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Your auto loan of LOAN_AMOUNT has a monthly payment of MONTHLY_PAYMENT.

How to Use this Calculator

1. Check the No Deductions box at the bottom of the bankruptcy car loan calculator if you live in California, Disctrict of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland or Michigan. These states allow no deductions for trade-ins when calculating sales tax. Sales tax in these states is calculated on your purchase price, so allow no deductions for trade-ins when calculating sales tax for these states.

2. Select what you want to calculate; either a payment or a price.

3. Enter in the remaining terms. As you type, the desired car loan payment value will be calculated.

4. Non-Taxable Fees: This includes title, registration, license fees, and in some states service contracts are not taxed.

5. Taxable Fees: Include any additional items that you plan on purchasing when buying a car after bankruptcy For example, in some states an extended service contract is taxed.

6. When you are finished, toggle the Terms and the Downpayments to see the effect that varying these amounts will have on your monthly payment.

Car Loan Calculators Can Save You Money

A car loan calculator is a tool that is specifically designed to help consumers in determining what amount of auto financing is affordable, to their specific financing situation, for a monthly car payment. Usually this tool simplifies an important part of the car buying process while arming people with vital information. Knowing how much you can afford each month can prevent you from buying a car after bankruptcy that is way beyond your limits.

If you come to the conclusion that leasing a vehicle is a better choice for you than buying, there is an auto buying vs. car lease calculator. This tool is called a basic lease calculator. This type of calculator takes the confusion out of determining your estimation on lease payments. If you have no experience with leasing a vehicle then a basic car loan calculator has specially designed features for lease calculations. The importance of using an auto finance calculaor, whether buying or leasing, is imperative in saving you money and finding out what financial terms meet your needs.

This calculator gives you the opportunity to compare buying vs. leasing to determine what avenue is in your best interest. Do not even enter a dealership without this information on-hand. Knowing the figures that are affordable to you gives you the feeling of power when negotiations begin. The dealership wants to sell you a car. If you stick to your financial allowance for a monthly payment, the dealership is more than likely going to make some alterations to the purchasing terms.

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$0 Zero Down Car Leases Explained

Is it possible to lease a car with no down payment?  $0 down?


In fact most car leases, even those advertised with a required down payment, are also available with $0 due at signing.

Of course, the monthly payment will be higher since you are not pre-paying some of the lease obligation.

In general, for a modestly priced vehicle, you can expect your lease payment to be higher by about $40 a month for every $1000 you don t make as a down payment.

Although all leases are structured so that a down payment is optional, some special lease deals offered by car manufacturers in monthly promotions may require a down payment in order to get the deal. You could do the lease without a down payment but the actual deal might not be as good (see for details about how to evaluate a lease deal).

On the other hand, some manufacturers such as Honda often offer their special promotional lease deals both ways — with a down payment and without. Even though you pay a higher monthly payment with nothing down, the deal is still a good deal. See Special Honda Leases for recent examples.

In a lease, a down payment is called capitalized cost reduction. or simply cap cost reduction .

Just to understand a bit about how leases work, when you sign the papers for a lease, you pay a down payment (or not), any sales tax on your down payment, your first month s payment, possibly a security deposit (which you get back at lease-end), and any official fees required in your city, county, or state.

This is called cash due at signing. But notice that down payment (if any) is only a part of the total amount due at signing. This important point is often not well understood. Many people mistakenly refer to the entire amount due at signing as the down payment.

This means that there can be differences between lease deals that offer $0 down or no down payment. Even if you make no down payment, you may still pay the other fees.

However, in some $0 due at signing or sign and drive deals, such as those from Honda and others, not only do you pay nothing down but the other fees are rolled into the lease. You still pay for them in the long run, but you don t pay them up front in cash.

So, when a dealer tells you there is no down payment required, find out if that really means zero cash up front or if you still must pay the other fees.

See $0 Down Car Leases Are Back for specific lease deals that require no money down.

For more details and information about zero down car leasing. go to .

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No Down Payment Car Loans

Are you worried about down payment while buying a car? You will be pleased to know that you can get no money down auto loans and buy the car of your choice in an instant. Apply on to get affordable zero down payment car financing program. People with bad credit need not shy away from applying because bad credit no down auto loans are available.

Making a down payment is not possible for everyone. Most car buyers have trouble in putting money down for purchasing a car. Understanding this, has brought zero down auto financing for you. This makes guaranteed approval easy on no money down auto loans. Low down payment program is also available. Get an amazing opportunity of availing affordable rates by just filling a secure car loan application form.

The company believes that credit score is just one part of loan approval criteria. So, bad credit won’t be an obstacle in securing car loans without money down. No credit no money down option can also be availed by anyone including students.

How to Get No Money Down Auto Loans with Bad Credit?

• Search for subprime lenders who offer auto loans to people with bad credit.

• Your accurate SSN is needed for filling the car loan application.

• A decent monthly income can improve your approval chances.

• Valid income and employment proof.

• A co-signer can help.

• Opt for a less expensive car and avoid the chances of upside down.

• There should not be any current repossession or bankruptcy.

• You can trade-in your old car and use rebates from the new car to get an auto loan with no money down.

Anyone can apply for auto loan without down payment. has wide ranging criteria which makes approval easy. First time car buyers, students, people with no credit, bad credit borrowers, etc. can apply on the secure website.

What are the Benefits of Applying with

2001 Ford F-150 XL-$499 DOWN TT&L **HABLAMOS ESPANOL** #reilly #auto #parts

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2001 Ford F-150 XL-$499 DOWN+TT&L **HABLAMOS ESPANOL** – $1500 (Ask about our in House Financing)


Call Now or Text: (713) 869-3325

2101 N Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX 77008

2001 Ford F-150 XL-$499 DOWN+TT&L **HABLAMOS ESPANOL**

Pack up your clubs AND your buddy’s clubs too! Plenty of cargo room for anything you want to take! Is there a doctor nearby? Runs so smoothly, you may need to borrow a stethoscope. Come drive this great F-150 today! Call me at (713) 869-3325!

3 Month 3,000 mile limited warranty.

We are celebrating 27 years in business. Our mission is to provide quality, low mileage dependable vehicles with warranties to our customers.

Our staff combined have over 100 years of experience in the used car industry and customer service. We take pride in the fact that most of our customers come back time and time again to buy cars from us and they also refer their friends and loved ones to do the same. At Car Store we consider our customers our family.

We have In House Financing with easy terms and quick approval

We have a full service department where all our vehicles are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned as necessary. We will also service your vehicle after the sale and as long as you own it at the lowest price in town.

Contact Chuck Sawyer at 713- 869- 3325 for more information on this vehicle. We have a large selection of pre-owned cars. trucks and SUVs in our inventory for you to choose from. Visit our website at to view our entire inventory. All financed vehicles come with a warranty.

So shop the rest then come shop the best, and become a part of our ever growing family.

SE HABLA ESPANOL. Venga a visitarnos y salga manejando. Celebrando nuestros 27 anos de negocio. Nuestra mission es proporcionar calidad, bajas millas y vehiculos dependientes con garantía a nuestros clientes!

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SIN CREDITO. No Problem!

MAL CREDITO. No Problem!






We specialize in the “Buy Here Pay Here” market, meaning that we are the bank and can finance anyone that we choose. In today’s market getting financed for an auto loan can be extremely difficult. If you have damaged or bruised credit and need a second chance to get into a vehicle, come on down and take a look at our vehicles. We have the best selection of used cars, trucks.

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Auto loan rates are down, and financing is easier to get for buyers with bad credit

By: Bill Visnic, June 13th 2011

It was tough for buyers with less-than-perfect credit to get an auto loan during the recession.

Even after the recession ended, many economists and auto-industry analysts said credit requirements stayed too strict for too long, dampening many borrowers’ ability to buy a new car or truck.

But prospects are improving for subprime borrowers – it’s not only getting easier to get a car loan but to qualify for a better interest rate, too.

Credit data expert Experian Automotive says that sharply declining repossession rates in the first part of 2011 are giving lenders confidence that auto-loan defaults, spurred by the recession, are leveling out.

In the first quarter this year, 30-day delinquencies were down almost 8%, said Experian, and the total balance of auto-loan delinquencies was down $2.3 billion compared with the same period in 2010.

That, as well as a big effort on the part of car companies such as General Motors and Chrysler to expand the availability of subprime loans from their “in-house” lending units, means it’s getting significantly easier for those with nonprime credit (score of 620 to 679) and subprime credit (score of 550 to 619) to obtain an auto loan.

That’s one of the reasons that a dealership’s finance manager can often offer the best deals on bad-credit car loans.

Lending to auto buyers with nonprime scores was up 7.8% in the first quarter, and subprime loans increased by 8.5%, Experian says.

Even more helpful, the average credit score for all auto loans was down a significant 10 points to 766 – not far from the average loan score of 753 just before the recession.

Meanwhile, interest rates for nonprime and subprime auto loans also are declining.

In the first quarter last year, the average annual percentage rate (APR) for subprime auto loans was 10.8%.

This year, the APR on subprime loans was down to 10.38%. Nonprime auto loan rates dropped almost a full point, from 7.57% in 2010 to 6.76% this year.

Click here to compare the best auto loan rates from dozens of lenders.

Our use our auto loan calculator to see what the monthly payments would be for any interest rate and deal.

Experian summarized by saying that “credit continues to loosen” on auto loans and average credit scores needed to qualify for loans at all credit-rating levels continues to decrease.

The auto loan rates for subprime buyers that had reached nosebleed heights during the recession are starting to return to more acceptable levels that make monthly payments more manageable for buyers with less-than-perfect credit.

This is true of financing terms for both new and used vehicles.

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Maryland HARP Refinance Loan Program #maryland #harp #loans, #harp #loan, #maryland #harp #program, #home #affordable #refinance #program, #upside #down #home #owner, #refinance #underwater #homeowner, #maryland #harp #loan, #maryland #harp #program, #maryland #harp


If you are a Maryland home owner that is underwater on your existing conforming or conventional mortgage, you may be eligible for a refinance without paying down ANY principle, without paying mortgage insurance, and in many cases, without spending any money out-of-pocket.

HARP. the acronym for H ome A ffordable R efinance P rogram, is a financial aid program announced by the US federal government in 2009 to help millions of homeowners who are either near-underwater or underwater ( means you have zero – or even negative – equity in your home) to refinance into a fixed loan with lower monthly payments.

HARP 2.0 – Help For Maryland Home Owners

The modified HARP program – HARP 2.0, also referred to as The Making Home Affordable Program, the DU Refi Plus Program, and/or the Obama Refi Program – is specifically targeted towards Maryland homeowners having a loan-to-value ratio less than 125 percent.

However, an additional guideline change to HARP 2.0 actually lifted the loan-to-value restrictions. So, Maryland borrowers with a loan-to-value ratio even greater than 125 percent can now apply to this program.

HARP 2.0 gives Maryland homeowners the ability to refinance at today’s low mortgage rates without private mortgage insurance, exorbitant closing costs and fees, and in most cases without an appraisal. If you have been turned down before for this program, you will certainly want to re-apply for HARP 2.0.

In order to qualify for HARP assistance, the basic eligibility requirements are:

1. Your loan must be backed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae

2. Freddie or Fannie should have bought your mortgage prior to June 1st, 2009 .

Determine If Your Loan Is Backed By Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

Unfortunately, Maryland homeowners rarely know who “owns” their mortgage loan. Normally, homeowners receive their monthly statements, and make their monthly payments, to their mortgage servicer. This is usually not the company that provided the funds originally to make the loan.

You can check “lookup” forms on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac web sites. However, keep in mind that these web forms are not always accurate as the address would have to be exactly the same as was recorded with Fannie or Freddie.

Or, you can have us check for you:

USDA, FHA or Jumbo mortgages are NOT HARP-eligible.

The most noticeable and major changes in the HARP 2.0 program are:

  • Elimination of underwater limits which implies that Maryland borrowers now have the opportunity to refinance regardless of the fallen values of their homes, whereas loan-to-value limits were previously prefixed at 125 percent.
  • Underwriting and appraisals have been eliminated and homeowners need neither appraisals nor their loans underwritten. This makes the refinancing process much faster and smoother.
  • Fees have been modified for shorter-term loans or abolished and the deadline for getting a HARP refinance has now been stretched to September 30th, 2018 .

Applying For The HARP Program Making Home Affordable Refinance

Getting approved for a HARP 2.0 refinance involves the following steps:

Step 4: Meet with Michael Mandis to go over the final numbers, closing date, etc.

Michael Mandis
HARP Program Specialist

Phone: (410) 683-1500

Contact Michael Mandis, your Maryland HARP Refinancing Expert, to setup a free consultation to determine if you are eligible for the HARP program. I will be honored to work with you!

What Is The Best Company To Refinance A Car Loan With Bad Credit History Bad credit no money down used car loans 2014. #chilton #auto #repair #manual

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What Is The Best Company To Refinance A Car Loan With Bad Credit History

There are many questions people usually ask on refinancing a car loan with bad credit: I want to refinance my car loan but my credit is worse than when I bought it? Can I Refinancing a car Loan with bad credit? I want to refinance my car loan but I have really bad credit any suggestion on where to get a loan? How can I refinance my car loan with very bad credit?

It is possible to refinance the loan you have taken on your car. It is not necessary that you will be happy with the existing loan you have taken. After obtaining the loan, you may learn that there are better options, and the good news is that by refinancing the car loan you can benefit greatly.

Look out for companies offering a lower rate of interest:

Those interested in obtaining a better rate of interest will always be on the look out for finance companies that provide a better rate of interest on the car loans. If you are looking forward towards saving money on the interest you can compare the present rates of interest with the rates provided by other finance companies. You may find that other companies do provide lower rates as compared to the one you already have. Getting lower monthly payments can surely help to save more funds and the worries regarding paying that extra money every month will be lessened.

For refinancing the auto loan you have to first understand how that loan differs from the loan that you are presently having. Switching over to another auto loan as per is not a difficult process. One need not worry much about changing over to another auto loan. Once you switch over to the other loan you will feel glad you thought about the change. When you change over you will find that the new lender pays off for your old loan on the car. The monthly payments will be made through a new car dealer or lender and the title of the loan will required to be transferred to the other name. First of all you need to understand that you have to look out for the best process available to refinance your vehicle.

Check out for new loan lenders or dealers online:

Nowadays, a number of websites are available that offer loans that can be refinanced. By doing window shopping you find that there are many possibilities of finding new car dealership to refinance the car loan. Different lenders provide different rates of interest. By comparing the refinancing rates of the cars, it will be much easier for you to select the most appropriate loan. Once you select the desired lender, then you should be in a position to immediately provide all your financial details to the new lender. Qualifying for the refinanced loan is most essential, after which the rest of the transactions will automatically take place.

Details about your assets, your annual income, the debt load, as well as your credit rating all have to be presented to the lender. Once the loan is approved by the lender then there are a few charges that have to be paid to the lender. Re-registration fees as well as other fees like the holder fees have to be paid to the lender after which the deal is closed by both the parties. Now your existing car loan is replaced by the new loan which requires the title to be transferred in the name of the new lender. Changes in the economic situation of the country can cause depression in the economy which results in less credit at the disposal of the people. But whatever the situation, owning a car is always a dream to be fulfilled at some point or the other in life.

What Is An Average Interest Rate On A Poor Credit Car Loan Bad credit no money down used car loans 2014. #cars #under #5000

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What Is An Average Interest Rate On A Poor Credit Car Loan

Do you have poor credit? Looking out for a car at some stage or the other in life is a common thing. Even if a person has a poor  credit history, the desire to buy a car cannot stop him from finding different ways of buying it. There are a number of people, even after having a bad credit are still on the look out for a new car.

They may also not be fully aware of the interest rates or APR that will be required to be paid for the loan that they will avail from the loan company. As regards the rate of interest, they really do not know, exactly what rate of interest will be asked by the car dealers.

Market conditions affect the rate of interest:

The average loan rate for cars can be anywhere between 4% to7% for those having a good credit. The rates of interest depend greatly on the source that you are going to use for financing the car. It should be noted that the market conditions also affect the rates of interest on the car loans.

The rates can vary dramatically, when the borrower has a bad credit. For instance, an average subprime poor credit score of 550 could give you interest up to 14.29% The varying rates of interest on the car loans are to be well understood by the borrower of the car loan. Hence it is a very crucial issue for the borrower to find the right financing company or auto dealer for the auto vehicle.

A good source like offers advice that enables the borrower to have a fairly reasonable rate of interest to be paid for the car.

A car having in-house financing even attracts interest rates of 20% and even up to 28% depending on the place you are staying. I would advice against in house financing and refer instead to credit union for car loans. The maximum interest credit union can charge for a car loan is 18%.

Some of the establishments that charge such unreasonably high interest rates were actually unregulated in the past, and to regulate them the state laws had to intervene to control such situations, so that things don’t go out of hand.

There is no such thing as an average interest rate on a car loan:

Many variables and conditions are responsible for determining the rate of interest on the car loans. Many factors are responsible, when you wish to obtain the lowest rate of interest for your car loan, even when you have a very poor credit. It is the lending source that determines the rate of interest.

There can be a possibility, where you have to pay a higher rate of interest on car loan with poor credit, than someone else who has a credit history that is excellent. So it is best if you do a thorough research and explore all possibilities before you accept any offer of the interest on the loan.

Accepting an interest rate of above 12% needs a thorough research from your side. Having to make unnecessary high payments of interest could be the worse thing that you can face. Improving your credit in the future and getting ahead with payments, gets more and more difficult as you keep shelling out huge amounts on the interest.

Making use of the reputable and legitimate sources available online are very useful in obtaining the lowest interest rates on your car loan. Services offered by the lending companies keeping varying from one another. Some of the lending companies may be more reputable than the others, so it is important for you to be doubly sure before you finally sign the loan contract.

No Money Down Car Dealerships California. Bad Credit Loans 0 Down. #low #cost #auto #insurance

#bad credit auto dealers

No Money Down Car Dealerships in California

Get a car loan with bad credit and no down payment in CA. We help people who live in California and across the country get the financing they need. Use the button below to begin the application now.

We help California car buyers with bad credit find local car places with sign and drive low down payment financing.

California Zero Down Payment Financing

0 down payment used cars lots California and the USA

If you’re looking for zero cash down cars and live in California you’ve come to the best website. In addition to our relationship with thousands of 0 down car dealerships all across the USA, our massive used car database has cars for sale with 0, 49, 69, 79, 88, 99, 100, 200, 300, 500, or 1000 cash due at signing.

People in California can fill out an application to get started or select a CA city from the list above. We’re also the number 1 resource for obtaining buy here pay here and first time buyer car financing.

California New Car Lot Prices

Often California new car lots won’t budge when negotiating price on the showroom floor. At you’ll quickly get the lowest price upfront quote from our massive CA franchise automobile dealership database no matter what type of car, truck, minivan or SUV you want to buy.

To see what you qualify to buy a car at one of our no money down car lots fill out our lowest price quote request form, and you’ll quickly be contacted by a local California new car lot.

California Used Car Lot Inventory

If you’ve ever spent time surfing the search engines tryign to find a low down payment pre-owned vehicle in California with BHPH terms, you know how much time it can take. Our used search feature provides the most relevant local vehicles in California at the best available price and money down.

Within minutes you’ll be searching hundreds of local automobiles for sale in California. You can then narrow your search options further by choosing results by price, distance, make and model.

CA Used Automobile Search

We’re affiliated with new and used car dealerships all across California. Because of our relationship with such a wide variety of California automotive dealerships we’re able to find the best deals on cars in the state. Using our site is free and easy which isn’t something that can be said about other online car finding services. Receiving a free quote from a California based auto dealership doesn’t mean you have to purchase the vehicle. It will however give you an idea of what’s available right now in California and whether or not it fits into your budget. You can receive price quotes or monthly payment quotes so you can locate a vehicle that fits in your price range.

If you’re worried about getting a new or used with bad credit you can lay your worries to rest. At we specialize in finding cars for people with problem credit. We can answer the tough questions such as:

  • Can I get a make or model I like?
  • Can I afford a new ?
  • What type of financing options do I have?
  • How much will money I qualify for?

Every credit situation is unique. Our specialists can help determine where you stand credit-wise and provide you with the best possible financing options. Keep in mind that every time you apply for problem credit loans it will appear on your credit report. Too many credit requests can raise a red flag and make applying for financing more difficult. Luckily that’s what we’re here for. with our help you’ll be able to find out what you qualify for before your next vehicle purchase.

Apply Today! Drive Today!

Calm and harmony with mindfulness exercises for kids #mindfulness, #meditation, #adhd, #add, #sleep #disorder, #calm #down, #sound #of #nature, #bodyscan


Mindfulness for Children – Meditations for Kids

Do you need more calm and harmony in your family.
Teaching mindfulness meditation is a great way for kids to develop focusing skills, resilience and well-being.

Try our Freemium, a free meditation app for kids or our Premium App with guided bedtime sleep meditation for kids.
Mindfulness for Children provides relaxing sounds of nature to help children calm down and improve focus/concentration. With descriptions and terms aimed at children, users are taken through body scans, visualizations and breathing exercises.

Amazing Features

The meditations is developed by Pia Holgersen, Psychomotor Therapist with expertise in relaxation technique, and the App is originally created in Denmark. Schools in Denmark use these meditations with great success and Mindfulness For Children is recommended by several danish child psychologists. This app provides the opportunity to guide your child through short exercises and to choose what your child wants and is in need of in his or her daily practise.
The app helps children relax and will enhance their feelings of contentment. It can be used for purposes of general relaxation or as a teaching resource for all children. Mindfulness training for children and parents has been shown to reduce some ADHD symptoms in some children.

About Mindfulness for Children

A must have app for parents.

This is a superb high quality children’s meditation App by leading psycho-motor- therapist, Pia Holgersen.
Pia skilfully guides children to the creative part of their mind through a number of carefully scripted meditations. This app contains guided meditations, body scan and sleep meditations for children and relaxing sounds of nature which can help children with calming down.

We have made other apps.
Try to listen to the Sound of Bornholm. The sounds on this app has a calming effect on the nervous system and is therefore very suitable for reducing stress, mindfulness meditation, yoga, relaxation and for people with sleep disorders. Sound of Bornholm is produced on the beautiful danish island of Bornholm located in the Baltic Sea.

Put a smile on your mind anytime, anywhere and everyday.

Our mission is to provide accessible, lifelong tools based in mindfulness meditation. Creating happier, healthier and more compassionate young people.

Pia Holgersen – The director of Mindfulness for children.
As a qualified psycho-motor therapist, Pia is passionate about helping people help themselves. In her private as well as in her professional life, Pia has gathered the benefits and joy of mindfulness meditation, which she regards as a powerfull tool for creating physical and mental stability – a daily life with more inner peace and increased energy.

Jannik Holgersen – The man behind the idea for Mindfulness for Children.
I have developed and produced several different apps – among them Sound of Bornholm and Sound of Mindfulness. My interest in mindfulness meditation has only expanded during recent years – in line with the demands being put on me, and all of us as humans – at work and at home.

Free Meditation for you

Finding peace. A combined breathing- and visualization exercise with calming effects due to its focus on breathing. Your child can take the breathing technique from this exercise and put it to use in everyday situations where a little extra peace and quiet is required.

Press release

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