot of confusing acronyms. Different states also use different terminology, which can add to the confusion. In the nursing field there are numerous designations:

    We tailor our students academic experience by offering:

    Small LVN class sizes

    Free tutoring services

    Valuable one-on-one attention

    NCLEX test prep

    From enrollment to graduation, our caring and knowledgeable staff is here to help students successfully complete their academic and career goals. We are here for our students and encourage them to come to us for questions, concerns, support and council.

    Through a combination of classroom instruction, simulation skills lab training and hands-on clinical experience in Los Angeles, LVN students develop a solid foundation and understanding of the medical industry. Critical nursing course material is reviewed and revisited throughout the LVN program, helping students fully absorb and internalize key information.

    Rn schools in los angeles

  • Psychology schools in new york #psychology #schools #in #new #york



    The school s international leadership role invites all the disciplines devoted to the built environment to think differently. Its mission is to use the highest level of professional training as a creative space of experimentation and analysis that nurtures new forms of professional, scholarly, technical and ethical practice.

    School of the Arts is a vibrant intellectual and artistic laboratory where students work, experiment and learn under the guidance of professors acclaimed in their fields of Film, Theatre, Visual Arts and Writing.

    Graduate School of Arts Sciences

    The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is one of the most distinguished graduate schools in the United States. Our renowned faculty provides MA and PhD students with advanced knowledge in the humanities and natural and social sciences while preparing them for a variety of careers around the world.

    Barnard was the first college in New York City, and one of the few in the nation, where women could receive the same rigorous education available to men. Today, Barnard educates more than 2,300 bright, independent-minded women in an intimate liberal arts setting and is the most sought-after women s college in the country.

    Columbia Business School s global education prepares students for lifetime leadership in any industry. Its curriculum bridges pioneering research and industry practice and fosters the entrepreneurial mindset. Through its thought leadership, broad alumni network and New York base, the school ranks among the world s most innovative.

    College of Physicians and Surgeons

    The College of Physicians and Surgeons is one of the most selective medical schools in the nation. Its faculty, among the most highly regarded clinicians and physician-scientists in academic medicine, prepare students to be medical leaders while working to solve intractable health challenges through clinical, laboratory and translational research.

    Columbia College is one of the nation s most selective undergraduate institutions. The centerpiece of academic study is the Core Curriculum, which provides students with wide-ranging perspectives on classic works of literature, philosophy, history, music, art and science.

    The College of Dental Medicine provides an academically and clinically superior education in an environment that encourages students to take advantage of the educational opportunities in such diverse areas as public health, informatics and biomedical research.

    Columbia Engineering educates socially responsible engineering and applied science leaders whose work results in the betterment of the human condition. Undergraduate and graduate programs combine rigorous traditional course work with opportunities for research, service learning, internships and entrepreneurship, both nationally and internationally.

    General Studies is the finest liberal arts college in the United States created specifically for returning and nontraditional students seeking a rigorous, traditional undergraduate degree. The school also houses the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, the oldest and largest program of its kind in the country.

    For more than sixty years, the School of International and Public Affairs has been educating professionals who make a difference in society. Through rigorous research and hands-on practice, graduates and faculty work to improve social services, advocate for human rights, strengthen markets, protect the environment and secure peace around the world.

    The Jewish Theological Seminary trains tomorrow s religious, educational, academic and lay leaders for the Jewish community and beyond through its five schools and world-class library. List College, the undergraduate school, offers dual-degree programs with Columbia University and Barnard College.

    Columbia Journalism School educates students to work in all news media, covering a wide range of complicated subjects. Our faculty, a diverse group of award-winning professionals, work closely with students to provide a foundation for our graduates to become leaders in a fast-changing news media.

    Columbia Law School is among the oldest and most distinguished law schools in the United States. Its faculty and graduates have a long tradition of private practice and public service in the judiciary, government and public interest organizations, contributing to the development of law in the United States and throughout the world.

    The School of Nursing is part of one of the world s most renowned academic health centers, a vital neighborhood collaborating on research, education and clinical care.

    The School of Professional Studies offers innovative programs that meet Columbia s standard of excellence, including professional master s degrees, courses for graduate school preparation and academic achievement, pre-college programs for high school students, and courses in English as a second language.

    The Mailman School of Public Health has been on the cutting edge of public health research, education and service for more than 85 years. The school is a global presence built on local excellence. With its world-class faculty and talented, diverse students, the Mailman School is developing knowledge and effecting change locally and globally.

    For 110 years, the School of Social Work has distinguished itself with intellectual creativity and leadership in research, education and field work. Faculty members conduct research and service programs globally and provide their expertise to leaders in academia, government and the private sector.

    Teachers College is the oldest and largest U.S. graduate school of education, perennially ranked among the nation s best. In education, health and psychology, Teachers College prepares and informs policymakers and practitioners to better serve students, families, schools and communities.

    Union Theological Seminary

    Founded in 1836, Union has always embodied the freedom to learn and to teach, with a vision of education centered on academic excellence and personal faith. Union remains committed to that vision, as it responds to the changing needs of our city and world with an evolving understanding of what it means to be faithful.

    Which MBA, Top MBA & Business Schools, The Economist, top mba schools.#Top #mba #schools


    Which MBA?

    A helping hand

    Harvard’s plan to assist those on low incomes 0

    Top mba schools

    MBA diary: Edinburgh

    Come together

    Ritesh Kotak, an MBA student at University of Edinburgh Business School, says diversity of thought is where the value of a programme lies 1

    Diplomacy and business-school applications

    Welcome to Canada

    America’s loss is Canada’s gain 1

    MBA diary: Vlerick Business School

    Energy booster

    A bootcamp leads one student to believe that a target of 100% renewable energy is achievable 1

    Tech MBAs

    Catching up

    Will graduates will have the skills needed by the fast-moving technology sector? 0

    Female MBAs

    Downplaying ambitions?

    A new paper suggests women at business school are too demure 2

    Masters in Management ranking

    On the rise

    There is more to a business school than its MBA 2

    MBA diary: ESADE

    The business of politics

    A full-time MBA student at ESADE Business School founds a political and public affairs club 0

    Harvard Business School

    HBS risks going from great to good

    A confidential memorandum of warning to its senior faculty 20

    Immigration and business schools

    The Trump effect

    America’s new president is deterring foreign applicants 1

    Business-school research

    Bulldozer needed

    By not tackling the important issues facing the world, business schools have a legitimacy problem 0

    Mini ranking: Alumni networks

    Who you know, not what you know

    The 15 highest-ranked alumni networks at business schools 2

    MBA diary: IMPM

    Learning calmness from the eye of a storm

    A student says a study trip to India changed the way she thinks about business 2

    MBA diary: Berkeley

    Why men should care about women’s success

    An MBA student at the Haas business school at Berkeley, sets up a “manbassador” group 3

    MBA internships

    Try before you buy

    Internships have long been important to students, but as the quality of those leaving the world’s universities grows, they are fast becoming essential 4

    MBA mini ranking

    Entry level

    The 15 highest GMAT scores at business schools 2

    Business schools and sustainability

    Getting there

    Business schools are delivering on sustainability 3

    MBA diary: Imperial College

    Learning at a distance: So far, so good

    An MBA student at Imperial College Business School, knew he wanted to study online, but his criteria proved exacting 2

    MBA diary: MIT Sloan

    Tackling the diabetes epidemic

    An Executive MBA student co-founded a firm that helps diabetes sufferers lead healthier lives 3

    MBA applications

    Objectively subjective

    Business schools seem to be unaware of potential bias in their admissions process 5


    Business as art

    How to help MBAs think differently 2

    Masters in Management ranking

    Top mba schools

    Full-time MBA ranking

    Top mba schools


    Who you know, not what you know

    The highest-ranked alumni networks at business schools

    Top mba schools

    Entry level

    Which school has the highest GMAT scores?

    Top mba schools

    MBA diaries

    Students’ tales in their own words

    Top mba schools

    Ranking business schools on salary increase

    Show me the money

    Top mba schools

    Executive MBA ranking

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Top mba schools

    Latest updates

    Top mba schools

    The Economist explains September 6th, 4:50

    Top mba schools

    Democracy in America September 5th, 23:26

    Top mba schools

    Graphic detail September 5th, 21:00

    Top mba schools

    Middle East and Africa September 5th, 17:14

    Top mba schools

    Prospero September 5th, 15:49

    Top mba schools

    Business and finance September 5th, 14:22

    Top mba schools

    Respiratory Therapist Schools in Rhode Island (RI) #respiratory #therapist #training #programs, #respiratory #therapist #schools #in #rhode #island


    Rhode Island Respiratory Therapy Schools

    Outlook on the Respiratory Therapist Profession

    Respiratory therapists usually work in a hospital setting. They are a crucial part of the lives of those who have breathing disorders. As a respiratory therapist, you will work with a variety of medical equipment. It is not only important to understand your role in the hospital, but equally important to be able to follow strict safety precautions. Respiratory therapist can also work in a nursing home, rehabilitation hospital, and in home health. Working in this field, you could expect anywhere from $46,000 to $53,000 a year. Those with a bit more experience in the field can earn up to $60,000 per year.

    Education Required

    Because respiratory therapists have an effect on lives, education is extremely important. If they do not receive the correct training, peoples health will be put at risk. To work in this field, you must gain at least an associates degree. Following the degree a test must be taken for certification. To work in this field a certified respiratory therapy license is necessary. Those who are looking to work in supervisory positions and intensive care positions, will need a registered respiratory therapist certification. Classes on the course description are:

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    Pediatric Respiratory Care
    Advances in Respiratory Health Care

    Respiratory Therapist Responsibilities

    As a respiratory therapist you will evaluate and care for those with lung disorders. They work with a doctors and a full team of medical professionals. It is their goal to help people deal with and treat respiratory illness. This position is a critical part of the hospital setting. Respiratory therapist are responsible for testing patients for abnormalities in the lungs, measuring the lung capacity of a patient, setting up and monitory ventilators, and helping patients with their rehabilitative exercises.

    Respiratory therapy may seem demanding. That is because it can be a demanding position. Respiratory therapists are also responsible for monitoring patients under anesthetics, during surgery. They also work with newborns that have breathing issues. Treating patients with breathing problems like asthma and emphysema, the opportunities in the field are endless.

    Respiratory Therapist Schools in Rhode Island (RI)

    Unfortunately there are no Respiratory Therapist schools currently enrolling in this area. Please check again later, or click here to broaden your search .

    Other Schools Offering Respiratory Therapist Training in Rhode Island

    Community College of Rhode Island
    400 East Ave
    Warwick, RI 02886-1807

    The University of Rhode Island
    Kingston, RI 02881

    Technical schools in philadelphia, technical schools in philadelphia.#Technical #schools #in #philadelphia


    PTT School – Automotive School | Engineering | Welding Certification

    • Technical schools in philadelphia
    • Technical schools in philadelphia
    • Technical schools in philadelphia
    • Technical schools in philadelphia

    Technical schools in philadelphiaTechnical schools in philadelphia

    Slide-1. Nulla ac enim ligula.

    Nulla ac enim ligula. Cras nisi nisl, commodo sed semper quis, sagittis ut elit.

    Slide-2. Maecenas blandit semper

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    Technical schools in philadelphia

    Financial Aid

    At Philadelphia Technician Training Institute, we understand that applying for financial aid might seem

    Technical schools in philadelphia

    Educational Programs

    New – Welding Program at PTT that result in AWS Certification

    Technical schools in philadelphia


    Our Features

    Grants Student Loans Available to Those Who Qualify. Go to: . PTT School code is 042213 . Call 215-381-9403 to Get Started, get a 6 Months Education, Job Placement More


    Technical schools in philadelphia

    Automotive Training & Repair

    • Both grants and Federal guaranteed financial aid is available. Go to . PTT school code is 042213 . See you soon!
    • Technical schools in philadelphiaBy the program’s end, our automotive students are trained to maintain, repair, and trouble-shoot cars and trucks. You’ll train to repair engines, breaks, alignments, axles and so much more!
    • Technical schools in philadelphiaTech Training: Today’s leading repair garages look more like computer labs than auto repair shops. We train you to use computers to diagnose and solve engine and alignment problems.
    • Technical schools in philadelphiaYou’ll receive: $2,500 in tools to keep, your PA State Inspection & Emissions Licenses, the ability to repair domestic & foreign cars, write work orders, diagnosis cars, help employers be profitable and quality correct, impact growth and job security on day one.

    Technical schools in philadelphia

    Welding Technology and Training Program

    • The focus of our Welding Technology and Training Program is on technical knowledge, industry standards,trouble-shooting skills, occupational safety, and computerized systems training for “green-collar” jobs in today’s high-tech manufacturing companies.
    • We provide quality instruction and hands-on training at our Philadelphia training facility. Financial Aid is available to students who qualify. Visit for more information:
      • MIG Metal Inert Gas
      • TIG Tungsten Inert Gas
      • Plasma Cutting
      • Fabrication
      • Blueprint Reading
      • Sheet Metal Arc Welding
      • Resume Writing, Interviewing
      • Job Placement Assistance

    Technical schools in philadelphia

    Manufacturing & Automation

    • Grants and Federally guaranteed student loans are available now. Go to . Our school code is 042213 . See you soon!
    • Technical schools in philadelphiaBy graduation, our students are trained manufacturing technicians who are prepared to maintain, program, and repair industrial robots and machinery.
    • Technical schools in philadelphiaTech Training: Our teachers are industry engineers with extensive work experience. They’ll train you to work with advanced manufacturing equipment like robotics, programmable controls, single and three phase wiring, hydraulics, and more.
    • Technical schools in philadelphiaYou’ll receive: Certifications in OSHA Safety, workplace math and communication instruction, and best of all, job placement mentors! You will be able to fix equipment, diagnosis and repair machinery, increase quality and start saving companies money.

    Technical schools in philadelphia