5 Best Car Batteries – Nov, auto battery reviews.#Auto #battery #reviews

Best Car Batteries

Auto battery reviews

The Rolls Royce of car batteries. You pay a lot, but you get what you pay for.

A powerhouse battery that is suitable for race cars, luxury vehicles, and everything in between.

On the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

Auto battery reviews

The best of both worlds: a quality battery at a budget price.

A reputable, low-cost, deep-cycle battery w/exceptional power. Works well in electric vehicles. Withstands extreme temps.

Does not come with terminals or terminal hardware.

Auto battery reviews

Price is high, quality is high, and frequent recharge is needed.

A powerful battery of lightweight construction that is suitable for all types of vehicles.

An expensive AGM battery that needs to be routinely charged for optimal performance.

Auto battery reviews

A reasonably priced model with occasional quality and longevity issues.

Starts regardless of temperature/weather thanks to exceptional starting burst when engine is cranked.

A few reports of failed battery life after about a year. Some consumers received batteries that wouldn’t hold a charge.

Auto battery reviews

Customer reviews are mostly positive w/a few exceptions that point to shorter battery life. Superior recharge rate.

Superior starting power and long-term energy. Fast recharge rate of 4 to 6 hrs.

Sporadic, anecdotal evidence of battery life that lasts less than one year.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Note: The above product recommendations were updated August 2017. The products below were our original choices and have yet to be updated.

Shopping Guide for Best Car Batteries

Products we Considered

Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviewsAuto battery reviews

Dale brings over 40 years of automotive industry experience to the BestReviews table. An avid DIY guy, he has worked with, rebuilt, and led maintenance on a variety of vehicles. He’s also well-versed in fleet management and vehicle operations. Dale’s past experiences include distinguished service as an officer in the US Army.


The most common type of battery among car owners is the wet/flooded battery. In addition to its generally low price, which ranges from $50 to several hundred dollars, the wet/flooded battery appeals to buyers because it is maintenance-free and sealed. Calcium/calcium batteries help minimize the amount of fluid loss. VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid) batteries consist of gel batteries which are decent for starting cars. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are excellent for starting cars. Other options include the deep-cycle battery, which is suitable for electric vehicles, and the lithium ion battery, designed primarily for electric vehicles and some high-performance and limited-edition cars.

Understanding common car battery terminology makes it easier to determine how well a specific battery may perform. Terms to watch out for when researching batteries include “cold cranking amps,” “reserve capacity,” and “group size.” Cold cranking amps (CCA) is a measure of how well the battery will start in cold weather. The size of the battery you’re considering should be at least equal the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)’s cranking rate. Reserve capacity refers to the amount of time the car can run on just the battery if the alternator fails. Group size refers to the dimensions of the battery and the location of its power terminals. A car’s specific group size depends on its make and model.

Many consumers appreciate the maintenace-free aspect of the sealed battery, which requires no checking or refilling of electrolytes. Warranty is an important feature, and it’s always a smart idea to ask about a free replacement period. If you plan on installing the battery yourself, a carrying handle is another useful feature.

Battery prices range from under $100 to over $300. The majority of car owners can expect to pay somewhere between $100 to $200 for a quality battery. Batteries designed for luxury cars and electric vehicles tend to cost more their traditional counterparts. When considering how much a battery will cost, don’t forget to factor in installation fees and recycling costs.

Car Reviews – Canadian Auto Reviews, Ratings – Road Tests, auto reviews.#Auto #reviews

auto reviews

Auto reviews

Pacifica Hybrid Electrifies Minivan Segment

The plug-in hybrid version of the Chrysler Pacifica represents the first electrified seven-seat minivan on the market.

Article Continued Below

Auto reviews

The Alfa Romeo Giulia will Make You the Envy of All Who See You

This car is flat-out gorgeous. From every angle, there’s something to admire. No gadgets. No styling tricks. Just pure design harmony.

Auto reviews

C-HR is a Small Car with Lots of Style

The C-HR is a good option for families or people who don’t want a hatchback but are looking for a similar vehicle with a bit of style.

Auto reviews

A Fall Drive Through Muskoka in the Most Powerful BMW Ever Made

BMW’s 2018 M760Li xDrive makes the perfect companion on the twisty autumn roads that meander through the Muskokas.

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Auto reviews

Chevrolet Volt – EV Without the Worry

The 2017 Chevrolet Volt, seen here in handsome Siren Red Tintcoat, an extended range electric compact hatchback with an onboard gas-powered generator, reducing EV range anxiety and offering the best o

Auto reviews

Honda Finds the Right Fit

Honda’s 2018 sub-compact Fit (LX model shown) is now in its third generation with one of the most commodious passenger seating in the segment.

Auto reviews

Audi S4 has What it Takes

For the buyer who values driving pleasure as much as the luxury touches, the S4 checks all the boxes — luxury, elegance, performance and outstanding driving dynamics.

Auto reviews

Fourth Generation Kia Rio ups its Own Bar

With the all new fourth-generation hatchback version in showrooms now with the sedan to follow in the fall, Kia is making it even more attractive than ever to get into one.

Auto reviews

First Drive: 2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8

Enter the Aston Martin DB11 V8, a grand tourer meant to broaden the model’s appeal, and if the DB11 V12 didn’t exist, this V8 would be a wonderful story on its own.

Auto reviews

The Ultimate Topless Driving Machine

All dressed up with somewhere to go sums up the 2018 BMW 440i xDrive Cabriolet on a perfect fall afternoon.

Auto reviews

Third Generation Cayenne Improves on Prowess

The third generation Porsche Cayenne and Cayenne S (shown) will be sold in Canada next year as 2019 models, priced at $75,500 and $92,600 respectively.

Auto reviews

Buying Used: 2013-2016 Toyota RAV4

Despite some setbacks the RAV4 is a worthy choice, especially as a used-vehicle purchase. Carcomplaints.com gives this Toyota its “Seal of Pretty Good” approval and we concur.

Auto reviews

Buick’s Encore CUV has a Lot to Offer

While the price might seem high at $34,395 for a Premium CUV on the smaller side, GM packs a lot into the vehicle.

Auto reviews

This is BMW’s Ultimate Driving Machine

The 2018 M760Li xDrive with 600 hp twin turbo technology really does make this flagship sedan BMW’s Ultimate Driving Machine.

Auto reviews

BMW’s Fastest 5 – for Now

Lighter, stronger and the fastest 5 Series ever, boasting an acceleration time of 0-100 km/h in four seconds. The 2018 BMW M550i sport sedan is shown in Carbon Black Metallic.

Auto reviews

Gentleman’s Express Picks up the Pace

The 2018 Range Rover Sport SVR with 575 hp supercharged V8 engine is the marque’s most powerful SUV yet.

Auto reviews

The 2018 Honda Accord Ticks Every Box

First Drive: The new Accord has been completely redesigned from the tires up.

Auto reviews

He Said/She Said: 2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Dan & Lacey have high expectations of the “world’s first affordable, long-range all-electric vehicle.”

Auto reviews

Honda Ups the Bar with 2017 CR-V

Honda has re-designed the fifth-generation CR-V for 2017 with bolder, more sophisticated styling. The car is bigger and better, both inside and out.

Auto reviews

2017 Subaru Impreza Impresses

Two flavours of Impreza models tested – a 2.0i Sport Five-Door, in white, with a five-speed manual ($25,295) and a 2.0i Sport-Tech Five-Door with Optional Technology Package, in red, with a Lineartron

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Auto reviews

Auto Transport Quotes, (800) 635-3301, A Advantage Logistics, Inc, auto transport reviews.#Auto #transport #reviews

Get the Best Price on Auto Transport Quotes Services

Since 1979, A Advantage Logistics, Inc. has given corporations, car manufacturers, and individuals, quality auto transport service. Thousands of people choose us for their car shipping needs every year and save hundreds of dollars!

Auto transport reviews

  • Quality Auto Transport Since 1979
  • A+ Rated Insurance Coverage
  • Discount Car Shipping Rates
  • Fleet of 25 Ultramodern Company Owned Vehicle Carriers
  • Door-to-Door Service Available
  • Realtime Satellite Tracking
  • Offices in Most Major Cities
  • Immediate Pickup Available *
  • Soft Sided Trailers for Added Protection *
  • Licensed Broker and Motor Carrier
  • Guaranteed Delivery Time for Car Transport Services Available *

Why Get Your FREE Car Shipping Quotes from CarMoves.com?

You can get auto shipping quotes directly from car shipping companies, or you can opt to use a car shipping broker, like CarMoves.com who can save you a great deal of money on your car shipping rates. The auto transport prices are much lower at CarMoves.com because many companies are competing for your business.

You can receive up to 7 shipping quotes and compare their pricing and services side-by-side in minutes. A Advantage Logistics has more than 30 years experience shipping cars, so we re very knowledgeable about the industry and work with the best car shipping carriers in the US and around the world. If you are planning to ship a car, see how much you can save by getting your auto transport quotes from CarMoves.com!

Door to Door Car Shipping at A Advantage Logistics, Inc.

With our fleet of modern car carriers, we set the industry standard for car shipping efficiency and unparalleled service. Our auto transport trucks are equipped with satellite tracking, and are fully insured to protect the value of your investment. With terminals in most major cities, we offer the convenience of local drop-off and delivery of your vehicle. Personalized service, convenience, confidence, and value are just a few reasons our customers entrust their vehicles to us for car shipping year after year.

Using Auto Transport Services When Buying Online

In previous years, the auto transport industry was something that was primarily used by car dealers and large companies to move their stock around the country. However, with the growth of the Internet, consumers are no longer restricted to browsing for and purchasing cars locally, which has lead to a boom in the demand for car transport services when people buy cars from other states, most frequently using online services.

Perhaps one of the best things about the growth in interstate transport is that it has led to a reduction in the cost of moving cars between locations. Because auto transport companies now have a continual demand, they are able to move cars in bulk from place to place, which translates into a lower cost for the consumer.

The number of cars on the road has also contributed to this growth. These days, many more people own cars than did in the past, and, if they are relocating or are purchasing a new vehicle from a far off destination, using the services of an auto transport company is the most efficient form of moving cars. Like all industries, services between different companies can vary immensely, so it s a good idea to do some research at the onset to ensure that you are getting the best service and car shipping rates.

A good auto transport company will be more than happy to answer your queries and give evidence of the premium quality car moving service that they provide. If you re buying and shipping a car overseas, you can find the best international car shipping companies here at CarMoves.com as well.

Finding the Right Auto Transport Company For You

Auto transport companies offer very useful services when you decide that it s time to move your vehicle. In fact, most businesses will move your vehicle using state-of-the-art car carriers, which provide a strong, frequent and reliable service to your destination.

Of course, it s likely that, if you have never had to use an auto transport service, you might not know where to begin. Many car carriers advertise in the local paper and telephone directories, though the most common place today is on websites. However, these advertisements don t ensure that you will receive the best service. One way to find the right auto transport company for you is to call them to inquire about the services they offer.

When you talk to different auto transport companies, it s important that you ask them for a quote to deliver the vehicle to your chosen destination. Keep in mind, not all auto shipping quotes are the same. You may find that some businesses, which seem to offer the cheapest service, don t include many of the features and options that are desirable for safe and reliable car transport.

By talking to different companies, you will get a good idea of the service you can expect when dealing with them, which will aid immensely when making your decision to move a car. Auto transport isn t expensive and can take much of the hassle out of a relocation, so do inquire about how car transporters can help you with your move.

Auto Shipping Tips and Advice

Be sure to ask your car shipping company about the specifics of shipping your car so there are no surprises down the road. Once your car shipping questions have been answered and you’ve chosen your transporter, you need to make sure your car is ready for the move. Take an accurate assessment of your vehicle s current condition. Document any existing damages, and clean out your car. When the transport driver picks up your automobile he will be writing a bill of lading. This will be his visual assessment on the physical condition of your car. Make sure that you review this before signing, and, if there are any discrepancies, you discuss and note your differences so that they are acknowledged at the time of loading your vehicle.

Both the driver and your signature are required on this bill of lading. This is the formal documentation used by the auto transporter and the insurance company as acknowledgment of the condition of your automobile. This formality provides protection to both the auto transporter and you if a problem arises during transit. If you have any concerns at the time the auto transporter arrives to pick-up your vehicle, make sure to clear the air before you release your car. You should, by this time, have a clear understanding of the car shipping process.

Offering a Smooth Car Transport Experience

A Advantage Logistics takes all the worry out of shipping your car. As an experienced automobile transporter for more than 30 years, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the smoothest transport experience from start to finish. At A Advantage Logistics, Inc., our goal is to eliminate your stress and save you time and, more importantly, a lot of money! At CarMoves.com, we believe that, in order to keep our business running, customer service must be the number one priority. We ve been satisfying owners of family cars, exotic cars, vintage cars and classics cars for three decades, and pride ourselves on on-time, hassle-free vehicle transport. We believe in treating every car as if it were our own, and ensuring we exceed your expectations with the best auto transport services.

To learn more about the auto shipping, please visit our auto transport guide, where you will find helpful videos, auto transport reviews and many other valuable resources to ensure your move goes smoothly!

Auto transport reviews

Auto Transport Reviews, Car Shipping Ranking and Ratings of Transport companies, auto transport reviews.#Auto #transport #reviews

Welcome To Transport Rankings

Transportrankings.com serves as a repository in providing information about auto transport companies that solely operate in the United States. Our host is primarily designed to serve as a guide aiming to help people explore the entire auto transport information right from Company name, Address, Phone number, email id, Whether they are broker or carrier, Licensed or not, Number of reviews, Number of ratings, Number of votes, Company license details, Company questionnaire, etc. We intend providing solution to your entire auto transport search. Our information index will surely help you to pick the right auto haulers.

How Do We Rank

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

Auto transport reviews

We frequently update the reports on nationwide auto transport rankings, best auto transport broker companies and best auto carrier companies to help people take the right decision in selecting the best auto haulers. The criteria for ranking the companies are purely based on the performance of the company, number of user reviews and complying with our evaluation criteria.

The authorized companies that hold original license and documents are only considered for our ranking index. If the company provides any additional services or changes in existing program, those updates will be immediately tracked and recorded and evaluation priority for that particular company will be revised based on the positive impacts.

There exist many ways to pick the right transport companies and one among them is reviews. Reviews help in exposing the company’s true customer service feedbacks, novelty and help to get idea about the trueness of the hauler whether they took charge in resolving the issues of the customers.

Our reviews are accurate and trustworthy. Extensive screening has been done for every submitted review. We solely track the source of reviews in making it sure no single person posts multiple reviews. Reviews posted from same IP address are also literally removed and we don’t account those kinds of feedbacks. List of companies have been prioritized based on genuine customer reviews. Make use of our efforts in unearthing you the best hauler!

When any company signs up for evaluation they are directed to fill the company questionnaire which is an important part in boosting up the score of an auto hauling company. The company questionnaire is a pre- configured query set where the auto transporters have to fill the necessary details such as number of employees, number of operated vehicle, branches operated by the company, routes covered, customer retention area, number of customers per year and lot more.

Transport rankings own a complete set of database about auto transport companies where you can use that in multiple ways for reaping benefits. Apart posing as the largest catalog of auto transport companies we also help fetch competitive quotes from hauling companies through our exotic TRS quotes program.

You are facilitated to get instant estimates from various auto transport companies on enrolling in this program and even can receive sample quotes before you plan a move. To get instant estimates from trucking companies, all you need to do is just to fill the TRS quote form which drives your request to reach multiple auto transport companies. Quote estimates will be generated from the concerned companies providing you an ample space to grab comparatively the best deal.

We create space to explore auto transport deals rather making compromises with the offered quotes.

Our site has BBB information, FMCSA – DOT data, phone numbers and other information what customers are looking for. The additional information such as how to notify the difference in the handling process of the carriers/ brokers, packing and moving tips, documents to be checked before making your move, where to compliant in case met with fake services, how to plan shipping process, etc are provided in our site.

Esurance Reviews, auto insurance reviews.#Auto #insurance #reviews

Esurance Reviews

Auto insurance reviews

Auto insurance reviews Auto insurance reviews Auto insurance reviews

Auto insurance reviews

Auto insurance reviews

Read 134 Reviews

(based on 134 reviews)

Auto insurance reviews

of respondents would recommend this to a friend.

    • Customer Service:
      • Affiliation:
      • I received a sample (3)

    Most Liked Positive Review

    Great company, and service with Esurance.

    I was driving home when a car pulled out and hit me. I was fine, but my car needed repairs. The other driver had Esurance. He gave me the details, and told. Read complete review

    I was driving home when a car pulled out and hit me. I was fine, but my car needed repairs. The other driver had Esurance. He gave me the details, and told me that I could phone them.

    Totally on the ball.

    Had one that saved us money on our premiums.

    Most Liked Negative Review

    False Promises-Beware of Bait and Switch

    Do not get esurance for your care insurance. About a year ago, I switched from Geico to Esurance. My monthly premium for Geico was $165.00. When I called Esurance for a price. Read complete review

    Do not get esurance for your care insurance. About a year ago, I switched from Geico to Esurance. My monthly premium for Geico was $165.00. When I called Esurance for a price quote, I was very excited and happy to get a quote for the same coverage for only $95.00! Well about 5 months down the road, I had a fender bender. I hit a tree and my front was damaged but my car was still drive able. I called and spoke to the Esurance customer service representative and they assured me that if I had claimed this accident that my monthly premium at most should go up a few dollars, if that. Well I just received my new policy and my rate went from $101.00 per month to $270.00. An increase of $170.00 (or 170% increase, if you do the math). I thought this was a joke but after speaking with the manager for more than a half an hour she said that they were sorry and the reason why my rate went up was because of my fender bender. They kept apologizing, of course, but couldn’t reduce my rate. I have been driving since I was 19, I am 35 now, never filed a car insurance claim and because I got a minor accident my rate goes through the roof. I have been a very safe driver for all these years and I can’t believe that they are trying to screw me. This is literally, highway robbery, even the Mafia isn’t this bad! I will never go back to them after all the promises of them saying that they are the best and my rate wouldn’t go up at all. I would understand a few dollars but to go from $101 to $270 is absurd. They make all these promises in the beginning but never follow through. Complete waste of time and money! Never again!

    Reviewed by 134 customers

    from Knoxville, TN

    Comments about Esurance :

    I made the mistake of changing insurance to save a few dollars. After only 5 months, esurance increased my auto premium by $70, claiming I no longer qualified for the new customer discount . Then when I found another insurer cancelled both my auto homeowners policies, esurance charged me cancellation fees to the tune of $70. Is this how they show all their clients appreciation for their business? My advise: take your business to ANYONE but esurance. They’ll find a way to screw you too!

    • Affiliation:
    • I received a sample

    Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    ( 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)

    Don’t buy Esurance

    Comments about Esurance :

    I would advise against buying Esurance auto insurance. Esurance was the lowest price initially when we moved to Texas so we went with them. The first renewal period our premium increased 25%. Then we moved down the road 10 miles and even after a multi-policy discount (we added homeowners insurance), our premium went up another 15%. We will be shopping for different auto and homeowners insurance.

    Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    ( 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)

    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    ( 2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)

    Cancelling after 1 month

    from Bethlehem, pa

    Comments about Esurance :

    We got esurance for our homeowners because they were much less expensive and had decent reviews but dont be fooled. We received a letter today stating we had a critical repair that needs to be done or our policy would be cancelled. The interesting thing is we had a home inspection AND appraisal done before purchasing this house and both scored the roof as good condition. Esurance will not accept those documents. Also because our foundation is stone our rate increased over $100. why wasnt this an option when we sigmed up? The woman i spoke to said because stone foundations are very rare. really? Every house on my street and probably 50% in my city are stone bevause its a historic town. cancelling them immediately.

    Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    ( 2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)

    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    ( 1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)

    Claim Payment avoidance

    from Forest Grove OR

    Comments about Esurance :

    On January 1st of this year, while traveling on Pacific Ave between Forest Grove and Cornelius, a driver entered the highway from a driveway on the north side of the road, entered the center divider while speeding up, and pulled into my vehicle. It happened fast enough that I did not have time to react to avoid the collision. We both pulled to the right shoulder of the road immediately to exchange personal and insurance information. He told me that he didn’t see my vehicle as he sped up to merge. I asked how he couldn’t see a 2007 Chevy Tahoe that has automatic daytime running lights, to which he simply stated again that he did not see my vehicle. Based on the other driver’s insistence that he would insure his insurance company would cover all repairs and his pleading that I not let the police sort the accident out, I felt it best to immediately contact the police and report the accident.

    When the police arrived, he and I both provided a statement (police report is attached). The investigation seemed to take longer than I thought it would. It turns out the reason for the length of the investigation is that his Washington driver’s license came back as being suspended, so he was going to be cited for the accident. Though there was evident body damage, my vehicle seemed to be in good working order, so after the police left, I continued driving the vehicle. I was a little rattled by the suddenness of the accident, so I decided to go find a parking lot and park for a bit to settle down. I also decided that I would forgo the errands I had intended and try to make a little money driving for UBER.

    Immediately upon returning home that evening I completed an accident report for Oregon DMV, and filed a claim online with my insurance company (Esurance). I received an email on January 2nd from Esurance informing me of the claim number and adjuster assigned to the claim. (insufficient room for complete review)

    • Affiliation:
    • I am an employee or otherwise affiliated with the brand

    Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Car and Truck Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs, auto battery reviews.#Auto #battery #reviews

Car and Truck Batteries – Popular Brands

Auto battery reviews Auto battery reviews Auto battery reviews

We offer only the highest performing, top-quality Car Batteries around. Take a look at all of the options available for battery replacements.

Car and Truck Battery Finder

Finding the Right Car Battery

Not all car batteries are created equal, so finding the perfect fit for your car is essential for making sure you’re getting the best performance.

Our Car Battery Replacement Services

Before you buy a replacement battery, be sure you need a new battery. Visit a local store for a FREE Battery Test and Systems Check – no appointment needed. If you need a new battery, get FREE professional replacement battery installation, on most models at participating Batteries Plus Bulbs locations.

Our associates will make sure your battery is securely installed with clean connections to provide maximum power.

We will inspect your connections, cables, hold down and battery tray, along with any corrosion issues around your battery that can prevent it from doing its job.


Partnering with Batteries Plus Bulbs for your new battery will also make you an environmentally-conscious consumer. Ninety-nine percent of car battery components are recyclable and 87 percent of our replacement batteries are comprised of previously recycled materials. We are a proud recycler of car and truck batteries. Let us recycle your old battery for you.

We even offer a full-line of chargers from top brands like Noco, Battery Tender and Schumacher, battery boxes, portable jump-packs and custom cables.

Our battery experts are here to answer your questions about car batteries to keep yours running.

5 Best Car Batteries To Get In 2017, auto battery reviews.#Auto #battery #reviews

Todays Top 5 Best Car Batteries with Reviews 2017

Auto battery reviewsIn this day and age, without an automotive battery, your vehicle isn t going anywhere. period. Ones that come from the factory tend to last a few years most of the time, but in some cases it s more like a year or two max. Finding the right type of car battery is crucial to ensure your vehicle will have the juice to start up during extreme weather. Not only extreme weather, but also to have the durability to last your for not just 1-2 years.. but 5, 6, 7, or even 10 years.

While theses products may be costly at first, when you find the best car battery it will pay for itself in the years to come.

For some questions that you may have, we ve got some answers.

Is it okay to buy cheap car batteries? The answer is yes, it s completely okay. In this category of automotive accessories, in most cases you get what you pay for.

What is the average car battery life? In most cases, the average car battery life is anywhere between 4 to 5 years. It s no unheard of, having a car battery last upwards of 10 years before needing to be replaced.

How much is car battery? The cost varies based on the brand and size you re looking into. Most of the time, a car battery would cost you 80-160 dollars.

So there s some commonly asked questions, we re now going to dive deep into the best car batteries to buy.

5 Best Car Battery Reviews For 2017

Auto battery reviews Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews Auto battery reviews

Auto battery reviews Auto battery reviews

5. Bosch S6508B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery

Auto battery reviewsIf you ve ever been to a hardware store, you know Bosch is a brand that leans towards the premium side of hardware tools. You may be shocked to find out that Bosch S6508B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery is one of the better types of batteries you can buy. Yes, Bosch makes car batteries that last quite a long time, and powerful ones too.

This battery in particular is rated to 710 cold cranking amps, making it a great battery for extremely cold and extremely hot environments. This battery weighs in at around 47 lbs, but manageable by using the included handle on-top. According to Bosch, this battery will outlast the overall life of a conventional battery by up to 2x. If this battery fails on you within 4 years of ownership, Bosch will replace it absolutely free.

Auto battery reviews

4. Exige Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate Car Battery

Auto battery reviewsIf you have a hybrid vehicle, SUV or even a truck, the Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Sealed Battery is something you should look into. This is definitely a heavy duty battery, sealed off prevents any kind of spills. Rated at 710 cold cranking amps (CCA), you re going to easily start your vehicle in both super cold and super hot temperatures.

This one from our inspection seems to be similar in design and features as the Bosch mentioned above. However, the differences with this one are mainly the price. The entire battery weighs in at just under 50 lbs, but is manageable by using the handle built-on top. Overall, a GOOD battery for cranking your car over at sub freezing temperatures.

Auto battery reviews

3. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Car Battery

Auto battery reviewsAnother BIG brand in the automotive field is ACDelco. In particular we have the Professional AGm car and truck battery here. There s high-density negative paste which helps to improve performance and overall battery life, along with enhanced life alloys and silver calcium is used to increase cycle life and improve performance.

Pressure tested and sealed to avoid any kind of leaks. From the start, this car battery is rated to an impressive 800 cold cranking amps, and about 80 amp hours of energy. This is an excellent battery for all types of vehicles, from big dually trucks, to sports cars like a Porsche Boxter. The impressive cold cranking amps not only helps it turn over easy during regular temperatures, it also helps to turn over with no problem during super cold temperatures.

Auto battery reviews

2. Optima D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Car Battery

Auto battery reviewsMoving down to the YellowTop multi purpose battery by Optima, this one in particular is loved by so many users. Overall quality of the material and ability to crank over the engine in various weather conditions is really impressive. From the factory, this battery is rated at 12 volts, 650 cold cranking amps, and a total weight of around 36.4 lbs (a vast improvement of some others which are closer to 50 lbs). It features a 98 minute reserve capacity for constant performance, and there s improved resistance to vibration.. making it stay together for a much longer period of time.

Though it costs right around 170 dollars which is what the price point should be, it fits in a wide range of vehicles. We highly recommend looking into this car battery, no matter which type of car or truck you may have.

Auto battery reviews

1. Optima Batteries 34/78 RedTop Starting Car Battery

Auto battery reviewsAfter looking into the last 4 car battery reviews, we ve come to a conclusion that the Optima Batteries 34/78 RedTop Car battery is the #1 batter you should get for your car, truck, van and suv. Now, this one we picked for a few good reasons, first one being the price which is right around 150 dollars (give or take), the second reason being the output of cold cranking amps which comes out to be 800. The overall weight of this battery is what we love more because compared to others, it sheds almost 12 lbs.

Reserve capacity is approximately 100 minutes, there s definitely optimal starting power for bad weather (especially in extreme temperature conditions). Another reason to get this car battery is because it fits in a LOT of vehicles, and from over 300 individual user ratings it receives a very high score of 4.7 from 5.0. Take a look for more below!

Auto battery reviews

NOTE: In addition to having a GOOD quality car battery, it s equally important to have a proper jump starter (for worst case scenarios). Today s modern technology has managed to make these as small as an iPhone.

NOTE #2: One of the tools everyone MUST have with them at all times, is a set of jumper cables. In the case you need some 110v or 120v power directly from your 12v battery, you can also take a peek at our power inverter buyers guide.

Lastly, having a quality digital multimeter can also help you identify electrical issues, check our guide out for that.

A quick video on how to replace an old car battery..

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Auto transport reviews

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Auto transport reviews

Open Trailer

Auto Transportation Open Trailers are also known as car-hauler, car-carrying trailer and auto transport trailer, which are very efficient for auto transporting vehicles via truck. Open Carriers are low-priced Carrier which offers safety of vehicles

Auto transport reviews

Flatbed Trailer

Auto Transportation Flatbed Trailers are single story trailer meaning that they can only carry up to 5 vehicles and are reliable in the matters of urgency. Although, they provide fast delivery of car shipping in

Auto transport reviews

Enclosed Trailer

Auto Transportation Enclosed carriers provide extra safety of vehicles shipping and are preferred choice for transporting expensive and luxury cars. Although, they are more expensive than Open Carriers but one of the best example of




Auto transport reviews

Van Transport

Whether you are transporting a minivan or a full size van. Auto transportation of Vans is provided with great utility. You can save 100’s of dollars with our services, because we make sure you get the most discount price without any hidden charges. Fixed quality rates is the trademark of our company.

Auto transport reviews

SUV s Transport

Reliable support from our Customer Services regarding your Sport Utility Vehicles would help you determine or choose the most productive ways of auto transportation for your vehicle shipping with our effective Vehicle Haulers. And we will let you know about with the best price packages that will be in your budget.

Auto transport reviews

Sedan Transport

We prefer Open Carriers for Sedan auto transportation which will provide you significantly low-cost vehicle shipping with all the necessary safety. Properly inspected Car Hauler by professionally skilled team of automobile experts would deliver your vehicle to the destination at your preferred time.

Auto transport reviews

Pickup Transport

Our Proficient auto transportation services also support Pickup Trucks vehicle shipping with the best possible affordable rates in the entire market. Perfect delivery on time without any inconvenience, and we also provide you with every essential information concerning your vehicle shipping from Pick-up to Delivery.

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Economized Auto Transportation

Car transport companies have become a solution to most of the long routed car carrying problems.В Auto transport brokersВ В have attracted an enormous amount of public. They have gained trust in this regard by introducing car shipping rates. Our ambition as a reliable transport company differs from the rest as we serve with enthusiasm and passion. Auto Transport City is considered to provide supreme car shipping services in order to render complete satisfaction. Concerning to car shipping companies, our dedication and experience will overcome your difficulties as we expertise in all sort of auto transportation. We are primarily working with a goal, to get you 100% guarantee in luxury or standard car shipping quotes. We negotiate with the top 8 auto transport establishments across the U.S. This gives you the best instant moving quotes comparability, absolutely free.

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The information on car hauling is systematically based on your requisite, comparing shipping quote of the prime auto moving organizations and their services. Our skilled experts analyze all the car moving details for 100% safety, genuine services. Consumer rights and customer services is our first priority. Consequently, you can consult with experts anytime and get all the car transport cost queries solved.

Like other reliable auto transport companies, we have shipped thousands of vehicles and the achievement to acknowledge by our work of vehicle transport is never receiving a single complaint. The vision and the future for vehicle delivery service are clear. That’s to provide the finest services possible and to put impact on customers.

Efficient, Competent And Communicative

We ensure a professional consultancy before you confirm an auto shipping company.В Fill out the form and access free auto transport rates and compare them from the top 8 auto delivery companies across U.S.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

The standard booking is clearly not good for urgent deliveries as it takes minimum of 7 days. Therefore, It is better to book a ride for your car’s transportation few days earlier and keep a leverage. This will avoid any troubles before a day comes you finally need to move.

The answer to how much is it to ship a car can never be accurate as sometimes upon selection of rush rate it increases the price to at least $150 and as a result gets a fast action service.

Enclosed and Open trailers

Open trailers of the vehicle moving companies are typically for freight that may have size differences or oversized and open to air and atmosphere. They just like a trolley connected to a tractor carrying the valuables. Obviously, as it’s completely exposed and works just like an unpowered vehicle moving trolley. In fact, reserving an open trailer also cost cheaper compared with the enclosed trailer. For car delivery companies it is compatible and could provide a facility that sometimes an enclosed one cannot.

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It was one of the best experience i’ve ever had. Simon White from the Customer Service department instructed me thoroughly regarding my queries and provided me great knowledge. Delivery was on time as I expected and I can’t thanks them enough for providing me such an amazing Inexpensive price package.

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State Auto Insurance Review – Complaints, Auto, Home – Business, auto insurance reviews.#Auto #insurance #reviews

State Auto Insurance Review

Auto insurance reviews

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State Auto Summary

State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1921 in Columbus, Ohio. The company’s goal was to offer more affordable auto insurance with better overall service. In the 1930s, the company expanded to serve more states and offer more products, adding homeowners insurance and general liability. Fire and marine were added in in the 1950s, along with acquiring additional companies.

In addition to the Columbus headquarters, State Auto has regional offices in Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, IN, Austin, TX, and Baltimore, MD. They offer coverage in 33 states through a network of independent agents.

Today, State Auto offers home, auto, marine, farm, business insurance, as well as a few specialty policies through subsidiaries.

Insurance Products

State Auto’s product lineup covers most of the basics in addition to a few specialty areas.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is the product that started the company and remains a part of their name, making it their flagship product.

State Auto offers customized auto insurance policies through their CustomFit program, which allows customers to select the coverage that best meets their needs. In addition to the usual basics of liability, collision, and comprehensive, they offer a variety of additional options that can be added:

  • Replacement Cost coverage
  • Free glass repair
  • Towing and Labor

They also offer the AutoXtended package, which includes:

  • Rental car coverage
  • Pet medical
  • Locksmith services
  • Emergency transportation and travel expenses
  • Disability wage loss
  • Death indemnity

State Auto has a variety of discounts available, including a substantial auto/home bundling discount and their Prime of Life program, which offers additional discounts for drivers over 45 who also have a homeowner’s policy with State Auto. The Prime of Life program adds the AutoXtended coverage at no charge.

Home Insurance

State Auto writes homeowner’s insurance policies for both detached single-family residences and condos. Coverage includes basic structure, personal property, and liability. All with additional features and options.

Homeowners has three separate package endorsement options: Securguard, Defender, and Estate. Each of these has additional limits and coverage to increase protection.

Similar to the auto program, there is a HomeXtended package that provides additional coverage, including:

  • Increased coverage for identity fraud
  • Computer and coverage for personal use business equipment
  • Volunteer liability
  • Rented golf cart
  • False alarm and fire extinguisher recharge/replace
  • Cell phone and GPS coverage
  • Mortgage extra expense

Also as with the auto policy, this package is added for free with the Prime of Life program.

State Auto offers Farm Owners Insurance that covers the dwelling, farm personal property, livestock, farm buildings, and more.

Additional Products

Polices are available to cover a variety of personal property items as well as watercraft either by endorsement on a homeowner’s policy, or as a standalone.

Inland Marine policies can cover items like furs, jewelry, musical instruments, and a variety of other high value items.

Pleasure Craft policies cover boats of all sizes, from sailboats to yachts.

State Auto writes business insurance for businesses of all sizes, from large to small. Coverage options include:

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Data Compromise
  • Fleet Safety
  • Vehicles
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Business Practices
  • Risk Control

State Auto Rates

State Auto insurance is sold exclusively through agents, and as a result there is no online quoting and no easy way to obtain a price comparison. The sale of policies through agents means commissions, something that usually equates to higher premium costs.

State Auto is unlikely to compete price wise with large insurance companies, however, may be competitive with other regional insurers.


State Auto offers two methods of submitting a claim:

The website also states that you can begin the claims process by sending them a direct message through Twitter (@stateauto). Online claims reporting is becoming an expected service, although it’s still somewhat unusual to see smaller companies offering it, so it is good to see this service available here.

The online claims service promises a call from a claims associate within the next business day to gather more information about the claim. After the initial contact, the adjuster will begin investigating the claim, reviewing the damage, and determining what benefits are available under the policy. They will then obtain estimates and settle the claim with the policyholder.

State Auto has a network of repair shops that are part of their “Quality Service Guarantee”. While policyholders can choose any repair shop they want, these shops will offer a warranty on their work.

Consumer Research and Complaints

State Auto has been accredited by the BBB since 1941, and currently has an A+ rating. There are a total of 70 complaints in the past three years, with 23 of those closed in the past 12 months. For a company as large as State Auto those numbers are not high.

There are some negative reviews out there, as there are for all insurance companies, but in general the numbers are low. There are enough positive reviews to counter those complaints. It seems as though there is a lot of confusion in the reviews between State Auto and State Farm, so it can be hard to tell to which company the complaint actually refers to.

Overall, there’s nothing of concern in the complaints, either in volume or content.