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Best Car Transport Carriers: Reviews and Costs for Auto Shipping Services

When you’re looking to ship a vehicle interstate or internationally, it’s beneficial to research car transport carriers to make sure you’re getting the best service for your money. Not only will you want a competitive price, but you’ll want to make sure the company you select offers upstanding customer service and the best safety practices to keep your automobile safe from harm. There are a few guidelines you should following when searching for reliable auto transport.

1. Find Car Transport Carriers

If you don’t live in a major city, you may have a difficult time locating car transport carriers in your local phone book. An online search will likely be your best bet for locating several dependable car shipping companies to compare. Numerous companies offer this type of service, and many have features and resources on their websites for such things as online quotes, upgraded services and real-time tracking. Many companies also offer shipping for boats, motorcycles and special care for vintage automobiles as well. An online quote is fairly easy to obtain, and you can use pricing and extra services to compare benefits of each auto transport company.

Several websites are available to help you to research reviews of car transport carriers. These websites provide ratings and comments systems and encourage people who have recently had a vehicle shipped to describe their experience for the benefit of potential future customers. Transport Reviews is the most popular, with reviews of over 1500 car transport carriers. This website provides a search functionality to filter by things like shipments within the last 30 days, size and type of transport business. You’ll see a 5-star rating system and customers have left comments to describe their experiences. Keep in mind that Transport Reviews also has compensated reviews. There is an option to remove these from the search, if you feel you could get a more accurate reflection of opinions from people who haven’t been paid to give their opinions. You may also find and to be helpful as well.

Once you’ve decided on a few car transport carriers that interest you, make contact via telephone. It’s important for you to have a direct line of communication with the people who will be shipping your expensive possessions from point A to point B. Often, once you’re on the phone with a company, you’ll get a better idea of how they do business. Customer service practices are an important indicator of how future problems may be handled and what kind of service you’ll likely receive. Make sure to select only car transport carriers that have a phone number published on the website, and you may wish to check consumer reporting agencies like the Better Business Bureau to be sure no complaints have been filed against them. Place a preliminary phone call and inquire about safety practices and upgraded services, like door-to-door delivery and insurance.

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We do autotransport. safe and for good price.

Looking for a Safe and Professional Car Shipping company? Don’t want to overpay or get stuck with bad professionals.

Thank you for submitting your request!


411 WALNUT STR NUM 4179,



David Beckham, while going on a trip abroad, except necessarily things for him, takes his favorite car. However, he’s not personally involved in the auto shipping, but transport companies that specializes in such special service – is. Lately, the customers’ demand for transporting of vehicles services has increased much, both from legal entities and private clients, and not necessarily celebrities. So the market needed professional car shipping companies with transparent prices and highly tailored service on high level.

Our car shipping company has operated in the moving market several years and is continually expanding the services portfolio offered to our customers. So today in addition to cargo transportation we offer shipping of cars with special equipment. The geography is not limited by US and we will deliver shipping cars in Europe, the CIS countries, and over the world. Our plan is to become the best car shipping company in US with attractive rates on our services.

    In our work we are adhered to the “gold standard” of logistics and guarantee delivery of every vehicle:
  • In the specified location;
  • Within a specified time;
  • Intact;
  • On the previously agreed and instant car shipping quote, which you may get while planning your trip.

Why it’s better to address to us while planning your trip to ship your car? Because we have experience in the matter of both – transporting of auto within the country and international transporting. Because the staff of our company is experts who know firsthand what the specifics of car shipping cost and what pitfalls you may meet while shipping your cars. Because we have our own auto park, equipped with the most modern equipment and cargo transport (for loading a car, unloading a car, fixtures etc.), that meet international standards by the manufacturability.

Shipping of any car is carried out on the technique which is specially created and equipped to transport cars. During working with the clients we are adhered to the personal approach and take into account all your wishes, demands and special conditions. As for cost – the car shipping quotes are transparent and easy calculated – you should just choose model and location (from/to). We always offer transportation of vehicles at the most affordable and economically reasonable auto shipping quotes for every client.

    For us every vehicle transportation (movewheels) is an individual project, which involves:
  • Developing of a transportation plan (shipping a car);
  • The selection of the optimal vehicle;
  • Elaboration of the route;
  • Calculation of the price (cost of shipping a car);
  • Additional services (if there is a request).

Despite the fact that the transportation is classified as one of the most complicated services for the transportation, while addressing to our company you can be sure that there will be the best service and your shipping car will be transported not only in time and to a certain place, but without any scratch or speck of dust. We save you from not only a “headache” for your car, but also from wasting your time on the order. We work quickly, easily, effectively and efficiently. offers transportation of cars with mileage, as well as new cars.

You can make a instant request (ship car) for the transportation of your car by phone or by filling out an online application form on the website. In any case, our managers will call you back to discuss all the details and the nuances of the future negotiation.

    Our experienced consultants will select the best type of transporter:
  • Indoor, which is equipped with special protective awning prevents contamination during transportation vehicles (ideal for new cars);
  • Open, which has an awning and board coating (car shipping rates), but is equipped with a special system to ensure safe transportation;
  • Tow truck with transporter functions (for the simultaneous transporting of several cars).

During the development of optimal routing of customer (shipping car), our experienced logistics is taking into account not only the complexity of the transport interchange, but also the risks associated with barriers which occur on the roadway (bearing arches, bridges, crossings, advertising design, hanging pipes and so on).

We do not just transporting of cars from one place to another; we ensure their forwarding support that allows us to guarantee the integrity and security of your auto. Each shipment is accompanied by the signing of a transparent and clear contract with understandable conditions for the providing of transportation services and the forming of the full package of documents, including insurance.

Our customers can travel on any transport in any direction (auto shipping quote), and be sure that their beloved car follows them, in the comfort and safety, with minimal car shipping costs. And all you need is contact us, tell us what auto you want to transport (ship a car), where are you going and when the trip is. All the next cares our company takes! And you will just be enjoying the trip.

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The SSAE 18 Reporting Standard SOC 1 SOC 2 SOC 3 Support and Guidance for SSAE18, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reporting standards

Some organizations have heard of SAS 70, SSAE 16. and soon to be SSAE 18. but, don t really know WHY they need to pay to have a bunch of auditors trounce through their company for a month or two during the year, especially right after their financial audit just finished.
The answer is simple: Many companies will not even think about using your company to perform services for them without a clean Type II Report in place.
Some benefits of having an SSAE 16 performed :

  • Ability to perform outsourcing services for Public Companies.
    • If performing financially significant duties for a Public Company, they are required to use a SSAE 16 qualified provider as it is the only way to give investors assurance over controls that are not performed by the Company in question.
  • Public and Private companies are more likely to trust your organization with their data.
    • If you were to trust a company with your data, you would want complete assurance it will be handled with the utmost care
  • A year round accessible knowledge source (your auditors).
    • As a service organization, large or small, you will always have questions regarding your business and having a set of auditors in place with access to a wide array of business knowledge, it will allow you to bounce your questions and concerns off of a group of trusted individuals.
  • A third party to review your controls and activities to ensure they are functioning appropriately, and give advice on how to improve upon them.
    • Sometimes your internal audit department is good, but, not always as stringent as they should be. This will help to serve as a check on their work, as well as your staff. Additionally, if there were any findings noted, your auditors are in a great position to give you some tricks and tips to improve to ensure everything functions well the following period.
  • Improving performance of the organization.
    • Just the knowledge that a review is being performed of an employee s work that can have far reaching consequences for the company as a whole. No more, Oh, I didn t realize that reviewing user access was THAT important to do this month, sorry , now, everyone knows that if it s not done, the success or failure of the organization could rest upon them.

Think of the SSAE 16 or SSAE-18 audit as an annual investment into your company, increasing potential new clients. productivity and accountability .

This tip is focused on designing controls that reflect the process being testing, if they don t, a headache of massive proportions will be created once testing begins.
What do you do to make sure you don t screw this up? Have as many meetings as it takes to get it right.
What you need to do is sit down with the auditors, the department lead, the main employees responsible for performing the process, and anyone else whom could either play a role in testing or modifying the control in the future. Once that is done, Management should discuss what they determined the control to be and how it should operate, that is then reviewed by the auditors, and then the employees performing the tasks should be reconsulted to verify that the control still reflects their process accurately.
Many times people try to speed this process up and half-ass it, leaving many open items which upon testing could easily blow up into a huge problem. When the control isn t 100% agreed upon prior to testing and a deviation is noted, it s a tough call between failing the control and the ability to adjust it to accurately reflect the process. The problem is modifying a control after testing has begun is not proper and needs to be avoided at all costs.
Locking the controls locked down early on could save weeks in wrapping up your new SSAE 16 Report.
We have seen issues like this cause delays in issuing of the report to the client and running additional fees, since adjusting controls isn t free. Coming from the perspective of the auditor, we can let you know the pitfalls, consequences and how to best navigate the audit process. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below!

A SOC 1 Report (System and Organization Controls Report ) is a report on Controls at a Service Organization which are relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting. The SOC1 Report is what you would have previously considered to be the standard SAS70, complete with a Type I and Type II reports, but falls under the SSAE 16 guidance (and soon to be SSAE 18 ).

Please see the following articles discussing the SSAE 16 guidance and additional information related to the SOC 1 (Type I and Type II) Reports:

In addition to the SOC 1 report which is restricted to controls relevant to an audit of a user entity’s financial statements, the SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports have been created to address controls relevant to operations and compliance and will be discussed in further detail in the future.

Please see the SOC 1 Reporting Guide page for additional information.

SSAE 16 is an enhancement to the current standard for Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization, the SAS70. The changes made to the standard will bring your company, and the rest of the companies in the US, up to date with new international service organization reporting standards, the ISAE 3402. The adjustments made from SAS 70 to SSAE 16 will help you and your counterparts in the US compete on an international level; allowing companies around the world to give you their business with complete confidence .

SSAE16 is now effective as of June 15, 2011, and if you have not made the necessary adjustments required, now is the time to find a quality provider to discuss the proper steps. All organizations are now required to issue their Service Auditor Reports under the SSAE 16 standards in an SOC 1 Report.

The soon to be effective, SSAE-18. is expected to follow a similar reporting structure to the SSAE-16 within a SOC 1 report.

Who Needs an SSAE 16 (SOC 1 ) Audit?

If your Company (the Service Organization ) performs outsourced services that affect the financial statements of another Company (the User Organization ), you will more than likely be asked to provide an SSAE16 Type II Report, especially if the User Organization is publicly traded.
Some example industries include:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Loan Servicing
  • Data Center /Co-Location/Network Monitoring Services
  • Software as a Service (SaaS )
  • Medical Claims Processors

What you Need to Know:

Before starting the SSAE 16 process, there are a number of considerations one must take into account that can save considerable time, effort, and money in the long run. Use the following items as a mini checklist for yourself:

  • Does my Company need an SSAE16, or, are we doing it just because someone asked?
  • Reports on the low end can run at least $15,000 a year, will the business lost be less of a burden than the cost of the report itself?
  • Does your company have defined Business Process and IT controls in place, or, will you need assistance developing and implementing them (readiness assessment)?
  • Have you determined the controls in place which affect the outsourced services being provided?
  • Have key stakeholders been defined and included in discussions?

There are many other issues to consider before engaging a CPA firm to help with your SSAE 16, for a more detailed checklist please see The SSAE 16 Checklist

You may have heard SSAE-18 is on the horizon for reports issued as of May 1, 2017. There are some important updates discussed in here: SSAE-18 An Update to SSAE-16 .

As the standard is formalized and the date approaches we will continue to provide more information to help you prepare for these changes.

Cost of Car Alarm Installation – Cars and Prices Paid #car #alarm #installation, #car #alarm #installation #cost, #car #alarm #installation #prices, #car #alarm #installation, #car #alarm #installation #costs, #car #alarm #installation #price, #cost #of #car #alarm #installation,how #much #car #alarm #installation #cost, #average #cost #car #alarm #installation


Car Alarm Installation Cost

Many new vehicles come with a basic car alarm built-in, but vehicle owners in high-crime areas may want to upgrade to a more comprehensive security system, while owners of older or entry-level vehicles may want add an alarm system.

  • Expect to pay $30-$300 for a basic car alarm that has a siren attached to the vehicle’s existing wiring system, one or two remote controls and a simple controller/brain; models at the higher end of this price range may have a back-up battery and/or more sensors than the lower-priced alarms, or a few features like a remote start or a starter immobilizer to prevent hot wiring. For example, the Viper 350 Plus 1-Way Security System 3105V [1 ] with a controller, two four-button remotes, a six-tone siren, a starter immobilizer and an operating range of up to 1,500′ costs $240 .
  • Installation of a basic car alarm typically costs another $50-$200 or more, depending on the complexity of the system and the ease of access inside the vehicle’s dash, bringing the total cost to $80-$500. For example, Best Buy charges $150 for the Avital 3100L Security System with Geek Squad Installation [2 ] ; this package includes a 6-tone siren, two 3-button remote controls, keyless entry, a 1,500′ range and a warn-away (initial low-level response) feature.
  • It typically costs $300-$850 or more for an advanced vehicle security system that has a greater number and more varied range of sensors, a sophisticated computer controller, a wider range of effectiveness and options such as a camera or a remote ignition starter, or the capacity to disable the ignition starter or cut off the gas supply if an intruder is detected. For example, the top-of-the-line Viper 5904 Responder HD SuperCode SST 2-Way Vehicle Security and Remote Start System [3 ] with a one-mile range, upgraded user interface, mini-USB charging port and keychain remote costs $800 .
  • Installation of an advanced car security system can cost $100-$450 or more, depending on the complexity, the ease of access for the make and model of vehicle, and labor rates (as a general rule, labor costs more on a luxury, high-end vehicle than on a lower-priced standard sedan). Total costs for having an advanced system professionally installed can be $400-$1,300 or more.

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What should be included:

  • A basic car alarm has one or more sensors attached to a siren. Most modern car alarms have a variety of sensors — open/close switches on the hood/trunk/doors, pressure sensors and motion/tilt detectors — plus a distinctive siren, a radio receiver for remote control, an extra battery so the alarm works even if the car does not, and a small computer control unit that is the system’s “brain.”
  • Installing a car alarm requires basic electronics knowledge, the right tools (good crimpers and strippers, a soldering iron, a drill and bits, a voltmeter, etc.), the ability to correctly take apart and reassemble the vehicle’s dash, the patience to exactly follow detailed instructions while in uncomfortable positions in tight spaces, and the proper wiring schematic for the vehicle. An advanced security system requires intensive wiring and must be properly integrated with the vehicle’s entire electrical system.


  • Do-it-yourself installation to save labor charges is possible, but can be difficult. For determined do-it-yourselfers, Crutchfield has do-it-yourself instructions [4 ] and Motorz TV provides a video overview [5 ] .

Shopping for car alarm installation:

  • If the goal is to deter break-ins, a basic alarm may be enough. If the objective is to protect items inside the vehicle, it could be better to get a more advanced system designed to monitor all possible points of entry, or one that can be expanded to include additional sensors. An eBay guide explains how to choose a car alarm [6 ] .
  • Car alarm systems are sold and installed by retailers like Best Buy [7 ]. Sears [8 ] or Walmart [9 ] ; or sold by online retailers like Amazon [10 ] .
  • The shop should post all its policies (labor rates, guarantees, payment methods, etc.). Ask if they specialize in this particular type of vehicle, and look for certificates of advanced course work or other training. Check for any complaints with the Better Business Bureau [11 ] .

Shop: Somewhere in patchogue NY

I was quoted for this installation. Did not pay it yet. But I feel like its a hell of a lot. I did the math and came up with these prices from
alarm 189.00
field disturbance sensor 34.00
Voice module (warning stand back) 61.00
Total is 284 without install. That mean labor is almost 500 dollars? He said it’ll take 2 hours. I think its a rip off. I’m willing to pay 600 at most for a perfect installation which means no scratches on any of the interior plastic parts, no wires hanging, etc. I already have a factory alarm which has remote start and gps tracking. It just doesnt go off of you break a window. Only if you open a door. I need to be alerted if anyone goes near my car. Just had 2 center caps stolen the other day.

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Cost of Replacing Copper Pipes – Estimates and Prices Paid #replacing #copper #pipes, #replacing #copper #pipes #cost, #replacing #copper #pipes #prices, #replace #pipes #cost, #copper #pipes #cost, #install #pipes #cost,upgrade #plumbing, #replacing #copper #pipes #costs, #replacing #copper #pipes #price, #cost #of #replacing #copper #pipes,how #much #replacing #copper #pipes #cost, #average #cost #replacing #copper #pipes


Replacing Copper Pipes Cost

Copper pipes have long been considered the best option for residential water supply lines because they resist corrosion, have a long life expectancy (about 40-50 years) and can be bent or curved relatively easily. However, in areas with an acidic water supply copper pipes have developed contamination (bitter-tasting water) and pinhole leaks [1 ]. and must be replaced. Typically the house is re-plumbed with plastic pipes or the water is treated to make it less acidic and then the house is re-plumbed with copper. Usually the new pipes will be installed first, the water supply transferred to the new system and then the old pipes will be drained and abandoned in place.

  • Re-piping a house can cost $1,500-$15,000 or more. Re-piping costs are typically based on the number of fixtures, with each sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, dishwasher, water heater, etc. counting as one fixture. Total costs also depend on the size of the house, if the holes in the walls and ceilings are repaired and repainted or just left open, whether it’s one story or two, and ease of access (basement, crawlspace or slab foundation).
  • Re-piping a house with plastic pipes — either PEX (flexible plastic tubing made of cross-link polyethylene) or PVC-CPVC (rigid plastic pipes made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) — typically costs $1,500 -$8,000 or more, depending on the number of fixtures. Re-piping a small 1-bathroom home with plastic pipes might cost $1,500 -$2,500. and a typical 3-bedroom, 2-1/2-bathroom, two-story home might cost $3,000 -$7,000 or more. Although there are some regional differences — PEX tends to be more common in the West and Southwest, CPVC in the East — in many areas one plumber may prefer PEX and another CPVC.
  • If a home has acidic water, a water treatment [2 ] system to restore the correct pH balance (before installing new copper pipes) can cost $600-$2,000. Re-plumbing with copper pipes can cost $2,500-$15,000 or more, depending on the number of fixtures and the ease of access — and prices may vary significantly over time depending on the price of copper [3 ]. For example, Pete Rodriguez of Atlantic Re-Plumbing [4 ] in Virginia says costs for re-plumbing a 2-1/2-bathroom house with 12-13 fixtures would start at about $4,500, and could cost more. At Repipe1 in California, Danny Zilberberg says re-piping a 2-bathroom house would cost more than $5,000 with copper pipes.
  • Most experts do not recommend re-piping a house as a do-it-yourself project because a single error can result in an expensive and damaging leak. However, for DIY replacement of small sections, building supply stores sell 10′ lengths of 1/2″- to 1″-diameter hard copper pipe for about $10-$60 or more.

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What should be included:

  • Copper pipes come in two types, rigid or flexible, and three classifications — Type M is thin walled, Type L (for most residential plumbing applications) is medium walled and commercial-grade Type K is thick-walled. Flexible copper tubing is typically used for short projects, like leading up to a water heater or for cold water supply in tight spots. Rigid copper pipe is typically used to distribute the water supply.
  • A contractor will typically inspect the house before submitting a bid. Re-piping a house takes 1-5 working days and can require cutting 8-20 or more holes in the walls and ceilings. Usually the water will be turned back on each evening and the homeowners will be able to stay in the house during the re-plumbing. Copper typically takes longer and/or more workers to install than PEX or CPVC pipes. For example, Repipe1 in California typically schedules one day for any re-plumbing project, but uses a three-member crew to install PEX and a five-member or larger crew for copper pipes.

Additional costs:

  • A permit from the local planning or building department is typically required. The city of Hercules, CA, posts its re-piping inspection checklist [5 ] describing common code violations in re-plumbing projects. Permit fees vary, but typically cost $70-$400. This may be included in a contractor’s bid or be an additional charge. The contractor may also charge $50-$150 to be present during required inspections by the local building or planning department.

Shopping for replacing copper pipes:

  • Prices can vary significantly, so get several estimates and ask about re-plumbing experience. explains how to hire a plumber [6 ] and lists tips for choosing between CPVC, PEX and copper pipes [7 ] .
  • Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, or search for local plumbing contractors through the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association [8 ]. Make sure the company is properly bonded, insured and licensed [9 ] ; ask for and check references; and look for complaints with the Better Business Bureau [10 ] .
  • A written contract should include a detailed outline of the work required and materials to be used, whether the company will be doing the work or subcontracting any of the project, and the dates within which the project will be done.

Number of Stories: 2

Bought a foreclosured home from the bank, replace all water lines, hot and cold to the entire apartment on both floors. Replace drain lines to bathroom and kitchen main stack install 2 new hot water tanks and tie them in and install new cut off valves on all the sinks. Hook up for the washer in the basement. With a turnaround of 4 to 5 days with all copper and water supplies included
The water company would not turn the water on because, the line was cut from the water tank, the lines to the kitchen sink, tubs and toilet was cut, they took copper out the walls in the bathroom, The sewer line busted.

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Problem Facing Used Car Dealers, High Operating Costs #auto #mechanics

#used car dealership

The Problem with the Used Car Industry Today

The Major Problem Facing the Used Car Dealer – High Costs!

This is not the industry of 30 years ago when a dealer could buy a car at auction and sell it a few weeks later for a handsome profit. Increased costs are cutting into the used car dealer’s profit margin and will continue to do so. The only way to thrive in the used car sales industry today is to cut costs and the best way to do so is to join an AutoIncome Co-op Used Car Dealership. Before we introduce our Dealer License Co-op Solution . lets examine why it cost so much to maintain a used car dealer license today.

Initial Start Up Costs of a Used Car Dealer License

Obtaining a used car dealer license in any state requires that you meet certain requirements for that state. The first and most expensive requirement for a used car dealer license is the location. Most states require that a used car dealership be located in a commercially zoned location and that usually means high rent. Landlord’s will require a first month rent and security deposit and that will cost between $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the location. The second major cost is the commercial dealer insurance that a used car dealer is required to maintain. Commercial used car dealer insurance can cost up to $20,000 per year and usually requires a down payment of twenty to forty percent. Now add in the cost of the bond, utility deposits, signage, legal fees and other requirements and you can plan on spending another $1,000 to $3,000. So the initial cost to open a used car dealer license can run $3,000 to $10,000 or more depending on your particular state. Imagine spending $10,000 even before buying and selling one used car.

Monthly Overhead Costs of a Used Car Dealer License

After the initial start up cost, the used car dealer is then faced with high monthly overhead. The monthly overhead costs associated with a used car dealership include rent, dealer insurance, dealer bond, utilities and a host of other expenses. However, one of the largest expenses associated with a used car dealer license is employee payroll. Most DMV’s require that used car dealerships maintain normal business hours and that an employee or the owner of the used car dealership be available during those hours for inspection. This is an important aspect that most people overlook when opening a dealership. When the DMV says an employee they actually mean an employee and the DMV will ask for W2 proof that the person is an actual employee of the dealership. So the monthly overhead not only includes rent, insurance and utilities but also includes payroll. The average monthly overhead cost to maintain a used car dealership in any state will vary between $1,000 to $5,000 depending upon the particular state. Imagine spending $1,000 to $5,000 each month just to have access to a used car dealer license.

Join a Co-op Used Car Dealership and Lower Your Costs

Used car sales is one of the best business opportunities available anywhere. The used car business opportunity is simple to understand (buy a car, sell a car, make a profit), easy to implement and very lucrative. However, those lucrative profits can disappear quickly if you have to maintain your own dealer license. This is why joining an AutoIncome Used Car Dealership makes sense. You are simply sharing the costs associated with the dealer license with a number of other entrepreneurs just like yourself but you retain all your individual profits. Why pay $10,000 up front and $1,000 to $5,000 each month just to have access to a used car dealer license when you can do the same for much less. With AutoIncome you gain access to a used car dealer license, a fully insured dealer plate and dealer only auto auctions for only $299 per month .

Auto Repair Estimates – Know How Much Car Repair Costs #auto #black #book

#auto calculator

Is This a Fair Price. Don’t Wonder. Find Out with AutoMD!

“How much will it cost me?” Ultimately all trips to the mechanic end with this question. When an automotive service shop tells you a price for the work your vehicle needs, don’t be left wondering if the price is fair. Use AutoMD’s Fair Price feature to find out.

We use real-time market pricing to make sure you get an accurate figure, which means you’ll KNOW if the price a service shop quoted you is a fair price. So don’t wonder, use AutoMD and find out! Read More

Thanks to AutoMD’s Fair Price calculator – we call it AutoMD Insta-Quotes! – you can get accurate auto repair estimates for over 200 different automotive maintenance and repair services.

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Help with Auto Repair Costs

Auto repair costs can be very large. Especially if you don’t know how much a repair should cost and you get charged for much more than you should be.

Repair costs are going to be different depending on which type of shop you take your vehicle to. There are three main types of repair shops. Dealerships, Independent Repairs Shops and Chain Stores

With a detailed estimate you will be much more prepared for the repair bills. and if there are any problems you can always go back and see what they originally said they were going to do.

If you do not get a good estimate then you have no way of knowing how much you will be charged. If you just go by what the mechanic says verbally, then there is no way to prove what prices you were quoted since you don’t have any written records.

If you already have a good shop that you trust then this is not a big deal. but if you don’t, it is essential to get a written estimate beforehand. Read more about auto repair estimates .

Why Do Auto Repair Shops Charge So Much?

Average auto repair costs per hour range from $60 to $125, which does look like a lot of money. I think that the reason people wonder why vehicle repair costs are so high is because they don’t know how much it costs to run a good shop.

By the time my shop pays for rent, taxes, payroll, etc. There is very little left over for profit.

Many times people think that they should go to the shop with the lowest rates. I highly discourage this. Generally speaking the shop with the lowest labor rates will also be the shop that does not have the equipment it needs, does not train its employees well, has high employee turnover, etc. Do you really want to take your car to a shop like that?

My advice is to find a shop that does good work and treats you right and then give them your business. Even if their labor rate seems high to you, the most important thing is that they fix your car right and do not rip you off.

A Great Way to Lower Your Auto Repair Costs

I know I probably sound like an auto parts sales person right now, but I’ll say it anyway. It is so important to get your car checked out as soon as possible after you notice any problems.

A lot of people notice things that are starting to go wrong with their car, but they just keep driving it. Often times these are the same people who neglect to take their car to get the regularly scheduled maintenance on time. Both of these are a bad idea.

Auto repair costs grow larger and larger the longer you wait to have car repairs or car maintenance done. Sometimes it seems like you are saving yourself money by waiting to get repairs done, but in the long run you are just costing yourself more money because that small thing that was going wrong gets bigger and bigger and even leads to other problems sometimes.

Example: You might be driving down the freeway one day and notice a vibration type noise that happens only during certain speeds and it comes and goes depending on which way you are turning. This is a common symptom of a bad wheel bearing. If you just keep driving it (you can usually drive a vehicle with a bad wheel bearing for a quite a while) you will eventually cause other damage in the drivetrain.

If one wheel bearing has gone out, it is likely that the other one is going to go out soon as well. It is usually a good idea to replace both at the same time since the shop would already have your vehicle and have it up on the lift. They can just replace the other side while it is there. This saves the time and trouble of having to take your car back to the auto repair shop in the near future.

Another Way To Spend Less On Auto Repairs

Keep your car in tip top shape. In every owner’s manual you will find a schedule of maintenance. This schedule tells you exactly what needs to be done at pre set mileage intervals.

Many people don’t know it exists or don’t care enough to follow it. This is a mistake. It often leads to the vehicle breaking down due to neglect. If you are serious about your car and keeping auto repair costs at a minimum, then spend a little money to keep it maintained.

Spending time and money to maintain your vehicle allows you to squeeze more years and miles out of it. If you neglect or skip your vehicle maintenance, you will almost certainly end up paying more for repairs and it won’t last as long. For more help with auto repair costs, check out my other guides below.