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Painted Automotive

Please note – if you are contacting us to track your order, this can only be done through our online form and cannot be done over the phone.

Painted Automotive Parts takes pride in being one of the few companies in the business to offer painted auto body parts shipped directly to your destination. Whether you are taking the care and time to fix your own car from a fender bender and need a few different parts for the job or are the hard working owner of a body shop who needs a constant supply of quality parts, Painted Automotive Parts is the company to supply your needs.

Painted Automotive Parts offers painted auto body parts as well as other parts. too, including headlights, tail lights, and grilles.

Place your order online and receive the reduced “Special Price” at checkout!

LED Replacement Bulbs – Automotive LED replacement bulbs for map lights, dome lights, license plate lights, and many more applications! #auto #refinance

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Premium Automotive LED Lighting

LED Cross Reference Guide

What is LED?

LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. It is an electronic device that lights up when electricity is passed through it. LED bulbs are tiny light bulbs that are easily fitted into an electrical circuit.

Where are LEDs found?

LED Advantages:

The LED bulbs make use of the original lighting fixture and will not damage any part of your car’s lighting. These high quality LED bulbs use German diodes to ensure the brightest possible LED light output. These LED bulbs will not flicker and fail prematurely like lower cost alternatives. LED bulbs are not manufactured to equal standards. Don’t sacrifice your safety when it comes to your automotive LED lighting. This will be the only replacement LED bulb you will need to purchase for your vehicle as they are rated for over 50,000 hours of use. LED bulbs draw less power than your standard filament style bulb. In some situations you may need to install a load resistor to avoid getting a “fast flash” or error codes.

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Recommended Reviews

The staff at DIY Auto is helpful, friendly, and competent. I would say that anyone who is going somewhere else would be losing money. I… Read More

BEWARE! I took my car to this guy  (Norman Heck aka Skip ), because I trusted him. He really seemed to know his stuff, and I thought he was an honest and professional mechanic. He not only scratched my hood so deep that the paint came off (looks like someone put a mechanical component on the top of it and it slid), but he didn t even own up to the responsibility of not connecting the power steering pump to the reservoir correctly! His response to anything is that it was like that before he got it. Along with that, my car was in the shop nearly two weeks. I was told it would only take a few days. He has great rates, but it is NOT worth it. I REGRET TAKING MY VEHICLE TO HIM! It was a HUGE mistake. Do It Yourself Automotive is a joke, and if you don t believe me; take a good look around the shop and at the way things are run. Take your car elsewhere if you don t want any trouble.

Do It Yourself Automotives response to Lucas K. As we all know, You can t please everyone all the time. While some of what Lucas is saying is accurate, he is not telling the whole story. On 7/3/12 Lucas came to us asking us to replace his timing chains and motor mounts on his 2006 Altima. We agreed and I told him we would try to get his car back by Friday the 6th. I ordered his parts from a Nissan Dealership and they arrived the next day. We got the motor out of the car on Thursday the 5th and found a very worn set of Chains, Tensioners and Guides as well as 3 of the four motor mounts.  Friday we started to put his car back together and found that the Dealer had sent us some wrong parts and completely left out another part. This put us in a bind as the parts had to be special ordered and would take a couple of days to get. Being Friday afternoon, the dealer told us that the soonest we could get them was Wednesday afternoon. Throughout this process we were in contact with Lucas making sure he had transportation. He continually said it s no problem, He was using a company car. On Tuesday the 10th he told us he had to give the company car back to a coworker and needed transportation. At that time we rented Lucas a car at no cost to him, until we could complete the repairs on his. On Saturday the 14th we finished his car and he picked it up. He was back in 15 minutes complaining of steering  and transmission issues with the car. He had been in about a week or two prior to the timing chain/motor mount repairs complaining of steering issues. I test drove the car and found no problems. I explained to him that we repaired the timing chains on his car, not the steering or the transmission. Neither of the issues have anything to do with the work we performed. John, Our ASE Certified Master Technician went with him on a test drive to experience these issues and found nothing. John asked Lucas how the engine ran and Lucas responded, Its GREAT! John replied, that s what we fixed.  John also explained to me after the ride that Lucas was driving the car like it was a NASCAR event and actually scared John.  Lucas returned again an hour or so later still complaining of a clicking in the steering wheel which I could not recreate. I explained to Lucas that we would love to look into these issues and repair them at an additional cost. He said he would return in a week or so. On7/19/12 Lucas came to our shop saying his steering was whining. I looked and his reservoir was a little low on fluid so I filled it up at no cost to him. As I was doing this he said he had found a scratch on the hood of his car the day before and accused us of causing it. As I tried to explain the care we took he kept cutting me off and getting louder and eventually yelling. This I admit got me excited and I got angry and told him to leave the property.  This is a Black car. There is no way one could miss the scratches he showed me for 5 days and then just all of a sudden see them. They stood out like a neon sign. We took very good care to make sure that we caused no damage to his vehicle or any other for that matter. The first thing we did when his car came in, was take the hood off the car completely wrap it up and placed it in another part of the shop where it couldn t get damaged. To us it seems he wants to blame us for every problem the car has now.   He was quoted $2230.00 and his final bill came to $2097.84.   Sincerely, DIY Automotive

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Welcome to TunerSports – Performance Car Parts

TunerSports is your premier online shop of high performance aftermarket products and accessories. Being enthusiasts ourselves, we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t want in our own garage. We are constantly expanding our product selection and adding new items, so be sure to check back as often as you can. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us .

Latest News:

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    Why Buy From Us?

    We know you have a lot of custom automotive paint options these days, many of which are good products and some that aren t.  Rest assured, our quality products are a tremendous value at a price that is afforable.  Here are just a few reasons to purchase your custom paint supplies from us:

    • Quality, User Friendly Products
    • Complete Custom Painting System from the Metal Up
    • Comprehensive custom color palette with rich vibrant colors
    • Colors that cover and hold up as well as industry leading brands
    • Hand sprayed color charts available for most colors
    • 24/7 Order entry available through
    • Fast, Safe Shipping directly to your door across North America
    • Knowledgeable and friendly tech support
    • Ridiculously low pricing!

    Our goal is to provide high quality, custom car paint to each and every customer. If you ve ever used our product, we want to hear from you. Let us know what you like, or didn t like so we can make our products even better.

    Automotive Lights – Car & Automotive Lighting at #cheap #car #for #sale

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    Automotive Lights, Car & Automotive Lighting

    Lights Lighting from JC Whitney are brighter, tougher and more beautiful than conventional lights. These Lights Lighting products not only help you see better while driving but also help you to enhance the looks of your vehicle. Our collection of Lights Lighting includes Decorative Interior Exterior Lights, Marker Running Lights and Taillights, Brake Backup Lights that help increase nighttime visibility to enhance driving safety. They also help decorate your vehicle to give a customized look.

    Driving Fog Lights provide extra illumination and are perfect for driving in bad weather conditions as well as normal conditions. Neon LED Lights from JC Whitney give bright yet soft lighting to your vehicle and can be used to add a bright, constant glow anywhere on your vehicle. Spotlights Flashlights help you generate power anywhere, anytime and give more light than standard bulbs.

    Interior Lights from our huge collection of Lights Lighting come in cool colors and can be used to pep up your vehicle s interior. Warning Strobe Lights provide extra bright light to make your vehicle visible even from a long distance. Our extensive assortment of Lights Lighting also includes Bulbs Replacement Interior Exterior, Headlight Capsules Seal Beams, Light Controls Installation Kits and Turn Signal Lights Flashers. You can opt for Lights Lighting from popular brands like Vista, Pilot, Vector, Bully and APC.

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    Automotive Mechanic Schools Colleges

    Gain better traction in your employment pursuits by learning a trade known for having reliable job opportunities! Many auto mechanic schools provide training that lets you practice skills directly on the types of cars and trucks you’ll encounter in real repair shops. That means you could make a great impression when you enter the job market.

    But choosing a school isn’t just about preparing for a dependable career. It’s also about helping you put your personal satisfaction into overdrive. Mechanic training can lead to feeling proud of what you do. And it can offer a way into daily work that’s fun and keeps your mind sharp.

    Consider this: Today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever. As a result, cars are even more exciting to work on. And they’re only getting more and more interesting each year. Your training can get you up-to-speed while also giving you the abilities that make it possible to enjoy staying on top of all the interesting changes.

    To find out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about automotive careers, and the training required to get into them, check out this detailed article. And when you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is find a school using our convenitent guide and request program information.

    Find an Auto Mechanic School

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    Figures in units.

    Source: Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA), Secretary of Economy and estimates from Business Monitor International


    Figures in USD billions.

    Estimates reflect a composite of Transportation and Machinery Office Statistics, US Department of Commerce (OTM)

    Mexico ranks as the 8th largest vehicle producer in the world, and the automotive sector accounts for 17.6 percent of Mexico s manufacturing sector and 3 percent of its national GDP contribution. There are currently nine manufacturers in Mexico including General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Renault, Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen. This manufacturing base produces 42 brands in 20 manufacturing plants. Nissan and Daimler are considering opening another manufacturing plant in Mexico to increase passenger car production. Nissan, GM, Volkswagen, and Honda plan to increase their production in Mexico. Fiat and Mazda are opening up plants for vehicle production in Mexico.

    Mexico produces more than 2.5 million cars on a yearly basis. 83 percent of its production is devoted to exports and the remaining 17 percent for the domestic market. The National Auto parts Industry Association (INA) reported a significant increase in the auto parts industry from 2011 to 2012 as per estimates.

    In 2011, the Mexican automotive industry experienced a 13.1% percent growth of local vehicle production due to higher demand, domestically as well as in the United States and other markets. The countries that Mexico exports to include: United States (64%); Canada (7%); Latin America (15%); Asia (2%), Europe (10%) and others (1%). Mexican vehicle sales in 2011 increased 10.4% compared with 2010. Market realities have led to new trends in car manufacturing, including smaller car sizes and increased fuel efficiency.

    The aftermarket is expected to increase, as Mexico imposed new duties and requirements on the importation of used vehicles since 2009. As a result, repairing and maintenance of used vehicles will require varied parts. In addition, other opportunities exist for U.S. exporters of spare parts, equipment and new technologies oriented to reduce costs and time. Parts equipment and first and second-tier components from the United States might experience an increase in exports as auto production increases in Mexico.

    The economic outlook for 2012 is conservative. Mr. Oscar Albin Santos, President of the National Auto Parts Industry expressed that the auto parts industry might report a production increase of one percent, an import increase of six percent and auto part export decrease of 4% by the end of 2012.

    Furthermore, Eduardo Solis, Chairman of the Mexican Auto Association, acknowledged that the industry s situation remains linked to the economy and financial environment and forecasts a challenging 2012. To increase the demand in new car sales, the industry and the government will have to work on other strategies to target niches in the domestic market. The industry is currently working with the government to reduce taxes for purchasing a car, trade-in car replacement programs, among others. Despite the slow growth in demand and production, some automotive companies announced large investments in Mexico last year. This is due to Mexico s advantage in low labor costs and recent technological development in the auto industry through design centers. In addition, companies are looking for lower manufacturing and export costs.

    Best Prospects / Services

    The greatest opportunities include: spare and replacement parts for gasoline and diesel engines, electrical parts, collision repair parts, gear boxes, drive axles, catalytic converters, and steering wheels. In the first and second-tier supply chain sector, opportunities include: OEM parts and components, precision assembly devices, machined parts, hybrid vehicle components, suspension systems, and pre-assembly components such as small and progressive stampings. Other products in demand include electronic components, specialized tooling, systems that eliminate waste and green technologies such as new combustion systems to reduce gas emission and oil consumption.


    Despite the economic recovery, lack of financing, high interest rates and competition, the market has become more price-sensitive. In Mexico, 50 percent of new cars are purchased on credit. Because of the credit shortage, new car sales have decreased and many consumers choose to maintain their vehicles for a longer period of time. As a result, President Calderon eliminated the ownership tax imposed to consumers effective Dec 31, 2011, with the exception of luxury vehicles. It is now the option of the Mexican state where the car is purchased to decide whether to charge this tax. Many Mexican states have decided not to charge this tax. This measure should stimulate the domestic market and the purchasing of new vehicles. In addition, OEMs located in Mexico will continue implementing strategic actions such as expanding their manufacturing base and upgrading their brand vehicles with new technologies to make them more efficient and affordable to consumers.

    The large number of used vehicles being driven in Mexico provides opportunities for exports of repair equipment and replacement parts. Effective January 2009, Mexico imposed a 10 percent duty on imports of used vehicles, which was decreased to 3 percent only for the border zone in March 2009. In 2012 used cars 8-10 years old can be imported and in 2013 used cars6-8 years old can be imported. U.S. companies still face some barriers when exporting used cars to Mexico.

    The most significant requirements include having a Certificate of Origin, and the 10 or three percent tariff based on a minimum estimated price, or reference price for the given year, make, and model of the car. Importers of used vehicles must post a guarantee representing any difference in duties and taxes if the declared customs value is less than the established reference price. Effective November 2011, the Mexican government set up a mandatory emission control standard for the import of used vehicles. To avoid red tape, U.S. exporters can attach emission control state certificates from Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico as those states show very strict standards which are compliant with Mexican standard 041. Therefore, U.S. exporters are advised to work closely with their importers and customs brokers to ensure that all specific requirements are met.

    Participation in Mexican automotive trade shows provides excellent opportunities to introduce new products and services in Mexico, after appointing regional distributors.

    PAACE Automeckanicka 2012, July 18-20, 2012, Mexico City:


    National Auto parts Industry Association:

    Mexican Association of Automobile Distributors:

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    Automotive Intelligence Worldwide

    ADN Data Solutions

    Price and Incentives

    ADN’s price and incentives solution provides a comprehensive view of the real-time price environment. Our researchers monitor MSRPs, discounts, financing, and all other offerings to assess true transaction prices. With ADN data, you can be confident that your pricing decisions will allow you to meet your sales goals while maximizing margins.

    Dealer Network

    Custom Research

    Contact ADN

    Our customers

    Automakers use ADN data to monitor the dynamic automotive market. Our solutions are tailored to support pricing and network management decisions.

    Dealers and Distributors

    Dealers and distributors use ADN data to track competitive moves. Our data can help inform promotional activity and deal-by-deal pricing decisions.

    Automotive suppliers use our price and incentives solution to measure the growth of the total market value and guide investment decisions by country, segment, and manufacturer.

    Automotive Tools Tips Advice – Kelley Blue Book #used #auto #parts #search

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    Step 1: Know Your Shopping Style Step 2: Narrow Down Your Shopping List Step 3: Calculate What You Can Afford Step 4: Do Your Research Online Step 5: Know When the Price is Right Step 6: Leasing vs. Buying Step 7: Find Financing, Warranties and Insurance Step 8: Sell or Trade Your Current Vehicle Step 9: Consider Your Buying Options Step 10: Get the Most Out of Your Test Drive

    Step 1: Know Your Shopping Style

    Even with the large amount of automotive information available on the internet, many people still purchase new cars within only a few days of making the decision to buy. This leaves a huge opportunity for a buyer to be sold a car, that he or she may not actually have wanted, rather than making an informed purchase decision to buy a car.

    Remember, as the buyer, you should be the one in control throughout the entire process, and you should be making many choices along the way before you even step into a dealership. With so much reliable information available, even if you already have a strong preference about the vehicle you want, if you take some time to do some research and be open-minded you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

    Here’s one way to start: Take a look at the following list of different types of shoppers and decide which one best describes you. After that, begin your vehicle search by using one of the convenient short cuts shown below, or simply follow all 10 Steps to Buying a New Car to cover all the bases.

    Value Shopper

    You want a good price, but you are willing to pay for quality.

    Short Cut: Check out J.D. Power quality ratings on the vehicles you are interested in.

    Image Shopper

    You are concerned with what your vehicle says about you. Does it project a desirable image?

    Short Cut: Review the top most researched vehicles in the category you’re shopping.

    Methodical Shopper

    You enjoy the chase as much as the conquest, and cover every base, becoming somewhat of a new-car expert.

    Short Cut: Go through the entire “10 Steps to Buying a New Car” process.

    You want a safe and reliable vehicle you can trust to keep you and your family safe on the road.

    Short Cut: Read about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new Government 5-Star Safety ratings system

    Whatever your shopping style, the information you gather and the effort you put into the process will serve you well and help you avoid the buyer’s remorse that often accompanies automotive purchases.