Loan Calculator Amortization Extra Payment

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Loan Calculator Amortization Extra Payment

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It isn’t an credit ratings solution.

Unsecured Installment Loans

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Loan calculator. Free download

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Free Loan Calculator

The Loan Calculator makes loans management and repayment a more predictable and informed process.

There could be times when it feels you are paying towards a loan without making any progress towards reducing the liability. This free and reliable software works out your repayment plan in order to work out a loan management plan. The loans that you need to manage are generally on your house, car or a loan taken to refinance an existing loan. These loans can span from varying time periods and this software takes care of all time spans be it one month or fifty years. The efficiency and reliability of the tool are least effected by the time period for which it is calculated. You get a fair idea of your loan repayment pattern in order to manage your finances accordingly. The input required by the program is basic loan information such as principle, interest rate, time span.

Loan Calculator defines great, targeted smallware that fills a need, and is an extremely easy-to-use program for calculating your mortgage amortization payments and optimizing your loan amortization schedule. Sure, I could set this up in Microsoft Excel, but Loan Calculator is simple and fast, while also exporting its results to Excel or HTML. It is distributed absolutely free of charge as an essential tool to help you estimate your loan payments on your home, car, or for refinancing. Just enter the loan amount, loan term and annual interest rate in and the program will generate a complete loan repayment plan. Loan Calculator also has an online version and supports regional currency settings and works with a wide range of repayment cycles from 1 month to 50 years.

Loan Calculator, Free Loan Calculator, Loan Repayment Calculator

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Loan Calculator

Please note: Loan calculator assumes that the loan interest rate does not change with time. But that might be the actual case. If your rate changes, you can come here again and do your calculations again.

How will prepaying change my loan? [ Loan Prepayment Calculator ] This loan calculator takes a principal amount, interest rate, normal length of the loan and either how much total a month to pay or how long you want to pay.

Future Value or Annuity Calculator [ Annuity Calculator ] This loan calculator finds out how much to put away tax deferred to get a certain amount of money in the future, and how much you could expect to draw out of that money.

How much does that loan actually cost? [ APR Calculator ] You enter the interest rate of your loan, the points and costs and the loan amount. It figures the rest.

Convertible Balloon Mortgage Calculator [ Balloon Loan Calculator ] These days 5/25 and 7/23 convertible balloon mortgages are getting more popular since they provide lower rates than conventional 30 year mortgages while still giving a fixed payment schedule for 5 or more years.

Auto Loan Calculator [ Auto Loan Calculator ] This will do all your auto loan calculation with or without any down payment and for fixed period. So now you can know how much that new car or other auto is going to cost you in a loan.

Loan Calculators

Loan Amortization Calculator – A Free Online Loan Amortization Calculator With Data Table

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Loan Amortization Calculator

A Loan Amortization Calculator For Any Purpose

The loan amortization calculator is intended to show you how your loan will work month-by-month, including information about:

  • Your monthly payment
  • How much of your loan gets paid off each month
  • How much of your monthly payment goes to interest each month
  • How much you’ll owe on your loan at any point in time

The loan amortization calculator includes an amortization table for your reference.

For more details on the results of your calculation, read How Amortization Works. If you want to dig into the numbers even more deeply, find out Calculate Loans on Your Own.


Fill in the required information related to your loan, and click the Calculate button. A table will appear below the loan amortization calculator with the information described above.

You may want to plug the loan amortization calculator’s output into Excel or another spreadsheet program so that you can work with the numbers even further (for example, you might calculate how much interest you’ll pay over the first 10 months of your loan). The best way to do this is to select the data starting outside (above, for example) of the table. Or, use a pre-built Excel loan calculator template.

The loan amortization calculator can be used for your auto loans, home loans, or any other straight-line amortized loans. It does not work with credit card loans or other revolving loans.