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How Do I Calculate APR on an Auto Loan?

There is nothing like buying a new car. That new car smell, the safety features and the process of calculating the APR on your auto loan it s definitely a memorable experience. APR stands for annual percentage rate and is the basic counterpart to the interest rate that the borrower needs to pay on a loan. When trying to calculate APR on an auto loan, APR helps to compare rates offered to the consumer across the board.

The best way to calculate APR on an auto loan is to use an online rate calculator, which are numerous and can be found throughout the internet. You can even find one that will calculate your auto loan amortization .

Since use this auto loan calculator to help determine the APR, the use the time saved calculating those numbers to research your credit score to ensure a good APR offer, or comparing auto loans to find the best offer based on your history and thoroughly researching the car you intend to purchase. With all this knowledge at hand, you will have all the skills needed to get the best car purchase deal possible.

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Get Helpful Information on How to Get a Car Loan

We understand that the process of getting a car loan can be confusing. That’s why we’re prepared to help you learn how to get a car loan and make smart decisions every step of the way.

Car financing tips

If you want to lease or buy a new or used car, first you should think about how you’re going to finance it. Auto loan financing can be a great way to afford a new car, but it’s important to prepare yourself as much as possible before making your purchase. Start by using our auto loan vs. car lease calculator to help you determine which option is right for you. We know you’re anxious to start driving a new car, but don’t lose sight of the investment.

Getting a car loan through a dealership is not always the best option, as you can wind up paying more than necessary. Consider getting preapproved for your auto loan from a bank instead.  By knowing how much financing you have before you go to the dealership, you can keep the focus on the price of the car. Plus, being preapproved for a specific amount can keep you from being tempted by a car that’s above your budget.

Know your credit score

Your credit score has a large impact on the interest rate you receive for your auto loan. When you apply for a loan, lenders will run a credit report that looks into factors such as your payment history, the length of time you have been using credit and the amounts owed. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate may be. Review your credit score and look for any flaws in your payment history of loans, credit cards or other debt. If you can delay buying a new car for a little while, spend some time improving your credit score by making regular payments and paying off existing debt. By doing so, you’re likely to get a better interest rate on your auto loan, which means paying less on what you borrow.

Review your budget

Take a look at your budget to determine the amount of a monthly car loan payment that you can comfortably afford. Knowing what is and isn’t within your means will help you stay on track during the car loan financing process. You can also easily figure out your monthly car loan payments with our auto payment calculator.

Compare prices

If you know the make, model and year of the car you want to finance, do some price comparisons to estimate the amount of the auto loan you would need. If you don’t know what kind of car you want to buy, you can get preapproved for an auto loan using the same application. This means that when you find the right car, you’ll already have the financing in place to buy it.

Apply for car loan financing

At Nationwide Bank, you can finance your car entirely online at your convenience. It takes just a few minutes to get preapproved. After that, you can use Nationwide Auto Shopping Service to learn what people in your area are paying for similar makes and models. Once you’ve found the car you want to buy, you can complete the loan and sign your loan documents online.

Save when you choose automatic loan payments

Sign up for automatic payments on your car loan instead of paying by check each month. At Nationwide Bank, we offer a 1% discount on auto loan rates for people who choose automatic payments. That means you can save money and maximize convenience. Plus, you can choose when to make your monthly payment so it fits within your budget.

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Compare Rates on Car Loans

There is a method to buying a new vehicle, and this includes such things as price, color, budget, warranty, and other considerations that are most important in the potential purchaser’s mind. But the place that really needs to be considered first of all is the financial area, because without this vital item, the chances of purchasing that new vehicle would probably only be a dream for many people desiring some new transportation. There are a number of ways in which to address this aspect of a new car purchase, but rest assured, without taking the proper time and due diligence to investigate the various aspects of car financing, many shoppers are left confused after sitting down with the financial people at the auto dealership.

This untimely mess doesn’t have to be a part of the purchase agreement if the right steps are taken before the process of searching for a new car even begins. Consumers in the know will start off by locating a fair number of auto financing institutions, and try to get pre-qualified for a car loan before even going to a dealership to look for a new ride. Although many individuals have a good credit rating and can get auto financing through the financial services at the dealership, there are times when this might not be good enough, or the deal is not the same type as available through a third party. The possibility also exists that the loan application may be turned down without the proper authorization, so that is another good reason for going the extra mile first.

Usually people with a good credit history will have no trouble getting an auto loan approved by almost any lender. There is built-in equity with every car that provides some type of insurance in case a problem arises when paying off the loan itself. For those individuals with a poor credit rating however, they are likely faced with the possibility of a higher interest rate for their loan application, because lending institutions consider them a poor risk, and likely to default on the agreement. Consumers in this situation sometimes have little choice but to agree to this type of financing if they need to purchase a new vehicle. It really doesn’t matter a great deal to the high risk group, but it is important to try and obtain financing through another party other than that of the auto dealership, because then there are other options available, and the best rate most likely will be garnered.

With the growth of online technology, many lenders are now establishing themselves as a major broker for these types of services, and they make it easy for any individual to apply for auto financing right from the comfort of their armchair. It is important to have all of the proper paperwork ready to input, because this help to verify the proper credit rating, and will quickly indicate what types of plans are available for the particular vehicle under consideration. When this process is completed, there will be a set amount of money offered, which will give a consumer the starting point to begin looking for a new car.

The very best way to get financing for an automobile is to go through the pre-qualification process through any number of lenders, both online and off. The online route has its advantage because there is no need to go from place to place in search of the best deal that is available. It can all be done right from the computer, and those individuals with a good credit rating have a wide variety of choices from which to select the best deal.

This entire process starts by first going to the bank or credit union to be used for financing. Many times consumers can get a much better deal than through financial firms that specialize in the area of new car loans. It is easy to get started, and with information from a past lender, it is simple to get approval based upon past history of successful repayment of another loan.

For those people with a poor credit history, it is still possible to get the pre-qualification status from a sub prime lender. This can be done online or through a broker. The pre-qualification process is the same as any other loan. The only difference is the personal information supplied by the consumer is the basis for the process. An offer is extended if successful.

An official application then follows that step. After the application is verified, and proof of income established, the loan itself is either accepted or rejected.

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Classic Cars. Classic Cars For Sale.

Classic cars are meant to be shown off.  Every year there are thousands of classic car shows around the world. offers a unique online market place with thousands of these great cars for sale from all over the world.  We have cars for sale in every make and model from American classic like Ford, Chevr. olet, and Chrysler to foreign classic imports like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porche, and British cars.  The selection updates daily to check back often to see what new vintage cars have been added.

The definition of a these types of cars differs depending on who you are speaking with, but it is safe to suggest that you know these cool cars when you see one. There is an organization called the Classic Car Club of America, and they define these cars as being between 20 and 45 years old. The reason why they only go back as far as 45 years is because they feel as though cars that are older than that fall into the category of “antique” cars. There is also the requirement that the particular years and models of these cars be of considerable value when they were new and somewhat rare.

It is also specifically defined by the motor vehicle departments of the individual states for automobile registration purposes. Most states consider a car that is at least 20 year old and  maintained or restored to a condition that is similar to its original appearance as intended by the manufacturer to be “classic.” is the best resource on the web for all types of old cars.  Not only do we offer thousdands of vintage cars for sale in our classic classifieds section, we also have an active car community, car forum, and car blog.  In addition to our community features we also collect and post car resources for owners to find services such as car insurance, financing providers, transportation services, car part suppliers, inspection services, and suppliers of manuals.

(Learn More About Classic Cars) (See less)

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Latest Classic Cars and Bikes

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Lotus Esprit Turbo Limited Edition No. 004 of 025, 1987. Just two owners from new! Stunning in original factory colours of Cherry Red over Calypso Red and original gold leather and suede interior with

Lotus Elan S4/SE DHC, 1970. Last owner for 30 years! During his tenure the Elan has had a replacement galvanised chassis and a fully rebuilt engine by the well-known Miles Wilkins of Fibreglass Services.

Lotus Elan+2S130/5 JPS, 1973. Genuine rare example and No. 67 of 115 Elan Plus Twos built in JPS form. Nut Bolt chassis rebuild to exacting standard. Oatmeal interior with cloth inserts. The Special

Lotus Seven S4, 1971. Lovely example in classic British Racing Green with original black seats. Recently MOT’d and Road Tax fee exempt. Lovely 1600 Ford crossflow engine and sweet 4 speed gearbox.

Caterham Seven 175 Roadsport SV, 2010. One owner and only 3,950 miles. Stunning original condition. The Roadsport 175 is the most powerful of the Roadsport range with the stunningly powerful 2.0L

Ford / Lotus Single Seater Racer / Road 1.8 Zetec, 1961. Daytime MOT for road use and recently set up for the track. Reminiscent of the early Lotus Formula One racing cars such as the Lotus 25 that Jim

Ford / Lotus Single Seater Racer / Road 1.8 Zetec, 1961. Daytime MOT for road use and recently set up for the track. Reminiscent of the early Lotus Formula One racing cars such as the Lotus 25 that Jim

Lotus Europa Special JPS Big-Valve 5 Speed, 1974. L.H.D. Just 18,900 miles from new! Stunning authentic condition and a beautiful machine to drive as would be expected from such a low-mileage example.

VW Split Screen Busses Wanted. 1950-1967 Please call us today if you would like to sell your VW Split Screen bus as we are always looking to buy busses for stock or can also offer a commission based

Lotus Cortina MKII Cortina. Original 1967 V5 (from a MKII series 1). Series 1 Dashboard (with clocks on top of dash) has been fitted by the former owner as he liked the configuration above the clocks

If you own a Caterham Seven and are looking to sell it then please call us today to discuss a straight sale or a commission based sale. We are always looking to buy cars for cash and will pay top prices

Lotus Esprit S1, 1978. A rare chance to acquire the iconic ‘James Bond’ Esprit and the definitive shape of this great car. Glorious paintwork throughout and many small detail fittings replaced during

VW Split Screen Busses Wanted. 1950-1967 Please call us today if you would like to sell your VW Split Screen bus as we are always looking to buy busses for stock or can also offer a commission based

Lotus Elan S3 FHC, 1967. ROAD/RACE CAR. Fully prepared and successful racing Elan in superb ready-to-race condition. Built on a 26R style non-galvanised chassis to exactly standards by Bryan Wills

We are very proud to once again offer this very beautiful bus for sale that we previously sold to a local gentleman just over a year ago. The owner has since decided to sell the bus, as he simply did

Caterham Seven 1700 Super Sprint, 5 Speed De Dion, 1990. Superb example we have sold twice before and fitted with the well-known Steve Parker Racing (SPR) uprated Ford X/Flow engine with a Dyno reading

Caterham Seven 2.0L Dunnell Zetec, 5 Speed, 2002. Superb specification with the well renowned Dunnell prepared Ford Zetec engine with it’s smooth power band and torquey performance. Leather adjustable

Ferrari California 4.3 V8 2+2 2009 (July). 14,050 miles. Rosso Scuderia with Quilted Crema Hide with Rosso Diamond Stitching. Bordeaux carpets. Carbon ceramic brakes. Rosso Scuderia Brake callipers.

An absolutely stunning example of a 1970’s Pontiac Firebird finished in stunning Diamond Black with matching black cloth interior. Very desirable colour combination and subject to a recent bare metal

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Chilton Service and Repair Manuals on Sale: Best Prices, Fast and Free Shipping US48

Here are eleven compelling reasons why you should purchase your Chilton manual from us.

  1. Best prices! Fast and Free Shipping US48 – Most customers who select Free Shipping receive their manual(s) within 5 days!
  2. Items are in stock
  3. We ship your purchase the same or next business day
  4. We answer the phone, and your questions
  5. You are covered by our exclusive Lowest Price Promise
  6. We are rated A+ by the U.S. Better Business Bureau
  7. You are protected by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  8. We have served nearly three quarters of a million customers since 1997
  9. The books you get are brand new
  10. Our site is secure and checked daily by Trust Guard
  11. We are an authorized reseller for all major automotive publishers

About Chilton Repair Manuals.

Chilton manuals are the most complete automotive repair manuals you’ll ever use.

All repair, service and maintenance procedures are supported by detailed specifications, exploded views, and clear photographs.

We stock for immediate delivery:

  • Car Repair Manuals
  • Truck Repair Manuals
  • Van, Minivan Repair Manuals
  • Chilton manuals have been around for decades and they’re one of the most recognized brands in the do-it-yourself automotive field. The manuals they produce are written for the guys who are not afraid to tackle car maintenance or repairs themselves. The easy-to-follow textual instructions, sharp photos and illustrations allow anyone with some basic tools and a desire to learn to do the work themselves. This can save you time and money!

    Plus The Motor Bookstore’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee insures that you are getting the right Chilton repair manual for the job, and for the right price.

    From the simplest repair procedure to the most complex, trust Chilton manuals to give you everything you need to do the job right, with the confidence that only a Chilton Repair Manual can provide.

    Total Car Care for the do-it-yourselfer.

    Video Transcript: Hello,

    Let’s talk about Chilton Repair manuals.

    Chilton was founded in 1904 and has been a favorite among do-it-yourselfers ever since.

    Chilton manuals are written so that you can easily understand them without having to be a professional mechanic, and they are filled with hundreds of pictures that clearly illustrate the service and repair processes detailed in each manual.

    All of these features make Chilton books a must-have when working on your vehicle!

    The Motor Bookstore stocks the complete line of Chilton manuals, so when you’re ready to maintain, service, repair… even restore your car, truck, or van, check out our inventory

    The Motor Bookstore is an Authorized Chilton Manuals Distributor.

    And in case you’re asking yourself, “Why should I purchase repair manuals from The Motor Bookstore?” that’s a good question, and one you should ask every time you visit an online store.

    As a side note, we want to clarify that there are no Chilton motorcycle repair manuals. even though we constantly hear the question and we can see how many people search our website for that particular term. The only one that we’re aware of that has been published on the subject, is the Chilton Motorcycle Handbook. released in 1998.

    As far as Chilton ATV repair manuals, the same applies, with the only manual on the subject being the Chilton ATV Handbook. released in 1999.

    Any feedback on Warranty Direct and AA Auto Warranty? (Car Warranties Extended Warranties) #tunkhannock #auto #mart

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    riosouza 09/05/12 3:09 pm PST

    Edit Answer (for another -1 minute)


    I typically don’t write reviews but Warranty Direct really blew my head off when I need them, they will deny your claim or at least make you pay for it.

    Even their road assistance service is nasty. I was driving and my F350 leaking water, pulled over to a gas station called the Warranty Direct (WD) for road assistance ant they say we pay the first $50 for the wrecker and you pay the rest. Well it would be fair enough if their wrecker didn’t gave an estimate for $100 to tow my truck to a mechanic shop for 1.2 miles from the gas station where my truck was. I called 3 local towing companies and their rates were $50, $60 and $45 and I ended up $45 paying from my pocket which was cheaper than using WD pathetic road service.

    Now the worse part, the mechanic found out the EGR cooler is messed up, called the WD and they DENIED the claim saying the EGR cooler is not included to my policy which has EGR recirculation system listed as covered. But they said the cooler is not part of it, really?

    Anyway I paid over then $3,200.00 for a stack o paper they call policy that does not worth the paper they use in the toilet.

    I read all the other complains about the company, but I people were not being honest, or even WD competitor was writing it. But now I paid a very high stack of money to find out how bad and worthless WD direct is.

    The main reason they are still in business is because of the people buying insurance with them, and some never use it or ended paying for part of the service because the majority of the population in US doesn’t know anything about mechanics, so these poor people swallow whatever WD tell them.

    They will discretely say “shut up and pay for it because you can’t do anything against us”.

    If you save the money that you will pay for the insurance, and pay for all the maintenance you would have for your coverage, you will still have money at end.

    Be wise and keep your hard earned money.

    Bid On & Attend Auctions By Capital Auto Auction of Washington, District of Columbia, (DC) – Auctioneer Home #standard #auto #parts

    #capital auto auction

    Capital Auto Auction has been in business in Washington DC since 1989. As native Washingtonians, we are proud to be doing business in Northeast Washington.

    On February 4, 1989 we opened our doors in DC. We have sold thousands of vehicles. Our 60,000 sq ft facility is centrally located. We draw customers from DC, and both the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. There is plenty of parking at the auction warehouse, which is right across the street from the Main Post Office. December 11, 1996 we opened Capital Auto Auction of Philadelphia. We now have two big auctions per week held on Wednesdays, and Saturdays due to the great response in Philadelphia. We are right off of Route 95 at Cottman Avenue. You can’t miss our sign! November 18, 1999 we added our third Capital Auto Auction in Manchester, New Hampshire. We now have auctions weekly, every Saturday, rain, snow, or shine. We look forward to serving our New England neighbors. We are easily accessible to Boston and the vicinity, Route 93N to route 101E, exit 1 on the left.

    We have vehicles for every budget and need – from family mini-vans, to sports cars, to the occasional boat, camper, and motorcycle. The selection varies from week to week, but there are always good, clean, used cars at excellent prices. Capital Auto Auction sells vehicles that are auctioned off by our professional independent auctioneers. The bargains are outrageous.

    We also take vehicles on consignment. We do the advertising. We show it off. We take the phone calls. You sell your car. If there is ever a problem with a sale, we at Capital Auto Auction will do everything possible, and fair, to satisfy both the buyer and the seller.

    Capital Auto Auction is a public car auction…Everyone is welcome. Come and share in the excitement of a live auction!

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    #military auto sales

    Military Discounts on Auto Sales | by Heather Sweeney

    Are you thinking about buying a new car but overwhelmed by the cost? Many automakers want to show their appreciation for military families by offering special pricing on their vehicles. Whether you re returning after an overseas tour or you re just ready for a new car, make sure to take advantage of the military discounts offered by a variety of automakers, both stateside and abroad.

    Stateside Auto Sales


    Acura has a Military Appreciation Offer, which includes $750 toward any 2015 or newer model year Acura when you finance or lease through Acura Financial Services. This offer is valid through January 4, 2016.


    Ford Motor Company offers military members and their families a $500 Bonus Cash Offer good toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new 2014/2015/2016 model year Ford vehicle.

    General Motors

    General Motors offers active duty members, reservists, retirees, spouses and veterans within one year of discharge savings and incentives on eligible Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicles.

    In addition to their regular discount, GM typically offers a special discount in honor of Military Appreciation Month. All active, reserve, retired and veteran military — regardless of separation date — can receive the General Motors military discount on Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. Check back in May for details.

    Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson offers a military discount that includes no down payment, reduced rates and flexible term options designed for active duty military personnel.


    The Honda Military Appreciation Offer includes $500 toward the purchase or lease of any new 2015 or 2016 model year Honda automobile. This offer is valid through January 4, 2016.


    All active duty, Reservist/National Guard, veteran and retired military personnel will receive an additional $500 off all 2014 and all 2015 model year new Hyundai vehicles distributed by Hyundai Motor America. The offer is good through January 4, 2016.


    Kia offers a Military Specialty Incentive Program ($400 incentive) for qualified customers on new vehicles purchased between November 3, 2015 and January 4, 2016. (Even if this deal has expired, check with your local dealership to ask about the program and possible new dates.)


    Military personnel qualify for Nissan’s Vehicle Purchase Program. Some of the benefits of this program include a No-haggle buying experience, VPP discount can be combined with all eligible offers and incentives, NMAC/IFS lease specials, and APRs still applicable.


    Scion offers active duty, inactive reservists, retirees, veterans discharged within one year, and household members a $500 rebate toward the purchase or lease of a new Scion.


    Active duty military, inactive reservists, retirees, veterans discharged within one year, and household members qualify for a $500 rebate on all new Toyota vehicles.

    Overseas Auto Sales

    Are you stationed overseas? There are several military sales programs available to help you purchase a discounted vehicle while you re abroad.

    Exchange New Car Sales

    Exchange New Car Sales is a worldwide organization that is the only on-base, factory-authorized distributor for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Ford, Lincoln and Harley-Davidson to military personnel stationed, or on TDY assignment, abroad for at least 30 days. The program offers military rebates, military pricing, lowest price guarantees, and more.

    Military AutoSource

    Military AutoSource is the factory-authorized military distributor for U.S. specification Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Infiniti, and Honda vehicles. The MAS program offers exclusive savings and benefits including military pricing, lowest price guarantee, emergency payment protection, and more.


    The Audi Military Sales Program offers discounted vehicles to U.S. military personnel stationed overseas.


    BMW Military Sales is a privilege program designed specifically for US service personnel overseas. This program includes significant savings with military discounts and tax-free purchasing.

    Land Rover

    Through the U.S. Military Sales Program, Land Rover offers military personnel stationed overseas the opportunity to purchase a Land Rover vehicle at a substantial savings over the normal Retailer MSRP.


    The Saab Military Sales Program offers military personnel stationed abroad the benefit of buying a Saab on special terms, including tax free car sales, special military discount, free home shipping, and more.


    Volvo Cars Military Sales offers great benefits for military personnel on a tour overseas, including factory pricing, savings on equipment, five years free shipping from Europe to the U.S. and more.

    10 Tips for a Successful Car-Buying Experience on Craigslist – Feature – Car and Driver #auto #wheels

    #buy used cars online

    10 Tips for a Successful Car-Buying Experience on Craigslist

    The vehicle listings on Craigslist are often light on graphics and always free of oversight, and cruising them can be an eye-opening experience. Usable at no cost for most sellers, half-truths are plentiful in the listings and vehicle histories rare, leaving it to you to connect the dots. (Very few people take our advice for selling a car online .) Yet Craigslist can be a highly effective tool for locating the car of your dreams. Here are 10 tips that should help you separate fact from fiction and satisfied with your purchase:

    1. Hone your search. Craigslist allows users to configure their search results to include dealers, private sellers, or both. If a warranty, certified pre-owned status, or convenience is high on your list of priorities, you’ll want to restrict yourself to dealer listings, as there’s no reason to waste time scrolling through pages of clapped out Fox-body Mustangs and worn-out work trucks. On the other hand, if driving for two-hours to look at rust-ravaged, Vietnam-era forward control Jeep that “ran when parked” is your thing, you already know the drill: private sellers all the way. Still, the “both” setting can be handy when looking for a nice commuter car or winter beater, as sometimes dealers will offer such things, although that practice is becoming less common.

    If you know exactly which vehicle you want and how much you’re willing to pay, CL offers the option of plugging those criteria in right at the top of your search. Doing so will narrow the offerings accordingly, facilitating a focused search and a rational purchase with a minimum of drama. (To cast a wider net, you can also use one of the many sites that allow you to search every local Craigslist across the country.) Of course, one could argue that a life that doesn’t include at least one late-night back-alley transaction involving a sagging Ford Torino, small farm animals, and some class-C fireworks isn’t really a life worth living.

    2. Size up the seller. It’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the type contained within can be quite revealing. If an ad is composed in ALL CAPS and is accompanied by a couple of grainy images that resemble lo-res screengrabs from the Zapruder film, you’re probably in for a rough ride. Likewise, certain sellers like to spice up their ad with buzzwords and phrases like “air blows cold” and “stops on a dime,” which are actually thinly veiled code words for, “if [insert name of component or system in question] is still working when you buy it, it likely won’t be by the time you get the car home.” Bottom line: Judge the vehicle on it’s own merits and don’t believe the hype.

    3. Call first. Get as much information about the vehicle as you can on the phone—and always ask if more photos are available or can be taken, especially of problem areas—and try to pick up on the seller’s character. Do they sound composed or sketchy? Engaged or disinterested? There’s nothing worse than carving an hour out of your busy schedule to drive across town only to be greeted by a seller who says, “Well, I was just kinda throwing out a feeler, not sure if I really want to sell it at this point.” Of course, if their voice is tinged with the languid drawl or hyper-intensity of a narcotics aficionado, there’s a good chance they’re looking for a quick sale—cash talks—so quit reading and start buying! We kid, of course.

    4. The meet-up. As the buyer, it’s up to you to go to the seller. Meeting on common ground is always a good idea, and if the seller agrees, make arrangements to meet at a well-lit, mutually agreeable location, preferably one with lots of credible witnesses foot traffic. A local “cars and coffee” event is a good option, as is the parking lot of the local auto-parts store or speed shop. Of course, if the vehicle in question isn’t in running condition, you’ll have to visit the car where it sits.

    5. A word about vans. Nothing is more creepy and suspicious than two or more guys loitering around an unmarked, windowless lockbox on wheels in a parking lot. (Especially if your meeting place is near a school or government facility.) We love vans, too, but discretion is advised.

    6. Get an inspection. Be realistic. If the deal in question involves a decade-old pickup priced around $3K, it’s unreasonable to start bitching about surface rust or worn upholstery. Take it for spin, and thoroughly exercise the accelerator, brake, and, if applicable, clutch pedal and shifter. The steering and suspension will inevitably be looser than when new, but overt creaks, clicks, or clunks could indicate a potential safety issue. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a late-model daily driver for the wife to shuttle the kids around in—or you’re purchasing a classic—do yourself a favor and have it inspected by a reputable shop or expert in the make. A seller with nothing to hide will be more than agreeable.

    7. Negotiate. Everything on Craigslist is negotiable. Even if a seller states that a price is firm, the very nature of Craigslist and its low, low price of free for the listings encourages ambitious pricing. Haggling as portrayed on television, however, where the seller caves after a tense 15-second negotiation and lets the car go for half of the asking price rarely happens in the real world. It’s OK to start low, but insulting a seller with an absurdly low number can quickly sour a deal. To score a good price while retaining a modicum of dignity, try asking the seller what their bottom dollar is, and then counter with an offer 15 to 20 percent below that figure; chances are you’ll be within 10 percent of the actual number the owner needs to get the deal done. Always negotiate in person; the only thing cheaper than talk is a tactless e-mail. One last thing: Seal the deal with a handshake, as the human element imparts an air of finality to the deal that only a true psychopath could ignore.

    8. Make sure there’s a clean title. Talk is cheap, and when it comes to a missing or suspicious title, everyone has a story. Sorting out an unsound title or sourcing a duplicate is possible, but our experience proves it can be time-consuming and soul-crushing work. So unless the car in question is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, walk. You don’t need the hassle. If a bank or financing company still holds the title on a vehicle, ask the seller to make some calls to ensure everything is kosher, and that the title can be obtained and delivered without undue delay.

    9. The exchange. When it comes time to trade green for pink, you can’t find a better location than your personal bank. In addition to being the home turf for your money, banks generally have a notary public on staff who can witness signatures and emboss the bill of sale or other paperwork with their all-important official seal. Building a sound paper trail is a great way to protect yourself in any transaction, so don’t be afraid to ask the seller to take a certified check if the selling price is more than a couple of grand.

    10. The road home. At this point, the vehicle in question is yours. Unless spelled out in writing beforehand, the seller has every reason to expect you’ll be removing it from his property pronto. Suddenly announcing that you need to, “get my El Camino running first—to make room,” is of little concern to the seller. If your new vehicle needs to be towed, have arrangements in place; if it’s a driver, buy a pal lunch and have him drop you off. Before you leave, double check to make sure you have everything: the manuals, the spares, and the loose interior bits from that box that was in the trunk. Once the previous owner has your cash, they’ll have little incentive to track you down to hand off anything you forgot.