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do it yourself auto repair

Recent severe weather caused widespread damage across the metro. Roof damage and busted car windows can cost thousands to repair, but what about those hail dents in the body of your car?

Some people say skip the body shop all together. But is that a good idea?

If you re like thousands of other Oklahomans who suffered hail damage from the recent storm, you might have thought to yourself. Can you save a few bucks on repairs? Well we decided to find out if there are really any cheap and effective do it yourself repair methods.

A simple Google search for hail damage returns dozens of result for “do it yourself” repairs. Some reviews say they work, others say no way.

So we grabbed the dry ice, compressed air, a hair dryer, the “Pops-a-dent” kit, and, of course, the damaged car to test them on.

First up is the “Pops-a-dent.” The directions say apply a generous amount of hot glue, attach the pad to the car and wait.

In the meantime, we moved on some other suggestions. The guy in an instruction video says to heat up the area around the dent with a hair dryer until it s hot to the touch, and then put the dry ice over the dent. It s supposed to force the metal to contract and dent pops out, or not.

It turns out the dent is still there.

With that, we tried the compressed air after heating up the dented area, which is supposed to have the same effect, but no luck.

Eight-minutes later and the “Pops-a-dent” is ready. It popped, but the dent is still there.

We couldn t get any of these methods to work, but several of our viewers told us on Facebook it can work.

Some of these techniques might work better on bigger dents, so feel free to try them. But judging by the amount of dents this recent hail storm left behind, it might just be worth it to take it to the body shop.

So if you do take your car to a repair shop, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Ask people you know to recommend a good place, never pay up front and check the company s Better Business Bureau grade.

DIY Auto Repair Information and Tips by a Real Mechanic, do it yourself auto repair.#Do #it #yourself #auto #repair

DIY Auto Repair Advice from a Mechanic

Looking for a DIY auto repair guide that you can trust? Learn how repair and maintain your vehicle with advice from a real mechanic.

As an auto mechanic, I have dealt with many people. including some people who had been ripped off by another auto repair shop. As a vehicle owner, the best thing you can do is learn how to maintain it in good working condition and what to do when something goes wrong.

I fix vehicles and answer people’s auto repair questions for a living. My friends and family keep telling me “we wish you lived closer so we could take our car to someone we trust”. That is what inspired me to create this site: To deliver honest do it yourself auto repair information for all.

With this site, you will be getting free access to my years of auto repair experience. first as a do it yourself mechanic, then as a certified auto technician and finally ending up as automotive manager.

I have filled this website with my own do it yourself auto repair tips including how to troubleshoot problems, whether you should fix the problem yourself and how much that repair should cost so you can avoid getting ripped off.

My Most Popular DIY Auto Repair Guides

How to Troubleshoot Your Vehicle Problems

All do it yourself auto repairs begin with knowing what is wrong with your car or truck. Learn what are the correct steps you should take to pinpoint vehicle problems and faults.

Should You DIY Repair or Send It to Mechanic?

Should you attempt a DIY auto repair or send it to the mechanic? Find out which are the simple vehicle problems that you can fix yourself and which are major headaches are best left to an experienced professional.

Which are the Best Auto Repair Manuals?

To troubleshoot, repair and maintain your vehicle, you’ll need a good repair manual that is specific to your vehicle year, model and year. Find out which is the best and mostr afforable repair manual for you as I review the most popular online and printed manuals.

Essential Auto Repair Tools for Different Jobs

What are the essential tools and supplies required for different auto repair jobs such as changing motor oil, replacing air filter, fixing brake pads etc? In this DIY auto repair guide, you will not only learn what tools are needed. but also the exact model that will offer you the best bang buck for your buck.

Basic Car Maintenance Checklist and Tips

Keeping your vehicle is good working condition is the best way to avoid big expensive repairs down the road. Learn what are important things you can do to keep your vehicle in tip top shape with this step by step guide.

If you still have any unresolved vehicle problems or questions, you can ask an auto mechanic online. For expert answers specific to your vehicle’s make and model, I recommend JustAnswer Car. They have a large pool of certified mechanics to answer your questions for a small fee and you can also browse their answers to other users for free.

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    auto repair manual

    Auto repair manual

    Auto repair manual

    At we only sells manuals written by the manufacturer (Original OEM), that are designed specifically for your vehicle or equipment.

    • Original OEM Manuals are more accurate and complete than any other service information available.
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    Learn More About Our Publications

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    Auto repair manual

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    CHILTON TOTAL SERVICE MANUALS. Choice of the following total service series of manuals:. Ford V8 Engine Overhaul. Chevrolet V8 Engine Overhaul. Read more


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    Auto repair estimates

    Auto repair estimates


    Get a quote and book a service online 24/7. Our mechanics will come to your home or office, even on evenings and weekends.

    Auto repair estimates


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    Auto repair estimates


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    Auto repair estimates

    Auto repair estimates

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    Our customers say the nicest things

    Auto repair estimates

    BMW Door Lock Replacement

    It ended up costing about half of what it would have cost otherwise. And then when it came time to buy another car, the mechanic came out twice to check out cars and give me a full report over the phone. Really affordable. And it really worked out well for us. We did not have to make time to take our car somewhere and drop it off to be repaired.

    — Yaniv

    Auto repair estimates

    Jaguar Thermostat Replacement

    I really like Whitney because he really took a personal interest in the car and explained to me everything he was going to do with the car. and what problems I might have with something that I hadn t even noticed like the headlights. Nobody s done that for me before and I ve had this car for 12 years. Whitney s the best mechanic I ve ever seen.

    — Nola

    Auto repair estimates

    Lexus Radiator Replacement

    Gary who services the cars here for North Marin County was sent out within two days of my request, and it has been very convenient. I didn t have to go find him – he came and found me [and] took care of it right at my home. He cleaned up everything. The car is already put together and that s great.

    DitY Auto Repair, diy auto repair.#Diy #auto #repair

    DitY Auto Repair

    Do-it-Yourself DitY Auto Repair in Central Florida

    Tel: 407-348-3400

    Are you tired of spending hours clearing out your garage to do car repairs that you know could be done in 20 minutes? Or not having “just the right tool” while in the middle of complicated repairs?

    Welcome to Do-it-Yourself (DitY) Auto Repair, Where YOU are the mechanic!

    Look at what the local TV station, WKMG local 6, said about DIY Car Repairs: Click HERE:

    DitY Auto Repair, the most innovative auto repair shop in central Florida, offers 4000 square feet of fully equipped, safe and accessible work space to fix and repair your car, whether you do it yourself, or we do the work for you.

    Today, car owners are now keeping their autos longer…up to 10 years or more. The older your vehicle is, the more maintenance it requires…and the more money it costs. This is where DitY can become your wallet’s best friend!

    Diy auto repair

    Why pay a mechanic $95 an hour when you know you can do the job yourself?

    At DitY YOU are the mechanic. You can pocket the hourly mechanics fee, do the work yourself and save up to 50% or more on auto repair expenses!

    Don’t have the space or the tools to do the job?

    You can “rent” DitY’s auto repair bays and high quality tools as you work in a well-equipped garage. All you need for your car is the desire to do it yourself. No set up, no put back!

    Skills rusty? Need assistance?

    Get assistance from an ASE certified mechanic or rely on step-by-step instructions to make certain the job is done right, the way you want it done!

    Or, you can let DitY do the job for you.

    Diy auto repair

    More Reasons to Visit Us for Do-it-Yourself Auto Repair

    You may enjoy working on, or installing aftermarket parts to your own vehicle, but don’t like the time required or inconvenience of the prep work and cleanup. Homeowners’ association or condo regulations prohibit you from doing mechanical work on your premises.

    Now, compare working at DitY to shade tree mechanics at home. At DitY, you have auto repair manuals, equipment, and tools at your fingertips. At home, you have running to the local parts store to purchase one special size socket.

    No problem! Bring your tools or use our tools and specialized advanced equipment and leave the extra preparation and clean-up work at home. And let someone else worry about the weather.

    You won’t find this type of service anywhere else in Central Florida except at Do-it-Yourself Auto Repair!

    How to Repair a Dent in Your Car With Filler, diy auto repair.#Diy #auto #repair

    How to Repair a Dent in Your Car With Filler

    Diy auto repair

    Sometimes your car will receive a dent or gouge that s too small to justify the expense of a professional repair but too big to simply ignore. You can cut your repair costs by doing the body work yourself. You ll need body filler, sometimes called Bondo (the most popular brand), which is a durable plastic resin that can be shaped and sanded. You ll also need the following supplies:

    • Sandpaper: 150 grit, 220 grit, 400 grit wet/dry
    • Rubber sandpaper block
    • Body filler (with hardener, usually included)
    • Glazing and spot putty
    • Rigid plastic spreader
    • Flexible plastic spreader
    • Automotive primer
    • Work gloves, safety goggles, mask
    • Spray bottle filled with water

    You ll also need to block off several hours of time. Repairing your bumper is a time-consuming process that requires patience.

    Prepare the Surface

    Diy auto repair

    Body filler doesn t stick well to paint, so you ll need to sand the damaged area down to bare metal in order for the Bondo to work. For this job, you can use a heavier sandpaper, like a 150-grit. Regardless of how large the actual damage is, you must remove at least 3 inches beyond the dent.

    In this example, you ll see some small circles on the surface. Sometimes it s a good idea, especially if you are dealing with multiple dents, to mark the location of the damage so that you know where to focus your repair easily. You should also note that the pictured body panel has evidence of an old repair on it (the beige-colored areas are old body filler).

    Continue Reading Below

    Mix the Body Filler

    Diy auto repair

    Body filler is a two-part epoxy that must be mixed before use. It consists of a creme hardener and a base filler. Once you mix the two, the filler will harden in less than 5 minutes, so you ll need to work quickly and carefully. You can mix the hardener on any clean, smooth surface that is disposable. Follow the directions on the filler can to mix the proper amount of hardener with filler. Mix the two using a rigid plastic spreader.

    Continue Reading Below

    Apply the Filler

    Diy auto repair

    Using a flexible plastic spreader, spread filler in an area at least 3 inches outside of the actual damage. You ll need the extra space to properly smooth and feather the hardened filler. Don t worry about being too neat with it. You ll be sanding away any imperfections once the filler hardens.

    Diy auto repair

    Once the filler has completely hardened, you re ready to start sanding. With your sandpaper wrapped around a sanding block (rubber sanding blocks are best and can be purchased in automotive or home repair stores), start sanding the filler using 150-grit sandpaper. Sand lightly and evenly over the entire surface of the repair with broad circular strokes. Sand past the edge of the filler to create a smooth transition.

    When the filler is pretty close to smooth, switch to the 220-grit paper and continue until it s even. It s not unusual to miss a spot or realize there are some gaps or pits in your filler. If this is the case, mix a new batch of filler and repeat the process until it s smooth. You ll sand away most of the filler, leaving the dent filled and a smooth transition between metal and filler.

    Continue Reading Below


    Diy auto repair

    Spot putty is another version of filler, but much finer and easier to sand. It doesn t need to be mixed and can be applied directly from the tube to the repair. The spot putty fills in any tiny impressions in the filler. Smooth (or glaze) spot putty across the repair surface with a flexible plastic spreader. It dries faster than the body filler, but be sure you give it enough time before you begin to sand it.

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    diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Cabin air filter replacement

    Diy auto repair

    Spark plug replacement

    Diy auto repair

    Auxiliary drive belt replacement

    Diy auto repair

    Thermostat replacement

    Diy auto repair

    Coolant system draining and refill

    Diy auto repair

    Starter motor replacement

    Popular models

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Popular car makes

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair

    Diy auto repair