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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll

Meet Attorney Jack B. Carroll

Attorney Jack B. Carroll is Board Certified® by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law, operates his law practice in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and for over 27 years has successfully practiced criminal defense law primarily in Houston, Texas, and in federal court.

Although Jack has accepted high profile cases in the past, he prides himself on being affordable and accessible to anyone who needs his help fighting the government’s accusations of criminal wrongdoing.

Our law firm’s capabilities are validated by real results, real cases, and clear victories, and we don’t rely on 3rd party law firm marketing schemes to tell our story.

Attorney Jack B. Carroll has effectively practiced criminal defense law in Houston, Harris County, and in Federal court for over 27 years.

He scored in the top 10 percent on the Texas Multi-State Bar Exam, and is one of the best at what he does. His criminal trial results, most from Houston-area criminal cases, are a testament to his skill as a criminal defense attorney.

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Attorney Jack B. Carroll

A Full Service Criminal Law Firm

Murder Capital Cases

Drug Delivery Cases

White Collar Crimes

Federal Bond Hearings

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Sex Offender Registration

Meth Related Crimes

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Drunk Driving Offenses

A Respected Professional

Mr. Carroll is well respected by court staff in state court, federal courthouses, as well as by other criminal defense attorneys in Houston. Though inside the loop, he thinks outside the box & isn’t afraid to stick his neck out for a client. He learned early on that anyone working to be the best criminal defense attorney in Houston had to be ready to go to trial & not be mindlessly bound by convention, or precedent.

Many of his case dismissals are a result of taking cases to trial court in Harris County. Prosecutors spend most of their time at the courthouse and know the “thems that do & the thems that don’t.” Court settings in Harris County are often adversarial, and if the prosecutor makes a plea bargain that’s turned down by the client, two alternatives remain: change your “Not Guilty” plea to BEG, or set the case for trial.

John (Jack) B. Carroll is a Board Certified criminal defense attorney based in Houston, TX.

1419 Franklin St. • Houston, TX 77002 • Tel: 713-228-4607 • Fax: 713-228-4614

If the lawyer is not a trial attorney by nature, blessed with a well-known reputation, the criminal defendant may be treated poorly.

A Few Reviews By Former Clients

for the accidental death of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy. My family isn’t rich and thought my brother would be discriminated against. Regardless, me and my family pulled together and hired the best attorney our money could buy. I remember my brother telling me that when Mr. Carroll personally surrendered him to the Harris county jail, the room was full with HPD and Harris County Sheriff Deputies.

The Deputy my brother was accused of murdering worked there. Mr. Carroll told the crowded room if Mr. Ibarra is messed with there will be hell to pay.When I visited Ricky and was told this I thought Ricky might have a chance, I know guts when I see or hear about them – I was a Special Forces Marine Sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. My brother got his own cell and was treated well. Ricky’s case was dismissed during jury deliberation and he walked, unassisted out of court at the end of the trial. Other than major depression about the Deputy he’s doing well with a wife, kids, and a great job. HO AHH

When I honorably discharged from the Marines I didn’t know what to do with myself and ended up getting busted by the DEA for Manufacture, Delivery, or Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, mainly 255 grams of cocaine and was enhanced because I was carrying a firearm.

Get an affirmative finding for carrying a firearm while selling drugs and you can kiss parole goodbye. Jack set the case for trial and had a suppression hearing. My partner got 20 years with a deadly weapon finding, I got deferred adjudication. My case has since been dismissed and there will be no public record of it after Jack files a motion for Non-Disclosure. HO AHH

that was going to send me to jail for a year. Instead of jail I simply got 30 more hours of community service added on! Then lastly I hired him a year ago because I had gotten into a bar fight where I hit someone so hard it crunched their eye socket and orbital bone…

Houston criminal defense attorney Jack B. Carroll has learned by hard-earned experience that criminal offense reports don’t always tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. Nor do they tell the whole story, and he never forgets the presumption of innocence.

If a defendant asserts their innocence, they’ll be treated as such regardless of Carroll’s personal opinion.

Jack isn’t too busy or self-important to return a phone call & doesn’t resent calls from clients or their families. He doesn’t cheat, nickel & dime his clients or pawn them off to other lawyers either. Also, Mr. Carroll has never been disciplined for professional misconduct by the Texas Bar, nor any bar association.

Even if a client is guilty as charged, Jack keeps in mind they may not be the same person tomorrow as they were on the day they were charged. However, criminal charges & criminal records never change unless sealed, expunged or hidden from the Houston public record.

Jack will take a case to term if the situation calls for it. In his arsenal are a host of retired Houston law enforcement professionals & other resources to draw from when it comes to defending clients.

Investigations & Criminal Cases

Jack has found from experience that personally interviewing witnesses & viewing the scene almost always is the best way to investigate a case. The personal attention he gives to a criminal case is a huge factor in his success. As a Houston criminal defense attorney, Jack Carroll is known to be book smart, as well as street smart, & many have called him stand-up.

When you are accused of a crime, it is your legal right to have representation. There is no reason for you to face the criminal justice system alone. Hiring a criminal justice lawyer is the best way to protect yourself, your interests, and your family from being railroaded by the legal system. Jack B. Carroll knows [ ]

“What are you going to do about it?” From Houston Lawyer Jack Carroll’s DWI Defense Case Files; A client of mine was pulled over by the Webster Police Department for an alleged traffic violation. Video from the scene of the alleged crime showed that my client had trouble exiting his car, and had trouble standing. [ ]

Houston Criminal Lawyer Jack Carroll on DWI Charges You thought it could never happen to you, but suddenly you find yourself in a situation that you didn’t expect to be in. What do you do? Contact Houston, Texas drunk driving defense lawyer Jack Carroll to defend your rights! The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles can [ ]

Public intoxication laws in the State of Texas are quite the force to be reckoned with. Police officers have been known to fan out, and go fishing for people to arrest and charge with public intoxication, and many times, seeing criminals through the tunnel vision of racial profiling. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is known [ ]

A story in the Houston Chronicle brought back memories of a case in which my client, a 4 year marine veteran, was caught red handed with a pistol and nearly 9 ounces of cocaine on the streets of Houston back in 2004. He was arrested and charged. A felony of gross proportions. The article at [ ]

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Affordable Divorce, DUI, Criminal, Personal Injury Lawyer

Affordable Legal Fees is a Tampa Law Firm offering what most people refer to as affordable, cheap or low cost attorney and legal help in Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, Clearwater and many other cities within Florida. If you need legal help and are looking for an experienced affordable attorney with low cost legal fees you have come to the right website.

Our affordable lawyers can provide help for a variety of different legal issues ranging from Divorce, DUI, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense.

Our affordable law firm is headed by a senior attorney Attorney Richard McCluskey who began his legal career at the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s Office where he handled thousands of cases from simple misdemeanors to severe felonies that are considered punishable by life.

Affordable Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, Miami and Clearwater lawyers

Affordable Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, Miami and Clearwater lawyers normally charge higher legal fees in their law firms and private practices. Our caring attorneys enjoy giving back to the community by offering experienced legal representation to the public for less and reducing their legal fees up to 50% in some cases.

Reduced Legal Fees to help the public

We provide professional and affordable legal services while reducing our attorney fees for divorce (simple divorce, uncontested divorce, contested divorce), family law (alimony, support modification, violence injunctions, child time sharing), DUI, criminal defense (misdemeanor and felony), personal injury including auto and motorcycle accidents in Florida.

Our lawyer fees start from and exclude costs.

The best lawyer fees that we can offer in Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando and Clearwater are posted on our website. Legal fees exclude costs (one example of cost is filing fees when applicable).

Free and fast consultations work best when you fill out our easy contact form!

Affordable Legal Fees does not collect information for any purpose other than to provide the attorney with your contact information. By entering your information in our contact form, you are giving our professional attorneys permission to contact you. Injury related persons may be informed of pre-settlement loan programs available.

Affordable Legal Fees provides affordable legal help in the following areas of law.

Auto Accidents occur every day in Florida, Affordable Legal Fees can help if you or loved one have been injured or killed in a car accident. Our affordable Tampa car accident attorneys can help make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, whether you are at fault or if the accident was the fault of another person.

Difficult times and expensive legal fees prevent families from protecting their personal legal rights. Affordable Legal Fees can handle any family law legal matter. Let our experience and knowledge work for you. Our attorneys provide affordable family law, if you need a Family Law Attorney contact us today for a free consultation.

Going through a Divorce can be one of the most stressful times a person can face in their life. Affordable legal fees can provide the legal help you need to get you through this trying time. Our Tampa and Orlando attorneys understand the law and legal system. We will make sure you get the best legal representation at the most affordable price.

Facing a criminal offense in Tampa Florida can be serious, we understand that even minor infractions can have harsh consequences and heavy fines to pay. We specialize in DUI, traffic violations, theft and serious crimes such as murder. In the likely event you need a defense lawyer our Tampa criminal defense attorneys can build a strong defense on your behalf. Time is essential, this give our defense team more time to prepare your case. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of an inexperienced attorney or public defender. We offer affordable criminal defense in Tampa and Orlando Florida, don’t hesitate contact us today.

Unfortunately Motorcycle Accidents and fatalities happen all too often in Tampa Florida. Many times accidents are caused by careless drivers not paying attention or simply caused by people disregarding traffic laws. Motorcycle accidents usually result in death or serious debilitating injuries. Affordable legal fees has the knowledge and experience to represent your personal injury case. Our affordable personal injury attorneys in Tampa are here to help you get you the most out of your settlement and the compensation you deserve.

If you need low cost, cheap or affordable legal help in Tampa Florida you want Affordable Legal Fees Law Firm.

Free Consultations available for Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, Clearwater and Brandon.

Our main offices locations are located in Tampa and Brandon Florida.

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From adoption representation, preparing for a life after divorce or ensuring your estate is fully protected, we recognize and respect your need for information, thoughtful practical advice and understanding. Our main goal is to help you resolve your legal issue(s) as quickly as possible so that you can move forward with your life.

about family first law group

Genevieve H. Torres, Esq.

Areas of Practice. Family and Marital Law, Collaborative Law, Adoptions, Wills, Trusts, Probate Administration.

Bar Admissions. Florida

Education. Stetson College of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2007

Languages. English and French

Rachael Ledet Rudin, Esq.

Areas of Practice. Family and Marital Law, Collaborative Law, Adoptions, Wills, Trusts, Probate Administration. Court Certified Family Law Mediator

Bar Admissions. Florida

Education. Stetson College of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2009

legal services


I was able to contact my attorney at any time. She worked with me through all of my problems with my divorce. I did not have to worry about a thing. She was on top of everything to make my divorce very easy.

I started this process while stationed at an undisclosed location in the Middle East. My attorney and her staff assured me they would work hard so that I could see my son as much as possible. At trial, my attorney had my ex stumbling over every statement she made. Family First Law Group showed me why they are one of the best if not the best family lawyers in Tampa.

Ms. Torres’ professionalism and expertise were of invaluable help and support to me during my divorce process. She provided me with answers to my questions, was consistently accessible and available to me. She was welcoming and and responsive to my calls and questions in a positive and welcoming way. I felt my divorce was as important to Ms. Torres as it was to me. I am indeed grateful to have worked with her during this transitional time in my life.


Essentially there are two types of Adoption: Closed and Open. Closed simply refers to adoptive parents who do not meet or know the birth parents. Open adoptions refer to the adoptive parents meeting, knowing and/or working with the adoptive parents.

Adoptions also fall into several sub-categories such as international adoption, private/intermediary adoptions and agency adoptions. Family First Law Group assists families with Intermediary Tampa Adoptions, sometimes referred to as private or direct placement adoptions.

In most U.S. jurisdictions, at the time the adoption is finalized, the adopted child’s name is legally changed and the court orders the issuance of a new amended birth certificate.



Before you take any legal steps to end your marriage, you should make sure that you have tried all possible ways to save it. If you need professional help, many communities, social and religious organizations offer counseling services either free or on a sliding fee scale or you may want to consult with a marriage counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, minister, priest, rabbi or other qualified person.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state (meaning neither spouse is required to prove fault or marital misconduct on the part of the other).



In Florida, child custody is now referred to as parental “time-sharing of minor children. Regardless of what it is called, children deserve to be loved and cared for in a stable environment. Family First Law Group Child Custody Attorneys can help you understand all the factors that a court will weigh in making time-sharing decisions, and your options, to determine what would be in the best interests of your children.

Child custody is not an issue limited to divorce. Relatives often assume the responsibility of caring for children in their families, when the children’s parents are unable to do so.



Parents are legally obligated to contribute to the support of their children and this obligation cannot be contracted away. Child support is calculated using the guidelines contained within the Florida Statutes. It is based, in part, on the number of children and the combined monthly income of the parents. Daycare costs, health insurance payments made on behalf of the children and the amount of time the children spend with each parent are also taken into consideration.

A parent who is voluntarily unemployed, or underemployed, is still responsible for his or her children and can have income imputed by the court based on work history, qualifications and prevailing earnings level in the community.



The goal of Collaborative Law is to enable parties involved in a dissolution of marriage and other family law matters to resolve their differences in a non-adversarial and dignified setting using techniques committed to mutual resolution and reduced conflict. Collaborative Law works best for parties who wish to settle without going to court and are willing to commit to a good faith effort to do so.

The collaborative process is based on a pledge not to litigate in court. The process facilitates an open exchange of information with the goal of reaching the best possible solution for you and your family.

The Collaborative Team consists of a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional. Other professionals may be added depending upon the needs of your family.


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Joliet DUI Attorney

Mitchell Legal Solutions attorneys can help you with any type of traffic violation, including:
DUI/DWI, Speeding, Running a red light or stop sign, Reckless driving, Failure to yield,
Driving without insurance, and Driving while license suspended (DWLS) or revoked (DWLR).

Joliet Divorce, Criminal Defense, DUI Family Law Attorneys

Serving Joliet, Illinois and Grundy, DuPage Will County

Serious legal issues call for strong representation from experienced lawyers who care as much about the outcome of your case as you do. Working through any type of legal matter can be an overwhelming experience for people who have never been through them before. Having a dedicated legal team behind you can help to ensure that your interests are protected at all times.

At the Mitchell Legal Solutions. we represent clients throughout the Joliet, Illinois area in a variety of legal issues involving family law, criminal defense, consumer bankruptcy and workman’s compensation. Our Joliet divorce attorneys can help with custody and support, property division and paternity issues. Our criminal defense lawyers handle traffic violation and traffic ticket defense. drug crimes, drunk driving defense and other issues. If you need debt relief assistance, we can help you with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. When it comes to workman’s comp, our experienced team can help you understand your rights and workman’s compensation laws. Keep in mind that you have 45 days to report your injury and that there is no out-of-pocket expenses for our workman’s comp clients.

More Than 45 Years of Combined Experience Working for You

When you hire our firm, you can count on us to treat you with respect at all times. We don’t see you as another case number. We see you as a real person. We understand how upsetting it can be to face unfamiliar and sometimes intimidating legal issues. Whether you need guidance through divorce, help getting out of debt or aggressive defense against a DUI/DWI charge. we will be there with you at every step, working diligently to obtain a positive result.

Our clients appreciate the personal service they receive from everyone at our firm. Whether you visit us at our law offices in Joliet or Wheaton, you will find each member of our firm to be friendly, approachable and ready to help. We take our responsibility to you very seriously. We are attentive to our clients’ needs, promptly returning phone calls and making ourselves immediately accessible to clients as much as possible.

Service Area

With law offices in Joliet, Oak Brook and Tinley Park, Mitchell Law services the entire Chicago, IL area. Our main service area includes: Joliet, Wheaton, Lockport, Channahon, Minooka, Morris, New Lenox, Plainfield, Romeoville, Bolingbrook, Crest Hill, Rockdale, Shorewood, University Park, Crete, Frankfort, Wilmington and Mokena, Illinois.

Call for a Free 15 Minute Consultation 24/7

Contact our offices today to discuss your legal issues. We offer a free 15 minute initial consultation by phone or in person. You are able to reach a member of our firm at any time, day or night. You can reach us by phone at 815-723-2895, toll free at 866-733-5529 or via e-mail .

Joliet Illinois Law Office
Mitchell Legal Solutions
54 North Ottawa Street, Suite 100
Joliet, Illinois 60432
Telephone: 815-724-0518
Toll Free: 866-733-5529
Fax: 815-723-5136

Oak Brook, IL Law Office
Mitchell Legal Solutions
2021 Midwest Rd. Suite 200
Oak Brook, IL 60181
Telephone: 630-451-8100
Toll Free: 866-733-5529

Tinley Park, IL Law Office
Mitchell Legal Solutions
16335 S. Harlem Ave. 4th Floor
Tinley Park, IL 60477
Telephone: 708-265-3100

The Mitchell Legal Solutions in Joliet, Illinois, represents clients throughout Will County, Grundy County and DuPage County including the communities of Joliet, Wheaton, Channahon, Minooka, Morris, New Lenox, Plainfield, Romeoville, Bolingbrook, Crest Hill, Rockdale, Shorewood, University Park, Crete, Frankfort, Wilmington and Mokena Illinois.

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At Mountain Legal, Knowledge + Details = Results

Criminal Defense requires mastery of the law.
A Mountain Legal Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney believes that the best foundation for your criminal case rests in thoroughly researched legal arguments combined with courtroom experience.

Read More

  • The details surrounding your case may be the difference between winning and losing.
    The Mountain Legal Colorado Criminal Lawyer provides the personalized attention necessary to effectively represent you and present the facts in the light most favorable to you.

    Read More

  • The Mountain Legal Denver Criminal Defense Attorney’s core strength rests in providing personal attention with experience and a mastery of the law.
    Our professional approach to representing you puts you in the best position to get the results that you need.


    The most important issue when selecting a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney is whether this is the right attorney for you.
    A Mountain legal Denver Criminal Defense Attorney offers an initial free consultation so that you can see whether you want to establish an attorney-client relationship without worrying about what it will cost.


    A Mountain Legal Denver Criminal Defense Attorney provides the amount of representation that you need for your criminal case.
    Whether you want representation from a Denver DUI Attorney or a Colorado Felony Lawyer, Mountain Legal can offer you the representation and experience that you need in your Colorado criminal case.


    A Mountain Legal Colorado Criminal defense Attorney seeks to identify your needs, create a strategy around them, and then executes the strategy to meet your needs.
    By working closely with you, Mountain Legal helps you navigate through the difficult issues in the Colorado criminal defense process.

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    Serious State & Federal Cases Throughout Wisconsin Over 30 years experience – Sensitive & complex cases in Wisconsin from NYC to LA
    Thousands of cases, hundreds of trials – One goal: The Best Possible Result

    Juvenile Crimes

    When a crime is committed it is important to note that all involved will be impacted, criminal and possible victims alike. This is certainly the case when individuals under the age of 18 are accused of criminal activity. Juvenile crime is a serious concern that must be addressed with the well-being of the youth and their loved ones in mind.

    If your child has been accused of committing a crime it is imperative that you seek the assistance of a legal professional who will fight for the rights and freedoms of your loved one. Contact the Appleton criminal defense attorneys of Kohler Hart Powell, SC today at 414-271-9595 to learn more about your options from a talented and practiced lawyer.

    Common Juvenile Crimes

    While almost any crime that can be committed by an adult can also be committed by a minor, there are a number of criminal activities that juveniles are more likely to take part in than others. These include the following:

    • Underage drinking crimes, MIC/MIP
    • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI)
    • Drug crimes, such as possession of marijuana
    • Assault and battery
    • Sexual assault
    • Theft
    • Arson

    If a youth is convicted of any of the above they could face very serious consequences, negatively impacting their future ability to succeed.

    Contact Us

    If a juvenile in your life has been charged with a crime, you need the assistance of the Appleton criminal defense attorneys of Kohler Hart Powell, SC. Our experienced attorneys can help you through the legal process, fighting for the rights and freedoms of your loved one. Contact our office today at 414-271-9595 to get started on your case.

    Download our App for your iPhone or Android phone for important information about what to do if you are arrested.

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    The ACDL’s History and Mission

    The Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey (ACDL-NJ) was established in 1985 and has since become the primary organized voice for the criminal defense bar in New Jersey. The ACDL-NJ was formed, among other reasons, to respond to the continuing problems confronting criminal defense lawyers when they honestly, ethically, but zealously represent their clients; to protect and insure compliance with those individual rights guaranteed by the New Jersey and United States Constitutions; and to encourage cooperation among criminal defense lawyers engaged in the furtherance of those objectives. The criminal defense lawyer has a difficult job, which is poorly understood by the public and, on occasion, even by the courts. The ACDL-NJ’s message to criminal defense lawyers has always been, and will continue to be: in your efforts to insure the basic rights and liberties of all people, you are not alone.

    Message from the President

    The Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey is an active, engaged group of more than 500 members across New Jersey, assisting each other to become effective advocates on behalf of criminal defendants, especially in difficult situations.The ACDL-NJ continues to make its voice heard in the New Jersey appellate courts as amicus curiae on behalf of the interests of the criminal defense bar and its clients in important matters.Our Lawyers Assistance Committee has successfully advocated on behalf of ACDL members in state and federal court, and our Legislation Committee has continued to monitor and weigh in on pending legislation affecting criminal defendants.The ACDL-NJ listserv enables members to reach out to our entire membership and pick the brains of the finest criminal defense lawyers in this State.In sum, there has never been a better time to become a member of the ACDL-NJ. If you are already a member and have suggestions about how to make the ACDL-NJ more useful to its members, please let us know .

    – Judith B. Fallon, ACDL-NJ President

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    North Carolina Felony Crimes by Class and Sentences

    North Carolina organizes felony crimes into 10 different lettered categories, from Class A to I, with Class B felonies further divided into Class BI and Class B2. Class A felonies are the most serious crimes a person can commit, while Class I felonies are considered the least serious type of felony offense.

    Sentence Range for Each Level

    North Carolina has a sentencing grid that determines the sentence range for any felony offense. The grid is divided into rows (horizontal axis) and columns (vertical axis), with the class of the felony offense organized by row (horizontal), and the level of the offender s prior record organized by columns (vertical). To determine what sentence applies for any felony conviction, you have to know the class of the felony, the convict s prior criminal record level, and what the dispositional range is.

    Class of felony

    Every felony offense in North Carolina has a specific, though broad, range of incarceration penalties. Ignoring prior criminal record and dispositional ranges, the prison sentences by class of felony are:

    • Class A felony. death or life without parole
    • Class B1 felony. 144 months to life without parole
    • Class B2 felony: 94 to 393 months
    • Class C felony. 44 to 182 months
    • Class D felony. 38 to 160 months
    • Class E felony. 15 to 63 months
    • Class F felony: 10 to 41 months
    • Class G felony: 8 to 31 months
    • Class H felony: 4 to 25 months
    • Class I felony: 3 to 12 months

    Prior record level ranges

    For any felony offense other than Class A felonies, a North Carolina Court has to determine the convicted person s prior criminal record level. (All Class A felonies have a sentence of death or life in prison without parole.)

    Each prior conviction is worth a certain number of points. The court adds the points together from all prior convictions, and the sum determines the defendant’s prior record level, which can be from I to VI. Someone with little or no prior criminal record will have a Level I record, while someone with an extensive criminal history will have a Level VI record.

    Prior conviction points

    For each prior conviction, the defendant is given points based on the following criteria:

    • Each prior Class A felony conviction: 10 points
    • Each prior Class BI felony conviction: 9 points
    • Each prior Class B2, C, or D felony conviction: 6 points
    • Each prior Class E, F, or G felony conviction: 4 points
    • Each prior Class H or I felony conviction: 2 points
    • Each prior misdemeanor conviction: 1 point

    Record Levels

    Once you add up all the prior convictions and determine how many points a person has, you can then determine that person s prior record level.

    • Level I: 0 to 1 point
    • Level II: 2-5 points
    • Level III: 6-9 points
    • Level IV: 10 13 points
    • Level V: 14 17 points
    • Level VI: 18 or more points

    Disposition ranges

    A dispositional range is the potential length of the sentence a court can impose for any given felony conviction. To determine a person s dispositional range, the court will use the person s prior record level, the level of the felony convicted, and evaluate whether there are any aggravating or mitigating factors.

    For each class of felony in any prior record level, there are three different possible dispositional ranges: the presumptive range, the aggravated range, and the mitigated range.

    • Presumptive range. Presumptive ranges are the standard sentences for any felony conviction. Unless the court finds there are aggravating or mitigating circumstances present, the court will order a prison term within the presumptive range.
    • Aggravated range. A court will give a sentence that falls within the aggravated range if it finds aggravating factors are present in the case. There are numerous possible aggravating factors a court can consider, such as whether a defendant was hired to commit the crime; the offense was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel; or if the victim was very old or very young.
    • Mitigated range. If the court finds there are mitigating factors in the case, it will give a sentence that falls within the mitigated range. Like aggravating factors, there are number of mitigating factors the court can consider. Mitigating factors include, for example, whether the defendant supports his or her entire family, believed the conduct was legal, or has accepted responsibility for the criminal conduct.

    Here is an example from the North Carolina grid: Sentencing Ranges for a Class C Felony, Prior Record Level III:

    • Presumptive range: 77 to 96 months
    • Aggravated range: 96 to 120 months
    • Mitigated range: 58 to 77 months

    Sentence length

    Once the court determines the sentencing range, the judge will then sentence the felon to a minimum and maximum sentence length. The minimum will fall somewhere in the determined sentencing range, while the maximum will be 20% longer than the minimum plus a period of post-release supervision. Once a person has served the minimum sentence, he or she becomes eligible for parole.

    Active, intermediate, and community offenders

    Not all felons are sentenced to prison time in North Carolina. Depending on the class of the felony and the felon s prior record, the court can impose an active, intermediate, or community sentence. Someone sentenced to an active sentence must serve their time in prison, while those sentenced to an intermediate or community sentence must serve their time under house arrest. a drug treatment center, performing community service, or some other punishment as allowed by law.

    Examples of Crimes in Each Level

    There are many felony offenses in North Carolina. The following list represents a small sample of crimes in each felony level.

    Class A

    Class B1

    Class B2

    Talk to a Defense attorney

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    Trial lawyers who care about their clients

    Our military background has also taught us the value of loyalty to you and to your cause. Our family background has taught us the value of hope and the purpose-driven life. Our education and experience has prepared us to strive and if humanly possible, attain the justice you need in your case.

    Savannah Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Serving Our Clients With Dedication and Loyalty

    Maybe you have been charged with DUI or another criminal offense and are looking for Savannah criminal defense lawyers. Maybe you are a member of the military facing disciplinary action. Maybe you are dealing with medical expenses and lost wages due to serious accident injuries. Maybe you are going through a divorce and require assistance with a child custody or support matter.

    At the law firm of Andrews Sanders Law Offices in Savannah, Georgia, we can help. Our dedicated attorneys represent clients in a range of practice areas, including DUI and criminal defense, military law, personal injury law, medical malpractice law and family law. We will work with you to solve your legal problems or address your concerns. Whether you are looking for a Georgia military law DUI attorney, divorce attorney, criminal defense attorney or a personal injury attorney, you can turn to us with confidence. Contact us today.

    Reliable Attorneys When You Need Legal Help

    There are many situations that create an urgent need of a lawyer. Whether you have been charged with DUI or another crime, denied military benefits, injured in an accident or served with divorce papers, you need to know your rights so you can protect them, and you need effective guidance through the legal system.

    At Andrews Sanders Law Offices, our knowledgeable and attentive attorneys seek solutions to our clients legal problems. We will focus on doing what it takes to pursue a positive resolution regarding your legal matter.

    Many of our clients feel unlucky, unfortunate and misunderstood. We understand the stress that the legal system can cause. Our goal is to remove that stress by effectively and competently guiding you through the legal process and handling challenging issues such as an auto accident, divorce or DUI arrest on your behalf.

    Georgia Lawyers Handling Military Law Issues, Including DUI, Divorce and Personal Injury

    Several of our attorneys have military backgrounds that keep us attuned to the value of loyalty. Our family backgrounds have taught us the value of hope and a purpose-driven life. Our education and experience has prepared us to strive for the justice you deserve. Don t hesitate to contact us to learn whether we can help you.

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    Johnson County DUI Lawyers

    Experienced Olathe Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

    At the law firm of Jeremiah L. Johnson, LLC. our DUI and DWI attorneys handle misdemeanor and felony drunk driving cases for drivers who have been arrested throughout Johnson County and the surrounding communities of Kansas, as well as Johnson County, Kansas. The sentences for driving under the influence in Johnson County are some of the harshest in the nation and may include jail time, driver’s license suspension, probation and hefty fines.

    we have handled hundreds of DUI and DWI defense cases in Johnson County and elsewhere in Kansas. In each case, we go through every option to ensure that client rights are protected and that our client will get the best defense possible from our firm. If you have been arrested for a DUI, contact us today toll free at 866-656-1268 for a no-cost consultation in our office.

    Representation You Deserve From Johnson County, Kansas, DUI Attorneys

    First and foremost, our firm will treat you with respect. We return phone calls promptly, keep you informed and readily answer any questions that you may have about your case. We understand that the stress of being charged with a serious crime is often high, but that being charged is not the same as being convicted. Our attorneys will interpret tests, evaluate police reports and work hard to challenge every aspect of your case.

    Learn more about issues often involved in DWI and DUI cases. including:

    The laws in Johnson County, Kansas, call for a jail sentence for every driving under the influence conviction. This even includes first-time offenders who have clean criminal and driving records. In some cases, it may be possible to arrange a diversion agreement that will serve to dismiss the drunk driving charge from a criminal record.

    DUI Commission Recommendations

    The Kansas Legislature recently created a DUI commission to recommend an overhaul of Kansas’ DUI laws. The recommendations were mostly expected by our law firm’s Johnson County DUI lawyers and will be voted upon in the next session before they become law. The recommendations are extremely punitive. The DUI panel’s recommendations included:

    • The crime of chemical test refusal would be created as a strict liability crime. This law would make it a criminal act to refuse a blood, breath (such as the Intoxilyzer 8000) or urine test. The criminal penalties would be in addition to the administrative penalties where a driver’s license can currently be suspended due to a DUI. In addition, a refusal would serve as a sentence enhancement on misdemeanor DUI convictions, requiring that the driver serve 90 days before probation was granted. Finally, a refusal would result in the lifetime disqualification of a commercial driver’s license (CDL), even if the driver was not driving a commercial vehicle at the time he or she refused.
    • There would be a $50 fee to request an administrative hearing for a proposed driver’s license suspension on a DUI case. Kansas law does not currently have a fee to request an administrative hearing, which is needed to ensure that a person’s license is not suspended without due process. This provision is horrible no matter how you look at it.
    • A first lifetime driving under the influence conviction would be a class A misdemeanor (it is currently a class B), and the minimum fine would double to $1000. The minimum sentence would go from 30 days to 90 days in jail. If the person refused a breath test, the minimum sentence would be 90 days in jail!
    • A second lifetime driving under the influence conviction would see its fine moved from the $1000 minimum to a $2500 minimum!
    • Third and higher lifetime DUI convictions are level 7 nonperson felonies, subject to the Kansas sentencing grid. This is a huge change because felony DUI convictions are currently off grid felonies. The practical effect is that Kansas prisons are likely to be inundated with DUI convicts who are currently only sentenced to County jails.
    • The use of saliva PBTs would be authorized by the legislature. Preliminary breath tests in Kansas are currently only done on breath and are subject to wild inaccuracies.
    • A breath test refusal would be added to the list of offenses (such as driving while suspended. driving without insurance, DUI, etc.) that count towards the habitual violator statute. This is important because that statute mandates a three-year driver’s license suspension for anyone convicted of three or more of those crimes within a five-year period. That period is then often followed by an SR-22 requirement which adds complexity and cost to driving.
    • The crime of ignition interlock circumvention would be created. This would cover any driver who was convicted of bypassing an ignition interlock.
    • The time allowed for a valid breath would be amended to three hours rather than the current two hours. This provision is horrible because it will affect drivers who drink after they were driving.
    • A 24-month post-release supervision (by the Kansas Department of Corrections) would be added for drivers convicted of felony driving under the influence.
    • The use of a motorized bicycle would be authorized for certain drivers convicted of driving under the influence who have their regular driver’s licenses suspended.
    • An ignition interlock restricted hardship driver’s license would be possible after 45 days of a one-year driver’s license suspension for a breath, blood or urine test failure, or blood, breath or urine refusal. The restriction would allow driving to school, work, court and treatment. This is by far the best part of the commission’s recommendations because driver’s license suspensions simply put people out of work and drastically affect their families.

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