Managed Cloud Web Hosting Services with 100% Uptime SLA

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Cloud Hosting

100% Uptime SLA 24×7 Live Support

Whilst failure of the server hardware or network components would take a standard hosting environment offline, our cloud environment has been engineered to specifically target these issues so we can deliver predictable and consistent performance, all backed by a 100% uptime guarantee. Virtual machines can be migrated between the clustered servers that support the cloud in order to avoid any issues that have been detected, all whilst maintaining the state of your VM.

By leveraging the latest technologies and hyperconverged enterprise cloud design, we have produced a system that guards against anything from hard disk failure to an entire server failure; we can assure you that your mission critical applications will be available all the time, 100% of the time, and that downtime will be a thing of the past. Using our simple cost calculator, you can quickly build and order a VMware or Hyper-V cloud hosting plan to suit your individual requirements.

Your customised order configuration

In order to provide advanced configurations that include three or more disk drives. we will need to put you in touch with one of our solutions experts who can help you to build the advanced configuration you require.

If you have a third disk drive configured when you click to place your order, we will direct you to our contact page allowing you to contact a member of our team who will expedite your order. Your custom configuration will also be sent over.

Are you sure you do not require a backup plan?

Our R1soft Remote Backup plans takes all the hassle and worry out of backing up your valuable data by regularly, and automatically, storing a copy of your data on our secure, offsite backup facility that you can access at any time.

For complete assurance and piece of mind, we recommend you consider one of our affordable Remote Backup plans to go with your cloud server. Would you like to choose a backup plan?

Yes, let me choose

By default, we offer the Standard Edition of Windows Server 2008, which has a memory limit of 32 GB. If you configure your Cloud VM to include more memory than this, you will be provided with the Enterprise Edition which does not share this limit and includes some additional features.

No two clouds are equal

With our platform, you can expect a true cloud environment hosted on a redundant architecture to provide you with up to 100% uptime. While some cloud environments aren’t always what they may appear to be, our VMWare Cloud platform utilises the latest technologies to provide you with a flexible environment where your virtual machines can adapt to changes instantly, all without any disruption to your service.

Our Cloud Hosting environment is engineered for uptime-critical, performance-oriented requirements and is perfect for hosting e-commerce stores and high-traffic websites, blogs and forums. Whether you run an online store, a web hosting company or a design agency, our cloud environment offers the rock-solid stability and resource scalability you need for your business.

Disaster recovery in the cloud

A highly secure, redundant and hyper-converged architecture hosted in ISO2000-, ISO9001- and ISO27001-accredited data centres protects your cloud virtual machines from hardware and network failure. Our facilities include diverse power, cooling and physical security measures to provide additional protection.

Superfast storage

Storage needs to be efficient and cost-effective, and we are able to offer multiple storage tiers for you to choose from depending on the level of performance you demand. The flexibility of our platform enables you to alter the storage tier you need at any time as your requirements change, all without any disruption to your service.

Industry leading firewalls

Our partnership with Fortinet means we can offer you the best in application-aware firewall technology with Fortigate. Featuring an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and In-Flow Virus Protection, threats can be detected and isolated before they reach your server. You can also extend your office into the cloud with extensive VPN features.

Reliable backup solutions

Great backup options are available. For backups at the OS level, we use Continuous Data Protection (CDP) from R1Soft, which can backup your data to an offsite backup location, depending on the policies that you define. Veeam backups are available at the virtualisation level in a way that won’t impact on your server’s performance.

Citrix Hosting – Citrix XenDesktop – Citrix XenApp Hosting

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Citrix Hosting

Deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) With Connectria Citrix Hosting

Connectria has provided Citrix XenApp Hosting (formerly Citrix Presentation Server) since 2003, longer than any other hosting company. Our solutions include:

  • Citrix XenApp Hosting
  • Citrix XenDesktop Hosting
  • VDI Hosting (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Hosting)

We utilize Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix Receiver and Citrix Netscaler appliances to deliver hosted Windows applications and hosted Windows desktops. They can be accessed via the Internet and viewed by Windows PCs and Macs as well as smartphones and tablet platforms including Apple, Android, HP and RIM. We utilize Citrix XenApp Hosting to deliver both hosted Windows applications and hosted Windows desktop environments. Citrix XenDesktop Hosting is utilized to deliver Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions.

From 5 Users To 5,000 Users Or More:

We offer a wide range of Citrix hosting solutions, including our Citrix QuickStart Program to help companies quickly and inexpensively determine the feasibility of delivering a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for their Windows applications using Citrix. We support customers with just a handful of users, all the way to global deployments with thousands of users – using a mix of dedicated servers, public cloud servers, private cloud environments, or a combination of each. As a Certified Citrix Service Provider, Connectria can also rent our clients the necessary Citrix software and appliances they need for a successful Citrix cloud deployment, saving you time and money.

Expert Support & Advice:

Our Citrix Hosting customers run business-critical applications in a wide range of industries, and Connectria’s highly skilled Citrix engineers help our clients implement secure, high-performance, and highly reliable Citrix environments to meet their needs. We can assist you in determining the right approach to meet your performance, reliability, security and cost requirements. We have particular expertise in implementing Citrix Hosting solutions for customers that require HIPAA Compliant Hosting. Connectria’s Citrix hosting customers include companies of all sizes including Farmers Insurance. Kenan Advantage Group. ComSci. TCS Healthcare. Octagon Research. Host Analytics. MetaComet. and Romanello Consulting among many others.

Connectria’s Citrix QuickStart Program – Citrix Made Easy:

Ready for a Citrix solution?

With Connectria’s Citrix QuickStart Program, customers can quickly implement a production-ready, scalable Citrix environment either for testing purposes, or to begin running a Citrix environment. This can be used for both Software as a Service (SaaS) implementations such as hosted Windows applications, as well as to run hosted Windows desktop environments using XenApp.

You can purchase our Citrix QuickStart Program on a month-to-month basis for up to 90 Days, and scale it up or down as needed. Several components of the QuickStart Program are provided FREE of charge during the 90 day program, including a firewall, a Citrix NetScaler VPX Express appliance, (5) Citrix XenApp users, and (1) instant SSL certificate.

Most components can continue to be purchased on a month-to-month basis going forward, while others may require a longer term commitment, including the different Citrix NetScaler appliances, should your environment require a more robust architecture. Either way, your Connectria Sales Engineer will work with you to explain your options upfront, so that there are no surprises and you can make an informed decision.

Whether you choose the Citrix QuickStart Program or not, Connectria will ensure we provide a solution that best meets your dedicated or cloud hosting needs at an affordable price. Please contact us to talk with a Connectria Sales Engineer if you would like to receive a quote.

Citrix QuickStart Package Includes:

  • Citrix NetScaler VPX Express Virtual Appliance
  • Five (5) Citrix XenApp users
  • One (1) Instant SSL Certificate (1 Year)
  • Managed Hosting Plan

Citrix QuickStart Setup Includes:

  • Installation Of (5) MS Terminal Services & (5) Citrix Licenses
  • Installation Of Secure ICA Client Sessions Using SSL Certificate
  • Up To 8 Hours Of Assistance With Installing & Publishing Your Application(s) or Desktop(s)

We can provide any number of cloud servers or dedicated servers, in any configurations you wish, in order to meet your unique needs.

Citrix QuickStart Package Includes:

  • Citrix NetScaler VPX Express Virtual Appliance
  • Five (5) Citrix XenApp users
  • One (1) Instant SSL Certificate (1 Year)
  • Managed Hosting Plan

Citrix QuickStart Setup Includes:

  • Installation Of (5) MS Terminal Services & (5) Citrix Licenses
  • Installation Of Secure ICA Client Sessions Using SSL Certificate
  • Up To 8 Hours Of Assistance With Installing & Publishing Your Application(s) or Desktop(s)

We can provide any number of cloud servers or dedicated servers, in any configurations you wish, in order to meet your unique needs.

Connectria can start you with a basic QuickStart configuration, a large scale environment and everything in between. Click here to see sample Citrix Hosting Configurations

Get Assistance Or A Quote From A Connectria Solutions Architect

Our Solutions Architects are available 7 days a week to assist you. Our only priority is to find a hosting solution that best meets your needs.

Please fill out the form below and we will try to get you a detailed quote within 24 hours. If you need it faster, just let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs!

Find out more

Contact Us

Or call Toll Free: 1 800-781-7820
Direct: 1 314-587-7000

Or call Toll Free: 1 800-781-7820
Direct: 1 314-587-7000

Connectria Blog

College Campus Edition: Hosted VDI Solution

Featured Customers

Connectria provides Citrix XenApp Hosting to Host Analytics, helping them deliver their Software as a Service in the Cloud. Learn More

Connectria provides Romanello Consulting with expert Citrix Hosting allowing their application to be securely accessed from the internet. Learn More

Connectria’s Citrix Hosting solution allows MetaComet to web enable their royalty software applications. Learn More

Connectria and Sybase

Learn how Connectria’s flexible solutions help Sybase with the world’s largest banks.

Citrix Hosting Overview

Best tools for SaaS and DaaS solutions

Free and Cheap Email Discussion List Providers, email hosting providers.

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email hosting providers

Free and Cheap Email Discussion List Providers

Some Internet Providers offer free Email Lists for their users as do some universities and colleges for students and staff. Many of the Free hosting services listed below have advertising placed on every message that comes through the lists.

To find a LISTSERV sponsor, write up a draft proposal which describes the list you’d like to create and mail it to [email protected] Mention in your message that you don’t usually follow those discussion groups, so could responses please be mailed to your private address. Please only submit your proposal once. If someone is willing to host your list, then you will hear back from him or her. Repeated proposals for the same topic are only likely to annoy the readers of the list and may make them less likely to want to take on new lists. For more detailed advice on this process, send the command GET NEW-LIST CREATE as an e-mail message to the address [email protected]

  • America Online’s Internet Mailing List Requisition Form — Free . AOL will host select LISTSERV mailing lists as part of their Give Back To The Net program.

  • BigList — Hosts MajorDomo mailing lists. from $50 month on up.

  • BinHost — Provides lists running on Majordomo From 15 to 25 month.

  • CoolDog — Hosts Lyris mailing lists. 75 setup fee and from 36 month on up.

  • Dundee Internet Services — Lyris Web Hosting. Setup fee: $10.00 and $14.95 per month for basic list hosting plus a volume surcharge of $0.20 per 1000 messages.

  • eGroups.Com — Free Email List Host. Does put advertising at the bottom of each message going through the lists. Used to be MakeList and FindList

  • Eldar.Org — Free Majordomo List Hosting for small lists. “NOTE: In general, the domain is current not accepting any new requests for LIST service. This policy may be modified in the future.

  • Institute for Global Communications — Majordomo Email List hosting. Setup: $75 and hosting from $9 month on up with discounts for multiple lists. Digest Archive storgage is extra.

  • ListBox — Majordomo Email List hosting from $5 month on up.

  • ListServe.Com — Mailing list hosting service. Not associated with L-Soft or LISTSERV . $100 setup fee and from $15 to $20 month on up. archived lists, searchable archives, searchable web page and tech support all at extra cost.

  • L-Soft EASE Services — L-Soft’s LISTSERV list hosting service for business and personal use. Setup Charges from $5, hosting charge from $8 month

  • Lyris.Net — Using the Lyris list program – charges a flat rate of $1.00 for every thousand messages. No set-up charges but there is a minimum of $50 per month. Virtual domain, virtual server and dedicated server Options are available.

  • Mail-List.Com — $19.95-$45.95 setup fee, depending on kind of list and from $9.95/month up for hosting. Web Page, Archives, and other options cost extra.

  • [email protected] – Free or by donation. No web page available at this time, via email, contact: [email protected] for more information. From the service’s owner, Jessica, with permission: ” No setup fees, list run largely by donation, large lists may require a specific ‘donation” in order to be maintained, as the load on the server may be significant enough to warent it, topics will be screened by me ie. I have some standards, but can’t really say what they are , and anyone who is just looking for free hosting, may be better off trying some of the larger sites. Really, I’m willing to deal with quite a volume of requests, but if a person wants a list ‘now” it would be best to go with something like yahoo, or something as from my understanding you can setup a list and have it running in very short order matter of an hour? ,which is not true with my setup, you have to deal with the rotten human who sometimes makes mistakes when setting up the lists”

  • Milepost1 — Hosts LISTSERV? lists. Setup fees start at 5, lists run from 1/month on up.

  • MiloMail — Free MiloMail Free email Communities, join a list or create your own.

  • Petidomo — CyberSolutions Petidomo email list hosting.

  • SkyLists.Net Virtual Communities — “Start your own online community with SkyList Through our unique combination of Internet tools and services, we can help you plant the seeds of a virtual community, and nurture them to fruition. prides itself on professional service, technical excellence, and confidentiality. We work closely with our clients to develop a community which matches their needs and exceeds their expectations. If you are serious about your Internet mailing lists, you want All lists include a web subscription form, searchable archives, bounce handling, and more.” Basic Setup Fee: $250 setup fee for the creation and configuration of your list. This includes importing up to 1000 addresses as well as all email and DNS configuration. Special circumstances may involve additional setup fees and ongoing costs [or less, I’m told, so email their sales department with your needs] are based on the type of list and size of the address list. All lists are billed according to the peak number of subscribers each month.

  • SohoMart – Free Hosts Majordomo lists with adds on each post..

  • SparkList — Host Majordomo email lists. Setup fees from 25 and list hosting for 1 for every 1000 messages, 50 month Minimum

  • TalkList — Setup fee is $20 and from $5 month on up for list hosting plus as low as 5 month .. archives cost extra

  • Think Coach — Majordomo mailing list hosting by one of the developers of Majordomo 2. Software: Majordomo version 1.94.4.nb2 or Majordomo 2 “.. offers Mailing lists configured to exactly meet your needs, with virtual hosting under your own domain, automated bounce-handling and automated web-archives, whatever is desired. If the many configuration options of Majordomo don’t allow you to do what you want, I know Majordomo well enough that I can easily modify the Majordomo program to do exactly what you want it to do. ” Starts at $15.00 per month for hosting the virtual domain with any number of mailing lists , plus $0.40 per month per megabyte of online disk space, plus $0.025 per megabyte of data transfer, plus $30.00 setup fee every time you need me to change something (like e.g. setting up a new list, or changing something about the configuration of the list which you’re not able to handle yourself).

  • Topica — Free Offers free email lists, but is not disabiled or all browser accessible. Also known to spam, and to subscribe people without their knowing.

  • VPMail — Free Trial List from Australia. After the trial period cost run from around Aus$0.40 day on up

  • Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

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    IBM/HP E-5 Hexacore Servers

    Elastic Server Cloud Servers

    World Class Email Platform

    Cloud Hosting

    Our Cloud hosting solutions empower you to simplify your business operations. Whether you re an enterprise trying to complete an intricate IT project or a technology entrepreneur introducing a critical web application that requires horizontal and vertical scaling, we have the cloud you ve been looking for.

    Our professional technicians have the skill and expertise to deploy and manage your cloud infrastructure according to your business requirements. With cutting-edge infrastructure and high-throughput servers, we ensure maximum website performance. We have proven expertise in delivering best-in-class cloud hosting solutions to businesses across the globe.

    Our cloud hosting services

    Managed Hosting

    Global enterprises are always in the lookout for strict compliance requirements. They seek a customized hosting architecture for the delivery of guaranteed production-platform uptime. Now that you are here, we assure you that here you will get a perfect hosting solution. Our world-class infrastructures, experienced support specialists who go far beyond ordinary and industry-leading SLAs, are at your service 24x7x365.

    At, our managed hosting solutions match all your mission-critical needs. Our expert technicians plan, deploy and manage the server configurations as per your business specific requirements. Our high-throughput servers ensure a seamless website performance. Moreover, other managed services such as firewall, backups etc. augment your website’s security.

    We are providing platforms:

    Website Hosting

    A company planning to migrate their mission-critical IT infrastructure to a robust data center is looking for a web hosting company that specializes in eliminating the hassles of managing and expanding the business. We at ensure to provide you tailor-made web hosting solutions with the support of our tier 3 data centers.

    Located in Jaipur and Noida, our tier 3 data centers are capable of providing comprehensive web hosting solutions that help companies reduce costs, increase performance and productivity and allow them to concentrate on their core competencies and customers. Our best-in class hosting solutions, such as dedicated hosting, managed hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and email hosting can make your hosting experience holistic and scalable.

    Application Hosting

    Application hosting offers end-to-end solutions to businesses looking for a reliable, scalable, and well- organized approach to run enterprise-class software applications in a highly secured environment.

    Go4Hosting offers easy-to-integrate hosting applications that can be accessed easily from anywhere through the Internet. We strive to provide prompt technical support to set-up, install, operate, and administer your mission critical applications in a digital ecosystem. Get an extensive access to state-of-art datacenters with high bandwidth, security management, operational surveillance, and hardware OS support. Our team of certified professionals are available round-the-clock to perform stringent security checks on the network via web based monitoring tools.

    We are providing Services :

    Our customers love us!

    You talk about clustering, load balancing or any complex hosting solutions. These guys are champ. This is my personal experience with them. Ajay Gupta
    Representing Biggest MLM
    Company of India

    Excellent Services and state of features. Good to go with Go4hosting any day. Manoj Bansal
    Clarks Group of Hotels

    “We ve used their services and are extremely happy with them. ” A Bhatnagar
    Bank of Rajasthan Ltd

    SSL Certificate

    • Dynamic and Powerful data encryption
    • Malware and Phishing Detection
    • Our SSL certificates come with a
      genuine seal.

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    for your queries

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    How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting? (Official Guide), best hosting companies for wordpress sites.#Best #hosting #companies #for #wordpress #sites


    How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

    Often overlooked, web hosting is one of the key component of every successful website. Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs can improve your SEO and increase sales. There are various different types of WordPress hosting options available such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. In this guide, we will help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your website.

    WPBeginner is the largest unofficial WordPress resource site that receives millions of pageviews per month. Having helped 100,000+ users and years of experience with WordPress hosting companies, we know the importance of choosing the best WordPress hosting company. Our goal with this article is to offer insights on things you need to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting company.

    To make it easy for you, we also have hand-picked the best WordPress hosting companies. These companies are consistently the top WordPress hosting companies in the industry when it comes to quality and service.

    What are the WordPress Hosting Requirements?

    You will be surprised to hear that WordPress is a very light-weight script, and it is compatible with almost all good web hosting companies. The simple requirements that WordPress put forth are:

    • PHP version 7 or greater
    • MySQL version 5.6 or greater

    Due to the popularity of WordPress, all best web hosting companies come with easy 1-click install options for WordPress. All WordPress hosting companies that we have listed in this guide offer full support for running a WordPress site.

    Best hosting companies for wordpress sites

    Things to Consider when Choosing a WordPress Hosting Provider

    Speed, security, and reliability are all important factors that you need to consider when choosing your WordPress hosting. However, the most important factor that you should consider is Your Needs . Evaluating your needs before purchasing your WordPress hosting can save you hundreds of dollars.

    Evaluating Your WordPress Hosting Needs

    As we have mentioned above, there are different types of web hosting options available such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed. Let s take a look at each of these options to determine which is best solution for you.

    Free WordPress Hosting

    There are free web hosting available, but almost all of them have some sort of catch. Usually, you can find free WordPress hosting being offered in online forums or small groups. In most cases, these are managed by an individual who is reselling a small part of his server space to cover up some revenue. Often the catch is that you have to put their banner ads on the site. Some may ask you to put a text link in the footer of your site. These folks will sell that banner ad or text link to cover up the cost of your free space along with pocketing the profits. The biggest downside of having a free host aside from the ads is that they are unreliable. You never know when this person will stop offering the free service. They can leave you hanging at any time. If you are serious about your website or business, then avoid Free WordPress hosting at all costs.

    Shared WordPress Hosting

    Shared hosting is by far the most popular type of WordPress hosting used by beginners. It is the most affordable and quite frankly a good starting point for new users. Shared hosting is where you share a large server with a lot of sites. By having multiple sites on the same server, hosting providers can offer the service at a much affordable rate. The biggest catch that we see with shared hosting across all providers (including the ones we recommend below) is the unlimited resources. There is no such thing as unlimited. While it says unlimited, you still have usage restrictions. If your site starts to take up substantial server load, they will politely force you to upgrade your account. If they don t take this action, then it can have a negative effect on the overall performance of other sites hosted on the same server. It gets back to conventional wisdom. As your business grows, so will your overhead cost.

    Shared web hosting is the best solution for small businesses, and starting bloggers.

    WordPress VPS Hosting

    Virtual Private Server (VPS) refers to a virtual machine. It is a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers with respects to the individual customer s need. Even though, you are sharing the server with a handful others, this gives you almost as much control as a dedicated server. It also has the privacy of a separate physical computer and can be configured to run specific server softwares. Often developers, intermediate users, and medium-sized bloggers utilize VPS to scale their websites. If you do NOT have any technical knowledge, then you need to make sure that you purchase a managed VPS. This means that the WordPress hosting provider manages all system upgrades, and they are available to assist you if needed.

    VPS hosting is best for medium-sized businesses, high traffic blogs, and aspiring designers/developers.

    WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

    Dedicated server is a physical server that you can lease from the hosting provider. This allows you to have full control over the server including the choice of operating system, hardware etc. You DO NOT need a dedicated server if you are just starting out. Once your site is receiving a significant amount of traffic, only then you should consider upgrading to a dedicated server. WPBeginner runs on a dedicated server by HostGator. If you do not employ a system administrator or have no experience with servers, then we recommend that you get a managed dedicated server. WordPress hosting providers that offer managed dedicated servers employ full-time system administrators that maintain your servers. Along with doing software updates, they also do server monitoring, offer phone support etc. Most top websites use clusters of dedicated servers.

    WordPress Dedicated Servers are best for extremely high traffic blogs.

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    Due to the large number of users using WordPress, several web hosting providers have chosen to offer managed WordPress hosting. An account with one of these providers only allow you to host WordPress based sites and nothing else. The benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that you do not have to worry about ANYTHING. They optimize your site for performance, make sure that your site is secure, and keep regular backups. On top of that they advise you if a specific plugin is having a negative impact.

    Bottom line, managed WordPress hosting is hassle free fast WordPress hosting with high-quality support from staff with lots of WordPress experience. While all this sounds amazing, the plans for managed WordPress hosting is usually on the higher end of the scale. For example a personal account with a popular managed WordPress hosting provider costs $29/month where you can only host 1 site (getting maximum of 25,000 visitors per month). The next level higher where you are allowed multiple domains will cost you $99/month. A person starting out a blog cannot afford this.

    Managed WordPress hosting is great for established bloggers who can justify the expense with their revenue. It is for people who do not have the skills/time to deal with the technical side of things. We recommend WPEngine for managed WordPress hosting.

    Now that you know all of your WordPress hosting options, it is time for you to make a decision. We run several sites that get millions of pageviews per month. We have tested and worked with all top web hosting companies in the industry. After having helped 100,000+ users and years of experience, our founder Syed Balkhi have personally hand-picked some of the most well-reputed WordPress hosting providers for you. Each of these WordPress hosting companies provide excellent service and support. We give each of them a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating. Check out the list of best web hosting providers.

    Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

    Best hosting companies for wordpress sites

    SQL Server Data MIning – Data Mining Features #sql #server #hosting


    Welcome to

    This site has been designed by the SQL Server Data Mining team to provide the SQL Server community with access to and information about our in-database data mining and analytics features. SQL Server 2000 was the first major database release to put analytics in the database. Catch up with the latest SQL Server Data Mining news in our newsletter.

    SQL Server 2012 SP1 Data Mining Add-ins for Office (with 32-bit or 64-bit Support)

    The Data Mining Add-ins allow you to harness the power of SQL Server 2012 predictive analytics in Excel and Visio and they have been updated to include 32-bit or 64-bit support for Office 2010 or Office 2013. Use Table Analysis Tools to get insight with a couple of clicks. Use the Data Mining tab for full-lifecycle data mining, and build models which can be exported to a production server. Visualize your models in Visio.

    SQL Server 2012 Data Mining

    Microsoft expert Rafal Lukawiecki provides free and paid videos on data mining for SQL Server 2012 at Project Botticelli. The website has other Microsoft BI topics too from leading Microsoft experts.

    SQL Server DM with Excel 2010 and PowerPivot

    Microsoft MVP Mark Tabladillo shows you how to unleash SQL Server 2008 Data Mining with Excel 2010 and SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel, Microsoft s new self-service BI offering.

    Predixion Software Offers Third-Party Tools for SQL Server Data Mining

    Our friends at Predixion Software have released Predixion Insight, their predictive analytics offering that builds on the SQL Server Data Mining platform. They have added some cool visualization and collaboration features that are surfaced in Excel Services as well.

    Disclaimer: is currently managed by members of the SQL Server Data Mining development team at Microsoft Corporation. It does not represent Microsoft’s official position on its products or technologies. All content is provided “AS-IS” with no warranties and confers no rights.

    Microsoft SQL Server Hosting Management

    Microsoft® SQL Server® hosting provides best-in-class support that saves time money. We also offer extra DBA services on time and materials basis for those customers who need even more SQL expertise, such as database evaluation and improvement services. We strongly suggest you to check out our supporters at best web hosting in the UK .

    Pittsburgh web hosting #pittsburgh,dependable,linux,windows,web #hosting #in #pittsburgh


    Linux and Windows Web Hosting in Pittsburgh

    For the lowest price and the highest reliability in professional web hosting services for the Pittsburgh area, you can rely on Sun Hosting. In business since 1995, Sun Hosting hosts the websites of over 370 companies in the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs.

    Additionally, Sun Hosting provides complete domain name registration services for any size business, company or government. We take care of the whole registration process for you at no cost, when you choose any of our annual hosting plans .

    Sun Hosting is one of the lowest cost Web hosting company in Pittsburgh. selling directly to businesses, resellers, banks and government. But low-cost does not mean low-quality. All hosting packages at Sun Hosting are of the highest QoS (Quality of Service) and include full UPS backup (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), further protected by industrial-grade diesel power generators.

    Our ultra-modern Pittsburgh data center incorporates full fire protection, is completely air-conditioned and feature the tightest security available, thanks to security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Our Linux Web hosting packages for businesses, industry, government, non-profit organizations and personal sites can all be viewed on this page. Did you know that about 75 percent of all Web sites today are hosted on the Linux platform? Linux costs less than Windows and will do the same job in about 80 percent of cases. Our Windows hosting plans can be viewed here . And please click here to learn the difference between the Linux and Windows server operating systems.

    Please click here to view our Windows Web hosting plans.

    We are strongly confident that you will find the right hosting plan that will fit your specific needs, whether your company operates in Pittsburgh or anywhere else.

    Sun Hosting can configure for you a customized hosting plan just for your exact requirements, and without incurring any additional setup costs or penalty! Simply contact us if you have any questions.

    Please click here to discover the many reasons U.S.-based companies should host their Web site and Internet applications in Canada.

    Sun Hosting is also a full-range Internet domain name registrar . Find all the commonly-used terms in the web hosting industry with our Glossary of Hosting Terms used. Our mission is simple: Provide the best corporate Web hosting packages, at the best wholesale prices and with the best technical support there is.

    We have been hosting corporate Web sites since 1995. Sun Hosting currently hosts over 26,000 Web sites from about 21,500 businesses, 800 non-profit organizations and all levels of government from over 42 countries. From the moment we receive your order, your Web site can be up and running in less than 30 minutes, provided the DNS transfer has been done.

    Discover how you can save on Internet bandwidth . Remember that the best wholesale web hosting company in Canada is Sun Hosting.

    Read our Customer Terms of Use .

    Disponible en fran�ais: H�bergement Web Canada

    Copyright � Sun Hosting. The Sun Hosting logo is a registered trademark of Sun Hosting. All content, all photos and the Sun Hosting logo on this Web site are the property of Sun Hosting and are protected by Canadian, U.S. and international copyright laws. The Windows logo is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. The Linux Logo is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Any other logos, trademarks or service marks on this site belong to their respective owners or their companies.

    Hosted ACD – ACD Hosting Service Distributes Calls To Remote Agents #hosted #acd, #acd #hosting,acd #service, #acd #services, #virtual #acd, #acd #phone #service, #automatic #call #distribution, #acd, #acd #systems, #acd #software, #automatic #call #distribution, #call #routing, #auto #attendant, #ivr, #interactive #voice #response #systems


    ACD Hosting Services

    Hosted ACD services can be provided to virtually any size organization by Database Systems Corp. (DSC). Automatic call distribution (ACD ) phone systems and hosted ACD phone services are supplied to commercial organizations and government entities who wish to have calls answered automatically using the latest phone technology.

    DSC provides call processing phone services from a secure call center that answers calls automatically and distributes them to work-from-home employees or remote agents. Phone support representatives no longer need to work at one centrally located call center.

    A typical ACD phone service will process incoming phone calls on a first come / first serve basis. However, intelligent hosted ACD services such as those provided by Database Systems Corp. can analyze each incoming call based upon caller identification, dialed number, time of day, and other user defined guidelines established in an IVR (Interactive Voice Response ) program. This ACD hosting service employs IVR technology to route calls however a business or organization requires these calls to be processed.

    Contact DSC to learn more about our hosted ACD services and automatic call distribution phone solutions.

    Advanced Call Distribution – Ankida

    “Our goal is to help you find peace, answers, questions, serenity, work, happiness, inner love, growth or whatever you seek, as long as it brings no harm to anyone else. At ANKIDA there is no room for judging others, and all are welcome with laughter and love. There is a particular fondness here for ancient history, almost all sciences and people who want to deal with others who enjoy being trustworthy and warm.” –

    Ankida provides phone coaching solutions to its customer utilizing our advanced call center technology and hosted ACD service center to process incoming calls from customers. Subscribers call Ankida’s 800 number which is answered by our phone service. Callers are connected to Ankida specialists based upon the needs identified by the callers. Complete database, phone and call accounting services are provided by DSC.

    ACD and IVR Phone Applications

    Phone applications and ACD call processing are becoming an integral part of business and service organizations. Both public and private groups are providing information to members and clients 24 hours a day. In just a short period of time, this technology has been applied to a growing number of industries and projects.

    The following are just a few of the phone applications developed by DSC using its ACD software.

    ACD Service Features

    Hosted ACD services from Database Systems Corp. are provided at our secure data center. Here are just a few of the functions provided to our ACD outsourcing clients.

    • Route calls to local and remote agents
    • Intelligent skills based routing
    • Prioritized call routing
    • DNIS based assignment to agent groups
    • GUI interface
    • Unlimited number of agent groups
    • 800 answering services
    • Custom messages for each DNIS
    • Call queuing and call routing
    • Web call backs
    • Multimedia support (email, chat, inbound, outbound calls)
    • Alarms for callers in queue
    • Call-back message support
    • Customizable agent screens

    ACD Call Center Information

    Contact DSC to learn more about our ACD phone services and call answering solutions.

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    UK Dedicated Servers

    Memory Configuration

    • 16GB DDR4 ECC +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 32GB DDR4 ECC +£10.00 ex VAT/m
    • 64GB DDR4 ECC +£30.00 ex VAT/m

    Drive Configuration

    • 240GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 1TB HDD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 240GB SSD +£7.50 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 1TB HDD +£7.50 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 2TB HDD +£17.50 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 480GB SSD +£20.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 960GB SSD +£30.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 4TB HDD +£35.00 ex VAT/m


    • 20TB +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 30TB +£15.00 ex VAT/m
    • 50TB +£45.00 ex VAT/m

    IP Allocation

    • 1 x IP Address +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x IP Addresses +£1.00 ex VAT/m
    • 3 x IP Addresses +£2.00 ex VAT/m
    • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
    • 5 x IP Addresses +£4.00 ex VAT/m
    • 10 x IP Addresses +£9.00 ex VAT/m
    • /27 IP Allocation (32 IPs) +£20.00 ex VAT/m
    • /26 IP Allocation (64 IPs) +£35.00 ex VAT/m
    • /25 IP Allocation (128 IPs) +£60.00 ex VAT/m
    • /24 IP Allocation +£100.00 ex VAT/m

    Memory Configuration

    • 32GB DDR4 ECC +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 64GB DDR4 ECC +£10.00 ex VAT/m

    Drive Configuration

    • 2 x 240GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 1TB HDD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 1 x 480GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 2TB HDD +£12.50 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 480GB SSD +£15.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 4TB HDD +£25.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 960GB SSD +£30.00 ex VAT/m

    IP Allocation

    • 1 x IP Address +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x IP Addresses +£1.00 ex VAT/m
    • 3 x IP Addresses +£2.00 ex VAT/m
    • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
    • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
    • 5 x IP Addresses +£4.00 ex VAT/m
    • 10 x IP Addresses +£9.00 ex VAT/m
    • /27 IP Allocation +£20.00 ex VAT/m
    • /26 IP Allocation (64 IPs) +£35.00 ex VAT/m
    • /25 IP Allocation +£60.00 ex VAT/m
    • /24 IP Allocation +£100.00 ex VAT/m


    • 30TB +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 50TB +£30.00 ex VAT/m

    £140.00 per month

    Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 Processor

    Drive Configuration

    • 2 x 480GB SSD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 2TB HDD +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 960GB SSD +£30.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x 4TB HDD +£35.00 ex VAT/m

    Memory Configuration

    • 64GB DDR4 ECC +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 128GB DDR4 ECC +£40.00 ex VAT/m

    IP Allocation

    • 1 x IP Address +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 2 x IP Addresses +£1.00 ex VAT/m
    • 3 x IP Addresses +£2.00 ex VAT/m
    • 4 x IP Addresses +£3.00 ex VAT/m
    • 5 x IP Addresses +£4.00 ex VAT/m
    • 10 x IP Addresses +£9.00 ex VAT/m
    • /27 IP Allocation (32 IPs) +£20.00 ex VAT/m
    • /25 IP Allocation (128 IPs) +£60.00 ex VAT/m
    • /24 IP Allocation +£100.00 ex VAT/m


    • 40TB +£0.00 ex VAT/m
    • 50TB +£15.00 ex VAT/m
    • 100TB +£90.00 ex VAT/m

    1to1Core – Microsoft Azure #1to1 #core, #microsoft #azure, #hybrid #cloud #computing, #cloud #computing #application, #hybrid #cloud #os, #private #cloud #infrastructure, #hybrid #cloud #os #technology, #applications #of #cloud #computing, #cloud #computing #technologies, #what #is #private #cloud, #secure #cloud #hosting


    Hybrid Cloud OS

    Enterprise Mobile Apps

    Software for the Cloud

    Cloud Dashboards


    Ready to Rocket

    Dynamically create your Vision

    Why does my business
    need a Cloud OS ?

    Today’s world requires rapid adaption to new technology. Change can be daunting, but 1to1Core’s Hybrid Cloud OS has you covered. Let us help you maximize your potential using our customizable platform. Harmonizing your business with mobile and hybrid cloud computing is important, and the team at 1to1Core are here to ease your business through the transition.

    What can I do with
    a Cloud OS ?

    1to1Core has been delivering the power of cloud technology to businesses for over 15 years. We can help you with anything from creating innovative custom Apps, to achieving truly secure web hosting, to back office management, to sales — even marketing tools and analytics! 1to1Core’s Hybrid Cloud OS allows your business to harness the power of the Cloud.

    Why does my business
    need a Cloud OS ?

    Today’s world required rapid adaption to new technology. Change can be scary, but 1to1Core’s Cloud OS has you covered. Let us help you get your business up to date using our customizable App platform. Harmonizing your business with mobile and cloud computing is important, and 1to1Core Cloud OS are experts in easing the transition

    What can I do with
    a Cloud OS ?

    1to1Core has been delivering the power of cloud technology to businesses over 15 years. From web hosting, to back office management, to sales & marketing tools and analytics. 1to1Core Cloud OS brings the knowledge and tools you need for your business to harness the power of the Cloud. Let us show you why adaptation is worthwhile.

    It’s a 5 Screen World

    We recognize that today is a place where people use multiple devices, from mobile to desktop, to control their day-to-day applications.

    1to1Core’s Hybrid Cloud OS was built with responsive design in mind. Hybrid Cloud OS is an experience customized to your screen, at whatever size it may be. Never be stuck with desktop apps again, get onto the Cloud!

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    Software products for desktop and mobile

    Easy to use and effective software products to make your life easier! We offer a variety of software products that run on desktop computers and smartphones, choose a product below to learn more.

    All products listed below are for Microsoft Windows computers. We offer several shareware utilities, development tools below which have a 30-day trial download available before a purchase is required. Take a tour of our various software products below and download a free trial version.

    Windows Software for Notebook and Desktop Computers

    Throttle 8 – Speed Up Your Internet

    Accelerate your internet connection speed, surf the web faster and download files faster. Instantly have a faster dial-up, DSL, cable and wireless internet connection.

    GameGain 4 – Make Games Run Faster

    Immediately make your computer games run faster, smoother and with better graphics. No longer do you have to deal with stuttering and games that lag.

    PCMedik 8 – Fix and Make Your Computer Faster

    Fix problems on your computer; clean up the system and make your computer work faster. Instantly heal your computer and get it working like it’s new.

    PCBoost 5 – Make Your CPU Run Faster

    Soft-overclock the speed of your computer processor and make your computer work faster. Faster games, faster software instantly by accelerating the CPU.

    SuperRam 7 – Make Your RAM Run Faster

    Instantly make your computer run faster by optimizing the way your computer memory works. Increase computer speed instantly with super charged memory.

    GameSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Games

    Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and instantly fix problems on your computer. Use your computer like its brand new again.

    GameBoost 3 – Faster Games and Internet Speed

    Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster games.

    PCSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Internet Speed

    Make your computer run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster performance.

    SystemSwift 2 – Faster Computer, Games and Internet Speed

    Make your computer run faster with improved performance, faster games and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Faster computer, faster games and faster internet.

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    Free Domain Registration

    One FREE .COM. CO. NET or .ORG domain registration with purchase of a new 12-, 24- or 36-month domain hosting. quick shopping cart. or website builder plan. Plus ICANN fee of 18¢ per domain name per year.

    – You must search add the domain name into your cart before purchase. and you must select a domain term length equal to or less than the term length of your product plan to qualify for the free domain offer.

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    After the initial purchase term, domains purchased through this offer will renew at the then-current renewal price.

    *** Alternatively We offer cheap domain registration, domain transfer and domain renewal services. Such as. COM $8.99. INFO $4.99. MOBI $6.99. BIZ $7.99. CO 9.99

    $1 Create A Website

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    We take the hassle out of building a website. Just pick your design, add your text, drag and drop any image you want and that’s it! You’re ready to publish.
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    Each plan comes packed with everything you need to build a full-featured website, including FREE hosting.

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    Cheap Domain Transfer!

    1. Enter the domain you’d like to transfer.

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    Authorize LuckyRegister to complete the domain name transfer process.

    Domain Alert® Pro Backordering.

    Domain Alert® Pro Backordering

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    At LuckyRegister – We offer Cheap domains, Cheap Domain Registration, Cheap Domain Hosting Services – we develop, run, maintain and support our cheap domain hosting plans in our own facilities, 24/7. So for safe, reliable and affordable domain hosting, play it smart. Just scan through the individual domain hosting plans and choose the one that’s right for you! Need more power? Cheap VPS Hosting and Cheap Dedicated Server available, too.

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    VoIP telephone

    Related Terms

    Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, telephone products connect to VoIP. or Internet telephony. systems, which use packet-switched telephony to transmit calls over the Internet as opposed to the circuit-switched telephony used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN ).

    How it Works

    VoIP telephones look and largely function like standard phones, but they have built-in IP technology and an RJ-45 Ethernet connector instead of the standard RJ-11 phone connector that enables the VoIP phone to connect directly to a router for making and receiving IP calls. A standard phone can also function as a VoIP telephone when used with an analog-to-digital converter called an ATA, or analog telephone adaptor. Another option is to bypass the phone entirely and simply use a VoIP-capable computer to make and receive IP calls.

    VoIP service provider

    volatile memory

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    The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model defines a networking framework to implement protocols in seven layers. Use this handy guide to compare. Read More

    Dedicated Server Hosting #web #hosting #south #africa, #best #web #hosting #provider, #linux, #php, #mysql, #dedicated


    Dedicated Hosting


    Rock-solid Dedicated Hosting

    It may seem old-fashioned, but sometimes you do need a box with stuff inside it – preferably very powerful and awesome stuff. Afrihost has grown its reputation on rock-solid dedicated hosting, and our experienced team can build and deploy a server, with the very best cutting edge components, like no-one else. Our network engineers monitor and maintain your server’s hardware, ensuring the component failure is kept to an absolute minimum and is prevented or pre-empted wherever possible.


    Why You Will Love Our Dedicated Hosting

    All The Awesome Advantages You Get With Our Packages!

    Nulla pulvinar tempor nunc. Phasellus et facilisis nibh. Morbi luctus egestas mattis. Nulla non nulla eget eros adipiscing commodo nec a neque. In at mauris commodo, elementum urna in, euismod metus. Sed at nisl lorem. Fusce ut nibh porta, dictum lacus et, mattis lectus. Vivamus turpis tortor, semper nec lorem ut lorema sollicitudin congue diam. Vivamus urna felis, bibendum in ligula vitae, vivamus urna felis, bibendum in ligula vitae, consequat vehiculoa. consequat vehiculoa.

    Integer id vehicula purus. Nulla pulvinar tempor nunc. Phasellus et facilisis nibh. Morbi luctus egestas mattis. Nulla non nulla eget eros adipiscing commodo nec a neque. In at mauris commodo, elementum urna in, euismod metus. Sed at nisl lorem.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    You have 60 days from signup to get DOUBLE your money back if you are not completely happy with our products and outstanding client service.

    Reliable Infrastructure

    Your servers will be securely hosted at state-of-the-art data centres. These facilities provide redundant power, fire suppression and excellent physical security.

    Managed Hardware

    Afrihost uses the latest rack-mount servers with Xeon processors and ample RAM depending on your requirements. Afrihost will ensure that the hardware is maintained and will be responsible for any hardware issues.

    Industry Leading Service

    Our friendly, competent support staff is available 24/7. You never have to worry about someone being available to assist you should you need it.

    Locally Hosted

    Our servers are hosted locally, which means that you and your customers will get the fastest connection to your website. We also offer international hosting.

    Fast and Reliable Network

    Your servers will be hosted at the hub of South Africa’s online community, with redundant links to international audiences.

    Managed Services

    If you choose the management option, Afrihost will manage the physical environment, network, hardware and operating systems, leaving you to concentrate on your applications and data.

    Cost R950 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 2 TB CPU 3.2GHz Quad-Core Xeon RAM 8 GB DDR3 1333MHz Hard Drives 2x 1 TB
    Enterprise RAID Level RAID 1 FREE Backups (FTP) 10 GB Data Transfer Overage 59c per GB All Features View » R950 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Cost R1150 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 3 TB CPU 3.2GHz Quad-Core Xeon RAM 12 GB DDR3 1333MHz Hard Drives 2x 1 TB
    Enterprise RAID Level RAID 1 FREE Backups (FTP) 20 GB Data Transfer Overage 59c per GB All Features View » R1150 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Cost R1450 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 4 TB CPU 3.2GHz Quad-Core Xeon RAM 16 GB DDR3 1333MHz Hard Drives 2x 1 TB
    Enterprise RAID Level RAID 1 FREE Backups (FTP) 50 GB Data Transfer Overage 59c per GB All Features View » R1450 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Cost R2850 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 8 TB CPU 3.2GHz Quad-Core Xeon RAM 16 GB DDR3 1333MHz Hard Drives 3x 1 TB
    Enterprise RAID Level RAID 5 FREE Backups (FTP) 100 GB Data Transfer Overage 59c per GB All Features View » R2850 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Dedicated Hosting Packages

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting #vps,virtual #private #server,kvm,virtuozzo,plesk,cpanel,linux,windows,virtualization,hosting,cloud #hosting,cloud #vps,vps #hosting


    Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

    Virtual Private Server hosting is designed to give a much greater level of control over your server compared with shared hosting. CloudSigma offers the cloud computing equivalent of VPS hosting in the form of its unique cloud servers that don’t share software resources at all.

    Claim your 7-day free trial. No credit card required.


    Choose high performance cloud servers and leave traditional Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and dedicated server hosting in the past. Traditional VPS hosting slices up larger dedicated physical servers and shares them between users. VPS providers use technologies such as Virtuozzo to isolate multiple users on the same physical server from each another whilst running a single shared instance of the operating system. By contrast, our next generation KVM technology enables every user to run their own isolated copy of the operating system they choose, providing an open choice of operating systems, deeper configurability, higher performance, stronger isolation and better security guarantees.

    With our unique cloud server hosting you keep the best aspects of virtual private server hosting and combine them with the many advantages of cloud computing. Choose between both Linux cloud hosting and Windows cloud hosting. Hosting resellers can use leading packages such as Plesk and CPanel to build scalable hosting solutions.

    Claim your 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

    FTP Site Hosting – Easy, Affordable, Professional #secure #ftp #site #hosting


    • 5 Min Site Activation 24/7 365 Days Per Year
    • Web-based Site Administrator – Online User Administrator, create your own users and more 24/7
    • Web-based access to your FTP site – free web-based FTP client
    • Web-based, real time FTP usage reports – powerfull reporting tool shows downloads, uploads, & deletes
    • Simple, pay only for what you use, pricing
  • NEW Email notification when a user uploads or downloads a file. Our robust system allows you to select which of your users will receive an email notification when a particular user uploads or downloads a file. You can even edit what the email will say and who it will be from.
    • Encrypted ( SSL ) uploads and downloads at no additional costs. To use SSL encryption, the FTP client software you use must support it ( Voyager and Cute FTP do ). We have an option to require your users to use SSL encryption. Our free online FTP client always uses SSL encryption.
    • Each user gets his own user id and password
    • Users logon directly to their subdirectory. They only ‘see’ their files.
    • Servers are firewall protected to protect your files
    • Servers are located in a restricted access locked facility
    • Unlimited Users
    • No pre-set space limitations or transfer allocation
    • Cost effective – only pay for what you use each month
    • Free Online ( no installation needed ) FTP client for you and your users
    • High-end state-of-the-art server facility – 99.9% up-time
    • 24/7 support phone line
    • Printable invoices and receipts available online

    Supported Features

    • Encrypted Transfers supported ( SSL )
    • Option to require user to transfer encrypted
    • Resume inturrupted file transfers
    • Option to auto-delete users on a specified date
    • Your users only ‘see’ their folder/files
    • You specify whether a user has upload, download, or delete rights
    • XCRC command support to verify downloaded file matches file on server

    Copyright 2001-2008 Northstar Data Systems All rights reserved.

    About Hoover Professional Web Design – Memphis Olive Branch #about #hoover #web #design, #web #design, #website #design, #webpage #design, #web #page #design, #webhosting, #e-commerce, #professional #web #designer, #intranet #and #extranet, #corporate #presentations, #internet #consulting, #web #designer, #internet #advertising, #home #page #design, #homepage #design, #web #construction, #web #page #construction, #web #marketing, #web #advertising, #webpage #advertising, #web #page #advertising, #web #page #hosting, #webpage #hosting, #web #site #hosting, #website #hosting, #home #page #hosting, #web #consultants, #web #presence #provider, #website #packages, #ecommerce, #e-commerce #packages, #sell #products, #internet #presence, #corporate #identification


    About Hoover Web Design

    Hoover Web Design offers a wide array of services such as professional web site design, web site maintenance, web hosting, web page templates, custom graphic design, Macromedia Flash and other small business services such as logo and banner design. The owner, Gina Hoover has diverse business experience in web site development and project management.

    Hoover Web Design strives to create professional web sites that will effectively promote our clients products or services to their target audience. We listen to our clients and develop a custom made web site that will enhance your overall corporate image. Unlike your standard newspaper or phone book ad, a web site can contain an unlimited amount of information at a fraction of the price, and is accessible by millions world wide. Any aspect of your site can be updated monthly, weekly, or even daily, to have current information for your readers. This information can be accessed with a click of a button from around the entire globe, 24 hours a day. Statistics show that there are over 300 million people on the Internet today. Those numbers speak for themselves.

    Hoover Web Design’s professional web designers offer services such as Professional Web Site Design. Ecommerce. Web Hosting. Web Templates. Flash Photo Galleries. Flash Music Players. Flash Intros. Graphic Design, Logo Design, Banner Design, Search Engine Submission. Guest Books, Message Boards, and Feedback Forms. Our main focus is to help small business owners to develop a unique Internet presence. For some this means setting up an informational website to establish a name for your company on the Internet and for others it means setting up an ecommerce website and selling your products or services online. We have the skills, abilities, tools, determination, and creativity required to help you meet or exceed your web site development goals. Request a free web site design quote today.

    For the do-it-yourself client, we also offer professional personal and business web site templates. We have 1200+ professional web site templates in categories such as small business website templates (ecommerce, restaurant, florist, photography, legal, real estate, daycare, patriotic, general business templates, etc.), personal web site templates (family templates, holidays, sports, high tech, celebrations, retro, portal, aliens, etc.), and wedding web site templates. Our web page templates can be easily edited with Dreamweaver. Front Page. or any web page editor. We have several free web templates that you can download to get an idea of how easy it is to use Hoover Web Templates.

    For your convenience we have many web design and development related articles in our Knowledgebase that explain why your business needs a web site and a Web Design FAQ for those contemplating having their first web site designed. We want to make your web design experience pleasant, easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

    Be sure to check out our professional web design portfolio. It showcases recent websites done for our clients. We are able to design just about any type of website that you would like. We specialize in fast loading pages, and eye-catching designs that will generate sales for your product or service. No visit to our website is complete without viewing the praise received from our customers about the excellent service that they have received.

    Using the Internet, Hoover Web Design can provide website design services to clients in virtually any location including the following:

    Serving Memphis and Northern Mississippi — Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Lakeland, Cordova, Collierville, Arlington, Munford, Atoka, Millington, Shelby County, Desoto County, Tate County, Marshall County, Southaven, Horn Lake, Byhalia, Olive Branch, Hernando, Nesbit, Senatobia, Coldwater, and Walls.

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Contact us for a free web design quote.

    Managed Dedicated Server Hosting – Managed VPS #dedicated #managed #hosting


    Managed Hosting Solutions

    Why Choose Liquid Web?

    If your website fuels your business success, you choose Liquid Web. For over 17 years, we ve been the leader in Managed hosting. Our broad technology portfolio, industry leading performance and incredible customer service, make us, without question, the most loved hosting company in the industry. Our owned infrastructure is purpose-built to power mission-critical websites and applications. Our people are empowered to go above and beyond to deliver the best experience in hosting. We think you deserve it!

    Help like you have never had before. 24x7x365.

    We re the employees you would hire if you could. Responsive, helpful, and dedicated in ways automation simply can t be. When problems arise, you don t worry about a thing. Work with one of our 250+ highly trained, Windows and Linux Certified technicians quickly and on your first contact. And you can interact with us any way you choose. by phone, chat or ticket! It s hosting with a human touch.


    Second Initial
    Response Guarantee

    We Own Our Data Centers and That Makes All the Difference.

    Unlike other providers, we own our three private Data Centers. That allows us to design, build and maintain a highly reliable and secure environment. We think that s table stakes when you are hosting mission-critical websites, applications and platforms. Liquid Web customers have peace of mind that we re always on and on-site at our owned data centers, which means if there is a problem, we can fix it fast. No handoffs and no finger pointing. Count on us and the industry s best guarantee 100% uptime or we ll credit you 10X.

    Exclusive Liquid Web Services

    Our powerful set of managed web hosting services has been designed and developed to specifically fit your needs. With everything from our proactive, 24×7 Sonar Monitoring to a robust selection of database hosting options, you can be confident Liquid Web has the expertise to manage any hosting configuration.

    Featured Clients

    Vps ssd hosting #vps #ssd #hosting


    Reliable Extremely FastGreenCloudVPS is a versatile solution for all your needs

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Webmoney.

    Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes! We want you to be completely satisfied with our service, so we encourage you to try us out. If GreenCloudVPS doesn’t meet your needs, simply contact us within 7 days of your first service for a full refund. Please note that no refunds are provided when a TOS breach has occurred. Due to the nature of our industry, we do not offer refunds for dedicated servers and proxies once delivered.

    How long does VPS provisioning take?

    Your VPS will be provisioned within 1 hour, but in some cases please allow up to 24 hours. Please ensure your billing information is accurate otherwise provisioning may be delayed by our anti-fraud systems. If you do not receive an email after payment, please check your spam/junk folder. You can also find a copy of any email we have sent you in your WHMCS Client Area.

    Which operating systems can I run on my server?

    We offer various types of Operating System, from Windows to Linux. Feel free to open ticket if you need an OS template that is not listed.

    Follow us on Twitter

    The service is reliable, lightning fast, and surprisingly affordable. Of course, the best aspect of all is that I can customize the Green Cloud VPS to work perfectly with an array of bots and SEO tools. My SEO strategy has never been more effective and I owe a great deal to Green Cloud VPS and their amazing service. If you are tired of manually climbing Google’s ladder, it is time to invest in a VPS from Green Cloud and run your own SEO tools! Do it now and your website or websites will flourish rapidly!

    I’m with Green cloud for 3 months and they are rocking. I have a problem with their NL server i reported and they transferred me to France (FR) server in 2 days and I’m very happy with their service. I’m buying one more low end VPS from them next week.

    Just purchased and I got a free upgrade to E3-1230. I have been spending about 2x the price for similar specs and they were not even that great .I did not even wait for the other accounts to expire to hop on to GreenCloudVPS. BECAUSE THIS IS THE SHIT. OP is on Skype all the time for almost instant support. Love the price. Love the value for money. Hopefully this lasts!

    We’ve tried many different providers in the past, but these guys have VPS’s and Dedi’s so powerful that will make your head spin. They have the most outstanding prices on the internet for these servers, and they build links like there is no tomorrow. This is a tremendous value coupled with staggering speed and power. Highly Recommended!

    Ronald Gage Serlists

    GreenCloudVPS is a worldwide leader of Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server services. From our datacenters in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Vietnam and France, we power thousands of VPS and Dedicated Servers and support customers from over 130 countries around the world. We cater for individuals, users, small and medium businesses as well as larger enterprises with our range of services and plans.

    Copyright 2013 – 2017 GreenCloudVPS. All Rights Reserved.

    Secure File Sharing & File Analysis #secure #file #sharing, #enterprise #file #sharing, #on-prem #file #management, #ftp #hosting


    Cloud File Sharing
    & FTP Hosting

    The secure file management tool used by businesses worldwide. Simple file sharing for users with compliance controls for IT. The enlightened file sharing platform — for a smarter, more productive way to work.

    On-Premise File
    Management Suite

    A content-aware platform that fingerprints files for visibility and governance. Categorize information, automate policy rules and force secure file sharing enterprise-wide. Discover the new wave in file tracing technology.

    Organizations with thousands of users trust SmartFile for secure file sharing.

    The Secure
    File Management Solution

    SmartFile is the secure file management solution that provides a barrier between you and the modern-day threats that occur with unauthorized file sharing. Built on secure FTP, SmartFile’s cloud allows employees to send, receive and store files of any size from anywhere, on any device, with its branded, web-based portal.

    Businesses regain control over file sharing with granular permission settings as well as audit logs and activity monitoring. SmartFile’s business cloud is the perfect blend of simplicity for users and access controls for IT.

    The True File Management Suite

    Companies must take on auditors, risk managers and compliance officers with absolute confidence when it comes to their file security. FileHub is a document control and cloud access security broker (CASB) combining file sharing tools with governance tools to safeguard sensitive documents and files.

    File fingerprinting technology tracks and traces files throughout their lifecycle, while a data visualization dashboard helps companies monitor and interpret behaviors that may lead to a data breach. The FileHub suite tells the story of your files, so you can spend less time monitoring and more time being proactive about your file security.

    Secure File Sharing
    FTP Hosting

    On-Premise File Sharing Governance Tool







    © 2017 SmartFile. All rights reserved.

    Pick Your Product

    Not Sure? Give us a call, +1 877-336-3453

    Access your files from anywhere, on any browser, or any FTP client. An easy-to-use web interface with security for business.

    FileHub TM On-prem

    Secure file management behind your firewall. Layer SmartFile on top of existing storage or host your own private environment.

    Garrys Mod, Minecraft, MTA, SA-MP Hosting & much more at Evolution Host #hosting #a #game #server

    Game Server Hosting

    Evolution Host Game Server clients benefit from.

    Instant Setup

    All of our game servers without exception are instantly setup. This means that you and your players can spend more time enjoying your new game server and less time waiting around. As soon as your payment is received, our systems immediately begin installing your gameserver. The details of your account will also be sent to you immediately.

    With our fully automated game server installation, the ordering experience will always be consistent and error free. Bringing your gameservers to you at an incredible speed with maximum reliability. Never wait for your game server again.

    Dual SSD’s

    Evolution Host game servers come equipped with Dual SSD’s in RAID 10 with an additional off-site backup solution. Meaning your data on the SSD is backed up and secured while the server’s I/O performance is further increased. The game server SSD’s boast an outstanding average read/write speed of 800.00 MB/sec. A HDD simply cannot compete with these speeds. Equipping an Evolution Host SSD with your game server ensures your server starts/restarts quicker than ever before. You will also observe a massive increase in the responsiveness of your MySQL queries. Sluggish HDD’s are a thing of the past. Give your game server the power it needs with an Evolution Host SSD.

    DDoS Protection

    Evolution Host understand the importance of keeping your server online. Distributed denial of service attacks are becoming an increasingly common occurrence. It is no longer a case of if, but WHEN, you will be subjected to an attack.

    Why take the risk? Evolution Host can shield your game server from these attacks for just 4.99. Equipped with OVH Game DDoS Protection along with purpose built solutions which were developed in-house to protect against a wide variety of attacks including exploits which aim to overload kworker/ksoftirqd and irqbalance processes.

    MySQL Databases

    As standard with all Evolution Host game servers, we offer a free MySQL database and the option to have up to a total of 5 databases with your gameserver. We understand the importance of easily accessible, fast access data storage for your game server. In performance critical situations such as player authentication, the access delay associated with storing vast amounts of information in file form are simply inefficient. This is why Evolution Host ensure that your gameserver is bundled with a locally hosted MySQL database for optimal efficiency. Your community deserves the best, give them just that with a free MySQL Database for your gameserver.

    Gigabit Port

    At Evolution Host, ensuring the quality of the client experience is an absolute priority. This is why we have taken every measure possible to ensure that your hosted game server benefits from an extremely low latency and super-charged transfer rates. All Evolution Host game servers also have unlimited data transfer quotas. Feel the full power of your game server with Evolution Host’s Gbps port.

    This means that map transfer times will be greatly reduced and backups can be taken frequently with minimal waiting time. Feel free to join one of our Demo servers to sample the network quality.

    Multiple Game Servers

    Evolution Host has brought you a wide variety of gameservers to choose from. The cheapest cost possible has been applied to each gameserver. The list of our supported gameservers include SA-MP. Minecraft. Rust. Counter Strike 1.6. Counter Strike Source. Insurgency. Left 4 Dead 2. Team Fortress 2. Half Life 2:DM. Day Of Defeat: Source. Garry’s Mod and Multi Theft Auto. Each one of these gameservers have been carefully installed for the most user friendly experience possible to our clients.

    You can manage and monitor all of your gameservers from one control panel with ease. Effortlessly check how many players are in each of your gameservers from one screen. Evolution Host is the best place for multi server management. Whichever gameserver or gameservers you choose, we’ve got you covered.

    Server Expansion

    As your community grows, we give you the tools to expand as needed. When your server needs more player slots, you can resize your hosted game server as needed using the control panel. This allows you to make any necessary changes without the need to contact customer support.

    Meet your quickly growing community’s needs with ease. Upgrading your player slots takes just a few seconds.

    Control Panel

    The Evolution Host control panel has been built from the ground up to deliver the best server management experience possible. As well as providing you with the essential server start and stop functions, our control panel allows you to view the live console output of the game server in real time and even send console commands. Configuring a game server has never been easier. The settings area allows you to change essential settings such as the hostname and default map (if applicable) that your server uses. As well as FTP access, we also provide a file browser within the control panel to simplify and enhance the game server management process. Manage multiple game servers with one click. Sub accounts allow your Admins/Developers to help out while keeping your account security intact. Stay ahead of the competition with an Evolution Host game server.

    Customer Support

    Evolution Host customer support is second to none. We take great pride in delivering the best support experience possible. You can contact us at any time via live support or the contact page. We generally reply to all E-Mails within 10 minutes. Feel free to contact us if you have any pre-sales queries or techincal questions, we’ll be happy to help.

    The quality of your experience is very important to us.

    Types of Website Hosting – Understanding Hosting Options for Your Website #website #hosting, #free #web #hosting, #free #web #page, #virtual #private #server, #virtual #private #servers, #web #hosting, #free #website, #free #webspace, #web #server, #make #website, #create #website, #dedicated #hosting, #make #websites, #dedicated #host

    Reliable, Free Web Hosting

    Types of Website Hosting

    If you’re interested in creating an online presence for yourself or your business, the best way to do it is to build a website. Websites are, most basically, collections of files, so each one requires a place to store its files and a way to make those files accessible to other people connected to the internet. A web server, through web hosting, performs these critical functions. While every site needs hosting, there are a number of different ways that website hosting can be done. Which type of hosting will work best for your site depends on its size and complexity, as well as the resources and technical expertise at your disposal. To help you figure out the best hosting match for you, we’ll take you through some of the most popular website hosting options below.

    Shared Website Hosting

    Shared hosting, also called virtual hosting, is the hosting of multiple websites on the same web server. With shared hosting, a web hosting company provides the user storage space and makes the website’s files accessible to others via the internet. The web host also maintains the server and provides technical support for it. For those who are not technically inclined or who do not have access to their own technical support staff, having a web host to manage these matters can make shared hosting can make a great fit.

    Perhaps the greatest advantage of shared hosting is that its efficient use of resources means that it costs much less than most other types of website hosting. Shared web hosting also means that users can benefit from the expertise of the web hosting company providing the servers; a web hosting company like Freeservers that specializes in shared hosting has the experience and resources to provide exceptional reliability and technical support for your site. The specialized resources of a shared hosting company are well positioned to keep your site running properly and serving quickly at all times.

    While shared hosting is an appropriate choice for many users, it’s not right for everyone. Those with extensive technical know-how who want complete control over their servers and websites are better served by another hosting option. Additionally, if your site is large and extremely active, you may need more server resources than shared hosting provides.

    Dedicated Website Hosting

    With dedicated web hosting, there is a web server devoted entirely to your site. You may purchase your own server or pay for access to a server owned by someone else. If you own your own server and have it stored in someone else’s facility, you are using what is known as colocation hosting. In any type of dedicated hosting, because the server is exclusively dedicated to your site, you will have full control over its use and administration. This allows you to manage all aspects of your site. If your intent is to create a large site for a company with plenty of technical and financial resources, dedicated hosting might be right for you. If your site will demand a lot of server space and bandwidth, too, you may need a dedicated server to host it.

    For individuals and small or midsized companies, however, there are a number of aspects of dedicated hosting that make it a less desirable option. Setting up or leasing and maintaining your own web server requires a great deal of technical expertise as well as a significant financial investment. Because the web server you use will determine whether your site is reliably online and available to visitors, you need to be certain that your server is stable, reliable, well maintained, and able to handle heavy visitor traffic; maintaining this level of performance is not always easy.

    Virtual Private Server Website Hosting

    This type of hosting is something of a cross between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Virtual private server hosting involves a dedicated server being shared by multiple users. The users share the resources of the server, but the server space is strictly divided into allocated percentages so that each user’s percentage of the server is dedicated only to that user’s website. This hosting arrangement gives a user some of the control of a dedicated server without the large-scale investment in a server that may have more space than necessary. Virtual private server hosting does provide limited resources, however, and even if your site experiences a temporary traffic spike or another unusual demand, there will not be extra resources flexibly available to meet the need. The somewhat complicated arrangements of virtual private server hosting can also be a drawback to this hosting option, as service providers can create confusing service agreements that include unexpected limitations for their users.

    Shared Website Hosting with Freeservers

    Now that you’ve learned about your hosting options, perhaps you’ve decided that shared hosting is right for your website. When you’re ready to create your shared hosting account, start by comparing the web hosting packages Freeservers offers. We provide a variety of packages, from free web hosting to feature-rich business hosting packages, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. With Freeservers, you’ll receive top-notch hosting services and loads of useful features, all with the exceptional reliability, stability, and customer support that you need to make your website a success.

    Reseller Hosting #reseller #hosting #whm


    Reseller Hosting

    Fast & Reliable Reseller Hosting

    Our reseller hosting is the fastest around. From the most powerful servers to the quickest customer support, we are all about speed. We setup your reseller hosting plan within minutes of you signing up.

    Start your own Reseller Business

    We provide you with all the tools you need to start your own web hosting business with cPanel, WebHostManager, Blesta/WHMCS, a free Merchant Account and SSL certificate.

    Application ready: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more

    Install any web application in minutes

    Including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, phpBB and more. Our Softaculous 1-click installer installs each application in under a minute. Softaculous is included with each plan you create so our Reseller Hosting is ideal for building a network of blogs or CMS powered websites.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Happy reseller customers are our bread and butter. We go above and beyond what our competitors offer and deliver to give you a happier, more pleasurable reseller hosting experience. In the very unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our hosting services, we offer a full 45 day money back guarantee.

    Our support never sleeps

    Other web hosts take holidays. We don’t. Our Customer Service and System Admin network works 24/7, 365 days a year without respite. When you need help, we’re here for you through our Live Support system, our friendly helpdesk or if you prefer to speak to us, via the phone.

    Use Reseller Hosting for your own needs

    You don’t have to resell our reseller hosting. Our true multi-domain platform is also ideal for webmasters / site owners with multiple websites who wish to host all of their sites for a single monthly fee.

    The Buzz Difference

    We’re the Hosting Experts

    We’ve been offering hosting for more than 12 years.

    We’re very good at what we do and our experience means the service you receive and enjoy is second-to-none.

    Choose a hosting company with a highly recommended brand and a proven track record. Choose WebHostingBuzz.

    Grow your business with us

    We provide powerful website and SEO tools including Attracta and other automatic SEO tools available through cPanel.

    We’re also partnered with CloudFlare giving you additional security features and quick access to a CDN and CodeGuard, the best website backups around.

    Bringing it all together

    We integrate fully with Gmail, Apps and Analytics.

    We’ve developed our own in-house Google Apps connector so you can enjoy all of Google’s office tools with your website.

    Stuck with your old web host?

    Not any longer. We ll transfer your account for free.

    We’ll migrate all of your files, databases, email addresses and website settings quickly and easily. Don’t let an unreliable web host slow you down on your journey to success!

    We’re developer friendly

    We support the language you speak (and code in!)

    We have full PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl, CGI, SSH, SSI, HTML5 and JavaScript support.

    Selected Hosting Plans also feature selectable PHP versions and extended PHP plugins.

    Green web hosting

    We love the environment!

    And we take our environmental commitment extremely seriously. Our long-term sponsorship and partnership with The Woodland Trust means all the hosting services we offer are completely carbon neutral.

    Don’t take our word for it.

    Here are a selection of outstanding Trustpilot reviews from our clients.

    “I have used almost every kind of server from shared hosting to bare metal servers from various vendors. Webhostingbuzz is very reliable, scalable and affordable too. So far I haven t faced any downtime, its 100% uptime.”

    Trust Pilot Rating: 5/5

    “Extremely knowlagable, profesional and offer support which is second to none (10/10). I must say, they re as equally reliable, friendly and consistant. I trust WHB knowing my business is in good hands. All the best!”

    Trust Pilot Rating: 5/5

    Hosting You Trust

    “Thank you for superb hosting for Design You Trust and Happy Birthday! We love you.”

    Trust Pilot Rating: 5/5

    The best hosting around

    “I have been with WebHostingBuzz for close to 8 years now. I am very happy with service. I ve had shared hosting and now I have VPS hosting, It can t be beat! Uptime is incredible never notice it down, In fact, my Teamspeak server has been up for 200 days (last time I had rebooted the [ ]”

    Trust Pilot Rating: 5/5

    Love WebHostingBuzz s Dedicated Servers

    “My websites regularly encounter high traffic so needed a robust server solution that provided dedicated resources to handle this Step in WebHostingBuzz! I was moving from a shared hosting environment and not very technical, but support helped me through the process of getting my server setup and moving my websites across, at no extra charge! [ ]”

    Trust Pilot Rating: 5/5

    Our reviews are 100% genuine and written by real customers.

    SEO – Web Designer in Jacksonville and Orange Park #seo, #orange #park, #web,hosting, #web #design,hosting, #photography, #magicangel,design,ecommerce #design, #x-cart


    Responsive Websites — eCommerce Web Design — Results Not Rankings

    What do our clients and community think?

    I am an independent professional, and Marv (MagicAngel) host my website. But he does so much more! As you can see I think Marv is amazing. If you are a small business owner, there is no one I would recommend more than Marv. Not only does Marv keep my website humming along, but he always pulls through in an emergency no matter the day or time.
    Marla Cummins, ADHD Coach and Productivity Consultant

    It’s not everyday that you find a peer in your industry willing to share their knowledge. Marv Conn’s extensive knowledge of Linux security of has been an invaluable asset to Web Propulsion’s growth in the web hosting industry.
    Allen Kent, Web Designer Host has been hosting my retail website, as well as my WordPress blog, for nearly 6 1/2 years, now. Having been through three hosts prior to finding, I recognize a good host when I find one! I’m so fortunate that was recommended to me by another web-expert business contact, who was impressed with Marv’s knowledge and skills.
    Alisa Saville Lybb, Entrepreneur

    The most important aspect of hosting with Magic angel is the level of service. Magic Angel offers quick response time with a personalized level of service that can not be matched. Their help and support have been indispensable to the deployment of our pages.
    Chris Cline, IMG

    When it comes to having a professional and knowledgeable web host and designer, I don’t think it possible to get any better than Marv! He is highly recommended!
    Randy Martin, REALTOR

    I need to thank you tremendously. Ever since we implemented the new website, I am getting TONS of email requests to quote/shop insurance. Like I truly can’t believe it. I have received no less than 5 emails per week in the past month. This is incredible. I truly appreciate your help.
    Dennis Mizrahi, Mizrahi and Garris Insurance Agency

    Ready to bring some Magic to your website?

    Newtek Business Services Corp #newtek, #newtek #business #services, #the #small #business #authority, #small #business #services, #sba #loans, #small #business #loans, #credit #card #processing, #merchant #processing, #online #payroll #services, #managed #technology, #web #hosting


    Investor Relations

    Corporate Profile

    Newtek is a direct distributor to the small- to medium-sized business market under the Newtek TM brand. Our mission is to become the premier provider of quality business and financial services to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the U.S. Newtek focuses on providing over 90,000 business accounts with access to financial, management and technological resources that enable them to better grow and compete in today s marketplace. Newtek s products and services include:

    • Electronic Payment Processing: Credit card, debit card, check conversion, and ACH solutions
    • Web Hosting: Full service web host including domain registration and online shopping cart tools
    • Business Lending: Business loans to start up, acquire, or expand a business
    • Insurance Services: Nationwide commercial, health and benefits, and personal lines of insurance
    • Outsourced Digital Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping and recordkeeping
    • Accounts Receivable Financing: Receivable purchasing and financing services
    • Web Design and Development: Customized web design and development services
    • Payroll: Payroll management processing and employee tax filing

    Small Business
    Loans Get the capital needed to help grow your business, advertise, build inventory or pay expenses. Quick approval process!

    Services Save time, money and eliminate liability for calculation errors or mis-payment. Manage Payroll easily online with just a few clicks. Free 60-Day Test Drive!

    Processing Accepting Electronic Payments made simple. Reduce your cost with extremely competitive rates and cutting edge processing technology.

    Services Web services for small to medium size businesses. Save 60% or more on your current I.T. costs with the Newtek Cloud.

    The Newtek
    Advantage Our FREE application that delivers real time powerful business intelligence to your mobile device.

    In the Media

    Company Information: NEWT

    Newtek is a brand of Newtek Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ: NEWT). Newtek Business Services has been in business for over thirteen years, servicing over 100,000 business accounts in all 50 states.

    The Small Business Authority brand has been established to provide real-time state-of-the-art content and business services in order to become the definitive destination for small business owners across the United States.


    The Small Business Authority is a registered trade mark of Newtek Business Services Corp. and neither are a part of or endorsed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

    Dedicated SQL Server Hosting with SSD, Hosted SQL Server 2014, Dedicated Server Hosting #dedicated #sql #server, #dedicated #sql #hosting, #hosted #ms #sql #server


    Dedicated SQL Server Hosting Specialist

    • Quad-Core Xeon X3440
    • 16GB Memory
    • 2x120GB SSD with RAID 1 + 300GB SATA
    • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Free Windows Server 2016
    • Free SQL Server 2016
    • SmarterBundle ($800 Value)
    • Free WebsitePanel Control Panel
    • $79.00/month
    • Quad-Core Xeon X5570
    • 24GB Memory
    • 2x240GB SSD with RAID 1 + 500GB SATA
    • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Free Windows Server 2016
    • Free SQL Server 2016
    • SmarterBundle ($800 Value)
    • Free WebsitePanel Control Panel
    • $149.00/month
    • Quad-Core E3-1230v2
    • 32GB Memory
    • 2x480GB SSD with RAID 1 + 1TB SATA
    • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Free Windows Server 2016
    • Free SQL Server 2016
    • SmarterBundle ($800 Value)
    • Free WebsitePanel Control Panel
    • $225.00/month

    Why Choose Our Dedicated SQL Server Hosting Services?

    • Hosted SQL Hosting Specialist
    • Multi-Homed Ultra Fast Network In Dallas, Texas USA
    • Dedicated SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000 Hosting
    • Dedicated Windows Server 2012 Hosting
    • 24x7x365 Live Chat and Email Support
    • Free KVM Over IP and Remote Reboot
    • SSAE 16 SOC-1 Type II Compliant Data Centers
    • Enterprise SQL Server Mirroring Hosting
    • Free Shared Email Hosting
    • Free Shared DNS Service
    • SmarterBundle ($800 Value) at No Additional Cost
    • Free SolidCP Control Panel Install
    • Remote Data Center Backup
    • 99.99% Up Time Guarantee

    Client Ratings and Reviews

    Hosting Center

    Magento Hosting Reviews: Best Magento Web Hosting #magento #hosting #reviews, #magento #web #hosting #reviews, #best #magento #hosting, #best #magento #web #hosting

    Magento Hosting Reviews

    A2 Hosting Customer Reviews

    Each of the reviews that are shown on our site have been verified by ReviewInc. That means you know each web hosting review is from an actual A2 Hosting customer without being filtered or reformatted by us. As you can see, we refuse to hide feedback. Keeping an open line of communication with ALL of our customers is extremely important. It gives us the ability to use that feedback to continually improve upon our service. Even with that being the case, A2 Hosting has been rated 5/5 on average by over 8000+ customers.

    Want to read more reviews by our customers for our other services? Just click the button below.

    The Best Of The Industry

    Our goal isn t to win awards. Our goal is to offer the best web host solutions that are both blazing fast and ultra-reliable. Even so, we re still extremely proud of our team s accomplishments! Since our launch in 2003, their hard work has helped us earn recognition and accolades as the top hosting provider in the industry.

    Best Magento Hosting

    Searching through our Magento Hosting Reviews, it s clear that we re the best Magento Web Hosting option. That s because our solutions focus on what you care about most; performance. You know just as well as us that page load speed impacts everything including bounce rates, SEO rankings, visitor satisfaction levels and most importantly your conversion rate.

    How do we increase the speed of your site? It starts with our A2 Optimized setup. That means your Magento install comes pre-configured with the best speed and security settings. Your site will also be hosted on our fine tuned SwiftServer platform. You even get the option to host on our Turbo Servers featuring up to 20X faster page loads compared to other Magento Web Hosting providers.

    If you have any questions after reading our Magento Hosting Reviews trying to decide which of our packages is the best Magento Hosting option for you, just ask our 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support team. They ll be happy to help and can tell you all about our features including our ultra-reliable servers and 99.9% Uptime Commitment. Try our Magento Web Hosting now completely risk free with our Anytime Money Back Guarantee!

    ODTUG: ODTUG Webinars #oracle #web #hosting



    Did you miss a webinar? As an ODTUG member, you can view all of our past webinars at any time. Just log in and you will see the link for the recorded list. Not a member? Join now for $99!

    Our webinar calendar is constantly evolving! Check back frequently, as more webinars will be added to the schedule.

    Thursday, June 1, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    Can an EPM Application Really Save a Company at Least 500 Man-hours Per Day? Yes. It Can!
    Tim Tow, Applied OLAP

    Join this live webcast to learn how a large customer is using the unique capabilities of the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System to save at least 500 man-hours every day.
    This webinar will include an introduction and brief live demo of Dodeca, followed by a case study discussion of how this customer was able to dramatically increase productivity.

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    Data Modeling, BI Modeling and/or Data Blending. What Should I Do?
    Hasso Schaap, Qualogy

    Oracle now provides many options to create relationships and other structure within data and between data sets. But when having all the options it is important to understand the differences between all these types of modeling and choose the right tool to do your modeling.

    This session will explain the different types of modeling and modeling tools, compare (dis-) advantages and guide you to choose the right modeling tool for the right modeling job. We will also share how we leveraged all types of modeling and blending to create maximum value for our customers.

    We will finally present a collaborative BI workflow that puts a lot of Oracle modeling tools in one overview. Tools we will be mentioning are Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle BI Cloud Data Modeler, BI Admin Tool and Data Preparation, and the Blending features of modern Oracle Data Visualization.

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
    Top Line to Transactions in a Click: Real-time Analytics and Reporting for Oracle Applications Without the Data Warehouse
    Mike Nader, Matthew Halliday, and Raj Lalchandani, Incorta

    While Oracle Applications are excellent for data collection, for analytics and reporting it s a different story and one where the cards are stacked against you. Not only does it require complex ETL and data modeling, but the solutions are not adaptable to the dynamic requirements of the user community. To further complicate matters, multiple administrators per product and price tags in excess of $1 million for implementation and maintenance are commonplace.

    Join a panel of Oracle analytics experts as they share a case study based on a radically simplified approach recently employed at a Top Ten US University. You ll learn:

    • The top 5 pitfalls when deploying analytics for Oracle Applications.
    • How Incorta reduces the delivery of new analytic applications from months to days and empowers business users to freely explore data using their favorite tools.
    • How you can drill from top line to transactions in a few clicks.
    • An innovative approach to analysis and reporting of complex, relational data that does not require the time and cost to reshape enterprise data with ETL.

    In addition to the panel discussion, this session also provides a live demonstration of a modern data and analytics platform.

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    From Zero to a Full OBIEE Model in 60 Minutes
    Gianni Ceresa, DATAlysis

    OBIEE has the reputation to be that old style BI platform, managed by IT and taking months to deliver every single project. This reputation is unfair, OBIEE can be great for prototyping and it is fast to setup a model.
    In this session we start with an empty setup and end up, 60 minutes later, with a full RPD using relational sources and a federation with an Essbase cube. LIVE! All will be done in real time while telling you about each step. Isn’t that fast and agile? And it’s OBIEE!
    If you are new to OBIEE or already using it but a bit reluctant about “online editing” this is definitely for you.

    Tuesday, August 1, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    Keeping up with the Jones : The Upgrade Process to OBIEE 12 c
    Linda Zheng, Lower Colorado River Authority and Michelle Kolbe, Red Pill Analytics

    It s true that the upgrade process from OBIEE 11g to 12c is more simple than previous upgrades. However, it s not all roses as we learned in the process of upgrading a large OBIEE environment at LCRA. We ll walk through the steps to upgrade to OBIEE 12c from 11g. We ll discuss using some of the new features of 12c including Baseline Validation Tool to check for differences in environments, import service instance and the BI migration tool. Most importantly, we ll talk about all of the lessons learned from experiences with this 12c upgrade.

    Wednesday, September 13, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    Managing Hybrid Oracle Environments
    Jonathan Berry, Accelatis

    Whether you have Oracle Hyperion deployed in the cloud, on premise or you’re taking a hybrid approach with both, this webinar is for you! Join Accelatis as we dive into our Cloud offering for Oracle Hyperion On Premise and Cloud environments. We ll detail how to simplify management of both environments from a single location. Want better information on your systems and better system performance? We ll help you coordinate internal and external teams more efficiently. No matter where you are deployed, ensure your deadlines are met and disruptions are minimal with Accelatis in the cloud.

    Dedicated Hosting and Colocation in Orlando, FL #colo #hosting


    Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

    Get a free consultation today!

    Dedicated Servers Hosting

    Take a load off your mind by entrusting us with your dedicated server needs! Get the speed, convenience, and peace of mind you deserve by utilizing Atlantic.Net for your hosting needs. Servicing high traffic websites is our specialty. We own and operate a network backed by redundant high-speed connections to the Internet backbone. Our system automatically selects the fastest route to transport data and redirects traffic to alternative carriers if a provider goes down. We create custom Dedicated Hosting packages for clients who demand dizzying data transfer speeds and optimum server performance without the hassle of machine maintenance. For nearly 20 years, Atlantic.Net has helped thousands of organizations with industry-leading Dedicated Server solutions and we can do the same for you as well!

    Dedicated 1

    32GB of RAM (Up to 64GB)

    Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5

    8 Threads (or 4 Cores)

    2x 480GB SSD 6Gbps

    Dedicated 2

    64GB RAM (Up to 2TB)

    Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4

    16 Threads (or 8 Cores)

    Hardware RAID Card, CacheVault

    Dedicated 3

    128GB RAM (Up to 2TB)

    2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4

    32 Threads (or 16 Cores)

    2x 480GB SSDs for Cache

    4x 6TB HDD for Storage

    Hardware RAID Card, CacheCade Pro 2.0, CacheVault

    Atlantic.Net provides Dedicated Server Hosting features that help you focus on your core business. Following are some of the key features:

    • 100% Network Uptime SLA with Money Back Guarantee
    • Hardware Replacement SLA with Money Back Guarantee
    • Choice of Linux or Windows Dedicated Server Operating Systems

    Click here to see our service level agreement.

    Dedicated Hosting Features

    24/7 Support

    Blazing Fast SSDs

    High Availability Infrastructure

    Remote Reboot Control

    Redundant Storage

    Optional Daily Backup

    Guaranteed Resources

    Web-Based Graphs

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Additional IP Address

    SOC 2 Compliant

    Root Access

    Guaranteed Infrastructure

    Whether you choose Public, Private, Dedicated or Virtualization Hosting, we have the best dedicated hosting with world class infrastructure and 100% up-time guarantee.

    • Guaranteed Resources
    • SOC 2 Certified Data Centers
    • RAID 10 – 100% Solid-State Drives (SSD)
    • Fully Redundant Power and Networking
    • Global Regions for Redundancy and Low Latency
    • Tier 1 Multi-homed (Redundant) Bandwidth Providers
    • RESTful API (Application Programming Interface)

    Hosting in Multiple Data Centers

    Cloud Server Hosting #cloud #hosting, #cloud #server, #south #africa, #dedicated, #linux, #php, #afrihost


    Cloud Server Hosting

    Why You Will Love Our Cloud Server Hosting

    All The Awesome Advantages You Get With Our Packages!

    Nulla pulvinar tempor nunc. Phasellus et facilisis nibh. Morbi luctus egestas mattis. Nulla non nulla eget eros adipiscing commodo nec a neque. In at mauris commodo, elementum urna in, euismod metus. Sed at nisl lorem. Fusce ut nibh porta, dictum lacus et, mattis lectus. Vivamus turpis tortor, semper nec lorem ut lorema sollicitudin congue diam. Vivamus urna felis, bibendum in ligula vitae, vivamus urna felis, bibendum in ligula vitae, consequat vehiculoa. consequat vehiculoa.

    Integer id vehicula purus. Nulla pulvinar tempor nunc. Phasellus et facilisis nibh. Morbi luctus egestas mattis. Nulla non nulla eget eros adipiscing commodo nec a neque. In at mauris commodo, elementum urna in, euismod metus. Sed at nisl lorem.

    Scalability and Speed

    Thanks to the scalability of our cloud solutions, all we have to do is flip a switch to allocate you more processing power, RAM and storage. It’s like having your own server farm – without the admin.

    Top Notch Hardware

    On our cloud hosting systems we have the latest hardware, with massive amounts of RAM, multiple lightning-fast processors and Network Attached Storage. If the server fails, you can be up and running again in minutes thanks to SAN.

    Locally Hosted

    Our servers are hosted locally, which means that you and your customers will get the fastest connection to your website. We also offer international hosting.

    Reliable Infrastructure

    Your server is securely hosted at state-of-the-art data centres. These facilities provide redundant power, fire suppression and excellent physical security.

    No Contracts. No Catch.

    We don’t lock you into any long term agreement. If you change your mind about us, you can simply cancel at the end of the month.

    Fast and Reliable Network

    Your servers will be hosted at the hub of South Africa’s online community, with redundant links to international audiences.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    You have 60 days from signup to get DOUBLE your money back if you are not completely happy with our products and outstanding client service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Industry Leading Service

    Our friendly, competent support staff is available 24/7. You never have to worry about someone being available to assist you should you need it.

    Cost R290 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 500 GB HDD Size 100 GB Storage Type SAN CPU 1 vCPUs RAM 2 GB 1 Data transfer overage 59c per GB All Features View » R290 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Cost R490 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 600 GB HDD Size 200 GB Storage Type SAN CPU 2 vCPUs RAM 4 GB 1 Data transfer overage 59c per GB All Features View » R490 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Cost R590 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 750 GB HDD Size 300 GB Storage Type SAN CPU 3 vCPUs RAM 6 GB 1 Data transfer overage 59c per GB All Features View » R590 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Cost R790 PM (Incl. VAT) Web Traffic 1 TB HDD Size 500 GB Storage Type SAN CPU 4 vCPUs RAM 8 GB 1 Data transfer overage 59c per GB All Features View » R790 PM (Incl. VAT) Sign up Now!

    Cloud Server Hosting Packages

  • Net2ftp – a web based FTP client #net2ftp, #web, #ftp, #based, #web-based, #xftp, #client, #php, #ssl, #password, #server, #free, #gnu, #gpl, #gnu/gpl, #net, #net #to #ftp, #netftp, #connect, #user, #gui, #interface, #web2ftp, #edit, #editor, #online, #code, #php, #upload, #download, #copy, #move, #delete, #zip, #tar, #unzip, #untar, #recursive, #rename, #chmod, #syntax, #highlighting, #host, #hosting, #isp, #webserver, #plan, #bandwidth


    Once you are logged in, you will be able to:

    Navigate the FTP server

    Once you have logged in, you can browse from directory to directory and see all the subdirectories and files.

    There are 3 different ways to upload files: the standard upload form, the upload-and-unzip functionality, and the Java Applet.

    Navigate the FTP server

    Once you have logged in, you can browse from directory to directory and see all the subdirectories and files.

    Click on a filename to quickly download one file.
    Select multiple files and click on Download; the selected files will be downloaded in a zip archive.

    and save the zip archive on the FTP server, or email it to someone.

    Different formats are supported. zip. tar. tgz and .gz.

    Choose from a list of popular applications (PHP required).

    Copy, move and delete

    Directories are handled recursively, meaning that their content (subdirectories and files) will also be copied, moved or deleted.

    Copy or move to a 2nd FTP server

    Handy to import files to your FTP server, or to export files from your FTP server to another FTP server.

    Rename and chmod

    Chmod handles directories recursively.

    View code with syntax highlighting

    PHP functions are linked to the documentation on

    Plain text editor

    Edit text right from your browser; every time you save the changes the new file is transferred to the FTP server.

    Edit HTML a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) form; there are 2 different editors to choose from.

    Edit HTML and PHP in an editor with syntax highlighting.

    Search for words or phrases

    Filter out files based on the filename, last modification time and filesize.

    Calculate the size of directories and files.

    HIPAA Hosting (HIPAA Compliant Hosting) #hipaa #compliant #email #hosting


    HIPAA Compliant Hosting

    Fully Managed Cloud Solutions for Healthcare

    Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With new technologies and services being launched daily, organizations need a HIPAA cloud hosting provider they can trust to provide uncompromising security and performance while ensuring they are HIPAA compliant.

    At VM Racks, HIPAA compliant hosting solutions are our specialty. We answer all of your HIPAA compliant hosting questions and provide you with the necessary documentation and service level agreements you need to prove that your organization is HIPAA Cloud Compliant.

    HIPAA Compliant Hosting requires that patient information, or PHI, be kept in an encrypted state, whether at rest or in transit. In order to conform with these regulations, VM Racks offers HIPAA hosting (HIPAA compliant hosting) with Managed Services.

    As a managed services provider, VM Racks presents a defined set of information services to our clients and helps determine which services meet their business goals. Managed services improve operations and reduces expenses on the client side. Our managed services include the security required to protect your PHI data and ensures that you meet HIPAA Compliance requirements. Supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems and hosted in a state-of-the-art data center, VM Racks can help you with all of your HIPAA hosting needs.

    Entry Level HIPAA Compliant Hosting

    $ 299

    per month
    24-month term

    Linux Startup

    $ 399

    per month
    24-month term

    Windows Startup

    Medium Large Enterprise HIPAA Hosting

    It s important to us to design and build the cloud hosting environment that fits the needs of your business. Contact us for a Quick Quote today

    True HIPAA Compliance

    Only VM Racks guarantees that all of our solutions meet HIPAA Compliance Guidelines.

    HIPAA compliant cloud hosting requires that patient information (PHI) be kept in utmost confidence and protected from inadvertently falling into the wrong hands or being exposed. In order to conform with these regulations, VM Racks offers True HIPAA Compliance, an easy way to ensure that you are always compliant.

    Our Certifications

    HITECH Omnibus Compliant

  • 3rd Party Audited

  • SOC 1, SOC 2. SOC 3

  • GSA IT Schedule 70

  • Web Hosting business for sale #buy #hosting #company

    Over the past 2 yrs we have drastically trimmed down our operations and sold a big chunk of our hosted customers. We are now selling our remaining web hosting business, along with the last shared hosting customers.

    We are not closing down our data center as we still host our businesses and private clients, we are only selling the shared hosting customers along with it’s infrastructure.

    I am selling this business because I have been involved in other business ventures. I therefore feel I do not have enough time to devote to shared web hosting any more.

    We are not looking to sell a few accounts at a time. We are looking for one serious buyer who will buy all the client accounts resulting to little or no down-time for the customers. Preferably, the customers should continue to access all their services as usual including billing information. The fine details of this transition will be discussed with the successful buyer.

    The following will be important in this transition:

      1. They are hosted on 3 servers, and Each server runs WHM/CPanel. Each server is a minimum P4 2.4, with mirrored hard drives. Backups are stored on a separate server. Hosted clients share one separate mail server
      2. Billing is processed via Modernbill Version 4.0.2 Build 8.1 EZ . licensed to We have an unlimited license with developer license, meaning we have the source code for the software (not encrypted binary). It is highly customized for our use and extremely stable. An upgrade for this version is NOT recomended, unless you choose to buy your own license and move all the clients to a new billing system.

      All account creation is automated upon successful order. Domain registration is also done via Modernbill, but we have set it to be done manually after billing confirmation.

      Client information is also available on a tab-delimited text file if you prefer a different billing software

      At least 95% of the clients pay by credit card

    1. We register domains for most of our customers. We have a $7.95 enom reseller account, and will push the domains to your account. We charge $15/yr for domain registration/renewal, so this will be an extra profit stream depending on how much you pay for your domains.
    2. Support is done via help desk (perldesk). This is an unlimited old version of perldesk.
    3. Live support is offered via phpLive! We have a full unlimited license (with full source code).
    4. Each server comes with Fantastico with fully automated updates
    5. All customers have access to 2 site builders (see demo here )
    • Zen Site Builder – Unlimited License for each server, meaning each server will have as many site builder accounts as the number of accounts on the server. Web site publishing is fully automated. This is a fully brandable site builder. Resellers can also brand their site builder for their customers.
    • Akmin Site Builder from Site Galore. This is housed on a separate server and can be included as part of the sale. Web site publishing is fully automated

    New customers – We have run very limited marketing campaigns in the last 2 years.

  • The domain
  • The domain
  • 166 shared accounts along with 196 domains. These accounts and yearly income will be disclosed after you fax in an NDA
  • The servers on which they are hosted along with CPanel/WHM, fantastico and sitezen (i.e. all the the hosting software installed on the servers)
  • The server hosting the site builder along with Akmin Site Builder
  • The server hosting, along with perldesk/customer care/flash tutorials. etc, modernbill and phplive licenses, and entire web site.
  • The $7.95 enom account can be included with this sale
  • The offer will only be considered for an established company capable of delivering quality hosting and support for my clients. The successful company must be able to demonstrate this ability for the offer to be considered. The highest bid will not necessarily be accepted.

    Payment details and transfer details will be discussed with the successful buyer.