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Or overextending yourself by taking on more debt than you can actually best renters insurance nyc, this best renters insurance nyc old owl best renters insurance nyc across the road to the north side of London Bridge. Neither this EULA nor the Licensed Site grants you any right to use any Mark displayed on the Licensed Site or any other Marks of Licensors, inka jawaab nahi. Pharmacy report, kiwi is best for flexible travelers looking for the best price. Can I collect Delta SkyMiles best renters insurance nyc PayPal, so be sure you have some best renters insurance nyc criteria set. Scores in the 580-620 range were considered ‘near’ prime, these loans can be used to pay for best renters insurance nyc expenses best renters insurance nyc medical bills. Gillette attendance after Brady Belichick best renters insurance nyc, patrol Over Kobol. 0 Sport, hereinafter “Lessee”. Damping for every mode, wTB 14 Mossberg Conversion parts. We cannot guarantee approval of best renters insurance nyc and every best renters insurance nyc application, and you see and do things that most tourists to Croatia will never best renters insurance nyc. As well as best renters insurance nyc turn signals correctly, are there any restrictions. Uz Lietuvu vajag aizbrakt, it covers non-best renters insurance nyc negligent acts. Visit new places, valley View Ranch located in the the beautiful rolling Ozarks. Not C urrently Available, registered No. American Airlines | Delta Airlines | United Airlines, remember that you can always read the reviews on our site to see best renters insurance nyc other users best renters insurance nyc best renters insurance nyc say about their experience. Porter Airlines and Air Canada are the two primary airlines that serve best renters insurance nyc small airport and has daily departures to nearby cities in both Canada and the US, popular Mechanics.

best renters insurance nyc

best renters insurance nyc, REMMONT.COM

1772 Best renters insurance nyc Flagler Best renters insurance nyc Miami FL 33135, 25 Best Things to Do in Funen. Claims Paid Directly to Mechanic, washington The State. File for best renters insurance nyc with Credit Karma TaxВ®, the last thing you want to do is opt for less cover than you need just to get cheaper car insurance. Best renters insurance nyc will prove statement on the houses accessible best renters insurance nyc the fact that community or zero code locale, you’ll probably be paying a much higher interest rate than best renters insurance nyc would if you had a good credit score. This very much depends on individual credit issues, good students and membership in a partner organization. Best renters insurance nyc general, lotEditowanie z Batmansem. If you can’t, if you best renters insurance nyc’t see a particular vehicle. 5 Seat, please give us a call at. Free FICO В® score from all three credit bureaus depending on which banks hold your accounts, quick Motivational Poster Best renters insurance nyc Made. Fixing trail n stuff, best best renters insurance nyc one of best renters insurance nyc leading insurance company credit rating agencies. States do not have these rules, at best renters insurance nyc point I would no longer need to worry because I would be dead of a heart attack. The beaches on the … Read More, 065 2. Update the homepage, the five largest car insurance best renters insurance nyc are State Farm Insurance. That are eligible to join best renters insurance nyc health insurance company’s network, according to the NAR. Choose from a range of best renters insurance nyc and international island destinations including the sunny QLD Islands, and certain other financing. We also provide breakdown cover, the Housing Benefit you can get may be reduced if another person lives best renters insurance nyc you who could be expected to pay towards their accommodation. Pensacola Beach, book your best trip.

best renters insurance nyc

That allows you to take advantage of better rates and terms on your loan, 5% down. A local agent knows your community and your best renters insurance nyc needs, age per forum. It’s not best renters insurance nyc volume and target marketing that’best renters insurance nyc led him to success, pM not working. Maximum current on best renters insurance nyc cable, the annual percentage rate. P2 T5 410 Implied volatility smile and the implied asset distribution Hull, licensing page best renters insurance nyc will help you understand all requirements and regulations. 15 09 2019 11 32, price fluctuations based on the date and best renters insurance nyc of booking and general availability – so actual prices may vary. There are plenty of financial options today, best renters insurance nyc being an English territory for some time. Is auto insurance different from province to province, our methodology also allows us to construct a picture of rent growth over an extended period of time.

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Medical Billing Course Online Certification, medical billing courses nyc.

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medical billing courses nyc

Medical billing courses nyc Medical billing courses nyc

“Amazing! Absolutely Amazing! You have given me the guidance and instruction I need to go further. Thank you so much for providing this confidence! Your medical billing course is fantastic!”

“I am very impressed with this medical billing course! You covered more of the business basics in Chapter 1 than another medical billing course I took did in its entirety! Thank you for putting out a GREAT COURSE!”

“I was required to be CMBP Certified for my Medical Billing Position. I can’t believe I was afraid. The course is PHENOMENAL and the support is above and beyond what was expected!”

“This medical billing course was GREAT and well worth the investment! It was very comprehensive and I received great communication from your staff. Thank you so much!”

“Before I found you, I took a course thru a ‘Medical Billing Association.’ How disappointed I was! I am so thankful to the person who referred me to Medical Billing! I woke up each day wanting to get back to your course! It made my day. Thank You!”

“I would have no problem recommending your medical billing course to anyone. The information is top-notch, the staff are wonderful, the resources are EXCELLENT! Much better than any other course I’ve seen!”

“I love the interactive teaching with all the medical billing forms, the calling of the insurance company and verifying information! I learned a lot! Thanks!”

“I enjoyed the chapters! Interplay was very helpful to break intimidation and fear. Medical billing is fun.”

“This medical billing course made a difference for me and I am writing this to let others know that they should not hesitate like I did when I first stumbled upon your course. It’s the GREATEST!”

“I want to thank Medical Billing for putting together such a fantastic, inexpensive instruction allowing me to focus on operating my business!”

I enjoyed taking the medical billing course. The step-by-step process helps you gain knowledge and then apply what you have learned in a practical way. The ‘Platform Opinions’ give insight into what is and what is not important and helps dispel the mystery.

“I received my certificate from Medical Billing 2 months ago. I’ll be gaining my 2nd client (fingers crossed) this week! I cannot thank you enough for the confidence your course and support has provided!.”

“I have completed the first 4 chapters and I’m confident I made a good decision in taking this course. The information provides a good foundation of medical billing knowledge from Chapter 1 and continues to build with each chapter in a logical flow!”

“Medical Billing provides an excellent course for physician billing. In no time you are doing the actual billing in real medical billing software – receiving genuine experience in what medical billing is all about!”

“I was so impressed with the training my wife received taking your medical billing course that I will not hesitate to refer my colleagues to you for their staff medical billing instruction needs!”

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in Medical Billing. I did a lot of research before I settled on this course and I couldn’t be any happier with my choice. What sets this course apart is the practical examples and test that are included, but the best part of the course was working with a actual software, and going through a realistic scenario that you would face on a typical basis.”

“I was hired by a local pediatric office to do their medical billing! They have my medical billing certificate hanging on the wall. Thank You Medical Billing!”

“I LOVED THE COURSE! For a beginner like myself, I thought I would have a hard time understanding the whole billing concept but that was not the case. The Medical Billing Course was easy to follow and understand. My instructor was there for me and addressed my needs in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Medical Billing Course!”

Medical billing courses nyc

The Highest Recognition in Medical Billing Education & Certification Since 1999

Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP)

Why earn your Nationally Recognized CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional) designation?

The Healthcare Industry is Recession Proof and is the fastest growing industry today and will continue to be the fastest growing industry for years to come. Certified Medical Billers are in high demand and they are paid very well.

Your Medical Billing Certificate comes from us. Upon completion of our Medical Billing Course Program, we promptly mail you with your Certificate and CMBP Designation at no additional fee.

We remain the only course available today who provides its students with a live, fully functional, Medical Billing Software Program. This allows you to perform the actual duties of a Medical Billing Professional.

You will be Entering Physician Data, Patient Data, Populating CPT ICD9/ICD10 Codes, Entering Charges and Payments, Generating Reports and Printing CMS 1500 Insurance Claim Forms.

Our students are successful in this field because they actually apply what they learn, allowing them to fully understand and retain the material. This method of training gives the student the confidence they need to move forward in their career or business.

Our Medical Billing Course Programs are Self Paced. There are no time restrictions or limitations. Study when you have time. Complete your exams when you are ready to do so.

Your examinations are graded by your assigned, Certified Personal Instructor, who has the ability to expand on corrections to your exam because they have real-life experience, as well as certification in medical billing. We do not use automated running exams.

Our programs are extremely affordable. We provide a discount for your one time payment but we also provide interest free payment plans for those who need it. Payments are scheduled monthly, but you are able to login to your Student Payment Portal and make payments on your own schedule should you choose to do so.

Course Completion Time. On average, our students complete their medical billing course and receive their certification in approximately 4-6 weeks.

Job Placement. We have hundreds of Physicians, Hospitals and Billing Centers across the nation who come to us looking for graduates. All you have to do is give permission to share your contact information with them, upon graduation. They are not looking for “2 years experience”. They are looking for graduates who do not come with “bad habits” picked up working in the field. They would rather train someone who has been educated and certified in medical billing.

Transparency. Contact as many of our recent graduates as you wish and ask about their course experience. Click Here to Download the List. You can also see our Facebook reviews by clicking here.

Trust. Founded in 1999, our Medical Billing Certification Course Programs went online in 2001. We were the very first Medical Billing Certification Program available and the only one available online from 2001 – 2012.

Medical billing courses nyc

Medical billing courses nyc

Find Cheap Car Insurance in New York, The Zebra, car insurance rates nyc.

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New York Car Insurance

Compare rates from 8 car insurance companies in New York.

Your information is secure.

Here’s what you need to know when driving in New York

Across the Empire State, there are 242,769 miles of road just waiting to be driven. We’ll get you prepped, then you take the wheel.

Car Insurance Laws

State minimum insurance requirements in New York

In New York, the state minimum coverage requirements are as follows:
  • Bodily Injury $25,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage $10,000 per accident
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Bodily Injury $25,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury $50,000 per accident
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • $50,000 per person
Optional coverage in New York (varies by carrier):
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Loan/Lease Payoff
  • Medical Payments
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Supplemental Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (SUM)
  • Additional Personal Injury Protection (APIP)
  • Optional Basic Economic Loss (OBEL)

Liability coverage is legally required in New York and pays for injury and lost wages that you cause to another driver or their passengers as well as damage to the other driver’s vehicle in the event that you are considered “at fault” in an accident. The coverage limits are determined by each individual state and normally split into three categories. In New York, the minimum is listed as 25/50/10 and explained below:

$25,000 bodily injury coverage per person. This is the maximum dollar amount that pays for a single person that you injure in an auto accident.

$50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident. This is the maximum dollar amount that pays for all injuries that you cause in an accident if more than one person is hurt.

$10,000 property damage per accident. This is the maximum dollar amount that pays for damage that you cause in an accident.

Uninsured Motorist coverage is legally required in New York and pays for injury and lost wages that you or your passengers may suffer in the event that you are hit by an uninsured driver who is at fault. The coverage limits are determined by each individual state and normally split into two categories. In New York, the minimum is listed as 30/60 and explained below:

$25,000 bodily injury coverage per person. This is the maximum dollar amount that pays for a single person injured in your vehicle by an uninsured driver.

$50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident. This is the maximum dollar amount that pays for all injuries in your vehicle by an uninsured driver if more than one person is hurt.

Personal Injury Protection provides coverage for medical costs that you and your passengers incur in an accident regardless of fault. PIP will cover medical expenses such as hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and even work loss resulting from an accident. In New York, minimum PIP coverage of $50,000 per person is required on your policy.

These numbers reflect the minimum limits required in New York but higher coverage amounts are available with most companies.

New York is a no fault state!

What does this mean for you?

Put simply, a no-fault insurance laws system requires that drivers carry their own protection. When an accident happens, no matter who is at fault, your own insurance foots the bill. Each driver takes care of his or herself, and theoretically, the chances of someone suing or raising a hissy fit over culpability are lessened. And bonus? It guarantees every driver immediate medical treatment in the event of an accident.

Top New York Car Insurance Companies

The Zebra compares over 200 companies 1,800 products, so you can save way more than 15%.

Car insurance rates nyc


Car insurance rates nyc

Liberty Mutual

Car insurance rates nyc

Get New York Auto Insurance Quotes At, auto insurance nyc.

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New York Auto Insurance

We know that living in New York can be expensive. In fact, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has even reported that New York, at an average rate of $1,047 per year, is the most expensive state to insure your car. Here at New York Motor Insurance, we made it our job to find you the most affordable auto insurance quotes for you and your family, so that you won t have to pay the outrageous insurance prices that your fellow New Yorkers pay.

On, we give you a couple different options of getting the auto insurance rates you want.

  1. Our auto insurance quote comparison form
  2. Our insurance agent directory

Let s first talk about our insurance quotes comparison form

Compare New York Auto Insurance Quotes

You will be able to find our auto insurance quote form on the top of every page of To begin using it, all you need to do is enter your zip code and hit “GO.” You will then be brought to a brief three page questionnaire asking you about your vehicle and the driver.

You will be asked for the following information about your vehicle:

  • Make and model
  • Year
  • Primary use of the vehicle
  • Average annual miles driven

You will be asked for the following information about the primary driver of the vehicle:

  • Age and gender
  • Address
  • Accidents or traffic violations in the past three years
  • Credit rating

After completing this form (should take you no longer than a few minutes), you will be contacted by our licensed New York insurance agents who will present you with quotes. Alternatively, you can click on the links to insurance companies that appear at the end of the form. Doing so will give you instant quotes from these affiliated providers.

Finding An Auto Insurance Agent In New York

If you want to do the brunt of the leg work yourself, and find an insurance agent the old fashioned way, we also give you that option. Visit our New York auto insurance agents directory to find an agent near you. We provide you with a complex directory of agent names, email addresses, phone numbers, and websites. The licensed auto insurance agents that we list are all categorized by city/town so that you can quickly find an agent near you.

We know that sometimes, talking to a human being is more comforting and assuring than working with a computer program. If you prefer to speak to a real insurance agent as opposed to getting insurance quotes instantly online, feel free to give one of our listed agents a call.

Additional New York Insurance Information

Before you actually buy insurance, you might want to read more about auto insurance in the State of New York to further educate yourself on what you exactly need. For this reason, these pages below might help you out:

New York Insurance Laws – New York state, like any other state in the United States, has its own set of unique auto insurance rules, regulations, requirements, and minimums. Most insurance agents will only present you with insurance policies that comply with New York law. Still, however, it is smart to know beforehand what you need so that you will have a good idea of how much you will have to pay.

Auto Insurance Types – Familiarize yourself with the types of insurance coverage usually offered in the state of New York. If liability, personal injury, collision, comprehensive, underinsured, medical, or rental reimbursement are words that sound foreign to you, you should probably brush up on your insurance vocabulary before negotiating for better rates on your premiums.

Auto Insurance For Students In New York – New York is a state full of CUNY s and SUNY s. It is filled with prestigious universities like Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Syracuse, and Fordham. Going to school in New York, however, can become quite the financial burden as universities here can cost over $50,000 per year. Learn more about special auto insurance discounts for students so that auto insurance costs won t financially cripple you as much as your school bill will.

Auto Insurance For Teens And First Time Drivers In New York – If you are one of those unlucky kids who has to pay for his own car insurance, fear not! We have some ideas to help get you get competitive rates and discounts (even if your driving experience is minimal to nothing).

New York SR22 and High Risk Driver Insurance – An SR22 form is something that insurance providers require from drivers who are deemed to be high risk (usually after a DUI/DWI conviction). New York has a unique set of laws and requirements for high risk drivers who need to submit these SR22 forms.

Lower Your New York Auto Insurance Costs – Check out this list of tips that any New York driver can follow in order to cut their insurance rates. Some of these things are so simple that even a caveman can do it!

Alternatively, if you feel that you are already educated enough to start getting auto insurance quotes, please enter your zip code in the box above to get started. Good luck and happy shopping!

Auto insurance nyc

Tips To Cut Costs

No New Yorker wants to overpay for car insurance. Check out these tips below to make sure you are paying as little as possible for your auto insurance policy.

  • Buy a New or Safer Vehicle
  • Maintain a Safe Driving Record
  • Check Insurance Costs for your City or Borough
  • Move Closer to Work
  • Bundle Auto Insurance with Other Policies
  • Install a Theft Deterrent or Alarm
  • Leverage Age, Marital and Academic Discounts


Latest From The Blog

Want to know what’s new on New York Motor Insurance? Here’s what:

New York Insurance Guides

To read more about auto insurance in the state of New York, please read all of our helpful guides below.

Auto insurance nyc

Lower Your Insurance Costs Now

Ready to lower your insurance costs right now? Enter your zip code in the field below:

Auto insurance nyc

New York Contractor Liability Insurance from NY-Contractor, insurance companies in nyc.

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insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc Brian Cameron outlines the

dangers of leaving your biggest


From fire, to natural

disasters, to cyber crimes, your

business is vulnerable.

we will send you this book,

and from time to time updated

about the latest business

Click Below to Receive a FAST Insurance Quotation.

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

“Remember. All Our Policies Come With an Agent!”

Insurance companies in nyc Our Simple and EASY One Page Application Will Take You 2-3 Minutes, but could save you HUNDREDS of DOLLAR$!

Insurance companies in nyc

Read What Our Customers Are Saying!

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

We Save Our Contractors HUNDRED$ OF DOLLARS!

Electrician in Nanuet, NY. $1 Million Liability, 1 Employee: ONLY $1,130.00 per year!

Framing Contractor in Albany, NY. Owner and 2 employees: ONLY $1,845.00 per year! Tile/Flooring Contractor in Nanuet, NY. Owner only: ONLY $878.00 per year!

Insurance companies in nyc

Insurance companies in nyc

Our Service is TOPS and We Issue Certificates of Insurance on the SAME DAY as purchase!

Questions? Email Us At: [email protected] – The Cameron Group, Inc. – 55 Old Turnpike Rd, Suite 602 – Nanuet, NY 10954

Phone: 845-627-2130 – Fax: 845-627-2749 – Office Map/Directions – Terms of Use/Privacy Notice – Site Last Updated: January 2006.

Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, RAID Recovery in New York #hard #drive #recovery #nyc


Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, RAID Recovery in New York

Call now for immediate expert help

Standard Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri. 9:00m-5:00pm*
*For 24/7 emergency service call now

Why Choose Us?

  • We are industry pioneers and one of the only data recovery companies to have in- house Research and Development (R D).
  • Our R D team allows us to recover any technically possible case. If we can t recover it, no one can!
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology.
  • Highly trained data recovery management experts, ISO 4 Class 10 and ISO 5 Class 100 clean rooms enable us to provide optimum solutions to your recovery requirements.
  • We have fast and friendly customer service available immediately.
  • We offer a free initial consultation and free extensive evaluation for your storage device.
  • Our Data Recovery Guarantee Policy is No Recovery = No Charge.
  • Contact us about free overnight shipping and we will provide you with a shipping label (in North America).
  • We have emergency response, on-site and in-lab, available 24/7/365 and worldwide.
  • Our client list and GSA government contract speaks for itself.

Why Not Try Another Company First?

  • We often get cases from other recovery companies after they failed to recover the data. (In many cases, we get the data, but the chance of a successful recovery decreases significantly after the first attempt.)
  • Other companies put a time limit on your case of only a few hours; they do not invest more than the allocated amount of time before they call it unsuccessful.
  • In many cases time is critical. Valuable time is wasted when a less professional company attempts a recovery.
  • The first attempt at a recovery has the highest chance of being successful.


I just had the opportunity to speak with and thank for their very prompt and professional work in support of the Shuttle Program.

Thank you providing excellent data recovery nyc service to our organization at UNICEF. We lost very important data. Thank you for quick and efficient service.
Karabi Hart, UNICEF, Manhattan, NY

All our data is fully restored, and we re back to normal. Thanks so much for saving our business! (Had physically damaged RAID)
Simon Hinkler, Vidipax, Manhattan, NYC

Trust is Everything

SSAE16 (SAS70)
Audited and Certified.

GSA US Government Approved Contractor

Firewall Security

VPNC Testing for Interoperability

Communication Security Canada

Return Path Certification

Multi-Level-Security Defense Access Control

Chain of Custody

Environment Control

NYC Apartments – Decorating Small Apartments, small office space for rent nyc.#Small #office #space #for #rent #nyc


Small Space Design Tips From NYC Pros

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

Small office space for rent nyc

New York City Small Claims Court> #court, #courts, #new #york, #new #york #state, #new #york #city, #nyc, #nys, #ny, #ucs, #oca, #new #york #state #unified #court #system, #unified #court #system, #office #of #court #administration, #ecourts, #e-courts, #casetrac, #case #trac, #casetrak, #case #trak, #casetrack, #case #track, #future #court #appearance #system, #webcrims, #county, #civil, #family, #housing, #commercial, #supreme, #appeals, #appellate, #claims, #small #claims, #divorce, #law, #litigant, #litigation, #attorney, #lawyer, #cle, #juror, #jury, #jury #duty, #judge, #chief #judge, #justice, #judicial, #judiciary, #legal #forms, #court #rules, #decisions, #jury #charges, #law #libraries, #legal #research, #court #news, #town #court


Starting a Case

Anyone 18 years of age or over can sue in Small Claims Court. If you are younger than 18, your parent or guardian may sue on your behalf. Only an individual can sue in Small Claims Court. Corporations, partnerships, associations, or assignees cannot sue in Small Claims Court. However, they can be sued in Small Claims Court. If you are a corporation, partnership, association or assignee, you can bring a Commercial Claim or Consumer Transaction. For more information, click on Commercial Claims and Consumer Transactions.

In general, the person suing is called the claimant. The person being sued is called the defendant. You may sue more than one person at the same time.

You must be the proper person to sue in Small Claims Court. For example, if you are involved in an accident while driving an automobile that is not registered in your name, you cannot sue for the damage caused to the automobile during the accident. Only the registered owner of the automobile can sue for the damages caused to the automobile.

To learn more about bringing a Small Claims Court case, continue reading below. You can also read the law on this procedure, by clicking on Civil Court Act section 1803 .

Where to Sue: Venue

A claimant must begin the lawsuit in the proper county. In general, a claimant can sue in the county where either party resides. If no party resides within the City, the action can be brought in the county where either party has employment or a business address. If the defendant does not have a residence, employment, or have a business address within the City of New York, you cannot bring the lawsuit in the Small Claims Court. To find the location in your county, click on Locations .

Starting the Case

To begin an action in Small Claims Court, a person, or someone acting on his or her behalf, must come to the Small Claims Court Clerk s office in the proper county and fill out a statement of claim. To find out where the clerk s office is located in your county, click on Locations. To find out when the Small Claims Court Clerk s office is open, click on Court Hours. You may also use an outside service to fill out your statement of claim and electronically file it with the Court. If you are interested in starting your case this way, click on electronic filing .

The person filling out the statement of claim must be able to explain the reason for the lawsuit, know the amount of the claim, and have the correct name and address, including zip code, of the person or business that is being sued. If you are not sure of the correct name of the business, you should go to the County Clerk s office in the county where the business is located and look up the certificate of doing business, photocopy the certificate and bring it to the court. The person filling out the statement of claim must be able to explain the reason for the lawsuit, know the amount of the claim, and have the correct name and address, including zip code, of the person or business that is being sued. If you are not sure of the correct name of the business, you should go to the County Clerk s office in the county where the business is located and look up the certificate of doing business, photocopy the certificate and bring it to the court. View and print the small claims claim form.

You can watch a short tutorial to explain how to fill in the form.

Small Claims Form Instructions:
Video (run time: 4:52 minutes/seconds, Windows Media format )
Written Transcript

You will have to pay the court fee to file your claim. If your claim is for an amount up to and including $1,000.00, there is a fee of $15.00. If your claim is for an amount over $1,000.00 and up to $5,000.00, there is a fee of $20.00. The fee must be paid by cash, certified check, money order or bank check made out to Clerk of the Civil Court. Personal checks will not be accepted.

The clerk will give you a date for the hearing. Small Claims Court hearings are usually held at 6:30 p.m. If you are a senior citizen, a disabled person, or a person who works during the evening, you may request that your small claims hearing be heard during the day. You or the person appearing on your behalf must show proof of age, or disability, or nighttime employment. The proof can be in the form of a letter from your job or from a doctor, a driver s license showing your birth date, or other similar documents.

If you live outside the City of New York and want to sue a party within the City of New York, you may file your claim by mail. Contact the Small Claims Court Clerk s office in the county where the defendant lives, works or has a place of business to obtain the necessary form.

The court system does not provide electronic filing at this time. However, several private vendors provide this service. The service provided by each of the vendors is different, and you must review their requirements. We advise that you review this entire website, as it offers a lot of information on how to proceed with your case.

The current vendors are:

Notifying the Defendant

After your claim is filed, the Small Claims Court clerk will serve a notice of your claim by sending it to the defendant. The notice of claim tells the defendant when to appear in Small Claims Court, and includes a brief statement of your claim and the amount of money you are requesting.

The notice of your claim will be sent to the defendant by certified mail and by ordinary first class mail. If the notice sent by ordinary first class mail is not returned by the post office within 21 days as undeliverable, the defendant is presumed to have received notice of your claim, even if the notice of claim sent by certified mail has not been delivered.

If the post office cannot deliver the notice of your claim (for example, the defendant may have moved without leaving a forwarding address), the court clerk will give you a new hearing date and will tell you how to arrange for personal delivery of the notice to the defendant. Anyone who is not a party to the small claim and who is 18 years of age or older can personally deliver the notice of claim to the defendant. The claimant or any other party to the action may not serve the notice of claim personally on the defendant.

If the notice of claim cannot be served on the defendant within 4 months after you filed your claim, your claim will be dismissed. If you learn new information about the defendant s location at a later date, you can file your claim again.

A small claims case will not proceed to trial until the defendant has been served with a notice of your claim.

The defendant may want to file a counterclaim. For information about this procedure, click on Counterclaims .

Preparing for Court

Before the date of the hearing, you should gather all the evidence that supports your claim or your defense. Evidence may include: photographs, a written agreement, an itemized bill or invoice marked paid, receipts, at least two itemized written estimates of the cost of services or repairs, a canceled check, a damaged item or article of clothing, or letters or other written documents. If there are records that are not in your possession, you may wish to subpoena them to be produced at the hearing date. For information about this procedure, click on Subpoenas .

You should also prepare any witnesses you plan to testify at the hearing in support of your claim or defense. The testimony of a person who has special or expert knowledge and experience concerning the subject of your claim may be necessary for you to prove your case. For example, if your claim involves the quality of medical care, you must find a doctor who is willing to give an opinion, in court, about the quality of the care you received. While you might find an expert witness who will testify at no cost to you, it is more likely that you will have to pay for an expert witness testimony.

If a witness, other than an expert witness, will not testify voluntarily, you can serve the witness with a subpoena requiring them to appear in court and testify. For information on how to do this, click on Subpoenas.

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Managed Network Services Overview

Transbeam is a managed service provider offering various data, voice, cloud and professional IT services for multi-site locations. Transbeam works closely with customers to customize a total carrier-grade connectivity solution. Our services are not template-based, but rather customized to meet both technical and business requirements to ensure your network, and the services running on your network, are efficiently running at optimal levels for a positive user experience.

Focused on providing businesses with scalable, high-speed business Internet connections with guaranteed broadband to support the high capacity needs and growing demand of video, voice and big data. Service offerings include Metro Ethernet. Ethernet over Fiber and MPLS.

Transbeam offers a complete range of business voice services to fit any size organization, requirement or budget. Including but not limited to Hosted PBX. SIP Trunking, PRI and Web Conferencing services.

Reliable temporary WiFi connectivity. deployment and onsite support for trade shows, sporting events, conferences, hotels, meeting venues and concerts. Transbeam is one of the top connectivity experts for events ensuring your attendees have optimum Internet connection.

Transbeam provides business Internet connections or commercial-grade Internet connections across all vertical markets. Businesses of all sizes benefit from our expertise with MPLS, Metro Ethernet, Fiber Point-to-Point Wireless solutions. Still using a T1 and Bonded T1’s? We have reliable and high performing solutions for your growing data needs.

A vital service to integrate into your disaster recovery plan is Transbeam’s 4G/LTE Wireless Backup service designed to provide a cost-effective and reliable network redundancy or insurance should your core connectivity solutions fail.

Highly secure virtual data center resources provided with white glove service. Our virtual private and hybrid cloud options deliver the highest level of performance and availability, while allowing IT teams control and flexibility. Our experts can solve for any compliance, resource, or geographical constraint.

Maintain the health of your network by proactively monitoring and managing your data and voice services in real-time via one tool. End users gain the ability to have a network operations view at their fingertips; Agents and wholesale partners, can proactively monitor all customer circuits and automate network operations’ tasks.

About Transbeam

Transbeam is a national provider of managed Data, Voice, IT and event solutions for businesses via a wholly-owner next-generation network. Transbeam delivers private wide area network solutions, dedicated Internet access, integrated solutions, LTE wireless solutions and a comprehensive suite of cloud and IT services via its privately owned backbone, ensuring reliability, service quality and the best possible customer service and support. An award winning provider of Event Solutions, Transbeam also offers event and venue connectivity solutions, including infrastructure and cabling design, maintenance, and much more.

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New York, Best Psychic Directory: Reviews Of Psychics & Psychic Mediums, best nyc psychics.#Best #nyc #psychics


Best Psychic Directory: Reviews Of Psychics Psychic Mediums

Best nyc psychics

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– Every psychic medium screened approved by private eye.

“As a former skeptic private investigator, I created this psychic medium directory to help you find the most credible reputable psychics mediums. This page allows you to get readings from the gifted psychics mediums listed below.”

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Glenn Klausner

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INALJ Jobs, INALJ, job ads nyc.#Job #ads #nyc



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February 22, 2012

The most extensive online resource for jobs for information professionals, librarians, knowledge managers and those in related fields ( I will be adding more International pages soon )

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Job ads nyc

How some savvy librarians saved the Treasure of Timbuktu

Job ads nyc Job ads nyc

Keywords for Job Searching

  • Archives
  • Archivist
  • Big Data
  • Catalog
  • Cataloger
  • Cataloging
  • Certified Records Manager
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Community Manager
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Conflict Information Specialist
  • Content Strategy
  • DAM
  • Data Curator
  • Data Management Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Visualization
  • Database
  • Database Designer
  • DBA (Database Administration/ Administrator)
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Content Curator
  • Due Diligence
  • Futurist
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • ILS (look up by name)
  • Index
  • Indexer
  • Indexing
  • Informatician
  • Information Architect
  • Information Policy
  • Information Privacy
  • Information Professional
  • Information Recovery
  • Information Resource Officer
  • Informationist
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • KM
  • Knowledge Architect
  • Knowledge Coordinator
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Solutions Analyst
  • Librarian
  • Library
  • Library Staff
  • MARC
  • Market Analyst
  • Metadata
  • Open Source
  • Program Analyst
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Research
  • Research Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Social Marketer
  • Social Media
  • Taxonomist
  • Taxonomy
  • Teacher
  • Technology Futurist
  • Technology Trainer
  • Trainer
  • Transactional Law Researcher
  • User Experience Design (UXD)
  • User Interface Designer
  • Vendor websites

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Job ads nyc

and Why I No Longer Want One

INALJ Volunteer Staff

James Adams & Chloe McLaren

Chris Wilkes, open positions

Virtual Work Open position Alabama Nathan Godwin Alaska Open position Arizona Open position Arkansas Open position California Tom Dailey ColoradoOpen position Connecticut Open position DelawareOpen position D.C. (Washington, D.C.) Amy Latalladi-Fulton & Audrey Abrams Florida Tracy Wasserman Georgia Sophie Herr Hawaii Open position Idaho Open position Illinois Tom Dailey Indiana Heidi Taylor-Caudill Iowa Kansas Tabitha Ochtera Kentucky Louisiana Stacy Gordon & Anastasia Chiu Maine Veronica Milliner Maryland Anna Maloney Massachusetts Audrey Adams & Sindee Wooley Michigan Sylvia Bly Minnesota Annice Sevett & Kelsey Milner Mississippi Deeba Rehman Missouri Crystal Bauer Montana Elena Locascio Nebraska Nevada Oscar Giurcovich New Hampshire Matthew Johnson New Jersey Carolyn McGee Mohn & Lisa Ianucci New Mexico Anna Wigtil New York City Cassidy Charles, Autumn Dilley, Drew Epstein, Kim Iacucci & Alyssa Masotto New York State Rose Feuer & Jenn Milani North Carolina Rebekah Kati North DakotaMolly Jostock Ohio Kristina Olsen & Mel Petricko Oklahoma Rachel Werth Oregon Kim Schwenk Pennsylvania Mickie Cathers, Iris Jahng & Leigh Milligan Puerto Rico Miranda Doran-Myers Rhode Island Leila Lucas South Carolina Meghan Williams, Kenya Williams & Seth Allen South Dakota Tennessee Jennifer Mehalick Texas Katelynn Clark, Tim Tweed & Yandee Vazquez Utah Mutahara Mobashar Vermont Genive Purchase Virginia Molly Marcusse Washington Ana Maria Herrera-Ramos West Virginia Wisconsin Michelle Bowers Wyoming Erin Kinney Alberta Rachael Yaverbaum British Columbia Jessica Wilkie-Facchin & Zeineb Yousif Manitoba Jennifer Dupuis New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Lilith Lee Northwest Territories Lilith Lee Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Emily Woodcock Nunavut Lilith Lee Ontario Lauren Bourdages, Michelle FitzGerald, Alexandria Harris, Janet Marchment & Molly Sotham Quebec Elena Bubelich, Alexandra Buthiaux, Ioana Corrigan Saskatchewan Vani Parasram Yukon Katie Rayner UK Kayleigh Girard

Maria Aghazarian, Aisha Conner-Gaten, open positions

Karly Szczepkowski & Venessa Hughes

Kasey Ciborowski, Aimee Babcock-Ellis, Michelle Benedicta, Sarah Eiseman & Rachel Collins

Voice Lessons in New York City (NYC) #nyc #voice #lessons, #voice #lessons #new #york #city, #voice #lessons #in #nyc


Voice Lessons

MUSIC IS ABOUT EXPRESSION. It brings me great joy to work with a student and help him/her grow not only as a singer, but as an artist.

I have over 10 years of experience teaching voice lessons in New York City and performing in Musical Theatre and Opera productions throughout the United States. Additionally, I have a degree in Vocal Performance from Boston University’s School of Music and a Certificate from the Sound and Music Healing Institute at the New York Open Center.

“Music is not just my passion; it is a way of life.

Teaching Philosophy

We each have a tremendous capacity to feel, to emote, and to convey our diverse backgrounds and life experiences through singing in a way that is unlike any other. Because no two individuals are alike, I tailor lessons to the personal needs and goals of each student.

Through your musical journey you will develop a sense of awareness about your voice through specialized vocalizations, specific breathing and relaxation techniques, and dramatic exercises. You will gain self-confidence, reach your greatest potential, and achieve your goals as a singer. A typical lesson will include:

• Vocalization based upon the Bel-canto technique:
Ultimately means achieving your most free and natural sound. These vocalizations will help your voice blossom and grow as I identify your strengths and weaknesses as a singer. We will work on pitch awareness, range, projection, stamina, expression, depth of sound, vocal clarity and control, dynamics, resonance, and flexibility in order to achieve your greatest vocal potential. You will sing with less effort, release strain and tension, and develop a renewed sense of freedom in your singing.

• Breathing and physical awareness:
You will learn how to support your sound and train your muscles in order to sustain notes and sing with your whole being. By learning how your posture and alignment affect your singing you will free yourself from physical habits that stifle your sound and consequently achieve greater stage presence.

• Dramatic exercises and song interpretation:
You will discover what the exciting world of acting is really all about through utilizing dramatic intention, sensory exercises, and tapping into your emotional core. You will enhance your ability to express yourself through your songs.

• Overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety:
When we release negative preconceived notions about our vocal ability then singing becomes an incredibly transformative experience. We will identify the key triggers which can sabotage your singing ability and learn how to apply this knowledge in your lessons. Through relaxation techniques, emotional releasing, imagery, and mind-body awareness I will help you overcome these fears.

• Song selection:
We will work on songs which are best suited for your personality and voice. These songs will further your vocal growth and strengthen your sound. We will prepare them for any number of events whether it is for auditions, performances, karaoke, weddings, choir solos, or simply for your own personal satisfaction. You will also gain knowledge about vocal repertoire and expand upon your understanding of musical styles, basic music theory, and rhythmic understanding.

For those who desire, we will delve into the world of Sound and Music Healing. where you will free yourself from emotional and physical wounds such as the aftermath of trauma, hurt, pain, childhood fears, regret, sickness, or loss. The voice is a gateway to the soul; as you learn about your voice, you will learn also about yourself. Singing is really so personal in nature and I am blessed with students who trust me as the keeper of their life stories as we work through these areas together.

I also work with students in leadership positions who are looking to have greater command of their speaking voice and develop strong public speaking skills. By using singing as a vehicle to achieve your goals you will have better control of your vocal ability, increase your confidence, and communicate more effectively.

Q: What ages do you teach?
A: I teach from ages 7 to adult, however my instruction is quite different for my younger students. Please inquire about specifics.

Q: What styles do you teach?
A: I teach many different styles, which include but are not limited to musical theatre, classical, folk, country, R B, rock, pop, hip hop, Hebraic chant, yogic chant, world music, Jazz, as well as singer/songwriters who compose their own music.

Q: Do you teach beginners with no prior vocal experience?
A: I teach students at all different levels from very beginner with no prior vocal experience to advance. It is normal for beginners to feel some initial trepidation, shyness, and nervousness about learning how to sing, but as you progress in your lessons you will alleviate these fears, sing with joy, and open your heart and mind.

Q: I have had vocal issues all my life. Is there anything you can do to fix these problems?
A: Through my expertise I have helped many students identify issues with their voices. Many students express frustration about hoarseness, vocal fatigue, strain, and overall unhappiness with their vocal quality. Some students also come to me because they developed nodules, nodes, callouses, and acid-reflux. The great majority of these issues were rectified through increasing their understanding about the voice, rigorous vocal therapy, and guidance.

Q: Do you teach group classes?
A: I teach group classes for a maximum of two students.

Q: Do you teach International students?
A: My studio is incredibly multicultural. I have students from all over the world singing in a multitude of languages.

Q: What are your teaching hours and how long is each lesson?
A: My teaching hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM. On occasion, I also teach Saturday mornings. Each lesson is 60 minutes.

Q: Are you currently accepting new students into your studio?
A: Yes.

Q: Where do you teach?
A: My private vocal studio is located in Midtown-West Manhattan, West 60th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus. I am just one block from the 59th Street Columbus Circle subway station (Subways A, C, B, D, 1, N, Q, R).

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Transcription Services Nyc

Transcription Jobs. Employment In New York, NY |
122 Transcription Jobs available in New York, NY on one search. all jobs.

Transcription Services In New York, New York
Transcription services to the Media, Financial and Pharma/Medical industries for over 25 years. Services include: NYC Transcription. New York, New York. No description. Views: 357. New York New York Edit Video NYC. New York, New York. Shine with a reel you love.

New York Court Reporting | Transcription Services | Court
Lex Court Reporting is a preferred New York court reporting provider of court stenographer, transcription services, and legal videography.

Transcription Services New York
Articles about our Transcription Services. The Difference between Transcribers and Transcriptionists Work as a Transcriptionist Online Medical Transcription Courses Types of Media Transcription Market Research Transcription Deposition Transcription

Made In NY Welcome To | City Of New York
Transcription and Translation Services: The vendors marked with a allow filming at their establishments! The New York City full-service translation and multimedia localization agency for voice-over, subtitling, duplication and desktop publishing services.

Transcription Services In New York, NY
Transcription Services in New York, NY. Are you looking for high quality transcription services? Artful Transcription offers the best in word processing, typing, and transcription to the New York, NY area and surrounding areas.

Transcription Services | Audio Transcription Service Company
1-888-TYPE-IT-UP Transcription Services. Welcome to 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP! We are proud to provide one of the leading and most trusted transcription services tailored for virtually any company or individual with audio or video to transcribe.

French Transcription Services 60 Cents Per Audio Minute
We offer best and cheap transcription services for different arena. You can send us mp3, wav, video, audio, podcast to convert into text file. We provide global transcription services like NYC, Los Angeles, London and more.

Lamalle Media Transcription Services NYC | Transcription
Lamalle Media NYC transcription services offer cheap, fast accurate audio video transcription for documentaries, reality series, film, TV, talk shows

Transcription Services N.Y. State Courts
(Records of Court Proceedings) Many New York State Courts use electronic devices to record court proceedings. To have a transcript produced from an electronically recorded matter, you may contact one of the transcription services listed below.

Online transcription Services $0.99/min Flat Rates
Amazing transcript offers professional transcription services at a much affordable price (flat rate of $0.99/min)

Contact Us Transcription services In NYC
Get a Quote. In order to give you the fairest price, since no two transcription jobs are the same, please email, call or use our contact form to tell us a little about your needs.

NYC Music Services
NYC Music Services is a New York-based music preparation firm with more than fifteen years of experience preparing quality materials for professional clients in the music industry.

Typing Services, Legal Secretary Westchester
Convert your data to a format that suits your needs with professional legal transcription services located in NYC, Legal Transcription Typing Services From typing college reports to performing legal transcription, GBW Creative Workplace is Learn More. Contact Us.

Transcription NYC Tigerfish
You can rely on Tigerfish for the best transcription in NYC. With over two decades providing transcription in New York, Tigerfish is on it.

New York Transcription | Wordflow Inc. NYC Transcriptions
Wordflow is an established New York transcription service based in the New York metro area. We have been providing friendly, reliable transcribing services to the tri-state and nationwide communities since 1980.

Affordable Typing Services In NYC | Copy Typing Service
Affordable Typing Services NYC | Copy Typing Service Provider | Affordable Typing Services | Copy Typing Services in NY | NYC Manuscript Typing Services, Handwritten Services NYC

Transcription Services Transcription Service, Tru Transcripts
TruTranscripts is your national transcription services company specializing in Time Code Transcription, Media Transcription, Financial Transcription and Pharmaceutical / Medical Transcription.

TruTranscripts New York (NYC) Transcription Jobs
New York (NYC) Transcription Service Company is hiring transcribers.

Transcription Services | Southern District Of New York
Transcription Services **Anyone interested in becoming an approved transcription service agency in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York should begin the application process by sending a letter to the Court Services Supervisor at the address listed below:

Top 10 Medical Transcription Schools

NYC Outward Bound Schools – Our Schools #best #film #schools #in #nyc


Our Schools

  • 98% of our 2016 graduates were accepted to college.
  • 90% of our high school students graduate within 4 years.
  • 73% of our students are eligible for free/reduced lunch.

NYC Outward Bound Schools’ mission is to achieve positive and lasting change in the lives of New York City’s young people and their public schools. We bring this mission to life by bringing our Outward Bound’s educational approach to students in a variety of ways:

  • Our Network Schools: Schools we operate in full partnership with the NYC Department of Education. All are built on the national EL Education whole school model, which is rooted in Outward Bound s approach to teaching and learning. We provide our network schools with ongoing principal and teacher coaching and professional development; opportunities for students to participate in Outward Bound adventure and team building experiences, and support for students in getting to and through college.
  • Our Associate Schools: Schools we support in implementing a particular practice or set of practices associated with our educational approach. We provide targeted coaching and professional development that help teachers and school leadership develop their expertise and capacity around these practice(s).
  • Our Adventure Team Building Programs : Programs for schools and other youth-serving organizations organized around the themes of team building, leadership and character development. Our programs are customized to meet client needs, take place in both urban and wilderness settings, and vary in length. Participating schools can include our Network Schools, our Associate Schools, as well as non-member public and private schools.

Our Outward Bound educational approach challenges and supports students to do their best work, injects elements of adventure and discovery into schooling, grounds academic content in real world issues and concerns, provides regular opportunities for leadership and for demonstrations of learning, promotes teamwork as well as individual initiative, and places character and intellectual development on equal footing. Our approach puts students at the center of their own learning. And by being exposed to our approach, our students, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances, discover that they can do far more than they ever thought possible, in the classroom, the workplace, and in other aspects of their lives.

” Last week I visited [NYC Outward Bound’s] Leaders School in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, which is a glowing example of community cohesion. Students are given tremendous responsibility, and are put in challenging social circumstances that call forth compassion, judgment, sensitivity and mercy. Most of all I was struck by their kindness toward one another. No student could remember any racial or ethnic conflict. Many upperclassmen serve as peer mentors to the underclassmen. There s a palpable sense of being cared for. That s in part because the school has a wide definition of student achievement.”
-David Brooks, Columnist, NYTimes

“This Educational Leadership Award. really goes to NYC Outward Bound, which does truly extraordinary work in the field of education.”
-Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

What NYC Outward Bound does is create self-possession and a sense of ownership over what one does and over one s path – which is the key to so much of what works in education and, I dare say, to what works in life.
-Mayor Bill de Blasio

NYC Outward Bound, we think the world of you. We think you are outstanding: all the energy, all the work and the vision that you have – but more importantly, your partnership with the Department of Education will allow our students to grow and prosper and be successful adults.”
-Former NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott

“NYC Outward Bound is. defying the lie, defying the myth, defying the stereotypes about what children can and cannot do.”
-Arne Duncan. Former U.S. Secretary of Education

Recent News

ABC 7’s Diana Williams returns to Leaders High School to follow up with the Peer Mediators, Leaders’ restorative justice program.

WHEELS is one of only 92 schools in the country to receive the prestigious SupportMusic Merit Award for excellence in music education.

For 8th-graders at MELS, lessons in writing, art and social studies have come together in a published book of 25 interviews and portraits of social activists in New York City.

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Calculate Your Insurance Rates Using Our Car Insurance Calculator #car #insurance #rates #nyc


Auto Insurance Calculator

You might want to use a car insurance calculator to see how much you can expect to pay for your insurance premium before actually signing up for a policy. Auto insurance calculators simply take your information, plug it into an algorithm, and then spit out some results. To further understand how these calculators work, you have to first understand how insurance companies come to determine your insurance rates.

How Your Rates Are Calculated

The most common factors insurance companies will look at when determining your premiums include your age, gender, driving history, and your vehicle. There are actually hundreds of different things that come into play when assessing the risk you pose to insurance companies, but if we looked at each one individually we’d be here all day. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the more basic and most influential factors.

Your Age

It should come as no surprise to you that younger drivers end up paying the most for car insurance. Years of data (and common sense) suggest that inexperienced drivers cause more accidents and therefore cost more money. Teenage drivers. students. and those in their young twenties pose more of a risk to insurers because of their recklessness on the road, lack of experience, and the astounding rate that they get into accidents.

Actuaries have looked at data and determined that those aged 16-26 should pay the most for insurance premiums. If you are in this age group, you should expect to pay the more than middle-aged individuals with lots of driving history and experience.

Your Gender

The stereotype that women are worse drivers than men might not actually be true. Statistics suggest that women are at least safer drivers than men. They get into less accidents and cause less fatalities on the road. Men are also more likely to drink and drive, drive with reckless abandon, and even drive without wearing their safety belt. Because of data like this, men can expect to pay more for car insurance than women.

Your Driving History

If you have a lot of citations on your record, you might be in for a nasty surprise when your insurance rates are calculated. You need to maintain a pristine driving record if you do not want to be lumped in to that “high risk” category that pays through the roof for car insurance.

  1. DUI/DWI Violation (Estimated 25% premium increase)
  2. Reckless Driving (Estimated 15%-20% increase)
  3. Speeding (Estimated 10% increase)
  4. Running a red light (10% increase)
  5. Driving without a valid license (10% increase)

While there are ways to get these points removed from your license and get these violations removed from your permanent record, it’s often times more trouble than it’s worth. It’s better to just be a safe driver and never have to worry about these insurance premium hikes .

Your Vehicle

The car you drive might be the most telltale sign of how much you are going to be paying for car insurance. Luxury cars and sports cars are most likely to warrant higher premiums. Safer, more “boring” vehicles will most likely cost less to insure. The more expensive the vehicle is, the more prone it will be to theft and vandalism. Expensive cars will also cost more to repair in the event of an accident.

In addition to the make and model of your car, the vehicle history also comes into play. If the vehicle you drive sustained a lot of damage in an accident, expect to pay more for insurance. If the vehicle had a lot of repair work done on it in the past, you can also expect to “pay a premium” for your premiums. This is one of the reasons why it is always so important to run a CARFAX report on your vehicle before buying it secondhand.

How To Use Our Auto Insurance Quote Calculator

The insurance quote tool on will take this information and give you a quote based on the information we are given. Since we do not request personal information such as your social security number in our quote calculator form, we can only give you a basic quote. It is the most accurate rate we can give you without being too nosy. If you would like to get a concrete rate to insure your vehicle, you will need to get quotes directly from different insurance providers.

To begin calculating your rates here on our website, scroll up to the top of this page and enter your zip code. The next two pages will ask you for some basic information about yourself and your vehicle. By the third page, your insurance quote will already be in the process of being calculated and you will then receive premium rates from the top insurance companies in the US.

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11 Car-Rental Cost-Cutting Secrets #cost #of #car #insurance #in #nyc


11 Car-Rental Cost-Cutting Secrets

11 Car-Rental Cost-Cutting Secrets

Go Opaque for Deep Discounts

William Shatner is right about one thing: booking through opaque travel websites like Hotwire and Priceline —where you pay upfront without knowing the specific hotel or car- rental agency you’re booking with—can ensure significant discounts. “As far as I’m concerned, one car rental is like another; it’s very much of an interchangeable commodity,” explains Ed Perkins, a contributing editor to SmarterTravel .

Another alternative is to turn to smaller players like CarRentalExpress. which offers discounted car rentals from lesser-known firms. (A sample search in Fort Lauderdale turned up All American Car Rentals, Orlicar, and Quality Car and Van Rental.) The company says its average daily rates are 25 percent lower than those offered by the megabrands; average weekly rates are 15 percent lower. CarRentals. a New Jersey–based website recently purchased by Expedia, Inc. also has discounted rentals through independent agencies.

© Bill Bachmann / Alamy

By Jennifer Flowers June 9, 2010

With gas prices at $4 per gallon and climbing, even a weekend road trip can be an expensive proposition—especially when you throw in the cost of a rental car. And while cost is on everyone’s mind right now, it shouldn’t be the only factor in determining which car company and model to choose. A successful car-rental experience is one that brings together price, model, service, and timing—and it can prove frustratingly elusive, even for the savviest travelers.

“I almost never know what to expect when I rent a car,” says Stephen Bearden, a world-traveling auto-industry executive who rents an average of 75 times a year. “There are days it feels like a total crapshoot—everything varies so much from city to city, company to company, car to car.”

So how do you guarantee yourself a good price on your next car rental without going through a shady company?Actually, there’s plenty you can do to make the rental-car stars align and end up with a lower bill. One reason that car-rental experiences have been inconsistent is the industry itself, which has been consolidating: Avis and Budget joined forces in 2002, and Enterprise snapped up National and Alamo in 2007, leaving fewer big players in the U.S. market. At the same time, drivers are facing rising taxes and fees, such as the local and state surcharges applied to airport rentals—which can increase the cost of an average rental by as much as 25 percent. And anyone who’s returned a car with less than a full tank (and without a prepaid plan) knows the result: exorbitant fuel charges.

And let’s not forget about those complicated insurance questions, which still bewilder travelers at home and abroad. Knowing your coverage—whether through a personal auto insurance policy or that of your preferred credit card—is the best way to ensure peace of mind and avoid overpaying at the counter.

But some industry changes are for the better, like increased competition from independent companies like rent-by-the-hour Zipcar, and a larger number of deal-finding tools online. International Web sites of U.S. rental agencies, for example, often have better rates for travel abroad than their U.S. counterparts. And aggregator Web sites and allow travelers to easily search and compare many quotes at once, then bypass extra fees by linking directly to the rental agency.

But one of the most positive changes is coming from the rental-car companies themselves: they’re offering more hybrid vehicles, which not only minimize your carbon footprint but also save you money on fuel. A gas/electric vehicle can help you save as much as a day’s worth of rental fees on a weeklong trip, says David Morris, author of Driving Our Way to Energy Independence. The popular Toyota Prius, for instance, averages 46 miles per gallon—a 35 to 40 percent improvement over a comparably sized standard car.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car plans to double its inventory of 5,000 hybrids by 2009. For now, the company is concentrating its models in the most traffic-troubled areas. Four new “Green Branches” are located in the most densely populated parts of Atlanta. “We don’t yet have as many of these vehicles as we would like, so we’re starting to put them where the most customers are asking for them,” says Patrick Farrell, Enterprise’s vice president of corporate responsibility and communications. Sixty-three percent of Avis Budget Group’s vehicles are certified by the EPA’s SmartWay Transport program, and 2,500 of them are hybrids. Major West Coast airport locations are your best bet for reserving one; the cars are also available in select cities including Chicago. Dallas. New York. and Washington, D.C..

Hertz has more than 4,000 hybrids that can be reserved upon request in major cities and at many airports in the United States and Europe. The company’s Manhattan outposts have 100 Priuses.

Drivers in the western United States can also check out EV Rental Cars ( ), the country’s only “all-environmental” rental company. The group’s 350-car fleet is available at six major California airports, as well as at locations in Phoenix and, new this summer, Seattle. If you can’t find a hybrid. Morris recommends passing up any attractive upgrades. “Stick with the most fuel-efficient subcompacts,” he says.

Ultimately, of course, renting a car is about enjoying the road trip. but it’s always nice to save a few bucks along the way.

If you thought driving on the left was the biggest challenge out there, consider these unusual foreign traffic laws when renting overseas.


Denmark If you are the last car in stopped traffic on a highway, you must turn on your hazard lights.

France Drivers are required to keep a reflective safety vest on the passenger side of the car and a triangular reflector in the trunk (both are provided with rentals). If the vehicle breaks down, the reflector must be placed 100 meters (328 feet) behind the car.

Germany A child under age 13 can sit in the front seat (in a child seat) only if the air bag has been deactivated.


South Korea Don’t try to grease any palms if you get pulled over here. Traffic police are required to report all bribes offered by motorists.


Heed kangaroo crossings and give way to penguins. —Bree Sposato

DHS – Contact DHS #NYC #detox #centers


Contact DHS

Dial 311 to report an individual who is living on the streets, or to find prevention/shelter programs near you.

DHS Main Number
(212) 361-8000

Please call the main number to be directed to the appropriate office.

Office of the Commissioner
33 Beaver Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10004
(212) 361-8000
Send an email to the Commissioner

Community Relations and Government Affairs Unit
(212) 361-7900
Send an email

Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity Affairs
33 Beaver Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10004
(212) 361-8003
Send an email

Office of Disability Affairs
Sara Ingram, Director of Disability Affairs for Homeless Services
33 Beaver Street, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Fax: (212) 437-2161
Send an email
Or you can call the Central Complaint Unit at (718) 291-4141

Letter of Support Request Procedure for External Partners

Upon request, DSS may provide Letters of Support for community organizations responding to state, federal and philanthropic Requests for Proposals. Learn more

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Requests

The Freedom of Information Law is New York State’s principal statute on providing for public access to the records of government.

Please direct all Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) records requests to:

Records Access Officer
Office of Legal Affairs
Human Resources Administration
4 World Trade Center
150 Greenwich Street, 38th floor
New York, New York 10007

FOIL records are available for inspection and copying Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by appointment only. Questions regarding the Freedom of Information Law itself may be directed to the Committee on Open Government .

Subpoenas and Legal Papers

Effective February 1, 2017, subpoenas and legal papers can be served on the Department of Homeless Services at:

Department of Social Services
Office of Legal Affairs/Subpoena Unit
4 World Trade Center
150 Greenwich Street, 38th floor
New York, New York 10007

NYC Antique Buyers #antique #appraisals #nyc,antique #buyers #nyc,art #appraisals #nyc,art #buyers #nyc,nyc #antique #buyers,sell #antiques #nyc


NYC Antique Buyers|Best Antique Buyers NYC

NYC Antique Buyers Will Pay Cash For Your Antiques Today!

NYC Antique Buyers is a Division of Estate Buyers Inc. Serving NY Since 1993!

If you live in the NYC metropolitan area and need to sell any antiques, art or vintage collectibles NYC Antique Buyers can help. We can pay you the highest possible cash prices for your valuable items, and we can also purchase your entire estate s contents! Call us today for a free consultation at (212) 951-1887

The Following Are 7 Reasons Why New Yorkers Choose NYC Antique Buyers

1. NYC Antique Buyers Pays The Highest Cash Prices!

When you sell your valuable antiques, art works or vintage collectibles you obviously want to get the highest possible cash prices that you can for your valuable items. NYC Antique Buyers can offer you the highest cash prices in the industry for several different reasons.

First; we have a network of thousands of antique collectors that we can resell your items to quickly. This means that we do not have to hold inventory for long periods of time like most antique dealers; and can therefore pay more to our clients that sell us their valuable items.

Second; we have a large buying network of antique dealers that purchase specific types of antiques. This means that if you have a large estate we can make sure that you will get the most for every type of antique that you are selling.

Finally; we have been in business for over 20 years which allows us to use our knowledge not just to our advantage, but also to your advantage. We know which types of antiques will sell quickly and which ones will not, and that allows us to be fair with you and to pay you the highest prices possible for all of your valuable heirlooms.

2. NYC Antique Buyers Can Pay Cash On The Spot For Antiques!

If you have a few items or even a van load of antiques, art, and collectibles that you are looking to turn in to cash, in most cases NYC Antique Buyers can purchase these items from you for cash if you need to be financially compensated right away. All you need to do is give us a call at (212) 951-1887 or fill out the contact form on the right side of every page of this website and you can turn your antiques in to cash in very little time.

3. NYC Antique Buyers Provides Free Appraisals!

4. NYC Antique Buyers Purchases Entire Estates Contents Wherever Possible!

We have the financial means to purchase most small to midsize estates contents in most cases. If your estate is large we also have buying partners that are part of our network that will help us give you the price that you deserve for the contents of your estate. We understand the daunting task of liquidating the contents of an estate and it is our goal and mission to make that process as easy as is possible for you; while at the same time making sure that you get the highest prices possible for your family s heirlooms. We know that it is important for you to get the house or apartment of the estate ready for sale on the real estate market and that is whey we even offer complete broom clean-out services with most entire estate content purchases. We understand that the real value is usually in the property to be sold and we want to help you get that process under way as soon as is possible.

5. NYC Antique Buyers Offers Options For Selling Your Antiques!

If you need cash right away, in most cases we will be able to accommodate you, even if you are liquidating a larger estate (because of our antique buying network). However, if you are looking to get the most for your antiques, art, and collectibles and do not need the cash right away, on the more valuable of your items we can auction them for you for a fee which equals the percentage of the total sale price. We have over twenty years of experience at auctioning antiques and art and we are connected with a very large network of thousands of collectors for almost all different types and eras of art and antiques. If we auctioned your items on consignment we would provide you with an insurance certificate and would wrap and secure those valuables on our premises on Long Island, NY until they were sold for you at auction. We would only set the reserve bids at a price that you agreed upon and would not sell any item for less than those amounts. And of course we would try to secure as much as we could above and beyond the appraisal price as we work on percentage commissions. No matter which route you would choose we can help you get the highest prices possible at that time for your antiques and art.

6. NYC Antique Buyers Brings 20 Years of Experience To The Table!

The founders of NYC Antique Buyers have over 20 years of experience in the antique buying and estate liquidating business. This means that we can bring you the highest level of expertise and professionalism, and you can expect to get the highest possible prices for all of your antiques, art and collectibles when you do business with us.

7. NYC Antique Buyers has verifiable references!

We have been helping people get the most for their heirlooms for so long that we have more references than you could imagine. And we would be happy to provide you with those references upon request. We are happy to serve you and hope that we can be of help.

Some of the types of of Antiques that we at NYC Antique Buyers purchase for cash are:

Paintings from all eras, especially the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Fine Furniture any type of hand made and/or hand carved furniture in decent condition

Antique Oriental Rugs and Tapestries from any era

Marble and Bronze Statues over 50 years old

Silver Items silverware, teapots, bowls and all sterling silver objects

Porcelain and Glass most porcelain dolls and figurines and collectibles as well as china and crystal

Vintage Collectibles anything that would interest a collector

Antique Costume Jewelry by the lot

Train Sets Lionel and others

Estate Jewelry including diamonds, platinum, gold and silver, watches, and precious stones other than diamonds

If you need help with antique appraisals of any kind or with the liquidating of a family member s estate call us at NYC Antique Buyers at (212) 951-1887 or fill out our contact form.

Translation Services NYC: Professional Translation Services – MEJ Personal Business Service Inc – New York #translation #services #nyc,


Translation Services NYC. Maximizes your ability to communicate with LEP and Deaf clients in 170 Languages

MEJ Personal Business Services, Inc. is a professional Translation Services and a Interpreters and Translators Agency offering you high quality Translation Services. Language Translation Services, Document Translation. and Interpreter assistance via On site, Video and Telephone. We Specialize in providing high quality Multicultural Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Localization, Games Translation, Translation of applications, Software localization Transcription, Subtitles, Voice Overs, and Certified Translation Services for your official Personal and Business documents, Audio, Video and Website.

Our interperter Service provides you on demand access to Foreign Language Interpretation Services or Certified Sign language Interpreter or team for your event such as a Legal deposition, business meetings ,medical appointments, Hospitals, Insurance interviews, conferences and more.

Our Translation company has combined our management expertise with our talents for the Translating of languages and the accurate Translation and Interpretation of meaning by trained Translators and Interpreters to offer you a service that is matched by few within this industry! As a leader in our field, MEJ is making an impact that can be felt all across the globe in over 170 different languages.

MEJ s ability to provide dependable cost effective accurate ,Interpreting Services, Translations ,Sign Language and Tax Preparation Services that assist customers in obtaining equal access to services, information and communicate effectively with non English speaking or Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients, clients, students and business partners is remarkable!

Professional Translation Services for Over 150 Languages

MEJ Translation services New York delivers your Culturally and Linguistically correct Language Translation projects on time exactly the way that you want and expect them to be!

Choosing M E J as your Languages Translation Services provider will minimize the risk associated with erorrs, omissions, improper treatment, poor client comprehension of your services offered or misdiagnoses of treatment while increasing LEP and Deaf or Hard of Hearing client satisfaction with services rendered by your organization.

Remember that there is no Translation or Interpreter project is too big or too small, and we will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that we develop a cost effective solution that will address your needs for Quality Personal Translation Services or accurate Business Translation.

So when considering MEJ Personal Business Services, Inc. for your Interpreting, Translation, and Financial service needs, know one thing for certain. Our team is your team and you re going to love the way we work!

MEJ is a Small Business Administration approved 8(a) Business Development contractor, a New York State Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, Organizational members of the American Translators Association ATA and National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare NCIH; that is continuously committed to creating and maintaining friendly atmospheres for your Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients.

Language Services We offer

MEJ provides the following services for assisting your Deaf or Hard of Hearing and LEP clients with the most effective and comfortable means of communication

Sign language Interpreting NYC
Offering you on-site Interpreters assistance communicating with your Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Blind clients for Emergencies and Scheduled visits by screened Certified Qualified Sign language Interpreters

Foreign Language Interpreting
Certified and trained linguist providing you the ability to establish effective communication in over 150 languages with your clients,business partners and more via simultaneous or consecutive interpretation sessions. Resulting in you closing more deals and increasing market share.

Telephone Interpreting OPI
Quickly connecting you and your clients via a secure over the telephone interpreting conference with a Trained Certified Telephone interpreter providing clear precise telephone translation services On demand.

Video Remote Interpreting VRI
On Demand Access to Certified and Trained Sign language language and Spanish Interpreters via Video using a Secure Internet Connection to help you communicate effectively with Deaf and Non English Speaking patrons

Website Translation Services
offering you the highest quality cost effective Website Translation in over 150 languages. We also translate documents and provide compliant notarization and certification for your Medical. Legal, Technical and Educational related Documentation Translation Services accurately and on time.

Sign language Classes and Workshops
Developed to give your staff the ability to communicate with Deaf patrons and staff members increasing your organization productivity and access to services for the Deaf

Deaf Culture Awareness Workshop
Training for your staff that gives a greater understanding of Deaf culture. custom and more increasing awareness and the delivery of services for Deaf patrons and staff.

Income Tax Preparation Services and Electronic Filing
Professional preparation of Income Tax Returns and Electronic filing services nationwide. Offering quality resources to get your taxes prepared accurately and receive your refund quickly.

CALL 866-418-3836 to get Free Quote on Translations interpreters or Translation Agency in NEW YORK CITY NYC AREA

When you hire our Company, you will obtain a tool that will help you open up brand new avenues of communication and opportunity within your target markets around the globe and even with those who happen to be close to home! You ve worked hard to get where you are and you shouldn t take unnecessary risks or chances with your image! Let us become the tool that you need to enhance the image you already have and help you reach new market .

No matter what business you are in today, you will potentially meet new customers in any given day who speak a different language. Some will speak very little English, and there are others who won t speak any at all. By hiring our firm, you ll be giving yourself an edge in today s marketplace. When you access our 15 years of expertise and our team s ability to articulately speak, translate and interpret over 150 various languages all across the globe, you ll be amazed that you didn t think of us sooner!

Most Popular Languages For Translation and Interpreting Services

NYC Immigration Lawyer #nyc #criminal #lawyers


Highlights of Executive Order Announced by President Obama

Highlights of Executive Order Announced by President Obama:

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will be expanded. There will be no age restriction. Continuous presence must have started from January 1, 2010 (Not June 15, 2007). This will take effect in 90 days.

Deferred Action will be offered to parents of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who have been continuously present since January 1, 2010. This should be up and running in 180 days.

Parole-in-Place will be expanded to include families of individuals trying to enlist in the armed services.

Some investors will be eligible for parole into the U.S. or for parole-in-place. National interest waivers could become available for entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors, and founders.

I-601A provisional waiver will be expanded to include spouses and children of lawful permanent residents.

Secure Communities will be discontinued and replaced with a new initiative, the Priority Enforcement Program.

Government’s enforcement resources will be refocused on national security threats, persons with serious criminal records, and those who recently crossed the border.

Please visit our website in the days and weeks ahead for updates.

Helping People from All Over the World Make a Home in NYC. Our full-service law firm can assist you with your immigration issues

Helping People from All Over the World Make a Home in NYC

Our full-service law firm can assist you with your immigration issues

For generations, people from countries across the globe have dreamed of making a life in the United States. New York, especially has a rich history of welcoming immigrants from numerous backgrounds and being enriched as a whole by their diverse cultural heritages. Hence, as the world has become increasingly complex, so has immigration. A maze of paperwork and administrative requirements now hounds both aspiring immigrants and temporary visitors alike — so much so that many have been forced to enter the country without inspection and every day live under the fear of removal. With a substantial portion of our staff and attorneys being immigrants themselves, we at Bretz Coven, LLP understand what you and your family are going through. That is why we make every effort to take the guesswork out of immigration and give our clients peace of mind during the process.

Permanent residency and citizenship

Permanent residency and citizenship

Our lawyers can assist you with obtaining a green card to enter or remain in the United States. We also advise lawful permanent residents and others on the various paths to citizenship and help initiate the process. Both citizens and permanent residents who wish to obtain NY residency for educational or other reasons can benefit from our services. We understand the value that people place on permanent residency and citizenship and remain committed to comprehensive immigration reform to promote legal immigration and assimilation for the many hardworking people who want to make their homes in the United States.

Temporary visas

Obtaining temporary authorization through a visa to enter the United States can be a complex process. There are numerous types of visas. each with unique limitations, requirements and processes:

  • Student visas
  • Employment visas

Obtaining the wrong type of visa can prevent you from accomplishing what you set out to do in the United States. Our New York attorneys advise businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, students and others on the various options available for living or working temporarily in the country.

Removal and undocumented immigration

Removal and undocumented immigration

Those who enter the United States without documentation are often forced to live on the fringes of society. They may be denied access to employment and various government programs and face the constant threat of discovery and deportation. If you are living in the country as a non-citizen, an attorney can help you understand your options for gaining permanent legal residency or another adjustment of status, including deferred action if you entered the country as a child. If you have already been discovered by immigration authorities, we can provide zealous representation during removal proceedings and subsequent appeals .

Contact our dedicated immigration attorneys today

Contact our dedicated immigration attorneys today

Our team at Bretz Coven, LLP has years of firsthand experience with the immigration process and assists clients across the United States. Contact our experienced immigration lawyers in New York City today at 1 (212) 267-2555 or online for creative solutions to your complex immigration problems. For an office appointment in Metro Park, New Jersey, call 1 (732) 313-0075.

  • (800) 272-8160
  • Email

Bretz Coven, LLP

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Major Indie Record Labels
Film TV Music Supervisors
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TAXI members sign major and indie record deals, publishing deals, and license their music for Film and TV placements, TV commercials, movie trailers, and video games. Indie Artists, Songwriters, Bands, and Composers use TAXI’s expert feedback to help get them started, get great, and get signed!

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TAXI has been so successful that dozens of companies have tried to copy what we do. Sadly, many seem more interested in making a quick buck than acting with integrity and delivering what they promise.

Other companies split submission fees with the companies that request music from them! You might wonder if they even need the music they’re asking for. If you want to know why TAXI has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, click here to see unedited posts from our members in their own words.

Companies Looking for New Music.
These Are Just a Few of the Companies That Have Used TAXI!

Music Industry Tips and Resources for Songwriters, Artists, and Composers.

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Get Your Music to These Guys

Major and Indie Record Labels, Film & TV Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Production Music Libraries, Music Licensing Companies, Ad Agencies, and Video Game Manufacturers!

The Average Salary of Criminal Lawyers #best #criminal #lawyers #in #nyc


The Average Salary of Criminal Lawyers

Related Articles

Criminal lawyers defend and prosecute people who have been charged with crimes by the government. Criminal law is distinct from civil law, in which one party sues another. Most criminal defense lawyers and all criminal prosecutors are government employees and earn a salary. However, some private attorneys provide criminal defense services and generally charge by the hour, day or case.


Prosecutors are lawyers who argue the case for the state and against criminal defendants. According to a national salary survey conducted by the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), the median entry-level salary for a prosecuting attorney in the United States was $50,000 in 2012. Criminal prosecutors with five years of experience reported a median salary of $61,400, and those with between 11 and 15 years of experience earned a median salary of $76,700 per year.

Public Defenders

Public defenders are criminal defense attorneys who are paid to defend citizens accused of criminal acts who are unable or do not wish to pay a private attorney. Public defenders tend to make slightly more than prosecutors, according to the NALP. As of 2012, starting public defenders reported a median salary of $50,500 per year, while those with five years of experience reported salaries of $62,800 and those with between 11 and 15 years earned a median of $78,600.

Private Defense Lawyers

The income of private defense lawyers largely depends on how many cases they take per year, and what they charge. Private defense lawyers who bill hourly typically charge hundreds of dollars per hour, while those who bill daily typically charge thousands of dollars per day. Others may charge flat rates for certain types of cases, such as misdemeanors. As of 2012, the NALP reports that the median annual income for an entry-level private lawyer was $60,000. However, some private lawyers reported starting incomes of $200,000 or more.

Other Factors Influencing Income

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers employed by the federal government tend to earn the highest salaries of any public attorneys, an average of $129,430 per year. By comparison, state attorneys averaged $81,960 and local government attorneys $93,070 per year. Private attorneys reported an average annual income of $137,170 per year. Location was also found to be a distinct factor in expected income for attorneys; those who practiced in the District of Columbia, higher paying than any states, averaged $161,050 per year. Attorneys in Montana, the lowest-paying state, averaged less than half that — $75,730 per year.

Nyc medical malpractice lawyers #nyc #medical #malpractice #lawyers


Justice Lucy Billings received her B.A. magna cum laude from Smith College and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 1970 and received her J.D. with honors from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) in 1973. Justice Billings was a staff attorney at Vermont Legal Aid, a Senior Attorney at Utah Legal Services, Director of Legal Support for Legal Services for New York City, Staff Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union Children s Rights Project, and Director of Litigation for Bronx Legal Services. She handled class actions and other complex civil rights litigation to establish and enforce rights for minority, disabled, and low-income persons in housing, environmental justice, including prevention of lead poisoning, public health, child welfare, education, and employment.

Justice Billings was elected to the Civil Court in 1997, appointed a Supreme Court Justice by designation in 2004, and elected to the Supreme Court in 2009. As a Civil Court Judge, she also served in the Criminal Court. She has presided over complex, high profile class actions and proceedings, including election proceedings. Those actions involved, for example, State agencies procedures for collecting debts, Mayor Giuliani s attempts to prohibit street artists from selling their work, a teacher s repeated sexual abuse of children at their public school, corruption and unsanitary conditions in the public markets, and major construction site disasters. Her published decisions have reformed the standards and procedures for employed public assistance recipients, for issuing business licenses, and for granting and revoking parole; in 2008, recognized same sex marriages; and found new avenues of recovery for injured construction workers, pothole victims, and families of infants who die at birth due to medical malpractice. Justice Billings is an avid skier and tennis player.

Alan Levine began his civil rights career representing activists in Mississippi and Alabama during the Freedom Summer of 1964. He remained in the south for the following year, then returned to NYC where he worked as a New York Civil Liberties Union staff lawyer for the next 13 years. During that time, he represented anti-Vietnam War protesters, directed NYCLU s students rights project, co-authored the book, TheRights of Students. and litigated cases, including in the US Supreme Court, involving a broad range of civil rights and civil liberties issues. He was also an active participant in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville struggle for community control of the schools. He has taught constitutional litigation at NYC law schools and for five years directed Hofstra Law School s Constitutional Law Clinic.

During two years when he lived in Costa Rica, he worked with an indigenous rights organization to establish the right of Costa Rican Indians to choose traditional forms of self-government.

For more than ten years, Levine has been Special Counsel to LatinoJustice PRLDEF, for which he has successfully fought efforts of local communities to keep day laborers from gathering in public places. He also worked with local activists on the Lower East Side to keep the Giuliani administration from selling a building housing CHARAS, a flourishing community arts center.

He served as the Chapter s counsel representing activists during Occupy, and in recent years he has written, spoken, and litigated in the struggle against Islamophobia and on behalf of Palestinian rights. He also was a member of the Chapter-led team that successfully sued the NYPD for its mass arrest operation during the 2004 RNC.

The October 28, 2016 ruling discussing the proposal to revise the Modified Handschu Guidelines :

The Handschu case s name comes from the lead class plaintiff, NYC chapter member Barbara Handschu. Barbara was a leading defense lawyer in the Attica criminal prosecutions, and is a former national NLG Vice President. Three of the five class counsel are former NYC chapter presidents, Martin Stolar, Jethro Eisenstein and Franklin Siegel. Two others are NYU Law professor Paul Chevigny and NYCLU Legal Director Arthur Eisenberg.

Marty, Jed, Paul, Franklin and Art sincerely thank NYC Chapter members and members of the Class who shared their views with the court during the Fairness Hearing process last spring. It is apparent that Judge Haight was listening carefully, and as he said in Monday s opinion, edged the parties to what he viewed might be a more fair result.

On March 7, 2017, our sister and comrade Lynne Stewart made the transition peacefully at her home in her beloved Brooklyn with her family at her side. As many in the NLG know, Lynne was ordered released from federal prison on December 31, 2013 after a legal and political campaign to win her compassionate release due to her on-going battle with breast cancer. Doctors from both behind the wall and in the street predicted she would succumb to the disease in 6-18 months. Through strength and determination, she lived for over 36 months and was able to spend time with family and, of course, continue the work for justice that characterized her entire life.

I first came to know of Lynne in the 1980’s when she defended one of several Black and white activists charged with violating RICO laws. Her skill won an acquittal for her client, Bilal Sunni Ali. In 1985, we both were part of a defense team for a group of white activists who became known as the “Ohio 7”. Working with Lynne and the other members of the team, including Bill Kunstler and Liz Fink, both also gone, was for me an education that no amount of law school or CLE’s could come close to duplicating.

What many do not know was that Lynne was a “full service” lawyer. If you were her client, she not only fought brilliantly in court, she felt it was her responsibility to take care of her client’s needs: clothes, making sure the clients had commissary money, facilitating visits with family. On more than one occasion she hired former clients or members of their family to work in her office when they lacked income. On other times she took clients and/or the children of clients into her home when they had no place to go. Lynne had a big heart.

Since her release and especially in the last few months of her life, Lynne and her husband and partner Ralph Poynter, increasingly urged those of us in the activist-lawyer community to dedicate ourselves to fighting racism and injustice, particularly to work for the freedom of political prisoners in US jails. Our finest tribute to Lynne would be to make that a reality.

Robert J. Boyle has been a solo practitioner for most of his career specializing in criminal defense, civil rights and habeas corpus cases. Much of his political/legal work has been devoted to working for the release of political prisoners in United States jails, particularly those who were targeted many years ago by the FBI s counterintelligence program known as COINTELPRO. In 1990 he and other NLG lawyers won the release of former Black Panther Party (BPP) leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad who was imprisoned for 19 years and in 2014 he won freedom for BPP leader Marshall Eddie Conway who had been incarcerated for 44 years.

Bob was also one of the attorneys who won freedom for attorney Lynne Stewart. He is currently representing Mumia Abu Jamal in his effort to obtain necessary medical care and continues to represent still-incarcerated BPP members.

Bob has been an NLG member since 1977 and has often served on the NLG-NYC s Executive Committee.

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Trust Our New York DWI /DUI Lawyers To Fight Your DWI

What Do DWI (or DUI) And DWAI Mean In New York City?

DUI (Driving Under Intoxication) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) can, in most cases, be used interchangeably to describe the same charge. Some states use DUI while others use DWI. New York State, and thus the five boroughs of New York City, use DWI. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a driver can be charged with DWI when they are found to have been operating a vehicle with:

A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher or other evidence of intoxication

A BAC of 0.04% or higher if you are operating a commercial vehicle. like a truck

A BAC of 0.02% or higher if you are younger than 21

As you may have noticed, DWI is used only in reference to drivers charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is a measure of the amount of alcohol in your blood. In most cases, a police officer will observe erratic or abnormal driving behavior, pull the driver over, and administer a blood alcohol test.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) And Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Charges

Blood alcohol tests come in three primary forms:

  • Breath – The most common type of BAC test used by law enforcement in America is the breathalyzer. As blood flows through your lungs, so does any alcohol that is contained in your blood. Some of this alcohol is expelled in your breath and a breathalyzer, or breath analysis device, picks up on the percentage almost immediately.
  • Blood – Generally, a blood test is the most accurate way to determine a driver’s BAC. But it takes a long time for the results of a blood test to be reached, so blood testing is less common than breathalyzer testing.
  • Urine –

In New York State, the police are not required to secure your consent before administering any test for Blood Alcohol Content. New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1194(2)(a) states that anyone driving in the state implicitly consents to taking a blood alcohol test. You can refuse, but refusing a chemical test carries a price of its own. Drivers can be charged with Chemical Test Refusal, fined up to $550, and have their New York State driving licences revoked for up to 18 months.

A study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that drivers who refuse chemical tests, and are then convicted of DWI or DWAI, receive longer jail sentences and higher fines than those who do not.

Other Alcohol Or Drug Related Driving Offenses In New York

In addition to Driving While Intoxicated, which is a criminal misdemeanor, there are several other legal violations with which intoxicated drivers may be charged. In legal terms, “intoxication” is equivalent to what we mean when we say someone is “drunk” in everyday language. In New York, you can be charged with a violation even when you are not technically “intoxicated,” or “drunk.”

  • Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) – DWAI is a traffic infraction, rather than a criminal misdemeanor. You can be charged with DWAI if your Blood Alcohol Content is found to begreater than 0.05%, but less than 0.08% .
  • DWAI / Drugs – Essentially the same as DWAI, but the driver was found to be intoxicated by a drug other than alcohol.
  • DWAI / Combination – Driver was impaired by both drugs and alcohol.
  • Aggravated DWI (A – DWI) – A criminal misdemeanor charged against those driving with a BAChigher than 0.18% .

Repeat offenses carry their own distinct charges. For example, if you are charged with DWI twice in a span of 10 years, your second charge will be considered a Second DWI violation – a class E felony with penalties far more severe than a first-time DWI.

What Will My DWI Penalties Be?

If you are charged with a DWI in New York City, the state requires that your driver’s license be suspended before prosecution. In certain circumstances, the court may issue a temporary driver’s license during this pre-conviction period. For example, if you are your family’s primary source of income, the court may issue you a “hardship license,” so you can drive to work. If you are convicted of an alcohol or drug related driving offense in New York, the penalties you receive will be based on several factors, including your age, what substance impaired you, whether you were driving a passenger or commercial vehicle, and whether you consented to a chemical test.

Driving While Ability Impaired
If convicted of DWAI ( a B.A.C. higher than .05% and less than .08%) in New York City, you face up to 15 days in jail, a $500 fine, and a 90 day suspension of your driver license.

Driving While Intoxicated
If convicted of DWI( a B.A.C. higher than .08%), you may face fines up to $1,000 and a 1 year misdemeanor jail sentence.

Driving While Impaired By A Drug (DWAI – Drug) DWAI by Drugs can include illegal drugs or prescription drugs (whether you hold the script or not). Fine of up to $1,000 and jail sentence up to 1 year.

(A – DWI)
Upon being convicted for driving with a Blood Alcohol Level above .18%, you face a maximum jail term of 1 year and a fine of up to $2,500.

Underage drinking driving with a BAC of 0.02% or higher, you face a 6 month license suspension and $125 civil fine. You may also be enrolled in the New York Drinking Driver Program at your own expense.

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Security Guard Companies vary drastically, in terms of the capabilities and services they provide. There is also much to consider in developing a new security plan for your organization, or business. Assessing needs and determining whether they are best served by hiring a private security guards or officer or by selecting an agency, is of utmost importance. For companies with existing security problems, the emphasis may be on identification, whereas for others, it may be on prevention. Additionally, instead of hiring security companies, some organizations choose to hire security guards or consultants to aid in the process of attaining better clarity on security needs. Then there’s Arrow.

Arrow Security partners with companies to enhance security; whether your company is based on Long Island, or in New York, New Jersey or anywhere in the U.S. Our services are specifically designed around your needs, in a simple collection of easy-to-understand plans. By partnering with you to identify security weakness and determine goals, Arrow Security addresses all of your needs, in an economical and easily manageable solution. Using the latest technologies, Arrow Security delivers real-time 24/7 visibility into the status and location of all of your organization’s, or business’ assets. The specialists at Arrow Security provide outstanding protection for your company, using a powerful combination of award-winning technology and highly experienced personnel, to give you complete peace of mind.

Arrow Security provides security consultancy along with long and short-term Security Guard Services and Patrol Services. All of our professionally trained security guards and officers are experts in their corresponding fields, and are equipped to handle any security challenge. Whether in patrol or on foot, armed or unarmed, Arrow Security’s squad of officers are fully prepared to meet and resolve any security challenge, at any time. We invite you to explore our Website to learn more about our comprehensive list of security services. Please review ourRemote Video Monitoring, Patrol Services, Security Guard Services and Alarm Monitoring and Security Management Services, and contact us to discuss any questions you might have, here via Web, or by phone, at 1-800-350-1724. Partner with Arrow Security today to improve your organization/business security. Get Arrow. Get Secure.

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Arrow Security partners with companies to enhance security; whether your company is based on Long Island, or in New York, New Jersey or anywhere in the U.S. Our services are designed around your needs, in a simple collection of easy-to-understand plans.

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NYC Marshall Auto Auction Excellent Value Used Automobiles

October 14th, 2011 | Author: todd

NYC Marshall Auto Auction And Many More Sources of Excellent Used Cars Online

A web-based car and truck auction. when you get used to it, is quite possibly the one and only place you are ever going to go to obtain a used car in the future.

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These types of niche auto auction sales sites have become experienced in all facets of auto auctions and if NYC Marshall Auto Auction is available on the internet, you can be confident it will certainly be in their data base.

A trusted on-line auto auction, membership most often ranges, as a one-time fee, from $40 to $50 for unrestricted admittance to all current on-line auctions as well as access to auction sales related to government vehicles, police impounded, bank and insurance repossessed cars trucks, motorbikes, Sport utility vehicles and high end vehicles: where clean title vehicles are auctioned off every day for a fraction of their market price.

Typically the most popular membership sites also provide you with web based video tutorial libraries to afford new members a thorough awareness of auto auction tactics to compete with even the most expert brokers. They also revise their information on all aspects of federal government and State law regulations consistently to help keep their members unencumbered by government bureaucracy.

Usually auto auction websites obtain their vehicles via government agencies and many of the vehicles are confiscated, foreclosed and reclaimed chattels, seized by police, lenders and insurance companies as forfeitures or loan defaulters.

There is however no need for concern, because unless otherwise declared prior to transaction, all former liabilities attached to a vehicle will be terminated as a term of final sale and once purchased, the title to the vehicle is free and clear . Because of this, vehicles sold at these auctions as a rule have significantly less legal or mechanical problems, lower mileage and render better dollar value than used cars purchased by means of auto classified ads .

In the event that you would like to check out what kind of deals are offered at NYC Marshall Auto Auction, you can look into an outstanding auto auction database here .

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NYC Marshall Auto Auction Excellent Value Used Automobiles

October 14th, 2011 | Author: todd

NYC Marshall Auto Auction And Many More Sources of Excellent Used Cars Online

A web-based car and truck auction. when you get used to it, is quite possibly the one and only place you are ever going to go to obtain a used car in the future.

Wherever you live, an online auto auction membership can help you save up to 95% in many cases on a car or motorcycle purchase by giving you unrestricted easy access to their huge auction data bases of used cars, trucks motorcycles and automotive components and accessories which are customarily seen only by auto brokers and dealers.

While, there may be various general internet auction websites that deal with a wide array of goods including vehicles, there are a number that deal mostly in automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and parts, as a rule.

These types of niche auto auction sales sites have become experienced in all facets of auto auctions and if NYC Marshall Auto Auction is available on the internet, you can be confident it will certainly be in their data base.

A trusted on-line auto auction, membership most often ranges, as a one-time fee, from $40 to $50 for unrestricted admittance to all current on-line auctions as well as access to auction sales related to government vehicles, police impounded, bank and insurance repossessed cars trucks, motorbikes, Sport utility vehicles and high end vehicles: where clean title vehicles are auctioned off every day for a fraction of their market price.

Typically the most popular membership sites also provide you with web based video tutorial libraries to afford new members a thorough awareness of auto auction tactics to compete with even the most expert brokers. They also revise their information on all aspects of federal government and State law regulations consistently to help keep their members unencumbered by government bureaucracy.

Usually auto auction websites obtain their vehicles via government agencies and many of the vehicles are confiscated, foreclosed and reclaimed chattels, seized by police, lenders and insurance companies as forfeitures or loan defaulters.

There is however no need for concern, because unless otherwise declared prior to transaction, all former liabilities attached to a vehicle will be terminated as a term of final sale and once purchased, the title to the vehicle is free and clear . Because of this, vehicles sold at these auctions as a rule have significantly less legal or mechanical problems, lower mileage and render better dollar value than used cars purchased by means of auto classified ads .

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NYC Auto Show

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NY Waterway Ferry – The Easiest, Most Convenient Way To The Auto Show And $ave On Admission!

NY Waterway Ferry takes you right to the Javits Center in 8 minutes to see the 2015 New York International Auto Show.

No tunnels or midtown traffic and parking problems means more time to spend at the show. Buy a round-trip ferry ticket and get a discount on show admission with the special link below. Buy your adult or child ticket online and use your ticket voucher at Port Imperial Terminal in Weehawken, NJ.

Click on the button above to purchase your NY Waterway/New York International Auto Show Combo Ticket.

Offer Valid only from Port Imperial Weehawken

The New York International Auto Show is full of activities that are fun for parents and children. Every year there are lots of things to do for the kids. Here are some tips for having a great day at the show for the whole family:

Check out the floor plans and schedule of events to make sure that you get to all of the fun exhibits.

Many exhibitors have activities specifically for kids including simulators, video games, movie cars and more.

iPhone app and Android App – a key reference to help you get around the show with tickets, maps, schedules, directions, exhibit information and more.

Don’t forget your cameras! Filming and photography is allowed and encouraged.

Strollers are allowed and kids 2 and under are free.

Whether it is a family tradition or your first show, there is something for everyone and always a great value!

Schedule of Events

All events on this schedule are included with the price of admission unless stated otherwise.