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Amortization Schedule Excel Template Download

If you are an existing borrower or looking to finance your dream home or asset, then it is very important to understand the details mentioned in the amortization schedule.

It might sometimes seem difficult to understand how your lender calculates the interest and principal repayment components in a monthly payment. But it is not difficult at all. A basic knowledge of the mathematical formulas will help you understand the calculations very easily. And in case you are comfort able using Microsoft excel for doing the calculations, then the task is very easy.

There are lots of amortization schedule Excel templates, you can freely download on your computer and play around. Even if you are not using MS Excel, then also you can use the online amortization schedule generators; lots of them are available on the websites.

What Is An Amortization Schedule

A typical amortization schedule is a table showing the months in which you are required to make the monthly payments, the total monthly payment is required to be made, the principal component in the monthly payment, the interest component in the monthly payment and the total outstanding loan balance. If you observe mortgage amortization schedule table, you will notice that the amount of the monthly payment remains constant throughout the loan term while the interest component goes on decreasing and the principal repayment component goes on increasing until it becomes zero at the end of the loan term.

How to create an amortization schedule using MS Excel

Creation of an amortization schedule using MS Excel is very easy. You just need to have a basic understanding of doing calculations using MS Excel templates and feel comfort able with the number crunching.

Amortization schedule Excel template download

In case you are interested in a ready-made amortization schedule excel template download, then you do not have to search anywhere. The latest versions of MS Excel like 2007 or 2010 comes preloaded with amortization schedule templates which you can use on-the-fly.

Auto amortization schedule

Following are the steps you need to follow to load your amortization schedule Excel template, which is built in your MS Excel by Microsoft.

  1. Go to the menu button, which is shown as a circular button on the top left corner of MS Excel window and click on it.
  2. Click on the new option. The new workbook window will open.
  3. In the templates section of the left-hand pane, click on the installed templates option. Most probably you will see seven preloaded MS Excel templates in the right pane. One of them loan amortization template. Click on it and then click on the create button.

Amortization Schedule Template Inputs

The amortization template will instantly be downloaded to your computer and will open a file in MS Excel. Following are the inputs required to be entered for this template to work.

  • Loan Amount
  • Annual Interest Rate
  • Loan Period In Years
  • Number Of Payments Per Year
  • Start Date Of Loan
  • Optional Extra Payments

Amortization Schedule Template Results

As soon as you enter all these inputs a loan summary will be calculated which will give you following details.

  • Scheduled Payment
  • Scheduled Number Of Payments
  • Actual Number Of Payments
  • Total Early Payments
  • Total Interest

In addition to these calculated values in the loan summary, following month wise details will be calculated for you, which will actually create your loan amortization schedule.

  • Payment Number
  • Payment Date
  • Beginning Balance
  • Scheduled Payment
  • Extra Payment
  • Total Payment
  • Principal
  • Interest
  • Ending Balance
  • Cumulative Interest

We strongly recommend you to use the built in the loan amortization schedule template in MS Excel to gain a lot of insight into the loan offer. This will go a long way to make you understand the intricacies of the loan offer and help you get the best deal. For the existing borrowers this amortization template will help you evaluate your options. You can also understand how adding a dose of extra payments will change the duration of your mortgage and help you pay off your loan at an earlier date.

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Auto Mileage Log Template

Auto mileage log is maintained by business professionals and athletes to keep track of traveled distances. An accurate auto mileage log proves really helpful to record day to day travel distances. Commercial truck drivers and car owners are required to keep detail mileage log for the regular business related trips. Different people like runners, swimmers and cyclists prepare mileage logs to track the performance during training sessions. It is important to update auto mileage log regularly because it will help you in the audit process. Auto mileage log will help you to get tax deductions on your income tax return. Auto mileage log should contain date of travel, starting and ending of odometer reading, total miles drive and the purpose of the travel.

Uses of Auto Mileage Log

Mileage logs are used to keep track of distances traveled for the work purpose. If you are using car of the company then you have to keep the record of mileage log. Some companies pay certain amount per mile so you have to prepare auto mileage log to get compensation.

Here is preview of this Free Auto Mileage Log Template created using MS Excel,

Auto amortization schedule

Keep Proper Track of Your Travel

You have to keep track of following travels:

  • Travel to and from offices of customers for meetings and other official purposes related to your company.
  • Delivery of goods and services.
  • Use of vehicle and voluntary work.

It is really important to record miles or kilometers you have travelled for the office and personal purpose. If you are a self-employed person then you can get tax relief on total cost of travel. If you are working for an employer then record of total mileage will help you in the audit process.

Prove Beneficial for Tax Purposes

A self-employed person can easily claim tax deductions for the costs incurred on the travel and the best way to separate your business and personal mileage is to design a mileage log that can also prove useful for the tax purposes. Your employer can claim tax relief also on your travel costs.

Claim Your Money Back

Auto mileage log will help you to claim your money back for work related travel. It is important to prepare a separate log for your job travels and include total mileage and consumption of fuel to charge accordingly.

Essential Elements of Mileage Log

It is important to use easy and accessible method to record total mileage and it will be good to use notebook to record all details in diary. You can use your smart phone also because smart phone offers premium applications to record mileage on the cell phone. Following data should be recorded in the auto mileage log:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Description for your travel
  • Purpose of travel
  • Locations (To and From)
  • Odometer Reading (Start and End)
  • Mileage

Design your auto mileage log and record different contents as per your requirements. Immediately record your mileage to avoid any problem in future but if you forget to record your mileage then do not worry as you can use interactive mileage calculators available in some vehicles.

Here is download link for this Auto Mileage Log Template,

Loan Amortization Schedule in Excel – Easy Excel Tutorial #home #and #auto #insurance

#auto amortization schedule

Loan Amortization Schedule

This example teaches you how to create a loan amortization schedule in Excel .

1. We use the PMT function to calculate the monthly payment on a loan with an annual interest rate of 5%, a 2-year duration and a present value (amount borrowed) of $20,000. We have named the input cells.

2. Use the PPMT function to calculate the principal part of the payment. The second argument specifies the payment number.

3. Use the IPMT function to calculate the interest part of the payment. The second argument specifies the payment number.

4. Update the balance.

5. Select the range A7:E7 (first payment) and drag it down one row. Change the balance formula.

6. Select the range A8:E8 (second payment) and drag it down to row 30.

It takes 24 months to pay off this loan. See how the principal part increases and the interest part decreases with each payment.

Lease Amortization Schedule: Equipment Payment Excel Calculator #car #dealer

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Lease Amortization Schedule: Equipment Payment Excel Calculator

By uncle on September 14, 2013

If you are an Accountant for a small or medium sized company with multiple leases (or loans) then you probably experience problems with generating accounting entries every month.

What you need to work out are the principal and interest amounts for each lease and then summarize them. In case of just few loans or leases this isn t a big issue.

But if you maintain several dozens of amortization schedules then the task can become quite time consuming.

How Lease Accounting Usually Works

The typical scenario is like that: You maintain separate amortization spreadsheets for each lease. Then at the month-end you take the principal and interest amounts of each lease and sum it up.

And here is where the problem starts. One way to sum up all individual amounts is doing so manually. This, however, takes time.

Your second option is to interlink all spreadsheets and calculate the summary in one master spreadsheet. The hard part here is interlinking all these individual sheets. As we all know, this process in Excel doesn t work smoothly all the time. Often the numbers don’t flow through.

Sometimes you must open all files at once in order for the numbers to get updated correctly. With dozens of files open at the same time your PC performance goes down. Sometimes it even crashes.

And what about the missing links? How often do you move a file to another place on your Disk and the link gets broken? Now you need to fix the formulas.

Sounds all familiar?

Wouldn t it be nice to have all Individual and Consolidated lease schedules in a single Spreadsheet?

We thought so, too! Therefore, we developed this:

Multiple Leases Amortization Calculator in Excel

Our Excel Calculator that can take away all your headaches during  the month-ends or year-ends.

With this calculator you can manage all your leases (or loans) in one Excel file, getting individual and consolidated schedules in one place.

Free Version of our Lease Calculator includes all functionality, except for locked interest rate. Try it and if it suits your needs then you can purchase the full version.

In case you have any questions about this calculator then please talk to us . We will be glad to explain it.

Current limit of this calculator is 80 leases (or loans). The reason to minimizing the file size. Now it stands at around 2.6 MB. Extending it for more leases means that the Excel file will get bigger.

This should not be a problem, Excel can easily handle files even few dozen MB large. Just the opening and processing times will slightly increase.

What You Need to Run the Lease Calculator

To be able to run the calculator you ideally need to have Microsoft Excel 2010 installed on your computer.

The calculator may also run on Excel 2007. Just the List of Values boxes may not work properly, so you will need to type Loan Term manually instead of picking it from the Drop-down List.

We advise you download the free version and make sure that you can run it on your computer without problems.

Once you make sure that it runs fine then you can buy it. The Premium Version of the Lease Calculator looks and feels exactly the same as the Free Version, just allows you to maintain more leases (or loans)

User Manual

Using this calculator is pretty easy. If you are familiar with Excel then it should be a piece of cake. But just to be sure that you understand it and are comfortable with all its functions, here we included instructions on how to use it.

Sheet 1 – Data Entry

In this sheet you need to specify all entry parameters for your leases (or loans) as shown in the image below.

Sheet 2 – Individual Schedules

Here you can get details for individual amortization schedules. Simply pick Lease or Loan name in field C4.

Note: Every time you add new lease or change parameters for existing lease, click on “Refresh” button to get the calculation updated.

Sheet 3 – Consolidated Schedule

This sheet will provide summary for Total Monthly Principal and Total Interest Amounts data for all your Leases per period (month).

Note: Again, every time you add new leases (loans) or change parameters of existing ones don’t forget to click on the “Refresh” button to get the data re-calculated.

Sheet 4 – Repayment Calendar

We have included Repayment Calendar to schedule your Lease payments. With this handy report you will never miss a single repayment. It will also help you with planning your Cash Flow.

Note: After updating Entry Data sheet, always hit the “Refresh” button to get the values refreshed.

Sheet 5 – Charts

Last, but not least important for your work are graphs showing Repayments and Outstanding Balance Trends. We have included these graphs to help you with your reporting.

You can print them and attach to your monthly management reporting pack. It will nicely show your financial position where you stand.

Note: As usual, don’t forget to hit “Refresh” button every time you change entry parameters of your Leases or Loans.

We hope you will enjoy our Lease Calculator. If you have any questions or suggestions then please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact Form .

Federated Auto Parts And Ken Schrader Racing Announce 2015 Schedule – ARCA Racing #auto #haus

#federated auto parts

Federated Auto Parts And Ken Schrader Racing Announce 2015 Schedule

(CONCORD, N.C. March 12, 2015) Federated Auto Parts and Ken Schrader Racing have teamed up for 2015. This season marks the 16th year that Federated Auto Parts has served as the primary sponsor for Schrader s dirt and ARCA cars. Schrader will continue to compete in both his dirt modified and in select ARCA races throughout the season.

We are looking forward to another exciting season as the sponsor of Kenny and his racing teams, said J.R. Bishop, director of motorsports and event marketing for Federated. Kenny has become synonymous with Federated. He is very popular with our members and their customers, and he does a tremendous job representing Federated across the country, whether at the Federated 400, an ARCA race or a local dirt track event.

Schrader will handle driving duties for his team in seven ARCA races, including two title-sponsorship races at the Salem (Ind.) Speedway, the Federated Auto Parts ARCA 200 on April 26 and the Federated Car Care ARCA Fall Classic on Sept. 19. He will also drive at Toledo Speedway, Winchester Speedway, Lucas Oil Raceway, Illinois State Fairgrounds and DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

In addition, the team s drivers will include Matt Tifft, Clay Campbell, and Ross Kenseth.

Tifft, an Ohio native who attends the University of North Carolina At Charlotte, will be making his return to KSR, Inc. at the March 14 ARCA race at Mobile (Ala.) International Speedway. Tifft will also drive the Federated entry in ARCA competition at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Pocono Raceway, Iowa Speedway, Berlin Raceway, Kentucky Speedway, and Kansas Speedway.

We are pleased with Matt s return to the Federated car, said team owner Ken Schrader. He is a talented young driver and has proven race after race that he has what it takes to run up front and make key decisions while behind the wheel.

I am excited to be back in the Federated car this season, Tifft said. Last year, I learned a great deal about the tracks we visited and I m looking forward to returning to those places with the Schrader team to capitalize on that knowledge. We had a number of great finishes in 2014 and I hope to better those this year!

Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell is scheduled to race with Ken Schrader Racing, Inc. in the No. 52 Federated Chevy at Talladega Superspeedway on May 1. Campbell is making his second appearance at Talladega for the Federated team.

I m really looking forward to going to Talladega. We had a really strong car there last year but weren t around at the end to show it, Campbell said. Obviously we are excited to be going with the same car we had a Daytona which was really fast but again, we had issues that kept us from being there at the end. I can think of nothing better than for our Federated Auto Parts Team to go to victory lane at Talladega!

Ross Kenseth will drive at Michigan International Speedway and Chicagoland Speedway for the team. In 2013, Kenseth made his ARCA debut in a Ken Schrader Racing car at Madison (Wis.) International Speedway, winning the pole and leading 51 laps before finishing sixth.

With the drivers we have on board for this season, it looks as though we will have some exciting finishes and experience some great racing within the ARCA ranks, Schrader said. I m looking forward to working with Matt, Clay, and Ross.

Federated will also sponsor Schrader in more than 50 dirt track races in the coming season and will host hospitality events for its members and customers at several of these races.

Our dirt track sponsorship of Schrader Racing continues to grow each year, said Bishop. Kenny has a great time interacting with our members and customers at the track and his enthusiasm is contagious. Our guests really enjoy spending time with him and cheering him on as he competes in the Federated car.

About Ken Schrader Racing, Inc.

Ken Schrader Racing, Inc. established in 1982, is a family owned business specializing in motorsports with locations in Concord, North Carolina and Dittmer, Missouri. Its North Carolina operation houses the KSR, Inc. ARCA and NASCAR Truck Series teams, showcases a selection of Schrader s race cars and employees 10 people. Schrader s dirt car program is managed from the Missouri location. Schrader has driven race cars since the 1970s, including more than 29 years at the NASCAR Sprint Cup level. He has also competed with the ARCA, IMCA, UMP, USAC, USMTS, WoO sanctioning bodies and is co-owner of race tracks in Macon, Ill.; Pevely, Mo. and Paducah, Ky. For more information call KSR, Inc. at (704) 788-8315.

Online Amortization Schedule Calculator #auto #movers

#auto amortization schedule

Amortization Schedule Calculator

Loan Payment Schedule Help

Every loan has four primary attributes or variables. (1) The loan amount, (2) the number of payments, (3) the annual interest rate and (4) the payment amount.

Enter any 3 values and zero (‘0’) for the unknown value. Click the [Calc] button to solve for the unknown and create a schedule.

Note: you can enter a non-zero value for all 4 variables. In that case, your inputs will be used to create the amortization schedule.

The Loan Date is the date the monies are advanced. It is also called the origination date .

The First Payment Date is the date the first payment is due. It may be the same date as the Loan Date but not usually. When they are the same, this is known as Payment-in-Advance . Leases are typically paid-in advance.

Payment Frequency determines how often payments are due. Monthly is the most common in the USA.

Compounding impacts how interest is calculated. In most cases Compounding should equal the Payment Frequency .

Points are charged on some loans by the lender. Points are expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. A 300,000.00 loan with 2 points results in an extra fee due the lender of 6,000.00. Points are common for mortgages in the US only. Normally, you will want to leave this input set to 0.0%.

The Amortization Method should usually be set to Normal . If the loan originates in Canada then you’ll want to set this to the Canadian method. In some special cases loans will have only the interest paid as the regular payment or no interest at all. In that case, you can set the Amortization Method to accommodate those types of loans. The Rule-of-78’s is sometimes used for car loans or other consumer loans.

To print any loan schedule, click on Print Preview and then Print this schedule .

When the first period, the period of time between the loan date and the first payment date is longer than one full period, there will be interest due for the extra days . This is known as odd day interest . The odd day interest, with this schedule, is shown as being paid on the loan date. Example: if the loan date is March 24 and the first payment date is May 1, then there are 8 odd days of interest – March 24th to April 1st.

Conversely, if the time between the loan date and first payment date is less than the payment period set, then the first period is said to be a short initial period and (as of the Jan. 2013 release of this calculator), the first payment will be reduced due to less interest being owed.

2016 Washington Auto Show (Schedule, Tickets and More) #used #vehicles #for #sale

#auto show

2016 Washington Auto Show

By Rachel Cooper. Washington, DC Expert

With more than a decade of writing about Washington DC, I am passionate about this city and enjoy sharing my insight and experiences to help others discover the best of the capital region. This site includes a wide range of information about attractions, events, jobs, transportation, real estate, activities, sports and more. Feel free to ask me questions about what s happening around town or share an idea about a potential article. If you found something that is out of date or a broken link, please let me know and I ll fix it as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you. – Rachel

Dates and Times

Military Tribute Day

Continue Reading Below

FREE tickets will be available to all active-duty military and veterans who present a valid military ID, retired ID, VA ID or DD214 and photo ID. The day will culminate with a performance by the 257th Army Band, the band of the nation s capital. The American Red Cross will have a display featuring volunteers and one of its disaster response vehicles.  Also in attendance will be volunteer members of the Rebel Legion, 501st Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs, a Star Wars costume club, who will portray characters from Star Wars.

Vehicle Manufacturers on Display

Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fisker, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infinit, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, SAAB, Saturn, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen.

2016 Celebrity Guests

To Be Announced

The Advanced Technology SuperHighway

The Washington Auto Show presents 65,000 square feet of innovations in automotive safety and green technology with its “Advanced Technology SuperHighway” (ATS). This pavilion tells the story of the range of solutions revolutionizing the automotive industry, showcasing developments in electric, hybrid, hydrogen, clean diesel, natural gas, ethanol, biofuel and advanced petroleum technologies – and the very latest thinking in automotive safety. Displaying more green cars than any other domestic, tier-one auto show, the Washington Auto Show’s Advanced Technology SuperHighway presents the show’s most ambitious effort to support and promote progressive innovations for the automotive industry.

Nearby Dining and Attractions

Amortization Schedule #murrays #auto #parts

#auto amortization schedule

Amortization Schedule

Definition: An amortization schedule is a table that states the periodic payments to be made as part of a loan agreement. The table may be issued by a lender to a borrower, to document the progression of future loan payments. The schedule notes the following information on each line of the table:

  • Payment number
  • Payment due date
  • Payment total
  • Interest component of payment
  • Principal component of payment
  • Ending principal balance remaining

Thus, the calculation on each line of the amortization schedule is designed to arrive at the ending principal balance, for which the calculation is:

Beginning principal balance – (Payment total – Interest expense) = Ending principal balance

The typical amortization schedule will show that a disproportionate amount of earlier payments are comprised of interest expense, while later payments contain an increasing proportion of principal.

The amortization schedule is extremely useful for accounting for each payment in a term loan, since it separates the interest and principal components of each payment. The schedule is also useful for modeling how the remaining loan liability will vary if you accelerate or delay payments, or alter their size. An amortization schedule can also encompass balloon payments and even negative amortization situations where the principal balance increases over time.

Similar Terms

An amortization schedule is also known as an amortization statement .

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The RainCAD 13 BricsCAD Edition runs seamlessly inside of your existing license of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys . The combination of these two programs provides the power and speed without the additional expense of AutoCAD . The software saves drawings in an AutoCAD DWG format eliminating the translation process. The software creates quality landscape and irrigation designs to help separate your company from the competition. In addition, the software assists the user in becoming more precise in the material takeoff and estimating process.

System Type:

  • Integrates with your existing copy of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys
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    System Type:

  • RainCAD 2013 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2013 (64-bit only).
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    Sample RainCAD Designs

    Russ Prophit, CID, CIC, CLIA
    Precise Irrigation Design & Consulting

    Copyright 2014 Software Republic, L.L.P. All rights reserved.

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    Electrical PDF courses

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    On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

    • Understand the concepts. terminology and basics for lighting design,

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    • Understand day lighting design basics.

    3- An Introduction to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

    On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

    • Understand the technology, concepts and terminology in the design of HVAC systems.

    • Recognize different types, components and accessories of HVAC systems.
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    4- Electrical Load Estimation Course

    On completion of this course the target person will be able to:

    • Recognize different calculation method for electrical load estimation.
    • Understand the procedures and logic of each method for electrical load estimation.
    • Perform the calculations steps of each method for electrical load estimation.

    Our country is now implementing the K 12 program. we are now on the grade nine. I am one of those experts assigned to develop learning materials for the grade 10. Your guides are explained in a very friendly way that even those who are not so good in English can understand because of the very nice presentations. I wish I could use some of the information if your group will allow us granted that the learning materials will be for reference only. All the information you have given is enough for an instructional designer to develop his own. To all of you thank you and may god will always give you wisdom in helping the people world wide. I am from the Philippines GOD BLESS.

    I give you a permission to use the learning materials in this website as a reference for your learning materials and if you need any help, just send me email or comment.