Fisher Auto Parts long legacy in Staunton #car #auto #parts

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Fisher Auto Parts long legacy in Staunton

STAUNTON – Still family owned after generations, Fisher Auto Parts pride itself on its prompt customer service.

“Our goal is to consistently have the correct, high-quality parts, ‘out the door in four.’ Time is money,” said owner Bo Fisher, referring to his company’s goal to get all his customers helped and given the proper equipment in four minutes.

Fisher Auto Parts, founded 85 years ago, continues to be a player in a growth industry.

The automotive parts aftermarket in which Fisher operates is expected to increase $35 billion in the next three years. The industry is expected to increase from $238.4 billion last year to $273.4 billion in 2017, according to Bailey Overman, senior analyst for Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association.

In 2013, the automotive aftermarket grew at an estimated 3.1 percent, Overman said. Suppliers estimated that the independent aftermarket grew at an estimated 5.8 percent in the first quarter of 2014.

Starting out

As the Great Depression hit America, Blair Coiner founded Coiner Parts in 1929, selling auto parts to car dealers, service stations and garages. By 1933, the company was offering door-to-door service with mobile machine shops.

Fast forward to the 1960s. Art Fisher joined Coiner Parts, then married Blair Coiner’s daughter. The company grew to 60 stores and more than 300 employees. By 1983, Coiner had become Fisher Auto Parts, as Art Fisher continued to grow the legacy.

Now, Art’s son, Bo, runs the company, which has 400 locations and almost 3,500 employees.

“We feel fortunate that our family has been focused on the aftermarket for over 85 years,” Fisher said. “Thankfully, due to our ancestor’s acumen and the team’s hard work, for many years we have been blessed with a prudently strong balance sheet and a talented team of professionals.”

New venture

In 1985, Fisher Auto Parts became the founding member of Federated Auto Parts Distributors. Fisher is one of 60 other companies that make up Federated.

With more than 5,000 auto parts stores and 5,500 car care centers carrying the Federated Auto Parts banner, the organization has the combined volume to allow global sourcing for the highest quality of parts, Fisher said.

Federated and Fisher Auto Parts are headquartered in Staunton, on Greenville Avenue. Their buildings are right next to each other, though they operate separately. Federated’s warehouse is on Statler Boulevard, and Fisher’s is on Morris Mill Road.

Both businesses are primarily focused on providing service providers and professional technicians with the best parts.

The biggest competitors both Federated and Fisher face are Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, AutoZone and O’Reilly Auto Parts. Bo Fisher said it’s all healthy competition.

Federated has paved the way for companies like Fisher to have a bigger national footprint, said Rusty Bishop, CEO of Federated Auto Parts.

Aftermarket is a unique industry, Bishop said. Employing more than 4.2 million people worldwide, they keep the cars on the road with replacement parts.

“The aftermarket is a significant segment,” Bishop said. “In the automotive aftermarket, they are defined in one or two ways — retailers and wholesalers.”

Retailers sell to consumers that work on their own cars. Wholesale is more of what Federated and Fisher do focus on – selling to professional installers.

The Fisher Auto Parts’ clientele is about 75 percent professional installers and 25 percent walk-ins at stores, Bo Fisher said.

Federated’s business clientele is comparable to NAPA Auto Parts, Bishop said.

“Both of them cross lines a little bit and sell to both markets,” Bishop said.

The top issues looming for aftermarket suppliers are lack of pricing power, extended payment terms and aftermarket demand drivers, Overman said. Still the automotive aftermarket is expected to grow at an estimated average of 3.5 percent per year until 2017.

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Laguna Niguel

Over one-third of Laguna Niguel is designated as open space. This significant amount of open space is one of the key features defining the character and urban form of the City. The City has 2 community parks, 23 neighborhood parks, 3 mini-parks, 1 dog park, 2 county regional parks, 2 small county parks and the new Laguna Niguel Skate Soccer Park.

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Electrician in Laguna Niguel, California to serve you with personal, friendly, reliable, experienced and lasting service for electrical repairs, installs, and upgrades. Call us at (714) 744-4300 or (949) 857-8385.

Berk s Electrical and Lighting is a full service electrical contracting company that has been providing electrical contracting for exterior, interior and landscape lighting, retrofits, service installations, new construction, renovations. tenant improvements, service upgrades and repair since the early seventies. Working on designs from start to end with his qualified team of project consultants and technicians Berk s Electrical and Lighting provides the necessary confidence any client needs to get their project finished on time, on budget and to code. Anyone knows that professional interruptions can cause inefficiencies that have a sudden impact on project costs, that s why Berk s Electrical and Lighting focuses on getting electricity restored into your system in the fastest and safest manner possible. It goes without saying that this is at the minimum risk to any valuable or data sensitive equipment.

Our professional Laguna Niguel electricians can come to your Laguna Niguel home and diagnose any problem you may be having. Our trucks are fully stocked to ensure that we have the right tools and materials to ensure the best service for your home. We will do all your electrical work personally to guarantee an excellent job for you. All the electrical materials we install for your project will be the finest that are available.

Quality electrical work depends on consistency and uniformity. That is why there is an electrical code, so everyone is clear on the correct and incorrect way to perform an electrical repair or installation! As a professional electrician, you can depend on Berk s Electrical and Lighting for an electrical repair that will last!

Laguna Niguel Residential Electrical Repairs

Our professional Laguna Niguel electricians can come to your Laguna Niguel home and diagnose any problem you may be having. Our trucks are fully stocked to ensure that we have the right tools and materials to ensure the best service for your home. We will do all your electrical work personally to guarantee an excellent job for you. All the electrical materials we install for your project will be the finest that are available.

Laguna Niguel Commercial Electrical Repairs

Any Commercial building or place of business can use a wide range of Laguna Niguel electrical services, whether it is maintenance or installation. Dedicated circuits to avoid overloading of the circuits and circuit breakers. Energy saving lighting both inside the building as well as outside. Proper voltages to the machines and equipment ensures a longer running time with less problems.

Parking garages and outside parking lots should always have sufficient energy saving lighting. One Laguna Niguel commercial electrical service is if the light fixture does not have energy saving lamps and ballasts, electricians can retrofit the light fixtures making them energy efficient which will lower electricity bills and save electricity.

Electrical Services

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Officials: Man dies after cesspool hole collapses in Huntington #cesspool #service #long #island


Officials: Man dies after cesspool hole collapses in Huntington

A worker installing a cesspool at a Huntington home Wednesday afternoon was killed after the rim of a freshly dug hole collapsed, burying him beneath a large mound of dirt, Suffolk police said.

Edward Sinnott, 59, of Huntington, was pulled from the hole just before 7 p.m. police said, and pronounced dead at the scene by a physician assistant with the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office.

Sinnott, who worked for Antorino Sons in Huntington, and other workers, were in the front yard of the home on Beech Place at about 12:50 p.m. when the hole gave way and collapsed into itself, police said. A second worker fell into the hole but got out as the dirt poured in.

Immediately after the collapse, other members of the crew frantically tried to dig Sinnott out of the pile. First responders from several fire departments soon arrived to help.

Police blocked off several streets to traffic in the surrounding area, cordoned off the home with yellow tape, and kept gawkers safely away from the scene as efforts to save Sinnott continued.

Crews used a crane and other equipment, including a tractor-size device designed to suck up large amounts of dirt. By about 2 p.m. as many at the scene realized the likelihood Sinnott had survived faded, residents appeared visibly despondent.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this,” said Regina Sineno, 51, who lives nearby. “This is very sad.”

No one answered the phone at the Beech Place home.

A video shot at the moment the hole collapsed shows a steel crane claw hauling dirt out of the hole as the ground first gives way under Sinnott. Then another worker is shown plummeting into the cascading dirt but he grabs onto the rising claw and is pulled to safety as Sinnott disappears from view.

Police said the man was not injured.

Town of Huntington spokesman A.J. Carter said the cesspool “has rings that go into the ground and two rings were in when the worker fell into the hole and it collapsed over him and he got buried.”

Carter said the worker was directing a crane when the hole collapsed.

Responders included the Huntington and Huntington Manor fire departments, officials from the Town of Huntington, Suffolk police Second Precinct and Emergency Service Section officers, and Nassau County emergency service officers.

An official with Occupational Safety and Health Administration arrived at the scene later Wednesday and the agency will investigate the collapse.

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SSDI – Long Term Disability #long #term #disability #insurance #lawyer



Life can get pretty complicated for the disabled. Especially if you are also receiving benefits from under a group long-term disability plan. Most group long term disability policies require that you pursue social security disability benefits. Moreover, these policies require that you reimburse the insurance company from the back benefits of any social security disability award. In our experience most of our social security disability clients appreciate their long-term disability insurance company and the benefits they are providing, and are happy to pay the insurance company back if they get social security disability; but many find their LTD carrier is just a little too aggressive in assisting them. Once you have filed your claim for social security disability, your long term disability insurance company will probably tell you that if you hire their representative – usually office in another part of the country “to help you get social security disability there will be no charge.

Free is good; why would you not use the insurance company’s lawyer in your social security disability case? Because, your insurance company has told you a half truth. Due to the fact that you must reimburse your insurance company from social security disability back payments, by choosing their lawyer you save NO MONEY yourself; But you do save the insurance company money! Let’s explain.

In order to understand what is really going on, you need to understand the basics of your group disability policy. You should request a copy of this policy if you do not have it. There are, however, several features that are uniformly a part of the group disability plans:

The Offset for Social Security Disability Benefits

Perhaps this is one of those terms you have heard but are not quite sure about. Absence unusual circumstances, your group disability benefits will be reduced by the amount of social security disability that you receive. So for example, if you are eligible for a LTD policy benefit of $1000 per month, but also receive $600 in social security disability benefits (not adjusted for COLA) per month, your LTD will only pay you $400. This is simply enough, and works easily enough if you get your social security disability about the same time as you start receiving your LTD benefit. But the massive delays in securing a favorable social security disability award have created complications. If you are like most Americans it may take two years to finally win your social security disability benefits. In our above example, the insurance company would have to pay you the full $1000 a month, since you were not yet getting your social security disability. As you might imagine, insurance companies did not like holding the bag as they waited for the government to pay a legitimate social security disability claim. To deal with this problem, LTD group disability policies started offering a pay me now, or pay me later option: (i) reduce LTD benefits in the amount of the estimated social security disability benefit (i.e. the social security benefit the government should; be paying) or (ii) require their insured to pay the insurance company back when they finally get their social security disability. As you might imagine, most disabled choose the pay later (after all, monthly income is down considerably. To document this obligation, the insurance company typically requires the signing of a Reimbursement Agreement.

The Reimbursement Obligation

For many on LTD benefit, the reimbursement obligation means one thing: all the money in social security disability back benefits goes to the insurance company. THIS IS NOT TRUE. In Most cases, your long-term disability carrier has no right that that part of your social security disability benefit that represents the Cost of Living Adjustment. Over time, this COLA is very significant.

You can take control of this important decision.


ASK THE EXPERT: Does sunscreen become ineffective with age? #how #long #does #it #take #to #become #a #plastic #surgeon


ASK THE EXPERT: Does sunscreen become ineffective with age?

By Karen E. Burke, MD

Dr. Burke is a dermatologist in private practice in New York City.

Q: Does a sunscreen become ineffective with age? How long can I keep a sunscreen before I have to throw it out?

A: Expiration dates are often stamped on sunscreen containers to specify the time limit for a product s stability and efficacy. For optimal sun protection as well as texture, stability, and sterility, use the sunscreen prior to the date listed. If you can t find a date on a new tube or bottle, write the month and year you purchased it in permanent marker on the tube.

To test shelf life, manufacturers store a product at 40 C with 75 percent humidity; then at 40 C with 25 percent humidity; and then test it at 0, 1, 2, and 3 months. Stability for three months in these laboratory conditions is comparable to three years in normal ambient environments. So your sunscreen should be good for up to three years after purchase.

Of the 17 sunscreen ingredients approved in the U.S. 15 are organic, or chemical, sunscreens: They work by absorbing damaging ultraviolet radiation (UVR). These chemical sunscreens consist of innately unstable molecules, but in the past few years manufacturers have started adding stabilizers like octocrylene.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical, inorganic sunscreens; they reflect and diffuse UVR. Both are photostable and do not change molecular structure when exposed to UVR. Physical sunscreens once had an opaque, paste-like consistency, but in the past two decades manufacturers have developed cosmetically elegant formulations using micronized (tiny) particles. Since micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide can clump together over time, often the particles are coated with dimethicone or silica to keep the ingredients stable and smooth. And in addition to active compounds, sunscreens usually contain preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, and other additives.

Sunscreens are tested in their actual containers, since plastics in the container may leach into the sunscreen and cause a chemical interaction. UVR changes the molecular structure of chemical sunscreens, so sunscreen containers should be opaque.

For best results, use your sunscreen before the stated expiration date, and store it in a cool place.

Published in the Spring 2008 Edition of Sun Skin News

Ask the Experts Articles

Can I still use my sunscreen from last summer? What should I expect from a full body skin exam?

A: Sun exposure can cause both short-term and long-term damage to the eyes,

Dr. Palm is the founding Director of Art of Skin MD (, in Solana Beach, CA,

Dr. Siegle is a dermatologic surgeon. He is clinical professor of Dermatology and

Dr. Ostad is a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon in private practice in New York, NY, and

Dr. Perez is director of cosmetic dermatology at St. Luke s Roosevelt Medical Center and

Dr. Amonette is past president of the American Academy of Dermatology, and currently clinical

Lisa Chipps, MD, MS, FAAD, is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon specializing in Mohs

Dr. Sarnoff, clinical professor of dermatology, NYU Langone Medical Center and Vice

Dr. Siegel is clinical professor of dermatology and director, procedural dermatology

Dr. Wang is director of dermatologic surgery and dermatology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer

Dr. Gotkin, director of plastic surgery at Cosmetique Dermatology, Laser Plastic Surgery,

Dr Fusco is a dermatologist in private practice in New York City. Q. Does Sunscreen

Marcy Street, MD, is a Mayo Clinic-trained dermatologist. Dr. Street was the first

Dr. Green is a dermatologist specializing in skin cancer and cosmetic dermatology in New York

Public Moving Services – Best Rated Long Distance Moving Company in US #who #is #the #best #moving #company #for #long #distance


Public Moving Services Becomes the Fastest Growing Moving Company in US

Public Moving Services opens new locations in several states every month.

Public Moving Services has become one of the fastest-growing long-distance moving companies in the US, having recently expanded to several new states. Now a leading moving company in the country, they serve homes and businesses all over the US, with a focus on Texas, North and South Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, Indiana and Maryland.

The company understands that moving house can be both a stressful and exciting time, and this is doubly true for families moving to an entirely new state. With that in mind, Public Moving Services now offers the full range of moving and relocation services to help ensure that their customers get a great head start in their new homes. Their services are also tailored to meet the individual needs of the client, and they offer to take care of any packing before they load everything into the vans.

Being a full-service moving company, they also have their own storage depots. If customers are not quite ready to move everything to their new place, they can use secure storage facilities for as long as is necessary. Whatever the customer’s situation, Public Moving Services will take care of every individual moving need by providing all the services needed for the process to go smoothly. They also offer an optional package, whereby they can safely disassemble fragile electronic items and set them up in the new place.

Public Moving Services serves all 50 states, and they work with clients large and small from government-run facilities to small family homes. They are also supporters of the Senior Citizen Support Group, the World Vision for Children and the Department of Defense. However, while they might be a big company, they remain a family-owned entity. As such, they treat all their clients like family, priding ourselves on offering a safe, reliable and affordable service no matter what.

About Public Moving Services

Public Moving Services is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have more than 15 years of experience in the field of relocation services. Over the years, they’ve built up a reputation as one of the best moving services in the US, particularly when it comes to long-distance, interstate moves. They offer fast delivery, quality packing, a Web-based tracking system and professional customer support as well. As such, all customers can be confident that the company is the right one to choose for their move.

Pubic Moving Services

We take your move personally and we continually manage our ongoing commitment to quality. Public Moving Services is a licensed and insured, mid-sized company that provides our customers with single source accountability!

We are not the lowest price nor the highest, but we provide a value that’s unmatched in our industry. We’re big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care and meet your logistical challenges!

Long distance moving expertise

If you’re moving from state to state or cross country, you’ll want a mover who brings experience to the table. With 15 years of transporting our customers’ items carefully across the nation, you can be sure Public Moving Services is the right moving company for your long distance needs. Our friendly moving experts can prep you on what you’ll need to do to get ready for your long distance move. Don’t trust a cross country move to just any moving company.

Full-service moving, packing, setup and storage Public Moving Services

We know that with a move on the horizon, you have a lot to prepare for. That s why we offer a full range of moving services that can be customized to your needs. Let us take care of packing your items before we load them into our moving trucks. Upon arrival at your destination, we can also help unpack and set up. We also provide storage services if you re not quite ready to move everything into your new place at once. If convenience is an important element to your moving process, you ll love our Solution Driven Packing packages, offering services like electronics disassemble and setup as well.

Public Moving Services Team

So happy I used this company. The teams on both ends were amazing! At pickup everything was wrapped so professionally, I was so impressed. Thank you guys for a job well done!

Best movers I ve met in spite my previous bad experiences with moving companies. They did their best effort to meet my expectations. Everything was packed fast and skillful and my wife was very happy with their performance, I mean the way they covered our furniture to get it safety deliver to our new home. I recommend it to everybody.

Great job guys. Packing was good and delivery was on time !

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All Units Include

  • Monthly Move-In Specials
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Lighted, Fenced and Paved
  • Lower level spaces
  • Wood floors in most units
  • Three convenient locations

Big or small, Don Temple has room to store it all. Don Temple is a pioneer in the self-storage movement. Since 1968, his convenient self storage locations have been providing top-quality service and storage units tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

Most units are equipped with protective wood floors, and each self storage unit locks securely, so customers can enjoy safe, worry-free storage as long as it’s needed. Whether customers are storing a few extra boxes from a move, large furniture or bulky items, there’s a storage unit for every situation. Unlike other self storage companies, each U-Store Lock location is open seven days a week, so unit access is never a problem. Customers also have the option of terminating their storage agreement at any time. No advanced notice is required. A simple written notice is required on the move-out date, and move-in specials are available every month.

All rental agreements are flexible, so customers can store their items for a few weeks, a few months or as long as they need. Monthly rental statements are sent to the lessee’s known address, and payments can be made online. All U-Store Lock locations are monitored by security guards and protected by an advanced alarm system. Choose Don Temple’s U-Store Lock in Long Beach or Lakewood and enjoy secure self storage with superior, customer-oriented service. Don Temple delivers the self storage space customers need without pushing them to buy more. The Long Beach U-Store Lock location on Spring Street also has secure outdoor storage areas for commercial and personal vehicles, RVs, mobile homes, boats and large items.

Don Temple has been in the self storage business since 1968, and still owns and manages each location. For more information, Give U-Store Lock a call at (562) 684-2019, and go with the self storage experts.

Space Requirements What size is right for me?Learn More

Why Choose Us See what we have to offerLearn More

3 convenient locations See our mapLearn More

Frequently asked questions Before Laser Eye Treatment – Ultralase UK #laser #eye #surgery #how #long #does #it #take #to #recover


FAQ – Before Treatment

Frequently asked questions – Beforehand

Will I be suitable for vision correction?

If you know your prescription, then you could use our free online vision correction suitability checker, which is designed to act as a guide for you. The only way to know for sure and to find the best eye surgery treatment for you is to attend a free consultation.

We have vision correction solutions for long-sight, short-sight, astigmatism, presbyopia (the age related need for reading glasses) and those with strong prescriptions.

Why do I need a consultation?

There are many factors that need to be considered when assessing your suitability for treatment, including your prescription and the health of your eyes, which are measured in great detail during your consultation. It is also your opportunity to find out answers to any questions you might have and ensure you fully understand the benefits and risks of vision correction treatment.

During your free eye surgery consultation, you will meet with your personal advisor who will answer any questions you might have throughout the consultation. Our specialist vision correction optometrists perform several tests on your eyes, producing electronic maps which precisely show the contours and irregularities on the outer surface.

You are then advised on your suitability for vision correction, and we will recommend which treatment will give you the best result.

Is there a waiting list for consultations?

We always do our best to fit you in as soon as possible at one of our vision correction clinics at a time and date to suit you.

We aim to offer you a consultation within a week of you contacting us, however sometimes we are busier than usual.

How long after the consultation can I have treatment?

You could have your treatment from 48 hours after your eye surgery consultation. The reason for this is that we believe you need time to digest all the information you will receive at your consultation to make an informed decision about your treatment.

When can I get it done?

Once you make the decision to go ahead with treatment, we can look for a treatment date and time that will suit you.

You can have vision correction treatment from 48 hours after your free eye surgery consultation.

What do I do next to get started?

Book a date to come and see us for consultation. It s free, and there is no pressure and no obligation. Call one of our advisors on 0800 9888 237 .

Can I talk to someone who has been treated?

Of course you can.

Simply call 0800 9888 237 and we will put you in touch with someone who has had laser eye surgery like yours, and who is enjoying life without contact lenses or glasses.

Alternatively, you can: Read comments from thousands of our other happy eye surgery customers.

Where can I go to have it done?

You can book your free eye surgery consultation at any of our clinics located throughout the UK We have 2 state-of-the-art IOL surgery facilities in London and Liverpool.

How long will I need to take off work?

Your consultation can take up to 2 hours so that we re able to accurately map and measure your eyes and make a recommendation to you about treatment based on the unique characteristics of your eyes. You can return to work after this, but you are unable to drive as we often need to use drops to dilate your pupils and this can make your vision blurry and slightly more light sensitive.

After your treatment, the time we recommend you take off depends upon your eye surgery treatment and your own recovery rate, but as a guide allow at least 24-48 hours, and it could be up to a week. This will be discussed with you at your free consultation.

Each aftercare appointment can take up to 15 minutes and depending on your treatment, there are 4-5 recommended aftercare appointments.

How soon can I be back on my PC/iPhone/iPad?

This depends on your eye surgery treatment and your own recovery rate, but allow at least 24-48 hours, and it could be up to a week. If you must use your PC, then remember to blink frequently and use the drops we provide.

Do the services (fire, police, armed forces etc.) recognise laser eye treatment?

The police will generally accept applications from people who have undergone laser eye surgery treatment after the elapse of 6-10 weeks, and provided there are no residual side-effects and other eyesight standards are met.

Laser eye surgery treatments are generally acceptable for current employees, but check with your superior beforehand.

Some fire brigades will make allowances for those with laser vision correction. In most cases, you will have to wait 6 months post-treatment before applying. Check with your local brigade. Laser eye surgery treatments are generally acceptable for current employees, but check with your superior beforehand.

Military policy states that while laser eye procedures are not generally prohibited among serving personnel or new recruits, there are rules covering its use. Please discuss your eye surgery with your superior.

I drive for a living, how long before I can get behind a wheel?

Everybody s eyes are different, though most are suitable for vision correction treatment. The length of time will be confirmed at your aftercare treatment based on the speed of your progress, although it is typically around 2 days, and 1-2 weeks for Intraocular Lenses (IOL).

Can I fly after treatment?

We would recommend not flying for 1 week after your eye surgery treatment. This is due to the dry atmosphere inside an aeroplane. Please also bear in mind that we will schedule your aftercare appointments for 1 week and 1 month after treatment and we recommend that you attend these appointments.

I am a commercial pilot. Can I have laser eye surgery?

Yes you can, but be aware that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) does not recommend laser eye treatments for pilots if the visual standards required for certification are to be met.

However, if you intend to go ahead, then there are stipulations, which it is best to understand by direct application to them.

I have always had good vision, but now I ve reached the age where I need reading glasses. Can laser eye surgery help?

Laser eye surgery itself cannot prevent or delay the onset of presbyopia, the age-related need for reading glasses that affects most of us as we reach our mid-forties. However, help is at hand – we offer a range of treatments designed to address the effects of presbyopia.

I ve been refused laser eye surgery in the past owing to the strength of my prescription. Have techniques moved on?

They have, and it is possible that you may be suitable for laser eye surgery now, however if you are not, we may be able to help with an advanced treatment called IOL (Intra Ocular Lens). With our range of eye surgery treatments, Ultralase is now able to correct the vision of around 90% of people in the UK, including many people found unsuitable in the past.

I have a really strong prescription. Can you help?

It is possible that we will be able to help with IOL (Intra Ocular Lens) treatment. With our range of treatments, Ultralase laser eye clinics are now able to correct the vision of around 90% of people we see for consultation.

Is there an upper or lower age limit for laser eye surgery?

Peoples prescriptions have usually stabilised by the age of 21 when the eye has completed its normal growth. However, vision correction may be an option from the age of 18, provided that the eyesight prescription has been stable for a minimum of 2 years. There is no upper age limit. However, please see the information about cataracts .

Can laser eye surgery cure cataracts?

People often start to develop cataracts when in their 60 s and 70 s, though this can vary. Laser eye surgery cannot cure this condition, however we do offer specific treatments for cataracts, which you can read more about here .

Is laser eye surgery available on the NHS or covered by private health insurance?

The Department of Health has stated that there are neither plans nor the resources to make laser eye surgery available on the NHS. It is also unlikely that those with private health insurance can reclaim their fees.

Should I bring someone with me?

We recommend that you do. Many people say that it s helpful for a friend or partner to attend with them as it may be that they have questions of their own to ask. In addition, during your consultation we may use eye drops to dilate your pupils, which can cause your vision to become blurred for a few hours afterwards and so a friend of partner can accompany you home. You will not be able to drive yourself home.

How long does an eye surgery consultation take?

Your free eye surgery consultation will last around 2 hours. This is so that we re able to accurately map and measure your eyes and make a recommendation to you about treatment based on their unique characteristics.


Long Island s 10 largest public companies #long #island #insurance #company


Long Island’s 10 largest public companies

Stock symbol: HSIC (Nasdaq)

Employees: About 15,000 worldwide, with roughly 1,350 on Long Island

Industry: Medical equipment distributor

Chief executive: Stanley Bergman

Henry Schein expects revenue to continue booming in the coming year as the company’s push into China takes hold and more people finally take care of the dental work they were putting off during the recession. The global distributor of medical, dental and veterinarian supplies has grown its sales steadily during the last few years, thanks in part to aging, health-conscious and pet-friendly baby boomers. The company has also broadened its customer base abroad, entering the Chinese market in 2010. Company officials hope to hit $10 billion in sales by the end of 2014.

1111 Stewart Ave. Bethpage. 11714

Revenue: $6.70 billion

Net Income: $292 million

Stock Symbol/Exchange: CVC (NYSE )

Chief executive: James L. Dolan

Employees: 15,451 worldwide; Long Island employment not available

Cablevision. confronting competition from rival Verizon Communications Inc.. has spent $140 million on improvements to its Internet service and adding indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi hot spots. A remote storage DVR service is being rolled out, along with Optimum-branded services to customers in four western states gained from the Bresnan Communications acquisition. Last year, Cablevision spun off AMC Networks as a separate public company. In December, chief operating officer Thomas M. Rutledge resigned, and many of his duties were assumed by chief executive James L. Dolan. Our customers are responding positively to our ongoing efforts to expand and improve the products we offer, Dolan told Newsday.

Revenue: $4.81 billion

Net Income: $951 million

Stock symbol: CA (Nasdaq)

Employees: About 13,600 worldwide, with roughly 1,500 on Long Island

Industry: Corporate software

Chief executive: Bill McCracken

CA Technologies. which sells software to large corporations, expects its recent growth spurt and push into cloud computing will continue to help drive up sales in the coming year. The company has invested more than $2 billion since 2006 to acquire more than 20 companies. Those acquisitions helped fuel CA’s 9-percent revenue increase last year and broadened its cloud computing business, which allows massive amounts of data to be stored remotely and accessed over the Internet. In the next year, company officials expect revenue between $4.74 billion and $4.80 billion, up 1 percent to 2 percent.

Revenue: $3.68 billion

Net Income: $54 million

Stock Symbol: SYX (NYSE )

Industry: Retailer and direct marketer of personal computers, computer components and consumer electronics and industrial products.

Chief executive: Richard Leeds

Employees: 5,500 worldwide, and more than 300 full-time on Long Island.

Systemax ‘s North American consumer business has continued to struggle against industrywide hurdles, including intense price competition, soft demand and changing consumer habits, the company has said in its filings. Chief executive Richard Leeds said the company is highly focused on improving its consumer business and is enhancing the customer experience by modifying and expanding its product assortment, offering more deals and looking for ways to upgrade services. In the second quarter, the company reported a $2.2 million loss, and revenue fell 2.6 percent from the same period last year to $849.5 million. The company’s sales of business products did grow 7.7 percent, but that was not enough to overcome a 15.3 percent dip in consumer sales for that quarter.

25 Harbor Park Dr.

Revenue: $2.74 billion

Net Income: $316 million

Stock symbol: PLL (NYSE )

Employees: 10,000 worldwide, with about 700 on Long Island

Industry: High-tech filtration maker

Chief executive: Lawrence D. Kingsley

After restructuring under new chief executive Lawrence D. Kingsley, Pall is gearing up for a buying spree. The company, which makes high-tech purification devices to filter beer, water and other substances, sold the assets from its blood collection, filtration and processing divisions in August for $550 million. Kingsley, who took the helm in October 2011, also made several changes to the executive management team and beefed up research and development. Pall, which as of July 31 had $500 million cash on hand, plans to begin acquiring companies in early 2014, Kingsley told analysts in September.

Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc.

1981 Marcus Ave.,

Revenue: $2.17 billion

Net income: $170 million

Stock symbol: BR (NYSE)

Chief executive: Richard J. Daly

Employees: 6,200 full-time, with 1,500 on Long Island

Industry: Financial Communications

Broadridge, started in the East Northport bedroom of chief executive Richard Daly in 1987, manages financial transactions between companies. It has 18 locations worldwide. In August the company was being courted by other states’ governors to move its operations off the Island, but it decided to renew the lease on its factories in Edgewood and Brentwood. In return, the Empire State Development Corp. agreed to give it $20 million in state tax credits between 2007 and 2017, and the Long Island Power Authority will reduce the company’s $5 million annual utility bill by $6 million over seven years.

MSC Industrial Direct Co. Inc.

Revenue: $2.02 billion

Net income: $219 million

Stock symbol: MSM (NYSE)

Industry: Industrial tools and supplies

Chief executive: David Sandler

Employees: 4,663 full-time, including 664 on Long Island

MSC Industrial Supply, as the company calls itself, chose to grow during the weak economy. We take a long-term view of the business and continue to invest in downturns to gain increased market share, Erik Gershwind, president, said in an email. In the past two years the distributor has bought two companies in the western United States, where it says its sales are strongest. Gershwind said MSC has invested heavily in e-commerce, which accounts for more than 30 percent of revenue. It faces stiff competition from Amazon, which began selling industrial tools this year.

The Hain Celestial Group Inc.58 South Service Rd.

Revenue: $1.13 billion

Net Income: $55 million

Stock symbol: HAIN (Nasdaq)

Industry: Natural and organic food and personal care products

Chief executive: Irwin D. Simon

Employees: 4,000 worldwide; about 250 on Long Island

Hain, the maker of products such as Earth’s Best organic baby food and Terra Chips, has been riding the growing trend of health-conscious consumers buying organic and natural foods. The company, which has continued adding products and acquiring food brands and manufacturers, earned a record $24.1 million in its third quarter, up 43.7 percent from the same period in the prior year. Hain also boosted its earnings in the fourth quarter by 82.1 percent from a year ago, climbing to $23.4 million.

Kimco Realty Corp.

Revenue: $1.05 billion

Net Income: $169 million

Stock symbol: KIM (NYSE)

Employees: 642, including 240 on Long Island

Industry: Real estate investment trust

Chief executive: David B. Henry

Kimco believes the shopping center industry is starting to recover after several rough years. The real estate investment trust has a stake in 926 neighborhood and community shopping centers in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South America. Its combined same-property net operating income rose by 1.7 percent in the second quarter compared with the same period in 2011. The industry is getting healthier and more vibrant by the month, David B. Henry, the company’s chief executive said in an interview. Even so, he said, small, locally owned retailers and those serving the middle of the market are still struggling, and the country’s fiscal problems and political uncertainty also cast doubt on the future.

Veeco Instruments Inc.

Revenue: $979 million

Net Income: $128 million

Stock symbol: VECO (Nasdaq)

Employees: About 900, with 300 on Long Island

Industry: High-tech manufacturing

Chief executive: John Peeler

After two years of strong growth, Veeco’s sales have slowed in 2012. The Plainview-based company sells machines that build light-emitting-diode, or LED, chips used in flat-panel televisions, cellphones, street lamps and a growing list of other products. Sales surged following the recession. and Veeco had hoped to top $1 billion in annual revenue for 2011. But revenue slumped during the last three months of the year, as Chinese government subsidies caused LED manufacturers to overbuild there, leading to a drop in demand for Veeco’s equipment. For 2012, the company is forecasting that revenue will slip to between $520 million to $560 million. For its next growth spurt, Veeco hopes to capture a larger share of the market for machines that produce LED lights for use at airports, shopping centers and other large facilities.

Footnote: Financial reports are counted as 2011 results if more than half the fiscal year occurred in 2011; so, for instance, annual results reported in March 2012 are considered 2011 results. Several companies have disclosed 2012 compensation and financial results.

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Long Island Auto Loan – Bad Credit Auto Loans and Used Car Loans #auto #led #lights

#bad credit auto loan

Auto Loan General Information

Most consumers are unaware of the factors that determine the acceptance of an auto loan. These tips will allow the consumer to improve their chances of approval and obtain a lower interest rate on an auto loan.

The credit score of a consumer is a primary factor in the acceptance or denial of auto loan financing. Some lenders will give an auto loan to consumers with lower credit scores with terms and interest rates that are far above the average car loan interest rate.

The first step in preparation for an auto loan is to check credit scores. All consumers are entitled to check their credit reports online. Therefore, it is a good idea to check your credit reports and ensure that everything is in order. The three major reporting companies are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These companies have a separate credit reporting system and will report a corresponding credit report unique to that agency.

Most consumers do not know that the credit scores may vary depending on the reporting company. Therefore, it is important to check all credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Any errors or late payments can affect an applicant’s auto loan interest rate. The consumer should contact the reporting company if there is an error that exists in their credit report. By ensuring that all erroneous errors are removed, the consumer can ensure that his or her score is optimized and accurate.

The second step is to analyze and create a price range for car shopping. By doing this, consumers can use online rate calculators to approximate their monthly payments. Although the interest rate is unknown, it is a good way to ensure that the consumer stays within his or her optimal price range. There is usually a major difference between what a consumer desires and what a consumer can afford.

Avoid prepayment penalties when applying for an auto loan. Financial situations may change throughout life and the flexibility to pay off an auto loan early is important. Find a lender that will allow the consumer to make extra payments on principal to pay off the loan entirely without penalties. For further assistance please call 1-888-598-1910 to speak to an auto loan advisor.