Chapman Mesa Auto Center

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The Best Deals on Used Cars in Phoenix, Arizona

Chapman Price: $11,688

  • Mileage: 82463
  • Exterior: Quicksilver Metallic
  • Interior: Ebony
  • Engine: Ecotec 2.4L: I4 FlexFuel
  • Stock #: 60511

Chapman Mesa Used Cars

Chapman Mesa Used Cars features quality, pre owned vehicles at an affordable price. Centrally located at 1208 W Broadway Rd. Mesa. AZ. the sales professionals at Chapman Mesa will help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your budget.

Knowing the details about the vehicle you want to buy is important, but how much do you know about financing it? Chapman Mesa has a variety of options available for purchasing a vehicle. In fact, Chapman Mesa Auto Center offers In House financing in order to help buyers who would typically be turned down for traditional financing because of their credit situation.

For many people, purchasing a reliable vehicle may be out of reach because of past situations that have negatively affected their credit. At Chapman Mesa, we specialize in giving second chances to those customers who are emerging from a credit or financial crisis. The In House Finance Team works with customers who are employed and make at least $350 a week. Our goal is to provide affordable, reliable transportation to ensure customers are able to travel to and from work, essential to providing for themselves and their families, while simultaneously improving their credit score.

Experience stress free shopping by viewing our complete vehicle inventory at Customers also can speak with a sales professional immediately by calling (480) 649-3285. After shopping online, stop by our showroom to test drive the vehicle of your dreams. Pre qualifying for your chosen vehicle is as easy as filling out our online application. Our financing professionals will find a payment plan that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.

Chapman Mesa Auto Center proudly serves the greater Phoenix area, including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale and Tempe.

Cheap Auto Glass Replacement

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Auto Window Repairs

Resources and Information for Car Window Repair

Cheap Auto Glass Replacement

When you need a cheap auto glass replacement, there are a number of ways you can save money. The cheapest way to replace car glass is to do it yourself (but there are other ways too). Replacing car windows does not require any special skills, just some common sense, instructions, and a few hand tools.

A truly cheap auto glass repair will require that you not pay a lot for the glass itself. Auto glass prices vary based on the source, so shopping around for cheap auto glass is the first thing to do. Used auto glass in most cases is of course the least expensive, so contact local salvage yards, look on Ebay, and search craigslist before you go out and buy new auto glass.

Most salvage yards these days offer a locator service to help you find the right part. If you can t find used auto glass that is suitable, or if you need an automotive window replacement done in a hurry, then of course you need to call a few new auto glass dealers.  Get prices from several of them before you purchase anything.

Once you have obtained either new or used glass for your cheap auto glass replacement, now comes the fun part!  There is a basic procedure for replacing fixed car glass on my Auto Window Replacement page, but what if you have a moving door window that is broken?  Basically it is a matter of removing the door panel to be able to get to the glass attachment points, and then just unbolting the broken car window from the window regulator and pulling it out.  (If you are unsure how to remove the door panel, I recommend taking a look at a factory service manual or getting a Haynes repair manual for information that is specific to your car.)

The broken window usually comes out easily enough. Wear protective gloves when removing the broken car window. You will want to use a vacuum to get all the broken pieces out of the inside of the door, or else it will be rattling around whenever you hit a bump. Once you have all of the broken glass removed, you will need to determine the best way to insert the new car glass inside the door.

Getting the new auto glass into the inside of the door cavity and inserted in the weatherstripping channels can sometimes be challenging.  This is where the information in a factory service manual or ALLDATAdiy can really be helpful. Once you have the window bolted in place, getting it adjusted correctly so that the window raises and lowers correctly and seals up on all sides is usually a matter of trial and error, although there is a specific procedure for some vehicles.  Here again, factory service information or a Haynes manual will really come in handy and can save you some time.

Of course, if you don t want to mess with doing your cheap auto glass replacement or truck glass replacement yourself, you can always shop around for a discount auto glass repair shop.  Glass.Net will get you three free instant quotes from local auto glass shops. Many companies will come to your home or place of business to install the new car window, but you may be able to save some money by taking the vehicle to them.

For information on cheap auto glass repair instead of replacement, take a look at my page on Car Window Repair .   If you are interested in cheap windshield repair, you will want to view my pages on Cheap Windshield Replacement and Windshield Replacement Cost .

*** What is the best source for auto service and repair information a factory service manual, ALLDATAdiy, a Haynes or Chiltons book, or.   Check out my page on Auto Repair Information to find out the pros and cons of each.

Though very few people will say that car window replacements are fun, if you enjoy working with your hands and messing with cars, it really isn t that bad of a job in most cases. If you take your time, have access to some instructions, and pay a reasonable price for a good used auto glass, you can succeed in doing your own cheap auto glass replacement.

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Cheap Auto Painting and Car Painting Tips – Car Craft Magazine

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30 Ways to Make Budget Paint Look Great

There’s no such thing as a cheap paint job. Well, there is, but you wouldn’t want to own it. So the challenge is to get the most affordable paint possible that still lets you show your face at the dragstrip or cruise night, and to do it with a minimum of skill.

That was exactly the scenario with our ’77 Nova, a new project that we’ll build into a reliable foot-brake bracket racer that runs in the low 12s, thereby avoiding the rollbar requirement for now. We’ll grow the project from there, testing the tricks you want to know about and telling you every secret along the way. We hope to someday make the Disco Nova run low 9s to high 8s for sanctioned heads-up street racing. Along the way we’ll find the best deals on new parts and throw in some good finds from the swap meets, junkyards, and If you think it’s too expensive, it’s because this one won’t be a total hose-clamp-trans-mount dirtball project, or because you’ve got sticker shock over the fact that we’ll always show you every little price of the parts and supplies we used, and there will be no “we had this sitting around, so count it as free” hokum. This is real. So real, in fact, that we were shocked how a basic $499 paint job quickly turned into an $1,800 investment when you add up all the knickknacks. And it’s not like this is over the top; it would have been easy to spend another couple grand. For $1,800 you only get an average paint job these days unless you have the equipment to spray the paint yourself, and our point here is to see what can be accomplished by an average guy with a minimum of skill.

You’re insane. Why are you wasting your time with that thing? No one cares”

Matt King

Also, when we spend money on stuff, we’ll tell you exactly why we make the decisions we do. Like those new Mickey Thompson wheels-we were going to repaint some old rallys, but they weren’t bright enough for the cover. The M/Ts totally make the look of the car, but we’ll be a bit more practical than that to start. We’ll bolt the rally wheels back on for the first few dragstrip stages of the project, then bring back the M/Ts later to see if the lightweight wheels can earn their keep.

The beauty of the third-generation X-bodies (’75-’79 Novas, Olds Omegas, Pontiac Venturas, and Buick Skylarks) is that they use front suspension like a second-gen Camaro/Firebird and rear suspension like a ’67-’74 Camaro/Nova. That means you can get suspension parts galore, and the stock 8.5-inch 10-bolt rearend is lightweight and can be made bulletproof enough for our needs. A big-block fits more easily than in earlier Novas, and we can rob the frame mounts from 403 and 400 Trans Ams so we can stab Olds and Pontiac mills into the Disco. We already got mounts from a junkyard ’76 Ventura with a Buick 350, so we can try Buick power too. Since the Nova has no collectibility whatsoever, we have no shame about gutting, drilling, welding, and hacking to make it a race car.

It makes the perfect Car Craft flog unit-with the tiny exception that it’s still a ’77 Nova. Third-gen X-bodies have a small following (see, but we’ve taken heat from people who think our Nova is just too grotesque to take seriously as a magazine project. With a production-shop repaint made better by lots of do-it-yourself prep work, plus some well-placed graphics and wheels, we’ve changed a lot of minds. Even staff naysayers are quipping, “ya know, this might not be that bad. if it’s fast.” And we’ll get to that next month.

“Wow. This car almost looks worth owning!”

WORKMAN AUTO INC – Used Cars – Pleasant Gap PA Dealer

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WORKMAN AUTO INC – Used Cars, Auto Financing Pleasant Gap, PA

Welcome to WORKMAN AUTO INC, Used Cars, Auto Financing Pleasant Gap, Beech Creek, Bellefonte. We are the premier auto dealership in Pleasant Gap, PA area, and are a Used Cars. Car Loans. Pleasant Gap residents will enjoy browsing our huge inventory of Used Cars, Auto Financing and Used Cars. Car Loans.  No matter what you are looking for; chances are we have it.  We offer Used Cars, Auto Financing Pleasant Gap including Beech Creek, Bellefonte, Blanchard, Boalsburg, Centre Hall, Clarence, Fleming, Howard, Julian, Lamar, Lemont, Madisonburg, Milesburg, Millheim, Mingoville, Moshannon, Orviston, Snow Shoe, Spring Mills, State College, University Park. Browse all our inventory like used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, vehicle financing, auto loans, automobile loans, car finance.

Used Cars, Auto Financing Pleasant Gap Used Cars. Car Loans Beech Creek Bellefonte

Our Used Cars, Auto Financing lot has a wide variety of Used Cars, financing. View our selection of Used Cars, financing online or come and visit us at 310 W COLLEGE AVE Pleasant Gap PA 16823. We specialize in Used Cars, Auto Financing but we also have used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, vehicle financing, auto loans, automobile loans, car finance and more in our inventory. See Used Cars. Car Loans if you live in the surrounding areas of Beech Creek, Bellefonte, Blanchard, Boalsburg, Centre Hall, Clarence, Fleming, Howard, Julian, Lamar, Lemont, Madisonburg, Milesburg, Millheim, Mingoville, Moshannon, Orviston, Snow Shoe, Spring Mills, State College, University Park then browse our inventory.

Used Cars, Auto Financing Pleasant Gap PA

WORKMAN AUTO INC is proud to be your PA Used Cars, Auto Financing lot. WORKMAN AUTO INC customers come from: Beech Creek, Bellefonte, Blanchard, Boalsburg, Centre Hall, Clarence, Fleming, Howard, Julian, Lamar, Lemont, Madisonburg, Milesburg, Millheim, Mingoville, Moshannon, Orviston, Snow Shoe, Spring Mills, State College, University Park. Used Cars. Car Loans PA residents can stop by, we are located at 310 W COLLEGE AVE, Pleasant Gap PA 16823.

Chetwynd Auto Body in Chetwynd, BC

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Meet Martin Rodenbush Sheree Smith

Martin Rodenbush has always loved cars and enjoys tinkering around and fixing them up. He built a shop on his and his wife Sheree Smith s property but always thought that one day he would like to own an autobody business. Both Martin and Sheree were working full time jobs when they learned that Chetwynd Auto Body was up for sale in 1994. It seemed like the perfect opportunity: an established business with everything in place to operate the kind of business they had always dreamed of. They both quit their jobs and have run the business ever since. They also operate a towing company and an equipment business on the side.

Martin and Sheree have lived in Chetwynd since their childhood and teenage years. It is their home, and they are deeply involved in and connected to the community. As car enthusiasts, they have helped to organize events like races. They raised their family in Chetwynd and it has been a great place for their children to grow up. Chetwynd has a wide range of clubs and activities for families and the couple still supports many of these organizations.

Chetwynd Auto Body has developed a strong reputation over the years and Martin and Sheree are grateful to their staff for their contribution. They work hard at their professions and their love for what they do shows in how they complete their work. Martin used to do autobody work in the shop s early years, but with a staff to manage and administration work to do, he doesn t get into the shop as much as he would like. However, he usually has some kind of side project going on to pass what little free time he manages to get.

Chesterfield auto parts

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» Auto » chesterfield auto parts

#Chesterfield Auto Parts – Bring a Buck & a Toolbox!

Welcome to Chesterfield Auto Parts and Circle Auto Recycling

Bring a buck and a toolbox to pull off your own great deal. Check back often, since fresh stock is added daily.

Looking for a specific part, but unable to find your vehicle’s make and model? Come into our showroom, meet with one of our experts and, with our Interchange System, we’ll help you locate the exact part you’re looking for, giving you even more inventory to choose from.

Want us to pull a part for you? We can. Visit our showroom and let us know what you need. Our trained mechanics will pull your part for a minimal charge.

  • Wheelbarrows available
  • Engine hoists available
  • Vehicle sections by make
  • Vehicles on stands for easy access
  • Fresh inventory daily
  • Debit cards also accepted
  • We do not accept checks

With over 1000 cars and trucks and new stock arriving daily, we’re bound to have what you’re looking for. And remember: all parts have a 30-day cash-back guarantee with extended warranties available.

Beyond having more than 1000 vehicles at your disposal, we also sell used cars.

Give us a call!

At: (804)-233-5481

Or request a quote!

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Chicago Auto Show @ Top Speed

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2015 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO

So far, Nissan has yet to clinch ultimate victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but it’s not for lack of trying. The Japanese automaker made its initial debut at the prestigious racing event in 1986, with best results achieved in 1998 with a third-place podium from the #32 R390 GT1 car driven by Kazuyoshi Hoshino, Aguri Suzuki . and Masahiko Kageyama. A year later, Nissan opted to simply provide engines rather than field full prototype racers.

Now, after a 16-year departure from the top echelon of endurance racing, Nissan is back with one of the most unusual cars to ever take the grid. At first glance, the GT-R LM NISMO looks totally unlike its main rivals, and for good reason – while the other marques all feature mid-mounted engines and RWD, the GT-R LM places its engine ahead of the cockpit and uses FWD.

Updated 10/01/2015: Back in June the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO made its race debut at Le Mans. However, the car featured some technical difficulties and it had to race without its hybrid system engaged. Now, Nissan announced that the team has been working hard to address these technical issues and that the GT-R LM NISMO is ready to make its race return at the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2016.

Click past the jump to read more about the 2015 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO.

Chicago Hyundai Dealer – Matteson Auto Mall. Tinley Park, Orland Park, Frankfort Car Dealership. Hyundai service and repair.

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Welcome to World Hyundai Matteson

World Hyundai – Your Hyundai Dealer in the Matteson Auto Mall – A Whole New World of Car Buying!

Going  to a car dealership to purchase a new or used car is a daunting task. Your initial expectations might be that you are going to be hounded by the sales team, have to haggle for a decent price, and struggle to get an interest rate that gives you an affordable monthly car payment. At World Hyundai in the Matteson Auto Mall, we provide you with a car buying experience from a whole other world. We want the car buying process to be easy for you, which is why we have an award winning sales team that respects you, the car buyer, as you decide on what vehicle is best for your lifestyle, needs and budget. Of course, our sales team is always eager and willing to help you with your decision by telling you about the vehicles, taking you on a test drive, and going over payment options. The process here is simple with little required from you as the buyer. Experience a whole new world of car buying when you shop at World Hyundai, your local Hyundai Dealer in the Matteson Auto Mall!

World Hyundai is in Your Community! See us at one of our Upcoming Events!

Have you seen World Hyundai out and about in your community? World Hyundai is proud to be the Hyundai dealer of choice for so many car buyers in the south suburbs of Chicago and World Hyundai wants to give back! We have many partnerships with local schools, universities, parks departments, farmers markets, little leagues, restaurants and more and we do our part to contribute back to the community. Be sure to say hello when you find us at one of our community events in the south suburbs!

Hyundai Aftermarket Parts and OEM Parts

Visit World Hyundai of Matteson for all your automotive service needs, and know you’re getting the help you deserve from industry experts. Whether you need Hyundai aftermarket products including window tint, remote start, pin striping, paint protection, leather seats, new radio installation or more, we provide the Chicago region with Hyundai car repairs done to factory specifications to ensure your vehicle is always performing at its best. We also keep a wide selection of original Hyundai OEM parts for quick order fulfillment. If we don’t have your part in stock, we can acquire it quickly.

Chicago Hyundai Service, Auto Repair and Maintenance!

New and used car shoppers in the Chicago area understand how difficult it is to find a quality car at a great price. That is why we have a highly qualified team of certified Hyundai technicians at our Matteson Auto Mall location who inspect each and every pre-driven vehicle before they are displayed. This is precisely what has fueled the success of World Hyundai Matteson, as we provide exactly what car buyers and Hyundai service customers are looking for, without the hassle. Putting Chicago Hyundai customers first is not simply a motto for World Hyundai, nor should it be understated. Each day our team strives to meet the needs of each and every customer. From the new car buyer, to those customers visiting our dealership for high-quality Hyundai service in Chicago. we look forward to building relationships with all of our customers and hope each visitor becomes a lifetime customer of World Hyundai.

Matteson Auto Mall – New Hyundai & Used Car Dealer near Chicago Illinois

World Hyundai, in the Matteson Auto Mall, has become the most talked about and reviewed Hyundai dealers in Chicago. Our great customer service and competitive Hyundai pricing policy means our customers are satisfied with how they were treated and what they paid for their vehicle. From the moment you enter our dealership, you can tell that you are not in a “typical” new car dealership. Our friendly Hyundai staff and no pressure environment have become the standard for all Chicago Hyundai dealers and has allowed us to become one the top Chicago Hyundai dealers. Conveniently located in the Matteson Auto Mall at I-57 and Lincoln Highway, we are also a favorite dealer of the neighbors in Matteson.

As the leading Chicago, Tinley Park, Oak Lawn and Joliet Hyundai dealer. World Hyundai is always adding fresh new Hyundai models from which to choose. This makes it easy to find the perfect package and color scheme for your new Hyundai Sonata. or the value packed and award winning Hyundai Elantra. If it is the brand new Hyundai Santa Fe you desire, World Hyundai in the Matteson Auto Mall has the best selection in Chicago.

And if it’s a used car, pre-driven car or SUV that you need, take a look at our hand selected and one owner trade ins. World Hyundai has the best selection of used cars in Chicago. Nobody has the amazing selection of pre-driven Hyundai models or certified Hyundais that we carry. See for yourself why “The Right People Make all the Difference in the World” .

Financing Available for Good and Bad Credit Situations

The finance staff at World Hyundai of Matteson will get you a low interest car loan in Chicago. By working with a network of lenders, we make our customers’ dreams of owning a Hyundai a reality. Get out of your upside down car loan and get a car loan that you can afford by filling out our secure online finance application .

Leading Chicago, Illinois Hyundai Dealer

Chicago Auto Show – Things to Do > Events – Choose Chicago

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From new models to futuristic concept cars, the largest auto show in North America arrives February 14-22.

Expect crowds of fellow car fanatics at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show on February 14-22, 2015. Whether you’re looking for a shiny new ride, the latest cool accessories or family fun, you’ll find it all at this massive McCormick Place event.

The 107th edition will see nearly 1,000 vehicles on display. from the latest and best introductions from North America and around the world, to a complete range of domestic and imported passenger cars, trucks, minivans and sport utility vehicles.

Get a peek at what people may be driving several years from now by checking out exciting experimental concept cars. featuring the slickest designs and highlighting advanced technologies.

Of course you can also go back in time and discover amazing antique and collector cars from the Classic Car Club of America and the Camaro Club of Illinois.

Set the wheels in motion for family-friendly fun with all kinds of activities and interactive displays geared especially for kids, from remote-control racetracks and driving simulators to video games and a rock climbing wall.

Or get behind the wheel yourself and experience the vehicles on several indoor and outdoor ride-and-drive test tracks. This is the place to pop under the hood, get a look at the trunk space and check out all the bells and whistles.

And schedule in some time for the daily events and appearances the Chicago Auto Show draws a mix of sports players, musicians and tv/radio personalities for meet greets and performances.


  • February 14 to 21 9:00am to 10:00pm
  • February 22 9:00am to 8:00pm


To avoid lines, it s a good idea to purchase tickets in advance at You can also purchase tickets on-site at the box offices located at the entrances to the show (cash and credit cards will be accepted).

  • Adults, ages 13-61: $12
  • Senior citizens, ages 62 and up: $6
  • Children, ages 7 12: $6
  • Children, ages 6 years or younger: Free of charge when accompanied by a paying adult

Be sure to also check for any special weekday discounts and admission promotions.


Preview the show while you take part in one of the city’s greatest fundraisers and favorite parties of the year: First Look for Charity. At this opulent tuxedo-mandatory event held on the evening of Friday, February 13, you can stroll the exhibit floor with socialites and car buffs while you enjoy champagne, wine, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and the chance to win a new car. Plus the largely tax-deductible ticket goes to support 18 area nonprofit organizations.


There s so much to cover with over 1 million square feet of the McCormick Place complex loaded with all things automotive. Plot your Chicago Auto Show adventure online with the handy show floor map and Official Auto Show Guide.

Get all the details on the 2015 Chicago Auto Show at the official website You’ll find everything from directions, parking and public transportation to the latest videos, photos and social media updates on the multimedia page.

Chuck s Auto – About Us

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Welcome to the official website for Chuck’s Auto Inc. The BMW Specialists . Over the past years, we have established a solid reputation through our many repeat customers. This was achieved by providing the largest selection of new and used BMW parts, always ensuring the best possible quality along with the lowest prices.

Chuck’s Auto Inc. was founded by Chuck Serhal back in 1993. Its original location was in Weston Ontario at 9 Milvan drive. Since 1998, we have moved our facilities to our present, much larger 10,000 sq ft building located at 56 Brydon drive, Etobicoke Ontario.

On February 1st, 1999, Chuck’s Auto Inc. became a member of the Better Business Bureau. Throughout all these years we have always conducted our business by abiding to the principals of honesty, fairness, respect and equal treatment of our customers. We always communicate with our customers to ensure that our new and used BMW parts and services meet our very high quality standards.

2002 BMW 325XIT, Silver on Black