Hot Rod, Sports Car – Custom Car Insurance: Farmers Insurance, antique auto insurance.#Antique #auto #insurance

Specialized Vehicles Covered

Farmers covers all types of Collectible Autos.

Types of Collectible Cars

What is an Antique and Classic Auto?

An antique auto is a vehicle that is 25 years and older. A classic car is considered a vehicle 19 to 24 years old. Both the antique and classic vehicles must be in the original (or original restored) condition.

This program includes:

  • Antiques
  • Muscle Cars
  • Exotics
  • Replicas
  • Woodies
  • Foreign and Domestic Sports Cars
  • Modifieds
  • Customs
  • Kit Cars
  • Classics
  • Hot Rods
  • Many More!

What is a Modified Auto?

Whether it’s chopped, channeled, lowered, chromed or flamed or it’s powered for greater performance, the Modified Auto Program is the perfect fit.


A vehicle that has been modified for significant performance increases such as an addition of a blower, structural alterations to the body and/or custom paint.


A motor vehicle that is considered to be increasing in value rather than depreciating because of its specific make, model year of manufacture and exceptional physical condition.

Kit car

A representation motor vehicle at least 24 years old consisting of separately manufactured components that are assembled by the purchaser.


A commercially assembled reproduction of any motor vehicle at least 25 years old.

Hot Rod/Street Rod

A vehicle manufactured prior to 1949 whose body, chassis, engine suspension or interior has been modified.

This brief summary is not a policy document. Please read the actual policy documents for your state for important details on coverages, exclusions, limits, conditions, and terms. If there is any conflict between this summary and the policy documents, the policy documents will control. Not all products and discounts are available in every state.

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Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

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Antique auto insurance

return link 1 Life insurance issued by Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, 3003 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

Products features may not be available in all states may vary by state. Restrictions, exclusions, limits, and conditions apply.

Direct Auto – Life Insurance, direct auto insurance.#Direct #auto #insurance


Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct auto insurance

Direct Auto Life Insurance

Each year on November 11th, Americans all over the world come together to honor those who served the United States in the armed services. This year, get the…

Direct auto insurance

Top Veterans Day Parades Across the South | Direct Auto Life

Direct Auto Life Insurance

When the days get shorter and darker sooner, it can only mean one thing-Fall is here! Mark your calendars because the Daylight Saving time change this year is…

Direct auto insurance

6 Household Tips to Remember During Daylight Saving Time | Direct Auto Life Insurance

Direct Auto Life Insurance

During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), Medicare beneficiaries can add, drop, or change parts of their Medicare health care plans and prescription…

Direct auto insurance

Soumission rapide Assurance auto, Desjardins Assurances, desjardins auto insurance.#Desjardins #auto #insurance

Assurance auto

Desjardins auto insurance

Réduisez davantage votre prime d’assurance auto :

  • Rabais Verts
  • Rabais Jeunes conducteurs
  • Avantages membre Desjardins
  • Rabais Double contrat

Desjardins auto insurance

Protections d’assurance auto

Souhaitez-vous assurer un véhicule neuf ou d’occasion? Louez-vous souvent une voiture? Trouvez les meilleures protections d’assurance auto pour vous.

Avantages exclusifs aux membres Desjardins de 25 ans et moins

  • Remise annuelle de 50 $ par auto assurée
  • Assistance routière gratuite



Sorin a fait l’acquisition d’une nouvelle voiture familiale.

« Mon agente m’a fait une soumission que je ne pouvais pas refuser. »


Avoir un accident d’auto ou se faire voler sa voiture peut être stressant, mais savoir que notre service d’indemnisation est parmi les meilleurs de l’industrie pour les réclamations d’assurance auto, c’est rassurant. Penser à tout, c’est aussi régler, la majorité du temps, votre réclamation auto en un seul appel!

Assurez aussi votre véhicule commercial

Vous avez un ou des véhicules qui font rouler votre entreprise? Desjardins Assurances vous offre une assurance personnalisée selon le type de véhicules commerciaux que vous possédez.

Desjardins auto insurance

Conseils de prévention auto

Desjardins auto insurance Desjardins auto insurance

Évitez certains accidents d’auto fréquents

Desjardins auto insurance Desjardins auto insurance

Prévenez les dommages à votre pare-brise

Desjardins auto insurance Desjardins auto insurance

Réduisez les risques de vol de votre véhicule

Voir tous les conseils de prévention

Consultez nos nouveaux articles de blogue sur l’assurance auto

Desjardins auto insurance

Astuces pour économiser sur vos primes

Desjardins auto insurance

Mythes tenaces en assurance auto

Desjardins auto insurance

Choisir les bonnes protections auto

Voir tous les articles

  • Certaines conditions, exclusions et limitations peuvent s’appliquer.
  • 1 Vous devez toutefois nous aviser avant de rendre votre véhicule disponible pour la location sur la plateforme Turo. Pour plus de détails, communiquez avec nous.
  • L’information contenue dans cette page vous est fournie à titre informatif seulement. Les détails complets relatifs aux protections et aux exclusions se trouvent au contrat d’assurance, lequel prévaut en tout temps.

Ajusto est souscrit auprès de Desjardins Assurances qui désigne Desjardins Assurances générales inc au Québec et Certas Direct, compagnie d’assurances en Ontario.

MD Ajusto est une marque déposée de Desjardins Assurances générales inc, utilisée avec permission par Certas Direct, compagnie d’assurances.

Le rabais ne s’applique pas à certains avenants et garanties supplémentaires. Applicable selon les conditions d’utilisation en vigueur au moment de votre adhésion au programme Ajusto.

Learn About Some Classic Car Insurance Options, classic auto insurance.#Classic #auto #insurance

Classic Car Insurance Information

Insuring classic and specialty cars can be confusing for the first time buyer, because how you cover the car depends on how you re going to use it. If you ve never owned a classic before, you may not know the right questions to ask your insurance agent. And if your agent isn t familiar with classic cars, they may not know the best way to insure yours. Finding out the hard way that your precious investment wasn t covered properly will not make the ownership of a classic car a happy experience.

There are varied levels of service, rates and types of coverage and claims handling with standard car insurers. The same is true with specialty car insurance companies. Anyone insuring their classic should dig deep and research all options before making a final decision. Cost should be considered, but in our opinion, should not be the determining factor. When buying insurance you are buying a service; look for quality customer service, excellent claims handling and a knowledgeable staff who know and understand collector vehicles. An insurance policy may only be as good as the staff that is processing your claims.

Here are some of your classic car insurance options:

Classic Collectors Insurance

Classic Collectors insure antique, classic, street rods, pro-streets, exotics, racecars, replicas and custom trucks. They have mileage programs available for 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 miles per year. Full pleasure driving is allowed; with no vehicle age limitation.

Classic Collectors says they insure more than 50,000 customers in 42 states.

Hagerty Classic Insurance

Hagerty Insurance Agency has been in the insurance business for more than 40 years and insuring collector cars since 1991. Some of the benefits they include in your premium are Agreed Value coverage, single liability charge no matter how large your collection, an in-house claims department and you can use the repair shop of your choice.

​Haggerty says its policy allows you occasional pleasure use with no fixed mileage restrictions. With Hagerty, you can go for a weekend drive, take your vehicle up to the local ice cream shop or attend unlimited events and cruises.

CHROME Specialty Car Insurance

CHROME spells out what type of cars they insure Classic – Hot Rods – Original – Modified – Exotic. Their benefits include Agreed and Stated Value coverage, generous annual mileage up to 10,000 miles, roadside service and flatbed towing, and $500 spare parts coverage.

Grundy Worldwide Insurance

With more than 60 years of insuring collector cars under their belts, they are likely to know more about insuring your car than you do. They offer Agreed Value coverage, no model year limitation and unlimited mileage.

American Collectors Insurance

American Collectors Insurance gives classic car insurance quotes to qualified cars, either original or modified if it is at least 15 years old, kept securely in a garage, and driven on a limited basis – 5000 miles. They offer Agreed Value coverage, zero deductible, and at no additional cost, an inflation guard which will increase your vehicle’s value by two percent every quarter, up to a maximum of eight percent per year.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Commercial Auto Policy, commercial auto insurance.#Commercial #auto #insurance

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Commercial Auto Policy

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance

A commercial auto policy is an important element of a business insurance program. If your company uses vehicles in its operations, you should purchase commercial auto insurance. Here are some issues to consider before buying a policy.

What Kind of Autos Does your Business Own?

In commercial auto insurance, vehicles are divided into two broad categories:

  • Private passenger-type autos
  • Trucks, tractors, and trailers

Private passenger autos include vehicles such as sedans, minivans, and station wagons. Trucks vary widely in size. In commercial auto insurance, they are subdivided into classes based on their gross vehicle weight (GVW). For example, a half-ton pickup would be classified as a light truck. A garbage truck would likely be classified as a heavy truck or extra-heavy truck, depending on its GVW.

Vehicles that are part of a fleet are generally charged lower rates than those that aren t. A fleet typically consists of five or more vehicles owned by the same company. The vehicles may be trucks, private passenger types, or a combination of the two.

Before shopping for insurance, make a list of the vehicles your company owns. Include the year, make, model, and GVW (for trucks only).

Does Your Firm Use Autos It Doesn t Own?

Another matter to consider is whether your firm uses autos it doesn t own. Autos you don t own that are used in your business may be a source of lawsuits against your firm if such autos are involved in accidents.

Under a commercial auto policy, autos you don t own are divided into two categories:

  • Hired Autos: These are vehicles your business leases, rents, hires or borrows.
  • Non-Owned Autos: These are vehicles, other than hired autos, which your business uses but does not own. An example is an auto that is owned by one of your employees and used in your business.

What if your company uses hired or non-owned autos only. Do you need to purchase commercial auto liability coverage? The answer is yes. Your business needs auto coverage even if it doesn t own any vehicles. You can purchase a policy that covers only hired and non-owned autos.

How and Where Are the Vehicles Used?

Two questions a commercial auto insurer is certain to ask are:

  1. How are your vehicles used?
  2. Where are your vehicles garaged?

The manner in which vehicles are used affects the rates you pay for auto insurance. Generally, rates are inversely related to the time spent on the road and the distance traveled. You ll pay a higher rate to insure a truck used to deliver products to customers than for a similar truck that sits at a job site most of the day. Likewise, a truck that travels only a few miles each day will cost less to insure than a similar truck that travels 100 miles daily.

The geographic location where your vehicles are stored and driven also affects the rates you pay. Some areas present greater risks than others. More accidents or thefts may occur in one place than another.

Who Owns the Vehicles?

Before purchasing auto insurance, it is important to know how your business should be listed on the policy.

The person or entity that owns the vehicles should be shown as a named insured. Otherwise, the registered owner of a vehicle could find itself with no coverage for a claim.

For example, suppose that you own ABC Inc., a computer services firm. Your company has created a subsidiary called XYZ Inc. The subsidiary company owns a fleet of trucks that it leases to ABC. When you buy commercial auto coverage, your policy should list both companies as named insureds. Make sure your insurer doesn t omit XYZ, the registered owner of the vehicles.

Special Regulations

Special regulations may apply to businesses that operate certain types of vehicles. For instance, some companies that transport cargo across state lines must meet requirements imposed by the Department of Transportation. Businesses that transport hazardous materials may be subject to both state and federal regulations.

If you are subject to such regulations, be sure your insurance agent or broker is familiar with them. He or she should know how the laws affect you and the requirements you must meet.

Tips for Lower Premiums

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the cost of commercial auto insurance.

  • Secure Storage: Store your vehicles in a secure area that offers protection from vandals and thieves.
  • Good Drivers: Hire qualified drivers with good driving records.
  • Choice of Vehicle: Choose vehicles that are safe, reliable and not overly costly to repair. Features such as air bags, a backup camera , anti-lock breaks, and an automatic braking system may help lower your insurance rates.
  • DeductiblesCommercial physical damage coverage will be cheaper if you choose high deductibles.
  • Anti-Theft Devices Protect your vehicles from thieves. Choose vehicles that include electronic keys, GPS tracking, an alarm system, and other anti-theft devices. Don t leave keys in the vehicle.

IFA Auto, ifa auto insurance.#Ifa #auto #insurance


Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

Ifa auto insurance

IFA Auto

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

Ifa auto insurance

IFA Auto

Recall alert for 2015 Murano Rogue owners.

Ifa auto insurance

Nissan will be recalling 2015 Muranos and Rogue Selects

IFA Auto

Ready for the dog days of summer? This Arizona news team made the most of it on a 115 degree day.

Ifa auto insurance

It was so hot in Arizona this month, a news team baked cookies on the dashboard of its car

IFA Auto

Chevy Camaro vs. Ford Mustang is the classic pony car matchup. Who do you think wins the battle?

Ifa auto insurance

WARNING: Graphic Content! 50 Years of Camaro vs. Mustang Sales Numbers in Living Color

IFA Auto

As the Northeast continues to experience wet weather, keep these driving tips in mind to keep you and your family safe on the roads this summer.

Ifa auto insurance

IFA Car Insurance, ifa auto insurance.#Ifa #auto #insurance

IFA Car Insurance

IFA has been around for over four decades and is dedicated to providing drivers in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with reliable low-cost car insurance. IFA Insurance s headquarters are in Clark, New Jersey. The company focuses on basic (state minimum) car insurance policies and local nuances.

IFA Insurance Company contact information:

14 Walnut Avenue

Clark, New Jersey 07066

Customer service: 1-877-432-2277

Claims telephone number: 1-877-432-2277

Types of coverage offered (offerings may vary by state):

  • Auto (offers 12 month policies)

Auto insurance discounts offered by IFA Insurance:

Some features can be optional. Offerings may vary by state.

  • Defensive Driver Discount: Drivers who have completed a certified defensive driving course may receive a discount.
  • Accident and Ticket Free Discount: Savings for drivers with clean records (free of motor vehicle points, tickets and accidents).
  • Anti-Theft Device Discount: Vehicles equipped with anti-theft security systems can receive a reduced rate.
  • Safety Device Discount: Vehicles equipped with safety features — including side airbags, ABS, or Electronic Stability Control, among others can receive a discount.
  • Loyalty Discount: Savings for members who renew their car insurance policy with IFA.
  • Good Student Discount: Discount granted to high school and college students who maintain a high GPA (B or better).
  • Group discount: Automatic discount of 10% if your group is on the list of IFA affiliates.
  • Paid in full: Pay in full and get a 7% discount.
  • Safety features: Automatic seat belts and airbags can give you a discount.
  • Mature driver discount: Drivers of a certain age that have taken an approved driving course may receive a discount.

Business Insurance – Small Business Insurance: Farmers Insurance, commercial auto insurance.#Commercial #auto #insurance


Personalized coverage. Personalized service.

Find your industry

Farmers Business Insurance

Whether you’re shopping for commercial insurance, ready to purchase a policy or reviewing your current coverage, we’re here to help you:

  • Research business insurance options by coverage type and industry type.
  • Understand the value Farmers agents and claims representatives add to your experience.
  • Get answers to questions that are often asked by small business owners like you.

    Our goal here is simple: To equip you with information so you can choose the coverage you want for your business.

    Browse coverage types

    Business owners have told us they like the customizable policies Farmers offers — and these are the major components in your robust menu of business insurance options.

    Property – Coverage for risks related to your business’s building, property, inventory or income.

    Liability – Coverage for risks ranging from customer injuries to wrongful termination.

    Crime – Coverage against money and securities theft committed by employees or third parties.

    Auto – Coverage for vehicles you own, lease or rent for business use.

    Workers’ Compensation – Assistance for employees if an injury or illness occurs on the job.

    Umbrella – Additional liability coverage that supplements an underlying policy.

    Life – Coverage that can help attract and retain employees, and prepare for business succession.

    Loss Control – Services that help you increase on-the-job safety and efficiency.

    Additional business insurance options to consider

    You can also explore coverage options with these handy “cheat sheets” that outline industry-specific insurance options for businesses like yours.

    Apartment – For owners of small apartment buildings, large apartment complexes and everything in between.

    Auto Service and Repair – For owners of shops that specialize in collision repair, oil changes, transmission repair and more.

    Commercial Real Estate – For those who own office buildings, retail shopping centers, industrial parks, warehouses and self-storage facilities.

    Education and Non-Profit – For organizations including museums, schools and civic groups.

    Home and Building Service – For independent contractors such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers and painters.

    Homeowners Association – For governing bodies that manage the common areas and other aspects of a homeowners association.

    Hospitality – For the owners of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts.

    Manufacturing – For companies that manufacture products of virtually any type.

    Office – For the offices of independent professionals such as doctors, lawyers and consultants.

    Religious Organization – For churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other types of religious organizations.

    Restaurant and Food Truck – For owners of food trucks and quick service, casual and fine dining restaurants.

    Retail Store – For those who own shops such as salons, dry cleaners, boutiques and convenience stores.

    Wholesale – For businesses that provide wholesale goods and services to retail industries.

    Why choose Farmers?

    We’ve spent almost 90 years putting customers first — personalized attention is a hallmark of the Farmers experience.

    The value of a Farmers agent

    Are you shopping for coverage? Ready to get a business insurance quote? Maybe you have a question about a policy or need to file a claim. Our agents are ready to provide service and support.

    The ease of a Farmers claim

    You’ll experience a similar level of care from our knowledgeable claims representatives, who will provide assistance as quickly as possible.

    The experience of Farmers insights

    You’ll probably have a few questions as you research insurance coverage for your small business. If you’re not yet ready to speak with an agent, we might still have the answers you’re looking for. Explore an archive of helpful information here.

    *Subject to policy terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions

    This brief summary is for illustrative purposes only and is not a policy document. Please read the actual policy documents for

    your state for important details on coverages, exclusions, limits, conditions and terms. If there is a conflict between this summary and the policy documents, the policy documents will control. Not all products, coverages, options and discounts are available in every state.

Compare Insurance Quotes – Cheap Insurance Rates, home and auto insurance quotes.#Home #and #auto #insurance #quotes

Compare Insurance Quotes Online

Insurance is a fact of everyday life. If you want to own a car, a home, or a business, or simply want to protect your family s health, you need to be and in some cases, have to be insured. Getting coverage can sometimes become an overwhelming and confusing process, and sometimes an expensive one, but it doesn t have to be. NetQuote provides you not only with the ability to compare quotes, but also with the information you need to make the process easier.

Free Insurance Quotes: The New Rule of the Online Insurance Quote

Getting comparison insurance quotes is far different today than it used to be. Historically, it cost someone money to get a look at rates from a company. In their view, they were working to get you these auto insurance quote comparisons so they should be paid for this time, whether you go with a different company or not. Typically, a company would waive the quoting fee if you bought their plan.

But that is the past. Today, if you pay for an insurance quote online or even offline you are likely not dealing with a reputable company. Insurance comparisons are offered freely from nearly all insurance companies. So word to the wise, if you are being charged to get a look at an insurance company s premium rates, RUN don t walk away. Receiving a free insurance quote comparison is the new way of doing business.

How to Compare Insurance Rates

Now that the industry has changed such that you can get insurance rates for free, you need to know how to compare insurance rates so that you are getting the best deal to protect your home, car, business, health or family. First, once you fill out a form on netQuote, your work isn t finished. You now need to compare the exact policies from each company and see:

A) who offers the best price?

B) Who offers the most comprehensive coverage?

C) Who offers the most coverage for the best price?

One of the great things about netQuote is convenience. Rather than having to do the research yourself to get an insurance comparison, netQuote does it for you. Filling out an insurance form can be time consuming, but if you use a service like ours, you only have to fill out these questions once and you can get as many as five insurance quotes from major providers within your area. Without netQuote, you not only have to reach out to those same companies individually and fill out their questions each time, but you also have to make sure that you answer every question in the same way each time. If you don t, your insurance quotes won t be apples to apples, and if you aren t making an accurate side-by-side comparison then you really aren t judging each company s policies objectively.

The Cheap Insurance Myth

It was once widely known that cheap insurance was just that: cheap insurance. It did not cost much, but it also didn t cover much. This is still true today in that you can find very inexpensive policies that don t cover very much; however, don t be fooled into thinking that all cheap insurance policies aren t worth much.

Insurance companies are changing their insurance rates all the time. Sometimes they raise them when there have been a large number of claims, and sometimes they lower rates when they are looking to pick up more clients. What all of this amounts to is that a cheap policy might just represent a market shift or a change in the needs of a particular company. In other words, don t just give the hairy eyeball to all cheap rates; seek them out. Just make sure that the policy represents your needs well.

As you begin your search for insurance quote comparisons look to netQuote as your guide. We make sure that each home, health, auto, medicare, life and business insurance quote is an apple next to another apple and that you aren t being fooled by any of those numbers. Ultimately, we all want to see who will charge us the least for the exact same amount of insurance coverage without getting cheap insurance. So let us help you get the best insurance for your family, business and for your money.

netQuote In The News

netQuote is the easiest way to save big on insurance. But, don t just take our word for it see what others have to say:

Home and auto insurance quotes

Home and auto insurance quotes

Home and auto insurance quotes

Home and auto insurance quotes

The Insurance Industry s #1 Lead Provider Learn How netQuote Can Help You Grow Your Insurance Leads Business

As the Internet s most popular insurance shopping service, we provide our nationwide network of insurance agents a consistent volume of high quality insurance leads.