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The SSAE 18 Reporting Standard SOC 1 SOC 2 SOC 3 Support and Guidance for SSAE18, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reporting standards

Some organizations have heard of SAS 70, SSAE 16. and soon to be SSAE 18. but, don t really know WHY they need to pay to have a bunch of auditors trounce through their company for a month or two during the year, especially right after their financial audit just finished.
The answer is simple: Many companies will not even think about using your company to perform services for them without a clean Type II Report in place.
Some benefits of having an SSAE 16 performed :

  • Ability to perform outsourcing services for Public Companies.
    • If performing financially significant duties for a Public Company, they are required to use a SSAE 16 qualified provider as it is the only way to give investors assurance over controls that are not performed by the Company in question.
  • Public and Private companies are more likely to trust your organization with their data.
    • If you were to trust a company with your data, you would want complete assurance it will be handled with the utmost care
  • A year round accessible knowledge source (your auditors).
    • As a service organization, large or small, you will always have questions regarding your business and having a set of auditors in place with access to a wide array of business knowledge, it will allow you to bounce your questions and concerns off of a group of trusted individuals.
  • A third party to review your controls and activities to ensure they are functioning appropriately, and give advice on how to improve upon them.
    • Sometimes your internal audit department is good, but, not always as stringent as they should be. This will help to serve as a check on their work, as well as your staff. Additionally, if there were any findings noted, your auditors are in a great position to give you some tricks and tips to improve to ensure everything functions well the following period.
  • Improving performance of the organization.
    • Just the knowledge that a review is being performed of an employee s work that can have far reaching consequences for the company as a whole. No more, Oh, I didn t realize that reviewing user access was THAT important to do this month, sorry , now, everyone knows that if it s not done, the success or failure of the organization could rest upon them.

Think of the SSAE 16 or SSAE-18 audit as an annual investment into your company, increasing potential new clients. productivity and accountability .

This tip is focused on designing controls that reflect the process being testing, if they don t, a headache of massive proportions will be created once testing begins.
What do you do to make sure you don t screw this up? Have as many meetings as it takes to get it right.
What you need to do is sit down with the auditors, the department lead, the main employees responsible for performing the process, and anyone else whom could either play a role in testing or modifying the control in the future. Once that is done, Management should discuss what they determined the control to be and how it should operate, that is then reviewed by the auditors, and then the employees performing the tasks should be reconsulted to verify that the control still reflects their process accurately.
Many times people try to speed this process up and half-ass it, leaving many open items which upon testing could easily blow up into a huge problem. When the control isn t 100% agreed upon prior to testing and a deviation is noted, it s a tough call between failing the control and the ability to adjust it to accurately reflect the process. The problem is modifying a control after testing has begun is not proper and needs to be avoided at all costs.
Locking the controls locked down early on could save weeks in wrapping up your new SSAE 16 Report.
We have seen issues like this cause delays in issuing of the report to the client and running additional fees, since adjusting controls isn t free. Coming from the perspective of the auditor, we can let you know the pitfalls, consequences and how to best navigate the audit process. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below!

A SOC 1 Report (System and Organization Controls Report ) is a report on Controls at a Service Organization which are relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting. The SOC1 Report is what you would have previously considered to be the standard SAS70, complete with a Type I and Type II reports, but falls under the SSAE 16 guidance (and soon to be SSAE 18 ).

Please see the following articles discussing the SSAE 16 guidance and additional information related to the SOC 1 (Type I and Type II) Reports:

In addition to the SOC 1 report which is restricted to controls relevant to an audit of a user entity’s financial statements, the SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports have been created to address controls relevant to operations and compliance and will be discussed in further detail in the future.

Please see the SOC 1 Reporting Guide page for additional information.

SSAE 16 is an enhancement to the current standard for Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization, the SAS70. The changes made to the standard will bring your company, and the rest of the companies in the US, up to date with new international service organization reporting standards, the ISAE 3402. The adjustments made from SAS 70 to SSAE 16 will help you and your counterparts in the US compete on an international level; allowing companies around the world to give you their business with complete confidence .

SSAE16 is now effective as of June 15, 2011, and if you have not made the necessary adjustments required, now is the time to find a quality provider to discuss the proper steps. All organizations are now required to issue their Service Auditor Reports under the SSAE 16 standards in an SOC 1 Report.

The soon to be effective, SSAE-18. is expected to follow a similar reporting structure to the SSAE-16 within a SOC 1 report.

Who Needs an SSAE 16 (SOC 1 ) Audit?

If your Company (the Service Organization ) performs outsourced services that affect the financial statements of another Company (the User Organization ), you will more than likely be asked to provide an SSAE16 Type II Report, especially if the User Organization is publicly traded.
Some example industries include:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Loan Servicing
  • Data Center /Co-Location/Network Monitoring Services
  • Software as a Service (SaaS )
  • Medical Claims Processors

What you Need to Know:

Before starting the SSAE 16 process, there are a number of considerations one must take into account that can save considerable time, effort, and money in the long run. Use the following items as a mini checklist for yourself:

  • Does my Company need an SSAE16, or, are we doing it just because someone asked?
  • Reports on the low end can run at least $15,000 a year, will the business lost be less of a burden than the cost of the report itself?
  • Does your company have defined Business Process and IT controls in place, or, will you need assistance developing and implementing them (readiness assessment)?
  • Have you determined the controls in place which affect the outsourced services being provided?
  • Have key stakeholders been defined and included in discussions?

There are many other issues to consider before engaging a CPA firm to help with your SSAE 16, for a more detailed checklist please see The SSAE 16 Checklist

You may have heard SSAE-18 is on the horizon for reports issued as of May 1, 2017. There are some important updates discussed in here: SSAE-18 An Update to SSAE-16 .

As the standard is formalized and the date approaches we will continue to provide more information to help you prepare for these changes.

Wisconsin Business Entity And Corporation Search – WI Secretary Of State (SOS), wisconsin business name search.#Wisconsin #business #name #search


Wisconsin Secretary of State (SOS) Business Entity And Corporation Search

The Wisconsin Secretary of State manages a corporate division which keeps record of all the commercial activities going on in the state. The business corporation registry keeps track of all those corporate entities that are registered with the Wisconsin Secretary of State. All entities including Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Partnerships, have their details recorded in the registry.

If you are finding a corporate entity that is based in Wisconsin, this is the right place for you. By using the online business entity search tool facilitated by the Secretary of State of Wisconsin, you can search the online database for any entity headquartered in the state.

You can perform the search provided you have the corporate name handy. The search page is also made feasible for advanced search.

Read on the steps below which will assist you in your search.

  1. Click here to go to the search page for finding registered business entities in Wisconsin. The page looks similar to the screenshot below.

Wisconsin business name search

  • Type the name of the business entity, say, ABC supply . The screenshot for the same is shown below.

    Wisconsin business name search

  • Click on Search button. The result page with a list of entities with the given name would appear as shown in the screenshot below.

    Wisconsin business name search

  • Click on the entity name to get further details about the same like entity id, status, type and address of the entity. The screenshot below shows the same.

    Wisconsin business name search

  • You can also file online reports and request certification of standing for the entity.

    Information on SOS Wisconsin (WI)

    Wisconsin business name search

    The Secretary of State of Wisconsin is one of the constitutionally elected executive branches of the Wisconsin State Government. The succession of the Secretary of State of Wisconsin lies in second for the Governor post. The election of the Wisconsin Secretary of State takes place on the election day in November and he takes office on the first Monday of next January.

    The current office holder is Doug La Follete.

    The Secretary of State of Wisconsin is responsible for a wide set of duties in the state. He is in charge of keeping record of all the legislative and executive acts in the state. He also acts as the custodian to the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin and has the authority to attest and authenticate government documents using the seal.

    Select the State Where the Corporation is Registered:

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    Constitutional Law
    Batson is back [MCLE]
    For only the second time in over 25 years, the California Supreme Court has found that a peremptory challenge violated the constitutional prohibition against racial discrimination in jury selection. By Laura Kelly and Mai Linh Spencer

    Constitutional Law
    Courts diverge on commercial speech [MCLE]
    Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have granted ever-increasing First Amendment protection to commercial speakers. The 9th Circuit, however, seems to be moving in the opposite direction. By Richard A. Samp

    Internet Law
    Maintain immunity under the Communications Decency Act [MCLE]
    What should you do if users start using your client’s website to post hateful, obscene or defamatory comments and images? User-posted content can damage your business image and, with the wrong set of facts, result in legal liability. By Matthew Lubniewski and Samantha Beatty

    Character evidence in civil cases [MCLE]
    The objective of this article and self-study test is to review basic legal principles affecting the admissibility of character evidence in civil litigation. By Elia V. Pirozzi

    Maintain professionalism in depositions [MCLE]
    To avoid the ire of the court and serious sanctions, attorneys taking and defending depositions should conduct themselves as if they were speaking before a judge. By J. Randolph Evans and Shari Klevens

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    Suspect in Killing of Wife and Son, Shooting of Lawyer in Kendall Shot in SWAT Standoff in Southwest Miami-Dade

    A man accused of killing his wife and son then shooting an attorney at a law office in Kendall was shot by officers during a standoff in southwest Miami-Dade Wednesday afternoon.

    Miami-Dade Police officials said the gunman, Fadel Jabado, went to the office at 11420 N. Kendall Drive where he shot attorney Larry Harshman around 10:30 a.m.

    The office shooting led officers to Jabado’s home on Southwest 192nd Street in southwest Miami-Dade, where officers found his wife, Bassima, and son, Admed, dead, police said.

    It’s unknown which incident happened first, police said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

    Updated Miami Cop Remembered After Deadly Crash That Injured 12

    Police said a SWAT team responded to an area about two miles west of the house on Southwest 192nd Street, a field off Southwest 200th Street and Southwest 157th Avenue, where they negotiated with Jabado.

    Jabado had a firearm and shot at officers, and told negotiators he wanted police to kill him, officials said.

    When Jabado made a move toward officers with the gun, the officers opened fire, hitting him in the midsection, officials said.

    “The individual did tell our negotiators that he intended to die today and that he wanted police officers to kill him. He did not want to do it to himself because of his religion,” said Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez.

    Footage showed him being placed into the back of an ambulance at the scene. He was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

    Court records showed Larry Harshman, the attorney whose office was the scene of the shooting, represented Jabado in an October 2012 foreclosure case.

    Employees at the building said Harshman was the man who was shot. Police said the victim was shot in the stomach and taken to Kendall Regional Trauma Center, where he was in critical condition. The motive is unclear at this time, but detectives believe the violence began over a domestic incident.

    “We had a girl come downstairs and the secretary was coming up screaming to please call 911, that Mr. Harshman had been shot,” Gonzalo Cordoba said.

    Jabado had also threatened to kill his other children, a police source said. As a result, the childrens’ schools – Herbert A. Ammons Middle School, Terra Environmental Research Institute and Jack David Gordon Elementary School – were placed on lockdown Wednesday morning, the source said. The lockdowns were later lifted.

    Police said the roads in the area of 147th Avenue to 167th Avenue and between 184th Street and 200th Street were closed for the investigation. Drivers were asked to stay away from the area and residents were told to remain indoors, police said.

    Published at 11:24 AM EDT on Nov 2, 2016 | Updated at 11:35 PM EDT on Nov 2, 2016

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    Change from Public to Private Network in Windows 8 #change #wireless #network #name


    Change from Public to Private Network in Windows 8/8.1

    In Windows 8, when you connect to a wireless network, it will either register it as a Public network or a Private network. Private networks are basically home and work whereas private is anywhere else. Sometimes Windows 8 detects a private network as a public one and vice versa. You can manually make some changes to ensure that you are not accidentally sharing either too much on a public network or blocking all sharing on a private network.

    Updated March, 2014: Windows 8.1 has changed the process for switching from Public to Private, so this post has been updated to show the new method also.

    Windows 8.1

    In Windows 8.1, to change the network profile, we have to go into the PC Settings screen. To do that, open the Charms bar and click on Change PC Settings at the bottom.

    Now click on Network and you ll see the list of connections, i.e Ethernet, Wireless, etc.

    Now all you have to do is turn on the Find devices and content option. It s automatically turned off for public networks, so when you turn it on, it changes the network to a private network.

    Windows 8

    For Windows 8, follow the following procedure. First, right-click on the network icon in the Windows 8 system tray and click on Open Network and Sharing Center .

    Here you will see the network you are connected to and what type of network Windows 8 has identified it as.

    As you can see above, my network is considered a Private network. which is correct since I m at home and connected via Ethernet. If this is incorrect, there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can click on Change advanced sharing settings in the left-hand pane.

    Click on Private and then make sure you have these options enabled:

    Turn on network discovery

    Turn on file and printer sharing

    Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections

    Then collapse Private and expand Guest or Public and make sure you have these options set:

    Turn off network discovery

    Turn off file and printer sharing

    Once you have done this, you then need to go to the Windows 8 desktop and open the Charms bar. Click on Settings and then click on the Network icon.

    You ll see Network and then Connected. Go ahead and right-click on that and choose Turn sharing on or off .

    Now choose Yes if you want your network to be treated like a private network and no if you want it to be treated like a public network. Note that the label Private or Public may remain the same in Network and Sharing Center, but once you choose the sharing settings manually, the network will have the appropriate settings applied.

    As a last resort, if you really can t stand that the label is Public when the network is actually private, you can manually change the network location using a tool called secpol.msc. Click on the Start Screen, then right-click and choose All apps, then click on Run. Type in secpol.msc into the run dialog box.

    Then click on Network List Manager Policies at the left and on the right-hand side you should see a couple of items with descriptions and then something called Network. which is the current network you are connected to. It may also be called something else, but it doesn t have a description.

    Double-click on it and click on the Network Location tab. Here you can manually change the network location from Private to Public and vice versa.

    That s about it! Not the easiest thing in the world, but it s Microsoft! If you are having problems with changing network locations in Windows 8, post a comment here and we ll help. Enjoy!

    Hey, thanks for the guide, but it s not working for me

    I`m trying to change my Network2 . Its an Hamachi connection and it has to be set as Private Network to work, but I can t change it. I have tried to change it using secpol.msc but it still will not change. Is it anything else I can try to make it work?

    Tried your tip using secpol.msc, but my network is not listed, so can t change it s location. Are there any other tips? How do I get windows 8.1 to use my wireless network? Why isn t my wireless network visible with Network List Manager Policies? Thanx

    Hi, Thanks for your great idea. You have resolved my problem, the second option worked for me. Thanks

    very informative. i would have liked you to expand the all networks and had shown the options that you think are best to choose. Also i would like an explanation of the why and the what to each option on the private, public and all network. example on the private section what is turn on network discovery mean or turn on automatic setup of network connected devices mean, and what happens if we do or do not in each category of all three options.

    Thank you. the secpol was brilliant

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    The Best Car Battery? What Brand Name?

    Austin, love your site man. Got a quick question for you if you have time to reply.  My Toyota Corolla probably needs a new car battery, it was dead this morning and is about 4 years old now.  I was wondering what brand name you would recommend I buy?  I want the best I can get because I use this vehicle for work and can not afford to be stranded in the middle of no where.  If that is possible


    David G.

    I would probably concur with your bad battery diagnosis, 4 years is about the most you are really going to get out of one these days.  As far as what is the best car battery, humm that really depends on a few things.

    I personally like A/C Delco batteries because they are well made and totally sealed and will not leak acid and resist terminal post corrosion pretty well.  They are not cheap, but they have a good warranty and I have sold them in my repair shop for many years with little to no issues.

    Your vehicle probably came with an A/C Delco battery from the factory as well, and I prefer to use the OEM battery replacement when possible.  BUT, with that said, there are many good batteries on the market these days, and probably made in the same factories as the top of the line ones as well.

    What is most important is the WEIGHT of the battery, pick it up and compare it to another similar battery on the shelf, and/or your old battery. You want a heavy feeling battery with as much lead in it as your old one or as much as you can get.  This is a simple test, but is a really good rule of thumb. A quality battery will be HEAVY to pick up.

    Second, you want to make sure the replacement battery has as many Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) as your old one does, or as much as the vehicle manufacturer recommends.  In layman s terms the CCA number is how much power the battery can give to the engine under a heavy load.  When it s really cold outside, it takes more energy from the battery to turn over a stone cold engine, with cold and thick engine oil.

    As far as brand names go, here are a few good ones with good quality and warranty history.

    1. A/C Delco (found in GM vehicles as well as some Toyota s)
    2. Interstate
    3. Motorcraft (found in Ford products)
    4. Duralast (from Autozone)
    5. Truestart (a Toyota replacement brand at the dealer, could very well be a A/C Delco with a different name)
    6. Autocraft (sold at Advance Auto Parts stores)  Double check the weight and CCA though

    Brands I don t really care for that much are:

    1. Diehard (from Sears, fine for lawnmowers and garden equipment but in my opinion not a great automotive battery)
    2. Everstart (from Walmart, again same as Diehard reasons)

    But in defense of these two brands, you can find a Walmart or Sears store in just about every city which makes the warranty replacement nice.

    The best way to check your battery life is to perform a load test and here is a simple video showing you how you can do it yourself.

    Please share this with your friends,

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    Welcome to the Northeast Automotive Paint Distributor Web site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our Auto Paint Company that we hope makes it easier for you to do business with us.

    Northeast Automotive paint Distributor has been serving the New York Metropolitan Auto Body Fender community For The Last 25 Years We specialize in Automotive Industrial and Marine paints. Custom Color Matching is available by the Use Of our Dupont Chroma vision Color Scanner and regular conventional methods.

    We are also Auto paint Distributors for Sherwin Williams , Matrix System . and Dimension

    At this site, you will discover all about our services, as well as our courteous and resourceful staff.

    Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about our products or services, or simply need more information and want to contact us, click on the contact button on any page within this site.

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