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Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, RAID Recovery in New York

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are industry pioneers and one of the only data recovery companies to have in- house Research and Development (R D).
  • Our R D team allows us to recover any technically possible case. If we can t recover it, no one can!
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology.
  • Highly trained data recovery management experts, ISO 4 Class 10 and ISO 5 Class 100 clean rooms enable us to provide optimum solutions to your recovery requirements.
  • We have fast and friendly customer service available immediately.
  • We offer a free initial consultation and free extensive evaluation for your storage device.
  • Our Data Recovery Guarantee Policy is No Recovery = No Charge.
  • Contact us about free overnight shipping and we will provide you with a shipping label (in North America).
  • We have emergency response, on-site and in-lab, available 24/7/365 and worldwide.
  • Our client list and GSA government contract speaks for itself.

Why Not Try Another Company First?

  • We often get cases from other recovery companies after they failed to recover the data. (In many cases, we get the data, but the chance of a successful recovery decreases significantly after the first attempt.)
  • Other companies put a time limit on your case of only a few hours; they do not invest more than the allocated amount of time before they call it unsuccessful.
  • In many cases time is critical. Valuable time is wasted when a less professional company attempts a recovery.
  • The first attempt at a recovery has the highest chance of being successful.


I just had the opportunity to speak with and thank for their very prompt and professional work in support of the Shuttle Program.

Thank you providing excellent data recovery nyc service to our organization at UNICEF. We lost very important data. Thank you for quick and efficient service.
Karabi Hart, UNICEF, Manhattan, NY

All our data is fully restored, and we re back to normal. Thanks so much for saving our business! (Had physically damaged RAID)
Simon Hinkler, Vidipax, Manhattan, NYC

Trust is Everything

SSAE16 (SAS70)
Audited and Certified.

GSA US Government Approved Contractor

Firewall Security

VPNC Testing for Interoperability

Communication Security Canada

Return Path Certification

Multi-Level-Security Defense Access Control

Chain of Custody

Environment Control

PGWARE – Effective Desktop and Mobile Software Products That Are Easy to Use #2000, #2003, #2008, #2012, #7, #8, #95, #98, #accelerate, #adsl, #advance, #adware, #alloy, #blue, #boost, #box, #branding, #broadband, #bug, #business, #cable, #card, #cd, #commercial, #component, #computer, #connect, #consumers, #control, #corporate, #cpu, #crash, #custom, #design, #desktop, #developer, #dial, #dialog, #dsl, #enhance, #extension, #fast, #fix, #format, #frame, #freeware, #game, #gameboost, #gamegain, #gaming, #hard, #hardware, #hosting, #increase, #internet, #isdn, #lan, #license, #maintenance, #manage, #me, #medicine, #memory, #mod, #modem, #net, #network, #nt, #optimize, #overclock, #partner, #pc, #pcboost, #pcmedik, #perform, #problem, #processor, #product, #program, #quality, #quick, #ram, #reliable, #repair, #rom, #sales, #satellite, #screen, #setting, #shareware, #sick, #slow, #soft, #software, #solution, #speed, #spyware, #stability, #stop, #superram, #support, #system, #throttle, #tweak, #update, #video, #virus, #vista, #win32, #windows, #xp


Software products for desktop and mobile

Easy to use and effective software products to make your life easier! We offer a variety of software products that run on desktop computers and smartphones, choose a product below to learn more.

All products listed below are for Microsoft Windows computers. We offer several shareware utilities, development tools below which have a 30-day trial download available before a purchase is required. Take a tour of our various software products below and download a free trial version.

Windows Software for Notebook and Desktop Computers

Throttle 8 – Speed Up Your Internet

Accelerate your internet connection speed, surf the web faster and download files faster. Instantly have a faster dial-up, DSL, cable and wireless internet connection.

GameGain 4 – Make Games Run Faster

Immediately make your computer games run faster, smoother and with better graphics. No longer do you have to deal with stuttering and games that lag.

PCMedik 8 – Fix and Make Your Computer Faster

Fix problems on your computer; clean up the system and make your computer work faster. Instantly heal your computer and get it working like it’s new.

PCBoost 5 – Make Your CPU Run Faster

Soft-overclock the speed of your computer processor and make your computer work faster. Faster games, faster software instantly by accelerating the CPU.

SuperRam 7 – Make Your RAM Run Faster

Instantly make your computer run faster by optimizing the way your computer memory works. Increase computer speed instantly with super charged memory.

GameSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Games

Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and instantly fix problems on your computer. Use your computer like its brand new again.

GameBoost 3 – Faster Games and Internet Speed

Make computer games run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster games.

PCSwift 2 – Faster Computer and Internet Speed

Make your computer run faster with improved performance, and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Instantly have a computer with faster downloads and faster performance.

SystemSwift 2 – Faster Computer, Games and Internet Speed

Make your computer run faster with improved performance, faster games and increase the speed of your internet instantly. Faster computer, faster games and faster internet.

Security Cameras and Surveillance #surveillance #cameras, #surveillance #system, #ip #camera, #cctv #camera, #video #recorder, #network #camera, #video #monitoring #kits, #surveillance #hard #drive

# – A great place to buy computers, computer parts, electronics, software, accessories, and DVDs online. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service – once you know, you Newegg.

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Security Cameras & Surveillance

  • Security Cameras and Surveillance

Security Cameras & Surveillance

Why rely on third party security companies to protect you when you can build the perfect home surveillance ecosystem yourself? Gone are the days of advertising your home security system with a sign pinned to your lawn and hoping nobody tested your setup. Take charge of your home security with a CCTV surveillance system that is discreet, high-powered, and built to last.

Build the Perfect System

Link up individual analog cameras from LaView, Ezviz, and Night Owl Security Products or get a pre-built surveillance system kit. Choose between four or eight camera kits that are built to endure outdoor weather conditions and record full 1080p in both day and night. Featuring a built-in, large-volume DVR, they often also come with free cloud access so you can back up and access the footage from anywhere.

Video encoders from AXIS allow you to configure multiple individual streams per channel in H.264, which means you’ll be able to easily transfer your footage into other types of physical and digital media. These separate channels each have their own IP address, giving them an extra layer of security. Oh, and don’t forget to add in a dedicated HDTV to view your live footage. Want to enhance a specific frame? Many of these Analog Cameras boast a powerful three million pixel resolution.

Security You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a simpler approach to home security, then a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) network camera is a great option. D-Link, Nestcam, Netgear, and Trendnet all have IP cameras that, unlike the typical analog cameras you find in a CCTV system, can send and receive data through your home network. The benefit is that you only need one cable to power and run the system, a great option if you don’t want to run a bunch of cables outside. Another good thing is that by adding an Uninterruptable Power Supply. you can guarantee 24/7 operation. Add in an auto surveillance VLAN from D-Link to make sure that your surveillance system is given priority traffic over everything else in your network.

If you think this all sounds like a big investment, remember there can be multiple applications for your home surveillance system. In addition to security, outdoor cameras provide extra accountability. Expecting a package on a day and the delivery service claims they already came by? Now you have the video footage to prove otherwise. Plus, because they’re equipped with night vision, they’re also a great way to view any four-legged visitors who may only show up after dark. You’ll find that the more information you can have at your disposal, the more secure you’ll feel.

Newegg does not process or deliver orders on weekends or holidays. Delivery will be next business day.

Price Available at Checkout

Why can’t we show you details of this product?

Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.

How do I find out the price?

  1. Add it to your shopping cart
  2. Go to checkout, the price will be listed in the Order Summary
  3. You can remove the product from your order by clicking the “Edit Shopping Cart” button
  4. To keep it, click the “Submit Order” button

Why can’t we show you details of this product?

Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.

Price Available at Checkout

How do I find out the price?

  1. Add it to your shopping cart
  2. Go to checkout, the price will be listed in the Order Summary
  3. You can remove the product from your order by clicking the “Edit Shopping Cart” button
  4. To keep it, click the “Submit Order” button

Why can’t we show you details of this product?

Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.

Why can’t we show you details of this product?

Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services by ACE Data Recovery #data #rcovery, #hard #drive #data #recovery


Hard Drive Data Recovery

ACE Data Recovery provides hard drive recovery on a full range of hard disk drives including internal and external hard drives of all sizes, makes and models. Our data recovery engineers have decades of experience in retrieving business and personal files from servers, desktops, laptops, and netbooks. Never assume that data on your hard drive was lost forever, no matter what it has been through. We can retrieve any data even from storage devices that other data recovery companies deem “unrecoverable”.

No matter what type of hard disk you have, we’ll perform an initial diagnostic for free. After the evaluation of your media and determining what steps are necessary to complete your hard drive recovery, we will contact you with an all-inclusive quote. No work will be done without your approval. As soon as you approve the recovery, our engineers will continue with the recovery effort.

Free external hard drive or usb flash with each completed recovery

Data recovery from damaged hard drives is a complex process that usually takes time and needs resources to complete it successfully. We partner with HDD manufacturers to improve our data recovery capabilities. Generally speaking, our specialists need to “repair” a hard drive and make it stable first to be able to retrieve any data from it. Therefore, hard drive recovery involves replacing failed components such as read/write head assemblies, logic control components, or drive motors in a clean room environment.

Hard Disk Recovery – Different Systems, Different Techniques

Retrieving Data from Physically Damaged Hard Disk Drives

If a hard disk is inaccessible, we first test the components and closely examine drive platters to determine the extent of physical damage. These steps enable us to layout a course of action for each individual drive.

ACE Data Recovery engineers perform free evaluation and all hard drive recovery procedures in our Class 100 Clean Rooms. They are designed to maintain exceptional air purity, containing less than 100 airborne particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air. Such an environment is vital for protecting the sensitive internal components of hard drives.

We follow only non-destructive hard drive data recovery processes that include drive sectors cloning. This means that we’ll pull data from your drive on a sector by sector basis and work directly on the clone. This procedure ensures that the drive is not damaged any further and that a second image of the original structure can be acquired if needed.

I’ll definitely recommend them

Great company, were very professional and helpful getting my issues diagnosed and fixed. Further, they were able to get the recovery job turned around a lot faster than they had originally estimated (day-wise that is) with no data loss.

Inaccessible data might be experiencing logical and/or physical hard drives failures. The process of getting data back from a logically damaged file system requires the use of data recovery software. Our Research & Development team has developed its own software to salvage our clients’ data. No special physical equipment or environment is required in such situations.

Our team performs data recovery from all operating systems including:

After that our engineers will recover your data by using highly sophisticated techniques and proprietary equipment and software. The average time for completing hard disk recovery is 3-5 Business Days. After we validate the data. we’ll place it on a free suitable return media, whether it is another hard drive, flash drive, or your own storage device.

Our hard drive recovery process meets manufacturer’s requirements and will not void your original warranty.

We recover data from any hard drives made by but not limited to the following manufacturers:

Hard Drive Partition Recovery Software for Windows – Remo Recover (Windows) Pro #remo #recover #windows #pro,windows #recovery #software,tool #to #recover #data #from #windows,advanced #windows #recovery #software,complete #data #recovery #software,partition #recovery,hard #drive #recovery,windows #data #recovery,recover #lost #data,data #recovery #software


Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro

Windows Hard Drive Partition Data Recovery with Remo Recover (Windows) Pro!

Mistakes are bound to occur due to which you might end up losing files from hard drive or entire partition. Never regret for such mistakes! Remo software has designed the best Windows data recovery to restore back all your files in quick and easy manner. Remo Recover (Windows) Pro, with its advanced recovery algorithms retrieves files from partitions, hard drives and from other removable devices.

This powerful Windows hard drive recovery tool scans your drive thoroughly and locates your deleted, missing or lost partitions. Also, the tool will help you in recovering data from formatted, re-formatted partitions and re-partitioned drives from all Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Key Features of Remo Recover Windows (Pro) Software:

  • Recognizes and restores up to 300 types of files, such as Word files, excel sheets, PPT files, email archives, etc. as well as media files depending on their unique signature
  • You can even add / edit new signatures for files that are not listed
  • Easy to sort recovered files based on their name, date, size and file type
  • Provides Find option to search for a particular file from a list of recovered files
  • Helps to recover data from external hard drives, internal hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, iPods, FireWire drives, etc.
  • Recovers data from formatted or deleted RAID ( RAID 0,RAID 1, RAID 5) partitions
  • Enables file recovery from various file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT drives
  • Save Recovery Session and Open Recovery Session options lets you pause and resume the recovery process at any time without rescanning the drive
  • It is possible to view recovered files prior to restoration using Preview option
  • You can view recovered files on the basis of file extension using the File Type View option, whereas Data View option displays recovered files in hierarchical format
  • Allows you to save recovered files on CD / DVD or to any accessible drive
  • Enables file recovery with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from a NTFS drive
  • Recovered files and folders can be compressed into ZIP archives to save disk space

Supported File Types

Remo Recover Windows (Pro) Software Comes in Handy:

  • Accidentally deleted or lost partition recovery from hard drive and external hard drive
  • Restoring files from formatted partitions, hard drive and other external drives
  • Get back data from inaccessible, RAW or corrupted partitions
  • Recovering files from hard drive which refuses to boot
  • Retrieve back all files from crashed or failed hard drive

First Try, then Buy: The software is also available as demo version which is absolutely free. You can use this version to analyze recovery results. It has all the features available in the licensed version except save features. Once you are convinced with recovery results, you can save them by purchasing the software.

Most Common Data Loss Scenarios

  • Accidental deletion of partition from Windows Disk Management utility / Third party tools
  • Partitioning errors caused while trying to create new partitions using third party partitioning utilities
  • Corrupting partition information while trying to make dual /multi OS boot installation
  • Trying to relocate free space among partitions may lead to the deletion of existing partition
  • Accidental formatting – when trying to format d: user may select f: drive
  • Errors encountered during file system conversion may lead to data loss
  • Formatting the system considering it to be a restoration from system restore CD provided by the computer vendors
  • Accidentally converting partition from dynamic to basic may lead to data loss
  • Power surge causing partition corruption which eventually makes Windows inaccessible
  • Shutting down your Windows improperly may result in inaccessible Windows / partitions / drives

How to Recover Data from Windows Hard drives / Partitions:

Easily recover your entire data from corrupt or formatted hard drives using Remo Recover (Windows) – pro. Initially, download the demo version of Remo Recover (Windows) software and install it on your Windows system. Then, Launch the tool and click on “Recover Partition / Drives” from the main screen. Then, according to the data loss scenario follow the below explained steps:

To Restore Data from Formatted Drives:

  • Now, select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option
  • With this the tool scans your entire system and lists all the available drives
  • Select the drive and click on “Next”
  • It will starts scanning your entire drive and lists all your files from it
  • You can view recovered files using “File Type View” option or “Data View” option
  • Later, just preview recovered data using “Preview” option to verify recovered results
  • Then save those recovered files by activating licensed version of Remo Recover (Windows) software

To Recover Deleted or Lost Partition:

  • From the next window, select “Partition Recovery” option to get back deleted or lost partition
  • Select the drive from which you want to retrieve lost or deleted partition and click “Next” option
  • Software starts scanning the selected drive for locating partition
  • After completion of scanning, it will display list of partitions / drives
  • Select the drives / partitions from the list and click “Next”
  • Once recovering process is completed, it lists all your recovered files, which you can view using “Preview” option
  • Once you are satisfied with the recovery results you can purchase the software

NOTE – In case, you want to recover data from the external drive, first connect the drive to a Windows system on which you have installed Remo Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software and then begin the recovery process.

All in One tool to recover data from lost, deleted, formatted, missing or from damaged partitions (FAT, NTFS or EXFAT) from laptops or desktops quickly.

Remo External Hard drive Recovery Software recovers lost or deleted data from formatted or corrupt external hard drives like Seagate, Iomega, Western digital, Maxtor and so on.

Ensures complete recovery of all your files lost, deleted or gone missing while formatting or partitioning the Solid State Drives (SSDs) in simple clicks.

Remo Laptop Disk Recovery Tool will securely restore all sorts of files from corrupt, crashed and formatted hard drive of laptops like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and many more.

Safe and Quick recovery of documents, photos, videos & other types of files from corrupt, formatted or inaccessible hard disks of most popular brands.

Remo Windows Data Recovery software performs quick yet complete data recovery after Windows reinstallation, upgradation or crash. Supports Recovery from all latest Windows OS including Windows 10.

Remo Recover tool quickly retrieves files from ADATA SATA II SSD. It even restores data from corrupted, formatted and inaccessible ADATA SATA II SSD.

Backup Plus Portable Drives: Portable ?>

Backup Plus Portable Drives

Ultra Slim is one of Seagate s thinnest portable drives. At 9.6 mm thin for 1 TB and 2 TB, you get massive capacity with zero compromise. Available in eye-catching gold and platinum colours – style meets storage – and easily slips into your backpack along with all your other essentials. With Ultra Slim, your digital life has never had so much room to expand into.

Long Island Divorce Lawyer – Nassau County Family Law Attorney – Law Office of Darren M #call #516-333-6555, #effective #divorce #and #family #law #mediator, #a #lawyer #that #wants #to #resolve #expeditiously #in #a #good #way #for #you # # #but #fights #hard #when #called #for!


Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Darren M. Shapiro, Esq. provides effective and reasonable solutions for matrimonial and family law issues as an attorney or mediator. His straight talk, approachability, tenacity and years of experience with divorce and family law cases, make this office the right selection for many individuals or couples that have divorce, separation, child custody, support, order of protection and other family law needs. Couples contemplating mediation are encouraged to come in for a half hour no fee consultation. Individuals seeking the representation of a Long Island divorce attorney, please call for a free initial consultation either on the phone or in the office.

Situated in Nassau County, nestled in between Queens and Suffolk, this office services people and cases throughout the Long Island and New York City region. The Law and Mediation Office of Darren M. Shapiro, Esq. has a toolbox of litigation, collaborative law and mediation skills to find the approach that fits each individual and family. Divorce, Separation. Child Custody. Child Support. Prenuptial Agreements, and Postnuptial Agreements are all areas of law that are handled by this office and can be tackled through mediation, collaborative law or litigation. Orders of Protection, also known as Family Offense proceedings, are a major area of law this office handles but are usually not handled in a mediation or collaborative law context because of the behavior that is the subject matter of these cases.

There are many aspects to matrimonial cases that need to be addressed, in an agreement or stipulation of settlement, that are subjects that Mr. Shapiro has gained a great deal of experience with over the years in Supreme Court, Family Court and in the office working with couples in mediation or through consultations with individuals. When a separating couple has children, child custody, parenting time aka visitation and child support have to be resolved. With or without children, married couples have to consider whether alimony, which is now called maintenance, will be required and if so how much and for how long. Equitable distribution of marital assets, including retirement benefits, identification of separate property and an allocation of marital debt should be discussed in any pre or post nuptial agreement, separation agreement, judge s order, or stipulation of settlement of a divorce.

The goal of this office, whether acting as your lawyer or mediator, is to get you through the process, with results that meet your wishes and needs, as expeditiously as possible. When people come here, there is some family law issue that needs addressing. We are going to do our best to resolve this issue or issues, so that your problems are in the rear view mirror, so to speak, sooner rather than later.

If Darren is your Long Island divorce lawyer, we will discuss your desires and explore if a settlement can be reached on your case right away. Sometimes a settlement is not possible at the outset. In that case, he will fight hard for your cause. Often, after some litigation, a settlement is obtainable. Other times, cases require a hearing or trial. Mr. Shapiro can zealously represent you through the whole process. In a collaborative law case, he will provide you with the personal legal advice that you need to hear. All the while, in collaborative matters, we will be working with the other lawyer(s), coaches, professionals and parties that are involved to craft a practical solution for you and your children that makes sense and will hopefully withstand the test of time. As a mediator, Darren will try to get you to form an agreement as quickly as possible. However, if time is needed to sort through the issues in mediation, he is patient and available, until an agreement that makes sense to both of you is constructed.

Click around the website, watch the videos, and read the blog entries to learn more about particular topics. Please call for your free initial consultation. It will be our pleasure to speak with you about your situation.

Darren was excellent in court and able to negotiate a fair settlement in my Child support case.

Hands down, he is the best att’y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.

  • Five Things You Might Not Know about New York Child Support Today’s blog is a blend of some of my prior blogs and/or website articles over the years on child support. As a New York divorce lawyer and family law
  • Serving a Summons with Notice in a New York Divorce Divorces in New York follow many of the same procedures as other lawsuits. The plaintiff spouse filing must provide the defendant spouse with notice
  • Long Island Court Grants Legal Custody of Child to Three People Laws relating to child custody have gone through a number of significant changes in recent years, which largely reflect the fact that the concept of