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The LASIK Vision Center of New Hampshire was developed by Dr. Francis Lamy of Nutfield Eye Associates. With over 15 years of experience in laser surgery, Dr. Lamy is an expert LASIK surgeon and takes the time to understand the needs and expectations of each of his surgical patients.

Am I a Good Candidate?

There are many facts that determine a patient s suitability for laser vision correction. The new techniques and technologies used at the LASIK Center of New Hampshire allow many people who may have not been considered good candidates in the past to now enjoy the benefits of clear vision without classes or contacts. We perform extensive testing and an in-depth exam as part of the evaluation process in addition to a medical history.

  • Must be over 18.
  • A stable prescription for more than a year
  • No significant history of eye injuries or surgeries
  • Not pregnant or nursing
  • No glaucoma
  • Diabetics must be in good control
  • No history of autoimmune or immunodeficiency disorders

The entire team demonstrated the right mix of professionalism and friendliness that conveyed competence and caring. The procedure was remarkably quick and painless. The results astonishing, in at 1:30PM out at 2:15, and 20/20 8:00AM the next day. I recommend Dr. Lamy and his team without reservation. Mark H.

Your free evaluation is the only way to know if you are a good candidate.
Call today to schedule!

Contrary to much of the gimmick advertising you might see, determining the best value for your LASIK surgery is not a simple matter of comparing prices.

Originally, all LASIK procedures reshaped your eyes based solely on your prescription as a result, everyone got the same treatment. Today s advanced LASIK systems like the Allegretto Wavelight system are different.

PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy. The PRK procedure is similar to that of LASIK in the way the laser is applied to the eye. The main difference is that there is no flap.

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What Can My Salary Be With a Paralegal Associate – s Degree? #associates #degree #paralegal


What Can My Salary Be With a Paralegal Associate’s Degree?

An estimated 267,030 paralegals were employed in the U.S. as of 2012.

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Paralegals assist lawyers by conducting basic legal research to help them prepare for upcoming trials. For example, they search case law for precedents that may affect the case at hand, obtain sworn statements from those involved in the case and keep information organized. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals earned an average of $50,220 per year as of 2012. In its annual survey of paralegal salaries, the National Association of Legal Assistants and Paralegals found that paralegals earned an average salary of $54,376. Several factors influence the expected salary of paralegals, including their level of education.

Pay by Education

According to the NALA, paralegals who hold an associate’s degree in paralegal studies earned an average salary of $53,399 per year as of 2012. This was higher than the reported average salary of those with a bachelor’s degree, which was $50,387 per year. Those who held a post-baccalaureate or undergraduate certificate earned an average of between $56,000 and $57,000 per year, while those with a master’s degree reported the highest average salary, $62,203 per year.

Pay by Geographical Area

Location can have a significant effect upon the expected salary of a paralegal. According to the 2013 NALA survey, the highest average salary was reported in the Far West, where paralegals averaged $60,371 per year. Those in the Southwest were also high earners, averaging $58,110 per year. At an average of $48,876, paralegals in the Great Plains states earned the least. As of 2012, the BLS found that the District of Columbia was the highest-paying state, at $68,850 per year, while paralegals in Arkansas earned the lowest average salary, at $38,290.

Other Factors

Other factors influence paralegal pay, especially years of experience. According to the NALA, new paralegals start out earning an average of $37,949 per year during their first two years, while those with 25 or more years of experience earn an average salary of $61,058 per year. Type of employment can also make a difference; the BLS found in 2012 that those employed in private firms averaged $48,170 per year, while state government paralegals averaged $44,570, local government workers $50,540 and federal government paralegals $65,660.

Benefits and Bonuses

In addition to a regular salary, many paralegals receive bonus pay and benefits. As of 2012, paralegals reported an average annual bonus of $4,501 to the NALA. Those who held an associate’s degree in paralegal studies reported an average annual bonus of $3,014. The NALA also reports that 89 percent of paralegals receive either full or partial medical insurance through their job, 66 percent receive some form of dental insurance and 79 percent participate in a workplace pension or retirement plan.

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Cut Online Degree Cost & Increase Online College Affordability

Need tuition moneyto attend an online school? Check with your employer.

Many companies have tuition assistance benefits that cover at least part of the cost for online college education. Some even pay for your children and spouse to get educated.

A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 63 percent of companies offered undergraduate educational assistance and almost as many—59 percent—also covered graduate education.

The number of employers offering these benefits has dropped slightly over the past few years and some companies plan to discontinue or reduce such benefits next year.

Still, it’s worth your while to check to see if your company provides educational assistance.

I’m searching for an affordable online bachelors in business or management. But no two online colleges cost the same amount for this degree. One university can charge $50,000 more for what looks like the same distance degree to me. How do I compare online education cost? Is an expensive online degree better than a cheap online degree.

Rayette, Boise, Idaho

There is no relationship between cost and quality in online education. Paying more for your online college program won’t get you “more” of an education, nor will it necessarily buy you the best online degree in terms of educational quality. The cost—and therefore affordability—of any online degree is a function of four factors.

It may surprise you to learn that none of these factors is correlated with quality. In fact, cheap online degrees usually come from public universities that have residential campuses which are heavily underwritten by your tax dollars. While distance degrees from public and state universities are cheaper in cost they are at the same time seen as trustworthy educators in the eyes of many local employers.

I attended college 12 years ago. I completed three years of my four-year bachelor’s degree in business. Then I dropped out. Can I transfer these old courses toward online degree completion now? What should I look for in an online school to make sure I choose the most affordable and fastest route to degree completion online?
—Tom in Maryland

Yes, you can complete that degree online. Online programs will accept your old college credits in transfer toward a new online degree.

In fact, the vast majority of online bachelor’s degree programs are degree completion programs. Degree completion programs assume students have already completed at least two years of college, an associate’s degree or its equivalent. Since this is true in your case, many online degree programs are tailor-made for your situation.

However, not all online degree completion options will grant you the same amount of transfer credits.

Follow our tips to find the fastest route to online degree completion.

I attended college twelve years ago and dropped out. I finished three years of college toward my four-year bachelor’s degree in business. Can I transfer all these old credits toward a new online degree?

Your old course credits will have to “fit” into any new college’s degree structure. Because no two colleges have identical degree requirements, the transfer process rarely results in a perfect fit.

But you’re smart to ask about transfer credits. Losing credits in transfer is like losing your wallet. If you paid $150 per credit for your old courses—a modest price—and you lose fifteen credits when you transfer to a new college, you’ve lost $2,250.

Five issues can affect your transfer credit standing. Before you enroll in any online college scrutinize each school’s policies on these issues.

You found it – the only comprehensive, genuine, data-driven list of the cheapest online colleges for bachelor degrees in the USA.

We applaud your research skills.

The online learning steals and deals team at Get Educated researched and compared the sticker prices of 683 regionally accredited online bachelor degrees. We then compiled this special list of the cheapest online bachelor degrees just for you, the cost-shy consumer.

What Can I Do with a Political Science Degree, associates degree in political science.#Associates #degree #in #political #science


What Can I Do with a Political Science Degree?

Degrees in political science typically cover government and its functions. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for political science graduates. View article

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Select a school or program

Ashford University
  • Master in Arts in Organizational Management: Public Administration
  • MBA in Public Administration
  • Master of Public Administration
  • BA in Political Science and Government
  • BA in Military Studies
  • BA in International Business
  • AA Military Studies
  • View all programs
  • Keiser University
    • Bachelor of Arts – Political Science
    • View all programs
    • 00:47 Government & Advocacy Jobs
    • 1:53 Law Careers
    • 2:45 Lobbyist Professions
    • 3:31 Business Fields
    • 4:31 Journalism Occupations
    • 5:23 Teaching Positions

    Video Transcript

    Essential Information

    Degrees in political science are offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. In these programs, students learn how government works and how to develop policy, conduct research and analyze data. Undergraduate degrees may prepare graduates for entry-level careers, but many occupations in this field call for graduate study. Students often participate in internships in order to get hands-on experience.

    Career Options

    $55,860 (median for middle school teachers in 2015)*

    $57,200 (median for high school teachers in 2015)*

    $73,370 (median for postsecondary political science instructors in 2015)*

    Source: * U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), **

    There are a variety of career opportunities available to graduates of political science degree programs. Many graduates work in government as elected officials or in various other capacities. Other career options include journalism, law, business and teaching.

    Government and Advocacy Jobs

    A number of government occupations, which can range from city planning to legislature to CIA intelligence, are available to those with a political science degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 55% of political scientists worked for the federal government in 2015, though jobs are also available at state and local levels (

    Some political science degree holders could also choose to advocate or work on behalf of a cause or a community. A thorough knowledge of government policies is necessary for most of these professions, though specific knowledge and particular skills might influence what kind of job one can pursue. Undergraduate political science students can participate in government or nonprofit organizations’ internships to prepare for their careers.

    Additionally, the completion of a graduate degree program can help political scientists stand out in a crowded job market. The BLS reported in 2015 that most political scientists earned between $47,210 and $162,500 per year at that time.

    Law Careers

    There are several aspects of law that might appeal to students with an undergraduate political science degree. Many such jobs incorporate the understanding and enforcement of American or international government rules, the interpretation of political ideas and the use of analytical skills. In addition to private practice, lawyers can work at the corporate level or for public sector institutions. They might also work as consumer advocates, judges or district attorneys.

    Naturally, students who choose this path must move on to law school following completion of their undergraduate degrees and typically need to pass their state bar exams. Lawyers made a median salary of $115,820 per year in 2015, according to the BLS, and after legal services, local, state and federal governments employed the highest numbers of them.

    Lobbyist Professions

    Those with backgrounds in political science can find jobs lobbying the government on behalf of interest groups and other non-government organizations. These individuals work closely with various stages of government, negotiating with elected officials and influencing policy to advance the goals of their employers or clients. This career does not necessarily require the completion of a graduate degree, though it could help in getting a job.

    Courses in political theory, political economy, international relations and government procedures could apply for aspiring lobbyists. Other crucial skills include public speaking and networking skills. The median annual salary for lobbyists in January 2016 was $66,429, as reported by

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • American Government
    • International Relations, General

    Business Fields

    A political science degree can often lead to a career in business, with banking, advertising, personnel and public relations as possible employment goals. Political science students seeking to enter the business world usually need superb verbal and written communication skills as well as a high-level understanding of mathematics and economics. Computers skills are also valuable in business professions. This is a very competitive field, and a graduate degree, while not a strict requirement, can be an aid in job acquisition and might lead to advanced positions, such as corporate management.

    The BLS listed the median annual salary for public relations specialists at $56,770 in 2015. The federal government’s executive branch paid an average wage of about $89,640 to its public relations specialists that year. In addition, the BLS projects a 6% job growth for the public relations specialist field between 2014 and 2024.

    Journalism Occupations

    Political science graduates with interests in film, television, radio and other media could pursue a career in journalism. Specifically, journalists who majored in political science might report on domestic and international policy, either for a politically oriented media product or as a political correspondent in a more general news environment. Jobs as editors or news directors could also be available.

    Speech, writing and broadcasting skills are vital to this profession, and students must also learn to operate necessary equipment, such as video cameras and computer software. Some colleges offer journalism and political science as a combined major. The BLS states that the average salary range for reporters and correspondents in 2015 was $21,390 to $81,580 per year.

    Teaching Positions

    Political science majors might also find jobs teaching children, teenagers or young adults. At the elementary and middle school levels, these individuals might be qualified to teach history, social studies or government, while high school teachers could work with more specific subjects, such as American government. Any number of specific political science courses might be taught at the postsecondary level, depending on the teacher’s interests and area of specialization.

    Teacher certification is required along with a bachelor’s degree to teach in public schools, and those who want to teach college students usually must earn a graduate degree.

    Elementary school teachers saw a median annual salary of $54,890 in 2015, per BLS data, while middle school teachers made a median income of $55,860 per year. The median yearly wage for high school teachers in 2015 was $57,200, and teachers of political science at the postsecondary level that year earned a median wage of $73,370 annually.

    Teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels were expected to see around average job growth from 2014-2024, the BLS reports, of 6%. Employment opportunities for political science teachers at the college level were predicted to increase 10% from 2014-2024, which is slightly faster than average.

    While there are many job options for political science majors, some of the more popular choices include political scientist, lawyer, lobbyist, public relations specialist, journalist and teacher.

    Ultrasound Associates Degree #ultrasound #associates #degree, #two #year #ultrasound #degree, #ultrasound #associates #program, #associates #in #diagnostic #medical #ultrasound, #associates #in #sonography, #ardms #certification


    Ultrasound Associates Degree

    An Associate Degree in Sonography prepares students for entry-level positions and is the most common degree possessed by working Sonographers. It provides them with a varied skill set so that they can successfully image organs and other body components of their prospective patients for diagnoses, pregnancy monitoring and other medical purposes.

    An Ultrasound Technician Associate s Degree program is a mixture of course work and on-the-job clinical rotations. Students who graduate with an Associates Degree from a CAAHEP accredited program are eligible and equipped to write the ARDMS exam, the major certification either highly preferred or required by clinics and hospitals hiring professional sonographers. Request information below, and you ll be put in contact with an advisor from a school of your choice, who can help answer questions to be sure it s a good fit for you.

    Benefits of an Ultrasound Associates Degree

    • An associates degree will prepare you for entry level sonography positions.
    • You can typically complete your program in two years.
    • Prerequisites are typically only a high school diploma or equivalent.
    • It provides a solid foundation from which to build your career.

    Here s How to Get Started

    The prerequisites for an Associates in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound or Sonography depend on the ultrasound school you are planning on attending. Some colleges/universities only require candidates to have their high school diploma/GED. Some Associates Degree programs require a few introductory college credits related to Biology, Medical Terminology and/or Physics in addition to a high school diploma. Other programs require applicants to have completed an Allied Health Associate’s degree (in an area related to patient care such as radiological technology, occupational therapy or registered nursing) or a Bachelor’s degree in any major.

    When applying for an Ultrasound Associates program, be sure to clearly understand the necessary prerequisites that particular school requests and submit all required transcripts, standardized test scores and letters of reference.

    How long does it take to complete an Associates program?

    On average, an Ultrasound Associates degree is a two year program and ranges between four and six semesters/terms.

    Can I complete an Associates degree online?

    Generally, most ultrasound schools do not offer an online sonography degree program due to the fact that a lot of the course work involves hands-on experience with imaging equipment in the lab as well as off-campus clinical.

    Will an Associates degree in ultrasound qualify me for ARDMS certification?

    Yes. As per ARDMS’ Prerequisite 1, anyone who has completed a two-year allied-health program, including a diagnostic medical sonographer/ultrasound program, along with 12 months full-time clinical ultrasonography experience, is eligible to write the ARDMS certification exam.

    What jobs can I get with an Associates in Sonography?

    An Ultrasound Associates Degree qualifies you for an entry-level sonographer position. Depending on where you apply, there are several synonymous job titles including ultrasound sonographer, ultrasound technician and diagnostic medical sonographer. There are many ultrasound technician specializations within the field that offer different job opportunities, and it would be worthwhile to explore the options before you begin your education.

    Yahoo recently identified Diagnostic Medical Imaging as the 5th highest paid profession requiring only an Associate s Degree.

    According to the ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) you can become certified as:

    • Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (focusing on the abdomen, breast, obstetrics gynecology and/or the nervous system).
    • Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (focusing on adult, fetal and/or pediatric echocardiography)
    • Registered Vascular Technologist (focusing on cerebral and peripheral vascular systems)

    Is an Associates degree enough to make me a competitive job candidate?

    Yes. An Associates degree coupled with ARDMS certification and exemplary feedback from your clinical rotations will make you a very successful job candidate in a field that is expected to experience 44% growth within the next decade (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). Typically higher education, such as a Bachelors Degree in Ultrasound, is recommended for those who wish to further their careers to leadership/managerial roles. There s a terrific resource available to sonographers looking for employment, and you can learn more about it here .

    It s Never too Late to go Back to School!

    Whether you re a parent looking to get back in the workforce or an adult wanting to change careers, it s never too late to pursue your education!

    One of the advantages of returning to school when older is that the student tends to be more purpose-driven and thus will be able to benefit more fully from the education they are receiving.

    Curriculum for Ultrasound Associates Degrees

    An Associates in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound or Ultrasound Technology comprises of coursework that delves into biology, physics, medical terminology, ultrasound imaging and patient care. More specifically as an Ultrasound Associates Degree student, you will learn about anatomy and physiology. the principles behind sonographic imaging, how to use each of the essential ultrasound machines and the psychology/behavioral sciences involved with interacting with patients.

    You will also gain invaluable, hands-on clinical experiences, as often as once per semester, by working in a hospital or health center where you could potentially work after graduation. Some Ultrasound Associates programs also allow you to specialize in one specific area, such as vascular technology, echocardiography or general sonography (abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology), although generally you will have the opportunity to complete one course in each of these medical fields.

    Associate – s in Engineering Degree Programs – Types of Engineering Degrees #associates #degree


    Associate s in Engineering Degree Programs

    Associate s in Engineering Degree Programs

    Individuals looking to get into engineering very quickly usually turn to an Associate s of Science in Engineering. There are numerous engineering schools that offer the degree, and most A.S. in Engineering programs are only 2 years (some are 3-year programs). Be sure to check with your schools you are talking with to figure out exact timeline expectations.

    Most graduates with Associate s in Engineering degrees transition into the engineering field to get a job, and then also continue their education to get their Bachelor s in Engineering (click here for more info on a B.S. in Engineering ).

    See the list of Associate s in Engineering degrees below you can click on any listing and directly contact the engineering program to get some information on their program. It is free to get the information, and you can figure out what their options are in terms of program length, any transition opportunities into bachelor s programs, as well as tuition costs and any internship or co-op expectations (most A.S. programs do not require one, but some do so be sure to check with the school). We recommend talking with at least 3 different engineering schools just to make sure you have a few to choose from should you not get accepted from your top choice.

    In an Associate s program, you can expect to cover topics that are extremely specific to being in the engineering (and usually engineering technician) field. Of course your actual coursework will vary depending on your school and the type of engineering degree you pursue, but generally you learn engineering principles, study some form of math, calculus, and differential equations, and physics. These courses are all pretty common no matter what field of engineering you are in.

    Find Engineering Related Programs Online

    Below are some featured schools with engineering or related programs that are currently accepting applications. Simply click the checkboxes next the programs you are most interested in and enter some simple information to get in contact with them.

    Search Online Undergraduate Engineering Degrees
    Associates and Bachelors of Engineering Degrees

    Search Online Graduate Engineering Degrees
    Masters and Doctorate of Engineering Degrees

    The Best Engineering Degree Guide for 2017

    Use the following Engineering Degree Guide to find degrees in all different types of engineering, and to find engineering schools in every state in the U.S.

    Top Engineering Degrees
    Engineering Degrees by Level
    Computer Engineering Degrees
    Electrical Engineering Degrees
    Engineering Management Degrees
    Mechanical Engineering Degrees
    Civil & Bio Engineering Degrees
    Online Engineering Degrees
    Engineering Schools by State

    The Top Engineering Degrees Online

    Engineering Degrees

    Online Bachelors Degree in Education, NDC, associates degree in early childhood education.#Associates #degree #in #early #childhood #education


    Bachelor of Arts in Education

    Notre Dame College offers two licensure tracks for students enrolled in the online Bachelor of Arts in Education program. These specialized licensures provide students with practical knowledge and expanded skill sets that they can apply to their classroom. Experienced faculty present innovative pedagogy techniques and advise students on current trends in education for a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

    Notre Dame College’s MMIS license prepares special education teachers to meet the educational needs of K-12 students in inclusion, resource and intervention classrooms. During this field-based program, students relate their practice to the Ohio Standards for Teaching Profession. The standards fall into three categories: teaching and learning, conditions for teaching and learning and professional work.

    Notre Dame College’s ECE license prepares students for Pre K-3 education with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to meet young children’s educational needs. While in this field-based program, students relate their developing practice to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.

    Associates degree in early childhood educationThis program has been ranked as one

    of the best online ECE programs in the

    The Notre Dame College Online Advantage

    • Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
    • Affordable tuition
    • Delivered online
    • Courses taught by full-time expert faculty

    Learn more about starting your education with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Notre Dame College.

    Degree Outcomes

    Teachers with a Bachelor of Arts in Education along with a MMIS or ECE licensure are prepared for a dynamic career in the classroom helping students of all ages and academic abilities achieve excellence.

    Education Careers Include

    Childcare worker | Preschool teacher

    Kindergarten teacher | Elementary school teacher

    Secondary educator | Special education instructor

    Principal | School administrator

    For more information on education careers, click here.

    Notre Dame College trains qualified professionals through coursework that prepares teachers for excellence in education.

    Admission Requirements

    NDC admits students who demonstrate the potential for outstanding scholarship and a commitment to integrity. Admissions decisions are made on a case-by-case basis upon completion of an admissions interview and review of previous coursework. A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 is required for full admission to Notre Dame College. Notre Dame College requires the following from each student seeking admission to associate degree programs:

    • Application for admission
    • Official final high school transcript stating date of graduation
    • Official transcripts from all college level coursework
    • Admissions interview

    Academic transcripts must be submitted to Notre Dame College directly by the issuing school in order to be considered official.

    How To Apply

    • Complete our free online application
    • Send all official transcripts
    • Complete an interview with your Enrollment Counselor

    Request My Info Packet

    By requesting information, I am providing express consent for Notre Dame College to contact me by email, phone and text, including my wireless phone number, regarding degree and enrollment information using automated technology. Standard message and data rates may apply to text messages. There is no obligation to enroll.

    Associates degree in early childhood education

    2017 Notre Dame College | Online • 4545 College Road South Euclid, Ohio 44121-4293 • Toll Free: 1.888.657.0472 • • Privacy Policy

    Associates degree in early childhood education Associates degree in early childhood education Associates degree in early childhood education

    Health management associates jobs #health #management #associates #jobs



    PHYSICIANS We are proud to have 82 Board
    Certified Gastroenterologists
    throughout DFW. Choose from adult,
    pediatric or advanced level providers. CENTERS CENTERS Convenient and cost-effective, our
    endoscopy and infusion centers
    are located in the communities
    where our patients live and work. SERVICES Our medical team specializes in a
    variety of techniques and therapies
    to diagnose and treat diseases of
    the digestive system. Our research team works with
    physicians and pharmaceutical
    companies to offer new therapies
    for a variety of GI conditions.

    Digestive Health Associates of Texas, P.A. provides Gastroenterology
    care for the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The provision
    of high quality, cost-effective patient care is the primary goal
    of DHAT gastroenterologists.

  • Leaders in Digestive Health,
    DHAT has been raising the standard
    of GI Care since 1996

    PHYSICIANS We are proud to have 82 Board
    Certified Gastroenterologists
    throughout DFW. Choose from adult,
    pediatric or advanced level providers. CENTERS CENTERS Convenient and cost-effective, our
    endoscopy and infusion centers
    are located in the communities
    where our patients live and work. SERVICES Our medical team specializes in a
    variety of techniques and therapies
    to diagnose and treat diseases of
    the digestive system. Our research team works with
    physicians and pharmaceutical
    companies to offer new therapies
    for a variety of GI conditions.


    PHYSICIANS We are proud to have 82 Board
    Certified Gastroenterologists
    throughout DFW. Choose from adult,
    pediatric or advanced level providers. CENTERS CENTERS Convenient and cost-effective, our
    endoscopy and infusion centers
    are located in the communities
    where our patients live and work. SERVICES Our medical team specializes in a
    variety of techniques and therapies
    to diagnose and treat diseases of
    the digestive system. Our research team works with
    physicians and pharmaceutical
    companies to offer new therapies
    for a variety of GI conditions.

    To optimize the health of our patients and community by providing
    compassionate, state of the art care to adults and children with
    digestive and liver conditions & diseases.

  • We are leaders, innovators,
    teachers, healers.

    PHYSICIANS We are proud to have 82 Board
    Certified Gastroenterologists
    throughout DFW. Choose from adult,
    pediatric or advanced level providers. CENTERS CENTERS Convenient and cost-effective, our
    endoscopy and infusion centers
    are located in the communities
    where our patients live and work. SERVICES Our medical team specializes in a
    variety of techniques and therapies
    to diagnose and treat diseases of
    the digestive system. Our research team works with
    physicians and pharmaceutical
    companies to offer new therapies
    for a variety of GI conditions.


  • Online Associate Degree in Environmental Science #associates #degree #in #environmental #science, #online #associate #degree #in #environmental #science


    Online Associate Degree in Environmental Science

    While most environmental science careers require more than a 2-year degree, you can use an associate degree program to build the foundation for a 4-year degree that allows you to find work in the field. Review your options for earning an associate degree in environmental science via online study, and compare online and on-campus programs. Explore the courses you’d take in this program. Schools offering Environmental Science degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    What Online Associate’s Degrees Can I Earn in Environmental Science ?

    Associate’s degree programs that cover environmental science are available online, but most programs are on-campus. As a student in this field, you can typically earn an Associate of Science in Environmental Science Technology or an Associate of Science in Environmental Science and Leadership. Some programs designed specifically for transfer students award an Associate of Science in Environmental Science.

    Specialized tracks of study within these programs can prepare you for work in law, medicine or engineering. Areas of emphasis may include energy and climate, environmental policy, sustainability or ecological restoration. You can choose not to pursue a concentration if you haven’t decided what type of career or 4-year degree you’re looking for.

    Associate of Science in Environmental Science Technology, Associate of Science in Environmental Science and Leadership (most programs are on-campus)

    Online Class Structure

    Utilize online course management system, such as Blackboard; review lectures online; download study materials

    Environmental management, biology, physics, geology

    How Are Online Programs Different from Campus Programs?

    In an online program, instead of taking classes in a lecture hall, you’ll be able to access study materials by downloading them from your college’s website. These materials may include text documents as well as audio and video files. Some schools also offer a course management system called Blackboard, where you’ll be able to complete interactive lectures online and ask your instructors questions. You will need an Internet connection to download the course materials and interact with instructors.

    What Can I Learn?

    Online associate’s degree programs in environmental science provide an overview of chemistry, biology, calculus, statistics, geometry and physics. As an environmental science major, you’ll also learn about water resources, social concerns, economic issues and environmental management. Most programs cover areas included in a 4-year program. These subjects may include geology, environmental testing and wilderness exploration. If you’re looking for a career in science or mathematics, you can complete many of the basic requirements for a 4-year degree in an online associate’s degree program.

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

    The schools in the listing below are not free and may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Tuition and costs will vary across programs and locations. Be sure to always request tuition information before starting a program.

    Popular Schools

    Salt Lake City Utah Injury Attorneys #salt #lake #city #injury #attorneys #utah, #salt #lake #lawyers, #robert #b. #sykes #and #associates #pc



    Auto Accident – Death

    Medical Malpractice

    Robert B. Sykes Associates, P.C.

    Utah Injury Lawyers

    Since 1976, Robert B. Sykes Associates, P.C. has provided quality legal representation to plaintiffs in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah in a range of personal injury matters.

    With decades of experience successfully representing injured victims, our attorneys have the skills and background to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our track record of success includes obtaining six and seven figure settlements for numerous clients, and securing favorable results for many more at trial. Cases frequently come to us via referral from other lawyers, and firm founder Robert B. Sykes is recognized nationally as an authority on brain and spinal cord injuries, regularly chairing conferences and teaching classes to fellow attorneys on the legal challenges presented by this particular area of law.


    Robert B. Sykes Associates can represent you if you have been injured in a Utah car accident. Motor vehicle accidents cover all incidents surroudning motorcycles, trucks, buses and cars and are the most common cause of serious injuries in the country.

    As a small personal injury law firm, we are pleased to offer a high level of personal attention, responding to all phone calls within 24 hours, and regularly meeting with clients at their homes or in the hospital. For the convenience of our clients, our Utah personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations and provide legal services in Spanish and German. We work on a contingency fee arrangement, meaning you do not owe attorneys fees unless and until we successfully recover on your behalf. To find out how we can help you with your civil law matter, contact Robert B. Sykes Associates, P.C. today.


    Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Robert B. Sykes Associates, P.C. serves clients in Ogden, Orem, Provo, Tooele, Logan, St. George and throughout Davis, Weber, Morgan and Salt Lake Counties.