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Procedimiento para la Compra de una propiedad en México

Para la realización de una compra venta en México es necesario en primera instancia la definición de un precio entre comprador y vendedor. Para esto normalmente por parte del comprador se entrega una carta propuesta, en la que se especifica el precio de compraventa propuesto y los plazos en los cuales se llevará a cabo la operación, que en todo caso no superan los 3 meses.

Aprobada su propuesta por parte de los propietarios, se formaliza la misma mediante la firma de un contrato de compraventa y la entrega de un apartado que normalmente es del 5% al 10% del valor de la compraventa. En este momento el vendedor entrega un paquete de documentos completos, mediante los cuales el comprador podrá llevar a cabo el procedimiento para la elaboración del título de la propiedad.

Una compraventa de un bien inmueble se realiza ante un notario público, él se encarga de supervisar y llevar a buen término lo referente a la elaboración del título de propiedad y la inscripción del mismo ante el registro público de la propiedad de la localidad que corresponda y así garantizar que las operaciones de compraventa lleguen a buen puerto y tanto legal como fiscalmente no se tenga ningún problema. El costo de los servicios del notario público y los impuestos correspondientes varían en función del valor de avaluó que se designe en su momento por un perito valuador contratado por la notaria, estos rondan alrededor del 4% del precio de la operación de compraventa.

Adicional al trámite ante la notaría, si el comprador es extranjero es necesario hacer un pequeño trámite ante la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, mismo que no representa un gran desembolso y es bastante sencillo de llevar.

Como agencia de bienes raíces, nuestro trabajo será acompañar todo este proceso para así asegurarnos que todo esta negociación se lleve de la manera más rápida y segura para ambas partes. El costo de los honorarios de una agencia de bienes raíces en México, son cubiertos por la parte vendedora.

Departamentos en renta guadalajara jalisco

Melaque, Jalisco #jalisco #travel


Melaque, Jalisco

San Patricio Melaque and Villa Obreg n are the two adjacent beachfront villages that come together at the street Alvaro Obreg n and make up the community referred to on this web page as Melaque. The village of San Patricio Melaque is to the west of Calle Alvaro Obreg n and has been a vacation retreat for generations of Mexicans and more recently by Canadians. San Patricio Melaque is the larger of the two villages and contains the town square and most of the retail shops. Villa Obreg n is to the east of Calle Alvaro Obreg n and is more residential in character. The two villages form the largest coastal community between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.

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Melaque is located only 2 miles northwest of Barra de Navidad and shares the same long curving beach. Melaque does have numerous accommodations along the beachfront road which goes by Avenida Las Palmas to the west, G mez Far as downtown, and Abel Salgado Velasco in the more residential area on the eastern end. Las Palmas terminates into an informal trailer park area that marks the end of the beach. A hiking trail, Andador Punta Melaque extends further along the coast. Unfortunately, there is no place for boats to dock since the beach is not suitable for this and the lagoon does not extend to the ocean.

There are a couple of bus stations downtown and across the street is a bank (Banamex) with an ATM machine GPS 19 13.427’N 104 42.456’W, which is the best place to get your pesos. Note that the Banamex bank in Melaque will not change US or Canadian travellers cheques or cash to pesos unless you have an account with the bank! Four blocks back from the beach is the central plaza (GPS 19 13.53’N 104 41.31’W) where you will find a pharmacy, newsstand, post office and municipal building. Between the plaza and the beach is a large market. The traveling market comes to Melaque on Wednesdays.

While I was there in early March 2000, they were having their Fiesta del Torros which included rodeo events and nightly fireworks.

The Beach La Playa

  • Playa Melaque is the main beach in Melaque. As in Barra de Navidad, the slope of the beach is somewhat steep which causes the waves to break close to shore. The beach is good for swimming but will present some difficulty for small children due to waves breaking on shore. The beach is rather long, extending from the jetty in Barra de Navidad to the west end of Melaque. Playa Melaque is not recommended for snorkeling, but if you proceed to the west end of town past the trailer park, a trail leads to a small but nice snorkeling area. See this map of the coastal area.
  • Playa Cuastecomatito is a 200-meter long beach 1/2-mile west of the trailer park at the west end of Melaque. It can be accessed by hiking, by boat, or by a long dirt road off of highway 200.

Accommodations Alojamientos

    Most Melaque hotels listed are located on the beach. Other accommodations are available in Barra de Navidad. 2 miles to the east, and in Cuastecomates and La Manzanilla. a few miles to the west.

    Trailer Parks Camping para Remolques

    • Trailer Park Playa Located downtown on the beach at G mez Far as and Lopez Mateos. (315) 355-5065. Av. G mez Far as #250, San Patricio-Melaque, Jalisco 48980. RV hookups. Photo.
    • Quemex Calle Las Palmas, in front of the big hotel destroyed in earthquake. Full hookups.
    • An informal trailer park, no hookups, is located at the west end of Avenida las Palmas. Photos .

    Restaurants Restaurantes

    Celebrations Celebraciones

    • Villa Obregon Fiestas Late January/early February. Daily parades, music, bull riding.
    • D a de San Patricio March 17. More celebration during the week prior to St. Patrick’s Day.
    • Fiesta de Toros Week of St. Patrick’s day in March. Bull riding, parades.
    • Semana Santa Easter holy week. A major holiday throughout Mexico. Accommodations may be scarce.
    • Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary August 15. A 9-day celebration with a morning and evening parade every day.
    • Tomzap Party Long-running annual celebration held in mid-February organized in the Visitors’ Comments forum by its participants.

    Transportation Transportaci n

    • Walking: The town is so small that for the most part you can get around on foot.
    • Taxis: There are taxis available at the bus station on Calle G mez Far as and at the central plaza. The driver of taxi #8 has been described as belligerent and intimidating, bordering on psychotic. (02/02) A more recent report described the driver, Javier (perhaps a different person), as cordial and pleasant. (01/05) Another rider confirms belligerent and intimidating, bordering on psychotic” and notes that he is capable of normal behavior at times but overcharged her on a standard fare and wouldn’t listen to reason until confronted before his peers. (04/07) Just avoid Javier, taxi #8, and take a different taxi.
    • Air: Melaque is located near the Manzanillo airport which is served by several international carriers. This includes flights on America West from Arizona and Aeromar out of San Antonio.
    • There is a dirt landing strip just northwest of Barra de Navidad (through the barrio and left at the fork). Runways 22/04, approximately 3700′ in length, unlighted, 40′ trees at southwest end.
    • Bus: Terminal Autobuses Primera Plus. (315) 355-5003. The main bus terminal is on Calle G mez Far as across from the Banamex. There are frequent departures to Manzanillo and other points, plus a local shuttle between Melaque and Barra de Navidad.
    • The local bus can take you to nearby Barra de Navidad for $6 pesos (5/10). The service is described as better than walking and is a great way to meet the locals.
    • Car Rentals: Cars may be rented at the Manzanillo airport. There are two auto rentals in Melaque. Auto Rentals du Mexico on Blvd. de la Madrid #749. (315) 353-2580. Also David’s Rent a Car. Cell# 044-71605. (2/02)
    • Bicycle: Mountain Bikes are for rent at Folkart Xcalli. Hidalgo 62, between Bigote’s and Villas Camino del Mar. (4/02)
    • To drive from Laredo, Texas to Melaque is about 800 miles and takes 20 hours.
    • Flight to Manzanillo tomzap’s February 2010 flight to Manzanillo in a Piper Arrow which included photo-taking flights over Melaque.
    • Hwy 200 is the coastal highway that connects the towns along the coast.
    • Hwy 80 connects Guadalahara to the coast.
    • Insurance: AHA Insurance (855) AHA-5384 (toll free in U.S. and Canada). Auto, homeowners, medical insurance for U.S. and Canadian citizens in Mexico. Medical insurance for Mexican citizens traveling outside of Mexico.

    Sport Fishing, Tours Pesca, Excursiones

    Medical M dico

    Real Estate Bienes Ra ces

    Miscellaneous Miscel neo