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The RainCAD 13 BricsCAD Edition runs seamlessly inside of your existing license of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys . The combination of these two programs provides the power and speed without the additional expense of AutoCAD . The software saves drawings in an AutoCAD DWG format eliminating the translation process. The software creates quality landscape and irrigation designs to help separate your company from the competition. In addition, the software assists the user in becoming more precise in the material takeoff and estimating process.

System Type:

  • Integrates with your existing copy of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys
    ( BricsCAD is not included with RainCAD and must be purchased separately )
    Designer Type:
  • Novice to advanced CAD users
  • Users that need a cost effective yet robust design system without the additional expense of AutoCAD
    Project Types:
  • Small to large residential design projects
  • Small to large commercial, parks and recreation, or golf course irrigation design projects

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    The RainCAD AutoCAD Edition runs seamlessly within your existing license of AutoCAD . RainCAD provides all of the design tools necessary to create fast and accurate irrigation designs, distribution analysis, hydraulic calculations and more. The superior landscape design features help the user to create landscape designs that are more professional in appearance without sacrificing speed. The software quickly creates symbol legends, material lists, installation estimates, and more.

    System Type:

  • RainCAD 2013 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2013 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 2012 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2012 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 2011 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2011 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 5.5 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit).
    ( AutoCAD is not included with RainCAD and must be purchased separately )
    Designer Type:
  • Advanced users with a working knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Designers who regularly transfer DWG files with Architects, Engineers or other AutoCAD users
    Project Types:
  • Small to large residential design projects
  • Small to large commercial, parks and recreation, or golf course irrigation design projects

    Sample RainCAD Designs

    Russ Prophit, CID, CIC, CLIA
    Precise Irrigation Design & Consulting

    Copyright 2014 Software Republic, L.L.P. All rights reserved.

  • Identify when a SQL Server database was restored, the source and backup date, solarwinds backup database.#Solarwinds #backup #database


    Identify when a SQL Server database was restored, the source and backup date


    After restoring a database your users will typically run some queries to verify the data is as expected. However, there are times when your users may question whether the restore was done using the correct backup file. In this tip I will show you how you can identify the file(s) that was used for the restore, when the backup actually occured and when the database was restored.


    The restore information is readily available inside the msdb database, making the solution as easy as a few lines of T-SQL.

    When I ask people about how they verify their database restores I often get back a response that includes something similar to the following code:

    The above command simply returns this message when successful: The backup set on file 1 is valid. Is that really useful for your end user that is complaining that the data is not correct? Chances are their complaint is not about if the backup set was valid, but more specifically it is about your selection of the backup file, or the timing of the backup itself.

    If the backup was done at the wrong time, or if you restored from the wrong backup file, then the end user may be seeing exactly that problem while reviewing the data. So, how do you provide some proof that you did the restore from the correct backup file? The following script can give you this information.

    The script will return the following result set:

    Here is a screenshot of a sample result set returned by the script.

    Solarwinds backup database

    Next Steps
    • Take the above code and execute against your instance.
    • Keep this script handy next time you want to know when a database was restored, what file it came from and when the backup actually occurred
    • Take a look at these other Backup and Recovery tips

    Solarwinds backup database

    Solarwinds backup database

    About the author

    Excellent code. Thank you

    We do use a lot of DMV’s but the point is when to use each one of them aptly.. this post is perfect under the naming ” How to find the last_restored_file on secondary server in Log Shipping when Log Shipping monitor shows NULL values”..

    I did googled a lot but when specified how to sync up the values with probable causes , but this made me sure that we have an alternate way to find..

    Gooood job Thomas.

    Thank you for the Tip, it is really helpful. I have been using this long time, just today getting confused. I am restoring a db form the backup at the network share and using the UNC path. The restore is successful. But when used the query from this article, it is not showing the network share path instead keep showing the path where the old backups are in the local disk.

    So i removed the old backup from the local disk and run the restore job (SQLCMD) and after restore still i am seeing the backup from the local disk. But i am sure it is picking up the backup file from the network share, i confirmed this by removing the backup file from the network share to see if the job fails.

    So my question to gurus out there, why the query in this aritcle is not giving me right info when i used the network share for backup file.

    How to restore and recover an Oracle database to a – Point in Time – using an on-line backup #recover #database #until #time


    How to restore and recover an Oracle database to a ‘Point in Time’ using an on-line backup

    How to restore and recover an Oracle database to a ‘Point in Time’ using an on-line backup


    When restoring and recovering an Oracle database damaged by a user error or process failure, a very specific procedure must be followed.

    As an on-line backup of an open Oracle database is inconsistent or fuzzy, it is necessary to perform “Media Recovery” after physically restoring the lost data to disk in order to recover the consistency and relationship within the database at the time before the error occurred.

    Before the data and the database can be recovered and made consistent, all the backed up data files must be physically restored to disk. This restore must be performed from the MOST RECENT complete database backup set taken before the error or process failure occurred, and it must contain ALL the database data files including the control file and archived log files.

    The physical restore must be configured to “Restore over existing files”. If the database hasn’t already been put offline by the RDBMS start Server Manager. connect as i nternal and shut down the database with the abort option.
    Note. With the release of Oracle Database Server 9i . Server Manager and internal are no longer supported. Use SQL*Plus and connect sys as sysdba. See the Related Documents section at the bottom of this TechNote for this procedure.

    Restore all the data files contained in the backup to their original location

    After the data files have been restored to disk, they are inconsistent and to make the database consistent it must be recovered. The recover database command will start an Oracle process which will apply ( roll forward ) all transactions stored in the restored archived logs necessary to make the database consistent again . The recovery process must run up to a point that corresponds with the time just before the error occurred after which the log sequence must be reset to prevent any further system changes from being applied to the database. It is therefore necessary to use the recover until command. This will recover the database by applying archived transaction logs up until a point specified in the command. The recover database until command supports three clauses that will abort the recovery process at a specified point:

    • recover database until cancel recovers the database applying one log file at a time until the recovery process is manually canceled
    • recover database until time 'YYYY-MM-DD:HH24:MI:SS' recovers the database to a specified point in time
    • recover database until change scn recovers the database to a specified system change number ( SCN)

    The following example demonstrates using the recover database until command with the cancel clause.

    In the alert log ( SID ALRT.LOG, ) locate and note down the log sequence number of the last log archived before the error occurred. This will be needed to terminate the recovery at the desired point.

    Restart the database to a mounted but not open state:

    With the database mounted, run the recover database until cancel command from svrmgr:

    svrmgr: recover database until cancel;

    Before Oracle applies each archived log sequence, it will return a message similar to the following suggesting an archived log to apply and allowing the operator to either continue or cancel the recovery:

    ORA-00279: Change 36579 generated at time/date needed for thread 1

    ORA-00289: Suggestion. \Oracle_Home\Oradata\ SID \%SID%T00036579.ARC

    Press Return until the archived log sequence determined by examining the alert log ( SID ALRT LOG) is reached, at which point type cancel to stop further recovery. Oracle will return the following message:

    Media recovery canceled.

    Restart the database with the resetlogs clause. This is necessary in order to synchronize the log sequence up to the point of recovery and to prevent any further system changes made after that point to be applied. The following command will restart the database and reset the logs:

    svrmgr alter database open resetlogs;

    The database is now recovered. Because the redo log sequence has been reset, it is vital to immediately take a fresh full database backup.

    Strict Transport Security in MVC: Implementing RequireHstsAttribute – DZone Security #programming, #software #development, #devops, #java, #agile, #web, #iot, #database, #mobile, #big #data, #cloudsecurity,https,asp.net #core,secure #connection


    Strict Transport Security in ASP.NET MVC: Implementing RequireHstsAttribute

    Strict Transport Security in ASP.NET MVC: Implementing RequireHstsAttribute

    Discover how to protect your applications from known and unknown vulnerabilities.

    HTTPS is the core mechanism for accessing web resources in a secure way. One of the limitations of HTTPS is the fact that the user can manually provide a URL which doesn’t contain the proper schema. In most cases, this will result in the application sending a redirect response which will tell the browser to re-request the resource using HTTPS. Unfortunately, this redirect creates a risk of a Man-in-the-Middle attack. Strict Transport Security is a security enhancement which allows web applications to inform browsers that they should always use HTTPS when accessing a given domain.

    Strict Transport Security defines Strict-Transport-Security header with two directives: required max-age and optional includeSubDomains. From the moment the browser receives the Strict-Transport-Security header, it should consider the host as a Known HSTS Host for the number of seconds specified in the max-age directive. Being a Known HSTS Host means that the browser should always use HTTPS for communication. In the initially described scenario (user providing HTTP schema or no schema at all), the browser should cancel the initial request by itself and change the schema to HTTPS. Specifying the includeSubDomains directive means that a given rule applies also to all subdomains of the current domain.

    In order to implement this behavior in an ASP.NET MVC application, we need to fulfill two requirements: issue a redirect when a request is being made with HTTP, and send the header when a request is being made with HTTPS. The first behavior is already available through RequireHttpsAttribute so we can inherit it – we just need to add the second.

    We can now use this attribute, for example, by adding it to our global filters collection.

    From this moment, our application will be enforcing HSTS. But the initial problem still has not been fully resolved – there is still that one redirect which can happen if the application is not accessed over HTTPS the first time. This is why HSTS Preload List has been created. This service allows for submitting domains which should be hardcoded, as Known HSTS Hosts, in the browsers – this removes the risk of that one potential redirect. The service is hosted by Google, but all major browsers vendors have stated that they will be using the submitted list of domains.

    If one wants to include his/her application on the HSTS Preload List, after submitting the domain additional steps needs to be taken. The application must confirm the submission by including preload directive in the Strict-Transport-Security header and fulfill some additional criteria:

    • Be HTTPS only and serve all subdomains over HTTPS.
    • The value of max-age directive must be at least eighteen weeks.
    • The includeSubdomains directive must be present.

    Some small adjustments to our attribute are needed in order to handle this additional scenario.

    Now we have full HSTS support with preloading in an easy to use attribute just waiting to be used in your application. You can find cleaned up source code here .

    Oracle Data Mining #database #mining #tools


    Oracle Data

    Scalable in-database predictive analytics


    Oracle Data Mining (ODM), a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Database Option, provides powerful data mining algorithms that enable data analytsts to discover insights, make predictions and leverage their Oracle data and investment. With ODM, you can build and apply predictive models inside the Oracle Database to help you predict customer behavior, target your best customers, develop customer profiles, identify cross-selling opportunties and detect anomalies and potential fraud.

    Algorithms are implemented as SQL functions and leverage the strengths of the Oracle Database. The SQL data mining functions can mine data tables and views, star schema data including transactional data, aggregations, unstructured data i.e. CLOB data type (using Oracle Text to extract tokens) and spatial data. Oracle Advanced Analytics SQL data mining functions take full advantage of database parallelism for model build and model apply and honor all data and user privileges and security schemes. Predictive models can be included in SQL queries, BI dashboards and embedded in real-time applications.

    Oracle Data Miner GUI

    Oracle Data Miner GUI. an extension to Oracle SQL Developer, enables data analysts, business analysts and data scientists to work directly with data inside the database using the graphical drag and drop workflow and component pallet. Oracle Data Miner work flows capture and document the user’s analytical methodology and can be saved and shared with others to automate analytical methodologies. Oracle Data Miner can generate SQL and PL/SQL scripts for model automation, scheduling and deployment throughout the enterprise.

    Oracle Data Miner creates predictive models that application developers can integrate into applications to automate the discovery and distribution of new business intelligence-predictions, patterns and discoveries throughout the enterprise.

    Technical Information

    Human resources database software #human #resources #database #software


    UConn Logo

    Smoking Cessation Resources and Programs for Employees

    Quitting smoking is very hard to do. Yet if you smoke, you know that quitting is the best thing you can do for your health. According to the State of Connecticut’s “Kick Ash” Campaign,

    • Smoking takes an average of 14 years off your life;
    • 1 of every 5 deaths in America is caused by smoking;
    • Smoking-related illness costs Americans more than $300 billion per year

    There are many available resources for those employees and students that would like to take the next step and quit smoking. Information regarding available resources is available on the Department of Human Resources website. Information regarding the University’s Smoking Policy as well as guidelines for supervisors and employees and frequently asked questions is also available on this website.

    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Accommodations
    • Employee Self Service (CORE-CT)
    • Learn about State of CT Defined Contribution Plans (403(b) and 457)
    • Promotion, Tenure Reappointment Information
    • View Professional job classification salary information (UCPEA)
    • Inform HR about a “Life Event” or Workplace Injury you have experienced
    • Reclassification information and form for non-teaching professionals
    • Request a leave of absence
    • Apply for a tuition waiver or reimbursement

    • Core-CT Implementation Project Readiness Council Members
    • Faculty Staff Labor Relations
    • Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)
    • Hotel Development at UConn
    • HR University Policies
    • Payroll Office
    • Personnel File Contents (Official) Frequently Asked Questions
    • University Organizational Charts

    Access Password Recovery #lost,forgotten, #forgot,ms #access,database,user,password,recovery, #reveal,crack,decryption,break,tool


    LastBit Access Password Recovery

    Did you lost or forgot Access password?
    Try our FREE Access Password Demo to reveal your forgotten password.

    1) All versions of MS Access (from 2.0 through 2010) are supported.
    2) Database passwords for old Access databases (2003 and earlier) can be revealed instantly.
    3) Guaranteed Password Recovery Service for Access 2007
    4) Access 2010 Password Recovery Service
    5) Fast and optimized password decryption.
    6) Easy to use interface! No complicated options: just “run it and get it” approach.
    7) Full install/uninstall support.

    Supported File Types:


    • Unlimited password length.
    • Guaranteed recovery for one document.
    • 1-year free upgrade.
    • 30 days money back guarantee.
    • Free support.
    • The DEMO version is able to recover short passwords only (up to 3 characters long).
    • Guaranteed Recovery Service for Access 2007 is available for registered users only.

    Password Breaking in Access

    MS Access uses the underlying Jet Database Engine. Using Access Password, you can reveal passwords for any Jet databases, not only Access databases.

    Note that the security model in MS Access is quite complex (although it is insecure). There are two different password types: user passwords and database passwords. Read this article for more information on Access password types. Note that database passwords were introduced in Access 95. MS Access v2.0 does not support database passwords. In MS Access 2007, the security model has been redesigned; database security has been improved, and user passwords have been removed at all. You can find more information on password types in MS Access in this article .

    Database passwords for old Access databases (2003 and earlier) can be recovered instantly. To recover Access 2007 passwords, you have to use the universal password recovery methods. such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack. This may take a long time if the password is long and complex. Fortunately, we offer a unique Guaranteed Access 2007 Password Recovery Service. You can recover any password-protected Access 2007 database within 48 hours – regardless of the password length (databases created with earlier versions of Access can be recovered instantly). You can find further information on Guaranteed Access 2007 Password Recovery Service here. In Access 2010 password protection has been redesigned once again. Now Access 2010 uses the same password protection scheme as do other Office applications, such as Word, Excel or OneNote. This password protection scheme is very hard to break; Access 2010 password recovery is an extremely challenging task. Find more information here .

    User passwords are stored in a so-called system database (.mda (old Access 2.0) or .mdw (modern versions) file).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: the system database is required to crack a user password. If the system database is lost, there is no way to recover user passwords. If your system database is lost, please contact us for further information). To recover a database password, select the database itself (.mdb or .mde file). To recover user passwords, select the system database (.mda or .mdw file).

    Access Password can automatically find the currently registered system database. Note that it is very important to use the correct system database. Often password problems with Access databases are caused by using an improper system database.

    Note: We recover lost or forgotten passwords to Access password-protected files, but if your file is corrupted or damaged you can use use special data recovery tools. more information .

    VBA Password

    • Access Password does not recover passwords to VBA Modules in Access databases. If you need to recover such a password, use our VBA Password

    All in one MegaPack!

    • All you ever need to fix your password problems in MS Office.

    OctoPASS – Distributed Password Recovery System!

    • Multiple servers working together to attack your password.
    • Utilize all your hardware.
    • Full control, advanced statistics, maximum power.

    Recomended for power users having multiple hardware resources.

    Broken databases If a database is broken, Access may erroneously ask for a password. There is no chance to recover such database with any password recovery tool. Access databases often get broken due to a horrible bug made by Microsoft in Office XP. This bug is confirmed (and fixed in the later releases) by Microsoft, more information can be found here. There is a well-known auto-replace feature in MS Word, for example, Word replaces a (c) sequence with a single copyright character. In all databases broken because of this bug, the reverse replacement was performed. The 0a9h byte is replaced with a (c) sequence (ASCII 0a9h is a copyright symbol), 0aeh – (r) and so forth. As a result Access databases are broken and there is a little chance to convert them back. If you open a broken database with a HEX editor you’ll see, for instance, the ‘(c)’ text at offset 21h while the 0a9h byte must be there. Access Password can detect a broken database and raise a warning that the database is broken rather than password-protected. We can try to recover your broken database manually but please note that it is a rather expensive service. Email us for a price quote. In your letter, please specify the size of your database.

    Download Access Password Demo

    SQL: Crear la base de datos #sql, #dbms, #modello #relazionale, #relazione, #database, #foreign #key, #publication, #author, #person, #publisher, #institution, #thesis, #jdbc, #odbc, #esql, #code, #default, #postgresql, #gratis, #gratuito, #free, #corso, #guida, #elemento, #creazione, #


    Crear la base de datos

    Una base de datos en un sistema relacional estпїЅ compuesta por un conjunto de tablas, que corresponden a las relaciones del modelo relacional. En la terminologпїЅa usada en SQL no se alude a las relaciones, del mismo modo que no se usa el tпїЅrmino atributo, pero sпїЅ la palabra columna, y no se habla de tupla, sino de lпїЅnea. A continuaciпїЅn se usarпїЅn indistintamente ambas terminologпїЅas, por lo que tabla estarпїЅ en lugar de relaciпїЅn, columna en el de atributo y lпїЅnea en el de tupla, y viceversa.
    PrпїЅcticamente, la creaciпїЅn de la base de datos consiste en la creaciпїЅn de las tablas que la componen. En realidad, antes de poder proceder a la creaciпїЅn de las tablas, normalmente hay que crear la base de datos, lo que a menudo significa definir un espacio de nombres separado para cada conjunto de tablas. De esta manera, para una DBMS se pueden gestionar diferentes bases de datos independientes al mismo tiempo sin que se den conflictos con los nombres que se usan en cada una de ellas. El sistema previsto por el estпїЅndar para crear los espacios separados de nombres consiste en usar las instrucciones SQL “CREATE SCHEMA”. A menudo, dicho sistema no se usa (o por lo menos no con los fines y el significado previstos por el estпїЅndar), pero cada DBMS prevпїЅ un procedimiento propietario para crear una base de datos. Normalmente, se amplпїЅa el lenguaje SQL introduciendo una instrucciпїЅn no prevista en el estпїЅndar: “CREATE DATABASE”.
    La sintaxis empleada por PostgreSQL, pero tambiпїЅn por las DBMS mпїЅs difundidas, es la siguiente:

    CREATE DATABASE nombre_base de datos

    Con PostgreSQL estпїЅ a disposiciпїЅn una orden invocable por shell Unix (o por shell del sistema usado), que ejecuta la misma operaciпїЅn:

    createdb nombre_base de datos

    Para crear nuestra base de datos bibliogrпїЅfica, usaremos pues la orden:

    Una vez creada la base de datos, se pueden crear las tablas que la componen. La instrucciпїЅn SQL propuesta para este fin es:

    CREATE TABLE nombre_tabla (
    nombre_columna tipo_columna [ clпїЅusula_defecto ] [ vпїЅnculos_de_columna ]
    [. nombre_columna tipo_columna [ clпїЅusula_defecto ] [ vпїЅnculos_de_columna ]. ]
    [. [ vпїЅnculo_de tabla]. ] )

    nombre_columna. es el nombre de la columna que compone la tabla. SerпїЅa mejor no exagerar con la longitud de los identificadores de columna, puesto que SQL Entry Level prevпїЅ nombres con no mпїЅs de 18 caracteres. ConsпїЅltese, de todos modos, la documentaciпїЅn de la base de datos especпїЅfica. Los nombres tienen que comenzar con un carпїЅcter alfabпїЅtico.

    tipo_columna. es la indicaciпїЅn del tipo de dato que la columna podrпїЅ contener. Los principales tipos previstos por el estпїЅndar SQL son:

    • CHARACTER(n)
      Una cadena de longitud fija con exactamente n caracteres. CHARACTER se puede abreviar con CHAR
    Una cadena de longitud variable con un mпїЅximo de n caracteres. CHARACTER VARYING se puede abreviar con VARCHAR o CHAR VARYING.

    Un nпїЅmero estero con signo. Se puede abreviar con INT. La precisiпїЅn, es decir el tamaпїЅo del nпїЅmero entero que se puede memorizar en una columna de este tipo, depende de la implementaciпїЅn de la DBMS en cuestiпїЅn.

    Un nпїЅmero entero con signo y una precisiпїЅn que no sea superior a INTEGER.

  • FLOAT(p)
    Un nпїЅmero con coma mпїЅvil y una precisiпїЅn p. El valor mпїЅximo de p depende de la implementaciпїЅn de la DBMS. Se puede usar FLOAT sin indicar la precisiпїЅn, empleando, por tanto, la precisiпїЅn por defecto, tambiпїЅn пїЅsta dependiente de la implementaciпїЅn. REAL y DOUBLE PRECISION son sinпїЅnimo para un FLOAT con precisiпїЅn concreta. TambiпїЅn en este caso, las precisiones dependen de la implementaciпїЅn, siempre que la precisiпїЅn del primero no sea superior a la del segundo.

  • DECIMAL(p,q)
    Un nпїЅmero con coma fija de por lo menos p cifras y signo, con q cifras despuпїЅs de la coma. DEC es la abreviatura de DECIMAL. DECIMAL(p) es una abreviatura de DECIMAL(p,0). El valor mпїЅximo de p depende de la implementaciпїЅn.

    Un periodo de tiempo (aпїЅos, meses, dпїЅas, horas, minutos, segundos y fracciones de segundo).

    Un instante temporal preciso. DATE permite indicar el aпїЅo, el mes y el dпїЅa. Con TIME se pueden especificar la hora, los minutos y los segundos. TIMESTAMP es la combinaciпїЅn de los dos anteriores. Los segundos son un nпїЅmero con coma, lo que permite especificar tambiпїЅn fracciones de segundo.

  • clпїЅusula_defecto. indica el valor de defecto que tomarпїЅ la columna si no se le asigna uno explпїЅcitamente en el momento en que se crea la lпїЅnea. La sintaxis que hay que usar es la siguiente:

    donde valor es un valor vпїЅlido para el tipo con el que la columna se ha definido.

    vпїЅnculos_de_columna. son vпїЅnculos de integridad que se aplican a cada atributo concreto. Son:

    • NOT NULL, que indica que la columna no puede tomar el valor NULL.
    • PRIMARY KEY, que indica que la columna es la llave primaria de la tabla.
    • una definiciпїЅn de referencia con la que se indica que la columna es una llave externa hacia la tabla y los campos indicados en la definiciпїЅn. La sintaxis es la siguiente:

    Las clпїЅusulas ON DELETE y ON UPDATE indican quпїЅ acciпїЅn hay que ejecutar en el caso en que una tupla en la tabla referenciada sea eliminada o actualizada. De hecho, en dichos casos en la columna referenciante (que es la que se estпїЅ definiendo) podrпїЅa haber valores inconsistentes. Las acciones pueden ser:

    • CASCADE: eliminar la tupla que contiene la columna referenciante (en el caso de ON DELETE) o tambiпїЅn actualizar la columna referenciante (en el caso de ON UPDATE).
    • SET DEFAULT: asignar a la columna referenziante su valor de defecto.
    • SET NULL: asignar a la columna referenciante el valor NULL.
  • un control de valor, con el que se permite o no asignar un valor a la columna en funciпїЅn del resultado de una expresiпїЅn. La sintaxis que se usa es:

    donde expresiпїЅn_condicional es una expresiпїЅn que ofrece verdadero o falso.
    Por ejemplo, si estamos definiendo la columna COLUMNA1, con el siguiente control:

    CHECK ( COLUMNA1 1000 )

    en dicha columna se podrпїЅn incluir sпїЅlo valores inferiores a 1000.

  • vпїЅnculo_de_tabla. son vпїЅnculos de integridad que se pueden referir a mпїЅs columnas de la tabla. Son:

    • la definiciпїЅn de la llave primaria:

    PRIMARY KEY ( columna1 [. columna2. ] ) VпїЅase que en este caso, a diferencia de la definiciпїЅn de la llave primaria como vпїЅnculo de columna, пїЅsta se puede formar con mas de un atributo.

  • las definiciones de las llaves externas:

    FOREIGN KEY ( columna1 [. columna2. ] ) definiciones_de_referencia

    La definiciпїЅn_de_referencia tiene la misma sintaxis y significado que la que puede aparecer como vпїЅnculo de columna.

  • un control de valor, con la misma sintaxis y significado que el que se puede usar como vпїЅnculo de columna.

  • Para aclarar mejor el uso de la instrucciпїЅn CREATE TABLE, veamos algunas пїЅrdenes que implementan la base de datos bibliogrпїЅfica ejemplificada.

    CREATE TABLE Publication (
    type CHAR(18) NOT NULL

    La instrucciпїЅn anterior crea la tabla Publication, formada por las dos columna ID de tipo INTEGER, y type de tipo CHAR(18). ID es la llave primaria de la relaciпїЅn. En el atributo type hay un vпїЅnculo de no nulidad.

    title VARCHAR(160) NOT NULL,
    publisher INTEGER NOT NULL REFERENCES Publisher(ID),
    volume VARCHAR(16),
    series VARCHAR(160),
    edition VARCHAR(16),
    pub_month CHAR(3),
    pub_year INTEGER NOT NULL,
    note VARCHAR(255)

    Crea la relaciпїЅn Book, formada por nueve atributos. La llave primaria es el atributo ID, que es tambiпїЅn una llave externa hacia la relaciпїЅn Publication. Sobre los atributos title, publisher y pub_year hay vпїЅnculos de no nulidad. AdemпїЅs, el atributo publisher es una llave externa hacia la tabla Publisher.

    CREATE TABLE Author (
    publicationID INTEGER REFERENCES Publication(ID),
    PRIMARY KEY (publicationID, personID)

    Crea la relaciпїЅn Author, compuesta por dos atributos: publicationID y personID. La llave primaria en este caso estпїЅ formada por la combinaciпїЅn de los dos atributos, como estпїЅ indicado por el vпїЅnculo de tabla PRIMARY KEY. PublicationID es una llave externa hacia la relaciпїЅn Publication, mientras que personID lo es hacia la relaciпїЅn Person.

    El archivo create_biblio.sql contiene todas las пїЅrdenes necesarias para crear la estructura de la base de datos bibliogrпїЅfica ejemplificada.

    En PotgreSQL, por lo menos hasta la versiпїЅn 6.5.1, no se han implementado todavпїЅa los vпїЅnculos sobre las llaves externas. El parser acepta, de todos modos, las sintaxis SQL que le afectan, y por tanto los constructos FOREIGN KEY y REFERENCES no producen un error, sino sпїЅlo un warning.

    SQL SERVER – Restore Database Backup using SQL Script (T-SQL) – Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave #sql #restore #database


    SQL SERVER Restore Database Backup using SQL Script (T-SQL)

    In this blog post we are going to learn how to restore database backup using T-SQL script. We have already database which we will use to take a backup first and right after that we will use it to restore to the server. Taking backup is an easy thing, but I have seen many times when a user tries to restore the database, it throws an error.

    Step 1: Retrive the Logical file name of the database from backup.

    Step 2: Use the values in the LogicalName Column in following Step.

    Watch a 60 second video on this subject

    Let me know what you think of this blog post and if you use the T-SQL scripts displayed in this blog post, just let me know if it requires any improvement.

    I am trying to put together a script to restore a database from a different server with different credentials is this possible I am a tad lost on this

    FROM DISK = \\different server\folder\dbname.bak
    (Where can I state my username and password to access Different server )

    Nupur Dave is a social media enthusiast and and an independent consultant.

    PDF Downloads
    SQL Coding Standards
    SQL FAQ Download
    SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop
    Download SQL SERVER 2016 (FREE)
    SQL PASS Summit 2017 Discount $150 Code LC15SXW9

    Exclusive Newsletter

    Auto Warranty Companies Database Posted by Auto Pros USA #auto #jobs

    #auto warranty companies

    Auto warranty companies database is now posted for car owners by the AutoProsUSA.com company. These companies are offered to drivers seeking out better repair protection for a used automobile in the United States.


    We’ve assembled these companies, reviewed each policy and now provide broker data from companies that are securing the best policies for used automobiles for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

    Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

    Researching automotive warranties is one process that drivers go through when seeking a better protection plan for a used vehicle. The AutoProsUSA.com company is an auto referral center online and has now posted its auto warranty companies database at http://www.autoprosusa.com/auto-warranty .

    Instant database access is granted to all users of this company website to research automotive companies currently providing extended warranty protection for used vehicles. Most vehicles that are purchased through a used car dealer carry a warranty for a period of less than 90 days.

    Auto repairs have grown in price in many cities and hundreds of dollars might be required just for diagnostics to diagnose a problem, said a warranty specialist for the Auto Pros company.

    The extended plans that are currently offered through some companies online provide one affordable way that a vehicle owner can protect a car, truck or sport utility vehicle from the most expensive types of repairs that can happen to a vehicle with higher than regular mileage.

    We ve assembled these companies, reviewed each policy and now provide broker data from companies that are securing the best policies for used automobiles for the U.S. and Canadian markets, the specialist concluded.

    Recent information published by the Auto Pros company has revealed that engines, transmissions, undercarriage parts and modules that are used to generate engine codes are among the most expensive to repair or replace.

    The immediate access that is now granted to car owners seeking a better warranty policy is one example of a programmed database this year launched by the AutoProsUSA.com company.

    A similar search feature currently exists on the company website to help drivers locate affordable auto insurance policies without making phone calls for policy negotiations.

    About Auto Pros USA

    The Auto Pros USA company now provides direct auto warranty information and insurance policy details to its thousands of consumers using its resource online daily to find used auto parts and related services. This company employs its staff of employees who are trained in all areas of the auto industry. The AutoProsUSA.com company first launched in 2012 and has maintained its presence in the automotive industry online as a resource to find discount parts, services and other accessories that are frequently purchased daily online in all portions of the United States.

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    Creating an Email Blast

    Creating an email blast to market your products to your email list can be very easy or very hard. The difference is found in your email service provider.

    If you are able to basic formatting in MS Word, you will probably be able to use and modify email blast templates to create a unique email blast on your own.

    Reputable email service providers will have dozens of templates and an easy to use interface where you can craft your message. Once your message is ready, most email providers have a tool that will help you upload your list and schedule your send.

    We advise all clients to sign up with multiple email blast companies and create test email blast campaigns in order to find out which one is the easiest to use. Below you will find links to get a free trial from top email service providers. All of the email blast companies below have great support and are very user friendly.

    Remember, with all online marketing, you have only seconds to capture the attention of your prospects. By keeping your design viewable with out scrolling, you will increase response rates.

    Create your email blast today – Free Trial (use links below)

    Sign up for a free trial with the most popular email service providers. Send a few email blasts for free through each email company, then keep the one that works best for you.

    Each of the email blast companies below offers a free trial where you can send your free email blast. We’ve ranked them with the largest free email blast first.

    Free Email Blast Promotion

    1. StreamSend – We prefer StreamSend over all the others. Their setup is easy to use, intuitive and not very expensive. We prefer StreamSend because they charge based on emails sent, not the size of your list. This is important for people who might send once or twice a month.
    2. Awebber – A great platform for people who want to try their hand at marketing automation – where you create a email sales campaign and then send on a time delay (ex. 1 email per day for 7 days.) Awebber charges based on the size of your list, so they may be a good choice if you plan on sending once a week or more.
    3. GetResponse – For marketers looking for more than just an email service provider, GetResponse provides multi-media email blast capabilities, cross-channel tracking and automation, GetResponse may be for you. Not quite as easy to use as StreamSend, but more features. If you want to combine email marketing with social marketing and video, then GetResponse has the tools to do the job.

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    If you find this article valuable please share it on your blog or website with this code:

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    What is Database (DB)? Webopedia Definition #database, #database #management, #db, #electronic #filing, #developer, #webopedia, #define, #glossary, #dictionary



    Related Terms

    (1) Often abbreviated DB, a database is basically a collection of information organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data. You can think of a database as an electronic filing system .

    Traditional databases are organized by fields . records . and files . A field is a single piece of information; a record is one complete set of fields; and a file is a collection of records. For example, a telephone book is analogous to a file. It contains a list of records, each of which consists of three fields: name, address, and telephone number.

    An alternative concept in database design is known as Hypertext . In a Hypertext database, any object. whether it be a piece of text. a picture, or a film, can be linked to any other object. Hypertext databases are particularly useful for organizing large amounts of disparate information, but they are not designed for numerical analysis.

    To access information from a database, you need a database management system (DBMS) . This is a collection of programs that enables you to enter, organize, and select data in a database.

    (2) Increasingly, the term database is used as shorthand for database management system. There are many different types of DBMSs, ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to huge systems that run on mainframes .

    data warehouse

    database engine

    This chat guide lists more than 1,460 text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate today’s texting lingo. Read More

    From keyword analysis to backlinks and Google search engine algorithm updates, our search engine optimization glossary lists 85 SEO terms you need. Read More

    Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems for personal computers. In this article we look at the history of Microsoft operating. Read More

    Computer architecture provides an introduction to system design basics for most computer science students. Read More

    Networking fundamentals teaches the building blocks of modern network design. Learn different types of networks, concepts, architecture and. Read More

    Java is a high-level programming language. This guide describes the basics of Java, providing an overview of syntax, variables, data types and. Read More

    Security Assessment, VAPT, ECSA Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Muscat, Qatar, Dubai, Certified Security Analyst, Ethical Hacking, GPEN, Penetration Tester, Network Security Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Assessment, Bootcamp, Workshop #security #assessment, #vapt, #ecsa #training, #certified #security #analyst, #ethical #hacking, #gpen, #penetration #tester, #network #security #testing, #web #application #security #testing, #assessment, #bootcamp, #workshop, #bangalore, #chennai, #mumbai, #pune, #delhi, #gurgaon, #noida, #muscat, #qatar, #dubai, #pt, #penetration #testing, #va, #vulnerability #assessment, #countermeasures, #encryption, #patch #management, #perimeter #defense, #database #security, #firewall #architecture, #intrusion #analysis, #network #attacks, #network #scanning, #os #security, #system #hacking, #black #box #penetration #testing, #grey #box #penetration #testing, #white #box #penetration #testing, #aes, #advanced #encryption #standard, #backdoors, #bou, #buffer #overflow #utility, #brute #force #attack, #brutus, #burp #suite, #code #analysis, #code #injection #attack, #cross #site #request #forgery, #cross #site #scripting, #cryptography, #data #breach, #data #encryption #standard, #data #execution #prevention, #ddos, #distributed #denial #of #service, #dmz, #demilitarized #zone, #dos, #denial #of #service, #dep, #des, #digital #signature, #directory #traversal, #emet, #enhanced #mitigation #experience #toolkit, #enumeration, #footprinting, #gak, #government #access #to #keys, #google #hacking, #hacktivism, #hijacking #webservers, #honeypots, #ibm #appscan, #identify #theft, #ids, #intrusion #detection #system, #ip #address #spoofing, #ips, #intrusion #prevention #system, #keystroke #loggers, #kismet, #ldap #injection, #linux #hacking, #malware, #man-in-the-middle #attack, #metasploit #architecture, #nessus, #nmap, #packet #sniffing, #paros, #password #cracking, #phishing, #pki, #public #key #infrastructure, #privilege #escalation, #reconnaissance, #rsa, #rivest #shamir #adleman, #rootkits, #san #cwe #top #25, #sha, #secure #hashing #algorithm, #ssh, #secure #shell, #ssl, #secure #sockets #layer, #session #hijacking, #snmp, #simple #network #management #protocol, #siv, #system #integrity #verifiers, #snort, #social #engineering, #solar #winds, #spyware, #sql #injection, #steganography, #thread #modeling, #threat #profiling, #tls, #transport #layer #security, #trojans, #utm, #unified #threat #management, #virus, #wep #encryption, #wepcrack, #worms, #wpa #cracking


    A penetration test is done to evaluate the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack by a malicious user / hacker. The process involves active exploitation of security vulnerabilities that may be present due to poor or improper system configuration, known and / or unknown hardware or software flaws, or operational weaknesses in process or design.

    This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker, to determine feasibility of an attack and the resulting business impact of a successful exploit. Usually this is presented with recommendations for mitigation or a technical solution.

    About this workshop

    This workshop gives an in-depth perspective of penetration testing approach and methodology that covers all modern infrastructure, operating systems and application environments.

    This workshop is designed to teach security professionals the tools and techniques required to perform comprehensive information security assessment.

    Participants will learn how to design, secure and test networks to protect their organization from the threats hackers and crackers pose. This workshop will help participants to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the security of their organization s infrastructure.

    This 40 hour highly interactive workshop will help participants have hands on understanding and experience in Security Assessment.

    A proper understanding of Security Assessment is an important requirement to analyze the integrity of the IT infrastructure.

    Expertise in security assessment is an absolute requirement for a career in information security management and could be followed by management level certifications like CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC and ISO 27001.

    There are many reasons to understand Security Assessment:

    • Prepare yourself to handle penetration testing assignments with more clarity
    • Understand how to conduct Vulnerability Assessment
    • Expand your present knowledge of identifying threats and vulnerabilities
    • Bring security expertise to your current occupation
    • Become more marketable in a highly competitive environment

    Therefore this workshop will prepare you to handle VA / PT assignments and give you a better understanding of various security concepts and practices that will be of valuable use to you and your organization.

    This workshop will significantly benefit professionals responsible for security assessment of the network / IT infrastructure.

    • IS / IT Specialist / Analyst / Manager
    • IS / IT Auditor / Consultant
    • IT Operations Manager
    • Security Specialist / Analyst
    • Security Manager / Architect
    • Security Consultant / Professional
    • Security Officer / Engineer
    • Security Administrator
    • Security Auditor
    • Network Specialist / Analyst
    • Network Manager / Architect
    • Network Consultant / Professional
    • Network Administrator
    • Senior Systems Engineer
    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Administrator

    Anyone aspiring for a career in Security Assessment would benefit from this workshop. The workshop is restricted to participants who have knowledge of ethical hacking countermeasures.

    The entire workshop is a combination of theory and hands-on sessions conducted in a dedicated ethical hacking lab environment.

    • The Need for Security Analysis
    • Advanced Googling
    • TCP/IP Packet Analysis
    • Advanced Sniffing Techniques
    • Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus
    • Advanced Wireless Testing
    • Designing a DMZ
    • Snort Analysis
    • Log Analysis
    • Advanced Exploits and Tools
    • Penetration Testing Methodologies
    • Customers and Legal Agreements
    • Rules of Engagement
    • Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling
    • Pre Penetration Testing Checklist
    • Information Gathering
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • External Penetration Testing
    • Internal Network Penetration Testing
    • Routers and Switches Penetration Testing
    • Firewall Penetration Testing
    • IDS Penetration Testing
    • Wireless Network Penetration Testing
    • Denial of Service Penetration Testing
    • Password Cracking Penetration Testing
    • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
    • Stolen Laptop, PDAs and Cell phones Penetration Testing
    • Application Penetration Testing
    • Physical Security Penetration Testing
    • Database Penetration testing
    • VoIP Penetration Testing
    • VPN Penetration Testing
    • War Dialing
    • Virus and Trojan Detection
    • Log Management Penetration Testing
    • File Integrity Checking
    • Blue Tooth and Hand held Device Penetration Testing
    • Telecommunication and Broadband Communication Penetration Testing
    • Email Security Penetration Testing
    • Security Patches Penetration Testing
    • Data Leakage Penetration Testing
    • Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion
    • Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing
    • Penetration Testing Report Analysis
    • Post Testing Actions
    • Ethics of a Penetration Tester
    • Standards and Compliance

    Microsoft Access Sales Lead #microsoft,access,calendar,employee,database,lead, #prospect, #call #log, #interaction, #followup, #tracking, #template,month,week,day,bi-weekly #


    Microsoft Access Sales Lead/Prospect Tracking Database/Template

    Microsoft Access Sales Lead/Prospect Tracking Database/Template

    Purchase Price

    $249.99 – Internal Use – This product allows you to use this database template however you wish within your organization.

    $399.99 – Unlimited Developer Use – This version allows you to use this database template however you wish for any applications you develop and distribute.

    $99.99 Compiled Run-time Version – This version can be integrated into your existing Access application, but you will not be able to make any modifications to the forms, reports, modules, etc. This option is for those who do not see any need to make any customizations to the template.

    Download a Demonstration

    The Microsoft Access Sales Lead/Prospect Tracking Database is a full-featured system built all in Microsoft Access tables, forms, reports, and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code which allows you to record and track sales lead/prospects. Based upon some of the concepts of the Microsoft Outlook Calendar modules, this database template has the advantage of being fully 100% Microsoft Access based. This aspect allows for tight integration into your existing Access Database. The Sales Lead/Prospect Tracking database offers a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly view of lead/prospect interactions, as well as a form for creating and maintaining a sales lead/prospect event. The Sales Lead/Prospect Tracking Database also includes pre-built daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reports.

    Please note that this is a template database. If it does not meet your needs 100%, and you are unable to customize it yourself, let WSI know and we will provide a quote to develop the customizations you need to get you exactly what you want in your Sales Lead/Prospect Tracking System.

    This version contains all the features in our Standard Calendar Database/Template. but adds the ability for you to set up a sales lead/prospect event for a specific employee and assign that employee to a department. You can then filter the calendar you are viewing by that employee or department to get just a view of that employee s or department s sales lead/prospect events by either the date or the followup date. The calendar also includes the ability to import and/or export your data to and from Outlook.

    If you are interested in a VB.NET. C#.NET or ASP.NET version of this template, please Contact us for more details.

    Sample Screens

    Download a Demonstration

    Download a demo version for free to test! The demo version is in Access 2007, which will work on either Access 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. If you need a previous version of Access to try, please Contact Us. Please note that the demo version of the software is fully functional, but does not store any data once you close the database; the full version of the software, available for purchase, stores data in the database permanently.

    The full version of the database is a standard Access Database file. You will have full access to the database window, all design objects, the visual basic project code, and you will be able to modify or add to the design in any way you wish (this does not apply to the run-time/compiled versions). If you lack the time to integrate this database into your system, please Contact Us and we will be glad to help with your integration process. If you like the basics of what you see in the database, but need enhancements to make the system functional for your business, please Contact Us and we will develop a quote for you to implement the additional features and enhancements that you require.

    Purchase Prices

    $249.99 – Internal Use – This product allows you to use this database template however you wish within your organization.

    $399.99 – Unlimited Developer Use – This version allows you to use this database template however you wish for any applications you develop and distribute.

    $99.99 – Compiled Run-time Version – This version can be integrated into your existing Access application, but you will not be able to make any modifications to the forms, reports, modules, etc. This option is for those who do not see any need to make any customizations to the template.

    Once your purchase is complete – you will receive an email with a link to download the full version of the database.

    If you need any help implementing this function or modifications made for your needs, please Click Here to get a free quote for your Microsoft Access Development needs.

    Click Here to learn more about the WSI quoting process.


    “Once again, you guys have outdone yourself. The service and support you have provided has been the best I’ve ever experienced from a software development team. You guys have the best Access calendar GUI I’ve ever seen.”
    Mike Mattas
    New-Tech Systems
    Plainfield, IL

    “Thanks to all. Nice job on the changes. They look good, thanks for your quick response. “
    George Ells
    Tulip Systems, Inc.
    Pittsburgh, PA

    “Thanks for all your help. Your service is great as I find you and your team easy to deal with and very responsive in terms of getting the changes done.
    Great work.”
    Steve Da Silva
    Manager – Customer Support
    The Hospital for Sick Children
    Toronto Ontario Canada

    On October 5, 2015 I was working on an Access database program, and needed assistance to get it in use quickly. I found Winning Solutions via google/chat now, they contacted me with their programmer Andres Dominicci the next day. With the expertise of Andres the database was put in the store for use just 4 days later. The efficiency of his programming and the added benefit of video to refer back to in case of small adjustments brought what seemed like a daunting task into reality very quickly. You can get quick, efficient, trustworthy help directly into your office regardless of your location. This is utterly amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend this company for specialized projects in your office.

    Much thanks to Winning Solutions… Andres you are a winner!

    Debbie Hunt
    Glendon Bald Eagle Holdings Ltd.
    British Columbia, Canada

    Tim Kraska, Cloud Computing Database Research #tim #kraska, #research, #cloud, #cloud #computing, #consistency #rationing, #streaming, #data #management, #database



    I’m an Assistant Professor in the data management group of the Computer Science department at Brown University. My research focuses on interactive data exploration and Big Data management systems. This means my research group and I work along the whole system stack from the user interface over novel machine learning and new statistical methods to the ”guts” of database systems.

    For example, with Vizdom we are exploring a new user interface to fundamentally enable layman users to explore and build complex (ML) models, whereas with IDEA and Tupleware we develop new techniques to power the new workloads created by the next generation of user interfaces like Vizdom; the main challenge here is to to ensure interactive latencies regardless of the data size and type of operation. Similarly our work on auto-tuning for machine learning algorithms, MLbase TuPAQ. or our work on quantifying the risk factors of missing data, the unknown unknowns. aim to help users to make faster and more sustainable discoveries.

    Current Research Interests

    • Systems for Interactive Data Exploration
    • Infrastructure for rack-scale analytics and machine learning
    • Transaction processing over high-speed networks
    • New consistency and concurrency control models
    • Hybrid human-machine data management systems

    Research Projects

    In the following, a list of my current and past research projects:

    • VizDom – Data Exploration on Interactive Whiteboards
    • Tupleware – Redefining Modern Analytics on Modern Hardware
    • QUDE – Quantifying the Uncertainty in Data Exploration
    • MLBase – The Distributed Machine-Learning Management System
    • S-Store – A streaming OLTP system for big velocity applications
    • MDCC – The Fastest Strong Consistent Multi-Data Center Replication Protocol
    • CrowdDB – Answering Queries with Crowdsourcing
    • PIQL – Performance Insightful Query Language
    • Cloudy/Smoky – a distributed storage and streaming service in the cloud
    • Building a database on cloud infrastructure
    • CloudBench – a benchmark for the cloud
    • Zorba – a general purpose XQuery processor implementing in C++
    • MXQuery – A lightweight, full-featured Java XQuery Engine
    • Mapping Data to Queries (MDQ) – data integration with XQuery
    • XQIB – XQuery In the Browser

    Real Estate Appraisal Software #real #estate #appraisal #software, #real #estate, #appraisal #software, #real #estate #appraisal #software #developer, #appraisal #software #developer, #homeputer, #real, #estate, #appraisal, #software, #developer, #software #developer, #appraisal #forms, #forms, #house #sketch, #building #sketch, #sketching #software, #floor #plan #software, #digital #photo #software, #photo #printing #software, #photo #imaging #software, #digital #camera #photo #software, #scan #map, #label #map, #real #estate #valuation #software, #real #estate #valuation, #valuation #software, #market #price #appraisal, #multiple #regression, #regression, #regression #analysis, #sales #comparison #approach, #direct #sales #comparison, #database #management, #database, #bpo, #bpo #software, #broker #price #opinion #software, #collateral #valuation #software, #analytical, #mass #appraisal, #mass #appraisal #software, #assessor #software


    Software Package 1 of 2 – Forms Processing Software:

    A New and Improved, Intuitive, and Easy-to-Use
    Design and Layout of the Software
    Includes the latest Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,
    FHA, and VA Forms, Lender/Client Specific
    Forms, and AMC Specific Forms, USPAP
    Addenda, Map, Sketch, and Photo Addenda,
    Text/Image Addenda, and more.
    Free Building Sketch Processor
    Free Auto-Mapping – On-Line, and Up-To-Date –
    Subject and Comparables are Mapped and
    Labeled Along with the Straight Line Distances
    and Postal Equivalent Addresses. Also includes
    Aerial and Topographical Auto-Mapping. Maps
    Sales, Listings, and Rentals on One Map or
    Separate Maps.
    Free On-Line FEMA Flood Maps and Census
    Tract, Census Block, and Census Block Group,
    Directly From the Source, and the Most Accurate
    and Reliable
    Free Photo Imaging
    Free Signature Scan
    Adobe PDF Compatible
    GPAR General Purpose Appraisal Report
    New ERC� Summary Appraisal Report
    (Licensed Separately)
    UAD Ready – 100% Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac
    /FHA / FHA EAD / VA Compliant
    UAD and FHA EAD Compliance Checker –
    Checks Required Fields to Prevent UCDP and
    FHA EAD Hard Stops, Warnings, and Fatal
    Errors. Finds Errors and Helps you make the
    right corrections.
    Comp (CU) Consistency Checker – Allows you to
    check Subject and Comparable properties for
    prior use and inconsistencies in every report. It
    also allows you to select and re-use any prior
    Subject or Comparable property by inserting it
    into your new report along with the corresponding
    XML Delivery to Lenders and AMCs – MISMO 2.6
    GSE and non-GSE XML – 100% Fannie Mae /
    Freddie Mac / FHA / FHA EAD / VA Compliant
    AI Ready (AppraisalPort�. ENV, or XML
    StreetLinks Plug-In Delivery

    ACI HotSPOT and Sky Delivery Certified –
    Used by Major AMCs to process PDF, XML,
    and Native ACI formats.

    Digital Signature Security using RSA
    Encryption Technology per the new FHA EAD
    Specifications that can be used right now for any
    XML report
    100% Compatible to Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
    and XP, operating on any Desktop, Laptop,
    or Tablet. Easily go paperless in the field.
    Rock Solid Programming – No Glitches, No Bugs,
    No Lockups, and No Crashes
    AMC and Lender Compliant
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Expert and Prompt Technical Assistance 7 Days
    a Week

    Operates on any single monitor, or multiple
    monitors, touch screen or non-touch screen. A
    24 pivot monitor is shown below, rotated 90
    degrees to display the entire form.

    HomePuter� DMS v2.4 is a Database, Analysis, and Reporting System, for Sales and Listings, that uses Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis to Determine the Significant Variables, i.e. Location, Quality, Condition, GLA, etc. that Affect Market Value, and Determine the Adjustments (what Fannie Mae calls Market Derived Adjustments) for those Variables, Producing Accurate Sales Comparison Reports for Subject Properties with an Analysis that Supports the Adjustments.

    Developed over 37 years and now in its second version, HomePuter� DMS v2.4 is loaded with features, and built on decades of hard core professional appraisal and programming experience. As far back as 1980, HomePuter� DMS has been used professionally for appraisals in connection with Lenders, VA, FHA, Bankruptcy, Estates, Tax Appeals, Expert Testimony, Land Taking by the State, Measuring the Effects of Highway and Power Line Condemnations, Town Wide Reappraisal (mass appraisal), Speculation, and Private Individuals, for Residential, Condominium, Waterfront, Vacation, Small Residential Income, Commercial, Industrial, Farms, and Land.

    For Appraising . Residential, Condominium, Waterfront, Commercial, Industrial, Farm, and Land, in Urban, Suburban, and Rural locations

    The Best and Most Professional Real Estate Market Valuation Software

    Imports Comparable Sales or Listings Data from MLS or any other Data Source.

    Imported Data can be changed for accuracy and completeness, i.e. fully interactive.

    Uses Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis to analyze the data and determine the Significant Variables and Adjustments.

    Analyzes up to 31 Variables in One Analysis: Time, Location, Land Size and Topography and Shape, Frontage, View, Design, Quality, Age, Condition, Rooms, Bedrooms, Baths, GLA, Basement %, Finished Basement, Functional Utility, Heating/Cooling, Garage(s)/Carport, Pool(s), Porch( es ) / Patio(s) / Deck(s), Energy Efficient Items, Other Building(s), Fireplace(s), Units, Financing, Concessions, Days on Market, End Unit, Corner Location, Floor Location, HOA Mo. Assessment, and Common Elements.

    No more paired sales analysis, guess work, gut feeling, or programs with inferior analytics that omit pertinent variables from the Analysis. Note: Omitting pertinent variables, i.e. not analyzing all variables that can affect market value, can result in adjustments that are not dependable.

    All Adjustments are Market Derived and Made by the Analysis and the Analysis supports the Adjustments.

    Minimizes Fannie Mae CU feedback by supporting adjustments with the most comparable, accurate, and consistent market data and analysis.

    Fannie Mae Guidelines require Sales Comparison adjustments to be Market Derived, including the adjustments for Sales and Financing Concessions. Omitting pertinent variables, i.e. not analyzing all variables that can affect market value, can result in adjustments that are not dependable.

    Generates Sales or Listing Comparison Reports to Printer, PDF, or HomePuter� FPS

    O perates as stand-alone software, or as add-on software to the HomePuter� FPS software.

    High Degree of Accuracy – Exceeds Any Standards or Guidelines

    For All Types of Real Estate including land, in Urban, Suburban, Rural Locations

    Expert and Prompt Technical Assistance, Advice, and Guidance is 7 days a Week. This is the regression based system that is worth learning and using for your entire professional career.

    100 % Windows Based and 100% Compatible to Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Oracle Basic Database Audit #oracle #internals, #oracle #basic #database #audit


    Oracle Basic Audit

    How to see the database audit.

    SELECT * FROM dba_audit_trail;

    As a view this could be rootkitted therefore better to get the data from the underlying base table which is SYS.AUD$

    SELECT userid, action#, STATEMENT, OBJ$NAME, To_Char (timestamp#, ‘mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss’)
    FROM sys.aud$ ORDER BY timestamp# asc;

    Need to find out the actions and statement numbers from a separate table to make sense of the output.


    Oracle logging is done to the Database SYS.AUD$ though by default auditing is switched off except for mandatory auditing which is the shutdown, startup and SYS logons which are logged to the OS in this directory by default:

    Basic database auditing using the DB_EXTENDED setting can be quite useful as it allows the capture of SQL commands issued by users of the database. This is better than redo which only captures the changes to the data not the actual SQL entered. This is how to capture the actual SQL ran by users.

    SQL show user
    USER is SYS
    System altered.
    SQL show parameter audit_trail;

    Need to restart!
    SQL shutdown immediate;
    Database closed.
    Database dismounted.
    ORACLE instance shut down.
    SQL exit

    SQL audit select on dba_users by access whenever not successful;
    Audit succeeded.
    SQL select * from sys.aud$;
    no rows selected

    SQL select * from user_role_privs;

    —————————— —————————— — — —

    SQL select username, password from dba_users;

    select username, password from dba_users

    ERROR at line 1:

    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    SQL desc sys.aud$;
    Name Null? Type
    —————————————– ——– —————————-
    SPARE1 VARCHAR2(255)
    OBJ$LABEL RAW(255)
    SES$LABEL RAW(255)
    XID RAW(8)

    Now the auditor can select the actual SQL ran by the user.

    SQL select sqltext from sys.aud$;

    The extra audit information recorded using Extended database audit would be very useful to an Oracle forensics incident handler trying to deal with a hacked server. However Extend audit is quite a performance intensive way to audit. In fact many DBA?s will not use audit at all due to the performance hit. This is why basic audit is currently disabled by default, by Oracle in 10g. 11g is planned to have audit switched on by default and the performance disadvantage has been greatly reduced. This means that Extended audit could be recorded which would be very useful especially if it was archived and then referred back to in the case of either a suspected incident or the disclosure of a new vulnerability so that access to this vulnerability could be backtracked. One problem is that database audit is insecure as it is easy to delete by a user with DBA privileges given that the audit trail is simply a table in that database. This is why many DBA?s log to the OS as it is more difficult to get to from the DB. Oracle will always Audit privileged connections and startup/shutdowns to the OS which is often called Mandatory Audit. However the attacker who has gained DBA could still use UTL_FILE to delete the OS based logs as described in the previous sections.

    It would be preferable to be able to send audit to a separate log host that could NOT be accessed using the Oracle DBA credentials which may have been gained by the attacker. The need for a separate party to validate data in the DB is echoed by this paper describing a digital notarization service and the concerns over timestamp integrity.

    This paper is very interesting. A step in this direction would be Oracle audit logged to a separate log host where it can be correlated with all the other logs. This is the subject of the section 6.6 and is at the heart of a secure architecture. The last of the four core technical tasks during a forensic investigation is.

    This is an excerpt from the book Oracle Forensics: Oracle Security Best Practices , by Paul M. Wright, the father of Oracle Forensics.

    Burleson is the American Team

    Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals. Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum .

    Verifyexperience!Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications .

    Errata? Oracle technology is changing and we strive to update our BC Oracle support information. If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback. Just e-mail: and include the URL for the page.

    The Oracle of Database Support

    Copyright 1996 – 2016

    All rights reserved by Burleson

    Oracle is the registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.

    WP-DB-Backup – WordPress Plugins #database #backup


    WP-DB-Backup allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database.

    Released under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.


    1. Click the Tools or Manage menu in your WordPress admin area.

    Click the Backup sub-menu.

    The plugin will look for other tables in the same database. You may elect to include other tables in the backup.
    ** NOTE **
    Including other tables in your backup may substantially increase the size of the backup file!
    This may prevent you from emailing the backup file because it s too big.

    Select how you d like the backup to be delivered:

    * Download to your computer. this will send the backup file to your browser to be downloaded
    * Email. this will email the backup file to the address you specify

    1. Click Backup! and your database backup will be delivered to you.

    The filename of the backup file will be of the form
    DB = the name of your WordPress database, as defined in wp-config.php
    prefix = the table prefix for this WordPress blog, as defined in wp-config.php
    date = CCYYmmdd_B format: 20050711_039
    the B is the internet Swatch time.
    See the PHP date() function for details.

    When having the database backup emailed or sent to your browser for immediate download, the backup file will be deleted from the server when the transfer is finished.


    If you are using WordPress version 2.1 or newer, you can schedule automated backups to be sent to the email address
    of your choice.


    Thanks to following people for providing translation files for WP-DB-Backup:
    * Abel Cheung
    * Alejandro Urrutia
    * Alexander Kanakaris
    * Angelo Andrea Iorio
    * Calle
    * Daniel Erb
    * Daniel Villoldo
    * Diego Pierotto
    * Eilif Nordseth
    * Eric Lassauge
    * Friedlich
    * Gilles Wittezaele
    * Icemanpro
    * İzzet Emre Erkan
    * Jong-In Kim
    * Kaveh
    * Kessia Pinheiro
    * Kuratkoo
    * Majed Alotaibi
    * Michał Gołuński
    * Michele Spagnuolo
    * Paopao
    * Philippe Galliard
    * Robert Buj
    * Roger
    * Rune Gulbrandsøy
    * Serge Rauber
    * Sergey Biryukov
    * Tai
    * Timm Severin
    * Tzafrir Rehan
    * 吴曦

    Past Contributors

    skippy, Firas, LaughingLizard, MtDewVirus, Podz, Ringmaster


    1. Extract the wp-db-backup/ folder file to /wp-content/plugins/
    2. Activate the plugin at your blog s Admin – Plugins screen
    3. The plugin will attempt to create a directory /wp-content/backup-*/ inside your WordPress directory.
    4. You may need to make /wp-content writable (at least temporarily) for it to create this directory.
      For example:
      $ cd /wordpress/
      $ chgrp www-data wp-content (where www-data is the group your FTP client uses)
      $ chmod g+w wp-content


    How do I restore my database from a backup?

    Briefly, use phpMyAdmin, which is included with most hosting control panels. More details and links to further explanations are here .

    My backup stops or hangs without completing.

    If you edit the text of wp-db-backup.php in a text editor like Notepad, you’ll see around line 50 the following:

    Do what it says: un-comment MOD_EVASIVE_OVERRIDE and set it to true like so:

    That will slow down the plugin, and you can slow it even further by increasing the MOD_EVASIVE_DELAY number from 500.

    Better yet, put the lines that define the MOD_EVASIVE_OVERRIDE and MOD_EVASIVE_DELAY constants in your wp-config.php file, so your settings don t get erased when you upgrade the plugin.

    What is wp-db-backup.pot for?

    This files is used by non-English users to translate the display into their native language. Translators are encouraged to send me translated files, which will be made available to others here:

    Why are only the core database files backed up by default?

    Because it s a fairly safe bet that the core WordPress files will be successfully backed up. Plugins vary wildly in the amount of data that they store. For instance, it s not uncommon for some statistics plugins to have tens of megabytes worth of visitor statistics. These are not exactly essential items to restore after a catastrophic failure. Most poeple can reasonably live without this data in their backups.


    WP-DB-Backup has always been one of my must-have plugins for years! Not only do I use it on all of my sites, it s also one of the first things I install on my clients sites.

    As an Online Business Manager and web designer, I use it to make on-demand backups before and after I make changes to a website. I also use the scheduling feature for automatic backups.

    WP-DB-Backup has saved numerous business owners a lot of grief because I had a resent, clean backup of their database. Since I download the site files when I do the db backup it makes it easy to fix the site when something goes wrong.

    One of the things I like best about this plugin is that it s so simple. Not a lot of fluff. It just does the job and does it well.

    Thanks for the plugin, Austin. I don t know what I d do without it.

    A few years ago this was my must-have plugin for quick backups of WordPress and it s database. I used to run a somewhat large fansite and this plugin was an absolute lifesaver when it came to backing up the data. I don t ever recall having problems with it. I would set it up and have scheduled email backups sent and in ZIP format which I could then unpack on my desktop and reupload if need be. Even downloading straight to my computer was a breeze.

    But not anymore. It seems this plugin doesn t work with the latest version of WordPress (4.7.1). And that s absolutely heartbreaking to me since every other plugin I come across in the directory is subpar (and wants cash) compared to this one. But that s really my only gripe with this plugin and that is the fact that it does not seem to work anymore. Otherwise, it installed fine with no issues, but when it comes to the actual backing up the bar never goes beyond 0%. I ve started up with a small site again not much on it at the moment. If the plugin worked it wouldn t take but a few minutes to back everything up. Had this still worked I would ve given it five stars easily.

    Contributors Developers

    WP-DB-Backup is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

    Interested in development?



    • Remove backup directory use


    • Remove deprecated functionality
    • Do not attempt to delete non-existent files


    • Nonce check fix for localized WP users from Sergey Biryukov
    • Fix for gzipped files incorrect size.
    • Some styling improvements.
    • Fix for JS multiple checkbox selection.


    Auto Data, Automobile Owners Database, Auto Marketing Data #kendall #auto #group

    #auto data

    Multi-sourced and Recent Validation

    Ownership records are only added to the file after being validated by at least two sources, ensuring acute accuracy across the entire database. All records contain a last verification date as well as change of ownership information.

    Infutor s automotive database consistently out-performs other auto data files in the industry in accuracy, counts, and response rate.

    The file is updated and validated monthly from millions of proprietary sourced vehicle transactions, including more records within the past 7 years than any other file in the market.

    In addition, our automotive database is not derived from any state motor vehicle records and can be used for marketing purposes.

    Access our Automotive Database

    Infutor s Auto Data is accessible through:

    • QueryFlex. providing instant counts, breakdowns, and orders
    • PowerFlex. powerful batch processing for data and telephone appending
    • Real-Time Services. utilize our FlashBatch and FlashFind Real-Time technology for instant data validation and auto data lookup
    • Licensed Database Installation is also available

    More Information on Infutor s Auto Data

    Auto Data, Automobile Owners Database, Auto Marketing Data #auto #recycling

    #auto data

    Multi-sourced and Recent Validation

    Ownership records are only added to the file after being validated by at least two sources, ensuring acute accuracy across the entire database. All records contain a last verification date as well as change of ownership information.

    Infutor s automotive database consistently out-performs other auto data files in the industry in accuracy, counts, and response rate.

    The file is updated and validated monthly from millions of proprietary sourced vehicle transactions, including more records within the past 7 years than any other file in the market.

    In addition, our automotive database is not derived from any state motor vehicle records and can be used for marketing purposes.

    Access our Automotive Database

    Infutor s Auto Data is accessible through:

    • QueryFlex. providing instant counts, breakdowns, and orders
    • PowerFlex. powerful batch processing for data and telephone appending
    • Real-Time Services. utilize our FlashBatch and FlashFind Real-Time technology for instant data validation and auto data lookup
    • Licensed Database Installation is also available

    More Information on Infutor s Auto Data

    Auto Data, Automobile Owners Database, Auto Marketing Data #auto #dismantlers

    #auto data

    Multi-sourced and Recent Validation

    Ownership records are only added to the file after being validated by at least two sources, ensuring acute accuracy across the entire database. All records contain a last verification date as well as change of ownership information.

    Infutor s automotive database consistently out-performs other auto data files in the industry in accuracy, counts, and response rate.

    The file is updated and validated monthly from millions of proprietary sourced vehicle transactions, including more records within the past 7 years than any other file in the market.

    In addition, our automotive database is not derived from any state motor vehicle records and can be used for marketing purposes.

    Access our Automotive Database

    Infutor s Auto Data is accessible through:

    • QueryFlex. providing instant counts, breakdowns, and orders
    • PowerFlex. powerful batch processing for data and telephone appending
    • Real-Time Services. utilize our FlashBatch and FlashFind Real-Time technology for instant data validation and auto data lookup
    • Licensed Database Installation is also available

    More Information on Infutor s Auto Data