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Dallas Roofing Contractors

CLC Roofing is a Dallas roofing company and offers both residential and commercial roofing services . We are locally owned and operated by Chad Cross, who is a native Texan and has been a life-long resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Roofing includes complete tear-offs and replacements, along with roofing repairs, claim help, gutters, skylights, and more.


Thank you for your personal attention to the roofing estimates under unusual insurance conditions. I would like to add how pleased I was with Ken and the crew that did the roofing job professionally and expediently. The cleanup was also handled quite well and alleviated any last doubts of how professional their roofing company is.

Dan Mangieri, Houston, TX

Fort worth roofing contractors

Fort worth roofing contractors


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Fort worth roofing contractors Fort worth roofing contractorsFort worth roofing contractors

Types of Roofs We Work On

Our experienced Dallas roofers are able to complete any roofing project. We install and repair many types of roofs including slate, clay, tile roofs, metal, as well as composite shingles. We repair and replace flat roofs on commercial properties too. There is no job that we consider too big or too small. We do it all!

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What to Expect From Our Dallas Roofing Company?

You should expect complete professionalism from start to finish of your roofing project. From the first phone call you place to our office, CLC Roofing will provide you with quality assistance and information in a professional manner. With our years of experience in roofing and insurance industries, our skilled and trained roofing contractors are able to walk you through the entire claims process.

Get Excellence!

With CLC Roofing, you will find that our excellent reputation precedes us. We are going to be committed to getting you through the entire process. We will help with re-roofing or even just a small roof repairs.

Please take a minute to read a few testimonials from our satisfied customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Coppell, Southlake and surrounding areas, or check out Angie’s List for unbiased reviews of our roofing company. At the end of your project, it is our wish that you will describe your experience with CLC Roofing in one word – EXCELLENT!

Sewer Lateral Contractor Oakland CA #sewer #lateral #contractor, #trenchless #sewer #replacement, #oakland, #trenchless, #sewer, #repair, #replacement, #trench, #contractor, #contractors, #cleanout


Why Hire Sewer Master for your Sewer Repair Needs?

We are local company that is quick, efficient, knowledgeable, responsible, environmentally conscious and reliable. We provide sewer services at affordable prices and are very familiar with the EBMUD (PSL) certification process.

When you call Sewer Master, you’ll speak with a professional, not a machine. Our technicians are courteous and well-trained. We will set up an appointment with you over the phone or by email. After our site investigation and video inspection we’ll explain our solutions so you can understand them. We use the latest technology which saves you time and money. Our prices are fair, honest and competitive with the current market.

Our work is impeccable compared to other sewer companies! Sewer Master is efficient, clean and reliable! Our construction crews are quiet, friendly and hardworking. We are very considerate to your neighbor and community when it comes to noise, pollution and traffic control.

Sewer Master has great relationships with City and East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) inspectors and office staff that work with us to inspect or work and provide seamless EBMUD PSL certificate service.

Sewer Master has over a decade of experience in sewer repair, plumbing and underground construction.

What’s up with the ninja?

Sewer Master is the “ninja” of sewer repair! Our members, like “ninjas” are trained in the art of sewer repair and are hired for site investigations, video inspections and EBMUD compliance issues. Each member of the Sewer Master crew is skilled in sewer, plumbing and trenchless sewer replacement.

Each member of the Sewer Master crew is also a native of the Bay Area and is here to serve the Bay Area and its neighboring communities.

What people are saying about Sewer Master’s Sewer Repair & Installation Services

“It has been such a pleasure working with Sewer Master. As a Realtor I am in constant need of reliable service professionals to help me satisfy my customers. Not only has Vincent Gains and the Sewer Master’s Team been reliable, but they have been extremely professional, flexible and efficient all of which have made them my preferred vendor for all of my sewer lateral compliance needs. I don’t use anyone else because there is no need too.”

Atlanta Roofing Contractors – (678) 203-9738 #atlanta #roofing #contractors


Atlanta Roofing Contractors

Atlanta Roof Repair

Your roof is what keeps you separated from unfavorable weather outdoors, so you want it to remain in good working order to preserve the health and happiness of the building’s occupants. To do this, it is absolutely essential that you have routine inspections performed along with regular roof repairs and maintenance. This will help to greatly extend the life of your roof and keep it working better for longer. To schedule repairs, call us today at (678) 203-9738 or visit our informative Atlanta Roof Repair webpage.

Types of Roofs

There are almost as many types of roofs as there are styles of homes, and driving through any city or town in America, you know that that’s saying quite a lot. There are roofing materials for every climate, every aesthetic, and every price point. Finding one that meets all three categories can be a bit of a challenge, though. That’s why our knowledgeable and professional staff are on hand seven days a week to help you choose the type of roof that’s best for your home. Call us at (678) 203-9738 to speak with one of our experts, or visit the Roofing Types page for more information on several common roofing materials.

Atlanta Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is just one of the many different types of roofing materials available on the market today. It is special, though, because it requires a particular level of expertise to install and offers several unique benefits to homeowners and property managers who choose to install this durable material on their buildings. For more information on the unique benefits of metal roofing. see our Atlanta Metal Roofing page. To schedule your installation, please call us at (678) 203-9738 at your earliest convenience.

Atlanta Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is what got us into this business. Unlike many other companies in the area, Roofing Experts Atlanta did not start out in the residential sector. We first worked on the complex and low-sloped roofing systems of several Atlanta-based businesses. Talk about running before you can walk! This unconventional trajectory has actually allowed us to hone our skills and become even better at our craft, so when we did make the move to residential roofing, we were already experts in both fields. If you have a commercial roofing project that needs to be done by a skilled team, call us at (678) 203-9738 or read more information on our Atlanta Commercial Roofing page.

Have some issues with your roof? We can find out why, give a quote, and fix the problem.

About Us

As a family owned business, we highly value every single one of our customers. We’re not some big corporation, but a part of the local community, and our prices and level of service reflect that. We treat our customers more like our neighbors than our clients because, after all, that’s what they are! Our family has been living and operating in Atlanta for generations, a fact that has allowed our business to become something of an institution in the area..

Opening Hours

  • Monday 9am 5pm
  • Tuesday 9am 5pm
  • Wednesday 9am 5pm
  • Thursday 9am 5pm
  • Friday 9am 5pm

Deep Foundations Contractors Inc, Home, home foundation contractors.#Home #foundation #contractors


deep foundations contractors inc.

Home foundation contractors Home foundation contractors Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Home foundation contractors

Welcome to Deep Foundations

Building on Safety, Quality and Efficiency for over 45 years

Deep Foundations is Canada s award-winning foundation contractor, winners of Safety, Quality Workmanship, Culture and Management Awards.

What We Can Do For You

Deep Foundations works with Owners, Developers, and General Contractors to deliver the best foundations solution for their unique needs, because of our wide range of capabilities, we deliver the most time efficient and cost efficient foundation.

Construction People and Relationship Skills

We have highly qualified and experienced site engineers, project managers, supervisors and trades people.

They understand the importance of positive and productive relationships and strive to deliver on expectations.

Deep Foundations has an award-winning safety program, including the Canadian Construction Association National Safety Award, Toronto Construction Association 2015 Outstanding Safety Culture Award and for three consecutive years the International Association of Foundation Drilling Safety Award.


Deep Foundations has a reputation as the Go To contractor for the most challenging foundation work and are two-time winners of the International Association of Foundation Drilling Quality Award.

Operational Efficiency

Deep Foundations provides continuous training for its front-line workers and owns the largest fleet of premium-line drill rigs in Canada.

As of September 2016 we are proud owners of the world s first and most powerful drill rig, the Bauer BG55.

We do jobs from one-day drill rentals to infrastructure projects with values over $100 million.

We have partnered with some of the world s leading foundation contractors when it increases our probability of success.

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Learn more

The RainCAD 13 BricsCAD Edition runs seamlessly inside of your existing license of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys . The combination of these two programs provides the power and speed without the additional expense of AutoCAD . The software saves drawings in an AutoCAD DWG format eliminating the translation process. The software creates quality landscape and irrigation designs to help separate your company from the competition. In addition, the software assists the user in becoming more precise in the material takeoff and estimating process.

System Type:

  • Integrates with your existing copy of BricsCAD Pro or Platinum 13.2 from Bricsys
    ( BricsCAD is not included with RainCAD and must be purchased separately )
    Designer Type:
  • Novice to advanced CAD users
  • Users that need a cost effective yet robust design system without the additional expense of AutoCAD
    Project Types:
  • Small to large residential design projects
  • Small to large commercial, parks and recreation, or golf course irrigation design projects

    Learn more

    The RainCAD AutoCAD Edition runs seamlessly within your existing license of AutoCAD . RainCAD provides all of the design tools necessary to create fast and accurate irrigation designs, distribution analysis, hydraulic calculations and more. The superior landscape design features help the user to create landscape designs that are more professional in appearance without sacrificing speed. The software quickly creates symbol legends, material lists, installation estimates, and more.

    System Type:

  • RainCAD 2013 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2013 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 2012 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2012 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 2011 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2011 (64-bit only).
  • RainCAD 5.5 – integrates with your existing copy of AutoCAD 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit).
    ( AutoCAD is not included with RainCAD and must be purchased separately )
    Designer Type:
  • Advanced users with a working knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Designers who regularly transfer DWG files with Architects, Engineers or other AutoCAD users
    Project Types:
  • Small to large residential design projects
  • Small to large commercial, parks and recreation, or golf course irrigation design projects

    Sample RainCAD Designs

    Russ Prophit, CID, CIC, CLIA
    Precise Irrigation Design & Consulting

    Copyright 2014 Software Republic, L.L.P. All rights reserved.

  • Charlotte NC Garage Door Repair #charlotte #nc #garage #door #repairs, #charlotte #nc #garage #door #repairs #contractors, #garage #door #repairs #in #charlotte #north #carolina, #garage #door #repairs #company #charlotte #nc, #commercial #garage #door #repairs, #residential #charlotte #nc #garage #door #repairs, #building, #best #garage #door #repairs #technician #charlotte #nc, #garage #door #repairs #service #in #charlotte #nc. #


    Charlotte Garage Door Repair

    We offers garage door repairs, installations and also sells high quality garage doors. If you ever have issues with your garage door, we are here to serve and fulfill your needs. Charlotte Garage Door Repair has technically experienced experts for solving and fixing your problems related to garage doors.We offer same day services to customers.

    We also sells different varieties and designs of garage doors at affordable rates. Being in your service area,We can act on your problem immediately and send a team of experts to fix your garage doors in no time.

    We offer the best quality services when compared to other companies. It s worth to pick our repair services as we are affordable, reliable and provide with quality products to our customers. Browse from large varieties of garage doors from Charlotte Garage Door Repair to give your garage a stylish look. You can get multiple hardware, glazing and color options for your garage doors along with saving your budget. Call now to have best garage doors with great safety and security

    Garage door springs are large coil wires that are used for lifting or lowering the garage doors. Our experts will help you in fixing the broken springs or replacing them with the new ones. As these garage door springs can be extremely dangerous and can pose serious injuries, our technical people with attach the hardware required for attaching the springs. Torsion and Extension are two varieties that are used for roll-away and swing-up garage doors.We offers springs with various lengths to accommodate various standard size doors from single to double garage doors. We will suggest the right springs as the amount of tension supplied by these springs is relative to the weight of doors.

    If you wonder about which are the best garage door openers, then you should know that we sells the best openers. Although we doesn t manufacture these garage door openers, they sell them and help with their installation. These garage door openers should be well attached to the doors that help to close and open them properly. You should always inspect whether the garage door openers are working properly or not. As they are used regularly, there is always a chance for getting them repaired.

    Our garage repair service at Charlotte NC provides you with these facilities of repairing the broken openers and replacing them with new openers. Charlotte Garage Door Repair has extremely skilled people that will guide you in achieving a well working garage door opener to avoid dangerous accidents.

    Apart from the garage door maintenance that are within most of the home owners, there are several garage door repairs that should be taken care by experts or qualified garage door specialists such as the ones at our team. Do not make your garage door as a welcome sign for thieves and robbers. Use our repair service to repair your damaged and broken garage doors. We even sell Garage Doors that are applicable and can be fit for all brands.

    We repair the broken garage doors or parts and replace them with the new quality material. Not addressing the problems with your garage doors can cause serious damages to your car and even become a safety hazard for you.

    In terms of planning financially for new garage doors, we provide you with free estimates for installing these Garage Doors. Performing continuous maintenance activities for your garage doors can minimize the repairs occurring to the doors. But if you face any serious repairs, order the repair service from us to get your doors repaired under the supervision of highly talented skilled experts. Purchase and chose the services offered by us to ensure a safe, secure and excellent working garage doors for your house.


    Residential and Commercial Plumbing #hvac #contractors #phoenix



    For more than 14 years, Custom Cooling Plumbing has built a reputation for reliability and accuracy in plumbing services and repair. Phoenix, AZ homes and businesses can depend on us to proudly provide premier plumbing for both residential and commercial customers. With our years of experience, you can expect all plumbing work to be completed according to the highest industry standards. We aim to provide the best commercial and residential plumbing services Phoenix, AZ needs.

    Our goal is your satisfaction

    When it comes to plumbing, our experts go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are proud to offer quality services from the best plumbing contractors Phoenix, AZ has available. Our commercial plumbing and residential plumbing service is always performed according to code for your safety and peace of mind. In addition, you can feel confident with our work guarantees that ensure the best quality and dependable results.

    Our Plumbing Services Include:

    • Misting Systems
    • Boiler Experts
    • Sewer line repair and Replacement
    • Pumping Systems
    • Toilets/Urinals Repair and Replacement
    • Water Softeners and R/O’s
    • Water Heaters
    • Repiping
    • Garbage Disposals
    • Sewer and Water Locating
    • Repairing and Replacing Fixtures

    We can handle any request related to plumbing service or repair for your home or business. Let the experts provide the quality plumbing services you can rely on. Give us a call for fast and responsive services today.

    Security Clearance Lawyer – Security Clearance Attorney – Berry & Berry, PLLC #security #clearance #attorneys, #security #clearance #lawyers, #security #clearance #lawyer, #security #clearance #attorneys, #security #clearances, #clearance, #lawyers, #e-qip, #electronic #questionnaires #for #investigations #processing, #doha, #defense #office #of #hearings #and #appeals, #virginia, #maryland, #district #of #columbia, #washington, #d.c., #nationwide, #federal #employees, #contractors, #government #contractors, #sf-86, #e-qip, #electronic #personnel #security #questionnaire, #epsq, #statement #of #reasons, #sor, #hearing, #personal #appearance, #personnel #security #appeals #board, #psab, #recommended #decision, #department #of #defense #directive #5220.6, #polygraph, #confidential, #secret, #top #secret, #ts, #sci, #sensitive #compartmented #information, #special #access #programs, #sap, #sf-85, #questionnaire #for #non-sensitive #positions, #sf-85p, #questionnaire #for #public #trust #positions



    Employment and Labor

    Security Clearance

    Security clearances are an increasingly important requirement for federal government employees, employees of government contractors, military personnel and even private sector employees. Security clearance guidelines and standards over the past 10 years have changed, and the number of individuals who require access to sensitive or classified information has significantly increased. In addition, the federal government has required employees who already have security clearances to upgrade their security clearance levels. The process of obtaining, retaining and upgrading a security clearance over the last several years has become more complex due to the security concerns of the United States Government. Our firm serves as security clearance lawyers for individuals encountering difficulties or questions in the security clearance process. We belong to the Security Clearance Lawyers Association.

    Security Clearance Application Process

    All employees whose positions require access to sensitive information or restricted areas are required to complete an application form known as the Standard Form 86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF-86) or Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP ). Providing information in the SF-86 or e-QIP is voluntary; however, completing the form truthfully is critical to the process of successfully obtaining a security clearance. Once a security clearance application is completed, it is generally submitted to the Defense Security Service (DSS), the individual federal agency s security clearance review office, or the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for a review and determination.

    Public Trust/Suitability Investigations

    Federal employment positions often include important duties that do not require a security clearance but are sensitive in nature. For instance, included in public trust positions are certain types of federal police officers, comptrollers, and public safety and health workers. These positions are referred to as public trust positions. They are subject to background investigations, which include a National Agency Check and Inquiries (NACI) review, and potential personal interview and reference checks.

    Our law firm also represents and advises individuals in the related area of suitability and public trust positions, which derive from an individual s completion of the SF-85 (Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions) and SF-85P (Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions).

    Security Clearance Investigations

    The U.S. Government conducts background investigations and reinvestigations of individuals under consideration for a security clearance or for the retention of their security clearance in national security positions. Applying for a security clearance requires an employee to undergo a comprehensive background investigation into all aspects of his or her personal and professional history. The investigation includes interviewing the applicant, checking state and federal criminal databases, and interviewing other persons. An employee’s full cooperation with all aspects of the investigation is a requirement in order for him or her to obtain a security clearance.

    If a federal employee or government contractor employee’s initial application is denied, or his or her existing security clearance is revoked or suspended, he or she will be issued a Statement of Reasons (SOR) or will be provided a notice which outlines the reasons why the security clearance was not granted or continued. When the Defense Security Service (DSS), the individual s federal agency security office, or the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) denies an employee’s security clearance, there are procedures or provisions that allow the employee or government contractor employee to appeal the decision, such as a hearing (often referred to as a personal appearance) before the employing agency or the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) to adjudicate his or her security clearance matter.

    Federal employees have the right to appear in person before an administrative judge in a hearing (or other clearance adjudicator) and respond to the allegations in the SOR. Following such a hearing or personal appearance, the administrative judge or adjudicator will issue a recommended decision to the federal agency s personnel security appeals board (PSAB), which will issue the final determination on the federal employee s security clearance. Government contractor employees in DoD cases have the right to a hearing before a DOHA judge. In cases involving DoD government contractors, the administrative judge will issue the initial ruling as to whether the security clearance is granted. A contractor then has a right to appeal an adverse decision to the DOHA Appeal Board.

    Intelligence Agency Security Clearance Holders

    Our firm represents security clearance holders and applicants before federal intelligence agencies, governed by Intelligence Community Directive 703 and Intelligence Community Policy Guidance 704.2 such as the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligency Agency (CIA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and others.

    Berry Berry, PLLC are security clearance attorneys that handle federal employee and federal contractor security clearance and public trust matters throughout the United States.

    Our experienced attorneys have assisted numerous federal government employees, military personnel, and government contractors in all stages of the security clearance process by providing legal advice or representation. In addition, our attorneys are familiar with the significant differences between individuals seeking security clearances for use as federal employees and individuals seeking security clearances for use as federal government contractors (i.e. industrial security clearances under Executive Order 10865 and Department of Defense Directive 5220.6).

    Our attorneys can advise employees on areas of the SF-86, e-Qip or other related security clearance documentation that require additional care and attention. Our attorneys can also provide advice or guidance in the application, interview and polygraph processes for any security clearance levels such as the following:

    • Confidential, Secret or Top Secret
    • Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)
    • Special Access Programs (SAP)

    If a security clearance is denied, our experienced attorneys can represent the employee through the appeal process before the DOHA, the DSS or the federal agency processing the clearance. It is important that an employee takes the appeal process very seriously as the inability to obtain, maintain or upgrade a security clearance at the appellate stages can mean the loss of his or her position.

    Please contact Berry Berry, PLLC to schedule a consultation with a security clearance attorney if you are submitting an initial security clearance application (SF-86), undergoing a background investigation, or having your security clearance denied or revoked.

    Some helpful articles on our website discuss various issues within the security clearance process:

    Meeting with Security Clearance Investigators

    The Importance of Properly Completing Security Clearance Forms

    Polygraph Examinations for Federal Employees and Contractors

    Responding to the Statement of Reasons (SOR)

    The Whole-Person Concept for Security Clearance Cases

    Seeking Information Regarding Security Clearance Incident Reports

    A Summary of the Security Clearance Appeal Process

    Requesting Reconsideration After a Security Clearance is Denied

    Also, please visit our Security Clearance Blog where we discuss current security clearance issues affecting federal employees and government contractors and security clearance specific law firm website at www.securityclearancelawyer.com

    Air Conditioning Repair Miami: AC Service Conditioner Top Best Company Companies Contractors Duct Cleaning Maintenance Residential Commercial Florida FL #air, #conditioning, #repair, #miami, #ac, #service, #conditioner, #top, #best, #company, #companies, #contractors, #duct, #cleaning, #maintenance, #residential, #commercial, #florida, #fl


    Our Miami air conditioning repair company focuses on residential air conditioning repairs commercial air conditioning repairs in Miami-Dade County. Whatever type of air conditioner service, AC replacement or air conditioner maintenance you need, TASCO will repair your air conditioner and keep your home air conditioning system and central air conditioning system running smoothly.

    Residential Air Conditioning Repair Miami

    Air conditioners have a finite lifetime in Miami. If your Miami air conditioning system is older, we can recommend some different repairs in some cases to help extend the life. However, there will come a time where you will need to replace it in order to avoid spending too much money on repairs from year to year. When that time arrives, trust TASCO to provide you with a full system work-up of why you need your system replaced and what your options are for a new system.

    • Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs
    • Air Conditioning Maintenance
    • Central Air Conditioner Repairs

    Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Miami

    At TASCO, we provide the most extensive commercial air conditioning services in Miami to replace or upgrade your current equipment and can design a system that offers the best qualities and reduce the energy consumption in your building.

    • Chillers, Cooling Towers, DX Systems and Process Cooling
    • Boilers & Heat Pumps
    • Refrigeration Equipment (walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers)

    Air Conditioning Repair Brands Miami, Florida

    Call Us Today!
    (305) 455-1377

    Water leak at indoor unit, Commonly Reported HVAC Problems #water #leak #at #indoor #unit, #condensate #leak, #furnace #leak, #humidifier #leaking, #commonly #reported #hvac #problems, #hvac #trouble-shooting, #faq’s, #hvac #issues, #air #conditioning #contractors, #air #conditioning #repairs, #furnace #repairs, #heat #pump #repairs


    Commonly Reported HVAC Problems

    Commonly Reported HVAC Problems:

    Copyright 1997 Hannabery HVAC. All rights reserved.

    Water leak at indoor unit:

    Under no circumstances should you ever see water around the indoor unit. This is a sign that something is either dripping, leaking, or not draining. But don’t panic, sometimes it can be a very minor problem.

    In the cooling mode, the indoor evaporator coil and the suction line (the large copper refrigerant line in black insulation) sweats. That is part of the purpose of the black insulation (armaflex), to keep the condensation from dripping. Sometimes if the insulation is missing or if it has open seems, it can cause dripping and obviously this is an easy fix. All armaflex joints should be butted-up tight and well taped.

    The evaporator produces a lot of condensation (water) during the summer, which runs down the coil into a pan, then out to the drain. The drain goes either into the ground, outside the house, or into a condensate pump. Then in turn, the pump takes the water either outside the house or into a plumbing drain. If the coil is dirty, then the water, instead of running down the coil, will hit the dirt, then drip onto the floor. This is one reason why the coil should be cleaned annually, not to mention for efficiency reasons.

    Now if the coil is dirty, the water will mix with the dirt and the dirt will end up in the pan, and it will end up in the drain, the drain trap, and anywhere else it can cause a problem. The bottom of the trap is the most common source of a clog and it can be cleaned out with a long flexible cleaning brush and flushing water down the cleanout cap. Keep in mind, it doesn’t take much dirt to clog a drain.

    And if your unit is in an attic or a finished basement, this can cause terrible damage. This is another reason why it is important to always have a good, clean, properly sized air filter, along with having annual inspections.

    Sometimes the indoor coil can actually ice-up. And when the ice eventually melts, it drips onto the floor. Like water, you should never see ice anywhere on your system during the cooling season.

    Furnace Leaking, Humidifier Leaking.

    Indoor water problems aren’t only during the summer. Many of today’s high efficiency furnaces produce condensate as well. They also have to drain the water. There are many parts in the furnace that can leak, drip, or crack, causing a water leak. And along with the furnace comes the central humidifier, which can also be a source for leaks. Furnaces and humidifiers need to be cleaned and serviced annually.

    So keep your eyes open. If you see water, try to trace where it is coming from. Sometimes it’s a simple fix – sometimes not.

    Below is a list of possible causes. Items in red usually require a service call. The bottom four causes in blue are commonly found problems and can be addressed, even fixed by the homeowner.

    Red = Professional fix | Blue = Homeowner fix

    • Blocked condensate pan, trap, or drain
    • Faulty condensate pump
    • Blocked pump tubing
    • Indoor coil frozen due to malfunction, causing melting ice to drip
    • Dirty or faulty evaporator coil
    • Cracked condensate pan, bad gasket
    • Broken fittings or pipe, unglued joints
    • Dry-rotted, cracked or kinked furnace tubing or condensate parts
    • Humidifier over-filling or leaking
    • Suction line missing armaflex (insulation)
    • Condensate pump unplugged
    • Drain line moved, not pitched downward
    • Floor drain clogged with dirt
    • Leaking boiler drain

    Please keep in mind that the information found on our website is provided free of charge and Hannabery HVAC does not assume any liability resulting from the information we provide. We hope this information helps, but please note that these are just rough guidelines, and not all possible situations are covered. Your HVAC system should be inspected and repaired by a trained technician.

    How Comfortable Do You Want To Be?

    Call us at 1-800-544-4328

    [Must be in our service area]

    Chris Phil completed installing a new heat pump system for our second floor. The work was done in a very professional and timely manner.

    • Richard Tredinnick, Nazareth, PA

    Historic Bethlehem’s Kemerer Museum highly recommends Hannabery HVAC! They were knowledgable and worked quickly, but carefully.

    • Meg Sharp Walton, Bethlehem, PA

    Your installers arrived on time, were professional, informative, and finished up on time. I appreciate the quality service they provided. Thanks.

    • Scott Dougherty, Doylestown, PA

    We just purchased a new Trane furnace with A/C. Your guys were very professional, did a great job and were a pleasure to have in our home.

    • Jim Cole, Plymouth Meeting, PA

    I will be referring all of my friends, neighbors and family to Hannabery HVAC! Thank you to your entire team for all of their excellent work.

    • Elizabeth Millard, Quakertown, PA

    The service tech was very polite, informative and professional. The problem has been fixed. It was an awesome experience! Thank you.

    • Suzanne Powrie, Wescosville, PA

    They are the kind of people you would invite to your house for dinner. I would recommend them to anybody in the neighborhood.

    • Emilio Rodriguez, Saylorsburg, PA

    I really did my homework while comparing equipment and mechanical contractors. I’d recommend Hannabery HVAC to everyone.

    • David McClure, Harleysville, PA