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Car City Dealers

At Car City, we make it quick and simple for you to find that perfect second hand or used car! Car City Dealers have thousands of used cars on display to choose from representing fantastic value and offered by our car dealers at ridiculously cheap car prices. Car City Melbourne and Sydney car complexes are literally a one stop car supermarket. Smart car buyers know that Car City Dealers offer some of Sydney’s and Melbourne’s cheapest cars for sale, visit our www.carcity.com.au website or visit your nearest Car City complex for a hassle free test drive of our outstanding quality second hand cars, talk with our friendly staff about a second hand car loan and let them arrange hassle free used car finance for your new car, they would be happy to arrange car registration renewal, used car insurance, and explain to you about the Car City National warranty. Car City is Open 7 days a week.

Even though Car City used car complexes are currently based in Melbourne and Sydney, our Car City second hand car dealer group continue to deliver quality used cars to car buyers from all around Australia. So, even if you live in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Tasmania or country Australia, our dealers would be happy to do a hassle free used car deal with you, and can arrange to deliver your perfect car right to your door, our car dealers can arrange to register, can arrange to deliver, organise finance, arrange insurance and simply take the hassle out of buying a used car. Our used motor vehicle dealer group do this all the time, because smart second hand car buyers know that they can trust Car City Dealers, and our many thousands of customers already drive and trust the outstanding value quality used cars they bought from Car City Dealers

Below is a list of the Car dealers from Melbourne and Sydney, Car City used vehicle complexes are opening soon in Perth Brisbane.

Click onto Search Our Dealers and view the dozens of car dealers and thousands of second hand vehicle inventory they have available on offer. Drive over to your nearast Car City Complex for a look around, park your car in one of hundreds off street customer parking bays, bring the whole family for a wonderful experience and a browse at thousands of quality vehicles, grab a snack and a coffee at our Car City Café, let the children have fun in the playground and take you time to select that perfect car. Car City make it nice and easy to find that perfect second hand car and drive away.

Car City Ringwood Dealers

Ottawa, ON – Used Car salesman stole my money – WORLD Law Direct Forums

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Ottawa, ON – Used Car salesman stole my money


I’m writing here today because I am very frustrated with a Used Car salesman out of Scarborough, ON, called Rockcliff Auto, as they made false promises, lied, and broke the laws and obligations they needed to follow on our contract.

I’m an 18 year old student out of Ottawa, ON, who has been looking for a used car for quite some time now. Being only 18, I have no credit at all, and no one would really finance me without a co-signer, which was out of the question. I stumbled upon this company called Rockcliff Auto, who advertised on their website that they finance everyone, and that they do not do credit checks, and that credit is unnecessary to obtain vehicle financing from them. So, seeing this as my chance to finally get a vehicle, I called them up and told a man named Luis Aloy that I was interested in the Audi A6 he had for sale on his website, and asked him if it was stil available, and he said yes it is. I then asked him if they would finance an 18 year old with no credit and no co-signer, and he said that it would not be a problem so long as I could put forth about $3,000 for a down payment on the Audi. I then asked him if I could test drive the vehicles even with a G2 license (intermediate), or if I needed a full G license, and he said that test driving would not be an issue at all. I told him I was very happy with our conversation, and that I would be down on Saturday, the 19th of May (4 days away) to see the car and to possibly put some money down on it.

My girlfriend and I arrived in Scarborough at some point around lunch time (5 hour drive), and we immediately found Mr. Aloy. After introducing ourselves, I asked him about the Audi, and where it was located, and he told me that it was no longer available, and that they have not had any Audi’s for a few months now. I got angry with him, because I had just asked him the day before if they still had it before I came all the way down there, and he said yes, in fact, they supposedly had three Audi’s. He sent me to see Junior, who is the owner’s son I believe. I asked him what he has to show me, and he showed me a 2003 Infiniti G35 in black, with 188,000KM on it. I loved the car, despite the high mileage, and asked if I could test drive it, which he said no because there were too many cars blocking it in. I was pretty upset, but went back to Mr. Aloy and told him I wanted to put some money on it, but all I had was $200. He told me that if I gave him $200 now, he would hold it for a week, and if I gave him another $200 next Saturday via credit card that he would extend it to a total of three weeks which gave me some time to come up with $2,500 and a $500 post-dated check – that was our agreement. He gave me the bill of sale, and told me to sign, but before I signed, I knew to ask him about the vehicle history, such as accidents, maintenance issues, etc. He told me that the car had a clean title and that the vehicle had never been in an accident. I asked him to prove it by showing me a Carfax, and he said that he had no computer in his office, and that the only people who did were the finance company, Lovats, which was located in the same building, but that their office was closed for the weekend. He then told me that I can get the Carfax when I come back to get the vehicle. I thought this was weird, but since he said it had never been in an accident, I took his word for it, as I knew that if he was lying, it would make this contract completely null void, or so I thought.

After arriving home around 7:30PM that evening, I quickly pulled up the Carfax at home, and found that the car had infact been in an accident, and that the mileage on the Carfax said 114,000KM, when in fact it had 188,000KM, which was a huge difference. I assumed they had driven it as a dealer car for a few years, and never reported the mileage to carfax, and never had it inspected. This threw up too many red flags for me, so I called Mr. Aloy back and couldn’t get ahold of him because he had left the office and had his phone off for the long weekend.

When Tuesday came around, I called him to let him know that I no longer want the vehicle because he lied to me, and the Carfax didn’t add up. He told me that Carfax was an American company, and that I needed a Carproof, which was the Canadian version. I called him on it, and he told me that he will check the Carproof and will get back to me tomorrow morning. I waited until 4:30PM on Wednesday for him to call me, and when he hadn’t, I called him myself. He told me that the Carproof said that the car was in fact in an accident, and that it only totaled to $1,300 and that legally he didn’t have to tell me about it unless it was over $3,000 in damage. I called him out on that, and told him that if I’m buying a vehicle, I want to know everything about it from when it had been in an accident, to when you put your winter tires on it. He told me that if I want my money back, I will have to call Lovats, the finance company that would be financing me, but that they are closed for the day and that I need to call them tomorrow. He then told me to call him first tomorrow, before calling them, so that he can have some time to talk to the owner about maybe lowering the price for me. 5 minutes later, Lovats, the finance company, calls me and tells me that I need to be 25 to get financed, and that they never finance anyone under 25 unless they have a co-signer. I specifically asked Mr. Aloy if I could get financed with no co-signer, and no credit, and he said YES, not a problem! I then told them that Mr. Aloy told me that they had to give me my deposit back. They laughed at me ,and told me that the owner of Rockcliff Auto had to give me my money back, which I knew they would say anyway, as it didn’t make sense to me that the finance company would be the one to give me the money back. I then called Mr. Aloy back, and told him to quit leading me on this little game of his, and to give me my deposit back. He then started screaming at me, and told me to f*** off, f**** off, f****off. and to Never call me again!! – I told him he has two options: Give me my money back via cheque, pre-paid credit card, or however he wants to, or I’ll take him to court. He told me to take him to court, so I’m wondering if I have a case.

I have tried calling him, and the company numerous times from my cell phone, but they have blocked my number, and my house number. I called using my girlfriend’s phone, and they will not let me speak to the owner, whose name is Danny (last name unknown). I have filed a report with BBB, and left a message for OMVIC to get back to me, but it’s a weekend so I don’t expect a call until next week.

I’m willing to take these guys to court, but I just need to know if I have a case. Nowhere on the bill of sale does it say that my deposit is non-refundable, and it actually does say All sales are final unless the motor vehicle dealer has not followed certain legal obligations . I would imagine that lying about the vehicle history is not legal, and I would imagine taking my money even though knowing that you actually DON’T finance everyone, and no one undr 25, is also against the law.

I may have missed a few details here, but if something doesn`t make sense, please ask me, I would really like to know if I have a case here, thank-you!

Ontario Car Loans

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Ontario Car Loans

Car Loans Canada was designed to help you find car loans in Ontario. Through Car Loans Canada, you can find our easy 30 second online credit application that are non-intrusive and designed to get you in a car today!

When it comes to finding a car loan in Ontario, our credit application has been designed especially for those with bad credit. Thanks to Car Loans Canada, you are not required to answer embarrassing and intrusive personal questions. Instead, you will only need to give the most relevant information.

Finding Bad Credit Car Loans in Ontario Couldn t Be Easier

Car Loans Canada takes pride in the fact that we have helped thousands of Canadians in all ten provinces and both territories find car loans even those with bad credit. The car loan industry in Canada has become specialized, and this means that there are lenders who focus specifically on bad credit. Car loans you find in Ontario cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor are unique. Therefore, you may not find the same service in another province or territory. However, keep in mind that the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council licenses and regulates dealers in Ontario

We Can Help You Find Car Financing in Ontario

If you have bad credit or credit problems don t worry, as Car Loans Canada is here to help. We know how critical it is for those living in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga to have access to lenders that specialize in bad credit car loans. As a result, we have assembled a network of lenders who have worked to help thousands of Canadians find the financing that they need

Car Loans in Ontario

In Canada it is no longer necessary to go through the difficult, uncomfortable and awkward procedure of meeting with a bank s loans officer. Through Car Loans Canada, you can find a simple online credit application that streamlines the process and skips the awkwardness. If you are in Ontario or anywhere in Canada and you need help financing a car, then Car Loans Canada has you covered. Apply now !

Online Car Loan

Online car loans have become extremely popular in recent years. The number of online applications has simply soared and with good reasons. Being able to apply for a car loan easily in the comfort of your own home is a dream, and the online car loan application couldn t be any easier or safer.

Old Cars – Classic Car Classifieds, Classic Cars For Sale

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Newest Classic Cars For Sale

1962 Chevrolet Belair 2 door sedan resto-mod

1962 Chevy Belair *original paint, black, *1994 LT1 engine, balanced and blue printed. head work and comp cam *app. 15,000 miles on motor and T56 6-speed trans. *car has less than 3,000 miles since modified. * wilwood 12 inch disk on.

1964 Mercury Montclair

1964 Mercury Montclair. No rust. All original except carburetor. Runs but needs exhaust gasket replace on left exhaust manifold and needs brakes bleed. Very good condition. Has been repainted with original paint color. Located in southern Indiana.

1977 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

1977 Cadillac Coup de Ville. All original 1977 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. 61,000 original miles. Always kept in the garage. Black exterior with black leather interior. New catalytic converter and muffler system, new tires, new battery, tube-up.

1938 Buick Buick Special

Model 41 Restp Rpd 60-430 Buick Motor Auto over Drive Transmission Camero sub Frame Vintage air Condition Tilt Wheel Power Stearing Vintage air AMFM cassette ration power bucket seats

1949 Mercury

1949 Mercury. Very nice Merc mild custom, actually started life as a Ford Monarch (Canadian Merc) 350 Olds engine from late 60’s early 70’s automatic. lowered, shaved door handles, custom grill & taillight treatment, cruiser skirts with wide whites.

Oh Good, Car Thieves – Tool Is On Sale For Black Friday Too

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Oh Good, Thieves Tool of Choice for Opening Your Car Is on Sale for Black Friday Too

By Aaron Cole on November 25, 2015

Good news! That mysterious device that extends the reach of keyless entry systems so meth heads  — um —  ICP fans — er — idiots can rummage through your car and borrow your wallet, purse or golf clubs without bringing them back is now on sale!

For 15-percent off for the holiday weekend only, you can have your own Chinese-made codes that totally won t be used for going through your neighbor s Prius and stealing his iPod.

The code scanner uses brute force or nerd magic to pick up key codes and open car doors. The device sells for around $100 on many easily found sites, but for savvy shoppers looking to spend their saved dough on cheap cough syrup, it s 15-percent off for you!

I m sure there are many legitimate uses for the code scanner — which I found on sale for the weekend on a Chinese website — none of which they re being used for.

There are instructional videos online that show how to use the code scanner, which I absolutely don t understand.

Thankfully, the small, handheld device is getting attention from officials and researchers as problematic  for car owners who don t appreciate their handbags getting pinched in mall parking lots.

So if you re looking for something for that hard-to-shop-for tweaker in your life, at least you can save a little scrilla to use as bail money later.

(Reminder: If your car is parked on the street and you re in a neighborhood that may have a problem, keep your keys in the freezer or in one of these. )

(H/T to David for the NYTimes story.)

The best autos ranking site to help you find your perfect car

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Autos.com editors have compiled the most extensive rating database on the internet, drawing upon $20 million of automotive research from CarsDirect and Autodata, and summarizing expert opinion from an extensive group of the leading third party sources. Here is a brief overview of how we do it:

Professional Reviews Ranking: Autos.com editors analyze car reviews from a range of magazines and websites, distill each down to a quantifiable ranking and then average those rankings to arrive at the Professional Review Rank.

Other Rankings: Autos.com also ranks vehicles based on criteria such as fuel efficiency, cargo capacity, and comfort and convenience features. You can see some of the data that we have used to rate each vehicle in any given category by expanding the category header on the vehicle detail page. For example, click on the arrow next to “Passenger Space” on the Honda Civic detail page to see the actual measurements for that vehicle’s interior. These measurements were stacked up against the interior measurements of all the other vehicles in the compact car segment in order to calculate the Honda Civic’s rating in the Passenger Space category. That rating is then used to determine the Honda Civic’s overall ranking in the compact car category.

No Money Down Car Dealerships California. Bad Credit Loans 0 Down.

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No Money Down Car Dealerships in California

Get a car loan with bad credit and no down payment in CA. We help people who live in California and across the country get the financing they need. Use the button below to begin the application now.

We help California car buyers with bad credit find local car places with sign and drive low down payment financing.

California Zero Down Payment Financing

0 down payment used cars lots California and the USA

If you’re looking for zero cash down cars and live in California you’ve come to the best website. In addition to our relationship with thousands of 0 down car dealerships all across the USA, our massive used car database has cars for sale with 0, 49, 69, 79, 88, 99, 100, 200, 300, 500, or 1000 cash due at signing.

People in California can fill out an application to get started or select a CA city from the list above. We’re also the number 1 resource for obtaining buy here pay here and first time buyer car financing.

California New Car Lot Prices

Often California new car lots won’t budge when negotiating price on the showroom floor. At DriversLane.com you’ll quickly get the lowest price upfront quote from our massive CA franchise automobile dealership database no matter what type of car, truck, minivan or SUV you want to buy.

To see what you qualify to buy a car at one of our no money down car lots fill out our lowest price quote request form, and you’ll quickly be contacted by a local California new car lot.

California Used Car Lot Inventory

If you’ve ever spent time surfing the search engines tryign to find a low down payment pre-owned vehicle in California with BHPH terms, you know how much time it can take. Our used search feature provides the most relevant local vehicles in California at the best available price and money down.

Within minutes you’ll be searching hundreds of local automobiles for sale in California. You can then narrow your search options further by choosing results by price, distance, make and model.

CA Used Automobile Search

We’re affiliated with new and used car dealerships all across California. Because of our relationship with such a wide variety of California automotive dealerships we’re able to find the best deals on cars in the state. Using our site is free and easy which isn’t something that can be said about other online car finding services. Receiving a free quote from a California based auto dealership doesn’t mean you have to purchase the vehicle. It will however give you an idea of what’s available right now in California and whether or not it fits into your budget. You can receive price quotes or monthly payment quotes so you can locate a vehicle that fits in your price range.

If you’re worried about getting a new or used with bad credit you can lay your worries to rest. At DriversLane.com we specialize in finding cars for people with problem credit. We can answer the tough questions such as:

  • Can I get a make or model I like?
  • Can I afford a new ?
  • What type of financing options do I have?
  • How much will money I qualify for?

Every credit situation is unique. Our specialists can help determine where you stand credit-wise and provide you with the best possible financing options. Keep in mind that every time you apply for problem credit loans it will appear on your credit report. Too many credit requests can raise a red flag and make applying for financing more difficult. Luckily that’s what we’re here for. with our help you’ll be able to find out what you qualify for before your next vehicle purchase.

Apply Today! Drive Today!

No Credit History? You Can Still Buy a Car

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No Credit History? You Can Still Buy a Car

by: Justin Leach

It s a classic scenario: you want a car loan but don t have any real credit history. Many first-time car buyers think they ll either have to buy some old beat up car for cash or accept financing terms that anyone else would find outrageous.  The truth is there are several things you can do today to get you behind the wheel of a solid car and still leave you with enough money to fill up the tank.

Step one:

I can t stress this enough-Get your credit report and credit score from all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.)  You need to know where you stand.  Are you certain your student loan consolidation got reported correctly?  Or how about that time you were late paying your credit card?  Maybe you forgot, but the credit bureaus didn t.  The dealer will pull your credit reports, so make sure they are accurate and that you ve taken care of any outstanding problems.

Step two:

Take a realistic look at your finances.  After all other expenses, how much can you really afford to put toward a car payment, insurance, gas and maintenance? You ll be a more attractive buyer if you can provide a decent down payment and keep your car payment to a low percentage of your monthly income.

If you ve got a couple cars already in mind, go online to get several auto insurance quotes.  Many financing sites like ToyotaFinancial.com provide on-line tools to help you estimate payments.

Play with the numbers and remember a lower annual percentage rate (APR) with longer terms will give you lower monthly payments the flipside is that you ll pay more in interest over the life of the contract. To help save more money, consider taking a contract with a shorter term.

Read more car buying stories:

Step three:

Explore your options. You may qualify for programs that could bring down the purchase price of a vehicle or provide you with better financing options. For example:

College Grad: Did you just graduate or will you soon?  At Scion.com not only do they offer $400, but they offer no money down, deferred first payment for 90 days and they throw in free roadside assistance for a year.  And, of course, at Scion, there is no price negotiation the price is the price, no haggling.

First Time Buyer: Some programs assist first time buyers in purchasing certain model vehicles.  Interested in a Yaris, Matrix, Corolla or a Tacoma?  Check out the iFinance program at Toyota.com.  You ll need 10 percent down, a steady job, car insurance, references and a minimum income, but you won t need a co-signer.

Certified Used Vehicles: Another way to save? Go used.  A certified used vehicle is one that meets standards set by the manufacturer and comes with a warranty.  You can probably find advantageous same as new financing, too.

Leasing: Even though we re talking about purchasing a vehicle, before you hit the lots, consider if a lease might be the right option for you.  To learn more about the differences between leasing and buying, check out the article Finance or Lease: Choosing One on youngmoney.com.

Co-signer: Got a family member with good credit willing to risk getting stuck with the bill if you miss a payment?  Should your account ever go to collections, guess who they can go after-your loving and trusting co-signer.

I m not against the co-signer option; for many first-time car buyers, this is actually the fastest way to obtain vehicle financing and get a more reasonable rate. Just make sure you fully weigh all the benefits and potential consequences when going this route.

Add On s :  You won t leave a dealership without being offered extended warranties and payment protection plans. Don t discount the necessity of these options.  But if your goal here is to make sure you can afford your car, research and understand what will be offered. Also, check out life and disability insurance to cover your car payments should you become disabled or, well, you know, dead.

Step four:

Get your paperwork together. Here are a few things to bring car shopping:

1)      Proof of employment or future employment-a W2 or pay stubs showing at least six months of employment, or an offer letter for employment stating your salary.

2)      References the names and contact info for up to six people.

3)      Proof of enrollment in college and graduation date-or if you recently graduated, proof of graduation.

4)      Copies of your credit reports.

5)      If you have it, proof of collision insurance.

6)      And any research you have done on the vehicles you like including invoice pricing data, incentives, rebates, Kelley Blue Book value (if you re looking at a used car) and your insurance quotes.

OK, so you have your credit reports and credit score, you know how much you can afford, you ve researched rebates and special offers, and you have all your paperwork together. Now you re ready for that test-drive.

Justin Leach is a communications specialist for Toyota Financial Services.  Prepare yourself for your next car buying experience by visiting toyotafinancial.com where you can view finance programs and offers tailored to meet your needs and learn more about understanding and protecting your credit, differences between buying and leasing, and various vehicle protection plans.

Beginner s Guide to Car Loan Hunting

Car Shopping: Kicking Your Financial Knowledge into Gear


No Money Down Car Loans

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No Down Payment Car Loans

Are you worried about down payment while buying a car? You will be pleased to know that you can get no money down auto loans and buy the car of your choice in an instant. Apply on Fastautoloanapproval.com to get affordable zero down payment car financing program. People with bad credit need not shy away from applying because bad credit no down auto loans are available.

Making a down payment is not possible for everyone. Most car buyers have trouble in putting money down for purchasing a car. Understanding this, Fastautoloanapproval.com has brought zero down auto financing for you. This makes guaranteed approval easy on no money down auto loans. Low down payment program is also available. Get an amazing opportunity of availing affordable rates by just filling a secure car loan application form.

The company believes that credit score is just one part of loan approval criteria. So, bad credit won’t be an obstacle in securing car loans without money down. No credit no money down option can also be availed by anyone including students.

How to Get No Money Down Auto Loans with Bad Credit?

• Search for subprime lenders who offer auto loans to people with bad credit.

• Your accurate SSN is needed for filling the car loan application.

• A decent monthly income can improve your approval chances.

• Valid income and employment proof.

• A co-signer can help.

• Opt for a less expensive car and avoid the chances of upside down.

• There should not be any current repossession or bankruptcy.

• You can trade-in your old car and use rebates from the new car to get an auto loan with no money down.

Anyone can apply for auto loan without down payment. Fastautoloanapproval.com has wide ranging criteria which makes approval easy. First time car buyers, students, people with no credit, bad credit borrowers, etc. can apply on the secure website.

What are the Benefits of Applying with Fastautoloanapproval.com?

The Best Car GPS

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Best Car GPS

At the time of publishing, the price was $200.

At the time of publishing, the price was $180.

At the time of publishing, the price was $354.

If you’re looking to spend a little more, our upgrade pick is Garmin’s

$355 nüvi 2798LMT. a seven-inch navigation system that offers gobs more visual real estate, most of the features of the 2539LMT (minus Foursquare), and an added bonus of voice controls, Bluetooth speakerphone connectivity, and a wireless backup camera that you can install in the rear of your car. This happens to be a feature I’m bullish on, given the the safety enhancement and the convenience factor, but the vast majority of respondents in our reader poll said this wasn’t a must-have feature.

Our survey showed that most of you want a GPS specifically so you can avoid relying on your phone for navigation, so that’s a dealbreaker. Garmins are complete devices in and of themselves and accommodate a wider range of users. That’s a good thing. They’re basically idiot-proof—and if you spend any time at all on the road, you know there are plenty of idiots out there.

Table of contents

Why you should trust us

For more than a decade, I’ve been an automotive critic for Popular Science, Men’s Health, and other outlets, as well as a consumer-technology generalist. I’ve spent countless hours tinkering with portable electronics, including GPS devices and smartphones. In fact, I’ve been using navigation technology since the first automotive devices came out in the early 2000’s via in-dash variants, stand-alone devices, and, now, smartphone-based apps. I use them constantly, and have been led astray by faulty directions as often as I’ve had my bacon saved while running late to some destination or another. If I have any natural gift at all, it’s a sixth sense about navigating, so I can quickly tell when something a GPS device suggests doesn’t quite sync up with reality. (This, by the way, also makes me great fun as a backseat driver.)

For this guide, I spoke with engineers at GPS navigation product manufacturers, consulted with readers via our in-depth survey, and then read reviews of the products in key publications. Then, of course, I spent hours experimenting with the GPSs both in my office—to understand all the functions and settings without the “distraction” of actually trying to drive somewhere—and on the road.

Isn’t my smartphone enough?

If you think your smartphone is enough, it is. If you already have a car charger and car mount. your favorite GPS app will get you where you need to go. In addition to working perfectly fine, your phone carries all your contacts, settings, search history, etc. with you whether you’re on foot, on your bike, in a new city, or whatever. Also, the ease with which you can search for something on your device (restaurant, park, etc.) and then make it your destination with a simple tap—or a copy/paste—makes phones hugely convenient.

But we still think that stand-alone GPS units plug a few important gaps in smartphone functionality, and so did you.

When we polled our readers about car GPS devices, a majority (58%) wanted something that could still guide them through cell service dead spots and wouldn’t drain your smartphone’s battery (54%). Concern about data usage was a distant third (24%). In other words, your smartphone is not always enough. Another concern worth noting is that while you can download maps for offline navigation, these take up significant amounts of storage on your phone.

Garmin GPS devices can direct you to locations within locations, like terminals or parking lots within a larger airport.

There are no pop-up notifications, calls, or texts to distract you from driving and no music controls to futz with. It’s dedicated to navigation.

A GPS checks all those boxes and will help you navigate more safely, letting you concentrate exclusively on driving directions. There are no pop-up notifications, calls, or texts to distract you from driving and no music controls to futz with. It’s dedicated to navigation. With the latest features like traffic data (and avoidance), Direct Access to get you to a specific location within a larger address (like a store in a mall), Foursquare integration, and more refined voice directions based on natural language (turn right at the movie theater), Garmin’s standalone GPS devices can beat any free navigation app blow for blow and match any paid app. That’s not to say that Google, Waze, Here, and Apple Maps won’t get you where you need to go just as quickly 99% of the time, but for now, a GPS still has a few advantages when it comes to plain old navigation.

It’s important to realize that this isn’t an either/or scenario—a smartphone and dedicated GPS benefit each other. For example, I could go to Google Maps on my phone to look around for places to take photos in a park, or use Google to search for my destination, then input that into the Garmin. It would be great if the devices that pair with smartphones worked in this manner—that is, you could just “shoot” a destination from your phone to your GPS—but that functionality is only now starting to appear and is still half-baked at best  1  . TomTom just announced its MyDrive service, which lets you search destinations and plan routes on your desktop or smartphone and send them directly to your GPS. When this functionality is implemented on smartphones, it could be a gamechanger for people who like the idea of using their GPS with their phone as opposed to instead of it. We can report that the web app works as advertised, but we’ll evaluate the devices that incorporate MyDrive when they do come out.

In short, while I’m absolutely dedicated to my iPhone, driving is a different kettle of fish. Having a dedicated device on your dash still makes a ton of sense.

How we picked

I started by reviewing our research from last year, following up with updated reviews and roundups from sites that include CNET. PC Magazine. Consumer Reports. and GPS Tracklog. Then I surveyed user reviews on Amazon.com and BestBuy.com to see what the consensus was on specific models and manufacturers.

Combined with our own survey of several hundred Wirecutter readers—which included opportunities for respondents to write in open-ended complaints or praise for specific products or the tech in general—this information pointed us toward newer offerings that we thought might displace last year’s selection. I also considered our survey results because I wanted to make sure our readers’ needs were being met.

Features like backup cameras, premium traffic data, and Bluetooth weren’t a hit (only 13% said the first two were worth paying extra for and only 30% would pay for Bluetooth), but we also learned that people were mostly willing to pay for unlimited map updates (72%). We also learned that 63% of you wanted something that cost less than $200 if possible and that 84% of you wanted something with either a five- or six-inch screen, with most of those votes going for a five-inch device.

With this knowledge in hand, we quickly gravitated toward the Garmin 2539 and the TomTom GO 500. but we also considered Garmin’s 2689  and the Magellan 6230 unit (discussed in the Competition section), multiple other Garmins, the Magellan SmartGPS 5390. and the six-inch TomTom Go 600 along with its less full-featured GO 50 and GO 60 siblings. We considered some devices that, while outside some of our criteria, we wanted to give a fair shake, in case their specific feature sets were particularly compelling.

We ultimately decided that we wanted our device to operate independently of smartphones, since purchasers may not want some functions (such as traffic or POI search) to be tied to their smartphones. (Or purchasers might not have a smartphone to begin with.) This thinking, by the way, was a key part of our eventual decision to knock the TomTom GO 500 out of the running, as it’s dependent on a smartphone for traffic updates.

From left to right: Garmin’s 58LMT, 2798LMT, the Magellan SmartGPS 5390, TomTom’s GO 500, Garmin’s 2539LMT, and the TomTom GO 600.

How we tested

Then, of course, I hit the road. Over a course of a month, I used them in environments ranging from deeply rural Pennsylvania—far from any cell signals—to the urban jungle of New York City. I drove through rush-hour traffic, had the devices reroute us around trouble-spots, and entered distant destinations to gauge variances in routing strategies.