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Health Insurance

What is ‘Health Insurance’

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly. It is often included in employer benefit packages as a means of enticing quality employees. The cost of health insurance premiums is deductible to the payer. and benefits received are tax-free.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Health Insurance’

Managed care insurance plans require policy holders to receive care from a network of designated health care providers for the highest level of coverage. If patients seek care outside the network, they must pay a higher percentage of the cost. In some cases, the insurance company may even refuse payment outright for services obtained out of network. Many managed care plans require patients to choose a primary care physician who oversees the patient’s care and makes recommendations about treatment. Insurance companies may also deny coverage for services that were obtained without preauthorization. In addition, insurers may refuse payment for name brand drugs if a generic version or comparable medication is available at a lower cost.

Insurance plans with higher out-of-pocket costs generally have smaller monthly premiums than plans with low deductibles. When shopping for plans, individuals must weigh the benefits of lower monthly costs against the potential risk of large out-of-pocket expenses in the case of a major illness or accident. Health insurance has many cousins, such as disability insurance. critical (catastrophic) illness insurance and long-term care (LTC) insurance.

Affordable Care Act

In 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. It prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions. and allows children to remain on their parents’ insurance plan until they reach the age of 26. In participating states, the act also expanded Medicaid. a government program that provides medical care for individuals with very low incomes. In addition to these changes, the ACA established the federal Healthcare Marketplace. The marketplace helps individuals and businesses shop for quality insurance plans at affordable rates. Low-income individuals who sign up for insurance through the marketplace may qualify for subsidies to help bring down costs.

Americans are required to carry medical insurance that meets federally designated minimum standards or face a tax penalty. In certain cases, taxpayers may qualify for an exemption from the penalty if they were unable to obtain insurance due to financial hardship or other situations. Two public health insurance plans, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, target older individuals and children, respectively. Medicare also serves people with certain disabilities. The program is available to anyone age 65 or older. The CHIP plan has income limits and covers babies and children up to the age of 18.

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  • Data Quality
    Data quality matters. It is the foundation of any population health program. CCDs are not enough – only direct connections to EHRs ensure the highest quality data.
  • Experience
    Legacy matters. Our roots are based on 20 years of deep understanding of EHR data and how to use it to drive real success in ambulatory networks.
  • Results
    Results matter. Too often, the latest technology is sold as a cure-all to the challenges we face in healthcare.
  • User Experience
    Adoption matters. Our platform is built on a modern technology stack, with an obsessive focus on the user experience.
  • Quality Improvement
    Improve on 200+ standard quality and contract measures with intuitive dashboards.
  • Cost and Utilization Management
    Explore macro cost trends and drill down to specific providers, patients, and events.
  • Patient Management
    Identify care gap opportunities across custom patient cohorts with clinical decision support.
  • Patient Outreach
    Trigger automated messages to a single patient or to an entire custom cohort via phone, email, or SMS.
  • Care Management
    Document care manager notes, task follow-ups, and push notes bidirectionally back to the EHR.
  • Clinically Enhanced Risk Adjustment
    Use EHR data to improve HCC measurement and risk adjustment.
  • Contract Management Dashboards
    Give executives a tablet and mobile friendly overview of contract measures and reconciliations.
  • GPRO Compliance Submission
    Automate data capture and submission for GPRO, PQRS, and commercial programs.


    Connect to 30+ EHRs, claims systems, and ADT feeds. Build a high-quality, accessible data asset. Work against 300+ standard measures or build your own. View elegant analysis through our web portal or a tablet.

    MSO Services

    Technology is only useful if you use it. Our team has helped providers under full risk run for 20+ years with coaching, contract negotiation, care management, and all the other things that make an ACO work.

    EHR Data Aggregation and Advanced Analytics

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology #pre-med, #medicine, #biomedical, #medical, #health, #healthcare, #research, #internship, #study #abroad, #abroad, #exercise, #exercise #physiology, #cardiopulmonary, #pathophysiology, #physiology, #anatomy, #anatomical, #neuroscience, #neuroanatomy, #neurophysiology, #neurobiology, #muscle #biology, #muscle #physiology, #human #physiology, #human #anatomy, #biomedical #science, #nutrition, #cellular #and #molecular, #physiology, #cytoskeletal #biology, #cytoskeletal #signaling, #protein-protein #interactions, #apoptosis, #cognition, #neural #information #processing, #neurodegenerative #disease, #cardiovascular #disease, #muscular #dystrophy, #helen #barbas, #jason #bohland, #sweta #girgenrath, #susan #kandarian, #kathleen #morgan, #judith #schotland


    Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology

    Program Director:

    Want a head start on medical school? Our BS in Human Physiology program has the premedical courses already built in. With its focus on human biology and additional coursework in anatomy and physiology, it s an excellent alternative to a traditional biology degree for anyone seeking a career in medicine. Graduates who go on to medical school find their extra knowledge of anatomy and physiology gives them a big advantage from the start. The program is also ideal for other health care professions, from dentistry to biotechnology.

    Want practical experience? You ll have a wealth of opportunities. Many Health Sciences faculty members hold joint appointments with the BU School of Medicine, Colleges of Arts Sciences, or College of Engineering. So, our students have access not only to our own research and clinical education centers. but also to other research programs in highly specialized areas.

    Want to learn by doing and not just watching? You will during your senior year internship or practicum, a semester-long placement at a site of your choice. Our approach is active, involving, and more like a graduate-level clinical program. We also have an array of volunteer opportunities available throughout the Boston area.

    Why choose Human Physiology over more traditional majors like biology? With its focus on the study of human function, a major in Human Physiology is an alternative to the traditional biology degree, expanding on the basic premedical requirements with additional classes such as gross human anatomy, exercise physiology, neuroanatomy neurophysiology, and cardiopulmonary pathophysiology. Rich resources are available to our students for their required senior year clinical internship, and breadth of academic preparation is insured by elective distribution requirements in the humanities and social sciences.

    Want depth as well as breadth? Besides getting a broad science and health background, you ll learn to analyze specific functions of the human body in a variety of research and clinical settings. During your junior and senior years, you ll take advanced courses—exercise physiology, gross anatomy, and neuroscience, to name a few. Concentrate in specific areas with popular electives like muscle biology and neural systems. And round out your education with other electives from the social sciences, humanities, and any other BU departments you like.

    Combined BS/MS in Human Physiology Program

    After completing two years of undergraduate study, students can apply for our accelerated Bachelor of Science/Master of Human Physiology (4+1) program. By earning both degrees in five years of full-time study, you can get an early start on a career in research and a great foundation for doctoral-level studies.

    The MS in Human Physiology allows you to design a curriculum based on your own academic background, professional experience, and career objectives. Working with a faculty advisor, you ll select the course of study that s right for you with virtually unlimited options for research and specialized study.

    Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Makes a Difference #artificial #intelligence,ai #in #healthcare,machine #learning,healthcare #it #solutions,machine #learning #healthcare,artificial #intelligence #in #medicine,healthcare,healthcare #solutions


    Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

    Using artificial intelligence to make a real difference

    The increasing pressure to produce timely and accurate documentation demands a new generation of tools that complement patient care rather than compete with it. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Nuance solutions build on over three decades of clinical expertise to slash documentation time by up to 45 percent—while improving quality by 36 percent.

    Speech recognition

    For decades, Nuance has been a pioneer in speech recognition technology. And today, powered by advances in the cloud and cognitive computing, Nuance speech solutions push for unprecedented accuracy through breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Recently recognized by Forbes as one of 10 hot artificial intelligence technologies, our speech recognition capability builds a profile based on just a few seconds of speech from the user. It even adapts over time to account for the user having a cold, using a different microphone or moving from one environment to the next. The result: fewer errors, more responsive performance, higher quality and unmatched confidence.

    Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation

    Give your care teams the benefit of capturing all the necessary patient information and documentation details—right at the point of care. Nuance’s next-generation Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time clinical documentation improvement (CDI) guidance within their natural workflow. This cloud-based solution ensures consistent recommendations and drives everything from appropriate reimbursement to compliance with regulatory requirements to improved quality outcomes—all while reducing distracting retrospective queries.

    Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement

    To help Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDS) accurately capture the severity and acuity of patients, Nuance’s Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) solution uses artificial intelligence to analyze clinical information and immediately uncover opportunities to further clarify documentation. This assistive technology with real-time clinical guidance improves productivity, freeing CDSs to use their knowledge and skills to focus on more complex cases, review additional cases and expand payer coverage.

    Cloud-based speech platform for organizations of all sizes

    From the first word, this cloud-based speech platform uses machine learning and Deep Neural Networks to capture the patient story from clinicians directly within the EHR from anywhere—with no need for on-site servers or storage. Its ease of use is why 97% of clinicians recommend Dragon Medical One to a friend.

    This fully scalable solution was designed with virtualization in mind and supports acute and ambulatory IT infrastructures with one-click deployment. Nuance-hosted administration tools manage user voice profiles, automate updates and provide a robust set of analytics and insights to ensure you are maximizing your investment.

    Dragon Medical Advisor

    Real-time feedback to ensure note quality and completeness

    This Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) application is a seamless extension of your existing Dragon Medical One workflow, using algorithms to learn distinctive patterns, and facts and evidence to ask physicians the right question at the right time.

    Once enabled, Dragon Medical Advisor analyzes notes in real time and suggests ways to make narratives stronger and more specific—for a more accurate reflection of patient conditions, diseases and resources used. It even prompts for patient safety indicators and increases diagnostic specificity to support accurate coding and outpatient risk-adjusted payment models. Use it to justify medical necessity decisions, accelerate billing, support better patient care and improve ICD-10 coding compliance and quality.

    CAPD embedded in the EHR

    Real-time CAPD directly within the EHR

    Value-based care demands that physicians document details, complications and comorbidities to capture the true severity and acuity of each patient. To help address gaps in clinical information immediately, embedded Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) analyzes all notes from a patient encounter and offers real-time clinical guidance to ensure the documentation is more reflective of each patient’s condition.

    By improving communication between caregivers earlier in the patient’s stay, CAPD can impact treatment decisions and care—ultimately driving better quality outcomes, reporting and appropriate reimbursement. CAPD is optimized to work with your clinicians’ preferred EHR workflows, like Cerner Document Quality Review (DQR) and Epic NoteReader CDI .

    Fact Extraction embedded in the EHR

    Rich, complete, structured data from physician narratives

    Convert physician narratives to discrete, actionable and accurate information for real-time decision-making. Embedded Fact Extraction adds codifiable data—problems, procedures, medications, allergies, vitals and social history—to the patient chart to support regulatory, compliance and quality reporting initiatives. Embedded Fact Extraction is integrated into solutions like Epic NoteReader and MEDITECH NLP Fact Finder .


    Automated advisor for your CDS teams

    Nuance Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) reads and analyzes all patient documents and EHR data in real time—scanning narrative documents for evidence of documentation improvement opportunities like clinical indicators, risk factors and treatment regimens. Using AI, the solution automates the most frequently used and highest value clinical strategies from Nuance’s 750+ proven clinical strategies. When evidence for a clarification is met, a clarification is generated and presented to Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDS) directly in their workflow for further review and consideration. All evidence is clearly highlighted and available to CDSs to review before they send the clarification on to the physician. This assistive technology helps CDSs organize and prioritize their workflow as well as expand their case coverage and productivity.

    PowerScribe 360 Quality Guidance

    Real-time quality guidance assistance for radiologists

    With evidence-based clinical guidelines at the point of documentation, radiologists save valuable time searching for information to complete reports. In fact, real-time access to clinical guidelines improves radiology compliance from 45% to 95%. Powered by Clinical Language Understanding, PowerScribe 360 Quality Guidance from Nuance provides more consistent follow-up recommendations, helps reduce risk and improves patient outcomes. Integrated access to the ACR’s Recommendations for Incidental Findings and other societies are at the radiologist’s fingertips.

    In their own words: What customers are saying

    We took a look at the bigger picture of voice recognition technologies and discovered how evidence-based guidelines and new therapies are exploding in this space, and we found that only Nuance is on the leading edge of this trend toward higher-order voice recognition solutions.

    Brian Lancaster, Executive Director of Information Management

    As much as fracking has revolutionized and disrupted the petroleum industry by unlocking untapped resources, CAPD, NLP, AI and machine learning will do the same with medical data.

    Dr. John S. Lee, MD, CMIO

    We have to return the physicians, the providers to the job of providing care. The technology should serve that. There are many ways where the physician could be augmented by computer technology, robotic technology and virtual technology. That should enhance the experience for the doctor and the patient.

    Dr. David Ting, Associate Medical Director/Information Systems

    Massachusetts General Hospital

    We had a good CDI program, but Nuance CAPD has made our program even better.

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    BS Health Care Management Specialization Bachelor of Science in Business

    Capella’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management degree combines the business and health care policy skills and knowledge you need to be an effective leader in health care environments. Through case studies, readings, and discussions, you’ll learn to consider quality of care in decision making with the goal of improving patient care and overall outcomes. Quality assurance and risk management are also woven throughout the curriculum, with consideration given to state and federal policies that govern health care quality.

    This program opens doors to becoming a supervisor or manager in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care centers, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance and managed care companies, and more.

    Flexible: Capella’s online learning model lets you design your course schedule to fit around your life, whereas FlexPath allows you to learn at a pace dictated entirely by you. Is a master’s degree your end goal? Complete master’s-level credit as you earn your bachelor’s degree, with Capella’s combined options.

    Credible: Our academic offerings are professionally aligned and many are accredited. Furthermore, our collaboration with TheWall Street Journal offer business students full digital access to, allowing you to enhance your academic experience and boost your business knowledge.

    Gain knowledge and skills to influence organizational strategy, improve patient and systems outcomes, and drive change. A Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration can build expertise in quality improvement processes, financial management, human resource development, operational effectiveness, and strategic planning.

    Capella and The Wall Street Journal: A collaboration that works for you

    Capella University has teamed with The Wall Street Journal to offer business students full digital access to the most timely, relevant business news, enhancing your academic experience and giving you a competitive edge in your career.

    The annual Capella Business Leader Award. sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, helps inspire our students to reach their potential. Each year, three eligible business students are recognized as business leaders and given the opportunity to visit Wall Street, the epicenter of U.S. business. The 2017 Capella Business Leader Award marks the third annual opportunity. Applications will open May 1, 2017, with a submission deadline of June 12, 2017.

    Save Thousands on Your Master’s with a Combined Degree Option

    With Capella’s Combined Bachelor’s-to-Master’s degree options, you can start building for your future by completing Master’s-level credit as you earn your Bachelor’s degree. Combined degree options are designated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, with a set of shared Master’s-level courses applied to both degrees. This enables you to save significant time and money.

    While earning your Bachelor’s, consider pursuing your MBA in Health Care Management at the same time.

    Degree Outcomes

    With your Bachelor’s in Health Care Management from Capella, you’ll build foundational business skills in management, marketing, human resources, communication, and finance. You’ll also learn to integrate political, economic and consumer-driven forces to deliver quality, consumer-driven health care services. Discover specifically what you’ll learn — and how you can apply it.

    View full learning and career outcomes report for this program at

    People with Bachelor’s degrees in Business from Capella earn an average of $36,000more per year than high school graduates.

    Top Paying Healthcare Jobs of the Future #best #paying #jobs #in #healthcare


    Top Paying Healthcare Jobs of the Future

    Earn your MHA online from the George Washington University. Experienced health care professionals looking to advance into executive roles can now earn their MHA online from the world-renowned Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University. Study with top faculty, gain invaluable skills and network with health leaders. Learn more.

    The online Master of Public Health (MPH) program from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University helps students succeed in advancing the health of population locally and globally. Request Information.

    Health care jobs continue to be a strong growth sector in the American economy, with a strong increase in demand for many types of health care-related professionals continuing for the foreseeable future.

    This is true for clinical-related positions, but also is the case for many management and and administration-related jobs in health care as well. Eleven of the highest paying, most in demand health care jobs in the coming years include these:

    #1 Chief Nursing Officer

    This role also can be called Director of Nursing. You are responsible for the management of an entire nursing department, and is generally regarded as the highest-paying nursing career. You will probably need to have a Master of Science in Nursing, or a Master of Health Administration. Average salary: $173,000.

    #2 Hospital CEO

    A hospital CEO is responsible for the entire management and operation of a hospital. In most cases, he or she will report to a board of directors, and is responsible for ensuring that the hospital is run in the most cost-effective manner possible. Average salary: $135,000:

    #3 Health Care Actuary

    You will work for an insurance company or a self-insured medical group. You are responsible for the evaluation and the minimization of financial risks to your organization. The work focuses on the determination of proper pricing for insurance plans by properly analyzing external risk factors. Average salary: $114,000:

    #4 Health Informatics Manager

    You will be responsible for the collection, handling and processing of clinical information for all types of purposes. You will need to handle patient information, billion information, and various types of information that ensure medical quality. Through the use of the latest data analysis techniques, you will be able to make informed decisions about how to best organize all types of medical, patient and financial data in your organization. Average salary: $93,000:

    #5 Pharmaceutical Project Manager

    A manager of pharmaceutical projects is responsible for ensuring the complete financial and administrative management of the project is done in as efficient a manner as possible. Average salary: $93,000:

    #6 Hospital Administrator

    This is one of the fastest growing types of medical and health service managers in the country. As a hospital administrator, you will manage and direct the medical services for your hospital, department or clinical organization. Hospital administrators work to boost the efficiency and quality in delivering all types of health care services in their organization. You also may provide supervision of assistant administrators in a hospital that is big enough to need them. Average salary: $82,000:

    #7 Health Care Consultant

    You are responsible for coming into a healthcare facility and to identify key issues that are preventing the efficient financial operation of the health care organization. You might design software or products that can lead to higher satisfaction for patients. Or, you may come up with a new system that can cut down on billing times, and increase financial efficiency in the organization. Average salary: $76,000:

    #8 Wellness Director

    Typically, you will work in a large health care network that has many facilities that support health and wellness. The director manages the efficiency of health and wellness programs, which leads to higher worker productivity, less use of health insurance, and lower costs for the organization. Average salary: $65,000:

    #9 Medical Practice Manager

    You will be responsible for the personnel, bookkeeping and all front desk functions in a medical practice. Typically, you will report to the director of the practice and will lead the staff on all necessary initiatives in the office. You are in charge of both the financial and the regulatory management of the practice. Average salary: $60,000:

    The above positions indicate that you can earn an excellent salary in health care, and not necessarily work in a clinical setting.

    Reliance Jio plans – 14 data centres for high-speed cloud services #data #centres, #reliance #jio, #ftth, #jio #cloud, #lte, #wi-fi, #voice #over #lte, #healthcare


    Reliance Jio plans 14 data centres for high-speed cloud services

    Firm seeks to create a cloud-computing infrastructure that can take advantage of its planned 4G services

    The data centres will enable the company to offer its planned services like direct-to-home (DTH) television with a bouquet of almost 2,000 channels to choose from.

    Latest News

    Mumbai: R eliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. the telecom unit of Mukesh Ambani s Reliance Industries Ltd ( RIL ), is setting up 14 data centres across India to create a cloud-computing infrastructure that can take advantage of, and complement, its long-delayed roll-out of fourth generation, or 4G, telecom services, finally expected this year.

    The cloud-based services, three company executives familiar with the plan said, will span healthcare, education and entertainment, and build synergies with the home shopping and content businesses of Network18 Media Investments Ltd. in which RIL is acquiring a majority stake.

    It will also tap Reliance Retail Ltd s proposed e-commerce venture and projects of Reliance Foundation, RIL s philanthropic arm.

    The data centres planned by Reliance Jio will cover a total space of 700,000 sq. ft, or 50,000 sq.ft each almost three-fourths the size of a standard football ground, said one of the three executives, all of whom asked not to be named.

    Two of the 14 data centres are being set up in Reliance Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai; another two at Mauda near Nagpur; four in Jamnagar, Gujarat; and two in the national capital region (NCR) centred on New Delhi. The locations of the four remaining centres aren t known.

    These data centres will enable the company to offer its planned services like direct-to-home (DTH) television with a bouquet of almost 2,000 channels to choose from, video-on-demand, mailing and messaging services and voice over Internet telephony (VoIP) , the executive cited in the first instance said.

    Locating the data centres in India offers another advantage it will bring under Indian jurisdiction data that has until now been the preserve of global servers, less than 7% of which are located in India.

    Google Inc.. Microsoft Corp. and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are estimated to host a million-odd servers each in their data centres. A large data centre typically houses 50,000 to 100,000 servers.

    If you re hosted in the country, companies that host their data on your servers (in the local data centre) get a sense of control over the data. Besides, the government, too, gets a level of comfort since it can have access to the data if needed (ostensibly for security reasons), said a telecom analyst who did not want to be named.

    At the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) Techfest in January, Reliance Jio demonstrated its 4G capabilities including wireless machines that measure blood pressure and record data on the cloud so it can be accessed remotely, and mobile phone-based urine analysis.

    Among the company s entertainment services was one called Catch-up TV, using which one can watch TV shows that are seven days old via an Android-enabled set-top box.

    The company also demonstrated a Jio Drive service that can be used to store videos, documents and pictures and allows easy sharing.

    The data centres, the executive explained, will feed into the national-level fibre optic network, which is currently being laid by the company, and pass through state highways, major cities and rural areas, within which, we will have a concentric circle service system (CSS) connecting an intra-city wired fibre optic connection that will finally lead to the fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) line .

    The CSS ring will be supported by hundreds of monopoles unlike the regular rooftop mounted telecom towers typically used by telecom service providers, he added.

    Monopoles, or ground-based masts (GBMs), will double up as street lights and surveillance systems, and provide real time monitoring of traffic and advertising opportunities, he added.

    The GBMs will use an innovative battery back-up system and mobile battery charging system instead of diesel generator sets, which will help the company reduce capex (capital expenditure) and opex (operating expenditure) since they will not require any cooling unit nor manpower to guard them, the first person said. Additionally, we will mount solar panels on the mast surface to charge the batteries, he added.

    The second executive said typically these telecom towers are easier to install and faster to replicate and require only four square metres of area with the entire electronics built inside the mast of the tower.

    The first person said that apart from offering services to its retail customers, Reliance Jio will also offer to host data such as police records, income tax data and data related to the unique identification (Aadhaar) cards of individuals for the government.

    This depends on whether the government agrees to this for a fee. Currently, talks with various government bodies are on, he said.

    Reliance Jio has pan-India 20MHz broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum in the 2,300MHz frequency band in 22 telecom circles and 5-7MHz spectrum in the 1,800 MHz band in 14 circles which it plans to use for offering high-speed 4G services. A detailed questionnaire sent to RIL on 30 May, but there has not been any response as of press time on Wednesday.

    Typically telecom companies have anywhere between two and four data centres, providing for a main site as well as back-up and disaster recovery, located in different places, said Mohammad Chowdhury. telecom industry leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). If a service provider wishes to offer cloud-based or hosted or managed services to its customer base, then it might significantly need more capacity, he added.

    Vodafone India Ltd has one data centre in Pune and one in Bangalore. Bharti Airtel Ltd. India s biggest telecom service provider, has outsourced the data centre activity to a third party.

    Reliance Jio said it will launch its high-speed data services across the country using a blend of several technologies, including two rival 4G high-speed wireless technologies, as well as other network options like FTTx (fibre to the location) and Wi-Fi hotspots.

    The second executive also pointed out that on the devices front , Reliance Jio will offer a smartcard-type of device that will create a hot spot to enable any device (with a wi-fi port) to use its 4G services.

    Reliance Jio does face its share of challenges in terms of return on investment and capturing market share. According to an April report by CLSA, Reliance Jio has invested $6 billion (about Rs. 36,000 crore) in the telecom business till date. The company, according to industry analysts, is expected to spend $8-9 billion in total.

    For one, the commercial launch of the project, launched in 2010, has been inordinately delayed. It was in 2010 that RIL acquired a 95% stake in Infotel Broadband Services Ltd. the only company to win BWA spectrum across the country in an auction the same year.

    Reliance s investment in the telecom business will generate very poor returns, given that it acquired 2.3 GHz (gigahertz) spectrum in May 2010 for $2.1 billion and then spent a meaningful amount of money on trials and preparations for the commercial launch, apart from interest payment on debt, said a 24 March note by analysts at Kotak Institutional Equities.

    According to a 29 April report by brokerage firm CLSA Ltd, the three biggest challenges for Reliance Jio are addressing the reach and penetration shortcomings of the 2300MHz band (higher frequency requires more towers and is less efficient than lower frequency bands); enticing customers to move from the existing operators and upgrade to 4G by making devices affordable; and becoming relevant for a larger segment of Indian customers who may be slow in migrating to 4G .

    Overcoming those challenges may not be easy.

    Shauvik Ghosh in New Delhi contributed to this story.

    First Published: Wed, Jun 11 2014. 11 43 PM IST

    22 Accredited Healthcare Administration Schools in Illinois #colleges #that #offer #healthcare #administration #degrees


    Find Your Degree

    Healthcare Administration Schools In Illinois

    Healthcare Administration classes faculty can choose to work at one of 22 accredited healthcare administration schools in Illinois. The trends in Illinois’ healthcare administration academic community can be evaluated by looking at the statistics and graphs below. Academia in healthcare administration includes healthcare administration training at the following levels:

    • Healthcare Administration Certificate
    • Bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration
    • Masters degree in Healthcare Administration


    Arrange By

    2500 Carlyle Ave, Belleville, Illinois 62221-5899

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    55 E Jackson, Chicago, Illinois 60604

    132 U.S. News National University Ranking

    3333 Green Bay Road, North Chicago, Illinois 60064

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    5700 College Rd, Lisle, Illinois 60532-0900

    n/a U.S. News National University Ranking

    225 N. Michigan Ave, Ste 1300, Chicago, Illinois 60601

    n/a U.S. News National University Ranking

    One University Parkway, Romeoville, Illinois 60446-2200

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    300 Keokuk St, Lincoln, Illinois 62656

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1032 W. Sheridan Rd, Chicago, Illinois 60660

    119 U.S. News National University Ranking

    122 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60603

    n/a U.S. News National University Ranking

    633 Clark St, Evanston, Illinois 60208

    12 U.S. News National University Ranking

    600 S. Paulina St. STE 440, Chicago, Illinois 60612

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    500 N Wilcox St, Joliet, Illinois 60435-6188

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    3700 W 103rd St, Chicago, Illinois 60655

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4512

    170 U.S. News National University Ranking

    1 University Circle, Macomb, Illinois 61455

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1527 47th Ave, Moline, Illinois 61265

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    8930 Gross Point Rd, Skokie, Illinois 60077

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking




    Professional Trends

    Illinois Vs. National Healthcare Administration Employment

    Of all of the healthcare administration professionals that work in the US, approximately 0% work in Illinois state.

    Employment Growth for Healthcare administration professionals In Illinois

    Educational Trends

    As the number of healthcare administration professionals is decreasing in Illinois state, the number of students graduating from the 22 accredited healthcare administration schools in Illinois state is decreasing. In 2006 there were 1,594 healthcare administration graduates from healthcare administration courses in Illinois and in 2010 there were 1,026 graduates.

    This represents a 36% decrease in the number of healthcare administration degree or certificate school graduates in Illinois state. Most of these graduates, or 45%, earned an bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.

    Healthcare Administration Faculty Salaries in Illinois

    Share Compare

    Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

    Currently we are in the process of collecting data for the number of healthcare administration faculty in Illinois, growth in the field of healthcare administration academia and faculty salaries in Illinois. Your anonymous submission of information regarding your career and salary will help us create a valuable career planning database for the benefit of healthcare administration faculty at the certificate in healthcare administration, bachelors degree in healthcare administration, and masters degree in healthcare administration levels in Illinois. Once you submit your information, you will get a chance to see the data we have collected thus far.

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    Healthcare Management Jobs – Search Healthcare Management Job Listings #healthcare #management #jobs, #healthcare #management #job #opportunities, #healthcare #management #job #openings, #healthcare #management #work, #healthcare #management #employment, #jobs #in #healthcare #management, #search #jobs, #find #jobs


    Healthcare Management Jobs

    Healthcare Management Job Overview

    Healthcare managers, who are sometimes referred to as healthcare administrators or medical and health services managers, juggle a wide array of responsibilities. They plan, coordinate, and direct medical and health services. Additionally, they may manage an entire medical office or group of doctors. Alternately, they may manage a specific department or area of a larger facility. The most common job duties of healthcare managers include:

    • Communicating with doctors, staff members, and department leaders
    • Learning and implementing new regulations and ensuring that the facility complies with them
    • Taking steps to improve the quality of healthcare services that patients receive
    • Managing the medical facility’s finances and overseeing billing
    • Creating work schedules for other staff members
    • Keeping and organizing records of services
    • Representing the medical facility on governing boards and meetings

    Candidates who enjoy taking on a high level of responsibility and managing with fairness and compassion will enjoy the world of healthcare management. Healthcare managers need to have a great bedside manner and be able to work under pressure. They need to have stellar analytical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

    Healthcare Management Job Education Requirements

    Most healthcare managers have at least a bachelor’s degree, and it’s common for them to have a master’s degree. In fact, master’s degrees in long-term administration, public health, health services, or a related field will put candidates in a better position for acquiring the more competitive, desirable positions. One path that some healthcare managers do take is to attain a starting position after earning a bachelor’s degree, then taking night school courses to earn a master’s degree in the field. Both on-the-job experience and a high level of education are important factors when employers are considering candidates for healthcare management positions. Healthcare managers often work closely to help doctors and nurses best serve patients.

    Healthcare Management Job Market

    There are currently more than 315,500 Americans employed as healthcare managers, and more than 73,300 new healthcare management jobs will be created between now and 2022. This 23 percent job growth means that healthcare managers will be in high demand now and especially in the future.

    Healthcare Management Job Salary Information

    Healthcare managers earned a median annual salary of $88,580 in 2012. The top healthcare professionals in these positions made over $150,560, and the low-end average annual salary was $53,940. Generally, healthcare managers who work in practices with 26 or more physicians will command the top salaries. Also, those who have a master’s degree or higher education as well as extensive experience will earn more.

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