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The Financial Aid Office at Eastern University provides information and help on grants and scholarships, student loans, and financial aid for students enrolled in all programs. The links provided on the left will lead to helpful financial aid information, forms and more.


We welcome all students from the Traditional Undergraduate Colleges, Esperanza College, Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University, and Graduate and Professional Studies to view the information available on this web site. We hope that you find this information helpful. The Financial Aid Office at Eastern University is committed to serving each and every one of the University’s campuses, branches, and programs by upholding our Mission Statement. If you are enrolled or are thinking about enrolling in any program and need assistance with the financial aid process, you will be able to find the information you need right here.

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Spiritual Christian Counseling Certification #christian #counseling #courses


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Spiritual Christian Counseling Certification

Dedicated to Continued Learning, Growth, and Achievement in Health Care Practice

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. offers a comprehensive, quality, Certification program for qualified applicants, in Christian Spiritual Counseling.

The objectives of the Christian Spiritual Counseling Certification Program are:

  • Provide a high quality program of Certification for those who are qualified and called to the practice of Christian Spiritual Counseling and Care.
  • Develop and support high standards of education and practice requirements for the attainment of certification.
  • Provide a mechanism for the ongoing involvement of a peer advisory board of qualified professionals to oversee program development and requirements for certification.
  • Provide society with a mechanism to ascertain the appropriate education, skills, knowledge and experience required by professionals who offer such services.
  • Establish quality standards and requirements for the recertification of its credentialed members, attesting to ongoing education and skill attainment in the practice specialty of Christian Spiritual Counseling.
  • Provide a comprehensive program of approvals for continuing education, seminars, offerings, independent study, and other related educational activities, to ensure high quality standards are met and that such programs are of value to those practicing Christian Spiritual Counseling.

Spiritual Christian Counseling Certification

  1. Completion of an official, established education program to prepare individuals for the practice of Christian Spiritual Counseling. Educational programs must have provided a minimum of 330 hours of lecture/study.
  2. Candidates for the Certification must successfully complete the continuing education program by The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. Completion of the required education courses qualifies the educational component necessary to apply for Certification. This program consists of 330 contact hours of continuing education. See Full Program: Access here
  3. Prerequisite to enrolling in the Spiritual Christian Counseling Certification: registrants must meet at least one of the following; 1.) a registered nurse currently licensed to practice nursing, 2). a licensed social worker, 3). a health care licensed professional, 4). a health care provider with a minimum of an associate degree, 5). a licensed counselor or psychologist, 6). holds a bachelor s degree or higher in psychology, human services, or other health related field, 7). works in health care chaplain ministry under the direction of a pastoral chaplain/clergy, 8). is in current practice as a minister (licensed/ordained) or is a crisis counselor 9). is a certified addictions counselor, or 10). is currently certified in grief counseling, stress management consulting, or pastoral thanatology.

Certification Identification Credentials

Those applicants who become certified by the AIHCP in Christian Spiritual Counseling and complete the CE education curriculum for Spiritual Counseling with a Christian Focus, may use the initials/credential SCC-C after their names. Spiritual Christian Counselor, Certified

The Certification Process:

We have a dedicated page that provides a quick over-view of our certification process. It will provide you with good information about the process/phases of both the education courses and application for certification. Click here to access.


All certifications shall be for a period of 4 years from the date that the initial certification.


Certified members may receive re-certification at the expiration of their four year term by:

  • Obtaining 50 or more hours of continuing education within the four year period of certification. Click here to view the Criteria for Re-Certification.


Those applicants who have successfully achieved certification, or re-certification receive a large size official Certificate attesting to certification, as well as an official letter of notification. The certificate is suitable for framing and details the official professional certification title, initials that may be used, and time frames for certification. Those recertifying receive a new, updated certificate. Wallet size identification cards of certification are also presented.

Fee Schedule

  • The certification fee for Christian Spiritual Counseling is $200.00 for the four year term of certification. Payment in full is due at the time of application. If an applicant does not meet certification criteria, the application fee is refunded. A completed application must be mailed in to the with full payment to be considered for certification. Application is available on this website.
  • Application for re-certification is $200.00 for the next four year period. This is a one time payment and is required in full at the time of application for re-certification. A completed application must accompany the payment.
  • Major credit cards are accepted. Check and money orders are to be payable to: The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals .

Education Programs for Re-Certification

Applicants may obtain education hours by completion of any type of formal program in specifically related to grief, bereavement, mourning. Such programs include:

  • University/College Programs and Courses
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Seminars
  • Distance Learning Programs
  • Self-Study Programs
  • Courses offered by Professional Associations

The AIHCP reserves the right to approve all such courses for consideration toward re-certification. For any courses to be considered, applicants must submit copies of all certificates of completion or transcripts verifying completion. Applicants who are using their degrees to meet partial fulfillment of the education requirements for certification must have official transcripts submitted from their University or College, directly to the AIHCP.

Fellowship Program

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, provides a Fellowship Program for its certified members in Christian Spiritual Counseling. Access Information .

Click here for our the Code of Ethics for Certified Members.
Click here to view the Criteria for Re-Certification.
Click here to request more information.
Click here for our Privacy Policy.

Online Application

Click here for the online application. Please print application and postal mail.

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Author Aims to Equip HS Students With Psychology From Christian Perspective #christian #psychology #programs


The author of a high school textbook that introduces psychology from a Christian perspective says Christian students entering college are unprepared for the challenges of today’s Psychology classes and “schools-of-thought.” Dr. Tim Rice, LPC, author of Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition. also believes this unpreparedness is a reason for the high rate of Christian students dropping their faith after entering college.

“Surveys suggest that as many as 75 percent of Christian students ‘walk away’ from their faith within 12 months of entering college. If that statistic is accurate, and if it has anything to do with the teaching in college, it is because Christian students are unprepared for the worldview challenges embedded in modern Psychology’s theories and schools-of-thought.”

Why are Christian students unprepared?

Rice states, “Among Christians, Psychology is controversial and our disagreements are often contentious. Many Christians see Psychology as an idolatrous and ungodly rival religion and are concerned that there is no room for faith in its study. Some have called Psychology ‘the great seduction in preparation for the antichrist.’ Others believe that God created Psychology when He created Man and that we have a duty to study it.” According to Rice, “because the disagreements about Psychology are so contentious no one has taken on the task of covering this subject at the worldview level, especially in a way that supports high school students, until now.”

The publishers of Psychology: A Christian Perspective say the book equips parents and teachers to “help students to recognize psychology-specific worldview issues, and to introduce them to the study of the wonders of God’s greatest creation: the human mind.”

The Christian Post recently interviewed Rice about his book. The interview conducted by email is below.

CP: How is your book being received since its release? From both a secular and Christian perspective?

Rice: I am pleased to say that the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Jackye Biehl, the Administrator at First Baptist Academy in O’Fallon, IL wrote, “We LOVED the curriculum but better than that – our students loved it as well and the feedback from the course was amazing.” Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition is being used this school year by 42 Christian schools and by hundreds of homeschooling families. Christian educators understand that Psychology class in college will challenge students’ worldview and it seems that there has been a collective sigh of relief that someone has taken on the challenge of creating a resource to equip students to meet the challenge.

The secular community has dismissed me as an Intelligent Design quack.

CP: What is your greatest hope in regards to what you would like to see as the result of students studying this book?

Rice: I really believe that every Christian student needs to deal with Psychology class before they go to college. As a young Christian taking Psychology 101 almost 30 years ago, I was not very prepared to defend my faith and totally unprepared to recognize the worldview beliefs underlying the theories and schools-of-thought I was taught. I don’t want that to happen to students today. That is why I believe that Psychology is one of the most important electives that a student can take in high school.

I also believe that because Psychology is a contentious topic among Christians, we’ve abandoned it to the secular, humanistic, and evolutionary perspectives. We need to reclaim Psychology for Christ and that starts with high school students. The goal for the study of Psychology, just like the study of Biology, Theology, History, and every other discipline, should be to understand God’s creation and, in the words of Johannes Kepler, to “think God’s thoughts after him.” Instead of surrendering psychology or falling away in the face of the world’s teaching, we have a duty to put forth reasoned explanations for our worldview in every discipline, including psychology.

CP: How does homeschool Psychology tie-in to this book? Will homeschooling parents be more prone to require their students to read this book?

Rice: We are a homeschooling family. As my oldest daughter approached high school graduation, I discovered there was not a good resource for me to use to teach Psychology. My first book, Homeschool Psych: Preparing Christian Homeschool Students for Psychology 101 was targeted to homeschoolers. I assumed that Christian schools had good resources, but I was wrong. I wrote Psychology: A Christian Perspective in response to requests from Christian schools, but it is intended for all Christian high school students. Often, adults who took Psychology in college use the book to get the Christian perspective they did not get in college.

I believe high school students who do not plan to go to college would read the book too. Psychology has influenced not only college and the culture, it has influenced the Church. Every year Christians buy millions of books on self-help, recovery, addiction, relationships, parenting, spiritual growth, and emotional and mental health. Bible colleges, seminaries, and Christian radio promote psychological programs. Sometimes it seems Christian authors, speakers, and even some pastors “Christianize” psychological theories by sprinkling in a few verses from the New Testament and mentioning Jesus. We have to dig deep, down to the biblical worldview level to evaluate all the stuff that is out there.

CP: You’ve stated your opinion on this before, but again, what are the challenges of Christian students entering college in regards to the study of Psychology?

Rice: There are a number of challenges Christian students face in college Psychology class.

Although there are many Christian professors, psychology departments are home to some of the more anti-Christian intellectuals on college campuses. In fact, psychology professors tend to have the highest levels of agnosticism and atheism and often attack the Christian worldview as unscientific, irrational, prudish, exploitative, controlling, inhibitive, oppressive, and naïve. Many psychology professors teach that Christianity is incompatible with sound mental health, that it contributes to human suffering, and that “intelligent” students will eventually abandon their faith.

Christian students are often unprepared to recognize modern psychology’s core worldview assumptions: naturalism, behaviorism, humanism, evolutionism, empiricism, and moral relativism. Those worldview beliefs are embedded, sometimes very subtly, in modern psychology’s theories and schools of thought and they are presented under the banner of “science.” It has been reported that many Christian students walk away from their faith after the first year of college. I believe that if those reports are true and if they have anything to do with the teaching in college, it is, at least in part, because of the subtle worldview challenges embedded in psychological theories. It was for me. By simply forewarning and preparing students in advance, they are better able to resist believing ideas grounded in anti-Christian worldview.

CP: Anything else you would like to add?

Rice: I think that a Christian perspective on Psychology is a powerful tool in responding to the theory of evolution. There is a passage near the end of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in which Darwin, writing about psychology stated:

“In the distant future I see open fields for far more important research. Psychology will be based on a new foundation, that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation. Light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history.”

According to Darwin, all mental activity, even what we think of as our God-likeness, is ultimately nothing more than a “capacity” that humans acquired, bit by bit, through variation and natural selection. Darwinian evolution, when applied to human psychology, reduces our consciousness, our morality, our capacity to make decisions and judgments, religious experience, love, empathy, altruism, hate, greed, dreams, and everything else that makes us human to nothing more than a bunch of neurons doing their thing.

But Psychology, more so than biology, is where the theory of evolution has the most difficulty. There are no cogent evolutionary explanations for our “higher” capacities, our God-likeness. I believe that the fight against evolution is not likely to be won with arguments of sub-cellular irreducible complexity. It is, however, winnable in the arena of the incomprehensible complexity and wonder of God’s grandest creation: the human mind.

Christian Counseling #christian #counseling, #


Home Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling – The Differences
As a general rule, both Christian counseling and secular counseling share the same desire to help people overcome their problems, find meaning and joy in life, and become healthy and well-adjusted individuals, both mentally and emotionally. Most counselors have graduate degrees and have spent years learning their craft.

The word “counseling” can have multiple meanings, including offering advice and encouragement, sharing wisdom and skills, setting goals, resolving conflict, etc. Counselors usually probe the past (whether the problem happened a week ago or during childhood) in an attempt to repair the present. Sometimes they explore possible affects of physical and chemical imbalances that can cause physiological problems. A major part of counseling is resolving and restoring conflicts between people.

Christian Counseling – The Foundation
Christian counseling is distinct from secular counseling. Christian counseling rises to another dimension. “In contrast to psychologically-integrated systems, Biblical counseling seeks to carefully discover those areas in which a Christian may be disobedient to the principles and commands of Scripture and to help him learn how to lovingly submit to God s will,” reports the International Association of Biblical Counselors.

Christian counselors are able to do that because they have an absolute standard by which to measure their objectives and evaluate their counselee s lifestyle. They see the Bible as the source of all truth. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” The secular counselor has no such standard, but instead, they use the latest psychological findings or societal norm, both of which change with the winds of time. Therefore, a secular counselor has no absolutes with which to judge morals and the choices people make. Christian counselors understand that the Bible has a lot of practical wisdom about human nature, marriage and family, human suffering, and so much more. By using biblical concepts in counseling, they can instruct people in the way they should go and also hold them accountable. Psalm 119:24 says, “Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors.”

Although Christian counselors often use skills from the field of secular psychology and counseling, they recognize that the Bible, not psychology, is the final authority. “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness” (2 Peter 1:3). A Christian counselor s major strategy is to help their clients substitute biblical truth for error as they go about their day-to-day lives. They know that the truth, when known, believed, and obeyed, sets people free. When people are set free, they are fulfilling their true calling. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Christian Counseling – A Personal Story
Listen to the following testimony from someone who benefited from Christian counseling services, “My wife and I have found Christian counseling very valuable. We have enjoyed over thirty years of marriage together and are blessed with three children. Nevertheless, we have required marital realignments from time to time. We have used the wealth of wisdom and sound judgment given to us by our Christian counselor to enhance our marriage. The counseling tools he provides has served us well as we continue to face life challenges together.”

“For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

WHAT DO YOU THINK? – We have all sinned and deserve God’s judgment. God. the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus. the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried. and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior. declaring, “Jesus is Lord ,” you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

What is your response?

Christian Religious iPhone Applications #christian #iphone, #christian #apps, #christian #iphone #apps, #iphone, #ipod #touch, #apps, #applications


Christian and Religious Applications Directory For Your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Featured Christian and Religious Apps Available Now

If you would like to spend more time absorbing the lessons of the Bible then Audio Bibles is the app for you. Don t limit the time you devote to reading the Bible bring the Holy Book with you everywhere you go! Now you can listen and learn the messages of the Bible in a completely new way with Audio Bibles from Inkstone Mobile.

The Pilgrim s Progress written by John Bunyan, has been translated to more than 200 languages and has never been out of print since it was first published in 1678. Nation9’s adaptation of this classic features custom 3D animation, story-line interactivity, captivating original music, and optional narration that will be sure to captivate young readers time and time again. Read Our Review

Children’s Bible Games Activities (iPhone iPad)
Category: Games

Engage your kids with the Bible with funny and faithful Games and Activities. 300 Games and Activities on 60 Bible Stories narrated with comic strips. Help kids learn the stories better, get the point and remember forever in an enjoyable way. Read Our Review

The Bible story of the first Christmas is retold with a fun, interactive and magical approach for children ages 3-8. This beautifully-illustrated eBook is inspired by vintage pop-up books, giving kids lots of opportunities to interact. Children will love the characters and the story. Parents and grandparents will love it’s nostalgic style, as they share together the story the birth of Jesus Christ. Read Our Review

Scripture Typer
Category: Resources

Scripture Typer is the complete Bible Memory System for iPhone, iPad iPod Touch. Scripture Typer breathes new life into your Bible Memory time by actively engaging three separate cognitive areas: Audio, Visual Kinesthetic (Touch) memory. Scripture Typer is a great addition to Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and homeschool networks. It makes memorization enjoyable, fun, and effective.

Arise Victorious gently wakes you to motivational Bible readings accompanied by a delightful medley of birdsong, wind chimes, a melodic country creek, and beautiful, uplifting music. Every reading of scripture, and the version used, was prayerfully selected for its power to inspire, transform, renew, and empower. Inspire your morning. Influence your day. Transform your life! Arise Victorious.

Alcohol Detox Dallas, Texas #christian #rehab #centers #in #texas


Christian Alcohol and Drug Detox Dallas, Texas

Call us today at (214) 390-9595 in Dallas, Texas

Addiction is too strong to defeat by yourself. Don’t fight alone. Using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can take over your life. You have tried using your every method you can think of to break the hold drugs have on your life. None of them have worked. Give God a try. God is greater and more powerful than drugs. When you realize you are going to need to turn your life over to a higher power to gain control over your addiction and you are ready to try, call us. We provide comprehensive Christ-centered treatment for addiction to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
Without a Christ-centered moral compass it is easy to fall into bad habits. Most addicts wallow in those bad habits until they are brought low and realize they cannot free themselves from the clutches of addiction. Many attempt to use secular drug and alcohol treatment programs. Eventually they come to realize that while the messages are true and the treatment modalities are high tech, only through the power of the Lord can the hold alcohol, tobacco and other drugs have on you be broken. We offer you the chance to turn your will and your life over to Christ and allow Him to help you to regain control of your life.

Christian detox combines counseling, prayer, an in-depth look at past actions to help the honest, open and willing to change. In a loving, supportive atmosphere the well-trained staff works with those seeking recovery to begin making the steps towards reordering their lives. Programs of varying lengths are offered depending on the patient’s need. Christian drug detox works to clean the system, provide a supportive atmosphere, give counseling and guidance and make the recovering addict know of Christ’s power to provide true freedom.
When people choose Christian alcohol detox they are acknowledging Christ has the power to heal them. Once they are willing to turn over their will to Christ’s guidance and follow the directions of the staff, recovery can begin. Recovery is a journey and not a destination. It requires a continuing series of actions which lead to a life free from addiction. Healing times vary based on each patient’s unique situation. If the patient is focused and places Christ first in their life complete healing is possible.

Christian drug detox and Christian alcohol detox are based on solid science. Well-trained experienced doctors, nurses and counselors provide the highest quality of care. They utilize a broad base of treatments and tailor them to the specific needs of the recovering addict. Addiction to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs is a disease characterized by clearly definable and identifiable stages. The staff assesses each patient and together plan a course of action designed to help the recovering addict regain control of their lives.
Christ is at the center of Christian drug detox and Christian Alcohol detox. The patient is given a message which is reinforced throughout the entire program. ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ GOD RESTORES HOPE

Call us today at (214) 390-9595 in Dallas, Texas

Dallas. TX 75219
Phone: (214) 390-9595
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Please call phone number

Trinity Graduate School of Theology – Tuition-Free Graduate Distance Bible School – Seminary of Apologetics, Theology and Christian Ministry #christian #theology #seminary


Christian Ethics: Introduction

Christian Ethics Free Course: Introduction Introduction: Should the church take any interest in the great moral questions which confront society? Or should church leaders see their role merely as supplying a religious dimension to life conducting baptisms, weddings and

  • Christian Ethics: Lesson 001

    Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON ONE: HUMAN RIGHTS (PART 1) Read: Luke 4:18-19; Prov. 31:8-9. Human rights are important because it is the basic issue that lies behind many of the ethical and social problems that society and the church

  • Christian Ethics: Lesson 002

    Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON TWO: HUMAN RIGHTS (PART 2) Read: Eph. 2:11-19: Gal. 3:28 In this session we shall look at the issues of Race; Sex and Class and their implications for the Human Rights issue. A. JEWS AND

  • Christian Ethics: Lesson 003

    Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON THREE: PEACE: (PART 1.) Read: James 4:1-3; Mt. 24:6-7; 5:9. We live in a world of unceasing war. Our greatest investments of wealth, ingenuity and energy are concentrated, not on the relief of sickness and

  • Christian Ethics: Lesson 004

    Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON FOUR: PEACE: (PART TWO) Read: Eph. 2:14-17; 2Cor. 10:3-5. In this second part, we look at the New Testament teaching on this issue and our response as God s people living in a new covenant.

  • Christian Ethics: Lesson 005

    Christian Ethics Free Course: LESSON FIVE: SEXUALITY: (PART ONE) Read: Gen. 1:27: 2:23-25; Rom. 13:8-10. None of us can answer the question ‘Who am I’ without taking our sex into account. Equally, we cannot divorce our character from our sexual

    For Everyone Who Desires To Study TheologyA Quality Theological Seminary Without Tuition-Fees Tuition-free correspondence Bible Seminary courses All textbooks are supplied FREE via downloads Study Bible and Theology School courses at own pace Enroll in a Bible Seminary without leaving your job Seminary level masters and doctoral programs Unique courses in Apologetics and Biblical [ ]

    Here Is The The First Best And The Institution Ever To Offer Free Theological Distance Programs On The Net. Johnson C. Philip, PhD, DSc, ThDPrincipal Dear Friends, Trinity keeps updating its program to enable it to serve a larger number of people from, around the world, but with the same high quality educational [ ]

    Trinity: The First School To Offer Free Apologetics/Theology Graduate Distance Programs Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is restructuring its courses and the work is expected to be complete very soon. Thus all the available courses are listed below but the details of some courses will take three weeks to be updated. You can [ ]

    Resisting Mind Manipulation, Lesson 22 Trinity Graduate Level Courses In Theology And Apologetics Influences Through Societal Pressures “Societal Pressures” are generated by two mind manipulating techniques: Intimidation through Fear-Creation and Mob-Mentality Trick (see chapter one). Peer and social pressures are perhaps the worst form of created fear. Everyone at some point in their lives have [ ]

    Resisting Mind Manipulation, Lesson 21 Trinity Graduate Level Courses In Theology And Apologetics Christians Are Being Mind Manipulated “Then Jesus said to those Jews who believe Him, ‘If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you Free.’” (John 8:31-32) Christians who [ ]

    Resisting Mind Manipulation, Lesson 20 Trinity Graduate Level Courses In Theology And Apologetics Reformation: Separating Christianity From Paganism “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2) The Protestant Reformation [ ]

    Resisting Mind Manipulation, Lesson 19 Trinity Graduate Level Courses In Theology And Apologetics Mind Manipulation In Celebration of Holidays and Religious Practices “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of [ ]

    Resisting Mind Manipulation, Lesson 18 Trinity Bible School Courses In Theology And Apologetics Two Brief Experiments “Test all things; hold fast what is good” 1st Thessalonians 5:21 (NKJV) Experiment I: Commercials (Desensitization Through Repetition) THEORY: Are Christians becoming desensitized through repetitious commercials? Many who have been exposed after a period of time would say no. [ ]

    Resisting Mind Manipulation, Lesson 17 Trinity Graduate Level Courses In Theology And Apologetics Are Christian Children Being Shaped By What They See? “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) Good parents want to see their children grow up healthy [ ]

  • Master of Sacred Theology #christian #theology #seminary


    Master of Sacred Theology

    The Master of Sacred Theology degree designed for those who have graduated from a standard three-year seminary program and desire an additional year of advanced studies in preparation for Christian service and advanced theological study.


    The program leading to the Master of Sacred Theology degree is open to those who have graduated from a standard three-year seminary program and hold the degree of Master of Divinity or its equivalent. The STM is designed to provide opportunity for additional and advanced studies in the theological disciplines in preparation for Christian service and advanced theological study.


    Educational Goals

    To enable students to:

    • demonstrate a more focused knowledge in select areas of Bible content
    • demonstrate the ability to exegete the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible
    • demonstrate an understanding of the historical development of theology and a knowledge of premillennial dispensational theology
    • evidence an increasing likeness to Christ as manifested in love for God, love for others, and the fruit of the Spirit
    • demonstrate an ability to communicate the Bible and/or theology effectively
    • write an acceptable summative research paper or thesis; and
    • demonstrate skills in various ministries (for Ministry Track only); or
    • be prepared for advanced theological education (for Academic Track only)

    Spiritual Goals

    To enable students to evidence an increasing likeness to Christ as manifested in love for God, love for others, and the fruit of the Spirit.

    Ministry Goals

    To enable students to:

    • communicate the Bible effectively
    • demonstrate skills in various ministries
    • lead a local church or other group by means of biblical exposition, leadership skills, evangelism, and service;and
    • be prepared for advanced theological education

    Admission Requirements

    Admission requirements application procedures for the STM program are the same as for all programs of study at the seminary with three exceptions: (1) students who desire to pursue studies toward this degree must present at the time of application approved college and seminary degrees or their respective academic and theological equivalents; (2) transcripts of this work must show a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a scale of 4.0; and (3) applicants must provide a research paper, in English, previously written at the master s level that shows an acceptable level of competency in research and writing.

    Each applicant s evaluation for admission to the STM program will include a review of the applicant s completed MDiv (or equivalent) coursework to ensure the appropriate breadth of preparation necessary to pursue the STM degree. Identified deficiencies must be completed in addition to the following program requirements. On acceptance, STM students will receive a preliminary degree plan outlining how many hours will be required for their program.

    Course Requirements

    The STM degree normally requires 32 semester hours of coursework. The requirements listed below allow the STM program to be customized individually to prepare students for their intended ministry goals.

    Transfer of Credit

    Transfer of up to six credit hours is allowed towards the STM degree from accredited graduate theological schools. Only courses completed after the conferral of the MDiv degree, and in which a grade of C or better is earned, will be eligible for transfer. Transferability of credits earned at this institution and transferred to another school is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Consult the Registrar s Office for further information.

    Residence Requirements

    Of the 32 semester hours of coursework required for graduation, 18 hours must be taken in residence at the Dallas campus. In most cases it will be necessary for STM students to be enrolled in a minimum of three semesters of study, which can include Summer School.

    All work leading to the STM degree must be completed within six years from the time of matriculation. Extension requires approval by the Credits Committee. Reinstatement in the program after withdrawal requires Admissions Committee action and may subject the student to additional requirements for the degree.

    Admission to Candidacy

    Students may be admitted to candidacy by action of the faculty for the STM degree in the fall or spring semester prior to the semester/term of degree conferral or the semester prior to their participation in the Commencement ceremony after these requirements have been met: (1) grade point average of 2.5; (2) evidence, to the satisfaction of the faculty, of proven Christian character and adherence to the following doctrines: the authority and inerrancy of Scripture, the Trinity, the full deity and humanity of Christ, the spiritual lostness of the human race, the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ, salvation by faith alone in Christ alone, and the physical return of Christ; (3) provision of a written statement of church involvement from the local church regularly attended while in seminary; and (4) provision of a reference form completed by a pastor or spiritual overseer.

    Admission to candidacy is valid for one year. Students who postpone degree conferral beyond one year from original admission to candidacy or who postpone participation in the Commencement ceremony until the following spring will be required to reapply for admission to candidacy.

    Graduation Requirements

    Candidates for the STM degree must have completed the required 32 semester hours of coursework with a grade point average of at least 2.5, and must evidence, to the satisfaction of the faculty, ability and acceptability in Christian ministry, proven Christian character, and adherence to the doctrines stated in the Admission to Candidacy section.

    Diplomas will not be released, transcripts issued, or placement assistance provided unless all nancial obligations to the seminary and/or student loan program are current.

    Read and Study the Bible Online – Search, Find Verses #bible #study #tools, #online #bible, #the #holy #bible, #gateway, #online, #verses, #versions, #translations, #commentary, #concordance, #scripture, #new, #old #testament, #christian, #interlinear, #parallel, #kjv, #niv


    BibleStudyTools.com is the largest free online Bible website for verse search and in-depth studies.

    Our rich online library includes well known and trusted commentaries including the popular Matthew Henry Commentary, concordances like Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Naves Topical Concordance. Bible dictionaries. Biblical encyclopedias and historical Christian and church books including Fox’s Book of Martyrs. Our free Bible reading plans. Parallel Bible. Commentaries including the popular Matthew Henry Commentary. concordances like Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Naves Topical Concordance. and many other additional Christian resources including dictionaries and encyclopedias.

    For a more in-depth study of Scripture, our website offers Greek and Hebrew Interlinear for the New and Old Testament, lexicons for original Greek and Hebrew reading of Scripture, as well as popular Church history books. Use our gateway to free resources for quick verse search or to start a daily reading plan and study Scripture deeper with our library of tools.

    Special Thanks

    Zondervan and Biblica for permission to use the NIV, TNIV and the NIrV;
    The American Bible Society for permission to use the Good News Translation of the Holy Bible;
    Baker Publishing Group for permission to use the Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology;
    Broadman Holman Publishers for permission to use the Holman Christian Standard Bible;
    Deuel Enterprises, Inc. for permission to use the Third Millennium Bible ;
    God’s Word to the Nations and Baker Publishing Group for permission to use the GOD’S WORD Translation of the Holy Bible;
    Jewish New Testament Publications, Inc. for permission to use the Complete Jewish Bible ;
    The Lockman Foundation for permission to use the New American Standard Bible ;
    The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA for permission to use the New Revised Standard Version ;
    Thomas Nelson Publishers for permission to use the New King James Version of the Holy Bible;
    Tyndale House Publishers for permission to use the New Living Translation of the Bible;
    Logos Bible Study Software for permission to use 10,000 Sermon Illustrations

    Christian Alcoholism Treatment New York, New York #christian #alcoholism #treatment, #christian #alcohol #treatment, #alcohol #rehab, #alcohol #treatment, #alcohol #treatment #centers, #alcohol #treatment #center


    Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in New York, NY, those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

    Christian Alcoholism Treatment New York, New York

    Call us today at (646)666-9073 in New York, New York

    Christian alcoholism treatment is a faith based alcoholism treatment program aimed at helping patients kick their alcohol dependency. The main difference between Christian alcoholism treatment and other alcoholism treatment programs is that Christian alcoholism treatment infuses Christian morals and philosophies into the program, leading patients to rely upon the teachings of Jesus Christ to help them move forward in their lives without alcohol.

    Patients who seek alcohol treatment and recovery in a Christian alcoholism treatment facility discover the spiritual, physical and psychological impacts from their dependency and begin to form a faith-based foundation for learning to live their lives without alcohol, through Jesus Christ. Tried and true aspects of traditional treatment programs used include: workshops, individual and group therapy, behavioral modification, and lectures. These aspects are then combined with a strong spiritual message in an effort to heal the addict’s soul as well as their physical being, giving them hope and a reason so remain sober. Alcoholics are encouraged to look into the Bible to find answers to their questions surrounding why they became alcoholics as well as for inspiration to remain sober.

    The ultimate goal for Christian alcoholism treatment is to relieve the feelings of inadequacy, guilt, shame and despair, replacing them with the feelings of hope, forgiveness, self-worth and of having a clean slate. The idea that God is an-all loving, all forgiving God helps to replace the dependence on alcohol with a deeper relationship with God.

    Christian alcoholism treatment can occur on both an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on the needs of the alcoholic in question. Inpatient treatment is more preferable to outpatient treatment and tends to have a better long term prognosis. The main reason being that inpatient treatment is more comprehensive and intense than can be achieved in an outpatient setting. The highly supervised environment of the inpatient treatment model forces alcoholics to adhere to the program and participate in their recovery, making them much more likely to complete treatment and remain sober after leaving treatment. Alcoholics who are treated as inpatients also get the benefit of going through treatment with others who have experienced the same struggles and aspire to the same sobriety as the patient themselves. Outpatients rarely seek out other outpatients in treatment. Rather they end up spending time in relationships that reinforce their alcohol dependence instead of supporting their treatment and recovery.

    By entering into a christian alcoholism treatment program, patients have the opportunity to deal with both the physical and mental/emotional aspects of alcohol dependence. Christian alcoholism treatment programs incorporate sound treatment techniques into a safe, nurturing environment where the teachings of Jesus Christ are offered to help addicts learn a new way of life and living without alcohol.

    Call us today at (646)666-9073 in New York, New York

    Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab
    New York. NY 10013
    Phone: (646) 666-9073
    Click here to send email
    Marketing Location only
    Please call phone number

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    The Complete Hebrew Bible Narrated in Hebrew

    On 4 audio CDs (MP3 format)

    including the Law, Prophets, and Writings (Torah, Nevi’im, K’tuvim)

    In the first joyous years following the founding of the state of Israel, Kol Israel, the country’s national radio station, broadcast one chapter of the Hebrew Bible every night. These readings, narrated by Shlomo Bertonov, Israel’s greatest Torah-reader, became famous for the inspiring beauty of Bertonov’s intonation, diction, and accent. Even today they are still accepted as the best narration of the Hebrew Bible ever recorded.

    These collected recordings make possible for our generation a familiarity with the Hebrew Bible of which our parents could only dream. Imagine being able to study the Bible in your car, while at work, while cooking dinner, and all those other places that reading would be impossible. A perfect gift for a new Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the audio recordings of the Hebrew Bible are not only essential for congregations and individuals preparing for the reading of the weekly portion, but for anyone who wishes to dramatically improve their Torah-reading skills and their familiarity with and understanding of the Hebrew Bible in general.

    (Bulk orders are available at a discounted price for schools and congregations.)

    Entire Torah chanted in Hebrew in traditional Jewish style. Ideal Hebrew language or Bible study tool. Beautiful chanting makes great Jewish or Christian meditation music. Set of 4 CDs.the holy land, Bible, Hebrew Bible, Torah, Old Testament, Hebrew Scriptures, biblical Hebrew, Bible CD, Torah CD, Old Testament CD, Hebrew Bible CD, Hebrew Scriptures CD, complete, entire, full, CD, set, Jewish CD, Christian CD, Bible study tool, Bible study, Hebrew Bible study, meditation music, meditation cd, Christian meditation, Jewish meditation, Jewish chant, Hebrew chant, Jewish music, Hebrew music, Christian music, Jewish songs, Hebrew songs, Christian songs, Jewish, Hebrew, Christian, biblical, Christian gift, Jewish gift, Easter gift, Christmas gift, holiday gift, Hannuka gift, Channukah gift, Bible Land Shop, music cd, Hebrew study, learn Hebrew, Hebrew language, Hebrew study tool, read Hebrew Bible, speak Hebrew, Israel, Israeli music, Israeli songs, Hebrew Israel music, Hebrew Israel songs, map Israel, free gift, jewish holiday, Christianity, Judaism, doko media

    Global University #online #christian #distance #education, #think #global #university, #online #courses, #christian #ministry

    Are you interested in learning more about Global University? Click below to send us your information and a representative will contact you shortly.

    The Graduate School of Theology exists to equip students to live and minister in multiple cultures through individual research, personal scholarship, and cultural awareness. It does so by providing advanced, in-depth, specialized study of the Bible and related subjects at the post-bachelor’s degree level.

    The Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology offers programs designed for ministers, ministerial students, and laypersons who desire in-depth study in the area of biblical education at a college degree level.


    Berean School of the Bible is an adult continuing education program that exists to help believers fulfill God’s call on their lives by providing high quality, affordable preparation for church leadership, lay ministry, and personal enrichment within the context of the local church and community. Berean School of the Bible is integral to Global University’s facilitation of life-long learning for all believers.

    The purpose of Global University’s School for Evangelism and Discipleship is to reach the lost, using every medium available. Evangelism materials range from comic books and children’s curriculum to books designed to reach college students and intellectuals. Used in more than 175 countries in over 120 languages, these materials are unsurpassed in accomplishing the tasks of evangelism and discipleship. Christian Life materials are ideal for group or individual studies.

    Global University is both an educational and a missions driven institution. We go to areas where there is no adequate Bible training for pastors so the lost can learn the truth of God. The university depends on God and on the faithful support of donors to carry on with missions projects around the world. Learn More

    Global University Wellness Event

    Global University will be participating in a “Let’s Get Moving” campaign. On Friday, May 5th our phones will be shut off at 3:00 pm so that our staff can participate in a wellness event. We look forward to serving you again on Monday.

    Global University Announces 2017 Tuition Updates

    The Global University Board of Directors, after careful consideration, has announced a minimal tuition increase for 2017

    Changes to Academic Staff

    Important Announcement Regarding Changes to Staff:

    On July 1, 2016, Global University experienced several changes in the administrative structure of the Academic Division. Maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence, while honoring the personal wishes of current staff, three Global University staff members will assume new academic positions.

    Embracing the Vision

    Important Announcement Regarding Accreditation:

    As a founding concept of the Christian faith, the Great Commission established an early blueprint for ministry. While times have changed, the words that were spoken then remain eternal. In adherence to this calling, Global University has long worked to reach forgotten areas, fully embracing the pursuit of the Great Commission.

    Global University’s mission today: “Reach the lost, train the found.” To learn more about how Global University is working to equip those who will preach the Good News around the world, click here.

    1211 S. Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804
    1.800.443.1083 | 417.862.9533