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Little Italy in the Bronx, New York

About Our Neighborhood

Ask any New Yorker about Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and you get either puzzlement or a flood of loving sentiment about the real Little Italy of New York, the best place for bread, pasta, meat, pastries,espresso machines, the only place to buy Italian sausage, and more. The paradox is real: Many New Yorkers never heard of the place, while for others it s home away from home although it is often a well-kept secret.

We re describing the Belmont section of the Bronx. Whether you call it Belmont, Little Italy of the Bronx or Arthur Avenue, the neighborhood beats its other rivals in the sheer number of establishments offering fine Italian-American foods, dining, house wares and other goods. The quality and values are tops a recent ranking confirmed once again by critics like the Zagat Survey whose readers repeatedly give Best Buy status to more Arthur Avenue shops than any other neighborhood in New York City.

Generations of Italian families have given the area a special small-town character unique for an urban setting, at the same time establishing traditions that permeate the neighborhood like the sweet smell of sausage and peppers. Among the notables born and raised here are actor Chazz Palminteri, author Don DiLillo and rock star Dion DiMucci, whose group, Dion and the Belmonts, is named after a local street (Belmont Avenue). Joe Pesci began his acting career after being discovered by Robert DeNiro at a local neighborhood restaurant, where Pesci worked as the maitre d.

Today the tradition continues with grandchildren and great-grandchildren remaining on Arthur Avenue, or returning here, to own and manage business begun by their immigrant ancestors. Nearly every shop on Arthur Avenue is already some sort of institution, as one writer put it. The vast array of markets, butchers, pasta and pastry shops is supported not only by long-time area residents but also their relatives and children from far and wide, who regularly return for the tastes and memories.

Others who return again and again are celebrities and other notables who, seeking relief from the Manhattan publicity spotlight, find the friendly, small-town atmosphere of Arthur Avenue to be the perfect getaway for a relaxing dinner or weekend stroll. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack once headlined a list that today includes folks like Clint Eastwood, Liza Minelli, Cher, Joe Pesci and Tony LoBianco.

Arthur Avenue Retail Market
Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia spear-headed one of the neighborhood s most beloved attractions, the Arthur Avenue Retail Market a kind of covered Italian bazaar that brings together under one roof all the shopping also found on nearby streets, from sausage makers to bread bakers, cafe s to florists. The variety is truly staggering all told some nine restaurants, five pastry shops, four butchers, two pasta-makers, six bread stores, three pork stores, five gourmet delicatessens, two fish markets, three gourmet coffee shops and one gourmet Italian wind shop to list only the food category. And then there are the gift and house ware shops.

But of course you don t have to be Italian to enjoy the Little Italy of the Bronx. License plates from all around the Tri-state area, and as far away as Vermont and Pennsylvania, attest to the thriving tourist market. Driving in via several easy-access routes that connect Arthur Avenue to the outside world, visitors find easy parking in a safe, secure environment where they can spend a whole Saturday shopping, eating and shopping again often in connection with a visit to nearby Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo or the New York Botanical Garden.

Most of all, it;s probably the dining experience that every year delights Arthur Avenue s many visitors. Were else can you find such a wealth and breadth of fine Italian cuisine within a short walk through the neighborhood. As one food critic put it recently, The restaurants of Arthur Avenue make Mulberry Street s look like stepchildren of the Olive Garden.

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‘Italian Job’ Lamborghini up for sale in UK

Patrick Browne 26 Nov 2015, 11:48

Published: 26 Nov 2015 11:48 GMT+01:00

A rare Lamborghini Miura that appeared in the 1969 classic ‘The Italian Job’ has gone on sale in England, with offers of “over €1.42 million” already flooding in, the seller told The Local.

The orange P400 (one of just five ever made) can be seen racing across the stunning Gran San Bernardo alpine pass in northern Italy at the beginning of the film, as the as Matt Monro s On Days Like These is played.

The classic car is then destroyed in a crash before being tossed off a cliff by a mafia gang.

But in real life, two separate cars were used during filming, with only one Miura being tossed off the cliff. The surviving Miura was discovered in Paris last year by two British businessmen.

““The fact that it has been confirmed as the car from The Italian Job makes it potentially the most famous Lambourghini in the world,” the car s co-owner Iain Tyrrell told The Local.

Tyrrell, the founder and managing director of Cheshire Classic Cars,  said they bought the long-lost car following a tip-off that it was being sold by an Italian businessman, Norbetto Ferretti.

He then flew to France and viewed the car in an underground car park in Paris, where Ferretti said the Miura was the one that had been used in the film.

Tyrrell used the car s serial number to officially confirm with Lamborghini, which was bought by Germany s Volkswagen in 1998, that the car had been leased by Paramount for use during the filming of The Italian Job.

“Each of these cars is unique,” Tyrrell added.

“They were all had stitched by Italian women, and so have their own fingerprint . Forensic experts have reviewed high definition film stills and confirmed that the stitching in this car is identical to the one in the film.”

In spite of the car s age, it is still in mint condition and has just 19,000km on the clock.

The sleek two-door coupè has had just five owners in the last four decades and can still reach a top speed of 273 Km/ph.

Tyrrell with the iconic car. Photo: Cheshire Classic Cars

Tyrrell said that despite being a huge motoring enthusiast, the decision to sell the car came down to business.

“We re a classic car dealership and not classic car collectors, business comes first.”

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There has already been a huge interest in the car, with some offers “well in excess of £1 million (€1.42m)”, Tyrrell said.

The discovery of the long-lost Miura, not to mention the offers on the table, have given Tyrrell, an ex-professional singer, cause to dust off his old microphone.

“I have actually re-recorded my own version of On days like these , which is now available to download from Amazon and I-Tunes. I ll of course be giving any proceeds to charity.”