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Auto lenders

Programs available in all 50 states!

military personnel and families!

Auto lenders


Our programs are an excellent way for college students with no credit to establish a positive credit history!


100% financing for

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Get the second chance you deserve!

Get approved for bankruptcy auto loans even if you were recently discharged.

Premier Auto Financing is an online service that offers a simple, fast and personable method for obtaining a loan for buying a vehicle! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! We work with people of all good and bad credit types; funding over $2.5 billion in car loans since 2007. and over $15 billion since 1998! Our program is available in all 50 states, consisting of a network of over 500 lenders! This allows us to offer the most competitive auto loan rates available online! We can approve 85-95% of loans that typically get denied by traditional lenders.

Obtain Instant Auto Loan Approval in Less Than 30 Minutes!

Our services are the fastest way to apply for auto financing over the Internet. The secure application only takes a few minutes to complete. A local participating lender will be calling to help with your approval within minutes of submitting your request. We will work closely with you to put together an auto financing package that will get you the cash you need, while fitting your budget.

It Takes Less Than 24 Hours to Get Your Money! GUARANTEED!

Once you agree to the rates and terms of your loan, you will be given the option of how you would like to receive your funding. You can choose to have your money instantly deposited into either your checking or savings account, or have a check sent to you overnight via Federal Express.

We work with people with low credit scores, including those in the 400’s. The only mandatory criteria are a minimum age of 18 years and a United States citizenship. No income verification needed! No employment needed! No co-signers required!

Poor Credit? No Credit? Bankruptcy? WE CAN GET YOU APPROVED!

Our FREE, no-commitment application takes just a few minutes to fill out, and has assisted thousands of high-risk people achieve approval for bad credit auto loans! All applications that meet the above requirements are guaranteed to be processed for instant approval consideration. Even if you have no credit history or are looking for auto financing after bankruptcy and/or repossession, WE WILL HELP YOU! Great programs for students and people in the military!

Build/ Rebuild Your Credit Today!

We will report your account activity and payment history to all three major credit reporting agencies, every month. helping you improve your credit rating quickly and dramatically! No other provider of auto loans for people with bad credit does this!

100% Financing for All Makes and Models for New and Used Car Loans!

$0 money down! No down payments required!

Secure Car Loan Application! Your Privacy is Guaranteed Protected!

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t share your personal information with anyone else. Your info will only be used by the appropriate sources for getting you the loan you are seeking. You won’t be receiving any annoying emails for offers you have not requested, nor have any interest in. We are about providing a reliable service for car loans, nothing else!

Your service is very good! I was able to get bad credit auto financing! I highly recommend this service!

What a seamless process! I filled out the online application and was behind the wheel two days later!

I got the bad credit car loan with bankruptcy I needed, fast! No more walking for me!

Auto Loans, auto lenders.#Auto #lenders

Auto Loans Made Easy for Any Credit Situation

Since 1998 our lender network has helped millions of customers get new and used car loans with custom tailored financing.


Car Loan Calculator


How We Can Help You

We understand that good people can experience credit challenges.

We are ready to help with easy auto financing options for any credit situation.

Bad Credit

Auto lenders

If your FICO credit score is under 640 it can be very difficult, or even impossible, to obtain an auto loan through a traditional lender such as a bank or car manufacturer. Our national network of dealers use lenders that can get you financed using special plans tailored to your financial needs, saving you money and frustration. Get Started

No Credit

Auto lenders

We know how difficult it can be to get a car loan with no credit history. In order to build credit history you first need to establish credit, but establishing credit without history is hard. Our national network of dealers use lenders that understand this. They will customize a car loan for you, and you will be on your way in your new car while starting to build a strong credit report. Get Started


Auto lenders

A bankruptcy in your past shouldn’t mean you can’t get a car loan. We understand that people need a second chance, and our national network of dealers use lenders that believe that too. They will structure a loan with terms that will allow you to stop worrying about your bankruptcy and start rebuilding your financial future. Get Started

How It Works

Submit in as little as 60 seconds.

1. Submit Your Form

Submit online using our easy loan request form, there is no obligation.

2. Review Your Financing Options

Our dealer partner will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your customized financing options.

3. Find The Car That’s Right For You

Our partners carry a wide selection of new & used vehicles that will meet any car-buyer’s needs.

4. Drive Away Happy

Drive off in your new car knowing that your past didn’t dictate your future, and that you are on your way to rebuilding your credit.

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subprime auto lenders

Subprime auto lenders Subprime auto lenders

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      Subprime auto lenders Subprime auto lenders

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        • Auto Lender
        • Franchise Car Dealer
        • Rental Car
        • Trailer Transportation
        • Small Medium Fleets
        • Commercial Fleets
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      • Solutions
        • GPS Auto Tracking
        • GPS Fleet Tracking
        • Trailer Management
        • ELD/HOS Compliance
        • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
        • Lot Management
        • Service Retention
        • Fuel Management
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          Auto Lenders

          The Tools You Need to Keep Profits Healthy

          Powerful Built-In Tools Features

          Highly Scalable

          Dedicated, Web-Based Portal

          Flexible Reports

          Rigorous Privacy Policies

          Turnkey GPS Installation by Our Expert

          Streamline Operations

          Fast, Professional Install

          Convenient Installs

          Peace of Mind

          GPS Tracking for Credit Unions Banks

          Protect Your Loan Portfolio with GPS Tracking

          • Broaden the dealer market served with indirect lending
          • Change borrower behavior
          • Automate processes
          • Reduce overhead and overall cost structure
          • Offer better loans than the competition
          • Maximize staff resources
          • Collect more on-time loan payments
          • Secure collateral with GPS tracking and anti-theft devices
          • Improve performance on warehouse lines of credit

          Spireon GoldStar Lender is a Win-Win for Consumers and Lenders

          Banks and Credit Unions Choose GoldStar Lender for:

          • A secure, dedicated, web-based portal that enables collectors to automatically track and communicate with borrowers quickly, as well as manage a much larger loan portfolio.
          • Immediate and automatic activation of the GPS tracker at the dealer level.
          • Training of lender staff on CMS and its software interface.
          • Marketing and field-training support to the lender’s field-sales team and dealer base.
          • Two-way, Application Protocol Interface (API) that allows lenders to integrate CMS data directly into their own portfolio-management systems.
          • An option to require dealers to use a certified third-party installer of hardware to assure quality and consistency.

          For Borrowers, Most Welcome GoldStar Lender Because of:

          • Automated payment reminders, a managed customer communication that may come in the form of a discrete audio signal upon starting the car or as a text message or email.
          • The potential for improved credit with the opportunity to get the car they need and restore their credit with regular, on-time payments.
          • The potential for better loan terms as more lenders compete in the marketplace.
          • Lower insurance premiums because the vehicle is equipped with GPS vehicle tracking technology, which can qualify as a theft recovery device.

Lenders hit the brakes on subprime auto loans, subprime auto lenders.#Subprime #auto #lenders

Lenders hit the brakes on subprime auto loans

Subprime auto lenders

Lenders and finance companies have dramatically pulled back the number of loans they issue to borrowers with the poorest credit records.

A new report by Experian shows the number of loans written in the first quarter for borrowers with subprime and deep subprime credit ratings fell to a 10-year low. Collectively, auto-loan originations in those two categories dropped 8.6 percent in the first quarter.

“It does appear the industry is policing itself a little bit more,” said Melinda Zabritski, Experian senior director of financial solutions. “We started to see delinquencies go up, and lenders really seemed to respond especially in Q1 of this year by tightening up a little bit.”

The pullback in loans to those with credit scores under 600 echoes reports from auto dealers about lenders tightening credit standards.

In its monthly dealer survey, UBS found almost a third of the dealers questioned reported tighter credit standards, the highest level measured in the survey since 2009.

Despite the slowdown in new loans to subprime and deep subprime borrowers, those with the poorest credit ratings still owe more than $213 billion on the vehicles they’re driving, just under 20 percent of the $1.08 trillion owed on open auto loans.

Last week, Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard warned about the potential for more subprime auto loan defaults.

“Underwriting appears to be quite lax last year in subprime auto lending,” said Brainard. “Delinquencies rates suggest some borrowers are struggling to keep up with payments.”

The latest data from Experian supports Brainard’s point. In the first quarter, the 60-day delinquency rate jumped almost 10 percent, according to Experian. By comparison, the 30-day delinquency rate fell 6 percent.

Still, with fewer than 1 percent of all auto loans being two months delinquent, Zabritski believes warnings about a subprime bubble suddenly popping are overstated.

“I don’t believe we are in a catastrophic state,” she said. “Everyone always talks about lenders having short memories and forgetting from the past, but again we really started to see that pullback and it just really continued into the first quarter.”

Subprime auto lenders

Auto Industry Benefits For Now From Subprime Loans: NPR, subprime auto lenders.#Subprime #auto #lenders

Auto Industry Benefits For Now From Subprime Loans

Subprime auto lenders

A factor in the auto industry’s record sales the past 2 years has been the return of loans to borrowers with less than perfect credit. This has led some to worry about a bubble in subprime auto loans.


Subprime lending is back. We’re not talking about homes this time. Automakers and banks have been extending more credit to those with less than perfect credit scores, and that has some worried about a subprime car bubble. Here’s NPR’s Sonari Glinton.

SONARI GLINTON, BYLINE: As much as I love late-night talk shows, I know that as a reporter, whenever a late-night comedian sets his or her sights on my beat – cars and the economy – I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do. Here’s John Oliver talking about car loans on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.” Remember, it’s HBO, so there will be bleeps.


JOHN OLIVER: And this feeding frenzy over subprime customers now includes big lenders, like Santander and GM Financial. They have both expanded their subprime auto financing. And you might be wondering, why the [expletive] is everyone in such a hurry to lend money to people with bad credit? I mean, sure.

GLINTON: To help answer Mr. Oliver’s question, we turn to.

LACEY PLACHE: OK, hi. I’m Lacey Plache, chief economist at

GLINTON: Chief economist – is that a promotion?

PLACHE: No, I’ve always been the chief economist.

GLINTON: Economist, not comedian, Plache says. The reason why the industry is looking to sell cars to people with less than stellar credit is, well, because jobs.

PLACHE: There are definite benefits to having access to credit, especially for an automobile because that really gives people a lot more options in terms of work.

GLINTON: For many millions of Americans, the only way to get to work is to drive yourself there. Plache says during the economic collapse, access to credit dried up, and that hurt people with poor credit scores. Poor credit means below 650. Now, you could easily fall into that category if you miss a few credit card payments. As the banks and the car companies extend credit to a wider range of people, they’re going to take on more risk.

PLACHE: You are going to see higher delinquency rates, higher defaults than you did during the days where the auto lenders were really focusing the majority of their efforts on super-prime and prime. And, you know, I think there’s some love of drama, right? Some people like to worry, and, you know, this is something to point to.

GLINTON: Now, comparisons between the credit market for cars and real estate are difficult because the car market is one-tenth as large.

ALEC GUTIERREZ: I wouldn’t say that the sky is falling, but I think it is fair to say that there has been an expansion in subprime lending overall. And that’s true of both new car purchases, used car purchases and leasing.

GLINTON: Alec Gutierrez is senior analyst with Kelley Blue Book. He points out that the risks for lenders are lower for autos than for real estate. And cars are easier to repossess, and that’s one reason consumers often pay their car loan first. It’s also a way for consumers to establish credit.

GUTIERREZ: You still have a lot of people that are rebuilding credit that have gone through foreclosures and, thus, have poor credit. These people still need a way to get to work, to get around town. Their vehicles – they age. They get old. They need to be replaced. And thus, you’ve got this continuous stream of subprime borrowers just looking for a way to get into a car.

GLINTON: Gutierrez says subprime auto lending boomed before the financial crisis, then plummeted with the financial collapse and is now beginning to get back to normal. He says the industry isn’t taking great risks, but some borrowers will be hurt.

GUTIERREZ: It’s devastating at a personal level when you can’t make those payments. You lose your car. You can’t go to work. You can’t pay the bills. But in terms of it being a systemic risk to the entire auto industry or the economy as a whole, it just doesn’t carry the same sort of weight and magnitude as the mortgage industry did, especially the way it was structured back in 2008.

GLINTON: Gutierrez says buyers need to shop around – go directly to the banks, credit unions before you go to the dealership. And if you’re in the car market, you always have options, even if your credit has taken a hit. Sonari Glinton, NPR News.


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Operated as a broadly-open community forum, ML-Implode quickly took the lead in news about the mortgage implosion and subprime crisis, as industry professionals flocked to the site to share and find out the latest. The site even became, in part, a whistleblower platform, fighting (and winning) half a dozen lawsuits to defend the right of its contributors to post about corruption and malfeasance in financial companies, and be able to do so confidentially.

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Subprime auto lenders

Best Lenders To Refinance My Car #auto #show #detroit

#auto refinance loans

Best Lenders To Refinance My Car

When it comes time to ask the question, “should I refinance my car ,” the next question that may occur to you is: what are the best lenders to do so? There are so many choices that picking one can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. But it s really not difficult as long as you come to the process prepared. The first thing you need to figure out is whether or not you need to refinance at all. Common wisdom says that, if refinancing will lower your interest rate by at least 1 and a half points, it is advisable that you do so. A lower interest rate will mean less money that you pay in the long run, as well as possibly allowing for lower monthly payments. Assuming that you have decided it s worthwhile, here are some of the best bets for finding car refinancing.

Find out your car refinancing rates now

Up2drive is a venerable name in car refinancing, and has long held a top spot among online lenders. It is a subsidiary of the BMW Bank of North America and boasts a simple and intuitive online interface for their loan applications. The application is free to submit, and Up2drive has been consistently rated in the top 10% of auto lenders in the category of application turnaround time. They also offer expedited check disbursement for approved applications, and the check itself can be made out either to you, or to the dealer. On top of all that, Up2drive is also known for its top-quality customer service department, with qualified professionals ready to field all of your lending questions quickly and efficiently. is an easy name to remember, and an easy company to work with. Their application process is extremely quick, and you may apply for as many as 4 loans with 1 application. What s more, the application is free, and turnaround is superb. They have been a noted innovator in the business of online lending, recently announcing a new program of Direct-to-Indirect lending, which analysts expect to be a major event in the industry. is owned and operated by Horizon Digital Finance, a respected name in online finance of many stripes. Plus, the fact that they ve been providing online lending services since 2004 means they ve got a wealth of experience under their belt, and are still a good bit ahead of most of their competitors. specializes in auto refinance loans and offers a free and easy-to-use application to help you find the lowest interest rate on your auto loan. RateGenius acts as a broker by comparing rates within its Lender Network, including FDIC-insured banks, thrifts, and licensed lenders. Once a lender agrees to make the loan, RateGenius will work with you to complete documents and finalize the loan with no service charge.

Get approved for car refinancing here

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it should give you a good starting point in your search for car refinancing.

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Arkansas Business

Small business lenders

Latest News

Small business lenders At Harbor Environmental Inc., Fixers Help Clients Sleep Better

Small business lenders

Small business lenders

Small business lenders

Latest Lists

Arkansas Business Presents New Lists of Minority-, Woman-Owned Companies

Small business lenders

Latest People

Small business lenders

  • Small business lenders

Small Business

Blooming Magnolia Looking to Boom

Small business lenders

Magnolia has bloomed in the last couple of years, but local leaders say the south Arkansas city despite its lack of interstate access is on the cusp of even greater growth.

James at the Mill Sells for $4.2 Million (NWA Real Deals)

Chef Miles James and his wife, Courtney, sold the 10,000-SF restaurant and the 46-room inn that he opened 23 years ago to Johnson Mills Ventures LLC, led by Jesse Burkes and John Stewart.

UCA to Open Shoppes, Makerspace

The University of Central Arkansas’ makerspace will open at 10:30 a.m. Sept. 5 in the Shoppes at Donaghey Hall at 250 Donaghey Ave., Suite 130, in Conway.

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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

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Small business lenders

Business World Names Stephen Carlisle CEO

Business World of Little Rock, an office equipment and digital solutions consultancy, on Wednesday named Stephen Carlisle its new CEO. read more

Small business lenders

SPONSORED: The Maker Movement: Why It Matters

Unique spaces around the nation, including Arkansas, provide a platform for creativity and innovation. read more

Small business lenders

Arkansas Business Presents New Lists of Minority-, Woman-Owned Companies

Arkansas Business presents two lists of 135 minority-owned companies and 98 woman-owned companies who responded to our first-ever survey of companies in those categories. read more

Small business lenders

AEDC’s Program for Minority Firms Extends Its Mission

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s online directory of minority-owned firms now lists some 275 certified companies, and Pat Brown’s team is busy certifying women-owned businesses. read more

Small business lenders

Modica Credits AEDC for El Dorado Success

Gregory Modica doesn’t know where he’d be if not for Arkansas’ program promoting minority-owned businesses, but he’s certain he wouldn’t be leading a multimillion-dollar company. read more

Small business lenders

Design Group Works to Combine Good Business With Goodwill Small business lenders

When Myron Jackson saw images of white supremacists marching last month in Charlottesville, Virginia, he noticed more than swastikas, Dixie flags and hatred. As much as he dislikes putting it so bluntly, he also spotted opportunity. read more

Small business lenders

New Beginnings for Kids, CEO Chirie Bazzelle Small business lenders

When Chirie Bazzelle bought New Beginnings Behavioral Services in 2010, she became the only woman and the only African-American to be the sole owner of a behavioral health company in Arkansas. read more

Small business lenders

Winters Law Firm Finds Success Catering to Startups Small business lenders

Don’t let appearances fool you. The Winters Law Firm in Fayetteville is considered a can’t-miss resource for the area’s startup community. read more

Small business lenders

Arkansas Flag & Banner’s Kerry McCoy Rides Wave of Publicity

Kerry McCoy, who grew up in North Little Rock, founded Arkansas Flag & Banner in 1975 with an investment of $400. The company now has 22 full-time employees. read more

Small business lenders

West Little Rock Properties Sell for $815K

Day care centers, eateries, retail center and lot sold this month. read more

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Arkansas Business publishes an array of magazines and special reports. Click below to read the free digital edition or purchase copies in the Arkansas Business store.

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Never Too Late to Listen or to Learn (Gwen Moritz Editor’s Note)

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At Harbor Environmental Inc., Fixers Help Clients Sleep Better Small business lenders

Small business lenders

The Top 25 Subprime Lenders #classic #auto

#subprime auto lenders

The Top 25 Subprime Lenders

Here are the top 25 subprime loan issuers and the amounts of loans issued from 2005 through 2007, according to an analysis of 7.2 million “high interest” loans released on May 6 by the Washington-based Center for Public Integrity. The lenders made $997.5 billion in such loans during the period, according to the group.

1. Countrywide Financial

At least $97.2 billion

2. Ameriquest Mortgage/ACC Capital Holdings

At least $80.6 billion

3. New Century Financial

At least $75.9 billion

4. First Franklin/National City/Merrill Lynch

At least $68 billion

5. Long Beach Mortgage/Washington Mutual

At least $65.2 billion

6. Option One Mortgage/H R Block

At least $64.7 billion

7. Fremont Investment Loan/Fremont General

At least $61.7 billion

8. Wells Fargo Financial/Wells Fargo

At least $51.8 billion

9. HSBC Finance/HSBC Holdings

13. Accredited Home Lenders/Lone Star Funds V

At least $29.0 billion

14. IndyMac Bancorp

At least $26.4 billion

15. CitiFinancial/Citigroup

At least $26.3 billion

16. EquiFirst/Regions Financial/Barclays Bank

At least $24.4 billion

At least $17.6 billion

22. American Home Mortgage Investment

Subprime Auto Lenders #queens #auto #mall

#auto lenders

Subprime Auto Loans and Lenders

Need a car? Has your credit seen better days? Then you will probably need to find subprime auto lenders willing to accept your credit. Fortunately, we specialize in connecting auto loan applicants to lenders who work with subprime credit. By partnering with subprime auto loan lenders all across the nation, we maximize your chances of getting approved. When you apply online, our sophisticated system places your application with the best lender for your personalized needs. Matching criteria include:

  • Your Location
  • Your Credit Score
  • Your Down Payment
  • Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

Ready to get started? Click here to apply online .

What is Subprime Auto Financing?

For starters, let s talk about credit scores. They fall in a range of 300 to 800. The average credit score in the United States is about 680. Credit scores of 620 to 679 are generally classified as subprime. This is simply means it falls below the prime credit range of 680 to 720. Additionally, credit scores of lower than 620 may also be categorized subprime, deep subprime, or simply bad. Typically, a person who need a subprime auto loan has issues on their credit record such as:

  • Limited Credit History
  • Delinquent or Unpaid Debts or Bills
  • Limited Collateral to Secure the Loan
  • High Amount of Existing Debt in Relation to Income

Most banks and captive auto finance companies will be hesitant to approve auto loans for people with subprime credit. After all, they want to make sure that the candidate is likely to pay down their car loan. If their credit report seems to indicate otherwise, then they become a risky investment for the auto lender.

However, reports now indicate that about 40% of Americans have subprime credit. For this reason, subprime auto lenders have become a popular alternative to traditional banks. They cater to people with less-than-perfect credit.