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An introduction to FCAT benchmarking – Article

Benchmarking Graphics Processors – The New Style

The past couple of months, we have seen some interesting dynamics in measuring the framerate of your games versus graphics cards. Basically the framerate of your game is, simply put, the number of frames per second your computer and graphics card are able to render. It is the most common way of looking at graphics card and game performance really.

There’s a problem that started floating at the surface for a while now, FPS does not say much as to what you see and experience on screen thus on your monitor, in certain conditions you can get a little stuttering every now and then. E.g. FPS will not say a thing about graphics anomalies. Up-to a while ago nobody really cared that, and some of you perhaps think that is the best way to approach this. Do you really care of you see a small stutter every now and then for a fraction of a second maybe split-second? The answer to that is two fold. Some of you, the more enthusiast end users, do while other’s don’t. And as such lately we have seen websites posting frame-capture and frame time results.

Being trendy – websites jumped onto it and are using FRAPS, but the thing is. if you want to expose game stutters you probably should not use FRAPS. Here’s why:

FRAPS measures directly at the game engine, and that’s different from what you see on screen on your monitor. For FPS that is not really relevant, but if you want to measure frametime then at the end of the graph shown above T_Display is where you need to be. See, a lot of other stuff is happening after FRAPS measures. Now realistically for single graphics cards, measuring frametime (or as what like to call, frame experience) FRAPS is sufficient. However in multi-GPU setups FRAPs just does not detect all information and as such a lot simply does not show up, in the created charts that many websites including ourselves have been demonstrating.

It will get even weirder as it also works vice versa, sometimes FRAPS records stuff that isn’t visibly there on your monitor. To do frametime recordings right (the proper way) we need to take a more academic approach. not measure at Game engine level, but at the monitor output as that is the hotspot as to what you see on your screen. How can we accomplish that? Well, with a framegrabber and a complex software suite which we’ll be showing and introducing today. It is called FCAT, short for Frame Capture Analysis Tool. It is a set of tools that derives from the NVIDIA performance laboratory. Now please don’t throw objectivity and subjectivity concerns at us as yes, this methodology is coming from NVIDIA. Let me state upfront that pretty much all software and scripts can be read out as source code and the simple truth is that the FCAT benchmark method can’t see the difference in-between AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards as we look at rendered frames, we are not measuring inside the graphics card(s).

Before you read onwards, this article is more a bit more scientific, complex and academic opposed to what you are used to. This is not everybody’s cup of tea alright. But I wanted to show what we are doing and how we are doing it as transparant as can be. Now then, our FCAT solution requires multiple thousands EUR worth of hardware and is not something you can easily recreate at home. I also left a lot out in terms of complex issues and will take a very simple to understand approach, which hopefully, the majority of you guys and girls can understand. This article is a first in sense that it is an introduction to added benchmarks you are going to see integrated in Guru3D GPU reviews.

Let’s first discuss a little about FPS vs Frametime, the methods and challenges ahead.

Meet the FCAPS setup – two new dedicated PCs and two monitors merely for a handful of plotted graphs.

An Introduction to Carrizo – AMD 6th Gen APU
AMD today launches their Carrizo based Mobile APUs, the new APU architecture makes use of Excavator CPU cores and up-to eight GCN 1.3 based graphics cores.

An Introduction to HBM – High Bandwidth Memory
AMD briefed selected press on HBM – High Bandwidth Memory. This new type of graphics memory is going to change the para dime in the graphics industry when we are talking about using less power, small.

An introduction to FCAT benchmarking
In this article we will introduce you towards FCAT benchmarking. The past couple of months we have seen a some new dynamics in measuring the framerate of your games. Basically the framerate of your.

Online Empanelment -Indian Overseas Bank for Concurrent Audit #article, #news, #notifications, #ca, #cs, #cma #


Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) invites applications for Empanelment of Concurrent Auditors for its 460 Branches across the Country. Concurrent Audit Assignment will be for the period from 01.09.2016-30.06.2017. IOB will consider Only Online Applications and No other applications will be entertained whether submitted in hard copy or through e-mail . Portal Opening on 12 AUG 2016 and Closing Date. 22 AUG 2016



The following basic criteria will be adhered to in selection of audit firms for conducting concurrent audit.

The Audit firm should be on RBI panel of auditors;

Preference shall be given to

a. Partnership firms with 2 partners having FCA qualification;

b. Partners having the qualification of Information System Auditor (CISA / DISA);

c. Partners having completed certificate course on concurrent audit in banks conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

d. Firm having experience in conducting concurrent audit of the bank branches of public sector/major private sector banks.

The Concurrent Audit in credit concentrated branches having advances of Rs. 200 crores and above, the concurrent firm shall be in category I;

The firm or its proprietor/partners have not been the subject of inquiries in the past by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as per the provisions of Section 21 of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949, and no such inquiry is pending, initiated, or contemplated by the Institute as on the date of application as well as date of acceptance of assignment;

Where there are group of firms of Chartered Accountants having common partners, only one of the firms in the group will be eligible for application assignment of Concurrent Audit; The firm would normally be allotted Concurrent Audit of only one branch of the Bank;

Besides Chartered Accountants, the firm should have other qualified and experienced staff, infrastructure and office within an approachable distance from the location of the auditee branch / office to undertake Concurrent Audit;

The firm which conducts Statutory Audit of Indian Overseas Bank, during that year and the next year, shall not be eligible for application and for appointment as Concurrent Auditor of the Bank;

The firm which has a partner / proprietor who is also a partner / proprietor of the firm entrusted with the Statutory Audit of Indian Overseas Bank shall not be considered for appointment as Concurrent Auditors in Indian Overseas Bank. In other words, sister/ associate concerns of the firm carrying out Statutory Audit of Indian Overseas Bank shall not be eligible for application not considered for appointment as Concurrent Auditors;

If any of the Directors of Indian Overseas Bank is a partner / proprietor in a firm, such firm shall not be considered for appointment as Concurrent Auditor;

The assignment of concurrent audit should not be given to anybody on subcontract basis;

The firm should have necessary office set up within the same city or periphery of allotted branch/office and adequate personnel to ensure proper deployment and timely completion of assignments;

Partner/Proprietor should visit the branch twice in a week and also participate in discussion with Branch Manager on deficiencies found during that week;

Mere submission of application for Concurrent Audit fulfilling the criteria thereof does not, in any way, constitute guarantee for assigning any type of audit of the Bank;

The online applications only shall be considered. Allotment will be made for the branches of choice, prioritizing and selecting from the online applications. No correspondence shall be entertained in the matter. The Bank reserves right to add/delete name of the branch(s) from the list;

All the applications submitted and received in physical form prior to this process of inviting online applications stand cancelled;

If firm or partners are availing any credit facility(s) from any branch of Indian Overseas Bank or have guaranteed any credit facility, shall not be eligible;

The monthly fees payable shall be evaluated on the business figures of the branches as on 31.03.2016. Service Tax, if applicable, shall be paid separately provided the firm furnishes the Service Tax Registration No. TDS will be deducted as per rules.

Link to Apply Online for Empanelment

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In 1908, Ford Motor Company’s first car, The Model T, used ethanol corn alcohol gasoline as fuel energy.

Since 2003, ethanol has grown rapidly as the oxygenating factor for gasoline. Ethanol replaced MTBE for oxygenating fuel, since almost all states now have banned MTBE, due to groundwater contamination, health and environmental concerns.

Ethanol blend fuels for gas powered engines have been around for over 100 years; Ethanol is now found at most public gas stations nationwide, due to mandates/laws and recommendations in the Alternative Motor Fuels Act (1988), Clean Air Act (1990), Energy Policy Act (2005) and most importantly – The Renewable Fuel Standard Program (RFS) – Signed September 2006.

The push for ethanol as an alternative to imported oil spurred the construction of 172 plants in 25 states by the end of 2008. But during 2009 falling oil prices has made ethanol less cost effective. More than 20 plants have recently closed.

Despite 10% being the universally accepted legal limit for ethanol in conventional gas-powered engines,

in March 2009 ACE, Growth Energy and 54 ethanol producers submitted a waiver application to increase E10 to E15.


1826 Samuel Morey developed an engine that ran on ethanol and turpentine.

1850’s During the Civil War, a liquor tax was placed on ethanol whisky, also called Moonshine, to raise money for the war.

1876 Otto Cycle was the first combustion engine designed to use alcohol and gasoline.

1896 Henry Ford built his first automobile, the quadricycle, to run on pure ethanol.

1920’s Standard Oil began adding ethanol to gasoline to increase octane and reduce engine knocking.

1908 The first Ford Motor Company automobile, Henry Ford’s Model T. was designed to use corn alcohol, called ethanol. The Model T ran on (ethanol) alcohol, fuel or a combination of the two fuels.

1940’s First U.S. fuel ethanol plant built. The U.S. Army built and operated an ethanol plant in Omaha, Nebraska, to produce fuel for the army and to provide ethanol for regional fuel blending.

1940’s to late 1970’s Virtually no commercial fuel ethanol was sold to the general public in the U.S. – due to the low price of gasoline fuel.

1975 U.S. begins to phase out lead in gasoline. MTBE eventually replaced lead.

Note: Later, between 2004 to 2006, MTBE banned in almost all states, due to groundwater contamination and health risks.

1980’s Oxygenates added to gasoline included MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether – made from natural gas and petroleum) and ETBE (Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether – made from ethanol and petroleum).

1988 Denver, Colorado, was the first state to mandate ethanol oxygenates fuels for winter use to control carbon monoxide emissions. Other cities soon followed.

1990 Clean Air Act Amendments – Mandated the winter use of oxygenated fuels in 39 major carbon monoxide non-attainment areas (based on EPA emissions standards for carbon dioxide not being met) and required year-round use of oxygenates in 9 severe ozone non-attainment areas in 1995.

1992 The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) was passed by Congress to reduce our nation’s dependence on imported petroleum by requiring certain fleets to acquire alternative fuel vehicles, which are capable of operating on nonpetroleum fuels.

The Clean Air Act (1990) and Alternative Motor Fuels Act (1998 1992) contain provisions for mandating oxygenated fuel (RFG =Ethanol and MTBE). Requirements set for 2 types of clean-burning gasoline, RFG Federal Reformulated Gasoline and Wintertime Oxygenated Fuel.

1995 The EPA began requiring the use of reformulated gasoline year round in metropolitan areas with the most smog.

The Sound of Music – s 50th Anniversary #article,hollywood #issue,tf07941c5937b4170a152736c05d9ecb0


For Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, The Sound of Music Was Never “So Long, Farewell”

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, photographed in New York City.

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

It would surprise no one, perhaps, to learn that Julie Andrews travels with her own teakettle.

On a late afternoon last winter she and Christopher Plummer met me at the Loews Regency Hotel, in Manhattan, to talk about the 50th anniversary of the movie version of The Sound of Music, which is being re-released in theaters in April. For anyone who saw it originally, in 1965, it hardly seems possible that so much time has passed. Now that Plummer is 85 and Andrews is 79, you can imagine how they feel.

It was during the filming of The Sound of Music that Andrews and Plummer began a friendship, which, half a century later, is still going strong. Andrews s husband, Blake Edwards, directed Plummer in The Return of the Pink Panther in 1975, and they remained friendly until the director s death, in 2010. (Edwards and Andrews had been married for 41 years; Plummer has been married to his wife, Elaine, since 1970.) In 2001, Andrews and Plummer co-starred in a live television production of On Golden Pond, and in 2002 they toured the U.S. and Canada together in a stage extravaganza called A Royal Christmas. By now, they have perfected the well-worn patter of an old married couple themselves.

Once Andrews s kettle was pressed into service and the tea was brewed and poured, the two of them settled onto the couch in a suite to talk. They had just returned from a photo shoot. I asked how it went, and Andrews leapt in: Well, I was dressed in black. He was dressed in black. We were against some white, I think. I had a great pair of earrings, and my hair was really exciting. It was done up rather wildly.

You didn t notice me at all, did you? Plummer asked wanly.

No, I didn t, she answered vigorously.

He pouted. I haven t eaten anything for days, he announced.

She responded on cue. Oh, honeybun, that s terrible!

Heartened, he continued, There was a charity dinner last night, and the food was so awful nobody ate anything. She fumbled through her bags. He looked on hopefully, but she landed on a bottle of Advil. I have to have these I m sorry, she said, shaking out a few pills, which dropped onto the carpet. She picked them up and swallowed them anyway. There were just so many stairs today, she said, continuing to dig until she unearthed a Kashi peanut-butter granola bar. I brought half a peanut-butter cookie with me, she told him cajolingly.

He eyed it shrewdly. Not half, he said. A quarter.

O.K. guys. Part of the reason we re here today is to talk about your 50-year friendship.

What do you mean, friendship? Andrews asked.

Exactly, Plummer said.

Not His Favorite Thing

Through the decades, Plummer has remained unabashedly ornery about playing Captain von Trapp. He was, even in the early 1960s, a celebrated stage actor and chose to do the film primarily as training for playing Cyrano de Bergerac in a Broadway musical (a role that would not materialize until 1973). Instead, at 34, with gray highlights in his hair, he found himself shipwrecked aboard what he considered the Good Ship Lollipop as an unwitting party to seven chipper children, a warbling nun, and a bosun s whistle. Indeed, when The Sound of Music was released, the reviews were awful. Pauline Kael trounced it as mechanically engineered to transform the audience into emotional and aesthetic imbeciles when we hear ourselves humming the sickly, goody-goody songs. In The New York Times, Bosley Crowther allowed that Andrews goes at it happily and bravely while noting that the other adult actors are fairly horrendous, especially Christopher Plummer as Captain von Trapp.

Celebrating 50 Years of The Sound of Music. Through Photographs

10 tips for avoiding holiday villa fraud #travel,article,family #advice,columnists,health #advice,travel #advice


10 tips for avoiding holiday villa fraud

19 July 2016 • 3:30pm

T he safest way to book villa accommodation is through a tour operator as part of a package holiday, as the operator has to take responsibility for the booking and guarantee that you won’t lose money. When you book directly with the owner, it may be cheaper, but there’s a greater risk of fraud and it will be harder to get redress if things go wrong. However, these tips will help make your booking more secure.

The property

1. Check how long the villa has been advertised – usually the joining date of the advertiser is given on the website. The longer it has been on the books, the more likely it is to be genuine and legitimate.

2. Check reviews by other renters, either on the site you are booking through, or on TripAdvisor (they may be on both). Good reviews can be faked – beware of those that are nothing but glowing accounts; bad ones tell their own story. Clearly, it is unlikely that a good villa/helpful owners will get many, if any, bad reviews.

3. Use to confirm the location of the villa, and, once you have located it, you may be able to use Street View to see that the property matches up with the pictures posted online.

If the price is simply too good to be true, don t book

The owner

4. It is all too easy for fraudsters to list properties they don’t own on villa rental sites, take a booking, and disappear with the money. Speak to the owners on the phone – their number should be provided (and note that a landline gives you more security than a mobile). Ask for details about the property and the area, and gauge how knowledgeable and trustworthy they seem to be. Ask them for their postal address, too – you would be unwise to sign a contract with anyone whose address you don’t know.

5. Check those details on the internet to see if you can get any more information about the owners, or trace any complaints about them.

6. Use your judgment. If there is something about the website, the property description, or the owners that you aren’t happy about, or if the price seems too good to be true, don’t book. There are lots of other villas out there.


7. Be a stickler for paperwork. Do not send any money without receiving, and checking that you are happy with, the written contract. Be very wary of security deposits; ensure that the terms for returning or calling on the deposit are clear, and that the amount is not disproportionate – 10 per cent of the rental might be reasonable, more than 25 per cent is clearly too much. Some sites offer the option of taking out damage-waiver insurance, which might cost about £25, rather than paying a deposit.

8. When paying the deposit and balance, always avoid wired money transfers by companies like Western Union, which may be untraceable. Credit card payments are safest. PayPal may provide some protection if your account is linked to a credit card such as Visa, the card issuer is liable for the fraud – as long as you don’t load your PayPal account with money debited to the card before you pay for the villa. Some rental sites including have a protection scheme which reimburses customers in the case of fraud – read the small print before you book, however.

Pay by credit card – not a wired money transfer Credit: Voisin/Phanie / Rex Features

On site

9. Check the property very carefully on arrival, ideally in the company of the owner or managers. Alert them to, and take photographs of, any damage.

10. Be sure to get any security deposit back on leaving the villa. If any deductions are made, ask for proof (i.e. receipts) of the cost deducted.


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If you think about that Auto Article Profits is actually giving the scam or even Auto Article Profits is actually legit, we recommend you to check on the reliability from the product via Auto Article Profits Product critiques below. Right now let’s get started…

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