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What Can You Do With a Music Degree? 70+ Careers Salaries Revealed

What can you do with a masters in public administration

The opportunities for a musician to succeed are so much larger than meets the eye.

It is true that orchestral/ensemble/solo performance as well as teaching are the two most popular careers in music.

While these career paths can be exceptionally rewarding to those who are passionate about the vocations of teaching and performing, the reality is that there are many, many more options that are available to those who have a music degree.

In fact, whether you can believe it or not, there are over 70+ exceptional and yes, lucrative careers you can pursue with a music degree.

That’s right over 70(!) careers are available to those with a music degree. I bet you never knew that.

It’s true that some of these careers might require functional knowledge outside of the core requirements of your music degree and possibly even require a specialized degree. For example, if you want to get a job as a grant writer for a music organization, working as an intern at a non-profit arts organization could provide you with the necessary skills for learning how to write grants. Also, taking a grant-writing class at your university could assist tremendously.

So let’s get into it. Here are 70+ careers, listed alphabetically, that are available for musicians who have successfully graduated with a music degree.

The Careers Salaries, Listed Alphabetically

A R Administrator

Provides high-level personal and administrative support to an A R (Artists Repertoire) Representative.

A R Representative

Scouts talent for record labels to sign to recording contracts.


What can you do with a masters in public administration

Performing in collaboration with an ensemble. Not entirely different from being a collaborative pianist.

  • Job Scenarios: Accompanying students in different music schools, ensemble auditionees, church choirs and congregations, dance classes, concerto rehearsals, and with other musicians in a collaborative setting.
  • Salary: Typically by the hour, usually between $30-75/hr.


Individual who books gigs for an artist or band/ensemble using relationships with clients such as club owners.

  • Job Scenario: Working directly with an artist or an artist management company.
  • Salary: Usually a commission of what the artist makes at the show, around 15%. A full-time agent can make great money in this profession, with the top agents in the world making millions.

Alexander Technique Instructor (Music)

Instructor who works with musicians showing them how to normalize levels of physical and mental tension in their performing.

  • Job Scenarios: Usually as an independent instructor.
  • Salary: Not very much data is available for this career, but a successful and active clinician in this field can make $40,000 $70,000+.

App Development

What can you do with a masters in public administration

Music apps are exceptionally popular and always need consulting, testing, and / or development from actual musicians.

  • Job Scenario: As an app developer or working on an app with another company, either a start-up or established business.
  • Salary: Employed app developers typically make between $80,000 $100,000 (Mashable)


Musical reconceptualization. In other words, it can range from orchestrating a composer’s piano score to developing and reharmonizing a composer’s melody or song.

  • Job Scenarios: Many professional film composers have arrangers on their staff in order to complete a film score quickly. In jazz, we see people like Gordon Goodwin and Christian McBride making clever arrangements for big bands.
  • Salary: $20,000-$45,000 annually (Berklee College of Music Salary Guide)

Artist Manager

Negotiates business deals on behalf of the artist. Also has input on the creative and marketing ends of an artist.

  • Job Scenarios: Either independently or with an artist management company such as Columbia Artists Management.
  • Salary: Up to 50% of what the artist makes.

Arts Administration

Performs tasks for an arts organization. Can be as simple as basic clerical duties or as advanced as grant-writing and events planning.

  • Job Scenarios: Working in an arts organization. Some established arts organizations with large arts administration staffs include major orchestras and creative venues like the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
  • Salary: Between $30,000 and $50,000, with opportunities for advancement into higher positions in the organization.

Audio Engineer

What can you do with a masters in public administration

Audio production specialist concerned with how sound is manipulated, recorded, and mixed in an audio recording. For someone specializing in acoustic sound, please see sound / acoustic engineer below.

  • Job Scenarios: As a freelance recording engineer, in a college/university recording studio, in a commercial recording studio, etc.
  • Salary: Median pay is approximately $45,000, according to audioengineeringschools.net


A journalist, writer, or commentator who writes about a specific subject and sells products, memberships, and advertising space on their websites.

  • Job Scenarios: Honestly, you should start your own blog if you want to get paid well writing articles for other people exclusively does not usually lend itself to a lucrative blogging career, unless you get a job at a place like Rolling Stone Magazine. Get a domain and hosting space from either BlueHost or GoDaddy, download a premium theme from Themeforest, and you are good to go.
  • Salary: $0 $100,000+ (It sounds crazy, but I know bloggers, albeit usually in other spaces, that make around a half million a year).

Broadcast Engineer

Oversees the “airchain,” or the complete path of an a/v signal from origin to destination, for a television or radio station. Requires a background in audio engineering and possibly knowledge in electrical engineering.

  • Job Scenario: Employed by a television company or radio station, or as an independent contractor.
  • Salary: Average is $70,000 (Glass Door)

Business Management

Starts and/or oversees the day-to-day operations of a music business, including a performing arts venue, nightclub, music store.

  • Job Scenarios: Overseeing various music businesses, such as record labels, clubs, performing arts centers, etc.
  • Salary: $45,000 $150,000+ (higher if you are an executive director)

Chamber Musician

What can you do with a masters in public administration

Performer in a classical chamber ensemble, either performing in an already established ensemble or starting up your own ensemble.

  • Job Scenario: Traditionally, chamber musicians would play recitals with acoustic instrument groups in concert halls. Today, the scene is rapidly changing, with many groups performing amplified in “downtown venues.” Some traditional chamber ensembles include the Guarneri String Quartet, the Canadian Brass Ensemble, etc. Less traditional and more innovative groups include the Kronos Quartet and the young entrepreneurial ensemble Groupmuse.
  • Salary: Varies tremendously based on a number of factors. Many chamber music groups make money in academic residencies, performing various gigs and weddings, merchandising their brand, selling cds, etc.

Want to know the true step-by-step method for attaining the music career of your dreams? Check out How to Start a Music Career The Ultimate Guide.

What can you do with a masters in public administration

Traditional Korean Martial Arts – Kuk Sool Won

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Chief Master In Joo Suh is the youngest member of a family that has practiced Martial Arts in Korea continuously for sixteen generations. His Martial Art training began early, at the age of seven, reaching Black Belt at just eleven years old.

After graduating from high school in 1966, In Joo Suh achieved recognition for his Martial Art prowess with many awards, including All Korean Junior Champion, Korean College Champion, Oriental Weapons Champion, and Oriental Lightweight Sparring Champion.

During his military service he was responsible for training the South Vietnamese Special Forces Units with secret combat fighting techniques. After finishing a distiguished military career, Chief Master Suh supervised the opening of several Kuk Sool Won Schools in Pusan, Korea’s second largest city. Since his arrival in America, his fame has continued to grow through his participation and leadership of many Kuk Sool events.

He has been featured in dozens of the leading Martial Art magazines, including a number of front cover Issues. With over 40 years of experience, In Joo Suh is the highest ranked Master still active in Kuk Sool Won today.

International Chiefmaster and Vice President,
World Kuk Sool Association

Chairman, Kuk Sool Won Korea

9th Degree Black Belt
Senior Executive Masters
Su Suhk Kwahn Jahng Nim

Barry Harmon
9th Dahn Master
Clear Lake City, TX

Choon-Ok Harmon
9th Dahn Master
Clear Lake City, TX

Sung Jin Suh
9th Dahn Master
Tomball (HQ)

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Welcome to Philadelphia s top-ranked Erivan K. Haub School of Business. MBA Program. Our uniquely flexible graduate business program is focused on you and your career, combining strategic leadership skills with relevant functional expertise. By integrating creative thinking, effective communication, project management, and technology applications into a relevant business context, this program provides the foundation you need to effectively succeed and distinguish yourself in your field, your organization, and your industry.

Click below to learn about our MBA Direct Admissions Program with Ursinus College.

Saint Joseph s University offers you the flexibility of an evening program at our convenient Philadelphia Main Campus location. We also offer a Fully Online program with no residency requirement. You can choose to customize your schedule by blending online and on campus options. You can also expect the same tuition rate for on campus and online courses. What s more, our staff, faculty, and students are united in the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, care for the whole person, and are dedicated to helping you succeed in the classroom as well as in life.

The Haub School is AACSB-accredited in Business and Accounting less than 5% of business schools worldwide meet this dual standard of excellence.

U.S.News World Report, Princeton Review, and Business Week have all ranked the Haub School as one of the nation s top graduate business schools.

Saint Joseph’s University is one of only 142 schools nationwide with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and AACSB business school accreditation, and has been recognized by Beta Gamma Sigma for five consecutive years with Outstanding Chapter Awards, including the 2010 Gold Chapter Award.

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Master’s programmes

Our prestigious master’s programmes at the University of Bristol offer students from diverse cultural backgrounds a unique opportunity to become future leaders in education both nationally and internationally.

We offer MSc degrees in the following areas:

About us

The Graduate School of Education has a proud history of over 100 years of education and learning, and has a critical mass of researchers in inter-disciplinary research areas. These areas of expertise enable us to shape debates, policy and practice in ways that benefit teachers, learners, parents and policy makers both within the UK and globally. Our master’s level teaching is thereby informed by the latest research of experts in the field of education, and we would welcome you to join our international learning community.

The results of the 2014 Research Excellence Framework confirmed that the Graduate School of Education is one of the top ten leading UK centres for high quality and high impact research on education. We are placed fifth in the UK by the Times Higher Education Research Intensity rankings.

Applying to Bristol

NYS Mental Health Practitioners #masters #in #mental #health #counseling


Mental Health Practitioners

Mandatory Continuing Education Requirements for Mental Health Practitioners

After January 1, 2017, in order to register and practice the profession, each mental health counselor, marriage and family therapist, creative arts therapist, and psychoanalyst, licensed under the Education Law, must complete 36 hours of continuing education (CE) from a Department approved provider during each three-year registration period. Frequently asked questions about the specific CE requirement for each mental health practitioner profession may be found on the web page for that profession. These profession-specific web pages include applications for individuals and organizations that wish to offer CE courses to licensed mental health counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed creative arts therapists and licensed psychoanalysts.

The law exempts from the triennial continuing education requirement those licensees who are inactive (not practicing the profession or using the restricted title) and newly licensed practitioners in their first registration period after licensure. In addition, the CE requirement is phased in, so that licensees, who must complete CE, can satisfy this requirement by completing a pro-rated number of hours, based on the number of months between January 1, 2017 and the starting date of the licensees’ next registration period. Licensees should review the FAQs to learn more about the CE requirement for the specific mental health practitioner profession they are licensed in.

A prospective provider of CE must submit to the Department an application, with the required $900 fee, that demonstrates that it meets the profession-specific requirements in the section 8412 of the Education Law and the Commissioner’s Regulations for the specific profession. Both a separate application and $900 fee must be submitted by an individual or organization for each specific profession in which the applicant wishes to become a Department-approved CE provider. The State Board Office will review prospective provider applications in the order received, so that licensees can complete their required pro-rated hours of CE starting on January 1, 2017.

A licensee seeking to register for a period starting after January 1, 2017, who is not exempt from the requirement as noted above, may only meet the requirement by completing CE activities from Department-approved providers or other allowed education activities after January 1, 2017. If your next registration period starts after January 1, 2017, you should not submit the registration application and fee until you have met the CE requirement after January 1, 2017, to avoid a hold on your registration application.

Licensees and prospective providers should review the FAQs and profession-specific requirements for each of the four mental health practitioner professions established under Article 163 of the Education Law. You can access the web pages by using the left-hand navigation bar on these pages.

Mental Health Practioners include Creative Arts Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, and Psychoanalysts.

Creative arts therapists are trained in psychotherapy and in specific arts disciplines, which may include dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, poetry therapy and art therapy. They have training in areas that include clinical practice and human development as well as the use of the creative arts to provide appropriate services, and multicultural and artistic traditions.

Elizabeth Gonzalez-Dolginko, finishing her 2nd 5 year term on the State Board for Mental Health Practitioners, and Robert Irwin Wolf, a tenured professor for 37 years in the graduate art therapy program at the College of New Rochelle, discuss the use of creative arts therapy at a New York City alternative special education school in the 1970s. Creative Arts Therapists are one of four professions licensed by the Department with the assistance of the State Board for Mental Health Practitioners.

Practitioners, called marriage and family therapists, are trained in individual psychotherapy and family systems to assess and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, and address an array of relationship issues within the context of marital/couple, family and various relational systems.

Practitioners, called mental health counselors, are trained in counseling and psychotherapy to treat individuals with mental and emotional disorders and other behavioral challenges. Mental health counselors address mental health, human relationship, education and career concerns within ethical, developmental, preventive and treatment contexts. Mental health counselors demonstrate a concern for the short-term and long-term well-being of individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations.

Practitioners, called psychoanalysts, may use verbal and non-verbal communications to uncover the unconscious blocks that may be affecting the individual’s behavior and personality. Psychoanalysts treat a range of conditions including anxiety, depression and phobias.

Last Updated: November 30, 2016

Muay Thai Masters Academy #liverpool #masters


Yesterday, Kru Lionheart and one of his students, Rashid ran the London Tough Mudder and completed it in roughly 3 hours. It was a muddy 12 mile assault course with 22 obstacles. It was physically challenging but a test of their fitness and grit, which got them to the end.

If you want to challenge yourself with something new and improve your fitness, come to one of our sessions. Timetable is here.

Every year, a team from Muay Thai Masters Academy travels to Thailand in order to pay respects to Grandmasters of the art, observe and take part in the ceremonies and festivals of Nai Khanomtom Day (Muay Thai Day) and train in the Thai style. We would like any students who want the authentic Thai experience of training in Muay Thai and Muay Boran to join us.

In Thailand, the quality of training is second to none with very experienced instructors. Against the backdrop of stunning environments, training is also even more enjoyable. It is an absolutely amazing experience, not just in terms of enhancing your Muay Thai skills, but the trip will serve to broaden your horizons by immersing you in another culture.

Join the team, led by Arjan Vinnie, and:

  • Meet and train with decorated Grandmasters in Muay Thai Muay Boran,
  • Celebrate Nai Khanomtom Day in Ayutthaya on March 17th and take part in the festival,
  • Watch and participate in the WMF: World Muay Thai Championships in Bankgkok,
  • Train twice daily one-to-one at Sityodtong with a focus on fitness, technique and conditioning,
  • Have the chance to spend your downtime how you like; chilling at the beach, taking in the sights, enjoying the nightlife, meeting other Muay Thai practitioners from all over the world and eating delicious fresh food.

The dates for the tour are 11th- 29th March 2017, and, whilst in Bangkok, you will be staying in a 4 star hotel.

Muay Thai Masters Academy are excited to bring you our latest Groupon Promotion. We are offering new students either 5 one hour sessions for 10 or 10 one hour sessions for 19. This is great if you ve been considering trying out a martial art under the tutelage of a decorated instructor.

Please click here for a link to the promotion on the Groupon website, as well as further information.

As it s March, Arjan Vinnie and some of the MTMA instructors, fighters and students have travelled to Thailand to train at various camps, participate in the 13 th World Muay Thai Championship and to pay their respects during the Wai Kru Ceremony in Ayuthaya for Nai Khanomtom D ay (March 17). Keep an eye out for their updates.

Meanwhile, Sundays in the Tottenham camp means training as usual. With Kru Star and Kru Rohat taking the classes through hard cardio and technical drills, punctuated by strength building exercise, there is also light play, conditioning and other drills to help students (both new and experienced) hone their skills and ring craft.

Sessions run from 1pm at Tottenham Sports Centre, 701-703 High Road, N17, as well as Tuesdays from 7pm and Wednesdays from 8pm.

Join our Facebook Group for further updates

As part of the ongoing growth of Muay Thai Masters Academy, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding into Enfield.

Sessions will be run by Kru Rohat, a talented instructor who has many years experience in Muay Thai, in achieved his Kru (Teacher) accreditation in Thailand in 2013 after demonstrating proficiency in both Muay Thai and Muay Boran.

Classes are held at Enfield Rangers Football Club, Carterhatch Lane, EN1 4LJ (here ), and are on Mondays and Fridays from 7pm-9:30pm. Fees are 10 for adults and 5 for children.

Kru LionHeart and 4 students from our Liverpool St branch and Kru Vaz and two junior fighters from our Liverpool Street camp had an amazing training trip this year.

We spent the first 7 days training 4-6 hours every day learning from Grandmasters of the Kru Muay Association in Bangkok, exploring aspects and techniques of both the ring sport (Muay Thai) and the battlefield (Muay Boran). Whilst there, our two junior fighters competed in the World Games and won gold medals.

We then traveled to the beautiful island of Koh Samui and recharged and relaxed. We also spent another 5 days training 4hrs every with head fight coaches at the WMC camp.

Great trip. Check out pictures in the gallery

15 Online Masters in International Relations by universities in United Kingdom #masters #in #international #relations #online


Study Online International Relations Masters in United Kingdom

Studying International Relations

International relations refer to political principles and processes as well as foreign affairs and relations between different countries. International relations systematically explore themes such as government and state, political behaviour, economic issues in local and international government systems. Graduates can work in government or diplomatic institutions as public affairs consultants, local government officers, or politicians.

Find out which Distance Learning programmes match your personality!

Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

Which country should I study in?

Take our test and find out which country fits you best.

Online Masters

A Distance-learning master’s options provide many opportunities for career advancement. Fully online self-paced study offers employed students the time flexibility needed to balance work and studies. By using the latest advancements in communication technology, online masters open the way to new business opportunities by building networks of students with common goals. Remote studies offer lower tuition fees, while preserving content quality and teacher involvement as on campus master s programmes.

Distance Learning

Distance or online learning is a mode of study that allows students to study most or all of a course without attending at a campus-based institution. Distance can refer to both material and interaction. Distance learning provides access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.

During this type of education students communicate with the faculty and other students via e-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messaging and other forms of computer-based interaction.

The programmes often include a online training system and tools to produce a virtual classroom. The tuition fees for distance learning vary from institution to programme to country. It is certain that the student saves expenses related to accommodation and transportation, because you can maintain your current living expenses. Distance learning is also a great solution for people that already have a job, and still want or need further education.

Testimonial Registration Module

Below is a selection of the available study options in United Kingdom. If you’re interested in studying International Relations in United Kingdom you can view all 15 Online Masters programmes. You can also read more about the International Relations discipline in general, or about studying in United Kingdom. Many universities in United Kingdom offer study programmes taught in English. Before starting a programme, you need to have a basic knowledge of the English language. Assess your level of English by taking the IELTS language test.

15 International Relations Online Master Programmes in United Kingdom

Whether you�re looking to negotiate policy for environmental change or generate solutions to global disputes, the online MA in International Relations from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) can enrich your experience and unlock a world of career opportunities.The�International Relations programme is offered by the�Nottingham Trent University Online. �

Online Master of Business Administration – Data Analytics, M #masters #of #business #analytics


You need the following IELTS score:

Minimum required score: 6.5

The IELTS or the International English Language Test System tests your English-language abilities (writing, listening, speaking, and reading) on a scale of 1.00 9.00. The minimum IELTS score requirement refers to which Overall Band Score you received, which is your combined average score. Read more about IELTS.

StudyPortals Tip: The UK government has confirmed new English-language testing requirements for visa and immigration purposes. Learn more

Academic Requirements

In order to enrol on our MBA course, you need to have:
  • a minimum 2.1 degree or equivalent qualification
  • a letter of recommendation
  • a statement of purpose
  • an up-to-date CV

Work Experience

At least 3 year(s) of work experience are required.

Improve Page Content

Tuition Fee Preferences

Become a Forensic Nurse – International Association of Forensic Nurses #masters #degree #in #forensic #nursing


Become a Forensic Nurse


The path to becoming a Forensic Nurse will vary. Although Forensic Nursing is the fastest growing nursing subspecialty, nurses often need to spend significant time and effort to educate employers about the value of having a forensic nurse on staff.

Most registered nurses find success in starting as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. or SANE. To become a SANE, registered nurses must take a Sexual Assault Examiner Class comprised of 40 hours of classroom training, followed by an average of 40 hours of clinical training. IAFN has Educational Guidelines that recommend this training as a minimum starting point for SANEs.

Some communities also use registered nurses as Coroners or Death Investigators. Before taking a Death Investigator Course, a registered nurse should investigate whether their local community hires nurses as death investigators. If not, that nurse might need to be a trailblazer and advocate for her or himself to be hired in such a position.

Another option is to get a Masters degree or PhD in forensic nursing. However, an advanced degree does not guarantee a job. Despite the high quality of Forensic Nursing degree programs, in many cases, nurses will still have to advocate to their facility or employer to create a position.

Is Forensic Nursing Really for me?

1. Do you already have a good balance in life and work? Read up on Vicarious Trauma so you know what can change in your personal life as well as your professional life from the forensic work you will be doing.

2. Does your family/significant others support you in your choice? Sometimes we forget that we take our families with us in whatever career path we choose. Peek into the world of Forensic Nursing with this video documentary.

3. Are you going to be in a service that supports your work? Is education ongoing, is the program supportive of the examiners? Would you be asked to do volunteer work, ex: no pay for on call, no educational fund, long on call schedules.

4. Have you talked to other examiners where you intend to work? Ask them to be honest about what your expectations are and the reality of the work from their perspective. The work is much different than what most non forensic folks think.

Training and Education in Forensic Nursing

The most comprehensive listing of trainings can be found in our Events page. IAFN hosts live (in-person) trainings and webinars, and also offers a list of trainings offered in local communities around the world. IAFN does not promote or endorse any of these outside, non-IAFN sponsored trainings.

IAFN approved courses are listed here. Potential students should investigate their options and then directly contact the schools in which they are interested. Potential students will want to consider whether a certificate course or an advanced degree will better meet their career or educational objectives. Students will also want to look into any requirements that their state’s Board of Nursing or similar organization might place on a forensic nurse.

Networking with others who are currently working in the field may help to provide an idea of the education requirements in each community. Consider joining IAFN to take advantage of numerous members-only benefits. including networking opportunities, discussion forums, career resources, and access to the Journal of Forensic Nursing.

Certification in Forensic Nursing

The Board-Certification offered by IAFN is different than state credentialing or earning a ‘certificate’ at the end of an educational course. Although Board Certification is not a requirement to practice in most areas, getting certified signifies that a nurse is committed to professionalism and has the expert knowledge necessary to meet the highest standards of forensic nursing. Studies from the Institute of Medicine have demonstrated that specialty-certified nurses have higher rates of patient satisfaction, lower rates of work-related errors in patient care, and in some cases receive a higher salary or stipend for maintaining certification.

IAFN offers two certifications for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). The SANE-A is specialized for Adults and Adolescents, and the SANE-P is specialized for pediatrics. To become certified, registered nurses must pass an examination. The exams are offered twice a year during the months of May and October, and may be taken at testing center sites across the US and internationally. In order to sit for the exam, candidates must first have been a practicing RN for a minimum of 2 years and meet the other eligibility criteria determined by the Forensic Nursing Certification Board. For more information visit the IAFN Certification page .

As mentioned earlier, those looking to practice Forensic Nursing will want to make sure that the training they receive meets all of the requirements in their community. Requirements vary significantly, and a person should contact the organization in their state, province, or country that regulates the practice or licensure of nurses. In the US, this would be your State Board of Nursing .

Career Options with a Masters in Forensic Psychology #forensic #psychology #degree, #masters #in #forensic #psychology


Career Options with a Masters in Forensic Psychology

Master’s degree programs in forensic psychology typically teach students about the legal, civil and criminal justice systems. Find out about the educational requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for forensic psychology master’s program graduates.

Show Me Schools

View popular schools

There are many career options and branches for forensic psychologists. Once they have finished their degree programs, students are able to work as forensic psychologists in courtrooms as expert witnesses or jury consultants. They may also work in law enforcement or with juvenile offenders.

Essential Information

Forensic psychology merges the career fields of psychology and law. Forensic psychologists are primarily tasked with objectively testifying in court to assess the mental state of criminals and victims. They may work with criminal and juvenile offenders, trial lawyers, crime victims and law enforcement agencies. A minimum of a master’s degree in psychology or a related discipline is required for the following positions.

Career Options

Although some employers may prefer those with a doctorate in the field, there are several career options for those with a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology.

Forensic Psychologists

Graduates of a master’s degree program in forensic psychology may qualify for positions within the criminal justice system where they testify in court and assess the mental state of criminals and victims. PayScale.com estimates that the annual salary for forensic psychologists ranges from approximately $38,833 – $107,764, with a median annual salary of $61,489 as of January 2016. In May 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the median yearly salary for all other psychologists (a group that includes forensic psychologists) was $94,590.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Behavioral Sciences, General
  • Biopsychology
  • Clinical Psychology, General
  • Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics
  • Cognitive Science
  • Community Psychology
  • Comparitive Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology, General
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Family Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology, General
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Medical Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Psychology, General
  • Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Other Forensic Psychologist Career Options

Expert Witness

Forensic psychologists are used by prosecuting or defense lawyers to testify at trial. They testify about the competency or sanity of a defendant, the emotional state of parents or children in custody cases, and the accuracy of eye-witness testimonies.

Jury Consultant

Lawyers may hire forensic psychologists to participate in a jury selection process. Some jury consultant duties include setting up mock juries, analyzing focus groups, researching case materials and completing other strategic psychological research.

Law Enforcement

Forensic psychologists with careers in law enforcement may be hired full-time by a police department or work as an independent consultant. Responsibilities may include suicide intervention, post-trauma counseling and stress management. Those with a master’s degree in forensic psychology are also qualified to provide counseling referrals to officers and their families. Additionally, they may be involved with developing officer training programs or hiring processes.

Victim Advocacy

Forensic psychologists working as victim advocates provide crime survivors and their friends and family with support and legal advocacy. They provide recommendations for shelter and safety, crisis intervention, education options and preventative strategies. They may also provide ongoing support throughout court procedures.

Juvenile Offenders

Those with a master’s degree in forensic psychology who wish to work with juvenile offenders may choose from several career paths. Counselors may work with juvenile residents of live-in crime rehabilitation programs by assessing, diagnosing and planning treatments. They may also provide counseling to juvenile offenders and their families directly in their home or in a local community setting. Services include victim counseling, substance abuse treatment, life skills training, conflict resolution and anger management counseling.

Forensic psychologists need to have a minimum of a master’s degree in forensic psychology or a related field in order to practice. Forensic psychologists may provide counsel in crimes and in trials, or they may work with supporting and counseling families and victims.

Next: View Schools

A degree program in forensic psychology teaches students psychological theories as they apply to criminal justice and the law.

Degrees in forensic psychology typically cover topics such as clinical, health, family and criminal psychology. Find out about.

Forensic psychology post-graduate certificate programs provide advanced training on how to manage the psychological elements of.

Graduate-level education is required to become a forensic psychologist, but students can get training in the field’s.

MSc Project Management – Project Management Degree #project #management #degree, #project #management #course, #masters #in #project #management, #pmi, #apm, #project #management, #project #management #careers, #project #management #institute, #project #management #certification, #project #management #study


Project Management MSc

Our MSc Project Management degree is fully accredited by the APM and PMI and can be studied full time or online.

Our mission is to deliver a world class Project Management learning experience in conjunction with diverse industry practitioners and professional bodies to develop emerging and career driven individuals seeking to manage a variety of projects.

The Project Management MSc is suitable for those already in the profession or seeking to change direction as well as those at the start of their career. It can be studied either full-time or online and is designed to meet the needs of diverse industry sectors such as oil and gas, engineering, construction, information technology, healthcare, and financial services.

Projects, Professionalism, Potential.

2. What you will study

Final Stage (one of the following)

Award. MSc Project Management

* Elective modules will only run where there are sufficient numbers.

Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course disclaimer for more information.

3. How you will learn

Full-time Study
In full time mode, you will learn through a combination of lectures, seminars and workshop sessions. These comprise of a mix of group study, discussion, simulation and presentations of findings by teams and individuals. You will work as an individual and also as part of a team on case studies, team activities, presentations and discussions.

Access to our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle. is also provided giving you access from home to learning materials (including videos, e-books and journals).

Distance Learning
Our supported distance learning mode of delivery allows you to study online from any location and is designed to fit in around your work commitments. You will be taught and supported by experienced industry professionals who will recreate the same challenging interactive format of the on-campus courses for those studying at a distance.

Our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle offers students flexibility of where and when they can study, offering full and open access to tutors and other class members. Students have the benefit of being part of a group of learners with the invaluable opportunity to participate in active, group-related learning within a supportive online community setting. The online campus provides students with course materials and depending on the course it also includes:

  • Virtual tutorials
  • Live chat
  • Discussion forums – student and tutor led
  • Up-to-date web technology for delivery methods
  • User friendly material
  • Access to our online library

As online learners, students are part of a ‘virtual cohort’ and the communication and interaction amongst members of the cohort is a significant aspect of the learning process.

4. Entry requirements

  • Applicants normally hold a 2:2 undergraduate honours degree or its equivalent in any subject discipline.
  • Applicants with a lower degree classification and/or relevant work experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

International students who do not meet our direct entry requirements for this course can gain additional entry points through our International College at Robert Gordon University.

English Language

Applicants whose first language is not English should have an IELTS of 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 5.5, or an equivalent.

We accept a variety of in-country and secure English language tests, find out more:

* All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. A small number of courses require higher levels, but this will be stated explicitly on your offer letter.

5. Placements and accreditations

Our highly innovative degree was the first in the UK to receive full accreditation by the Association for Project Management. We are one of institutions spanning globally to be accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programs (GAC), and the first UK University to achieve this overall. This stamp of quality ensures high standards of excellence and relevance and so you can be confidence about gaining a recognised qualification which will truly enhance your professional and personal development.

Graduates of GAC accredited programmes are awarded 1,500 hours of project management experience which counts towards those required to achieve the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) and Program Management Professional (PgMP) credentials. The GAC is a member of the Association of Specialised and Professional Accreditors (ASPA), the unified, national voice supporting professional education.

Aberdeen Business School itself is also recognised by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Global Registered Education Provider. Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.) are those organisations who are approved by PMI to offer project management training for Professional Development Units (PDU).

You will have the opportunity to take up membership with the APM and PMI during your studies and this can provide excellent networking and career opportunities.

Upon successful completion of the Professional Body of Knowledge in Project Management module, you will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to go on and complete the professional exams. Our staff are able to provide information and advice about these exams.

6. Student Funding

Scholarships Funding

Scholarships and funding are available to eligible students at Robert Gordon University, further information via our scholarship pages.

Robert Gordon University is delighted to offer a 20% loyalty discount on course fees for all alumni who have graduated from RGU, further information available via the Alumni page.

7. Course Fees

Dual Enrollment Program #dual #masters #online


Dual Enrollment Program Saves Time and Money

Find out why Dual Enrollment is a better deal than taking AP courses. In this brief video, you ll learn about the benefits of LUOA s Dual Enrollment program for high school students.

Earn Dual Credit with the LUOA Dual Enrollment Program

Liberty University Online Academy, in partnership with Liberty University Online. offers a Dual Enrollment program specifically designed for high school juniors and seniors who want to earn college credit while still in high school. Each Dual Enrollment course earns half a credit toward your high school diploma and three credits toward your college degree. The more classes you take in the Dual Enrollment program, the further ahead you will be at any university of your choice!

The Dual Enrollment program is available to all eligible high school juniors and seniors; offering two options for these students looking to earn college credit.

The first is an A La Carte option. This allows students in 11 th and 12 th grade to choose and enroll in select college courses. The students will earn high school credit from LUOA and college credit from LU for the same course.

The second is a full-time, year-round program for students desiring to earn an Associate of Arts Degree while earning their high school diploma. Upon successful completion of their LUOA high school graduation requirements, our Associate of Arts students will also obtain an Associate s Degree from Liberty University.

LUOA, together with Liberty University, provides a Christ-centered Dual Enrollment program!

Dual Enrollment Options – What s the Difference?

A La Carte

The A La Carte option of our Dual Enrollment program gives your student flexibility by being able to take the courses he or she wants to take when he or she wants to take them. With the A La Carte option, a student can earn as few as 3 or as many as 36 credit hours. This program is perfect for the student looking to supplement their current high school schedule and earn college credit early!

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts track is for the determined student who desires to take a full-time college schedule while still in high school. Because this is a full-time program, your student does not need to do any other coursework outside of the A.A. track. This means that your student will no longer need to attend a traditional school and will become a full-time student with LUOA. A student considering our A.A. track needs to be a dedicated, independent learner willing to take courses year-round. The cost and time savings of the A.A. track are definitely worth considering; however, the rigor of the A.A. program is not for every student. We strongly encourage that you speak with one of our Dual Enrollment advisors to help you decide if the A La Carte or A.A. track is best for your student! For more information see the links on the left or call our Dual Enrollment office for details (866-418-8741).

Aviation Dual Enrollment Courses Now Available!

In partnership with Liberty University s School of Aeronautics. high school students are able to earn college credit while they work toward their private pilot s license. The student must live close to one of our Flight Training Affiliates to be eligible. For more information, see our online brochure and call our admissions office at 866-418-8741.

Your Own Personal Academic Advisor

You will be assigned an Academic Advisor that will coach you toward which college courses you should take. You could even earn college credit via the College Level Exam Program (CLEP )! Your personal Academic Advisor will help you along the way to ensure your success.

Save Money

Tuition for Dual Enrollment courses is the same as LUOA courses only $549 per course a 73% savings compared to resident college tuition. You will earn a half credit for high school AND three college credits for the same course. This means you could earn your Associate of Arts degree for around $10,000!

Make your money go further and use your 529 Savings Plan on our already discounted courses. Don t wait to use it until your student is in college and courses are more expensive. Use your 529 Plan with LUOA s Dual Enrollment courses now. Just think, you can use your hard earned, tax-free 529 Plan to pay for college courses, discounted 73% through our Dual Enrollment Program, while your student is still in high school!

Save Time

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online courses with our Dual Enrollment program. Study and complete your assignments whenever and wherever you choose. The courses are offered in convenient eight- or sixteen-week sessions with up to eight different enrollment periods every year. Earn your Associate of Arts degree while you re completing your high school diploma and save time and money on your future Bachelor s degree, regardless of where you attend college.

Important Dual Enrollment Resources:

All Course Descriptions (including those not included in the Associate of Arts Track)

Accredited Online Music Degree Programs #online #masters #degree #in #music


Schools Offering Online Music Programs

Music degree holders often go on to pursue a career in education or performance arts. This degree can also be used to compose music or enable a person to work with studios and artists. While a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for many jobs, a master’s degree can open opportunities and further your understanding of music theory and composition. The following is a list of some of the best online music degrees and related programs.

BS in Music Business BS in Music Production

Full Sail University The BS in Music Business degree at Full Sail University prepares graduates to enter the exciting world of the music business. The curriculum teaches the fundamentals of the business, including marketing, advertising, finance, intellectual property, artist and product management, publishing and distribution. For those students interested in the recording process, a BS in Production is also offered.

MA in Worship/Ethnomusicology

Liberty University The Master of Arts in Worship/Ethnomusicology from Liberty University provides students a Christ-centered look at how music is an integral component of culture, worship, and society. The curriculum focuses on general principles of ethnomusicology, music in the Church, and music in missionary work. Graduates work as musicians, worship pastors, and music ministers.

An online music degree is quickly becoming a sought after degree for those who want to work in music or teach music. For those who have an informal background in music, this degree offers a formal certification that may open doors if you already work in the industry. Like many degrees that revolve around the arts, an online music degree only serves as a formality when applying for a job. It does not necessarily open doors when trying to get a job. There are a myriad of online music degrees offered through distance learning programs. Many are legitimate and require the same time commitment and lab hours as studying a conventional music program.

Types of Online Music Degrees

Songwriting Degree

A songwriting degree focuses on both music composition and lyrical songwriting. These are difficult classes in general, but become even more so when taken online. These courses are intended for someone who wishes to pursue a career conducting or creating music. The job opportunities that this degree can lead to are plentiful. Most songwriters have a hefty background in music composition and songwriting before entering a degree program. The majority of songwriting degrees do begin with music theory and basic introduction courses, so if you have no background in music whatsoever, a songwriting degree is still an option.

Music Education Degree

With a music education degree, you typically go on to teach music in some capacity. Depending on the level of degree this is dictates what grade level of music you ll be able to teach. Music educators for elementary through high school only require a bachelors of arts in music education to qualify for teaching jobs. In addition to a music education degree, you must have be certified to teach in your respective state.

Music History Degree

This gives you the opportunity to teach music or purse a higher degree. Music history is often studied along with music theory, though the two are not mutually exclusive. Music history teaches the history of music, typically focusing on major movements and how politics and culture influenced the music of the times. One may also purse a career in writing with a music history degree, either commentating or observing musical genres, artists or reviewing albums.

Music Therapy Degree

This is one of the more limited music degrees available online. A music therapy degree allows you to work on music and how it helps heal people and cope with their problems. Though this is a difficult field to get started in, it is an industry that s set to grow in coming decades. Nearly all forms of art therapy are on the rise. There are opportunities to purse a bachelors, masters or doctorate in music therapy. Many with a music therapy degree go on to become licensed in their state to practice this therapy with patients. Music aiding mental illness dates back to the 17th century and is now works in conjunction with traditional mental health therapy.

Music Production Degree

This degree revolves around bringing music to production. This is a behind-the-scenes job that producers or sound mixers may take to purse a job that involves working in a music studio. This is now this is a technology-driven degree and field and will stay that way. There are many music computer programs to learn when producing music of any sort and a music production degree shows you the ropes of those programs and how to bring ideas and sounds to fruition.

Career Options for Online Music Degree

Music teacher

Many students with an online music degree go on to be music teachers. Music teachers are on a decline as budget cuts often force public schools to do away with music programs. In California, the number of music teachers has declined by 28% in the past few years. Unlike other teaching jobs, music teachers are often hired by a school and stay on board for decades, which means there aren t the same job opportunities as those for general educators.

Private music tutor

This can be a great job if you reside in an affluent area or are willing to travel for students. Music educators with a background in piano, guitar, violin or the cello, can often make a living tutoring students privately. The rate varies from city to city, but in the suburbs you will often find parents who are willing to pay good money for their child to have a private music tutor hone their skills.

Record producer

You may not end up creating Jay-Z s latest hit, but record producers are still able to find work. Most record producers work on a contract basis for a project. Even local or up-and-coming artists have to hire a producer to help cultivate their signature sound. This is a difficult job to break into, but it s all about networking and creating your own opportunities. An online music degree will ensure you re prepared to answer the call when opportunity knocks.

Music teacher with a company

Instead of running your own private music lessons out of your home or office space, some music teachers are employed by a company that provides such services. This means you get a steady paycheck and do not deal with the marketing or networking to gain new students. You show up at work as anyone else does and teach music in a one-on-one lesson or small group class.

Part-time band member

If you play an instrument, you may be able to gain employment working at a church or with a small band that entertains at events. This is almost always a part-time gig and may require a day job to pay the bills. Some artists do not work with an exclusive band, so if you network or already work in the music industry, you may be able to gain a long term, full-time gig playing an instrument. This may involve working in a studio or touring with an artist.

Online Master s Degree Programs #online #masters #programs, #online #masters #degree, #online #masters #degrees, #online #masters #degree #programs, #masters #degree #online


Earn Your Online

Master’s Degree

And Excel

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Gain a competitive edge in your career

You know that leadership requires action. Take control of your future with a Strayer Master s Degree. Our on campus and online master s degree programs provide relevant content, the latest theory and application techniques, and the leadership training that allows you to take your education from classroom to boardroom right away. If you re considering graduate school, an online master s degree from Strayer is a flexible, supported option that fits with your busy life. Strayer offers online master s degrees in a range of in-demand subject areas:

Business Administration

Get well-rounded leadership in one of 14 areas of business management. Fast track your Strayer MBA with the 10-course program, available in some states and campuses.

Getting your online master’s degree can help you set you apart from the competition once you’ve obtained a bachelor’s degree. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, less than 12% of the U.S. population has obtained a Master’s Degree or higher.*

More than 250 organizations, including Sodexo, AT T, Grady Health Systems, General Dynamics IT and NASA GFSC turn to Strayer to train their employees.

“The fact that leading companies are hiring Strayer graduates is impressive, but it’s not surprising.”

– Felicia Blow, MBA Alumna

* National Center for Education Statistics, Digest of Education Statistics 2011. available at http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2012/2012001.pdf .

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Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management Online Course and Certificate – Supply Chain Online #online #masters #in #supply #chain #management


Supply Chain Online, LLC offers an online course in fundamentals of supply chain management and a personalized certificate of completion. available to both individuals and companies or groups. The course is written by Dr. Warren H. Hausman, Founder of Supply Chain Seminars and Professor in the Department of Management Science Engineering at Stanford University.

Since 2001, Supply Chain Online has provided our leading course materials to individuals and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Click the links below for free previews of our course:

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management – Online Course Modules:


Course list price: $320.00

Current Retail Discounts:

Course Duration

Approx. 8 – 10 hours total to complete six 1- to 2-hour modules (self-paced) Module Details.

Delivery Method

Unlimited web-based access for 1 year; printable material for personal use

Certificate of Completion

Yes (after passing requirements); personalized and printable [ Learn More ]

Course Demo (short video)

For individuals: First, create an individual account. Next, go to our course catalog and place the modules you want to buy in your shopping cart. From your cart, press the “checkout” button to complete your order. Once your order is complete, you’ll have access to the modules in seconds.

For corporate/group users: Your group administrator will send you an enrollment link via email.

For corporate/group administrators: Create a group administrator account in our Group Administration System where you can order licenses and offer them to members of your organization.

Select Reader Comments

I am simply taking this course to make myself a more viable candidate for future employment. So far I am pleased!

February 16, 2010

Through these modules, I am learning a great deal and am applying them to a business case.

Excellent introduction to SCM. The flow of information was logical with useful examples. I am looking forward to taking other modules.

The material has been very relevant and addressed specific situations found within my company. very informative without an overwhelming amount of information.

January 19, 2012

“Cisco has found Supply Chain Online’s courses to be extremely beneficial as a key training element in our broad initiative to be a leader in supply chain management. Furthermore, these courses have enabled the entire organization to become versed on a common language of supply chain execution.”

Jim Miller, VP – Operations
Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Planar has made extensive use of Supply Chain Online’s training materials to find and implement improvements in our complex global supply chain. The quality of the materials is excellent; the courses are easy to use, and they have proven to be a valuable component in our ongoing program of supply chain excellence and leadership.”

Michael Coubrough, Director, Global Supply Chain Operations Global Procurement
Planar Systems, Inc.

March 2014: “The Impact of Logistics Performance on Trade “, co-authored by Supply Chain Online Co-Founder Dr. Warren Hausman, Dr. Hau Lee, and Uma Subramanian, wins Wickham Skinner Award for Best Paper published in Productions and Operations Management during 2013

June 2013: Dr. Warren Hausman, author of Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management . receives 2012 – 2013 Department of Management Science and Engineering award for Graduate Teaching, “. to recognize and thank [him] for. extraordinary efforts that have made Stanford and the department a better place.” Stanford University Department of Management Science and Engineering

August 2012: Dr. Warren Hausman, author of Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management . receives Laudation from Production and Operations Management Journal (Production and Operations Management. July-August 2012, Vol. 21, No. 4, pages xi-xii)

Nursing Online, University of Cincinnati #masters #in #curriculum


Cincinnati Online Nursing Programs

Congratulations on your decision to further your career with Cincinnati Online Graduate Nursing Programs. The University of Cincinnati offers programs with a range of nursing specialties in on-campus, online and hybrid formats, providing the flexibility adult students require while advancing their careers.

We invite you to explore the Cincinnati Online website. By completing the contact form on this website, prospective students will be contacted by a Cincinnati Online Enrollment Services Advisor who can begin answering all of your questions.

The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing is a respected leader in nursing education and has been involved in the delivery of online education for more than a decade. The college faculty, most doctorally prepared, are committed to the delivery of exemplary education as evidenced by their innovative instructional methods and practical application offered throughout the curriculum. The college’s academic programs have consistently been ranked in the top 1% of U.S. nursing programs according the U.S. News World Report.

Cincinnati Online Nursing Programs are regionally and CCNE accredited and have been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for innovation, leadership and educational excellence. Multiple faculty members also have been recognized for educational excellence. Consistent with state and national trends, the number of students choosing distance learning options with Cincinnati Online continues to grow. In fact, at the University of Cincinnati, more Online Learners are graduate students (62%) vs. Non-Online Learners (20%).

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with Nurse Practitioner (NP) specialties offers the following options:

Students enrolling in one of these NP specialties should familiarize themselves with the general MSN coursework, as those course requirements will need to be completed before students may begin the NP specialty curriculum. Nurses who already have an MSN from the University of Cincinnati may enroll in a Post-Master’s Certificate program to obtain their NP specialty.

Nursing Online, University of Cincinnati #masters #leadership #online


Cincinnati Online Nursing Programs

Congratulations on your decision to further your career with Cincinnati Online Graduate Nursing Programs. The University of Cincinnati offers programs with a range of nursing specialties in on-campus, online and hybrid formats, providing the flexibility adult students require while advancing their careers.

We invite you to explore the Cincinnati Online website. By completing the contact form on this website, prospective students will be contacted by a Cincinnati Online Enrollment Services Advisor who can begin answering all of your questions.

The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing is a respected leader in nursing education and has been involved in the delivery of online education for more than a decade. The college faculty, most doctorally prepared, are committed to the delivery of exemplary education as evidenced by their innovative instructional methods and practical application offered throughout the curriculum. The college’s academic programs have consistently been ranked in the top 1% of U.S. nursing programs according the U.S. News World Report.

Cincinnati Online Nursing Programs are regionally and CCNE accredited and have been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for innovation, leadership and educational excellence. Multiple faculty members also have been recognized for educational excellence. Consistent with state and national trends, the number of students choosing distance learning options with Cincinnati Online continues to grow. In fact, at the University of Cincinnati, more Online Learners are graduate students (62%) vs. Non-Online Learners (20%).

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with Nurse Practitioner (NP) specialties offers the following options:

Students enrolling in one of these NP specialties should familiarize themselves with the general MSN coursework, as those course requirements will need to be completed before students may begin the NP specialty curriculum. Nurses who already have an MSN from the University of Cincinnati may enroll in a Post-Master’s Certificate program to obtain their NP specialty.

Online Political Science PhD Programs: Online Political Science Doctoral Degree Program Reviews, online political science masters.#Online #political #science #masters


Political Science Programs

Political Science studies power relationships. The word politics has its origins in the Greek word, politika which involves people making collective decisions. Political scientists use statistical methods, measurements and research analysis to study power relationships.

The Political Science Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) teaches people how to gather, analyze and organize data that can be used by leaders to make sound public policy.

Political scientists help decision-makers create public policy. Specific tasks include urban planning, social services and business regulation. Political scientists publish academic reports, research articles, and books too.

These are the typical courses that are required for a Political Science PhD:

These are some minor areas of study:

  • Diplomacy
  • Elections (Voting)
  • International Relations (Foreign Policy)
  • Law
  • Municipal Services
  • Philosophy
  • Political Economy
  • Public Policy Administration

Accreditation for Teaching Institutions

A Doctorate s value depends upon the quality of the teaching institution issuing the diploma. Due to the vast amount of time, energy and money invested in acquiring a PhD, it is wise to ensure that the school is accredited. The United States Department of Education regulates accrediting agencies.

The following is a list of some accreditation organizations:

  • Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)
  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
  • Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)

There are also six regional accreditation organizations.

PhD Job Prospects

Future Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the number of jobs for Political Science Doctors will increase faster than average because many political scientists are reaching retirement age.

Skills Acquired

Political scientists must be able to think logically, read analytically, and communicate effectively.


Political science PhD s are valuable for administrators, economists, journalists, lawyers, managers, political activists, politicians, professors, social scientists, sociologists, teachers, and urban planners.


Here are the most common employers:

  • Business
  • Community organizations
  • Government (employs six out of ten Political Science PhD holders)
  • Legal firms
  • Political parties
  • Social advocacy groups
  • Think tanks
  • Universities

Work Environment

The Political Science Doctor will primarily work for either a government or school in office and field environments.

Most office environments will be clean and well-lit; political scientists will research, analyze and publish their conclusions.

During political campaigns, these experts will conduct public opinion surveys, write press releases, and raise funds at all times of the day and on weekends.

Professors will primarily teach students, and write course curriculum. Teachers have flexibility in their schedules, usually with evenings, weekends and the summer free.

Job Salaries

The BLS estimates that the average salary for a Political Scientist Doctor (May 2008) was $104,130.

Career Advancement

Political scientists can advance their careers by becoming administrators, consultants, judges, lawmakers, and politicians.

Online Offerings

Here are some online offerings:

Euclid Intergovernmental University

New York, NY 10017

Degree: Doctor of Diplomacy and International Affairs

George Washington University

Washington, DC 20052

Degree: Political Science PhD

Baltimore, MD 21202-4346

Degree: Public Policy and Administration PhD

Offline Offerings

Institutions offering Political Science PhD s:

329 Masters in Supply Chain Management – Logistics #strategic #management #masters


Supply Chain Management Logistics


Find out more information about Supply Chain Management Logistics

Supply chain management describes the whole process of how one product reaches to an end user through the cumulative effort of multiple organisations. Supply chain management deals with the methods on maximizing customer value in terms of product development, sourcing, productions and the information systems that coordinate all these activities. Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient flow and storage of goods, services according to customer requirements.

A degree in supply chain management and logistics provides you with relevant insights in market needs, planning methods and controlling flows, required to analyse logistical performances or the implementation of new logistical approaches. Students will gain management skills, planning, organizational and analytical skills as they will have to develop the ability to optimize import and export flows, and they will also acquire technology skills.

Career prospects for graduates of logistics and supply chain management usually involve the manufacturing industry, but many opportunities are also available within wholesale, retail and health care providers, working as: logistics engineer, logistics manager, materials manager, purchasing manager, facilities manager, supply chain analyst/manager, warehouse manager, logistics information systems manager.

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Suggested Masters in Supply Chain Management Logistics

Thanks to a solid and intellectually defiant programme like MSc Supply Chain Management from NEOMA Business School, you will gain deep insight into technical, managerial and strategic skills, resulting in positions as managers or consultants in the sector of Supply Chain and Procurement�sector.

Master – s Degrees #masters #in #nursing #chicago


Master s Degrees

Minimum Semester Hours Required

At least 32 beyond the baccalaureate; some degree programs require more.


At least 24 hours, or one-half of the minimum number of semester hours of graduate work required for the degree, whichever is greater, must be earned as a degree candidate at UIC. At least 9 hours must be at the 500 level, excluding research seminars (595), project (597), thesis (598), and independent study courses.

Only 400- and 500-level courses can be applied to a graduate degree. Credit toward a graduate degree is only given for courses in which a student received a grade of A, B, C, P, or S. Graduate programs may establish higher standards.

Master’s students who have completed all course credit requirements but have not yet completed a graduation requirement (e.g. thesis, or project, or comprehensive examination) are not required to register unless they hold a fellowship, assistantship or tuition and service-fee waiver. Students who are on a time-limited visa or are in programs that require continuous registration must petition the program and the Graduate College to register for zero hours in an appropriate course (thesis or project).

Foreign Language

Not required by the Graduate College; may be required by the program.

Comprehensive Examination

Not required by the Graduate College; may be required by the program. The candidate must be in good academic standing in the Graduate College and the department and have completed all other degree requirements.

Thesis or Project

Not required by the Graduate College; may be required by the program. Thesis student must earn at least 5 hours in thesis research (the 598 course offered by their program). A maximum of 40 percent of the total hours of credit required for the degree may be earned in thesis research, unless restricted by the program.

Once the student has completed all graduation requirements and is in good academic standing, s/he must defend the thesis before a committee. The thesis committee is appointed by the Dean of the Graduate College on the recommendation of the student’s department or program. This Committee consists of at least three persons, one of whom should be a tenured full member of the UIC graduate faculty. One member of the committee may be from outside the department, academic unit, or outside the university, in which case the member must demonstrate equivalent academic standards and his/her curriculum vitae must accompany the Committee Recommendation Form. A Committee Recommendation Form must be submitted to the Graduate College at least three weeks prior to the thesis defense. A majority of the committee must approve the thesis. A candidate cannot be passed if more than one vote of “fail” is reported. The Department Head or the Director of Graduate Studies will be required to sign the Certificate of Approval Form before a student is considered to have met all the requirements of the thesis. All Committee members should be present at the defense.

Specific instructions on the format of the thesis are contained in the booklet, Thesis Manual. available in the Graduate College Office, 606 University Hall.

Time Limits

In graduate programs requiring 32 to 40 semester hours of graduate work, candidates must complete all of the requirements within five consecutive calendar years after their initial registration in the Graduate College. For programs requiring 41 to 64 semester hours of graduate work the time limit is six consecutive calendar years. Students pursuing more than one degree at the same time will be given an additional two years. Students who do not graduate by these deadlines will be dismissed from the Graduate College for failure to progress. Time spent on a leave of absence approved by the program and the Graduate College is not counted toward the degree time limit (see Leave of Absence (PDF) ).


Attendance at commencement is voluntary. The yearly commencement exercises in May recognize all students awarded degrees in the previous three terms.

How Do You Become an Early Intervention Specialist? Masters in Special Education Degree Program Guide #masters #in #early #intervention


  • Capella University – online MS in Special Education Teaching accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Request Information
  • Purdue University – online MSEd in Special Education offering separate tracks for initial teacher licensure, and licensed teachers looking to add advanced endorsements. Request Information

How Do You Become an Early Intervention Specialist?

If you have received the calling to work with young children who have physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or sensory impairments, you may want to become an early intervention specialist. Within both classroom and center-based programs, early intervention specialists are responsible for designing, implementing, modifying, and evaluating interventions to positively impact the developmental needs of infants or toddlers with disabilities. Early intervention specialists must have strong collaboration skills, a broad understanding of medical terminology, high energy level to interact with young children, and an arsenal of effective intervention strategies. In order to get on the right track towards this rewarding educational profession, the following is a guide to the steps for becoming an early intervention specialist.

1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education

Since early intervention specialists are given the duty of providing supports for children from birth through 5 years old who are displaying developmental delays, it is recommended that they start by earning undergraduate training related to early childhood special education. Within a bachelor’s degree program for special education, students may also want to take supplemental coursework related to physical, speech, and/or occupational therapy to expand their areas of specialization down the road. Coursework should cover topics related to developmental milestones, educational assessments, and a broad array of disabilities that are experienced by very young children. It is recommended that you choose one of the programs accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) for ideal preparation.

2. Pursue a Master’s Degree with Emphasis in Early Childhood Intervention

After receiving an undergraduate degree, it is suggested that early intervention specialists further their education at the graduate level by pursuing a master’s degree with an emphasis in early childhood intervention. While some of the larger universities in the United States offer stand-alone programs for early intervention specialists, this concentration is often part of an early childhood special education degree or certificate program. For specific preparation for becoming an early intervention specialist, you will want to fill up your schedule with courses related to behavioral problems, classroom intervention, child development theory, child psychology, early intervention assessments, and risk factors in special needs children.

3. Fulfill State Licensure Requirements

In order to legally practice as an early intervention specialist, the majority of states nationwide will require you to fulfill state licensure requirements through the state’s department for education. This is especially true if early intervention specialists are planning to work in public school systems, state-funded intervention programs, or other formal educational services. Although the licensure requirements vary greatly from state to state, many will require specific coursework related to special education, experience working in an early childhood care center, and portfolios to review previous work related to early intervention. For increased job opportunities, individuals may wish to also pursue professional certification through the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) in early childhood intervention.

Overall, early intervention specialists function as members of an interdisciplinary professional team to help young children obtain better developmental outcomes by receiving appropriate services as early as possible in their childhood. When you follow these steps to become an early intervention specialist, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill a rising demand for early intervention services to very young children at risk of developing special needs.

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Masters in Health Administration Degree – MHA Online – University of Phoenix #public #health #online #masters


Master of Health Administration

If you’re interested in shaping the future of healthcare, our Master of Health Administration (MHA) could be what you’re looking for. You’ll learn the management theories and leadership principles that can help prepare you for improving patient, population and provider outcomes by collaborating with diverse organizations across the healthcare industry.

Our curriculum is designed to align with leading industry and academic organizations like the American College of Healthcare Executives© (ACHE) and the Association of University Programs in Health Administration© (AUPHA). The program aims to expand your knowledge in the areas of industry and organizational dynamics, environmental scanning, development of an authentic and transparent leadership style, and personal and corporate social responsibility. You’ll also learn how to create strategic alliances with other leaders and maintain them through mergers and acquisitions.

Explore the offerings and information below to see how this program can help prepare you to become a leader well-equipped to transform the healthcare industry.

Requirements and prerequisites

You’ll need XXX credits to complete the program. You can add a concentration to your degree program, but one is not required for completion of the program. Available concentrations are Health Professions Education (9 additional credits), Gerontology for Health Administrators (9 additional credits), Health Informatics (6 additional credits) and Sustainability Management for Health Care (6 additional credits).

ACHE is a registered trademark of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

AUPHA is a registered trademark of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Customize your degree

In addition to the knowledge and skills related to the University Learning Goals, College of Health Professions graduating students are intended to attain certain program-specific knowledge, skills and abilities. Therefore, you should be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes by the time you complete this program.

Each college or school creates a set of Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) to describe the knowledge, skills or attitudes that students will possess upon completion of the program of study.

Review the annual assessment results (PDFs) for this program.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

In addition to the knowledge and skills related to the University Learning Goals, College of Health Professions graduating students are intended to attain certain program-specific knowledge, skills and abilities. Therefore, you should be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes by the time you complete this program.

Each college or school creates a set of Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) to describe the knowledge, skills or attitudes that students will possess upon completion of the program of study.

Review the annual assessment results (PDFs) for this program.

Online Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling #masters #of #education #counseling


About the Program

Medaille’s on-campus or online Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) is designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in principles of mental health counseling at the graduate level. The program, which is available in both on-campus and online formats, meets the New York State Office of Professions education requirements for licensure as a licensed mental health counselor.

What can you do with this degree?

Alumni of Medaille’s Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, in Rochester, Buffalo or online, have gone on to careers as

What can you do with this degree?

Mental Health Clinic Counselors

Drug and Alcohol Program Clinicians

Hospital/Psychiatric Center Therapists

College and University Counselors

Additional Resources for Students:

American Counseling Association (ACA)
The American Counseling Association is the flagship organization and the largest counseling organization in the world with some 57,000 members and 18 divisional affiliate organizations. ACA has written a comprehensive Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that all professional counselors are expected to read and understand. There are currently 17 Divisions comprising ACA. ACA was founded in 1952.

American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA)
The American Mental Health Counselors Association was founded in 1978 and is the ACA Division representing the profession of Mental Health Counselors. The AMHCA also has a separate Code of Ethics from ACA, though the two Codes are consistent on major issues.

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) is a national and bilingual organization dedicated to the enhancement of the counselling profession in Canada. This dynamic site provides information about the profession of counselling to CCPA members, to those of you who are interested in joining the national counselling association and to members of the public who wish to learn more about the association and the counselling profession in Canada.

College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario
The College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario (CRPRMHTO) will be the governing body for psychotherapists and mental health therapists in Ontario.

The CRPRMHTO was established by the Psychotherapy Act in 2007 and is represented by its transitional council. In July 2009, staff of the Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) provided the Registrar of the transitional council with an overview of the OFC’s work and with the requirements for compliance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, as amended, that the CRPRMHTO will eventually have to meet. The CRPRMHTO is developing its regulations and setting standards of practice that will enable it to become fully operational. The OFC will work closely with the transitional council.

National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. (NBCC)
The National Board for Certified Counselors is the national credentialing board for professional counselors. Mental Health Counselors seeking national certification may take the National Counselor Examination (NCE) in order to become a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC). While national certification differs from state licensure, most states use the NCE as their counselor licensure examination.

New York Mental Health Counselors Association (NYMHCA)
The New York Mental Health Counselors Association is the advocacy organization representing the clinical counselors of New York State, They work to obtain licensure, and our continuing role is to protect and enhance the rights of counselors to practice the profession.

New York State Office of Professions
Practitioners, called mental health counselors, are trained in counseling and psychotherapy to treat individuals with mental and emotional disorders and other behavioral challenges. Mental health counselors address mental health, human relationship, education and career concerns within ethical, developmental, preventive and treatment contexts. Mental health counselors demonstrate a concern for the short-term and long-term well-being of individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations.

Medaille’s (Clinical) Mental Health Counseling program is designed to meet the academic licensure requirements and to prepare graduates to sit for the licensing exam required by New York State Office of Professions. That licensing exam is National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE) and applicable to many states.

Medaille (Clinical) Mental Health Counseling Faculty can provide guidance on out-of-state licensure, education, and internship criteria; however, it remains the charge of the student to evaluate requirements for the state or country in which he or she intends to work. Student’s will want to save all syllabi, books and material from the (Clinical) Mental Health Counseling Program as the out-of-state licensing boards often need copies of these materials. Medaille makes no guarantee that the completion of a degree or coursework for graduate credit will permit the student to obtain licensure in their particular location.

CACREP’s mission is to promote excellence in counselor training programs. Medaille’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program is pleased to join the ranks of other nationally accredited training programs, preparing masters students for a career in the field of mental health counseling. Our recently accredited program actively uses the tools and standards provided by CACREP to heighten expectations for our students and to highly prepare our students for both their work in their placements, as well as in their career.

CACREP Grants Accreditation to Medaille’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program in Buffalo and Rochester

The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs has granted accreditation to Medaille’s Master of Arts program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling offered at the College’s Buffalo and Rochester campuses.

Jobs for masters in public health, jobs for masters in public health.#Jobs #for #masters #in #public #health


jobs for masters in public health

Public health protects and improves the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations, locally and globally.

Graduates of CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health are equipped with the population health skills to address the world’s most pressing health issues.

We support education in public health by providing a variety of comprehensive classroom and curriculum resources.

Keep up with members and their contributions to advancing the field.

Preparing tomorrow’s public health leaders by advancing education, research, practice, and advocacy.

“A great aspect of public health is the many connections we create in communities in the U.S. and globally; it is truly a field where you never know what project you will end up working on or who you will have the chance to collaborate with.”

Jobs for masters in public health

ASPPH Member Response to Hurricane Harvey

Many of our members are already involved in the Hurricane Henry response. Below is a list of activities. We will provide updates as they become available. Read More

ASPPH Presents Ensuring Valuable Global Experiences for Undergraduates

Originally scheduled for the 2017 Undergraduate Summit for Public Health and Global Health Education, this webinar will feature three presentations. Read More

Maryland and Johns Hopkins Researchers Evaluate Attachment-based Parenting Intervention Designed to Improve Outcomes in Early Head Start

Faculty from the University of Maryland School of Public Health [ ] Read More

Public health practitioners emphasize prevention, education, and policy to tackle global health challenges worldwide.

Students of public health can tap into a rich array of concentrations and academic programs.

60,000 Current public health students at member schools and programs. This is the ASPPH community.

Public health education evolves along with world health challenges. Our resources help maintain the highest standards for teaching and training.

Our member schools and programs contribute to vital research, practice, and professional developments that keep public health on the cutting edge.

Online Master of Social Work (MSW) #online #social #work #degree #masters


Online Master of Social Work (MSW)

Program at a Glance

Boston University’s School of Social Work (SSW) is committed to education that furthers social and economic justice, and incorporates these ideals into its programs and activities. Our aim is to educate professional social workers who will become leaders in a complex, diverse, and multicultural society. Graduates will possess the knowledge and the skills to address the needs and potentials of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. BUSSW recognizes the ever-changing demands of the profession, and meets them through the highest-quality teaching, scholarship, research, practice, and political action.

The School of Social Work’s online Master of Social Work program is designed for professionals with work and/or family responsibilities. This part-time, online program with majors in Clinical Social Work Practice and Macro Social Work Practice offers three options toward completion of the MSW degree. The eligibility to pursue a specific track is dependent on previous academic and human services experience.

  • Traditional MSW Track (TT): This track consists of 65 credits, which can be completed in three years over the course of nine semesters (fall, spring, and summer). Students take foundation and advanced courses online, attend live classroom sessions held Sunday or Monday nights, and complete two field internships.
  • Human Service Experience Track (HSE): Applicants who have a minimum of two years of supervised human services experience may be considered for the HSE track. The program consists of 65 credits, which can be completed in three years over the course of nine semesters (fall, spring, and summer). Students take foundation and advanced courses online, attend live classroom sessions held Sunday or Monday nights, and complete a single 1,000-hour field internship.
  • Advanced Standing Track (AS). This option is open to applicants with an undergraduate social work degree from a program accredited by CSWE. Students accepted into the advanced standing track are able to put 22–25 credit hours of previous coursework towards their MSW degree. The remaining 40–43 credits in the program must be taken at BUSSW or as part of a BUSSW-approved course of study. Students enroll in an advanced 1,000-hour field internship. Applications for the online MSW Advanced Standing Program are only accepted for September admission.

Students fulfill all requirements by taking courses online and completing the field internship(s) within, or near, their geographical location.

Awards Accreditations

  • #12, Best Grad Schools Social Work Rankings. U.S. News World Report 2016
  • Sloan Consortium Award for Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education
  • U.S. Distance Learning Association Award for 21 st Century Best Practices
  • BU’s School of Social Work is winner of the USDLA Platinum Award in Best Practices in Distance Learning Programming, 2014
  • Boston University School of Social Work’s programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education

Why Choose BU’s Master of Social Work?

  • Major in Clinical or Macro Social Work Practice
  • A convenient online learning format, enabling individuals to earn a Master of Social Work degree while continuing to live and work in their own communities
  • The flexibility to complete one or two field internships (depending upon relevant work experience) within or near one’s own community
  • A holistic, integrated curriculum that builds skills to assist diverse groups and at-risk populations, with emphasis on ethical practice and social and economic justice
  • Nationally recognized faculty who are committed scholars, researchers, and leaders in strengthening communities
  • Professional opportunities in a variety of sectors and settings
  • Lifelong learning opportunities for social workers and other human service professionals, particularly those in public and private nonprofit agencies
  • Access to faculty research, scholarship, and service that advances theory, policy, and practice in the social work profession and in the general social welfare field



Students take the required and elective courses online, attend live classroom sessions held Sunday or Monday nights, and complete one or two field internships (depending upon relevant work experience) within or near their geographic area. Courses are taught by Boston University faculty members who remain committed to providing leadership and mentorship, allowing students throughout the United States access to their vast research experience and expertise in current and emerging social work practice.


Learn more about course requirements for this program from BU’s School of Social Work .


Applicants who have a minimum of two years of supervised human services experience may apply to be considered for the Human Service with Experience track (HSE). Advanced Standing candidates must have earned an undergraduate degree from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education within six years of entry into the program. Other applicants are eligible to apply for the Traditional Program track. Learn more about Admissions for this program from BU s School of Social Work .

Applicants must have a cumulative academic average of 3.0 (B) or higher for undergraduate study. Applicants (except advanced standing) with a GPA is below 3.0 will be considered for admission, but must submit standardized test scores to supplement their application. The online program is available for individuals living in the USA except those from NC and US territories. At this time the Online MSW Program is not open to international applicants. State licensing requirements differ from state to state. Please be sure to research the licensing requirements for your state.


Our faculty are active and renowned experts in their respective fields, from gerontology and substance abuse to HIV/AIDS and mental health.

The 2016 U.S. News World Report edition of “America’s Best Graduate Schools,” ranked BU’s School of Social Work #12 among 217 social work graduate programs—placing it in the top 8 percent—thanks, in no small part, to our faculty.

That peer social work educators rate our program among the nation’s very best indicates the high quality of our faculty and academic programs, our mission, and our dedication to graduating excellent social workers with skill and compassion.

Special Program Options

  • Students may choose to major in Clinical Social Work Practice or Macro Social Work Practice .
  • There are three options to complete the program: Traditional. Human Services Experience and Advanced Standing . The eligibility is dependent on undergraduate education and previous human services experience.
  • BUSSW provides field placement support to its online students and strives to make the internship process a collaborative effort. Students who are working in the social work field may be able to complete one of their two internships at their place of employment.
    • Learn more about the program options and field placement support for the online program from BU s School of Social Work .

Getting Started

Applications for the online MSW Program are accepted each semester, and applicants can apply to enter the program to start in the September, January or May terms. Applications for the Online MSW Advanced Standing Program are only accepted for September admission.

For application materials or more information, contact an Admissions Representative at 1-877-308-9945 or visit onlinemsw.bu.edu .

  • Request Information from School of Social Work

Average Salary with a Masters in School Counseling – Masters in School Counseling #guidance #counselor #masters


Average Salary with a Masters in School Counseling

While many states only require a bachelor s degree to begin working in the school counseling field, getting your master s degree is undoubtedly one of the best ways to boost your salary and make you a more attractive candidate if you re currently looking for a job. Though you may need to spend money to pay for this advanced education, even without grants and scholarships, a master s degree in school counseling will pay for itself easily over the course of your career as a counselor .

Annual Compensation

With a master s degree in school counseling, you can expect to earn an average of $50,000 annually. A number of factors determine the exact salary you ll receive with this type of education. Some of these factors include your location, the level of student you counsel, whether you work for a private school or public school, and your experience. You can generally make more money if you live in a city (rather than in a more rural area), work with special-needs or high school students, get a job with a private school, and, of course, gain experience by working in the field over the course of several years. According to the Princeton Review, however, the starting salary you can expect is around $33,000, while experienced school counselors can make salaries approaching six figures.

Benefits for School Counselors

As a school counselor with a master s degree, don t forget that you ll also likely receive offers that include benefits packages. A lower salary might be a better overall deal, when you consider other things, such as paid vacation days, retirement plans, medical and dental benefits, transportation reimbursement, and more. Sometimes, a lucrative benefits package can make up for a lower salary!

Make More Money as a School Counselor

Getting a masters in school counseling is just one of the things you can do to earn more money in this field. Specialization can also give you the opportunity to demand a higher salary, as can a duel masters degree in education, since many smaller schools are looking for counselors who can also help with curriculum development. Go where demand is highest if you want to make a higher salary, and consider getting involved with school activities, as many school districts pay counselors more to organize events such as parent-teacher conferences and open houses.

Top Online Master of School Counseling Degrees

School counselors work in elementary, middle, and high schools to provide academic, college, and personal guidance to students. Previously known as guidance counselors or educational counselors, this profession generally requires a master’s degree in education, school counseling, or similar subject. Some states also require licensing or certification. The following schools offer accredited online degree programs in school counseling or closely related subjects.

An MS in K-12 Educational Leadership from Walden will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to lead student, teachers, and parents to academic success. You will have the power to shape the lives of children that will lead the future. In this program you will be prepared with the leadership skills necessary to reach out to children you that you work with and challenge them to become the best that they can. You will come away from this program ready to enhance the learning opportunities for all students.
Click Here

At Grand Canyon University’s MA in Christian Studies youth ministry specialization, students learn the art of preaching to a younger audience. This online program helps you obtain a future career in the church leadership. Courses include Youth Issues and Crisis, and Mentoring and Counseling Youth.
Click Here

Masters Profesionales – IMF Business School #master #profesional, #masters #profesionales, #master #professional, #master #profesionales


Qué es un Máster Profesional

Nuestros masters propios, en cualquiera de sus metodolog as (online, a distancia o semipresencial), ofrecen Bolsa de Empleo y Pr cticas y otorgan al alumno una doble titulaci n y tienen el aval de IMF Business School y la Universidad Camilo Jos Cela.

Su enfoque pedag gico es eminentemente pr ctico y adaptado a la demanda de formaci n especializada en distintos sectores profesionales. por lo que estos programas se convierten en una alternativa con ptimos resultados entre los estudios de posgrado universitarios .

La metodolog a de IMF permite estudiar nuestros masters sea cual sea el pa s del estudiante: Espa a, Per , Colombia, Rep blica Dominicana, M xico, Panam , etc.

El acceso a un m ster no oficial, se puede hacer tanto con un t tulo universitario previo como con experiencia laboral. No esperes m s para especializarte.

La metodolog a online, semipresencial o a distancia permite realizar los masters sin necesidad de dedicaci n exclusiva. Podr s empezar en cualquier momento, ya que se abre convocatoria todos los meses. En IMF dejamos atr s la visi n ya algo antigua de una o dos convocatorias anuales.

De acuerdo con nuestra visi n corporativa, buscamos ofrecer una educaci n accesible a todo el mundo, ya sea por la facilidad de compatibilizar los estudios con la vida personal o profesional, como por nuestra pol tica de precios, becas y financiaci n sin intereses .

Avalados por los mejores

Actualmente, IMF Business School es la única escuela de negocios que cuenta con los siguientes certificados, acreditaciones y empresas colaboradoras:

Noticias, eventos y formación

Suscríbete ahora y recibe los mejores contenidos sobre Negocios, Prevención, Calidad, Medio Ambiente, Tecnología, Logística y Recursos Humanos.

IMF Business School

IMF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. B83074146. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Madrid. Tomo 16.386, Libro 0, Folio 32, Sección 8, Hoja M 287.738, Inscripción 1º

Tel: 913 64 51 57 | Fax: 91 366 40 48 |

IMF Madrid (Central): 91 364 51 57

Colorado Masters Swimming Association #masters #in #athletic #coaching


United States Masters Swimming (USMS) is a national organization that provides organized swim practices, competitions, and clinics for adults 18 and over. USMS is open to all swimmers (fitness, triathlete, competitive and non-competitive) who want to improve their fitness and swimming technique.

COMSA the Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) is charged with regulating all masters swimming activities in the states of Colorado and Wyoming.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Budapest 2017 – FINA World Masters Championships
Are you looking to attend the 2017 FINA World Masters Championships? Here are all the possible ways you can keep up to date the event.

Saturday, May 20, 2017
2017 USMS 5K and 10K National ePostal Championships
Finally, we can put the long, hard Colorado winter behind us and look forward to swimming outside all over our beautiful State! With that said, it�s time to go POSTAL once again. Yes, long distance swimmer enthusiasts, let�s show the rest of the country how to swim a 5K & 10K National Championship at 5280 feet above sea level! COMSA is once again sponsoring the opportunity for all USMS registered Masters swimmers to participate in a group in the 2017 USMS 5K & 10K National ePostal Championships hosted by Swim Fort Lauderdale.

Saturday, May 20, 2017
Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimming Update
Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers is hosting swimming this summer at the Gravel Pond. Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers is a new workout group under CMS and COMSA, and anyone who is a member of COMSA or USMS is welcome to swim with us at the Gravel Pond at Chatfield State Park.

Saturday, May 20, 2017
2017 Check-Off Challenge
The Check-Off Challenge: 2017 American Records Tour is a postal event designed to motivate swimmers to complete 18 pool events during the 2017 calendar year. It challenges all levels of swimmers: novice swimmers can swim new events, and experienced swimmers can try for their personal best times in as many events as practical.

Where and when do I accomplish the Check-Off Challenge? The events may be swum in practices or in meets, in yards or in meters, from the blocks or a push, any time during 2017. The CHALLENGE is to complete all events.

More Information and details on signing up

All items have the Colorado Masters Swimming logo from this year as seen above. Purchase and have shipped directly to you.

Click on Team Login and use the folowing login information:

username: colorado
password: masters

What’s Happening at U.S.M.S.
As members of COMSA, you are also members of U. S. Masters Swimming. Check that website for information on Fitness Events, Coaching tips, Competitions nation wide, and many other areas of interest to swimmers everywhere. U. S. Masters Swimming


Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships, 2017 Scholarship Positions 2017 2018 #commonwealth #distance #learning #scholarships #for #masters #courses #in #uk, #2017


Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for Masters Courses in UK, 2017

Applications are invited for Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in the home country. Students from developing commonwealth countries can apply for these scholarships.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship aims to contribute to development needs of Commonwealth countries by providing training for skilled and qualified professionals in key development areas.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship is one of the largest and most prestigious scholarship schemes for international study in the world. These scholarships are funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), with the aim of contributing to the UK’s international development aims and wider overseas interests, supporting excellence in UK higher education, and sustaining the principles of the Commonwealth.

Applicants must hold a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) standard. A lower qualification and sufficient relevant experience may be considered in certain cases. Candidate must provide a certificate confirming an overall score of at least 6.5, with no less than 5.5 in each band.

Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing Masters Degree courses.

Study Subject(s). Scholarships are awarded to study following programs:

List of Subjects: MSc Palliative Medicine and Care (available to citizens of Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka only) at Cardiff University, MSc Tropical Forestry at Bangor University, MSc Environmental Management (available to citizens of Kenya only), MA Online and Distance Education at Open University, MSc Burn Care, MSc Endocrinology and Diabetes, MSc Gastroenterology, MSc Orthopaedic Trauma Science, MSc Trauma Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London, MSc Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health (available to citizens of Sri Lanka only) at Royal Veterinary College, MSc Public Financial Management (available to citizens of Malawi and Tanzania only) at SOAS, University of London, MA Education and International Development (available to citizens of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda only), MA Education, Gender and International Development (available to citizens of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda only), MA Education, Health Promotion and International Development (available to citizens of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda only) at UCL Institute of Education, MSc International Development (Conflict, Security and Development) at University of Birmingham, MSc Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health, MSc Clinical Education, MVetSci Conservation Medicine, MSc Family Medicine, MSc Global Challenges, MSc Global eHealth, MSc Global Health and Infectious Disease, MSc International Animal Health, MSc One Health, MSc Paediatric Emergency Medicine, MPH Public Health at University of Edinburgh, MSc Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management at University of Leicester, MPH Public Health at University of Liverpool, MSt International Human Rights Law at University of Oxford, MSc Global Ageing and Policy, MSc Gerontology at University of Southampton, MSc Dementia Studies (available to applicants from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka only) at University of Stirling, MSc Finance (available to applicants from Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania only), MSc Hydrogeology (available to applicants from Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe only) at University of Strathclyde, MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture at University of St Andrews, MA Public Policy and Management at University of York.

Scholarship Award. All expressions of interest must meet the CSC’s overall funding cap of £18,000 per scholarship. This figure must cover all elements of the award, including tuition fees, grants to recipients, applicable partnership development costs, and any UK residential programmes. If the actual costs of delivering the course are higher than £18,000, the university must clearly identify the source of top up funding in its expression of interest, and any subsequent proposal. Funding is available for five years from the start of an approved programme

Number of Awards: To date, nearly 1,000 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships have been awarded.

Scholarship can be taken at Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for individuals to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in their home country.

Eligibility. To apply for these scholarships, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of a developing Commonwealth country, refugee, or British protected person
  • Be permanently resident in a developing Commonwealth country
  • Hold a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) standard. A lower qualification and sufficient relevant experience may be considered in certain cases

Nationality: Students from following developing Commonwealth countries can apply for these Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.

List of Countries: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Montserrat, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Rwanda, St Helena, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Virgin Islands (British), Zambia and Zimbabwe

Details about the countries can be found here .

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must hold a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) standard. A lower qualification and sufficient relevant experience may be considered in certain cases.

Test Requirement: No

English Language Requirements: Candidates may be required to take the Academic IELTS English language test as a condition of eligibility. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check with their UK university whether this requirement applies to them. If selected, the candidate must provide a certificate confirming an overall score of at least 6.5, with no less than 5.5 in each band. An IELTS test will be considered valid only if it is taken up to one year prior to the start date of the course.

How to Apply. The application cycle for Distance Learning Scholarships has three stages:

  • The CSC invites expressions of interest from UK Universities for Distance Learning Scholarships (AugustSeptember).
  • The CSC invites formal proposals from shortlisted universities, deciding which courses to select and how many scholarships to allocate to each course (November-January).
  • The CSC selects candidates for Distance Learning Scholarships from a shortlist of candidates nominated by each university following its own recruitment process (February-July) Expressions of interest and proposals from universities and applications from candidates must be made using the CSC’s Electronic Application System (EAS).

Application Deadline. The deadline for applications is June 18, 2017 .

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Life Experience Degree Programs

Almeda University offers a wide range of Life Experience and online degree programs for Associate, Bachelor and Master degree levels. Almeda University provides the best elearning environment available to our students. Our non-credit courses feature award-winning content taught by best-selling authors, interviews with industry leaders, and lectures from technology experts.

At Almeda University, we provide online learning through our cutting edge curriculum to an international community of students. Almeda University is dedicated to the success of each and every one of our students. We offer online college degree programs that are relevant, accessible and valuable. Select the degree or non-credit courses that most interests you to learn more about the associated requirements of our online learning programs .

Degree Programs

Almeda University offers Life Experience Degrees at the Associate level, Bachelor level, and Master level. Master degrees may also be conferred by a combination of Life Experience and Scholarly Thesis. Doctorate level degrees require both substantial documented Life Experiences and a Scholarly Dissertation.

Almeda Student Resources

Almeda University provides various resources and discounts for students seeking to build or better their careers. Take a moment to discover how you can enhance your career and life.

Latest Articles

Life Experience Degree Programs Fastest Way To Career Progression

At Almeda University, we offer you the best and most authentic life experience degree programs. By offering life experience degree programs in a wide variety of industry preferred degree majors including business management, engineering, criminal justice, nursing, computer science and many more, we make sure you achieve the highest levels of your professional dreams through accredited and recognized education. Our life experience degree programs are not only completely accredited by various accreditation bodies, they are also recognized by our partner employers all across the globe, who actively seek life experience degree graduates of Almeda University to be hired as their work force.

From thousands of years now, people have actively seek education as the one of most important aspect for career progression and thanks to the internet technology that acquisition of education is made so much easier; through the life experience degree programs. Online life experience degree programs prepare individuals for the upcoming challenges of the highly demanding professional life and not only life experience degrees prepare individuals they also recognize their prior learning experience that they have gained either through education or by working in a professional setup. Online life experience degree programs holds all the positive factors for you to enroll in a life experience degree of your choice because not only that life experience degrees are convenient, easy to acquire and recognized they also come in a very pocket friendly price which will not over burden you at all.

In the previous years as the great recession struck our economies, the rise of educating oneself according to the latest industry standards became crucial and since the world faced downsizing at a very massive level, too many people were left jobless and struggling. In order to cope up in such difficult times, online life experience degrees were your key to a better job prospect. Since life experience degree programs are granted to the applicants on the basis of what they already know, therefore life experience degrees are considered a smarter and much effective way of getting your earlier earned credits recognized, so that an employer may trust on your skills and in return offer you a job at his organization. When we talk of earlier earned credits for a life experience degree we actually refer to prior learned credits which can be either from your academics or your professional work experience.

Latest researches have proved that online life experience degrees are the most effective and applauded mode of education by working adults in the United States and around the globe. As the popularity of life experience degrees are rising, more and more people are opting for accredited life experience degree programs from Almeda University as we offer life experience degrees in much affordable price than any other life experience degree provider around the world. Not only that a life experience degree from Almeda University is completely accredited it is also accepted at all the leading universities for further education and at all the leading employers for profound employment opportunities.

The best about the online life experience degrees are yet to come. Not only that a life experience degree is offered to working adults, they are also offered to students who might have dropped off their education due to personal or financial reasons. Every year, Almeda University officials are contacted by thousands of such students who have dropped their education in the middle and now they want to complete it with the help of an accredited life experience college degree from Almeda University. Life experience college degree as the name suggests are offered to students who were in their college or high school when they left their education. The earlier earned college credits after successful evaluation will be converted to an accredited online life experience college degree which will then be shipped to the student at their doorstep within two weeks time only.

So, with the above mentioned factors it is clear that life experience degree programs are the fastest way of career progression. If you are also looking to achieve career progress, you should too acquire a life experience degree from Almeda University.

Master of Education in Instructional Technology #instructional #technology #masters #online


Master of Education in Instructional Technology

Online learning at the K-12 level, in higher education, and in private sector training, is a well-established trend. Texas Tech University’s online Master of Education in Instructional Technology designed for educators and trainers who want to expand their knowledge and become Internet-based instructors, instructional designers, and managers of distance education programs.

Program Overview

  • 39 credit hours
  • Courses are offered over a two-year period. Students usually take two courses per semester.
  • Coursework is completed online.
  • Prerequisite: bachelor’s degree
  • Students must pass a comprehensive examination to complete the program.
  • Students are not required to enroll in a certain number of courses each semester, so completion time varies by individual. Learn more about the difference between part-time and full-time Student status..
  • Semester-based courses align with the Academic Calendar of Texas Tech University. New students may enroll at the beginning of any one of the four semesters throughout the year.
  • Program Website

Application Process

Although there is no application deadline, potential students are encouraged to submit all application materials at least two months prior to projected initial enrollment. Learn more.

  1. Apply to Texas Tech University’s Graduate School as a master’s student. When asked to select a major, be sure to choose the degree entry that corresponds to your area of interest, followed by the word online.
    • Complete the Graduate Admissions Application.

$60 initial application fee or $50 for each subsequent application (including changes of entry date, add/change program requests, or readmission requests).

Interested in taking only one or two courses? Use Texas Tech University’s Graduate Temporary Status to apply and take as many as 12 credit hours without completing the application process to a degree program.

Program Requirements

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree

Courses are offered in two year cycles beginning each fall. Students usually take two courses per semester. There are no required on-campus classes; however, opportunities for face-to-face meetings with faculty members and students will be provided throughout the program.

Research and Statistic Core


UCLA School of Nursing #nursing #masters


Bachelor of Science

Program Description

The UCLA School of Nursing Prelicensure program for undergraduate study leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Nursing began in Fall of 2006. The B.S. Prelicensure program is designed to prepare students for a career in nursing. This is a four-year program beginning in the freshman year.

This program focuses on managing both individuals and population-based cohorts within an acute care hospital or medical center. Conceptually, the curriculum has been developed according to the principles of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention; moving from a systems, population-based approach, to a cohort-based or unit-based perspective, and culminating with an intense focus on the individual-level of care. Graduates of the program will be well-prepared to deal with the demands of the present day high acuity patient populations and sophisticated technological environments. The program provides an B.S. degree with a major in Nursing and eligibility to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) to be licensed as a registered nurse (R.N.) after completion of the program.

Students successfully completing the B.S. degree also acquire an educational foundation for entry into the master s program that prepares nurses for clinical practice for the hospital or advanced practice nurses for roles as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and administrators in primary and acute care.

After completing the B.S. program, graduates are able to:

  • Select, evaluate and apply, in hospital and a variety of other settings, basic and advanced theoretical knowledge of core concepts including advanced leadership and health care systems concepts to the nursing process in order to deliver health care to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Analyze health problems at a unit, aggregate (community) and systems level, and develop nursing interventions that balance the health needs at the unit and cohort levels.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration skills with clients, research participants, other health professionals, colleagues, and policy makers.
  • Evaluate existing nursing and health care systems research, apply findings to advance nursing practice, and participate in the development of new knowledge.
  • Demonstrate leadership and system skills and critical thinking, which contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of nursing and health care.
  • Practice hospital- and community-based nursing based on the principles of ethics and law.
  • Participate in professional and community organizations and/or interest groups relevant to health care delivery and modify nursing standards and practices in keeping with current trends.

Sample Curriculum Course Sequences:

15 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Degree Programs #affordable #online #education, #15 #most #affordable #online #master’s #in #educational #leadership #degree #programs


15 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Degree Programs

In the fast paced, ever changing environment of education, those seeking to move into leadership positions must have their finger on the pulse of modern movements in the field. Most states require school administrators and principals to have a degree in educational leadership or administration. A good program prepares prospective administrators for both the licensure exams, and the challenges of managing the affairs of schools.

This is a list of the fifteen cheapest graduate degrees in educational leadership and educational administration at institutions that are accredited by major regional or national accrediting bodies. These schools offer both quality programs, and affordable tuition. Many of the public universities on this list offer reduced rates for online students, and the cheapest, offer online students resident tuition rates. All tuition rates are taken directly from the website of each individual university. The rates as we have recorded them are the cost of the full program, divided in two. The assumption is that on average it will take students two years to complete the degrees. Thus the tuition of the full program can be accurately calculated by multiplying the tuition listed here by two.

#15. Emporia State University: M.S. in Education Administration

This 35-hour program starts off our list of the cheapest graduate degrees in education leadership and administration. Even though it’s the most expensive program on our list, it’s still an incredibly cheap program overall. The program is designed to qualify students for licensure as principal, assistant principal, or athletic director.

#14. Sam Houston State University: M.Ed. in Administration

Sam Houston State University offers a program specifically designed to meet the needs of students seeking to work toward a Principal Certification. The program emphasizes general leadership strategies, and covers the fundamental technical knowledge necessary for effective business management, and meeting local and federal regulations.

#13. North Carolina State University: Online Master of School Administration

The Master of School Administration program at N.C. State is both high quality and affordable. The primary focus of the program is to train education leaders to implement strategies that improve the learning environment of their students and improve their performance.

#12. California State University East Bay: M.S. in Educational Leadership

It is very much a sign of the times that even California public universities are starting to offer a standard low rate for online students from out of state. This program has an option to pursue the California Preliminary Administrative Credential, which is an extra 12 credits. With tuition this low, if you are planning on working in California, it’s an easy decision.

#11. Purdue University Calumet: M.S.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Purdue University at Calumet offers students a strong educational leadership program. Program graduates have a very high pass rate on the School Leaders Licensure Assessment exam. The Purdue System’s Center administers the program itself for Educational Leadership, which is housed on the Calumet campus.

#10. University of Arkansas: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership program at the University of Arkansas is designed to emphasize summer courses, as this is the period where education professionals tend to have the most flexibility. The program itself is GRE exempt, though students must have a valid teaching license. The program is accredited at the highest level for education programs by NCATE.

#9. West Texas A M University: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The Texas A M University system is a very strong system within the greater Texas Public University System. Though WTAMU does charge more for non-residents than residents, the tuition is still incredibly low. Pair that with the quality Educational Leadership program, and students attending this school online can’t lose.

#8. Western Governors University: M.S. in Educational Leadership

19 visionary former governors in the mid-1990s founded this very successful grand experiment and venture, when the Internet was just starting to come into its own. The billing at WGU is semester based, so the faster you get your degree done, the cheaper it is. However, though the billing structure rewards fast completion, the tuition is still incredibly low even for students that take the standard amount of time.

#7. Columbia College: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership at Columbia College features both a School Principalship and an Instructional Leader track. While the principal track does not guarantee students principal certification, the program does qualify and prepare students to pursue principal certification in the state of Missouri.

#6. University of Louisiana Monroe: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

ULM offers students a program that focuses on adaptability. American values regarding education are changing and administrators need to be ready to change along with those values. The program also offers students the chance to earn over eight different certifications.

#5. Lamar University: M.Ed. in Educational Administration

One of many affordable online programs coming out of the state of Texas, Lamar offers a program that can be completed in 18 months. The program focuses on providing students with the tools and skills to apply critical research based data in ways that will meet the needs of their schools.

#4. University of North Dakota: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The University of North Dakota was one of the public universities that pioneered the practice of allowing out of state online students to attend at residential tuition rates. This practice is quickly becoming the standard for many of the up and coming online programs in the country. The M.Ed. program at UND can be completed in as little as one year. The program prepares students to assume a significant leadership role in any K-12 setting.

#3. Howard Payne University: M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership

The Instructional Leadership program at HPU is designed to cause minimum disruption in the busy life of the education professional. The program does this without sacrificing quality. The program meets the Texas standards for principal certification, though this varies from state to state so out of state students should make sure to research the program and see that it fits their needs.

#2. Fort Hays State University: M.S. in Educational Administration

The online M.S. in Educational Leadership program at Fort Hays State University is specifically designed for students seeking to become school principals. This is a high quality program, made available at the resident tuition rate for all online students.

#1. University of Texas at Permian Basin: M.A. in Educational Leadership

UTPB is a fantastic example of why the future of distance education is so bright. A public school with low tuition, that extends resident tuition rates to online students, making it possible to earn a graduate degree for well under $10k is a game changer in education. Each course for the M.Ed. program is just seven weeks long, and the degree can easily be earned within 24 months.

Asset Management Degree and Certificate Program Information #masters #in #investment #management, #asset #management #degree #and #certificate #program #information


Asset Management Degree and Certificate Program Information

Essential Information

Asset management, more commonly known as investment management, involves the analysis, purchase, and supervision of financial portfolios with a goal of increasing the value of these holdings. These portfolios may include stocks, real estate, bonds, and other financial investment products and could be owned by private individuals or corporations. Concentrations in investment management are often available to students enrolled in broader finance or business programs at the bachelor’s, certificate, and master’s levels. Certificate programs are designed for bachelor’s degree holders who are looking to build on their existing knowledge by specializing in this field, and master’s degree programs are commonly designed for working professionals.

Bachelor’s programs will require students to be high school educated in order to enroll, with particular emphasis placed on mathematics, accounting, and computer coursework. Certificates will need a bachelor’s degree and prerequisite coursework in accounting, economics, and finance, along with a familiarity with computer spreadsheets. Master’s degrees typically need a bachelor’s degree, a personal essay, and letters of recommendation.

Bachelor’s Degree in Investment Management

This program enables students to succeed in all facets of investment management including analysis of financial statements, debt securities, equity securities, derivative instruments, portfolio management, and financial risk.

The investment management concentration is the basis for a career in this field. Sample courses include:

  • Financial engineering
  • Accounting decisions
  • Portfolio management
  • Business law and ethics
  • Investments

Certificate in Investment Management

Certificate courses may fulfill pre-MBA requirements. The program’s curriculum comprehensively covers basic aspects of financial theory and practice. With a concentration in investment management, the student selects elective courses. Such sample courses include:

  • Security analysis
  • Science of investing
  • Commodity futures trading
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Options and other financial derivatives

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Accounting with Computers, General
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Taxation, General

Master’s Degree in Investment Management

Students may pursue a Master of Science in Investment or Master in Business Administration. The courses provide a well-rounded examination of the investment environment for the money manager. Contemporary theories and techniques for security selection and management are taught. Students acquire financial analysis skills using financial statements.

A master’s degree is generally geared to the working professional’s schedule. Students take courses that include:

  • International economics
  • Securities
  • Derivative markets
  • Equity analysis
  • Risk management

Popular Careers

Graduates with a major in finance and a concentration in investment management can expect to find a career in financial departments of many fields. These fields include:

  • Investment firms
  • Real estate firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Government and public agencies

Students who obtain a certificate in finance with a concentration in investment management may follow various career paths. These career paths include:

  • Corporate finance
  • Financial analysis
  • Security analysis
  • Banking
  • Real estate finance

Skills acquired in the Master in Investment Management open doors to several careers. Such careers include:

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected that job openings for financial analysts, including investment analysts, would grow by 12% from 2014-2024 (www.bls.gov ). These professionals earned a median annual salary of $80,310 as of May 2015, per the BLS.

Continuing Education

The investment manager may choose to pursue a Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA credential, which is supervised by the CFA Institute and often required by prospective employers. To obtain this credential, the candidate must have four years of qualified investment work experience, join the CFA Institute, adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, become a member of a local CFA society and finish the CFA program. The CFA program consists of three levels, each ending in a 6-hour exam. The program takes between 2-5 years, but the professional can take as long as he or she needs.

Asset management professionals can earn an education in the field through related bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as graduate certificates. In addition to preparing students for work in a number of jobs, these programs qualify them for professional certification.

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Asset inventory degrees are not offered, but those interested in a career as an asset manager can pursue a logistics or supply.

Disaster management professionals help communities prepare for and recover from catastrophes. Certificate training programs are.

Research online management science doctoral degree programs. Find out what you can learn in these programs and what you’ll need.

The highest degree in the field of sports management is a Ph.D. Get more information about doctoral programs in this field.

  • Master of Business Administration – Personal Financial Planning
  • Master of Business Administration – Executive Management (Virtual Format)
  • Master of Business Administration – No Specialization
  • B.S. Accounting
  • B.S. Business Administration – Personal Financial Planning
  • B.S. Business Administration – No Specialization
  • B.S. General Studies – Business
  • A.S. Accounting
  • A.S. Business
  • A.S. General Studies – Business
  • View more
    • Doctor of Business Administration – Management
    • MBA: Accounting
    • MS in Accounting
    • MBA: Finance
    • MBA
    • BS in Accounting
    • Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education
    • BS in Applied Management
    • BS in Finance and Economics
    • BS in Business Admin.
    • View more
  • Athletic Training – Castleton University #masters #in #athletic #administration


    Athletic Training

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    Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of ATs is projected to grow 21% from 2012 to 2022, far faster than the average for all occupations.

    Traditional job settings for athletic trainers include professional sport teams as well as colleges, universities, and secondary schools. Emerging settings include hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the military, occupational health centers, the performing arts, physicians offices, and public safety settings.

    To become an athletic trainer one must graduate from a program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The current minimum entry point into the profession of athletic training is the bachelor s degree. However, the CAATE recently decreed that in the future the minimum professional degree will be a master s degree. Fortunately, Castleton University is planning to offer a 3+2 Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Master of Science in Athletic Training degree starting in Fall 2017.

    Coming in 2017: 3+2 Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Master of Science in Athletic Training

    The undergraduate Athletic Training Program at Castleton University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The program is currently applying to the CAATE for a change in level of degree. The current Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training will be phased out and replaced with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology / Pre-Athletic Training. Students in this program will apply to the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program during their third year, and begin the two-year MSAT program during their fourth year. Thus, 2020 will be the first year of the MSAT program.

    This 3+2 program will allow students to complete the entire bachelor and master degree program in five years (instead of the usual six), and be eligible to take the Board of Certification Examination (BOC) upon program completion.

    Please note: This program has been approved by the Vermont State College Board of Trustees and Castleton University. The undergraduate Kinesiology/Pre-AT program will begin in the Fall of 2017. We anticipate that the CAATE will approve our transition to a master’s degree by early 2018, well in advance of our first cohort of students entering the MSAT program in 2020.

    Related Majors Minors

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    One Year Online MBA Degree Program – Univ #masters #degree #in #one #year #online


    Online MBA – Master of Business Administration

    Change your career in as little as one year.

    In a competitive, professional job market, it’s no longer enough to have a bachelor’s degree. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become essential for a number of hiring opportunities and higher pay. With the online MBA program at the University of Saint Mary, you’ll hone your managerial skills, learn to take calculated risks with confidence, and earn the respect of your colleagues. Earn the MBA that adds value to your career and brings ethical change to the corporate world.

    Ranked among the nation’s best Online MBA programs by U.S. News World Report. USM’s online MBA can be completed in as little as one year, if you take two classes each term. You can also choose to mix and match the number of classes you take, allowing you complete at a pace that meets your schedule. Courses are offered in eight-week sessions.

    Design YOUR MBA to fit YOUR professional goals.

    Accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE ) 1. the University of Saint Mary MBA program allows you to earn your advanced degree without interrupting work or personal schedules. We offer six opportunities each year to begin your online MBA degree.

    Our 36-credit-hour MBA experience allows you to focus on a specific interest, by choosing one of six concentrations:

    • The Leadership and Organizational Health Concentration – Developed in collaboration with The New York Times best-selling author and renowned business consultant Patrick Lencioni. this program arms you with the advanced understanding and actionable tools required to develop high-functioning organizations.
    • The Finance Concentration – This concentration includes the study of mergers and acquisitions, capital and financial issues, and advanced topics in the field.
    • The General Management Concentration – This field covers management, information systems, leadership topics, and project management to provide you with a diverse knowledge of business.
    • The Health Care Management Concentration – This concentration gives you in-depth knowledge of legal and ethical issues in the field along with the business skills to handle them.
    • The Human Resource Management Concentration – Delve into the current legal and ethical business climate in this HR concentration and explore different ways to manage conflict, negotiate effectively, and help guide organizations through change.
    • The Marketing and Advertising Management Concentration – This field of study covers core concepts of buyer behavior, marketing research, strategy and planning, along with advertising in the modern era.

    An MBA with Values

    University of Saint Mary, located in Leavenworth, Kansas, offers an online MBA degree, as well as a campus-based MBA. both of which place a strong emphasis on ethics and corporate responsibility. Threading the Catholic university’s mission and core values throughout the curriculum. our faculty’s real-world experience weaves those lessons into their classroom discussions and lectures. Along with promoting ethical business practices, we teach critical thinking and encourage students to consider how decisions affect their colleagues, their company’s place in the world of global business, and of course, the bottom line.

    Take the Next Step

    Learn more about how the University of Saint Mary online and on-campus programs can help you advance your career and achieve your goals. Call us at today at 877-307-4915 to speak to an Admissions Advisor or request more information .

    1 The University of Saint Mary has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe Kansas. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

    • Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Administration and Accounting, with concentrations in general management and marketing.
    • Master Degree of Business Administration with concentrations in General Management, Human Resource Management, Finance, Health Care Management, Marketing and Advertising Management, and Leadership and Organizational Health.

    Professional Accounting Practice – Seneca – Toronto, Canada #masters #in #accounting #canada


    Professional Accounting Practice

    Program Description

    The short and intensive format of the Professional Accounting Practice (PRA) program is especially suited to you if you are a mature or motivated student seeking a career in accounting. Whether or not your diploma or degree is related to business, you may benefit from this program. No accounting background is required.

    360° Virtual Tours

    You’ll be introduced to the modern technological environment of business decision-making using spreadsheets (Excel), database software (Access) and integrated database application technologies (ERP) through exposure to accounting software package(s). Your courses will make use of hands-on computer applications and case studies based on real situations.

    You’ll also gain industry exposure through research, cases and projects.

    Admission Requirements

    • A recognized degree from an accredited institution
    • English proficiency at the post-secondary level.
    • This program is ideal for individuals with little or no background in accounting.
    • Students are required to be highly literate and have a facility for mathematics and financial concepts. Superior communication and analytical skills are necessary
    • Prospective students may be required to undergo testing to assess literacy and mathematics skills.


    Loading Tuition Costs

    Choose academic year:

    Select appropriate tuition:
    Tuition for 2 semesters*
    International student tuition 2 semesters*

    Tuition for 2 semesters:

    Tuition for international student for 2 semesters:

    Books and supplies for 2 semesters:

    Please note: All costs are approximate, may vary by campus and are subject to change at any time without notice. Parking, locker and some mandatory incidental fees are among the charges not included in the figures above.

    There was a problem while trying to load program tuition costs. Please try again later.

    Your Career

    In just three semesters, you will be prepared for employment with businesses of all sizes and scope and will possess a sound financial accounting foundation and the ability to use computerized accounting systems. Particular focus is on analysis and interpretation of financial information to make sound financial control and ethical decisions. Opportunities may exist for you in these key areas: accounts receivable/payable, general accounting reconciliation, financial statement preparation, presentation and analysis, and cost accounting and budgeting. The program prepares you to articulate into the Seneca International Accounting and Finance degree, as well as other universities/colleges, to complete an accounting degree, if desired.

    Professional Certification

    Graduates of this program will have completed courses recognized as equivalent to the 14 preparatory courses required for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) assuming minimum grade requirements are met. Details .

    Assuming grade requirements are met, PRA graduates will also have completed eight of ten Program and Technical prerequisite courses required for entry into CPA Canada’s Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). They may also be eligible for exemptions of up to six ACAF Technical Courses so that the ACAF may be completed with only four additional courses. Details .

    For more information about the CPA designation, see cpaontario.ca .

    Students that complete the PRA program will be eligible for exemptions for ACCA Papers F1 to F4.

    CPA Ontario Learning Centre

    Grow your accounting and finance skill set in a space dedicated to supporting and engaging Seneca students, whether at the introductory or advanced levels of their accounting studies. Academic support is offered in partnership with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. Located in the Newnham Campus Learning Centre.

    Transfer Credit/Pathways

    The Degree and Credit Transfer Office provides a number of services for students continuing their education at Seneca, and for graduating students considering degree transfer options.

    Through transfer agreements and institution partnerships, graduates of this Seneca College program may be eligible for credit at various post-secondary institutions. Please refer to the Degree Transfer Guide for more information.

    Transfer Credit may be granted for courses deemed equivalent to courses at Seneca that have been completed at recognized postsecondary institutions. Additional information is available online .

    Important Academic Dates

    Please take a few moments to view Important Academic Dates for your relevant term.


    Please select the curriculum from the Academic Year in which you started (or will be starting) your studies. An Academic Year begins in September and ends in August of the following year.

    2017/2018 Academic Year

    The 30 Best Online Special Education Master s #best #online #masters #in #education #programs


    Best Affordable Online Special Education Master’s

    Interested in pursuing an online special education master’s without spending all of your savings? You’re in luck!

    The experts at Get Educated found 30 “Best Buys”—rankings of the most affordable online master’s degree programs in special education, allfor less than $16,000.

    Our online college affordability rankings compare tuition and distance learning fees at 49 different programs offered at 37 online universities across the country.

    To appear on a Get Educated Best Buy affordability ranking list, the online degree profiled must objectively cost less than the national average cost of all the online degrees surveyed in the comprehensive data set.

    Most Affordable: Arkansas State University

    Most Expensive: Drexel University

    Rankings Note: These online college rankings are based on a Get Educated Spring 2014 review of regionally accredited online master’s programs in special education. Tuition and fees stated were valid at the time of collection and are specific to the online learning program. Profiles for each online masters degree programs in our directory may reflect a slightly different cost based on different editorial update schedules.

    The published cost is an estimated sticker price for the entire degree and typically reflects the most affordable online degree option. Actual costs vary by student. Factors such as transfer credits, prerequisite courses, professional licensing and financial aid availability will affect final cost.

    Editorial Note: Online colleges do NOT pay to be included in any Get Educated online degree rankings survey. These best online college rankings are editorially independent, open to any regionally accredited or candidate college that offers a master’s degree that is available at least 80 percent through online learning and that is open to enrollment by the public.

    If your online college is regionally accredited and not currently reviewed by Get Educated, please contact us for inclusion. Each online degree ranking list is calculated every two years. The next Best Affordable Online Master’s Degree in Special Education rankings will be undertaken in Spring 2016.

    1 American Counseling Association’s Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

    2 Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE)
    American Counseling Association’s Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

    3 Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

    4 Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

    5 Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

    6 Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE)

    7 Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

    8 National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC)

    Masters in bioengineering #masters #in #bioengineering



    Bioengineering (Biomedical engineering)

    Bioengineering is a postgraduate degree programme and also the name of a research group. The personnel of this research group are responsible for the degree programme in bioengineering (sometimes called biomedical engineering).

    The group performs research in bioengineering, with a primary focus on auditory implants for the deaf.

    Research topics include

    • cochlear stimulation electrodes, electrical fields and nerve activation,
    • computer modelling of the normal and electrically stimulated auditory system,
    • psychoacoustic research involving normal hearing people and cochlear implant users,
    • acoustic models of cochlear implants,
    • medical imaging and visualisation,
    • speech processing and
    • computational auditory neuroscience.

    Postgraduate degree programme in bioengineering

    The degree programme consists of an honours degree (four fulltime postgraduate modules), a masters degree (fulltime), and a PhD (fulltime). The last two are research-based degrees.Postgraduate studies typically commences with a 1 year fulltime B.Eng.(Hons) degree, which entails coursework consisting of four 32-credit modules.Information on these degree programmes may be found on the sidebar of this page.

    Students that have already completed an Honours degree, and/or come from disciplines other than Electronic Engineering or Computer Engineering, please see Note 1 below.

    Note that these Honours modules are specifically intended for fulltime postgraduate students working towards a Masters, and are therefore tightly integrated with and presented as part of the Masters degree curriculum. The honours modules are specifically intended to support a Masters in Bioengineering, i.e. to build the necessary foundation for research in this area. The idea is that the curriculum incorporates a large part of the background and preparatory work required for a Masters and therefore allows students to focus on research during the Masters.

    Before being allowed to register for any postgraduate studies in Bioengineering, prospective students are required to discuss their plans with the Group Head. Postgraduate students can only enrol for Bioengineering with permission from the Group Head and with a supervisor for the Masters degree research having been identified.

    Please note that Masters and PhDs are research-based degrees, and one required outcome is that one or more articles should be published in high quality international journals during the study.

    To enter into a Masters, a prospective student needs:

    • a solid commitment to fulltime Masters degree studies,
    • an undergraduate degree in engineering or natural sciences (e.g. Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Audiology),
    • an appropriate Honours degree, or equivalent,
    • appropriate basic training and experience in research, typically through a comprehensive and challenging research project as part of the final year of undergraduate study,
    • very good English reading, writing and speaking skills. The latter will be demonstrated through an interview, through a writing assignment, through a major undergraduate research report and often through results of TOEFL tests.
    • International students will generally need own funding, and availability of this needs to be demonstrated. Funding is available on competitive basis for South African citizens.

    To enter into a PhD, a prospective student needs:

    • a solid commitment to fulltime PhD degree studies,
    • an undergraduate degree in engineering or natural sciences (e.g. Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Audiology),
    • an appropriate Honours degree, or equivalent,
    • an appropriate research Masters degree,
    • appropriate experience in research, demonstrated through journal and conference publications resulting from the Masters, and a high quality Masters dissertation,
    • very good English reading, writing and speaking skills. The latter will be demonstrated through an interview, through a writing assignment, through the Masters dissertation and often through results of TOEFL tests.
    • International students will generally need own funding, and availability of this needs to be demonstrated. Funding is available on competitive basis for South African citizens.

    Note 1. To enrol for an Honours degree in Bioengineering, a student has to hold a four-year engineering degree from an ECSA-accredited university engineering progamme. It is also possible to enter into Bioengineering at Masters and PhD level from disciplines other than engineering if a student already holds an Honours degree. These disciplines would need to have developed the correct technical background and skills to enable the student to perform research in biomedical engineering at Masters or PhD level. Appropriate technical background (apart from engineering) includes mathematics, physics, audiology, anatomy and physiology. There may be others as well. As degrees in medicine do not generally include a strong research component or appropriate technical background, these often do not offer appropriate background. Please discuss with the Group Head, prof. J.J. Hanekom.

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    Enterprise Architecture #masters #in #enterprise #architecture


    Enterprise Architecture

    The Enterprise Architecture concentration focuses on the business goals, processes, and technology infrastructure needed by an organization and the alignment of the processes and infrastructure with the goals of the business .

    The required courses for this concentration are generally delivered in an online format, so when choosing this concentration it is possible to complete the degree online with a judicious choice of electives. Many of the courses are also delivered in an in-classroom format. so it is also possible to complete the degree on campus.

    This concentration is complemented by an 18-credit Enterprise Architecture Graduate Certificate. For many working professionals, the Certificate is a natural intermediate step toward this concentration.

    Enterprise Architecture

    • DSCI 61010 Enterprise Architecture (counts as a Major Program Requirement; see below)
    • DSCI 62010 Business Architecture
    • DSCI 64010 Data Architecture
    • DSCI 65010 Application and Technology Architecture


    Choose three of the following courses:
    • CS 61002 Algorithms and Programming I
    • DSCI 61010 Enterprise Architecture
    • DSCI 64210 Data Science
    • ITEC 67403 Instructional Design
    • MIS 65050 Essentials of Business Management
    • TECH 56350 Network Management and Design Technology
    Choose one of the following options:
    • Non-Thesis Option — take DSCI 60998 Capstone Project in Digital Sciences and choose 3 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences
    • Thesis Option — take DCI 69199 Thesis I
    Choose 7-8 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences or a related area, for a total of 32 credits. No more than 18 credits may be taken from any one subject area other than DSCI.

    Network Security (BS) #cyber #security #masters #degree


    Network Security (BS)

    Network Security Degree

    Secure Information and Your Future With a Cyber Security Degree

    A US Government Recognized Cyber Security Degree For Ethical Hackers.

    Offered by a technology college, UAT’s Network Security Bachelor of Science is a cyber security degree that prepares students to take on the ever evolving world of online theft and corruption of information. Our cyber security degree combines essential and best of class elements of software and network programming and network security analysis. This leading edge cyber security degree is designed around the contemporary skills and advanced industry-standard tools associated with security for information network technology initiatives.

    Designated as a Center for Academic Excellence in Information Systems Security Education by the US National Security Agency, UAT offers an ethical hacking degree that’s highly recognized by industry and government entities alike.

    Graduates from the cyber security degree program will have developed the essential knowledge and tools to automate their own security processes through extensive training in network security programs and scripts. UAT’s Network Security degree students will be taught to use critical thinking skills to research current and evolving cyber security trends. Students in the cyber security degree will also become experts in network security industry standards and regulations already defined as well as those that are still evolving.

    The Highest Standard of Ethical Hacking

    The focus of this cyber security degree is creating CEHs and network security professionals who will have mastery in ethical hacking, upholding to the highest industry standard of integrity over the quickly evolving world of technology and online security.

    Network security initiatives are becoming increasingly vital to the well-being of the general population and all business and government organizations. Graduates with UAT’s network security degree will be prepared for careers with government entities and multinational corporations seeking certified ethical hacking professionals. With the completion of this NSA designated network security degree, you will gain the ability to protect and defend commerce and culture against the online world of theft and corruption.

    Cyber security course list:

    » Computer Forensic Essentials
    » Reverse Engineering
    » Security Essentials
    » Foundations of Network Engineering
    » Social Engineering
    » Network Engineering Hardware
    » Incident Response
    » Foundations of Systems Administration

    Network Security Course Description

    A network security specialist is a professional who focuses on ensuring information confidentiality, integrity and availability. This includes the design of information assurance programs, policies, procedures and architecture utilizing the concepts of security by design. Network security utilizes proactive techniques, including defense-in-depth and layered security, to mitigate or eliminate vulnerabilities in information systems and to protect against potential exploitation. Professionals in this career path may be highly technical and practice active (and sometimes aggressive) technical security methodologies to test and verify security implementations at various levels within an organization. Security professionals possess intimate knowledge of technical business critical components. They also provide analysis and assessment of the security risks and requirements of those information systems while still developing non-technical skills such as teamwork, troubleshooting, problem solving, documentation and interpersonal communication. The Network Security degree reflects the application of theory and is aligned with industry standards and guidelines. It provides students with the opportunity to synthesize and apply the vital skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the workforce.

    Network Security Degree Degree Objectives

    • Create a network infrastructure design communications document that includes identified hardware components, connections to outside world, identified physical layer connectivity (media), and addressing.
    • Install, configure and test security hardware and software tools with supporting documentation such as port scanners, vulnerability detection systems, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, system hardening, anti-virus tools, patch management, auditing and assessment.
    • Construct, implement and document a script or a program to automate a security-related process or other task such as installation, administration, management, mapping resources, logon scripts, patch management, updates, auditing, analysis and assessment.
    • Create a policy or procedure that addresses events such as: a disaster recovery plan, a business continuity plan, incident response policy, acceptable usage document, information security policy, physical security policy, assessments or troubleshooting procedures.
    • Develop a research report or implementation plan concerning legal and ethical best practices and mandated requirements that pertain to information security.
    • Research, document, test and evaluate several current industry information security based threats, risks, malicious activities, covert methodology, encryption technologies, mitigation techniques or unconventional tactics to prevent loss of sensitive information and data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

    Network Security Degree Program Information

    • Program Credits: 120
    • Major Credits: 36
    • Semesters to completion: 8

    Requirements to graduate include a 2.0 CGPA, completed required coursework, Portfolio, Internship, and a Student Innovation Project.

    For a more detailed breakout of completion time frames and rates, please see the UAT Fast Facts page.

    Bachelor of Science Course List

    17 Cisco IOT Network Challenge

    This weekend at UAT, teams of technology students will compete in a simulation that tests real world networking, security, and consulting skills to deploy an IoT solution for a simulated customer. Each team will act as an IT consulting firm that.

    03.31.17 | Cyber Security Expert | 0 comments

    UATs Network Security Team Takes A Roadtrip To WRCCDC

    UAT Cyber Security students have been prepping for the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (WRCCDC) since last fall. They competed in the CCDC Virtual Qualifier in January 2017, finishing in 4th place, which secured them a spot.

    03.22.17 | Cyber Security Expert | 0 comments

    UAT Network Security Team Qualifies for Western Regional CCDC

    UAT Cyber Security students finished in 4th place at the CCDC Virtual Qualifier over the weekend securing them a spot at

    01.30.17 | Cyber Security Expert | 0 comments

    Find a Masters Degree – Leeds University Business School #masters, #postgraduate #business #course, #postgraduate #business #masters, #business #masters #degree, #msc, #ma


    Postgraduate Masters Degrees

    We are one of the most influential business schools in the UK, receiving global recognition for the quality of our teaching and research. Our Masters are informed by the latest professional knowledge.

    Our academics combine professional practice with teaching and research activity. to bring up-to-date business knowledge to the classroom – the kind of knowledge that translates directly to your career.

    You’ll leave as a graduate of one of the top five universities targeted by key employers such as Google, HSBC, Rolls-Royce and the Civil Service.

    Masters courses at Leeds

    We offer a diverse range of Masters degrees in the following subject areas:

    View all courses

    Our reputation

    Triple accredited: Top 1% of Business Schools worldwide

  • Ranked top 10 in the UK for research quality

  • Globally recognised and ranked for Masters

    • Regularly voted one of the UK’s top student cities

    • World-leading academics with professional expertise

    • Professional development for a successful career

      Useful links

      Pro-Dean for Student Education

      We have high expectations of our students. There are lots of opportunities for you to achieve your potential – what you bring to your experience is going to shape your time with us and your future.

      Professor Nick Scott, Pro-Dean for Student Education


      1,200 Masters students in 2015/16

      25 full-time Masters courses based at the Business School

    What Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach? #masters #degree #in #life #coaching


    What Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach?

    Related Articles

    Professionals who work as life coaches encourage individuals to grow in their careers and personal lives. The purpose of life coaching is to help people improve the quality of their lives. If you are a good communicator who is thinking about becoming a professional life coach, the skills you ve developed and the life experiences you ve gone through can help you make the move to coaching. There is no set academic program for life coaches, but training in communication, counseling and teaching is helpful.

    Education and Work Background

    The job of a life coach is to motivate and encourage people to reach their full potential. Although there is no specific degree program you need to complete to become a life coach, acquiring training in certain fields can prepare you better for the job. Counseling, business consulting, social work, teaching and human resource management are just some of the fields that can help you develop the skills you need to be a successful life coach.

    Special Training

    Programs that offer training for life coaching generally focus on teaching communication techniques, goal setting and developing the client-coach relationship. Whether you choose to attend weekend workshops or enroll in a life coach training school, you can receive additional training to learn new coaching skills. If you re unsure about what special training you may need to be a professional life coach, consider participating in a coach-training program to assess your current coaching skills. Experienced life coaches can also offer advice on areas you need to strengthen.

    Basic Requirements

    Along with a desire to help people, life coaching requires excellent listening and communication skills and extensive knowledge in the areas of life that you choose to cover. For example, a person who has experience working in a health care or social service field may decide to offer stress management coaching.


    While there was no requirement as of 2012 that life coaches be certified, there are agencies that provide such certification. The International Association of Coaching, IAC, and International Coach Federation, ICF, are two of the best-known organizations that provide certification to professional life coaches. IAC certification depends on written and oral exams. For the oral exam, you are required to submit recorded coaching sessions that demonstrate practical application your knowledge. ICF certification takes longer to achieve, as you must complete a certain number of paid coaching hours. Credential types are based on the number of client coaching hours you complete.

    About the Author

    Amber Keefer has more than 25 years of experience working in the fields of human services and health care administration. Writing professionally since 1997, she has written articles covering business and finance, health, fitness, parenting and senior living issues for both print and online publications. Keefer holds a B.A. from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. in health care management from Baker College.

    Photo Credits

    Nursing schools in allentown pa #nursing, #undergraduate #nursing, #graduate #nursing, #doctorate #of #nursing #practice, #nurse #practitioner, #master’s #in #nursing, #bachelor #of #nursing, #bsn, #msn, #dnp, #4 #year #degree, #royals, #


    Department of Nursing

    What We Do:

    Welcome to Nursing at The University of Scranton! Since its inception in 1984, the department has upheld a tradition of excellence. We prepare students to become skilled, compassionate RoyalRNs bedside clinicians, advocates, scholars and leaders in a university community centered around Catholic and Jesuit values.

    With a strong base in the liberal arts, we offer a holistic and global perspective on family- and patient-centered nursing care. Students take on challenges both in and out of the classroom, beginning clinical experiences as sophomores.

    Our faculty are active in research and practice, using technology and various teaching methods to engage students on intellectual, emotional and personal levels. They are committed to successfully transitioning students to professional practice.

    To be a RoyalRN is to be a nurse among the best.

    How We Stand Out:

    • Smaller class sizes for individual attention
    • Strong clinical focus with clinical experiences beginning sophomore year
    • Diverse curriculum based on national standards and current health care trends
    • Dedicated full-time faculty, actively engaged in practice and research
    • Opportunities for student research
    • Opportunities to participate in honors programs and to take graduate courses as an undergraduate
    • Opportunities for studying abroad and for participation in domestic and international service trips
    • Competent and compassionate alumni who are engaged with professional organizations, volunteer work and patient advocacy


    Our rigorous curriculum has a strong liberal arts foundation, is responsive to the health care needs of society and reflects current technologies and approaches.

    Undergraduate Degree Programs:

    Graduate Degree Programs:

    An accelerated MSN is also available. We offer individual academic assessment and planning to satisfy the adult learners needs in returning to school.

    Meet Our Faculty:

    Our faculty have all been bedside practitioners and have advanced degrees in a broad range of backgrounds and specialties. In addition to teaching, they remain engaged in advanced clinical practice roles and research.

    Beyond the classroom, they lead by example. They are active in clinical practice, have leadership roles on local and national boards of professional organizations, and serve on University-wide committees. Faculty are also active in community service, and lead national and international service trips for the marginalized and underserved.

    Above all, our faculty pride themselves on their commitment to student success and being easily accessible to students. In fact, three of our faculty members, Dr. DiMattio, Dr. Manetti and Dr. Conte, are Royal RNs themselves.

    Dona Rinaldi Carpenter, EdD, RN


    McGurrin Hall 329

    Inside the Classroom:

    Students are taught by faculty who utilize many different teaching strategies to make learning more engaging. For instance, students work with realistic high-fidelity simulation models, exposing them to challenging scenarios and allowing faculty to evaluate their decision making process and bedside manner. In addition, nursing students are also required to complete 40 hours of service during their freshman and sophomore years.

    By offering clinical experiences as soon as sophomore year, we give students an early opportunity to learn first-hand what a career in nursing is really like. With three hospitals in walking distance of our campus, and established connections with others in the region, students have a diverse range of clinical opportunities. Working in small clinical groups with an 8-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, they apply theory and hone their critical thinking and decision making skills.

    Faculty-mentored Student Research:

    Scholarship is an important focus of our nursing faculty, and they have had their research projects funded by national organizations. Faculty have been published in nursing and interdisciplinary health care journals and have presented at national and international conferences.

    Our students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects. Some students choose an honors option where they are mentored by faculty as they produce their own research. Students have presented research at national conferences, earned Fulbright Scholarships, and spent post-graduate years in service to others on national and international levels through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and Mercy Volunteer Corps.

    For more information on individual faculty members areas of research, visit our faculty page .

    Career Outcomes:

    Our graduates enter the profession with a solid base of clinical skills that guide their practice and decision-making.

    You will find RoyalRNs working in hospitals, community clinics, government agencies and offices. They are employed as bedside clinicians, administrators, scholars and educators. Over the past three years, more than 90% of our graduates have gained full-time employment. Some of our graduates spend their first year after graduation volunteering in sites across the United States.

    Royal RN Employers include:

    • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
    • Hackensack Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ
    • Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA
    • New York University Medical Center, New York City, NY
    • Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, New Brunswick, NJ
    • Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville, TN
    • U.S. Military Hospitals in Hawaii, Texas, Washington, D.C. and Germany
    • Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, NY
    • New York Presbyterian Medical Center, New York City, NY
    • Lehigh Valley Medical Center, Allentown, PA
    • University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
    • Yale New Haven Medical Center, Yale, CT
    • Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC


    The baccalaureate degree in nursing and master’s degree in nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 1 Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791.

    Undergraduate Admissions

    From the Blog

    Every Nursing Job in One Place – Updated Daily

    Average Teaching Salary in Texas #masters #degree #in #teaching #salary


    Research Salaries in Texas

    Start leading in today’s schools

    One of the primary concerns of students pursuing teaching certification in Texas is their future salaries. Teachers in training want to know what kind of income they can expect once they have fulfilled the teaching requirements in Texas and go on to pursue a teaching career. The salary you receive as a teacher is determined by a number of factors, including whether you are a postsecondary, K-12, or preschool teacher; how much experience you have; your degree level; and how difficult your position is to fill.

    Because the salary for a Texas certified teacher can vary based on so many factors, it is helpful to start with the state-mandated minimum salary schedule to gain a frame of reference for where teacher salaries begin. In Texas, teacher salaries can begin at a minimum of $27,320 for a teacher with no experience, a minimum of $31,560 for a teacher with five years of experience, a minimum of $37,040 for a teacher with 10 years of experience, and a minimum of $44,270 for teachers with 20+ years of experience, according to the Texas Education Agency s 2012-2013 minimum salary schedule. Keep in mind that these are the bare minimums by law that teachers with varying levels of experience must be paid, and that many school districts pay teachers in excess of these minimums.

    Individuals who are thinking about becoming a teacher in Texas should consult the following table containing Texas-specific salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Included are a sampling of various postsecondary teacher average salaries, as well as the average salaries for preschool teachers; kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school teachers; and special education teachers.

    Annual mean wage in Texas

    Annual mean wage in U.S.

    Business Teachers, Postsecondary

    Physics Teachers Postsecondary

    Psychology Teachers Postsecondary

    Education Teachers Postsecondary

    English Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary

    Preschool Teachers Except Special Education

    Kindergarten Teachers Except Special Education

    Elementary School Teachers Except Special Education

    Middle School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education

    Secondary School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education

    Special Education Teachers Kindergarten and Elementary School

    Special Education Teachers Middle School

    Special Education Teachers Secondary School

    Another factor that affects your salary as a teacher is the city where you are employed. Here is the data from Texas three largest cities for the education sector as a whole:

    Annual mean wage in Texas

    Online masters in organizational leadership #online #masters #in #organizational #leadership


    Online master’s and doctoral programs at ACU

    A Christ-centered education that comes to you.

    Abilene. Anywhere. Further your education at a nationally recognized Christian university without having to relocate — all while balancing the demands of work, life and your community.

    Our online degree programs were designed with busy working adults like you in mind. You’ll focus on one class at a time during six- or seven-week terms.

    And even though you might be somewhere else geographically, as an ACU online student, you’re part of a vibrant, virtual, Christ-centered community.

    College of Graduate and Professional Studies

    Find an online program

    3 Concentrations

    • Conflict Management and Resolution
    • Higher Education
    • Learning with Emerging Technologies

    2 Concentrations

    • Advanced Practice Nurse DNP
    • Executive Nursing Leadership DNP

    4 Concentrations

    • Student and Family Ministry CM
    • Spiritual Formation CM
    • Ministerial Leadership CM
    • Ministry and Bible CM

    6 Concentrations

    • Business Analytics MBA
    • Healthcare Administration MBA
    • International Business MBA
    • Information Technology Leadership MBA
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management MBA
    • Marketing MBA

    2 Concentrations

    • Conflict Management and Resolution MEd
    • Enrollment Management MEd

    2 Concentrations

    • Conflict Management and Resolution MEd
    • Learning with Emerging Technologies MEd

    3 Concentrations

    • Administration
    • Analytics
    • Leadership

    4 Concentrations

    • Child and Adolescence Therapy
    • Medical Family Therapy
    • Therapy with Military Families
    • Treatment of Trauma

    6 Concentrations

    • Business Analytics CM
    • Healthcare Admin CM
    • International Business CM
    • IT Leadership CM
    • Marketing CM
    • Operations & Supply Chain Management CM

    How to Apply #masters #in #global #studies


    How to Apply

    What is the purpose of the ESED scholarship?

    The purpose of the ESED scholarship is to support outstanding students pursuing advanced studies in sustainable energy development and to encourage meaningful contributions to the collective body of knowledge about this subject.

    The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership considers an outstanding student to be one who:

    • graduates with excellent grades in the top 20% of her/his class
    • is determined to advance her/his knowledge and understanding
    • has a history of community involvement
    • is committed to sustainable energy
    • is committed to return and contribute to her/his home country

    Who is eligible?

    To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, students must

    • plan to undertake studies at the master s level in areas directly related to sustainable energy development
    • be citizens of the developing countries and territories identified for OECD official development aid in the DAC List of ODA Recipients as of 2016

    What are the levels of financial assistance and the duration of the scholarships?

    Scholarships of US $23,000 per year for up to two years are offered for master s level students. Up to ten master s scholarships will be awarded annually.

    Information and required forms can be obtained online by clicking on this link to the Application Forms page.

    How can I submit my application package?

    As the volume of incoming applications is extremely heavy around the deadline, we strongly urge you to submit your file as early as possible. Please note that a pplications sent by e-mail or mail will no longer be accepted.

    What will I be requested to do to apply for the ESED Scholarship?

    1. Create an account using the online ESED application system .
    2. Fill in the required information.
    3. Upload the required documents :

    a. Passport or Birth certificate

    b. Curriculum Vitae

    c. Copies of transcripts

    d. Admission or Deferral Letter

    e. Program Outline

    f. Academic Reference Form

    g. Personal Reference

    h. Applicant s Statement Form

    4. Verify that the status of your application on the application system indicates that your application has been submited to the Academic Panel. If it indicates that your applciation is on hold then please make sure to complete your application before the deadline or it will be discarded.

    Please find below the description of the requested documents:

    a. Passport or birth certificate. Refer to the eligibility section above for country eligibility;

    c. Copies of transcripts for degrees and final grades;

    Bachelor s transcripts do not need to be the original copies. Please note if you are selected you will be requested to provide original copies of all documents.

    d. Admission or deferral letter from an approved academic institution to undertake studies in sustainable energy development;

    • If your admission is pending, please include evidence that you have applied for admission;
    • If your admission has been deferred, please included the university deferral confirmation;
    • If this application is for the second year of a two-year program, please include a certificate of enrolment and your results for the first year.
    • Please attach the outline of your master s program at the university of your first choice. Please make sure that your program has a high content related to sustainable energy.
    • Please note that programs that have no or small relation with sustainable energy will be discarded

    g.Personal reference. in letterform, must be dated and come from a person (not family member) who can discuss other personal qualities or interests that make you specially qualified to receive the scholarship.

    h.Applicant s statement. must be filled in and uploaded using our online application system. The Applicant s Statement Form may be found here.

    The deadline to apply for the 2017-2018 ESED Master s Scholarship will be March 10, 2017. All documents must be uploaded by the deadline. All documents uploaded after the deadline will not be considered.

    How are applications judged?

    An Academic Panel consisting of accomplished representatives will review the applications. All selections are final and all applicants will be notified.

    How will I receive the funds?

    Awards will be directly deposited (in US$) into the accounts of the institution where you are enrolled and provided to you on a regular basis as long as you are making satisfactory progress toward achieving your academic or research requirements.

    What are my obligations to the Partnership if I am selected?

    You are expected to complete your degree or your research, update the organization about your progress and publish your results. You are required to acknowledge the Partnership s support when publishing or making presentations on your research and results. We may ask you to present your results at a Partnership function, in which case your out of pocket expenses incurred to make the presentation will be covered by the organization.

    Online Degrees – Certificates in Homeland Security #american #public #university #system, #american #military #university, #accredited #online #university, #accredited #online #university #degree, #accreditation, #online #military #distance #learning, #amu, #online #degree #programs, #online #university #degree #programs, #online #education, #online #university, #online #distance #learning #university, #army #distance #learning, #military #university, #military #studies, #military #tuition #assistance, #associate #degree, #bachelor’s #degrees, #master’s #degrees, #intelligence #degree, #homeland #security #all-hazards #approach, #emergency #and #disaster #management, #risk #prevention #and #management, #counter-terrorism, #consequence #management, #consequence #mitigation, #homeland #security #degrees #and #certificates


    Online Degrees & Certificates in Homeland Security

    Online Degrees and Certificates for Homeland Security Professionals

    Our instructors are practitioners, many with unparalleled experience safeguarding the nation as military, intelligence, emergency management, public safety and homeland security leaders. The University is a pioneer in creating an interdisciplinary portfolio of the most critical degrees and certificates sought by homeland security professionals. And each course is taught entirely online. This unmatched flexibility gives motivated professionals the unique opportunity to learn the latest homeland security information and strategies while maintaining their existing work-life responsibilities.

    Whether you’re interested in a graduate or undergraduate degree or certificate, the University continually assesses and aligns its entire curriculum in accordance with industry standards and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policies as directed by the President of the United States. This practice verifies that students are gaining career-relevant knowledge that is shaping the future of homeland security and defense.

    Students learn critical concepts such as the DHS all-hazards approach in addition to emergency and disaster management, risk prevention and management, counter-terrorism, and consequence management and mitigation. Students join our tightknit network of homeland security professionals and volunteers. They share a common vision to maintain strong homeland security, reduce America’s risk to terrorist threats and save lives if disaster strikes.

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    Associate Degrees

    • Accounting
    • Business Administration
    • Communication
    • Computer Applications
    • Counter Terrorism Studies
    • Criminal Justice
    • Database Application Development
    • Early Childhood Care and Education
    • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    • Fire Science
    • General Studies
    • Health Sciences
    • History
    • Hospitality
    • Management
    • Military History
    • Paralegal Studies
    • Public Health
    • Real Estate Studies
    • Retail Management
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness
    • Web Publishing

    Bachelor’s Degrees

    • Accounting
    • Business Administration
    • Criminal Justice
    • Cybersecurity
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Emergency and Disaster Management
    • English
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environmental Science
    • Fire Science Management
    • General Studies
    • Government Contracting and Acquisition
    • Health Information Management
    • History
    • Homeland Security
    • Hospitality Management
    • Human Development and Family Studies
    • Information Systems Security
    • Information Technology
    • Information Technology Management
    • Intelligence Studies
    • International Relations
    • Legal Studies
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Mathematics
    • Middle Eastern Studies
    • Military History
    • Nursing (RN to BSN)
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Public Health
    • Religion
    • Retail Management
    • Reverse Logistics Management
    • Security Management
    • Sociology
    • Space Studies
    • Sport and Health Sciences
    • Sports Management
    • Transportation and Logistics Management

    Master’s Degrees

    • Accounting
    • Business Administration
    • Criminal Justice
    • Cybersecurity Studies
    • Master of Education in Educational Leadership
    • Master of Education in Teaching
    • Emergency and Disaster Management & Homeland Security
    • Emergency and Disaster Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environmental Policy and Management
    • Health Information Management
    • History
    • Homeland Security
    • Humanities
    • Information Technology
    • Intelligence Studies
    • International Relations and Conflict Resolution
    • Legal Studies
    • Management
    • Military History
    • Military Studies
    • National Security Studies
    • Nursing
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Public Administration
    • Public Health
    • Public Policy
    • Reverse Logistics Management
    • Security Management
    • Space Studies
    • Sports and Health Sciences
    • Sports Management
    • Transportation and Logistics Management

    Undergraduate Certificate Programs

    • Cloud Computing
    • Computer Systems and Networks
    • Corrections Management
    • Counterintelligence
    • Cybercrime Essentials
    • Cybersecurity
    • Digital Forensics
    • E-Commerce
    • Emergency Management
    • Enterprise Web Applications
    • Enterprise Web Applications Using .Net
    • Environmental Technology
    • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    • Family Studies
    • Fire Science
    • Fish and Wildlife Management
    • Forensics
    • Hazardous Waste Management
    • Homeland Security
    • Human Resource Management
    • Infant and Toddler Care
    • Information Security Planning
    • Information Systems Security Essentials
    • Instructional Design and Delivery
    • Intelligence Analysis
    • Internet Webmaster
    • IT Infrastructure Security
    • IT Project Management Essentials
    • Law Enforcement Leadership
    • Meeting and Event Planning
    • Microsoft Access Database Applications
    • Microsoft Office Applications
    • Military Leadership Studies
    • Mobile Computing
    • Oracle Database
    • Paralegal Studies
    • Public Lands Management
    • Real Estate Management
    • Regional and Community Planning
    • Restaurant Operations
    • Retail Management
    • Security Management
    • Space Studies
    • Strategic Leadership
    • Sustainability
    • Terrorism Studies
    • United Nations
    • Visual Basic Application Development
    • Visual Communications
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness
    • Web 2.0
    • Web Publishing

    Graduate Certificate Programs

    • American History
    • American Revolution Studies
    • Ancient and Classical History
    • Athletic Administration
    • Business Essentials for the Security Executive
    • Civil War Studies
    • Climate Change Awareness & Leadership
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Counterintelligence
    • Criminal Justice
    • Cybercrime
    • Digital Forensics
    • Emergency and Disaster Management
    • Emergency Management Executive Leadership
    • Environmental Hazard Mitigation and Restoration
    • Environmental Planning and Design
    • Environmental Risk Assessment
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • European History
    • Executive Law Enforcement Leadership
    • Fish and Wildlife Management
    • Global Environmental Management
    • Homeland Security
    • Human Capital Leadership
    • Information Assurance
    • Information Systems Security
    • Intelligence Analysis
    • Intelligence Studies
    • IT Project Management
    • Joint Warfare
    • Leadership and Logistics
    • Logistics Management
    • Middle Eastern Studies
    • National Security Studies
    • Nonprofit Management
    • Object Oriented Application Development
    • Organizational Management
    • Security Management
    • Space Studies
    • Sports Management
    • Strategic Leadership
    • Terrorism Studies
    • World War II Studies

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    Accounting – Seneca – Toronto, Canada #masters #in #accounting #canada



    Program Description

    The Accounting (ACC) program provides you with a thorough knowledge of accounting practices and related technology applications and the business fundamentals and soft skills needed to find employment immediately after graduation.

    Qualified ACC graduates may enter directly into year 3 of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce- International Accounting Finance (IAF) program upon completion of five bridging courses.

    360° Virtual Tours

    You’ll benefit from courses delivered using hands-on computer applications, including use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access relational database management software.

    You’ll also be encouraged to combine your program of study with meaningful summer work experience.

    Admission Requirements

    • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with:
      • Grade 12 English: ENG4(C) or ENG4(U)
      • Grade 12 Mathematics: (C) or (U) or Grade 11 Mathematics: (U) or (M)
    • OR Mature Student Status (age 19 or older) with the above prerequisite course(s), their equivalent(s), or appropriate Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certification program credits (see Academic Upgrading ).


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    Choose academic year:

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    Tuition for 2 semesters*
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    Tuition for 2 semesters:

    Tuition for international student for 2 semesters:

    Books and supplies for 2 semesters:

    Please note: All costs are approximate, may vary by campus and are subject to change at any time without notice. Parking, locker and some mandatory incidental fees are among the charges not included in the figures above.

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    Your Career

    Start your career as a small business accountant, accounts payable/receivable analyst, general accounting co-ordinator, accounting technician, payroll administrator, tax return specialist or junior corporate accountant. Our Accounting (ACC) diploma program will prepare you for a range of challenging entry-level accounting positions in virtually every segment of the Canadian and global economy.

    Professional Certification

    Assuming grade requirements are met, ACC graduates will also have completed nine of ten Program and Technical prerequisite courses required for entry into CPA Canada’s Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). Details .

    ACC graduates choosing to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation may transfer into Seneca’s Bachelor of Commerce-International Accounting and Finance program, assuming minimum grade requirements are met.

    CPA Ontario Learning Centre

    Grow your accounting and finance skill set in a space dedicated to supporting and engaging Seneca students, whether at the introductory or advanced levels of their accounting studies. Academic support is offered in partnership with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. Located in the Newnham Campus Learning Centre.

    Transfer Credit/Pathways

    The Degree and Credit Transfer Office provides a number of services for students continuing their education at Seneca, and for graduating students considering degree transfer options.

    Through transfer agreements and institution partnerships, graduates of this Seneca College program may be eligible for credit at various post-secondary institutions. Please refer to the Degree Transfer Guide for more information.

    Transfer Credit may be granted for courses deemed equivalent to courses at Seneca that have been completed at recognized postsecondary institutions. Additional information is available online .

    Important Academic Dates

    Please take a few moments to view Important Academic Dates for your relevant term.


    Please select the curriculum from the Academic Year in which you started (or will be starting) your studies. An Academic Year begins in September and ends in August of the following year.

    2017/2018 Academic Year

    Academic Program #professional #mba, #part-time #mba, #part #time #mba, #business #school, #masters #degree, #mba, #academic #program, #business #school, #school #of #business,


    Academic Program

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    Academic Program


    The Cohort option allows you and a group of fellow students to move through the first year of the curriculum together on our Foggy Bottom Campus. Cohort students complete core requirements, but have the option to add additional elective coursework to accelerate the program. After the first year, you customize your MBA from our variety of concentrations, certificate and electives. PMBA-cohort classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the first three semesters and elective classes are generally offered weeknights, Monday through Thursday.


    The Self-Paced option allows you to design your own course schedule to meet your professional and personal needs and interests. Designed with greater flexibility in mind, the self-paced format is completed in two to five years based on the number of courses you complete each semester. PMBA-self-paced core and elective classes are generally held weeknights Monday through Thursday.


    The Online option allows students to take advantage of our unique MBA curriculum from wherever you are in the world. Offered completely virtually but still taught by our esteemed business school faculty, this program enables you to complete your GW MBA from anywhere, while earning the same AACSB-accredited degree awarded to our on-campus students. Online courses are predominantly synchronous. Students participate in a weekly one hour online session led by sync session leaders. These weekly sessions may consist of live discussions, guest lecturers, and Q A.


    The Hybrid option provides you with ultimate flexibility. You can decide not only which courses to take, but also what delivery format you prefer –online or on-campus. The ability to hybrid our Professional MBA is attractive to students with busy seasons in either their personal or professional lives. Students interested in the Hybrid option should submit an application for the Online-MBA format.


    PMBA core requirements make up 28.5 credits, with the remaining 27 credits reserved for elective classes. Electives are typically completed after the majority of core course requirements have been fulfilled, and may also be completed with short-term study abroad programs.

    Elective Courses (27 credit hours of coursework)

    With 27 credit hours of electives built into the curriculum, students are able to add up to two concentrations and/or certificates to their degrees, choose additional courses from over 200 electives offered at School of Business, or take graduate-level classes offered through other GW schools or area universities. Students can also apply to add a second master’s degree to their MBA through GW’s many dual and joint degree offerings.

    Professional MBA Sample Curriculum

    There are sample program schedules for students starting in the Spring 2015 semester and the Fall 2015 semester. Students have up to five years to complete the program. The student and academic advisor will outline an individualized study plan.

    PMBA | Sample Curriculum

    Download the PMBA Factbook!