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Repo Car Auctions In Your City

Repo Cars For Sale Listings is a database of car auctions, insurance companies and police impounds that have vehicles available at affordable prices.


Mountain View, Anchorage, AK

8400 Arlon Street, Anchorage, AK 99507

Richardson Highway, Fairbanks, AK 99701

3300 Lakeview Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99701

2132 North Post, Anchorage, AK 99520

221 Centaur Avenue, Wasilla, AK 99654

7450 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654

991 S Hermon Rd, Wasilla, AK 99654

How To Purchase Repossessed Cars For Sale

Repo cars for saleWhenever you look at the market place, you can find numerous places to purchase repo cars for sale. These autos are often available at a less expensive price in comparison with some new or used cars. Any time you desire to save many money whenever buying your next car, you may desire to think about repo cars. The following report might provide you with some great resources that you can check out, specifically when you desire to uncover repo cars for sale to buy nearby. It won t be a challenge for you to find good deals.

Repossessed car auctions might be a terrific area for you to find several repo cars for sale. A lot of banks usually put their repossessed autos to neighborhood auctions. You shall be in the position to see many kinds of auctions that are scheduled on a weekly basis. Don t forget to contact them and inquire concerning the current auction schedule. You can visit auctions that can be scheduled by registered companies in your local area, in particular when you would like to get the chance to purchase repo cars for quite affordable prices.

Any time you are searching for repo cars for sale, it is possible to also visit banks that are located within your city. A lot of banking companies normally showcase their repo cars inside their buildings. Therefore, all buyers and other individuals have the ability to check out the announcement frequently. You can call client associates of these financial institutions, in order to find out about all on hand repo cars inside their place. On the flip side, you will need to check out some processes before you are able to purchase repo cars.

This will be an additional easy way for yourself to acquire repo cars for sale quickly. You can go to the regional law enforcement office and find on hand repo cars or impound vehicles that can be available in the impound lot. It just isn t hard for yourself to buy any repo cars this way. You can find all kinds of other benefits that you can receive, specially when you buy your car in the police impound lot . A lot of law enforcement departments showcase all kinds of seized or repo vehicles on their parking lots. You can take a check out all on hand autos before you elect to purchase the very best one for you.

Used car dealers can be a perfect option for folks that don t desire to deal with any complicated procedures in finding repo cars for sale. You can visit any used car dealers that can be available in your city. They usually have some recommendations about available repo cars. Some used car dealers usually offer several kinds of features for customers, including 30 day warranty, financing options, free maintenance within a few months, and many other benefits. Don t forget to compare dealers and check their options for all customers.

You shall be in the position to locate a wide range of online marketplace sites that can be available today. One example is, should you be looking to get repossessed cars for sale, this particular web-site should aid you to see dealers in your area. A number of these websites may offer repo cars for sale. It is quite easy for you to compare some available cars when you browse on the internet now. On the flip side, you need to be very careful as their are some scam sellers on the internet. Make sure that you read some reviews from other customers before you elect to make any purchases in the internet. It is highly recommended that you purchase any repo cars from excellent and reputable websites only.

Again, ensure to take a mechanic with you as soon as you have selected a vehicle. This will be one of the most critical issues you can do because they is going to be in the position to tell you should the car is in good condition. Finally, ensure to look up your state s vehicle return laws. Most states will allow you to return a car within 30 days of purchase. This tends to be crucial when you make a mistake and get a poor deal.

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Used cars for sale

Buying a used car is a route to owning a fantastic vehicle at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a brand new example, at least that’s the theory.

Used cars make all kinds of financial sense but with extra variables like valuation, age and condition to take into account – plus all the websites, dealers, brokers and private sellers competing for the used car buyer’s business – things can get confusing.

Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through the process of buying a great second hand car at the right price, with the level of service you want. Our handy used car buying guides are packed with information while our annual Used Car Awards identify the best used cars to buy in each market sector.

Once you’ve found your ideal model, visit our sister site, for competitive deals on used cars without the need to haggle. Pick from thousands of dealer approved used cars and arrange finance while sitting comfortably at home. Their friendly customer services team will guide you through the process, right up to the point where your new car is delivered to your house – without ever having to visit a showroom or even step out of your front door.

We also have a range of top used car buying advice stories that will furnish you with the top tips you need to successfully negotiate the rest of the UK used car market, whether you’re buying a car in a private sale, visiting independent dealers and franchised dealerships or looking elsewhere online.

Cars for sale online

The 7 Best Sites to Buy and Sell Your Car Online, cars for sale online.#Cars #for #sale #online

The 7 Best Sites to Buy and Sell Your Car Online

The state of online car shopping is strong.

Cars for sale online

Over the past few years I’ve used the following four online services to buy a car. Here’s how it went, followed by three other options.

eBay Motors

I bought my 1998 BMW M3 convertible on eBay. Lesson learned: Make sure it’s such a good deal that you’re okay with any foibles undisclosed by the seller. So how do you know you’re getting a nice price? Do an advanced search and look at the completed listings. You’ll see what sold. Maybe even more important, you’ll see what didn’t.


TrueCar is a great tool for removing the mystery of the MSRP. Say you want a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. For that truck, TrueCar has more than 10,000 actual -transaction prices that help you see what you should pay -(probably $2,000 under invoice). Be forewarned that if you do sign in and search a particular model, dealers will begin calling you within about three minutes.


This is an aggregator that covers a number of the popular car-buying sites. The key feature, though, is Craigslist aggregation. I used it to locate and buy a truck that ended up being 800 miles away. And manually searching an 800-mile Craigslist radius is a little masochistic even for hardcore used-car junkies. is useful simply because it’s so huge that it quickly exposes outlier prices both high and low thanks to the national sample size. It’s also great for finding leftovers, since you can search new cars and then sort by oldest first. Did you miss out on the Pontiac Solstice GXP back in 2009? Not to worry, Malouf Buick GMC in New Jersey still has a new one. Although they’re evidently not in much of a rush to sell it.


360-degree views reveal features and flaws. Most cars are delivered the next day, with a seven-day test drive. If you live in Atlanta, pick up your car at the eerie but fantastic car vending machine.


If you’re selling, Carlypso comes to your house, inspects your car, and installs a device that lets potential buyers take (authorized) test drives. Available only in California.


If your car passes a 185-point inspection provided by Beepi, it will list and sell it within thirty days or buy the car from you. Buyers get a ten-day money-back guarantee.

This story appears in the July/August 2015 issue of Popular Mechanics.

Want to hear more from Popular Mechanics? Check out our podcast,and subscribe and comment on iTunes!

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Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

Used autos for sale

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For some people, car shopping can be overwhelming. You have to go to this site to find savings and incentives, then that site for buying and leasing guides, and even another site for a payment calculator. But Edmunds is your trusted advisor – we have everything you need to find your perfect new or used car in one place. No matter where you are in the car shopping process, we can help. Need detailed side-by-side comparisons of car features and specs? Detailed expert and user reviews of the latest makes and models? Informed buying and leasing guides? Connections to thousands of dealers in your area with available new and used cars? We ve got it all. And after you find your perfect car, we can help you lock in upfront pricing and get exclusive extras. So no matter where you are, we can provide you with a simple, easy and efficient car shopping experience.

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With Edmunds at your side, car shopping is easy and enjoyable. Whether you re looking at new cars or used cars, we can help you find exclusive deals, capitalize on incentives and connect with local dealers. As your trusted advisor, we draw on decades of automotive experience to leverage our network of over 13,000 dealers to help save you thousands of dollars. Edmunds has tools for every stage of the car shopping process: buying and leasing guides, expert editorial and shopper reviews, payment calculators, price drop alerts, inside deals and more. Lock in your savings today, with upfront deals on available new and used cars in your area.

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At Edmunds, we want to provide you with an exciting, enjoyable car shopping process. But we know that no two people shop for a new or used car in the same way. That s why we provide support and guidance throughout every stage of the car shopping process, giving you expert advice and unbiased reviews that you can trust. We want you to shop and buy with confidence, whether you re reading expert and driver reviews, comparing features and specs, or figuring out a lease with our payment calculator. Not sure where to get started? Get car shopping advice and tips from one of our dedicated experts – they re available to provide live support and answer your questions via phone, email and text. Now let s find your perfect car.

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Used cars for sale near you

Latest second hand cars

  • 2013 (63 reg)
  • 22,850 miles
    • Dunstable
    • 12
    • 2017 (17 reg)
    • 1,560 miles
    • Dunstable
    • 12
    • 2017 (17 reg)
    • 1,352 miles
    • Dunstable
    • 12
    • 2015 (64 reg)
    • 16,178 miles
      • Dunstable
      • 12
      • 2015 (15 reg)
      • 15,557 miles
        • Dunstable
        • 12
        • 2016 (16 reg)
        • 17,200 miles
          • Dunstable
          • 12
          • 2014 (64 reg)
          • 28,173 miles
            • Brechin
            • 24
            • 2014 (14 reg)
            • 41,402 miles
              • Brechin
              • 31
              • 2014 (14 reg)
              • 30,192 miles
                • Harlow
                • 15
                • 2017 (17 reg)
                • 6,862 miles
                • NEARLY NEW
                • Harlow
                • 15
              • Auto Trader is the best place in the UK to compare cars available for sale. We partner with local dealers across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to provide you with the biggest choice of cars available in your area. Auto Trader is proud to help you in every step of your purchase, by sharing with you both car reviews written by our experts and by drivers of cars. You can also find great insurance deals and other useful services and information when it comes to buying or selling a car.

                Used Cars for sale – Second Hand Cars, Auto123, used autos for sale.#Used #autos #for #sale

                Used Cars

                On, you will find used car, used SUV and used truck classifieds coming from used car dealers or from private sellers. You will also find on the site, all information concerning promotions, car recalls, some tips and some car specs from used cars in our inventory. Enjoy your ride on our site!

                By category

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                Used autos for sale

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                Popular used cars

                • Used autos for saleRam 1500


              • Used autos for saleKia Rio


              • Used autos for saleGMC Sierra


              • Used autos for saleFord F-150


              • Used autos for saleChevrolet Cruze


              • Used autos for saleKia Sorento


              • Used autos for saleFord F-150


              • Used autos for saleHyundai Tucson


              • Used autos for saleKia Soul


              • Used autos for saleChevrolet Silverado


              • Used autos for saleToyota Corolla


              • Used autos for saleGMC Sierra

                Used Car Reviews

                The Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3, two of the most popular sub-compact SUVs on the market, take part in our latest comparison. Which one s the winner?

                Used autos for sale

                Honda HR-V vs. Mazda CX-3 Comparison

                The Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3, two of the most popular sub-compact SUVs on the market, take part in our latest comparison. Which one s the winner?

                Used autos for sale

                2017 Fiat 124 Spider vs. 2016 Mazda MX-5 Sport

                The soft spot in my heart for the MX-5 remains undiminished, but I doff my hat to Fiat for having the gumption and verve to approve a car like the new 124 Sp.

                Used autos for sale

                2016 Ford Mustang Convertible vs. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

                More consumers than you think cross-shop the Ford Mustang Convertible with the Jeep Wrangler, so a comparison is in order.

                Used autos for sale

                2016 AWD Compact Crossover Comparison

                Not all AWD systems are equal. In this trio, do not underestimate the underdog.

                Popular Comparisons of Used Vehicles

                2017 Used autos for saleHonda CR-V

                2017 Used autos for saleHonda CR-V

                2017 Used autos for saleNissan Rogue

                2017 Used autos for saleMazda CX-5

              • Cheap Cars For Sale Finder Starting For $1000 or Less, cheap cars for sale.#Cheap #cars #for #sale

                Sell find cheap used cars in USA

                Cheap cars for sale

                FREE Classified Ads For Cars

                • Easy and quick setup
                • Advertise cars until sold
                • Ads stats, charts and graphs
                • Attach up to 12 photos per vehicle
                • Get leads from potential US car buyers
                • Create your custom ad banners
                • Expose your cars to nationwide seekers
                • Ads will be located by main search engines
                • Best deals are published on our social pages

                Best Featured Weekly Deals

                These are the best deals on used cars, trucks, minivans SUVs recently added to the site.

                • Cheap cars for sale
                • CALIFORNIA
                • 2001 Nissan Maxima SE by owner in Oxnard CA
                • Only $2,200
                • Cheap cars for sale
                • TENNESSEE
                • Nissan Maxima SE ’99 under $3k in Henderson TN
                • Only $2,800
                • Cheap cars for sale
                • CALIFORNIA
                • Dodge Caravan ’03 by owner in San Diego CA
                • Only $2,300
                • Cheap cars for sale
                • OHIO
                • Mitsubishi Montero Sport LTD ’01 in Hillsboro, OH
                • Only $4,495
                • Cheap cars for sale
                • FLORIDA
                • 2001 Dodge Pickup 1500 by owner in Webster FL
                • Only $3,500
                • Cheap cars for sale
                • KENTUCKY
                • Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo ’02 by owner in Lexington
                • Only $3,300

                Browse Vehicles By Body Style

                What kind of cars are you looking for? sedans? pickup trucks? SUVs? minivans? convertibles? Just select below your favorite body style to browse the cheapest ones available.

                • Sedans
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                Low Budget Cars Finder

                Autopten is a search engine specially made to help people with low budget find the most affordable used cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans listed for sale in USA. If you landed on this page because you’re looking for for cheap cars for sale, you can use any of the search tools we have available as well as the ‘Search By’ links on the main menu. You can also browse used cars on this page under your preferred criteria such as states, makes, popular models, price range, body style, etc. We list on our search results vehicles for sale by private owners, dealers and online auctions, sorted from the cheapest one, according to the parameters entered. If you can’t afford a new car, get an economy one then. Feel lucky if you live in Ohio, Illinois, Washington, Oregon or Florida, since according to our stats data, dealers from these states have the best deals and inventories with the cheapest cars in the country. If you don’t find the car you want in our database, we recommend you to visit our cheap dealers directory section, where we’ve gathered by states, those small dealers with their respective contact info, currently offering the lowest prices on used cars. We also have a section of cars offered at auction under $1000 and $5000.

                Free Classified Ads

                Regardless of whether you are a private owner, small dealer or big dealership, you can post free classified ads on our car search engine and upload up to 12 photos. Dealers are allowed to add up to 60 vehicles. The only requirement is that you dare to sell them at the lowest possible price, i.e. for less than $1000, $2000 or $5000. Best deals will also be published on our social media pages.

                About Us

                Cheap cars for sale

       was registered in 2006 and launched in 2007 with the idea of helping small used cars dealers located in NC by publishing a magazine which would promote the 10 cheapest cars they had in stock. Due to the recession in that time, we decided to do it online nationwide. So far, Autopten’s purpose remains, finding and publishing cheap used cars for sale only. If you are a car dealer or private owner selling cars, join us and start publishing free classified ads.

                Select Your State

                Cheapest U.S. Car Dealers

                We work with those dealers full of cheap cars on their lots advertising bargain prices with big signs, mostly under $1000, $2000 or under $5000. Know which they are, we have a special directory for them.

                Auction Cars Under $1000

                Believe it or not, many people and dealers are selling cheap cars for less than $1000 dollars in good running condition. Choose your preferred manufacturer or state where you live to see which ones are available now.

                Automotive News

                • Cheap cars for sale
                • New 2016 Volkswagen Jetta GLI (Brief Intro)

                Meet the sedan version of the Golf GTI which comes full of improvements.

                The tenth generation of this Japanese sedan has been completely renewed.

                • Cheap cars for sale
                • 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Best Compact Convertible

                The new MX-5 received its first industry award.

                Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro among them.

                Find Cheap Cars Near You Live

                Save time! Select the state where you live to see automatically which are the cheapest used cars posted for sale near you.

                Cheapest New Cars Reviews

                • Cheap cars for sale
                • Cheapest New 2015 SUVs For $20,000 or Less Top5

                List of 2015 new brand SUVs you can buy at a price of a car.

                Vehicle sales are experiencing one of best moments so far this year.

                KBB published its annual list of the 10 coolest cars under $18k.

                • Cheap cars for sale
                • Cheapest New 2015 Trucks Starting Under $20,000 – Top 5

                Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Toyota Dodge renewed their models.

                Buy for less than $13000, one of the most efficient new cars in USA.

                The CR-V is one of the most efficient SUVs on the market

                Auction Cars Under $5000

                By selecting your favorite automaker or state where you live, you will be able to see what used cars are for sale right now at auction for less than $5000 at the price shown.

                Cheap Motors – Cheap Used Cars For Sale, cheap cars for sale.#Cheap #cars #for #sale

                Cars Under a Grand Save £100’s on all these cars

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale

                Cheap cars for sale










                Search for car dealers by city:


                Northern Ireland

                When choosing which used car to buy, it is vital to research a particular model thoroughly. On paper, a second hand car may look ideal but could be a dud with poor long term reliability, build quality and deprecation.

                Check lists such as the JD Power Survey which are created by polling owners about what their cars are like to live with. You will find some surprising results – Mercedes has fared badly in recent times; shocking considering its pedigree.

                The advantages of sourcing a cheap used car online are many – there’s a huge choice of cars for sale, stock is updated on a daily basis; there’s something to suit any budget; and prices can be compared with ease. Before deciding if you’ve found a bargain, do double check where the seller is located.

                If you’ve found a cheap used car, any savings you could make may be offset by the costly delivery/pick up expenses if the seller is several counties away.

                Viewing used cars online either at dealer websites or at is becoming the norm for sourcing second hand cars. Check any ad thoroughly though – for instance, if the ad features no mileage details, then it will most likely have done many, many thousands of miles.

                Also, research the seller – use a search engine to see if any upset customers are venting their spleen by posting angry comments online about particular dealers.

                When phoning a private seller about their second hand car, make sure it is to a landline i.e. their home, not just a mobile number. Start with “I am calling about the car for sale”. If they reply “which one?”, be wary – it could be a dealer flogging cheap cars they can’t shift due to poor condition. If the seller wants to show you a used car anywhere but outside their own home, it may mean that they don’t want you to know where they live because the car is dodgy.

              • Whether you buy a used car through an online ad or via an auction site, it is essential to have a HPI check carried out. This checks if the car has a ‘history’ – whether it is stolen, is a write-off or has any outstanding finance owing on it.

                Also recommended is a vehicle inspection. This does cost in excess of one hundred pounds but that investment could save thousands in hidden repair costs later.

              • Never pay the asking price until you’ve actually seen the used car you’re buying. After all, does the car tally with the ad? Are the service records in order? Does the mileage reflect the car’s appearance? Excessive stone chippings can betray its age. Also check that the car’s VIN number matches the log books.

                Finally, before you buy a car, go to the AA’s website, which offers a printable document that includes a legal contract for the seller to sign.

              • Cheapest new cars on sale in 2017, Carbuyer, cheap cars for sale.#Cheap #cars #for #sale

                Best cheap cars

                It’s normal for buyers to have a strict budget in mind when choosing a car. It’s often a deciding factor in whether to buy new or used (we’ve produced a guide on that topic) and it’s also well worth keeping an eye on our running update of the best new car deals. You might be surprised by the sheer value for money that some of today’s new cars have to offer.

                There’s an increasingly impressive list of cars priced to appeal to those who previously had no choice but to buy pre-owned. It’s true that these can be seen as ‘price leaders’ – designed to lure customers into the showroom where a persuasive salesman will ‘upsell’ them to a pricier model. But if you stick to your guns, these entry-level machines are a very cost-effective way to drive a brand-new car.

                It can be wise to look beyond the specification list, too. Some entry-level models are rather spartan and do without the latest infotainment or convenience technology. The bits that make it work, though, are usually the same as in a more comprehensively equipped model and this engineering is what your new-car money pays for.

                You’re also buying into a package that should be hassle-free for a long time. Every new car sold in the UK presently has at least a three-year warranty and many are more generous than that. This gives you peace of mind that any fault that should develop will be rectified by the manufacturer with a minimum of fuss. Breakdown cover should also be included to ensure that any such fault causes minimal disruption if it rears its head mid-journey.

                It’s not only private buyers who stand to benefit from low prices. Although business users might be given a company-car allowance sufficient for a more expensive model, choosing a car with a lower taxable value will reduce your Benefit-in-Kind (BiK or company-car tax) bill. Some of the best value cars in the UK also have impressively low CO2 exhaust emissions, which further reduces their BiK rate.

                Here’s our rundown of those cars on the UK market that offer the biggest bang for your buck.

                Dacia Duster SUV

                Cheap cars for sale