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Assisted Living Facilities in Miami Beach, FL

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You know your family, A Place For Mom knows Assisted Living. Our dedicated local Miami Beach, FL advisors have helped 825 families make the right choice for their needs. Get full details, pricing and read 53 reviews of our hand-picked communities. Typically prices range from $1500 to $11370 per month.

Finding the best options for assisted living in Miami Beach can be a challenge. With so many choices for seniors, making the right one for your family can seem overwhelming. Working together, we can help you gain peace of mind. Our free service includes a local Senior Living Advisor dedicated to matching you with a tailored list of hand-picked communities that meet your needs. We provide you with full details and pricing, scheduling property tours and move in support. There’s no cost to you.

Senior housing types in Miami Beach, FL

My New Oasis Quality Assisted Living for a Better Way of Life My New Oasis, is an Assisted Living Facility centrally located in the City of Miami, just between the areas of Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. Our spacious and beautifully remodeled home is open to serve elderly female residents with.

Cozy Care Residence Assisted Living is a residential care home for seniors located in the city of Miami, Florida in Miami-Dade County. Miami is, perhaps, the most famous city in Florida and is home to many recreational and cultural opportunities. Beaches are one of the most popular recreational.

Moon River Assisted Living is a senior care home in sunny Miami, FL in Miami-Dade County. Miami sits on the Atlantic Coast and is famous for its popular South Beach, Miami Dolphins and strong Cuban influences on culture and food. It is a vibrant city with beautiful beaches, a busy downtown, museums.

The Palace at Coral Gables Living in the center of everything. is everything! Situated in the heart of ‘The City Beautiful’, The Palace at Coral Gables represents the pinnacle of senior living in Miami-Dade County. The community has over 240 luxurious senior living residences with a diverse.

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The Princess Gardens ALF is an assistant living facility tucked into a quiet and safe neighborhood of Miami, Fl. The Princess Gardens is a micro-community residential care facility. We pride ourselves in the fact that our facility is truly like a family do to our small residential size. Our staff is.

Breezy Acres assisted living community is located in Miami, Florida. The facility offers care for those in need of assistance with daily living activities but do not require the full time healthcare services from a nursing home. The Miami area provides warm temperatures and plenty of sunny days for.

Flamingo Care is a senior care home located in North Miami Beach, FL in Miami-Dade County. This residence is designed in apartment style for ease assistance to everyday activities and is wheelchair accessible. Its geographical location in North Miami Beach is an added advantage because of the.

Welcome to Imperial Club , Aventura’s best value in full-service retirement living. We are a community for those desiring either an Independent retirement lifestyle, with additional services, such as our Independent Plus Program or Assisted Living services, available for when residents’ needs change.

Welcome to resort-style living! Our eight-story building is in an unbeatable location, near many attractions and resources and just five miles from the beach. Offering Aventura Assisted Living and Memory Care services, our dedicated staff here at The Sterling Aventura would like to welcome you and.

A + Senior Home’s foundation stands upon a strong desire to serve the needs of the elderly of our community. Creating personalized service plans and tailoring home care to the unique needs of each resident, including: daycare, long & short term care, 24-hr personal care, administration and.

Coral Terrace ALF is an assisted living retirement home located in Miami, Florida featured on acres of landscaped gardens and lawns. We proudly offer a safe environment and loving care to provide our residents with the independent lifestyle they desire but with the care that they need. Every.

Vi at Aventura is a luxury, Type A continuing care retirement community located in South Florida, a short drive to downtown Miami. The community consists of entrance-fee Independent Living, as well as direct entrance options to our Assisted Living , Memory Support and Skilled Nursing facilities in.

Halfway House in Delray Beach #halfway #house, #sober #living, #delray #beach, #florida


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Research has shown that halfway houses are an effective way to promote long term sobriety for recovering addicts. Once thought of as structures intended to house some of society s worst criminals, they have now transformed into supportive vehicles for recovering alcoholics and drug abusers.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the necessity of these institutions, little if any government funding is yet available to their residents.

The main purpose of a halfway house is to help assist its residents in maintaining a long term sober life. Much of the success, however, lies within the individual. Still studies indicate that an addict is far more likely to succeed that decides to enter into a home after treatment than those who do not. One reason is due to the strong peer support within the confines of a safe and controlled environment.

A halfway house allows its residents to live drug and alcohol free in a more restricted place while creating a bridge between independence and treatment. Most newly entering addicts are fragile and at their most vulnerable point between relapse and staying sober.

This is why many houses have rules and regulations in place with consequences that may include discharge. One such rule that is most often always the norm is the zero tolerance for anyone being under the influence while on premises. This is almost always grounds for discharge.

Other common rules include random drug testing, room inspection, and a curfew. Curfews are important for the staff to be able to take roll call at a certain time to make sure everyone is home and sober.

A home unites people who are at different stages in their recovery. This develops a strong sense of peer support. Often family can be instrumental in the addict relapsing due to their ignorance or lack of understanding about addiction.

For many there is no better support than that coming from someone who gets it and know what they are going through. For this reason, sober living homes may even offer some type of family counseling that is generally free to those who know someone with an addiction or know someone in a sober living home.

To be able to participate in a halfway house setting, residents must remain active in their recovery. This might mean they regularly attend AA or NA meeting, or get involved with many other programs such as the 12 step on most commonly associated with AA.

There is a strong sense of fellowship among residents and often they will carpool to meetings increasing that supportive bond that already exists in the home. By attending outside functions, residents are gradually reintroduced to an outside, less restrictive environment without being forced at going alone.

There is not a set amount of time an addict must stay at a sober living home. Admission and discharge are most often voluntary. Some stay for years, but the average stay is three to six months. Some might even stay during the week and go home on weekends.

This largely depends on what time of living arrangement they have at home and their relapse history. No matter the length of stay, often long term friendships are formed.

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Our mission is to provide natural health care solutions, quality products, services, therapies, educational programs and business opportunities to the public at large. We are offering a totally new and complete approach to well-being presented in a unique manner. We will provide you with real solutions and pure plant supplementations for weight management and health problems as well as long term solutions, which will enhance the quality of your life.

Along with the proven effects of having a life filled with the joyous well-being of being in complete control and easily applying principles that will result in disease free longevity – one can also secure a living environment with less stress, more peace of mind, unique and vastly improved healthier lifestyles, and of course a more blissful connection with the entire world around us. By living naturally and healthfully while in complete harmony with nature and the world around us, one can be empowered and enabled to rejuvenate your body and reach your full and complete health potential.

Natural Hygienic Health is to be viewed as a lifestyle that promotes healthy living, emotional well-being, sound ecological behavior, and an important quality of life for all. Natural Hygienic Health as a philosophy basically recognizes that human bodies are self-sufficient and capable of maintaining perfect health and freedom from illness and disease if all the basic needs are properly met. Natural Hygienic Health really encompasses everything we need to nutritionally support ourselves in order to promote good health.

To achieve a sound basis for the principles of natural health and hygiene, and a strong working knowledge of its application, individuals should follow a path which explores many opinions on the subject. Every educational or mind-expanding process is a process of evolution. What is not understood today can be crystal clear tomorrow.


Our vision in offering many new and exciting programs is our bold new model that suggests alternative ways of living, primarily through self-responsibility, whereby difficulties are resolved where more basic human needs are addressed. The vision behind our programs is to understand the concepts of illness and health in order to unfold the causes and not only symptoms. The study program offers to the public a profound wisdom in a form that everybody can appreciate.

Our methodology is to emphasize the direct effect of food and natural supplements on an individual’s health. Our approach is to explain the general principles of healthy eating, relation of diet to illness, and how the active components of natural foods, supplements and/or herbs work. The major purpose is to give practical guidelines and approaches on how healthy eating can alleviate a variety of health issues. The concepts and practices that we teach are the reflection of the growing trend of alternative therapies and their relationship to medicine.

The idea is not about challenging medical practices, but rather the emphasis is on balancing the body’s natural abilities to prevent illness. It is now well recognized that we can improve our health by making certain changes in our lifestyle, diet, exercise, and stress reduction.

Health is produced only by Healthful Living and No One Else Can Live For YOU ”!

What Is a Revocable Living Trust? #benefits #of #a #revocable #living #trust


What is a Revocable Living Trust?

Updated March 05, 2017

A revocable living trust — sometimes simply called a living trust — is a legal entity created to hold ownership of an individual s assets. The person who forms the trust is called the grantor or trustmaker, and in most cases, he also serves as the trustee, controlling and managing the assets he placed there. Some trustmakers prefer to have an institution or attorney acts as trustee, although this is somewhat uncommon with this type of trust.

A revocable living trust covers three phases of the trustmaker s life: his lifetime, possible incapacitation, and what happens after his death.

Phase One of a Revocable Living Trust: The Trustmaker is Alive and Well

The trust s formation documents should include specific provisions allowing the trustmaker to invest and spend the trust assets for his benefit during his lifetime. He can go about business as usual with the assets that have been transferred or funded into the trust s ownership, assuming he hasn t appointed someone else to act as trustee. In this case, the trustee would typically take direction from him.

The trustmaker reserves the right to undo a revocable trust — thus the term revocable. He can reclaim assets he s placed into it, divert the trust s income to himself or another beneficiary, sell the assets or place more assets into it. He maintains final control.

A revocable living trust does not have its taxpayer identification number, unlike an irrevocable trust — one where the trustmaker gives up all control.

A revocable trust and its trustmaker share the same Social Security number. Trust taxes are filed on the trustmaker s Form 1040, just as though he continued to hold ownership of the assets personally.

Phase Two of a Revocable Living Trust: The Trustmaker Becomes Mentally Incapacitated

The trust agreement should also specify what happens if the trustmaker becomes mentally incapacitated and can no longer manage his affairs and those of the trust.

The trust documents should name a successor trustee, someone to step in and take over management of the trust if the trustmaker is determined to be mentally incompetent. The successor trustee can then manage the trustmaker s finances and the assets that have been placed into the trust.

Phase Three of a Revocable Living Trust: The Trustmaker s Death

A revocable trust automatically becomes irrevocable when the trustmaker dies because he can no longer make changes to it. The named successor trustee steps in now as well, paying the trustmaker s final bills, debts and taxes, just as he would if the trustmaker became incapacitated. In the case of death, however, he would then distribute the remaining assets to the trust s beneficiaries according to instructions included in the trust s formation documents.

How a Revocable Living Trust Avoids Probate

The Internal Revenue Service and probate courts view revocable trusts a little differently. Because the trustmaker and the trust share the same Social Security number, assets placed in the trust do not avoid estate taxes. The trustmaker can reclaim them anytime he likes, so the IRS takes the position that he has not technically relinquished ownership as he would with an irrevocable trust, which does escape estate taxation.

The probate court says he has indeed relinquished ownership. He s given the assets to the trust, even though he could theoretically take them back. Assuming he hasn t done so as of his date of death, the trust s assets would not pass through probate. The successor trustee can settle the trust outside of court, without supervision.

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State Funded Rehab Programs for Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

State-funded drug rehab centers help addicts overcome addiction utilizing state and federal funding to cover the cost of treatment. State-run treatment centers allocate funds for treatment and pass the funding for rehab down to county-funded treatment centers. This allows for those that need help finding free drug rehab centers the ability to enter into a program for their addiction with no monetary exchange.

Government sponsored rehab centers for addiction are not that much different from the top rated rehab centers. The main difference between a state or county funded drug rehab is the amenities that are offered. Most state-run treatment facilities will have 2-4 people per room depending on the size of the rooms in their inpatient rehab center. The location of state-run treatment programs for addiction are usually in more heavily populated cities throughout the state, whereas private drug and alcohol treatment centers are usually in more secluded locations, with private rooms, on the water, or in the mountains. Private Drug Rehab Centers have a bit better staff to client ratio but that does not always dictate a better program.

This question will cross the minds of most people who have decided that they need to seek some sort of treatment for their addiction. Although outpatient treatment at a state-run treatment program can work for some people; we more often times, will recommend going into a treatment center that is inpatient for at least 21 days followed up by outpatient services.

To be successful in a government-funded outpatient treatment program you will need to be very self-motivated and have a great support system at home for it to be successful. Pressures from home and our old friends can make the journey more difficult, for some people there can still be access to drugs or alcohol making recovery even harder.

How do you get into a state-funded rehab?

State-run treatment programs can at times, be overcrowded. We have a few tips, we would like to share to help expedite the process and hopefully avoid long waiting lists for free treatment services at one of the state sponsored treatment programs in your area.

Call our free helpline 1-800-819-9973 and let us help you locate the best state-run drug rehab in your area. We have been helping people locate and enter state funded treatment centers since 2002. Take advantage of our free knowledge. Our counselors will direct you to the best state funded drug rehab center in your area.

Once we have connected you with a government-funded rehab program, follow through with the steps that the program lays out for you to enter their treatment center. Make sure you call the number when they say to call, be punctual, they are busy. The more willingness and responsibility you show, the more the person at the other end will want to help you. This can have a direct influence on when you can receive treatment and what type of services you will receive.

When you talk to the treatment center that we have helped you find, be nice, courteous, and above all, honest about your addiction. The rehabilitation center s staff can better assist you if they know the exact extent of the addiction.

  • Over 25% of Americans die prematurely as a result of their addiction.
  • More than 23 million patients currently need alcohol treatment or drug treatment and only 3% get it.
  • Approximately half of state prison inmates reported they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of their offense.
  • 95% percent of untreated addicts die of their addiction.
  • The average person dies 26 years earlier than they would normally have.
  • 40% of traffic deaths are alcohol related.
  • Children of addicts and alcoholics are four times more likely to become addicts and alcoholics themselves than children of non-addicts
  • Violent behavior attributed to alcohol use accounts for roughly 49% of murders, 52% of rapes, 21% of suicides and 60% of child abuse
  • Rates of alcohol and drug addiction are highest among adults aged 18-29

We know that entering into a state-run treatment program is a huge step to take and the commitment to treatment can seem overwhelming. Our counselors are here to help guide you to the right treatment center for your addiction. Entering into a treatment program will be the best decision you can ever make to handle your addiction problem. Our drug rehabilitation programs will change your outlook on life and even make you more successful. Do not wait until something adverse happens to commit to treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Give one of our counselors a call 1-800-819-9973 and let us help you or someone you love, enter into one of our many state funded drug rehab centers in your area. Help is just a phone call away. Our trained and certified counselors are here to assist you in finding the best solution to handle anyone’s Addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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Getting old is not easy .

Help is on the way. A new set of challenges awaits as we grow older: Incapacity, the specter of mortality and nursing home care. Our primary focus since 1990 has been to help our clients avoid the financial ruin of long-term care expenses. The average cost of nursing home care in Florida is above $10,000 per month. If the nursing home is part of your reality, you must take action or be wiped out financially.

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We hope that the resources and information available on our site will help. Should you need more information or solutions including help with asset preservation and Medicaid qualification, please call our offices at 727-539-0181 and schedule a FREE consultation. We serve the ENTIRE state of Florida and teleconference or video conference with clients that cannot meet with us face-to-face.

Sean W. Scott, Esq.

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• Looking for a nursing home? Our new Florida Nursing Home Map makes it easy to find a nursing home. Now with star ratings and other data.

• New mobile site. Check it out on your iPhone and Android at FLMedicaid.com.

• NEW virtual law office at the University of South Florida Alzheimer’s Byrd Center. In addition to our offices in Pinellas county. Punta Gorda. and Inverness. The new virtual office allows us to meet directly with clients by video conference without having the client having to leave the center.

• New Facebook integration on our home page. Yay!

• Check out our aging and dementia store for a collection of books and products we find helpful for our clients including The 36-Hour Day.

​ TOTAL CLIENT SERVICE is our mission. The complexity of the issues facing aging clients and the need for integration of multiple disciplines defines and sets us apart from others who purport to do Medicaid filing or planning. These non-professionals often lack the training and experience to adequately meet the needs of the client and are often merely a way to sell financial investments to the client. Not only are the motivations questionable, but they cannot provide the legal services required such as powers of attorney, income trusts, and the complex estate planning that is necessary in every case. We serve the entire state of Florida with physical offices in Pinellas, Citrus, Lake and Charlotte Counties. Please contact us for a free, no charge, initial personal consultation, phone consult or video consult. More.


An integral part of obtaining Medicaid benefits is meeting and understanding the Medicaid eligibility requirements. Income, assets, and transfers are the big three eligibility tests that the state uses to determine if you qualify for benefits. More.

Unfortunately there is a break down in our Medicare system when in comes to coverage for nursing home care. Medicaid helps fix the inadequacies of Medicare. Risk factors like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s make it critical to plan now, before placement if at all possible. More.

If you are looking for some quick answers to your Medicaid questions check out our Top Ten Medicaid Mistakes and The 2017 Medicaid Fact Sheet. While the issues of Medicaid are much more complex these resource are a great place to start. More…


For over 25 years we have helped our clients preserve their assets when facing a stay in a nursing home or assisted living facility. By accessing Medicaid and or veteran’s benefits to pay for care, an entire life-time of savings are protected. More.

Everyone must have a plan in place in the event of death or incapacity. Powers of attorney, wills and trusts put a co-pilot in place and are a fundamental part of future planning. More.

Few of us have ever had to choose a nursing home or assisted living facility. To help, we have dedicated staff ready to consult concerning placement options and care plans. We also have created an on-line resource, the Florida Nursing Home Map to provide easy access to location and information on Florida nursing homes. More.

We have some great videos on Medicaid, powers of attorney, estate planning and other issues on our video page. Sometimes it is just easier to watch something than to do all this reading. Check them out. More.

If you can’t make it out to one of our live Medicaid seminars, we have a Medicaid audio recording to listen to. Note that it was not recorded this year so you will want to check out the most current Medicaid eligibility information. More.

Our passion is to educate our clients and the public. Come see a live Medicaid seminar at a location near you. Or attend our upcoming Webinars where you can participate right from your computer. Learn how to navigate the maze of Medicaid to pay the cost of care in a nursing home or assisted living facility. See our live seminar calendar. More .

For a limited time Sean’s Medicaid Handbook is available as a free download. Click to download a pdf version to read on your computer, iPad, Kindle or Nook. More . .

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rehab tool.com specializes in computer adaptations and builds custom software solutions for children and adults with disabilities. Our flagship product Vocalize is an innovative speech assistant that we developed with speech impaired persons to enable them to speak in a friendly human voice using standard computer equipment. We also offer FREE product searches .

For the past six years, rehabtool.com has strived to meet your special education and rehabilitation needs, often exceeding your expectations. So be sure to check out our attractive and cost-effective product and service offerings.

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Take advantage of our popular Product Search Referral service. We offer many search options ranging from one-time searches to all-inclusive yearly research packages for healthcare and medical professionals, special education teachers, and rehabilitation therapists.

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Click on the links below to conveniently access the largest product catalogs, databases, and vendor directories available on the Internet. To quickly find what you need, use our color-based Assistive Technology classification. Learn more.

This collection of links is provided to you for informational purposes only. Be sure to read our disclaimer .



Assistive or Adaptive Technology (AT) commonly refers to products, devices or equipment, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that are used to maintain, increase or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Learn more.

Assistive Technology is best understood when divided into categories or product families. Click here to view rehab tool.com ‘s thorough Assistive Technology classification.

Welcome to the Assistive Technology Online Community! Your destination for finding and exchanging information about assistive technologies. It’s FREE and a lot of fun! You can interact with other members, find answers to your questions, seek advice, or share ideas through discussion forums, email lists, and chat rooms. To become a member, visit the community web sites below and choose Join or Subscribe .

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McLoughlin Place – Oregon City, OR (with 16 Reviews) #mcloughlin #place #senior #living, #mcloughlin #place #oregon #city #or #with #16 #reviews


McLoughlin Place – Oregon City, OR

  • 5.0 stars – Excellent
  • McLoughlin Place – Oregon City, OR Family
    Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

I like that my father is happy in this nice community. It is nice to know that he is happy. The community is clean and it has a positive environment for him and that is great to see that he has improved. They do have activities for him to participate. We would recommend this community for the good care and nice environments

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In Our Experience

  • 5.0 stars – Excellent
  • McLoughlin Place – Oregon City, OR Family
    Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

They were fantastic for the time my mom was there. The staff were very attentive and they made her feel very comfortable and I could not say enough good stuff about the community.

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There are many senior living options out there. Which one is right for your family?

Our service is completely free.

Short staffed, very costly, make employees work 16 hour days! How do my loved one get good care of the employees are so over worked and exhausted?
No activities in weekends and management only cares about them selves.

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Fun Bingo!!

  • 5.0 stars – Excellent
  • McLoughlin Place – Oregon City, OR Family
    Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

Unlock Reviews, Prices, and Ratings.

My mother has really been enjoying her stay at this community so far. The staff have all been wonderful and very welcoming to her since she moved in. They also do a great job at keeping the facility clean and well maintained for all of the residents. My mother has said they could use some improvements in the quality of food they serve. She has really been enjoying the activities they have to offer especially the bingo. Overall we have been very pleased and would recommend it to anyone.

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Decent Tour

16 Reviews on McLoughlin Place – Oregon City, OR

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information from SeniorAdvisor.com

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Welcome to Bay Harbor!

Bay Harbor luxury waterfront apartment homes in Fort Myers, FL, combine the luxury of a private home with the convenience of a private resort. At Bay Harbor, you will find quality living in an accessible location, putting you close to all of Fort Myers shopping, dining, and major business centers.

Residents enjoy a lifestyle filled with exceptional amenities in a relaxing and peaceful community. Our one, two and three bedroom apartment homes were designed with your comfort and convenience in mind and feature private entrances, custom-designed kitchens, and expansive walk-in closets.

On-site amenities include a 24 hour fitness center, business center, sand volleyball court, and newly-added spa remodeled swimming pool area. Our pet-friendly community welcomes you, please visit today and experience all that Bay Harbor apartment homes has to offer.

*Leasing specials/rental amounts apply to new residents only on select apartment homes and are subject to change. A minimum 12-month lease required. Please contact our leasing consultants for more details. Special valid on select units only. Subject to credit approval.

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