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Auto Dealers Detail – Retail Supply Dealer

Any person who engages in, conducts, or carries on the public business of buying, selling, offering for sale, consigning to be sold, trading or otherwise dealing with the public or operating as a public dealer in rebuilt parts and accessories, to include the following: Motors for motor vehicles, transmissions, differentials, generators, starters, carburetors, fuel pumps, shock absorbers, voltage regulators and distributors.

As of May 28, 2014, a change was made to the requirement for a Retail Supply Dealer(RSD) license. Convenience stores (as defined in Sec 28-401) that previously held an RSD license ONLY will no longer be required to obtain an RSD license. The definition of a convenience store as defined in Sec. 28-401 is any business that is primarily engaged in the retail sale of convenience goods, or both convenience goods and gasoline, and has less than 10,000 square feet of retail floor space. Convenience store does not include any business where there is no retail floor space accessible to the public.

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I do if I am unsure if I need a RSD license?

A. Contact Auto Dealers at 832-394-4800 to request for an officer to inspect your business to confirm as to whether a license is needed or not. There is no charge for this service.

  • What if it is determined that I do not need a RSD license but, in the future, I decide to expand my automotive related business (i.e. vehicle repairs and/or buying and selling vehicle parts)?

    A. At this point, you will be required to obtain a RSD or other pertinent license. Failure to do so will result in citations. The required process is listed below.

  • What if I currently hold an RSD license along with another automotive related license (i.e. automotive repair facility, motor vehicle dealer)? Do I still need the RSD license?

    A. Yes, the exception to the RSD requirement only applies to convenience stores with a single RSD license. All businesses holding multiple licenses still require the RSD license.

  • Process:

    • Application for Dealer License – Mail or present a fully completed application form.
    • Attach copy of Deed Restriction Compliance Affidavit
    • Attach copy of Certificate of Occupancy or Life Safety Inspection for your building
    • If applicant is a corporation

      • Attach copy of Articles of Incorporation
      • Attach copy of letter of good standing from the Secretary of State
    • Attach copy of Assumed Name Certificate if applicable.
    • Background check – A local background check is conducted on all officers, partners, owners (licensees) and others who have a financial interest in the business.
    • Automotive Board review – The City of Houston Automotive Board reviews the application for each new business including consideration of the findings of a criminal background check.
    • Notice of an Automotive Board public hearing on the business application is published.
    • Approval or Denial is decided by the Board at the hearing

    Bennett Auto Supply – Retail – Industries – IGEL Technology – EN #murrays #auto

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    “With IGEL, I know I’m making a sound investment for my company that will last.”

    Founded in 1946, Bennett Auto Supply is one of the oldest auto parts suppliers in Florida. The family-owned business has a distribution center in Pompano Beach and 25 stores across the state, concentrated on the east coast. At each store location, the company offers a large inventory of products for both retail and wholesale customers, as well as a knowledgeable and professional staff. With over 430 employees and annual sales in excess of $55 Million, Bennett Auto Supply is one of Florida’s foremost suppliers of auto parts.

    Business Solutions from IGEL Technology

    “Four years ago, we knew that it was time to phase dumb terminals out of our IT infrastructure,” said John Thompson, director of information technology for Bennett Auto Supply. “Manufacturers were no longer offering new, updated dumb terminal technology, and we recognized that switching to thin clients would be a cost-effective way to upgrade our IT capabilities.”

    In 2004, Bennett Auto Supply changed its entire IT infrastructure by replacing the dumb terminals in all of its stores with Neoware thin clients, purchasing a total of 230 machines. With the new thin clients, Bennett Auto Supply’s employees would have access to multiple applications on every terminal, enabling them to better serve customers.

    However, the shift to the new thin clients created several unanticipated problems. The company relied on NoMachine’s NX software, which Neoware didn’t officially support. At the time of purchase, the vendor customized the software to the machines, but they were unwilling to address problems that came up later. Employees began to have frequent problems with terminal session issues, in which they were unexpectedly forced to log off the network. While the thin clients continued to be functional, the shutdowns were inconvenient, interrupting the company’s delivery of high quality customer service. Thompson recognized that the hardware wasn’t working as he planned, but the 230 thin clients he had were still relatively new and it didn’t make sense to replace them.

    “We needed a solution that would salvage our existing machines, but we didn’t want to add more Neoware thin clients as we expanded our business,” Thompson explained. “We were opening a new store in Fort Myers, and the time was right to introduce a new thin client model that would better fit our needs moving forward.”

    The Solution: IGEL 3210 LX thin clients

    Thompson consulted Ray Heffron at Computer Products Corporation as he sought a solution. Founded in 1962, Computer Products Corporation (CPC) is one of the nation’s first computer sellers to offer solutions, service and support for their customers. As an IBM business partner, CPC works to incorporate IBM products into solutions for clients. Recognizing that the problem was at its root an NX-compatibility issue, Heffron recommended that Bennett Auto Supply purchase IGEL thin clients for its new store.

    “The key component that IGEL had to offer that the Neoware machines lacked was compatibility with the NX software, which Bennett Auto Supply needed,” Heffron explained.

    “IGEL’s thin clients are the only ones on the market that are embedded with NX-compatible software, and so the choice of IGEL was simple.”

    Support for NoMachine’s NX software is one of the wide range of digital services that IGEL thin clients are capable of. In addition, IGEL thin clients are able to provide RDP, web, terminal emulation, Java and VoIP services. The company’s machines can also be connected to almost any served-based infrastructure, including Citrix-hosted applications, virtual PCs and server-based Linux applications.

    After testing out a demo IGEL thin client, Thompson decided to purchase eleven 3210LX models for the company’s new Fort Myers location. Also at Heffron’s recommendation, Thompson purchased a new IBM server with an Ubuntu operating system that would better support NX software, and he upgraded the NX software the company was using from the free version to the enterprise-level software, which offered greater flexibility.

    Superior Software Capabilities

    “From the beginning, the difference between our new IGEL machines and the slightly older Neoware models was remarkable,” Thompson noted. “We didn’t encounter any of the software problems we were facing with our Neoware models, such as terminal session issues. The next question was how we were going to address the software issues we were having with our older thin clients.“

    For the existing Neoware machines, Heffron had a cost-effective and innovative idea for how to improve their functionality: the company could replace the flash drives inside the Neoware thin clients with the same NX-compatible flash drives that IGEL used. The new memory cards would transform what was externally a Neoware thin client into a machine that functioned like an IGEL thin client. The transformation cost about $120 per terminal, including both the hardware and the cost of labor – an amount that was several hundred dollars less than buying replacement thin clients. Using this method, Bennett Auto Supply was able to update all but 30 of its 230 Neoware machines; the 30 that could not be updated were older models for which the appropriate flash chips were not available. By salvaging most of its initial batch of thin clients, Bennett realized significant cost savings.

    Remote Manageability

    Today Thompson is able to manage the IGEL thin clients in the Fort Myers store from his office on Florida’s east coast, using IGEL’s remote management software. Every IGEL thin client comes bundled with the powerful IGEL Remote Management Suite (RMS), which enables IT administrators to offer support from distant sites.

    “The Remote Management Suite was another important differentiator when we chose IGEL thin clients,” Thompson said. “Our Neoware thin clients didn’t come embedded with any such software, and we haven’t attempted to manage them remotely. From a management perspective, IGEL’s RMS is a huge time-saver, and it allows me to work more efficiently.”


    With IGEL thin clients, Bennett Auto Supply was able to put in place an IT infrastructure for its new west coast store that it hopes will ultimately become the model for the rest of its stores. Using IGEL’s NX-compatible software, Bennett Auto’s new thin clients operate at optimal levels, with no terminal session issues. Over time, the company plans to phase out its Neoware thin clients, replacing them with IGEL models that can easily be managed remotely, helping the IT team to be more efficient.

    “We’ve learned that not all thin clients are the same – our experience with IGEL thin clients has been vastly better than our experience with Neoware’s,” Thompson summarized. “With IGEL, I know I’m making a sound investment for my company that will last.”

    Different Types of Pricing Strategy #retail #pricing #strategy


    Different Types of Pricing Strategy

    by Leigh Richards

    Pricing strategies have a major impact on the marketing effectiveness for companies, large and small.

    carrots with price image by Jo Ann Koch from

    Related Articles

    Pricing is one of the four elements of the marketing mix, along with product, place and promotion. Pricing strategy is important for companies who wish to achieve success by finding the price point where they can maximize sales and profits. Companies may use a variety of pricing strategies, depending on their own unique marketing goals and objectives.

    Premium Pricing

    Premium pricing strategy establishes a price higher than the competitors. It s a strategy that can be effectively used when there is something unique about the product or when the product is first to market and the business has a distinct competitive advantage. Premium pricing can be a good strategy for companies entering the market with a new market and hoping to maximize revenue during the early stages of the product life cycle.

    Penetration Pricing

    A penetration pricing strategy is designed to capture market share by entering the market with a low price relative to the competition to attract buyers. The idea is that the business will be able to raise awareness and get people to try the product. Even though penetration pricing may initially create a loss for the company, the hope is that it will help to generate word-of-mouth and create awareness amid a crowded market category.

    Economy Pricing

    Economy pricing is a familiar pricing strategy for organizations that include Wal-Mart, whose brand is based on this strategy. Aldi, a food store, is another example of economy pricing strategy. Companies take a very basic, low-cost approach to marketing–nothing fancy, just the bare minimum to keep prices low and attract a specific segment of the market that is very price sensitive.

    Price Skimming

    Businesses that have a significant competitive advantage can enter the market with a price skimming strategy designed to gain maximum revenue advantage before other competitors begin offering similar products or product alternatives.

    Psychological Pricing

    Psychological pricing strategy is commonly used by marketers in the prices they establish for their products. For instance, $99 is psychologically less in the minds of consumers than $100. It s a minor distinction that can make a big difference.

    12 inspiring ecommerce website designs #best #retail #website #designs


    Creative Bloq

    12 inspiring ecommerce website designs

    Designing an ecommerce website is big business and it’s now easier than ever for a startup company to launch an online store.

    Software such as Shopify. with its amazing library of customisable templates, makes it easy to create beautiful and highly immersive ecommerce website experiences here are 12 great ones that caught our eye. So read on for some top web design inspiration.

    01. Drybar

    Great use of colour and animation

    A great colour scheme paired with subtle animations gives this site both style and personality. Mouse over the little hairdryer and it bounces on its cord; hover over the icons at the top and a tiny animation gives you some feedback. Touches like this make the site fun to use without being overwhelming or annoying.

    Inspiring feature. Adding colour and movement on hover gives nice feedback and feels fun!

    02. Northernism

    A minimalist design makes this site undemanding for the user

    This site creates a fresh look by moving away from established ecommerce design patterns, placing images and text in on a grid that feels much less familiar. There’s plenty of whitespace and each page contains a few simple images, making it seem a lot less busy than most of the web.

    Inspiring feature. Great use of photography makes the products feel luxurious

    03. Bill Blass

    This creative layout makes the Bill Blass site stand out

    This clothing retailer breaks away from the convention of displaying products in separate boxes by placing their inventory in a stream on the homepage so it appears as though it’s one big image. Combine this fresh approach with a great colour scheme and beautiful type and the result is a really amazing-looking site.

    Inspiring feature. Dropping funny items such as a fried egg among the products.

    04. The Practical Man

    A practical UI for The Practical Man

    A blocky layout, bold type and strong colour palette give this site for a men’s sportswear retailer a distinctive, memorable style.

    Inspiring feature. Large, chunky menus are easy to navigate and satisfying to use.

    05. PRESS

    Get the feeling of a cosy bookshop on this beautiful site

    “Books and things” shop PRESS has a website that makes use of beautiful photography to mimic the atmosphere in a tranquil bookshop. Scroll down and the products appear in a striking black and white chequered grid.

    Inspiring feature. Huge product shots let you get a feel for each book.

    06. A Book Apart

    A Book Apart’s ecommerce website makes a visual feature of its book covers

    Whilst many ecommerce websites rely on large beautiful photography to sell their products A Book Apart instead use the block colour covers to vividly display their series of “brief books for people who make websites”. This works especially well when displaying their entire collection of books. available as a bundle.

    Inspiring feature. Clever use of CSS transitions on the home page main book feature. Resize your screen to feel the full effect

    07. Ada Blackjack

    Leather goods ecommerce website Ada Blackjack makes good use of large hero images

    Ada Blackjack is a brand of handmade bags and leather goods. Whilst relatively traditional in terms of design and layout this ecommerce website excels with the expressive use of large hero images and simple and clean product photography.

    Inspiring feature: When viewing a large version of a product on it’s individual detail page the designers chose to move away from the traditional popup by overlaying the large image within the page. Click the plus icon to see the effect.

    08. Bellroy

    Wallet maker Bellory’s ecommerce website has a fun interactive demonstration

    Landing on the home page of wallet maker Bellory and you’ll be greeted with a relatively simple layout. Delve a little deeper into this ecommerce website and you’ll find a wide variety of very different designed pages highlighting individual products.

    Incorporating fun demonstration videos the Bellroy site is a great example of how flexible Shopify can be when presenting your products online.

    Inspiring feature: The Slim your wallet tutorial is a fun and interesting guide to ‘losing the wallet bulge’, culminating in some rather nice photographs of the product and links to all their products.

    09. Best Made Company

    Best Made Company’s ecommerce website boasts a clean and minimal design

    An ecommerce website full of beautiful products you never knew you wanted but suddenly find your self needing. A very clean and minimal design allows the product photography, all products are displayed on white backgrounds, to really be the centre piece of the page.

    Inspiring feature: The innovatively designed menu section at the top of the page. It’s simple, clean, easy to use whilst giving the visitor access to all areas of the site.

    10. Good as Gold

    Jewellery ecommerce website Good as Gold entices with big homepage imagery

    Good as Gold is a fashion store based in Wellington, New Zealand. Their ecommerce website is loud and impressive. Big homepage imagery entices you in and there are a number of different ways to navigate the site. For example the big drop down menus or the brands page featuring every vendor listed A-Z.

    Inspiring feature: Click a link and watch how the logo turns into a loading spinner. Given that many pages are image heavy this is a nice indication that the page is loading.

    11. Shwood

    Shwood’s ecommerce website uses video very cleverly

    This fully responsive ecommerce website makes exceptional use of video to entice the buyer to learn more about their range of sunglasses. The current home page features no less than three different videos to choose from. The site also features beautiful photography which allows their sunglasses to shine (no pun intended).

    Inspiring feature: Product collections are revealed in a strip format when clicking on the shop tab. From here the visitor is able to filter by style too allowing quick and easy access to a specific style whilst simultaneously showing off their range.

    12. FontShop

    The FontShop site was in part designed by its users

    When FontShop decided to undertake a redesign a few years ago, they took the unconventional route of publishing the design in a raw state, and inviting users to accompany it on its journey to completion.

    Fontshop project manager Ivo Gabrowitsch wanted customers to test drive, debate and engage with the site, influencing the direction that the redesign would take. The result is a fantastic site that fits closely with users’ needs.

    Inspiring feature. The Tryout section is a playground for test-driving web fonts in real-time and collaborating freely with anyone on your artwork.

    Point of Sale Systems & Service to Hospitality& Retail #digital #dining, #point #of #sale #systems, #hospitality #industry, #retail #industries, #delaware #business #systems, #restaurant #systems, #delaware #point #of #sale #systems, #point #of #sale #systems #maryland, #dbs, #maitre’d, #security #cameras, #philadelphia #point #of #sale, #pos, #speedline, #webpoint, #philly, #philadelphia, #wilmington #delaware, #baltimore, #dc, #d.c., #ocean #city #point #of #sale, #delaware #beaches #point #of #sale, #rehoboth #beach #point #of #sale, #dewey #beach #point #of #sale, #salisbury #md #point #of #sale, #dbs



    “I have had no need to call for phone support. so that is good! The students love the new system, and we are overall very happy!”

    — Venka Pyle, Vita Nova (University of Delaware)

  • “We needed a company with a quick response time to assist us with any technical questions and provide quick answers. DBS was the only company in our region who could out perform any other point of sale companies.”

    — Dave and Tammy Harper, Kentmorr Restaurant (Stevensville, MD)

  • “The DBS employees assigned to our project were very attentive and patient as the install progressed. “

    — Jesse, Ted s Bar Grill (Harrisburg, PA)

  • “DBS has two things going for them, excellent products and excellent service.”

    — Holly Emmons, Union Hospital (Elkton, MD)

  • “I am very pleased with the amount of follow up I have received. The system was set up well and it is very convenient and easy to use.”

    — Matt Hans, Wood Fired Pizza (Newark, DE)

  • “Support has been very good with many different people at DBS.”

    — John Crivello, Pop s Kitchen (Easton, PA)

  • “The tech support department has helped us customize our system to our exact business needs – both in the office and inventory systems.”

    — Bill Martin, Tiki Bar (Solomons, MD)

  • “Paul Dreyfus really goes out of his way to make things right. DBS did a great job and everyone pulls together.”

    — Steve Angeline, Mendenhall Inn (Mendenhall, PA)

  • “Two thumbs up for your Chat Support!”

    — Harold Deck Decker, Frontier Town (Ocean City, MD)

  • “We like DBS because of their size and personal customer service. We receive personal attention right from the leadership of the company.”

    — Scott Morrison, Ernest Scott Taproom (Wilmington, DE)

  • “We get more used to the system every day and like it a lot!”

    — Debbie, American Legion Post 28 (Millsboro, DE)

  • “I can t thank you enough for all you have done to meet and exceed our POS needs. You are unmatched in so many ways.”

    — Eric Ruger, Wings To Go, inc.

  • “We are quite pleased with the switch out. Our staff thinks it s a breeze compared to our old system. “

    — Millard Hahn, The Country Crock (Williamstown, NJ)

  • “When their competitors said it couldn’t be done, DBS said we’ll find a way to do it.”

    — James Lucas, Harpoon Hanna’s (Fenwick Island, DE)

  • “The daily, monthly and yearly sales reports identify trends and opportunities we can use to run our business better.”

    — Paul Bouchard, Deep Blue Restaurant (Wilmington, DE)

  • “The FuturePOS system is ideal for managing my plate and beverage cost.”

    — Wit Millburn, UBON (Wilmington, DE)

  • “We use DBS in all seven of our restaurants. After evaluating different companies we went with DBS and never looked back.”

    — Jim Weisgerber, Bethany Blues BBQ (Bethany Beach, DE)

  • “DBS staff is great! They are always willing to help and fix all my issues.”

    — Jennifer Jorgensen, Store Manager – Starbucks (Lakeline Mall)

  • “We have always had a great relationship with DBS. We consider ourselves very spoiled by all the DBS staff.”

    — Steven Montgomery, Starboard (Dewey Beach, DE)

  • “DBS was onsite for two days and did an awesome job!”

    — Frank Gullace Jr, The Shore House (Point Pleasant, NJ)

  • ERP Software Solutions #erp #software #solutions, #cloud #erp #software, #cloud #erp #solutions, #erp #solution #providers, #erp #software #development, #web #based #erp #software, #erp #software #for #manufacturing, #erp #business #software, #erp #business #solutions, #enterprise #resource #planning #erp #software, #custom #erp #software, #customized #erp #solutions, #erp #software #implementation, #retail #erp #solutions, #enterprise #erp #software, #buy #erp #software, #integrated #erp #solutions


    Next Generation Warehouse


    Birlasoft as Oracle’s Platinum Partner provides End to End services to customers which enable clients achieve simplified process with optimized JD Edwards’s solutions. As JDE experts, we help clients optimize data, manage risk compliance, increase efficiency, improve productivity and achieve measurable business value from the investments though our offerings that facilitates client to resolve challenges.

    Ø Consulting Services

    • Strategy and Road map creation
    • JDE Architecture solutions
    • Business Process Transformation
    • Health Check Upgrade Assessment Program

    Ø Implementation Services

    • Enterprise Application Implementation and Rollouts
    • Enterprise Integration
    • Rapid Application Upgrades and Platform Migration
    • Functional and Technical Enhancements

    Ø Outsourcing Services

    • Global Application Management
    • CNC on Demand (COD)
    • JDE Services
    • Implementation and Upgrades
      • Process Transformations
      • Information Transformation
      • Strategic Insights
      • Global Implementation/Rollouts
      • Localization, SOX Compliance
      • Global Implementation/Rollouts
    • Migration and Conversions
    • Integration and Customization
      • Enterprise Application Integration
    • Support and Managed services
    • Cloud Hosting
    • Master Data Management
    • Training and Change Management
    • Package Evaluation and Assurance services
      • Proof of concept (POC )
      • Point of View (POV)
    • Packaged Offerings
    • Health check – Upgrade Assessment Program
    • Product Workshops and Functional enhancement.
    • Version Release Upgrades
    • Maintenance and Support including Global shared support
    • Packaged enabled business transformation

    JDE World Soft upgrade program for a globally diversified oilfield services Company

    • Implemented and rolled out solutions in more than 27 countries
    • Deployed a team of 21 consultants working across various time zones
    • Leveraged our proprietary support methodology to set up an offshore helpdesk, supporting users across geographies
    • Well executed project initiation, transition and steady state model of JD Edwards
    • Completed rollouts on time budget, with substantial savings in support costs
    • Efficient support model and clear training plan for end users in their own geographies and time zones
    • Optimized JD Edwards’ applications without any disruption to the business operations
    • Over 95% SLA achievements in problem-solving and turnaround times
    • Mutually beneficial, post-implementation partnership with an emphasis on Client’s ROI

    JDE E1 9.0 implementation for a leading Global Health Care provider

    • Improved inventory visibility and control, regionally and globally
    • Improved tracking and traceability of product
    • Improved “Where Used” capability of finished goods and raw materials
    • Monitor and enforce global consistency of process and data through MDM
    • Standardized patient management capabilities
    • Simplify Global Systems Footprint by consolidating 31 instances of JD Edwards World to 5 instances of JD Edwards 8.12.
    • Standardize processes and data definitions
    • Financials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing

    JD Edwards Managed Services Program for leading paper products producer

    • Establishment of global sourcing model to enable focus on strategic activities
    • Successful implementation of 400 + Change requests in just 3 phases
    • Increased operational efficiency through EDI
    • Improvement in productivity and service levels by process standardization
    • Greater vendor accountability brought in through better SLA compliance
    • Improved system performance resulting in reduction in maintenance cos

    Intelligent ERP Upgrade

    For a sustainable competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly looking at IT as a strategic investment to align to their changing nature of business and increasing global footprint. Keeping its enterprise value chain system up-to-date, is a requisite and not an alternative; to drive advantages such as faster time-to-market enhanced real-time visibility. Some critical considerations delaying an upgrade are:

    • Confidence that there will be no business disruption when upgraded instance goes live
    • Access to proprietary tools to accelerate the upgrade process
    • Option to reduce, consolidate and standardize custom objects
    • Confidence on having seen successful large, complex upgrades

    Solution Overview

    End-to-end R12 upgrade packaged as “Upgrade-in-a-box” covers all Finance | Supply-Chain | Manufacturing processes leveraging in-house tools and accelerators ensuring an expedited upgrade for a fixed quote.

    • Go-Live Readiness on Upgraded Instance in a Quarter
    • Zero Disruption upgrade
    • Financial period closure support
    • User adoption assistance
    • Predictable TCO


    Fresh water is becoming an increasingly scarce global resource. The global demand of Water: may go up by 40% in 2025. About 5% of water requirement, today, is met by Reverse Osmosis. An integral element of the RO process are the membranes used for Desalination of Sea and Brackish Water,
    Waste water treatment and Fresh water purification. For the replacement of these membranes, while availability of Data has been solved, its not properly stored and analyzed to support predictive analysis. The absence of leading indicators prevents the adoption of predictive maintenance. Inability of preventive Maintenance leads to high cost, low membrane life and generation loss

    Solution Overview

    Predicts and prevents membrane failures, resulting in uninterrupted supply of potable water to communities and industries

    • Acquire data from Sensors/DCS/HMI Online through Device Integration
    • Process data to provide KPIs, Lead Fouling Indicators and Prescriptive Action to:

      Eliminate process outage through timely cleaning action

      Eliminate permanent pore blockades due to continued Plugging and Fouling

      Avoid damaging membrane polyamide structure by pinpointing cleaning requirement

      Achieve and maintain lower specific power consumption

    Retail Store Manager Sample Job Description #retail #store #manager #job #description, #retail #store #manager #job #description #sample, #retail #store #manager #job #description #template, #retail #store #manager #job #description #example


    Retail Store Manager Sample Job Description

    This retail store manager sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

    Retail Store Manager Job Responsibilities:

    Serves customers by providing merchandise; supervising staff.

    Retail Store Manager Job Duties:

    • Completes store operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.
    • Maintains store staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
    • Maintains store staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
    • Achieves financial objectives by preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.
    • Identifies current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with potential and actual customers and other persons in a position to understand service requirements.
    • Ensures availability of merchandise and services by approving contracts; maintaining inventories.
    • Formulates pricing policies by reviewing merchandising activities; determining additional needed sales promotion; authorizing clearance sales; studying trends.

    Improve your Hiring and Retention in 2017

  • Markets merchandise by studying advertising, sales promotion, and display plans; analyzing operating and financial statements for profitability ratios.
  • Secures merchandise by implementing security systems and measures.
  • Protects employees and customers by providing a safe and clean store environment.
  • Maintains the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements.
  • Determines marketing strategy changes by reviewing operating and financial statements and departmental sales records.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Maintains operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational, and personnel policies and procedures.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Retail Store Manager Skills and Qualifications:

    Customer Focus, Tracking Budget Expenses, Pricing, Vendor Relationships, Market Knowledge, Staffing, Results Driven, Strategic Planning, Management Proficiency, Client Relationships, Verbal Communication

    Find out more about recruiting trends in the retail industry .

    Learn more about how to hire:

    Get in on the action.

    Retail pharmacist: job description #retail #pharmacy #technician #job #description


    Retail pharmacist: job description

    Retail pharmacists are responsible for dispensing and controlling both prescription and non-prescription medicine. They also advise customers on general healthcare. Retail pharmacists must work to legal and ethical guidelines.

    Employment as a retail pharmacist involves:

    • providing advice about health issues, symptoms and medications in response to customer enquiries
    • recruiting, training and managing staff
    • processing prescriptions and dispensing medication
    • ordering and selling medicines and other stock
    • meeting medical representatives
    • managing budgets
    • keeping statistical and financial records
    • preparing publicity materials and displays
    • marketing services

    Some evening and weekend work may be required.

    • Independent pharmacies
    • Supermarket pharmacies
    • Pharmacy chains

    Vacancies are advertised by careers services, in national newspapers and specialist publications including Chemist and Druggist and The Pharmaceutical Journal and their online equivalents. Pre-registration training placements are advertised in the annually published Pre-Reg Manual and on their websites.

    It takes five years to qualify as a pharmacist. This includes a four-year degree course (an MPharm), one year’s work experience in a clinical setting and an exam, set by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). In order to practice pharmacists must be registered with the GPhC.

    Relevant experience gained in any retail area involving contact with customers or the general public can be beneficial.

    • Maturity
    • Attentiveness
    • Responsibility
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Organisational skills
    • Verbal communication skills
    • Confidence
    • Commercial awareness

    Karp s Hardware Store: Long Island s only Hardware Store & Homebrew Shop under one roof! #hardware, #tools, #plumbing, #sleds, #toboggans, #baby #sleds, #truck #rentals, #moving #supplies, #homeowners, #advice, #help, #retail #store, #forney, #reddy #heater, #oil #burner #parts, #porcelain #drills


    Long Island’s Best place to buy ammo!
    Karp’s Hardware and Homebrew is now a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer! Ammuntion sales and FFL transfers (rifle & pistol: $40) available. Winchester, Remington, Blazer, Hornady, Federal, PMC and more. Call, email or stop by for more information.


    We know you’ll be glad you came. We can show you how to fix your leaking shower faucet, re-grout your tile, replace a worn electrical device, re-seed your lawn, or any one of a thousand other chores. Plus, count on Karp’s for the best quality deck stains, house paint and basement waterproofing, with expert advice on how to use it all. We can even teach you how to juggle!


    Besides the obvious stuff, like we sell supplies for homebrewing beer and wine. ask yourself these questions: Does your hardware store stock nearly 400 different drill bits? (386 to be exact). Does your hardware store stock welding supplies? Oil burner parts? Snow sleds and snowboards? Does your hardware store stock thirty-six sizes of hole saws? Does your hardware store care enough about you to stock 43 different padlocks? Or metric screws in fine thread? How about over 100 different types of sandpaper?

    Just some examples of what we stock for our customers:

    Desa Reddy Heater Parts
    We stock an assortment of Reddy Heater parts including ignitors, rotors, filter kits, safety switches and nozzles. These parts have become difficult to find since Desa has gone out of business. Call us for up-to-date availability.
    part # examples: PP200 MP4. PP216 MP4. PP203 MP4. PP204 MP4. PP208-MP4. PP214-MP4.

    Oil Burner Maintenance
    We have oil burner nozzles, filters, strainers and electrodes. So even on Sundays you can get your oil burner up and running. Just stop by Karp’s for the parts you need.

    Welding Supplies
    We stock the Forney brand of welding rod and accessories for mig and stick welders. We’re the only place in the East Northport area to buy Mig tips, welding rod, steamfitters hats and other welding accessories.

    Porcelain Tile Drills
    Karp’s stocks the Diamond Sure line of porcelain tile drills. From 1/8″ all the way up to 3″, we have the drill for your hardest porcelain tile. Porcelain tile cannot be drilled by ordinary masonry or tile bits. You need the diamond edge of the Diamond Sure bits to make a fast clean hole in porcelain tile. Long Island’s best selection of porcelain tile bits is only at Karp’s Hardware.

    Poppytool’s Safe Grip canvas drop cloths in stock!
    Currently advertised everywhere on television and in print, these remarkable slip-resistant drop cloths are making painting projects both easier and safer. Professional painters use them, why shouldn’t you?

    Patented SLIP RESISTANT Rubberized PVC-Dot Surface
    Poppytools Safe Grip Sizes: 5′ x 8′ $26.95 – 9′ x 12′ $38.95 – 3.5′ x 15′ stair runner $26.95

    I’m sure you get the point. We are special, and so are our customers.

    We’re located in East Northport, New York that’s on the north shore of Long Island and we’re open seven days a week. Of course we can UPS your order, but it’s way more fun to come and visit. So far, we’ve had visitors from as far away as Korea, Argentina, Columbia, England and even New Jersey! Click here for driving and Long Island Railroad directions.

    We regularly have customers visit the store from Manhattan (the world’s greatest city). We are easy to reach from NYC, our store is located a few feet from the Northport Train Station.

    Monday through Friday – 8 am until 6 pm
    Saturday – 8:30 am until 5:30 pm
    Sunday – 10 am until 3 pm

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    Resources for:

    College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management


    Shopping is about more than what you buy—it’s how a shopping experience makes you feel. Our students get outside the classroom and learn how great retailing experiences are created from leading industry faculty and partners.Learn more

  • Sport and Entertainment Management

    Arenas host everything from concerts to basketball games to monster truck rallies. Our students get behind the scenes with world-class faculty and industry professionals to learn how everything comes together to create unforgettable fan experiences.Learn more

  • Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

    When it comes to hospitality, quality and attention to detail are what elevates the guest experience. We apply that same philosophy to our programs by giving students the opportunity to learn from the top industry experts of the world — from master sommeliers to high end hotel and restaurant owners and more.Learn more

    Students from the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management become industry leaders. We invite you to explore our programs and learn more about who we are.

    Your job shouldn’t just pay the bills. It should be an opportunity to explore your passion and inspire a lifetime of learning and growth.

    At the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management (HRSM), you’ll gain industry-specific, management-focused education, preparing you to step immediately into the career that you’re truly passionate about. Our college supports four primary fields of study including Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management; Interdisciplinary Studies; Retailing; and Sport and Entertainment Management.

    While you’re here with us, we will help you shape an experience that can be as unique and exciting as you choose to make it, so buckle up and prepare to experience the ride of your life!

    Dream. Create. Connect. Lead.

    Whether you aspire to be an executive with a world-class resort in the Caribbean or you dream of being a buyer for a major fashion retailer in New York City, you are ultimately responsible for creating your own success. Well, kind of. Success comes a lot easier when you have the right connections!

    So, even though it takes some hard work — ok, maybe a lot of hard work — the College of HRSM can offer you the tools and support you need to become a successful leader in whatever career path you choose to pursue. Experience HRSM for yourself. It’s unlike anything else.

    International Ranking


    #4 Worldwide Research by International Journal of Retail Distribution Management, 2017

    New Director Announced

    Drew Martin

    Drew Martin, Ph.D. has been named the new director of HRSM’s School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, and will join the college on July 1, 2017.

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