Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA) – Postgraduate, University of York #tesol #master #degree


MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


1 year full-time

The increasing pace of globalisation and the changing ways in which people in different parts of the world connect have contributed to the rise of English as a world language.

The MA TESOL will provide you with the tools and resources you need to develop knowledge of various areas of applied linguistics as well as approaches to English language teaching that will facilitate better teaching practice. You’ll reflect upon and evaluate current issues and key trends in language learning and teaching in a range of contexts, and consider their application in classroom instruction, assessment, materials development and the English language curriculum. You’ll also learn how to conduct your own research.

The course strengthened the skills I needed to pursue my career as an English teacher by offering me a variety of approaches and methodologies which enhanced my qualifications. I would highly recommend University of York to anyone who is interested in doing a Master’s degree in TESOL; it was one of the best experiences in my life!

Elena, MA TESOL, 2015

Course content What you ll study


The MA TESOL is designed for home or overseas students who wish to pursue a career teaching English as a second or foreign language, but who have little or no formal teaching experience. It provides a foundation in Applied Linguistics, Approaches to English Teaching and Research Methods on which later training in practical teaching can build. Theories of language acquisition and language teaching are explored, with the emphasis on how such theories may be practically applied; however, there is no teaching placement as part of this course.


You will study four core modules and your choice of two optional modules.

Core modules

TESOL Methods: This module is designed to develop your knowledge of and explore the application of the methodology of teaching English as a second/foreign language. You will examine the nature of each of the four language skills from a discourse perspective and develop links between what teachers and learners do in class and what applied linguistic research tells us about how second language acquisition takes place. You will gain an understanding of interactional competence and learn how to develop it among L2 learners.

English Linguistics: For some students this module may act as a review of some aspects of their previous study, for others it will act as an introduction to key aspects of the field of Linguistics. You will be provided with the essentials in the study of the structure of English and get the opportunity to understand the organising principles that unite the various levels of linguistic analysis. You will further learn how to relate the above to language use in a socio-cultural context and gain an overview of how the above theories are linked to the processes involved in teaching English as a second/foreign language.

Research Methods in Language Learning and Teaching: This module will give you an understanding of methods used to research language learning and teaching. You will explore the relationships between research questions, methods, data analysis and subsequent claims.

Planning and Communicating Research: Building on the knowledge and understanding of research methods gained in the previous module, you will engage in planning of a small research project, identifying and managing the different stages involved, from conception to analysis to writing up and disseminating your results. This module will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for conducting a research study and will allow you to reflect on these to enrich your own experience.

Optional Modules

Study your choice of one optional module which may be chosen from the list of modules available to all taught MA students in the Department of Education.

Modules that may be of particular interest for students on this course include:

The modules shown are those running for this academic year. Modules may be subject to availability.


You will develop, design, implement and manage your own original research project, supervised by a member of staff with the relevant experience for your topic. To complete this masters, you will produce a 12,000-word dissertation based on your research project.

NFNLP – National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming: NLP for the 21st Century! #master #in #psychology



The Heart of Rapport and a Kodak Moment
By Rebecca Darling – 2012

February 2012. It�s cold and it�s the depth of the winter in the north. Heart month is right around the corner with Valentine�s Day and healthy heart month promoting positive lifestyle habits of exercise and nutrition for your heart. February wouldn�t be February without the marketers spin to celebrate the romantic and love holiday Valentine’s day. Consider this time of year �the heart of rapport�. It�s just after New Year�s and those New Year�s resolutions may already be waning with the winter doldrums setting in. Connecting and engaging with people can be one of the fastest ways to spice up your life with rapport.

Our business communities have experienced huge shifts in how to navigate the business world and community. Adapting is today�s opportunity and change is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The key to the future is to be willing to adapt and view changes for what they really are. CAUTION. Do not be blinded by your belief. Click for full article.

Bridging Cultural Communication Gap with NLP
By Raymond W. Ng – 2011

Anyone who has done translation before will know that when a message is translated word for word, it sometimes loses its original meaning. Built into the meaning of any word in any language is a set of connotations and implications that is specific to that language and culture. Even within a language, the same word used in different contexts can have very different meanings.

Just as the meaning of a word varies with its context, the meaning of a phrase or sentence may also vary with the situation. For example, if a mother asks her six-year old daughter: �Have you had lunch yet?� she is probably trying to find out if her daughter needs nourishment. A young man asking a young lady the same question, at least in the Western culture, is offering an invitation for a date. In the Chinese culture, that question is simply a common greeting around noon time.

Thus, words are not the only component of a message. Other components include body language, expressions, tone and volume, pauses and silence, etc. All of these must be interpreted in context. In this respect, the Chinese and North American cultures are very similar. What is different between the two cultures is the relative weight of the spoken words when compared to other components of a message, and the extent to which the meaning of a message is influenced by its situation. Click for full article.

A Metaphor for Changing a Bad Habit (ie: Smoking)
By Susan Bliss – 2011

Farmer Brown looked out over his massive property and was glad in his heart. He loved to work the land and enjoyed the physical activity. He was in good shape and strong. His wife was proud of him and his abilities to maintain the farm and care for the animals. He loved his farm animals, which helped him with the work. He loved animals in general. This was also a modern farmer, who loved to occasionally surf the net. He found some interesting stories about animals. On one chat line, a man whom he often chatted with, told him about ferrets. He talked about how cool they were and how cool it was to have some as pets. In fact, they can help to irrigate the soil by the holes they dig.

Well, the farmer knew that ferrets were known to steal eggs, yet he wanted to keep this man as a friend and soon he had two ferrets. He put them in a cage and even put the fence down into the ground a foot to contain them he put a rotating cage in there that they ran around and around on. He and his buddy would watch them and laugh and enjoy the show. The ferrets could be trained to do some stunts, he said.

Well, soon the ferrets reproduced and there were babies. They began to outgrow the cage had provided, so he had to create a bigger one. The ferrets somehow got out of the cage, whether they dug a hole under the fence or squeezed through a weak place in the fence, to this day, he is not certain, but this much he does know, they began to wreck havoc on the farm. They stole the eggs from the chickens, breaking some, eating some. Feathers flew everywhere. The Ferrets also dug holes in the garden and destroyed his wife�s produce. They left an odor that his wife did not like. He fought with them and caught some and put them back in the cage and filled the hole and patched the fence, but they multiplied and continued to escape and continued to cause problems. His wife said that this was getting to be too much. She noticed her husband was getting fatigued trying to keep up with the Ferrets. Enough is enough, she said one day. You need to get rid of those. You just have to quit holding on to the idea. Click for full article.

NFNLP Archives
New Techniques

United States of America

William D. Horton, Psy. D.

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course
August 7-10, 2017 (Pre-Conference)
(* 4 Days – Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
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NGH Conference
August 11-13, 2017
Marlborough, MA
National Guild of Hypnotists Conference (NGH)

Click for more NGH Conference Convention Information

11:00-11:50 AM SEMINARS
(# 21115) Why Old Waking Hypnosis Techniques Don’t Work
�How To Effectively Do Waking Hypnosis
William Horton, PsyD, CADC, CMI, BCH
Click for more description of seminar.

9:00-9:50 AM SEMINARS
(# 31094) A New NLP Technique For Rapid Change
�Bypass The Mind, Fix The Body!
William Horton, PsyD, CADC, CMI, BCH
Click for more description of seminar.

Special Elective 2-Hour Workshops
Tuition: $25; 5 for $100
2:00-3:50 PM
(# 320205) Freedom From Compulsive Habits
�Hypnotism & NLP For Alcohol & Drug Issues
William Horton, PsyD, CADC, CMI, BCH
Click for more description of seminar.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification
August 14-16, 2017 (Post-Conference)
Click for more NLP Master Practitioner Course Info

Cynthia Lindner

Click on photo to learn more.

Ramzy Ayachi

Click on photo to learn more.

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course
July 15-16 & 22-23, 2017
(* 4 Days – Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
8:00am – 6:00pm
McLean, VA USA
NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness

Super Early Bird Pricing: by May 15th – $995
Early Bird Pricing: by June 15th – $1,295

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course
October 14-15 & 28-29, 2017
(* 4 Days – Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
8:00am – 6:00pm
McLean, VA USA
NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness

Super Early Bird Pricing: by August 14th – $995
Early Bird Pricing: by September 14th – $1,295


Georgina Cannon

Click on photo to learn more about Georgina and additional trainings offered

Online MPH Degree – Master of Public Health – College of Public Health and Health Professions – University of Florida, master degree paper.#Master #degree #paper


Online MPH Degree


The online MPH Program is a 48-credit course of study, designed for distance students who wish to obtain an MPH without the restrictions of registering for a full-time program. The online MPH program includes all of the design features of the campus-based program and is fully online with no campus visits required. Courses are offered on a semester schedule with weekly due-dates. Lectures are prerecorded and available for students to watch at their convenience. Tests are administered through an online proctoring service. Course deadlines are set up in Eastern Time. Applicants with a US-awarded, health-based doctorate degree may also request the online accelerated 42-credit MPH program. The 48-credit curriculum has been designed to encourage the development of competence in key public health skills and to meet current standards in the field of public health, Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH) accreditation criteria, and the College’s mission, goals and objectives.

Graduation Requirements

Requirements for graduation from the online MPH program are:

  • One course in each of the five core areas of public health (15 credits)
  • Seminar in Contemporary Public Health Issues (1 credit)
  • Core courses in an area of concentration (15-21 credits)
  • Elective courses relevant to the chosen concentration and individual career goals (0-6 credits)
  • Public Health Internship (5 credits)
  • Major paper and presentation (credit assigned through the Seminar in Contemporary Public Health Issues)
  • Completion of the program with a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA) with a C or better in all courses
  • Completion of the above requirements within 7 years from admission

Online MPH Core Coursework

All online MPH students take five core public health courses. The core courses in Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Public Health Management and Policy, and Social and Behavioral Sciences are taken by all students. The core Biostatistics course varies across concentration areas. Students in the Biostatistics, Environmental Health, and Epidemiology concentrations must take PHC6052, Introduction to Biostatistical Methods. All other MPH students must take PHC 6050 Statistical Methods for Health Science I. In addition, all students must take 1 credit of Seminar in Contemporary Public Health Issues and 5 credits of PHC6946 Public Health Internship.

Below are the required core public health courses that all MPH students must take.

PHC 6050—Statistical Methods for Health Science I (3) OR PHC 6052—Introduction to Biostatistical Methods (3)

PHC 6001—Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health (3)

HSA 6114—Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System (3)

PHC 6313—Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health (3 or 2)

PHC 6410—Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues in Public Health (3)


Oneline MPH students are admitted into one of two concentration areas, from which the number and type of advanced specialty course credits are determined. The concentration areas are Public Health Practice, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Each concentration has unique requirements that have been designed to prepare students to become public health professionals in their chosen area of interest.

Please select a concentration below to review credit hours and course requirements.

Master degree paper

Master degree paper

PHC 6946 Public Health Internship (5 credits)

The concepts presented via coursework are integrated and assimilated through an internship, which provides an opportunity for each student to apply his or her knowledge in a practice setting. A wide range of settings and opportunities may be suitable for an internship. Each internship is individually tailored to assure competence in general MPH and concentration-specific skills and to meet student goals, concentration criteria, and the needs of the agencies involved. Current employment positions of health professionals and residencies cannot be accepted for internship credit. The internship is usually completed in the student’s final term in the program, and always includes a special project that serves as the basis for a final oral and written report. The internship and the special project must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor.

Special Project, Major Paper and Public Health Day Presentation

Students are encouraged to engage in many activities during an internship. However, each student must conduct one special project which serves as the basis for a major paper and a presentation. These culminating activities of the MPH program – major paper and presentation — are intended to encourage students to understand their projects in the larger context of public health as a cross-disciplinary field, and to examine how the project helped to strengthen their competence in general public health and concentration-specific skills. Student presentations are scheduled on one or two Public Health Days near the end of fall, spring and summer semesters. Three faculty members, including the student’s faculty advisor, attend each presentation and are responsible for assessing whether the student has successfully demonstrated a broad-based knowledge of the field of public health and depth of knowledge and skill in his/her concentration area.

PHC 6601 Seminar in Contemporary Public Health Issues (1 credit)

Integration of public health topics, issues, and skills into a culminating experience for the MPH program. Required final paper and oral presentation or poster session. (Register concurrently with PHC 6946.)

MPH Competencies

All students in the MPH Program are expected to master a set of competencies during the course of their studies. The competencies that have been selected by the faculty of the College of Public Health and Health Professions are derived from the Ten Essential Public Health Services and they are consistent with recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov).

Click here to review the competencies expected of all of our MPH graduates and the courses that contribute to them.

Our core course learning objectives were adapted, with minor changes, from the competencies that serve as the basis of the public health credentialing examination. In August 2008, The National Board of Public Health Examiners offered the first credentialing exam for graduates of accredited schools of public health. Those who pass the exam will be Certified in Public Health (CPH). Click here for up-to-date information about the exam.

Master degree paper

Together we care for our patients and our communities.

Together we create unstoppable momentum.

Master degree paper

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

Master degree paper

Dunedin plumbers #plumbers #gasfitters #and #drainlayers #board, #plumber, #plumbers, #gasfitter, #gasfitters, #new #zealand #plumbers, #new #zealand #gasfitters, #new #zealand #drainlayers, #drainlayer, #drainlayers, #board #news, #master #plumber, #craftsman #plumber, #building #safety, #ask #for #the #card, #pgdb, #ask-for-the-card, #hiring #a #tradesperson, #gas #safety,



Important information about examinations, including eligibility, is contained in the Examination Information Booklet below. Click here to see our policies.

Special conditions for examinations

Information about applications for special conditions for examinations (such as extra time allowance, special assistance or alternative venues in New Zealand) is contained in the guide below.

June 2017 examinations

Enrolments for the June 2017 examinations have closed. Confirmation of enrolments have been posted out.

Special Conditions for Examinations

9193 Tradesman Gasfitter
9196 Certifying Gasfitter


  • Whangarei – Northland Polytechnic, Raumanga Campus
  • Auckland – Manukau Institute of Technology, Otara Road North Campus
  • Hamilton – Waikato Institute of Technology, City Campus
  • Rotorua – Waiariki Institute of Technology
  • New Plymouth – Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
  • Napier – Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Palmerston North – Universal College of Learning
  • Wellington – Weltec, Petone Campus
  • Nelson – Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
  • Christchurch – Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street Campus
  • Dunedin – Otago Polytechnic
  • Invercargill – Southern Institute of Technology

Open book resources for November 2017

The documents that will be provided with each of the examinations in this round will be published in early October 2017.

Documents are provided in their entirety, i.e. the whole AS/NZS 3500 Part 2: Sanitary plumbing and drainage, and candidates are not allowed to take their own copies into the examinations.

Note that even though the examinations have an open book component, closed book and trade knowledge questions are still included.

Certifying examinations

Those who have already passed the common examination, but not yet the technical examination(s) 9195 and/or 9196 by 2012, will be required to sit the new amalgamated examinations.

At its meeting on 6 December 2011, the Board agreed that the Examination Guides for certifying examinations were to be revised to amalgamate the contents of the common examination (9194) into the technical examinations. This has been completed and the revised guides are available here .

Those who have already passed the technical examination(s) 9195 and/or 9196 before 2012, but not the common examination, will be required to complete a competence programme. The Registrar has determined that the competence programme to be accepted in lieu of the 9194 certifying common examination is the Workplace Responsibilities course provided by Top Drawer Training. For more information about the course and how to enrol, please contact Top Drawer Training directly.

Further assistance

Penn State Online #master #of #project #management, #penn #state #online #master #s #degree #programs, #penn #state #world #campus


Master of Project Management

An Increased Demand for Project Managers

Corporations rely on project managers to oversee all aspects of a project so that everything flows seamlessly and the timeline, scope, and budget goals are met. As more organizations use project-based methods to accomplish tasks, experienced project managers are in higher demand. When you earn a master’s degree in project management, you can possess a skill set valued by companies in virtually every industry.

Why Project Management at Penn State

The online Master of Project Management degree offered through Penn State World Campus is an interdisciplinary graduate program that uses problem-based learning to provide a thorough understanding of all aspects of project-management theory and practice. This 30-credit degree program, which you can complete in as little as two years, is a well-respected credential and is AACSB accredited. In addition, Penn State is a Project Management Institute (PMI) ® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.).

Headed by Dr. Jeffrey K. Pinto, an internationally renowned scholar in the field of project management, this program covers not only the curriculum found in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK ® Guide)Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc. (2013 ), but also the European model as well (APM). As a student, you can learn how to better manage your projects with regard to:

  • commercial and procurement law
  • corporate and business strategy in project management
  • cost control, planning, and resource management
  • human relations and project teams
  • organization theory in project management

Because the 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Project Management consists of the first four courses of the master’s program, you are able to add a quality credential to your résumé even before you complete the full degree.

Choose your Project Management Career Track

The master’s degree program allows you to tailor the curriculum to match your personal interests and professional goals. You may choose 6 credits in electives from topical areas such as:

  • enterprise architecture
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP) with SAP software
  • independent study for a creative research project, based on a current project management issue in your organization
  • supply chain management

Who Should Apply?

Whether you are involved in construction management; project execution; or project, program, or portfolio management, this is an ideal program if you are looking for career development opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skill sets in managing large, complex projects.

Career Opportunities for Project Management Graduates

Because project managers are in high demand in a variety of industries, as a graduate of the Master of Project Management degree program you can be prepared for a variety of positions, including:

  • project manager
  • project management analyst
  • quality management project coordinator
  • master scheduler
  • computer and information systems manager
  • industrial production manager
  • sales manager
  • business planning analyst
  • administrative services manager

PMI,PMBOK and the Registered Education Provider Logo are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Related Programs

Excelsior College #bachelors #degree, #business, #accounting, #degree, #degree, #earn #degree, #get #degree, #accredited, #affordable, #online #classes, #earn #credit #by #exam, #transfer #credits, #degree #programs, #business, #associate, #bachelor, #master, #certificates, #online, #distance #learning, #excelsior #college


General Business

Business moves faster than ever these days, and Excelsior College is keeping pace with the times.

Our flexible, competency-based Bachelor of Science in Business (General Business) degree program will enable you to finish sooner at a lower cost than almost anywhere else.

Specifically designed for adult students with busy lives and competing responsibilities, Excelsior’s online business BS degree program lets you put together a personalized program of study that builds on what you know. This bachelor’s in business concentrating in general business is geared to meet current employer needs and give you an advantage in the job market.

Competency-based education (CBE) at Excelsior allows you to earn your BS in Business through a personalized program of study that combines course-based learning, independent study, and earned external credits.

  • Course-based learning refers to Excelsior’s 8 or 15-week online courses in business and other subjects that are directly informed by current trends in workforce development.
  • Independent study options help you pursue self-paced learning with study guides and practice tests before earning credit by exam. You can also simply test out of subjects you’ve already mastered.
  • Earned external credits are accrued through coursework completed at other institutions, military experience, college-level exams like CLEP and DSST, learning assessment, and workforce training and professional certifications completed before and/or during your enrollment.

Meet your degree requirements in whatever combination of options works best for you, then take the capstone in which your competency will be evaluated through a series of business projects, simulations, and summative exam.

  • Transfer more credits to lower the cost of your BS in Business.
  • Take 8 or 15-week online business classes that fit your schedule.
  • Access financial aid, flexible payment plans, and other assistance to make college more affordable.
  • Earn a business degree accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education .

You can also use financial aid and flexible-payment options to fit this bachelor’s in business concentrating in general business into your budget. Find out just how affordable an Excelsior bachelor’s degree can be .

A Flexible, Convenient Business Degree for Working Adults

Excelsior’s Bachelor of Business degree is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education . Our online business classes are taught by experienced educators from some of the nation’s leading business schools. You’ll get a complete, rigorous foundation in business processes and principles, including:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Business strategy
  • Computers
  • Organizational behavior

With an accredited bachelor’s degree from Excelsior . you can pursue a wide range of professional and educational opportunities, including small business ownership, consulting, administration and management, graduate school, and law school.

IACBE Specialized Accreditation

Excelsior College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), 11374 Strang Line Rd. Lenexa, KS 66215; 913-631-3009; www.iacbe.org . The IACBE is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE: Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration.

Associate and Bachelor’s Programs FAQ



Excelsior College
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-5159

Washington DC Center
2000 M Street NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036




Plumbers in Centreville, VA #plumber #centreville, #plumbing #centreville, #centreville #plumbing, #centreville #plumber, #plumbing #contractor #centreville, #master #plumber #centreville


You are here: Homepage Virginia Centreville

Plumbers in Centreville

Aplumbers is your professional plumber locator in Centreville – connecting 51,094 residents with local plumbing companies spread out across the 9.73 square miles of the city. Your job request will be sent to local plumbers in Centreville that suit your plumbing description, and they will contact you with inexpensive plumbing costs. Compare between several plumbing quotes, and get immediate and professional repair to common plumbing predicaments like burst pipes, clogged toilets and slab leaks by local plumbers in Centreville – near you. The following plumbing services are provided in Centreville, including but not limited to:

  • Tree Root Invasion
  • Slab Leak
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Septic Tank/Sewer Line Replacement
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Leak Detection
  • Basement Flooding
  • Gas Leaks
  • Water Heaters/Boilers
  • Piping Fittings
  • Sinks, Bath Tubs and Toilets
  • Plumbing Costs in Centreville

    Getting an accurate plumbing costs evaluation of a plumbing problem usually requires the presence of a professional plumber to see the problem, explore it, touch the pipes, the drain, sewer trap and other parts to accurately estimate the scope of the job.

    The following are plumbing costs for common plumbing jobs in Centreville, VA

    Average Plumbing Repair Costs in Centreville:

    Plumbing Quote in Centreville

    Fill in the form and get plumbing quotes in Centreville by up to four local professional recommended plumbers.

    When getting a plumbing quote, ensure you get a detailed offer in which the plumber clearly explained the labor part, the plumbing supplies (if needed) and scope of work (regarding hours/ days).

    Having all these will enable you to compare rates with other plumbers that offer their services for the same project.

    Services area covers the following zip codes in Centreville :
    20120, 20121, 20122

    Recent Job Requests

    • Sunrise Speciality toilet sweating tank
    • St. Thomas Creations toilet blocked
    • Sunrise Speciality wc bowl water level drops
    • Eemax water heating appliance water pooling below
    • Duravit bath full of water that won’t drain
    • TOTO shower head low spray action
    • St. Thomas Creations bathroom tub faulty overflow gasket
    • Porcher sink installation

    Additional Local Plumbers in Centreville, Virginia:

    Magnolia Plumbing
    Plumbing Services (all)
    24/7 Emergency Service
    Residential Commercial

    S. Lyons Sons Plumbing
    residential commercial service work
    drain cleaning
    light remodeling

    Rocket Rooter Plumbing
    Drain Cleaning
    Septic Grease Cleaning

    Dynamic Plumbing
    Air Conditioning

    American Tub Tile
    Bathroom Remodeling
    Tub Tile Glazing

    MAG Plumbing Remodeli
    water heater
    fix leak

    Galenski Plumbing
    Plumbing repair and replacement
    Rooter Drain services,
    Video Inspect hydro jet drain lines.

    M.R.C Plumbing Heating LLC
    Service residential and commercial
    New construction and remodeling
    Well pump service

    Surface Specialists Systems
    Bathtub Shower Replacement
    Bathtub Repair Refinishing
    Locations Nationwide

    lLine Locators inc
    Utility location. private / public
    Ground Penetrating Radar / GPR X-Ray
    Leak Detection, under ground,slab,pools

    Dynamic Drain Technologies
    Sewer Pipe Lining and Replacement Pros
    Pipe Inspection and Evaluation Experts
    Drain Cleaning and Clearing for Less

    Quality Air Heating, Inc
    we are a full service HVAC company
    We are a full service plumbing company
    We are a handyman service company

    Your 1 Plumber
    Sewer drain solutions
    Same day service guaranteed
    call before noon, mon-fri weather permit

    Chantilly Plumbing Remodeling Inc
    Drain cleaning, faucet install
    Bath remodeling
    Toilets, sump pumps, hot water heaters

    ASHCO International
    Stablished in 1984
    Kitchen and Bath remodeling
    Remodeling Plumbing services

    stillwater septic service sewer drain cleaner
    We pump and clean outsied grease inside
    all typr of drain cleaning and hydro jet
    septic svc and tv camer svc

    Battlefield Plumbing
    replumbing Specialist
    repiping Secialist
    polybutylene repiping

    Blackstone Mechanical
    Plumbing Mechanical Contractor
    Renovations, New construction
    Service-Sewer/ Drain Cleaning, Repairs

    Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree (M #master #degree #for #nurses


    Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree (M.S.N.)

    Our Family Nurse Practitioner program is designed for baccalaureate nurses who want to develop expertise in an advanced practice role.

    This program is offered online through Blackboard, a course delivery system. On-campus attendance requirements are kept to a minimum.

    Clinical requirements can usually be completed in the student’s city of residence within the state of Texas, provided course objectives are met. Preceptors and clinical sites are subject to approval per course requirements and expected course objectives.


    Master of Science in Nursing


    Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who provide primary care for patients across the lifespan. FNPs provide holistic care emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention for individuals and families.

    Program Highlights

    U.S. News and World Report ranked ASU 34 th in Best Online Nursing Programs 2014.

    Currently, our program maintains a 100 percent pass rate for FNP certification.

    We are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

    Admission Requirements

    In addition to the general requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies, applicants for regular admission to the M.S.N. program must meet the following criteria:

    • U.S. citizenship*
    • Three references who can address your ability to succeed in graduate school (leadership, time management, initiative). This will be completed through the application process.
    • An essay of 500 words or less that addresses the following points:
      • Program to which you are you applying
      • Objectives for your graduate education
      • Summary of your nursing experience
      • Your license and certifications (i.e. ACLS, PALS)
      • A summary of volunteer work and/or community service
      • Potential clinical sites and/or affiliations that will assist you in meeting your goals

    Note: All of these materials must be submitted using NursingCAS (Nursing Centralized Application Service). Prior to setting up a NursingCAS account, you need to Apply to ASU’s College of Graduate Studies using the ApplyTexas application. Once you have been assigned a Campus ID (CID), enter the number in the “Additional Information” section within NursingCAS application.

    Prior to your first clinical course, you must have the following on file in the nursing office:

    • Current CPR (professional level) certification
    • Evidence of meeting state-mandated immunization requirements
    • Proof of current health insurance

    Clinical sites may require background checks and drug screens before allowing students to participate in clinical experiences.

    *Following College of Graduate Studies admission requirements, applicants from foreign countries who do not speak English as a first language must also include official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), taken within the last two years.


    • A baccalaureate degree in nursing from a program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN -formerly NLNAC) or the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
    • Overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale*
    • Undergraduate statistics course (3 semester credit hours) completed with a grade of “C” or better. (Junior- or senior-level statistics within 5 years is recommended but not required.)
    • Current, unencumbered license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Texas.**

    *When an applicant’s GPA is below 3.0, but between 2.75 and 2.99, and if the applicant has achieved a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work, the applicant may be granted provisional admission.

    **All faculty-supervised clinical practica must be completed in Texas.

    Application Deadlines

    Master of Science in Engineering #online #master #of #science #in #electrical #engineering


    Master s Degree in Engineering Science

    the Program

    The Master of Science in Engineering program is a rigorous technical program which draws on students’ existing knowledge of engineering theory and mathematics as well as practical engineering experience.

    You’ll benefit from core engineering courses such as Engineering Management, Engineering Communications, Simulation Modeling of Engineering Systems, and more.

    your best career move

    Rather than being tied to a specific discipline, the program provides you the opportunity to select courses based on your career needs, interests, and goals. Select an area of emphasis in Engineering Design, Applications of Engineering Management, Control (Electrical) Systems, or Structural/Geotechnical Engineering to round out your degree if you’re looking to pursue a specific career path.

    Not looking for a full degree? Certificates in engineering are offered separately.


    When he decided to pursue his master’s degree in engineering, flexibility was the number one priority for Justin Davidson. With a busy work schedule and five active young daughters, Davidson needed a program he could tailor to his lifestyle. READ MORE

    choose UW-Platteville

    • 100% online courses
    • Regional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission
    • No GRE or GMAT required
    • Opportunity to transfer credits
    • Complete your degree in as little as two years
    • Rated as one of the best online graduate engineering degrees in the nation by U.S. News World Report and Most Affordable Online College .

    How To Master The Law Of Attraction #master #the #law #of #attraction


    How To Master The Law Of Attraction

    Have you tried to use the power of the law of attraction but failed to see results? Unfortunately this is a very common problem. One reason this happens is due to your mindset.

    It is very easy to set yourself up for failure. You can set a goal such as losing weight and then immediately your self-doubt creeps into action. You start destroying your attempts to succeed by making excuses for everything. This probably sounds very familiar to you, doesn’t it?

    Another reason the law of attraction may not work for you is because you are following the wrong people. Did you start using this principle because someone else told you about it? They then didn’t see results, so you don’t either.

    Think about what might happen if you follow someone who has seen tremendous results? Are you starting to see the difference here?

    Your mindset will have a huge impact on how successful you are in life, whether or not you are applying the laws of attraction. If you see or expect negative results, this is what you will get, unfortunately. If you tend to blame others, or the world in general for your failings, again you will see nothing but bad outcomes.

    In order for the law of attraction to work you have to learn how to see your results before they happen. This requires that you shift your mindset to one of being more positive.

    If your goal or dream is to have more money. Start imagining what your life will be like, before it happens. Visualize your new home, the type of job you have, going on vacations and more. If you want to be wealthy condition yourself to starting thinking in this way from now on.

    For you to master the law of attraction you need to focus on who you are. As well you want to focus on those things that you already have. This includes being grateful to certain people for being part of your life. Plus it includes items that are nonphysical such as having a roof over your head or being in good health.

    Learning how to visualize and envision things as though you already have them will be key in mastering the law of attraction. Instead of focusing on things that you don’t want to have or to happen. Focus on changing you first. When this happens the environment around you will look different. All because it is you that has changed and not the environment.

    Eva Gregory is a Law of Attraction expert, speaker, author and mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs – coaches, healers and holistic practitioners. Her passion is helping spiritual entrepreneurs go from chaos to clarity, and from clarity to cash flow by learning how to tap into their own inner guidance and merge it with proven practical business strategies to create enlightened businesses of purpose, passion and prosperity. She is author of “The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity” and “Life Lessons For Mastering the Law of Attraction” co-authored with Jack Canfield. Get your FREE REPORT, “Massive Success For Spiritual Entrepreneurs” here. Learn more about how Eva can help you at www.EvaGregory.com