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USR Parts specializes in quality aftermarket Caterpillar® replacement parts as well as aftermarket Komatsu® Parts. Our focus is to provide customers high quality replacement parts at a great value.

Every choice you make has multiple impacts. At US Replacement Parts We know your business demands more than just quality products. That’s why you can count on the USR Parts Online network to offer the additional resources, reach and know-how that add value to your operation and contribute to your success.

Every day we are adding new products and features to provide you the best possible shopping experience. Check back with us often to experience all that USR Parts has to offer from Caterpillar®. Komatsu®. Perkins® Parts, Donaldson® Filters, Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts and more. \

Premier supplier of Aftermarket Undercarrige Parts for:

  • CAT©
  • VOLVO©

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

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Replacement Window Regulators


Window regulators are an extremely interesting part of a car that never receives any love or attention. From the day that the vehicle rolls off the assembly line, automotive door window regulators work endlessly moving the door glass up and down, giving the occupants of the vehicle the much beloved fresh air. Because of frequent window usage, window regulators and window motors are subject to intense wear. This often leads to breakage and inconvenience at the drive-up window.

There are two basic kinds of window regulators: manual and power.

Manual Window Regulators

A manual window regulator is the most basic of window lifting mechanisms. It always has some type of handle sticking through the door panel that regulates the up and down motion of the glass window. Humans are the “power” behind this type of regulator, as the window crank needs to be physically rotated to raise and lower the door glass. With so many vehicles coming with power windows these days, manual regulators are becoming scarce.

Power Window Regulators

A power window regulator works exactly like it sounds. It is a device that regulates the up and down motion of the glass window with the magic of electricity. Power window regulators will always have some type of electric motor attached to them that is controlled by a power window switch on the door panel or console. In many cases, an inoperable window motor can be replaced separately from the window regulator itself. This allows the repair to be less work, and less costly overall.

Within each one of these types of regulators, you can have a “scissor-type” or “cable-type”. Each style has its own benefits.

Scissor Type Window Regulators

The scissor type window regulator is the design that has been around forever. They basically look like a giant pair of scissors inside your door. As they expand, the window goes up. When they contract, the window glass rolls down. Simple enough right? The downfall of this type of regulator is that the wheels on the ends of them wear out over time, and break off. This causes your door glass to tilt sideways, and eventually fall down into the door. They also wear out at the center of the scissor mechanism and become noisy, sloppy, and unpredictable.

Cable Type Window Regulators

The cable type window regulator is a more modern design that is used in a huge variety of vehicles. They use far less space inside the door, which is great when additional safety devices are needed. Unfortunately, no window regulators are immune to breakage. Being more complicated than the scissor-type, these window regulators have more opportunity to break. The pulleys and cables in these regulators typically wear out, and snap. When that happens, the glass almost always falls inside the door, leaving your interior open to nature’s elements. That means that rain, snow, criminals, and cats will all have a full access pass to your stuff. Not cool!

Window Regulator Tips

With any mechanical item, there are things that you can do to extend the life of a window regulator before a dramatic failure happens. These are also items that should be double and triple checked whenever you install a new replacement window regulator or motor.

  • Lubricate all of the moving parts on the window regulator with spray grease. Spray grease comes in a can, and can be found at any local hardware store.
  • Check your exterior window sweeps (AKA window “felts”) for damage. You don’t want rain, snow, ice, dirt, debris getting inside your door and destroying your fancy bits.
  • Lubricate the window tracks on the front and rear of your side glass. Smooth moving glass is essential to long window regulator life. If the glass binds up, the window lifting mechanism will undoubtedly be broken shortly after.
  • This may go without saying, but don’t force the window down or up with your hand. If either of those is necessary, your window regulator is likely already damaged. Forcing it will just make it worse. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Need a Window Regulator Replacement?

By now you must be wondering how the window regulators that 1A Auto carries fit into all of this. Well, here at 1A Auto, we carry some of the most reliable and long-lasting replacement window regulators and motors. They are exact fit, so you won’t need to use a chainsaw or a welder to install one. They come preassembled, and pre-greased. Many of our replacement window regulators are improved designs that correct known issues.

At 1A Auto, we’re here to help you get the right window regulator replacement for your vehicle. You can browse our large selection of window regulators and shop right here on or, if you have any questions about the product, warranty, compatibility, or simply prefer to order via phone, you can call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393.

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Welcome to Auto Body Smart Parts

Utah’s Number 1 Source for Aftermarket Auto Parts!

Our goal is to provide high quality parts and customer service, with cost effective repair solutions for consumers and the automotive collision and repair industry.

Our motto is “Price + Quality x Service = ValueВІ. We use top quality ISO certified manufacturers including; TYC, Jui-Li, Tong Yang, TYGP-(made in USA), Kool Vue/Perfect Fit, Dorman, Gordon Auto Body Parts, Pro Fortune, Alponex and more.

We carry many CAPA and NSF certified parts. We offer parts that are designed and manufactured to industry leading specifications to ensure the best quality, fit, and performance while maintaining competitive industry prices.

Featured Automotive Products:

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Turn Signals/Park Lamps
  • Fog Lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Fenders
  • Hoods
  • Grilles
  • Bumpers and Bumper Covers
  • Window Regulators
  • Door Handles
  • Tailgates
  • and More!

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Aftermarket Radiator

The radiator is an integral part of the cooling system that removes the excess heat from the engine. Since the engine gives so much effort in order for the vehicle to perform, it may also face a lot of pressure and strain which may cause it to overheat. It is because of this that your vehicle is equipped with a cooling system that would keep the engine operating at the right temperature. The radiator is the mechanism that dispels the heat absorbed by the anti-freeze or coolant mixture from the engine. It contains tubes holding large amount of water and passages that provide a large area in contact with the air outside the vehicle. Water is combined with antifreeze, which is circulated around the engine through the cylinder block and head. Through this, the heat produced by the engine is effectively absorbed. The coolant is pumped from the engine towards the receiving tank at the top of the radiator. Such coolant is distributed over the tubes, thereby, losing its heat to the air while passing around outside the said tubes. After getting cooled in the radiator, it goes back to the engine to reabsorb heat and the cooling process continues as long as the engine is running. A damaged Aftermarket radiator must be replaced immediately. Get a new one from our online store through our user-friendly parts catalog. Call us toll free for further information any time of the day.

Aftermarket Products

If you want a good brand for your vehicle repairs or upgrades, remember to rely on no less than Aftermarket at all times. You ll definitely love this brand and its wide array of high-quality auto parts and accessories because they will bring out nothing but the best performance in your ride. Since the company started manufacturing car parts, it has steadily established itself as one of the best especially when it comes to quality and reliability. This made possible by their integration of the latest and most advanced technologies in the industry with their line of products. All thanks to the company s commitment to producing the most excellent car parts, you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to quality and reliability. Aftermarket components are also known for their excellent fit, which makes them ideal for almost all kinds of vehicle-related tasks. And whether you are just performing a simple DIY or carrying out a difficult repair task, the brand is always here to help you with whatever you are doing. In fact, even professional mechanics recommend it for its unmatched quality and reliability. Even if you are just a car enthusiast or a novice driver, this brand s flexibility makes it ideal for your repairs and other vehicle-related tasks. Surely you can never go wrong if you choose to trust this brand for your own personal use. Today, Aftermarket continues its mission to produce high-quality car parts and accessories with the use of no less than the latest and most cutting-edge technology in the automotive world. And having millions of satisfied buyers all over the globe, this brand remains as one of the top choices when it comes to choosing replacement products.

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Auto Body Parts Aftermarket

High Quality Aftermarket Auto Body Parts

Aftermarket body parts market is a market where you get reused vehicle parts. The auto parts are remanufactured and made new to resale in the market. We can buy auto body parts from the aftermarket due several reasons, like if we met an accident and we need to replace the part immediately but cannot afford the brand new part right away.

Aftermarket body parts market is a market where you get reused vehicle parts. The auto parts are remanufactured and made new to resale in the market. We can buy auto body parts from the aftermarket due several reasons, like if we met an accident and we need to replace the part immediately but cannot afford the brand new part right away.

In order to get good quality auto body parts, you do not need to always to go very huge stores and buy the costliest items. If you want the good quality part at half the price of the new original part, you can come to us. We promise to provide you with premium quality body part at half the price. We guarantee you that the performance is never compromised by us. We want you to have the best auto body part with great performance. Our expert analyzer checks each part personally and makes sure the aftermarket auto body matches our standards.

People always advise that only the original part should be fitted in the vehicle to keep it running smooth. But do you know that these manufactures do not make their own parts. Whereas we provide you with the used auto body parts for any type of vehicle serviced by us. Therefore, we can confidently guarantee you that our part will give you good service for good amount of years.

People always advise that only the original part should be fitted in the vehicle to keep it running smooth. But do you know that these manufactures do not make their own parts. Whereas we provide you with the used auto body parts for any type of vehicle serviced by us. Therefore, we can confidently guarantee you that our part will give you good service for good amount of years.

People always advise that only the original part should be fitted in the vehicle to keep it running smooth. But do you know that these manufactures do not make their own parts. Whereas we provide you with the used auto body parts for any type of vehicle serviced by us. Therefore, we can confidently guarantee you that our part will give you good service for good amount of years.

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About 1A Auto

1A Auto is a second-generation, family-owned business, located in Pepperell, Massachusetts. For more than 50 years, the Green family has been installing and using the same high-quality auto parts that you’ll find on our website. We actually use the parts we sell, and we’ve been selling online since 1999. Our company’s mission is to make your car projects go smoothly, and to become your trusted source for auto parts. To this end, we treat our customers like family. We employ USA-based, knowledgeable support technicians. They’ll help you through your project. We always make sure you get the right part. And we boast the industry’s most generous returns policy. You won’t find a company more passionate about auto parts than 1A Auto. That’s why we’ve won BizRate’s Platinum Circle of Excellence award for eight years in a row. Check our ratings for quality and customer service.

We listen to our customers. Please feel free to contact us at any time with comments or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you. To get to know us better, you can meet the people of 1A Auto.

Merle Green and his sons Michael Richard with the original ‘Tin Indian’. One of many cars painstakingly restored to original condition by the Greens.

Message from Richard Green, President

As President of 1A, it is my job to see that all of our customers have the most satisfying shopping experience with 1A Auto. So, we strive to supply the highest quality parts, the most knowledgeable customer service people, the fastest delivery and the most reliable and secure transactions. So far, it is working. We have many loyal customers who return time after time, we have the highest customer satisfaction ratings of anyone in our industry, and we have the lowest return rates of anyone in our industry.

Meet the 1A Auto Family

Before becoming president of 1A Auto in 1999, Richard Green was a trained aerospace engineer. He uses the quality-assurance techniques he learned from aerospace to oversee the consistent quality of 1A Auto’s parts. This results in the highest quality ratings and lowest returns rate in the industry. For more than 50 years, the Green family has been installing and using the same high-quality auto parts that you’ll find on our website.

Jeremy has enjoyed eleven years at 1A Auto, as a product specialist with a very strong knowledge of cars dating back to the 1930’s. Jeremy has an automotive degree and spent two years as an ASE certified technician at a local Cadillac dealer. Jeremy owns one of his dream cars, a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible currently under restoration. He also has heavily modified his 1988 Honda Hawk GT as well as a Dodge Ram 50 Truck with a turbocharged 4G63 Mitsubishi Eclipse motor. Jeremy is a gearhead to the full extent, and it would be a miracle if you own a car that he can’t identify. Jeremy’s custom work with fiberglass and metal fabrication has set him on fire more than once, but has not doused his passion to know everything there is to know about cars.

Bob has worked at 1A Auto since 2002 and has been working on cars since he was seven, when his dad let him help repair stock cars and motorcycles. As a teenager, Bob got his first car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO that he restored to showroom condition. Bob obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering at UMASS Amherst, and his education, in addition to salvage yard experience, over 20 years with interchange systems, and 39 years of extensive hands on experience, makes him an expert in the field of determining fits and quality of parts. As a Senior Product Specialist at 1A Auto, his skills make him unmatched in his ability to provide the highest quality parts for our customers. When not at work, Bob likes to spend his time restoring his 1969 Ram Air IV GTO Judge.

Meet Our Customer Service Team of Experts

How To Shop for an Aftermarket Car Audio System

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How To Shop for an Aftermarket Car Audio System

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Stock stereo systems are much better now compared to what manufacturers offered in the past. But for the very latest features and the best sound quality, an aftermarket car stereo system is still the way to go for tech- and sound-conscious consumers.

Not too long ago you could just pull into a car stereo shop and buy a replacement head unit or radio, maybe an amplifier and some speakers. And then have the shop install it all in your ride in a matter of hours. But shopping for a car audio system or even just shopping for components to upgrade a stock setup is now more difficult since modern vehicles are more complicated and have more integrated electronic systems. This means that shopping for aftermarket car audio components as well as a dependable shop and installer is even more important.

Know Your Vehicle and Goals

Before you visit a shop, you should know the size of the components that fit your vehicle without major modification. Many aftermarket auto-electronics manufacturers and online retailers have guides to help determine what size radio and speakers will match your vehicle. Metra, a manufacturer of parts used by car stereo installers, offers one of the most in-depth fitment guides on its Web site .

Once you know which components will best fit your vehicle’s stock provisions, you need to determine your realistic goals. Building a showy, bass-thumping system is far different from designing a great-sounding system using existing speaker locations. And when adding subwoofers, you have to consider how much cargo space you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of bass.

You’ll also want to consider whether to maintain a stock appearance to discourage theft. And if the vehicle is leased or you plan to trade it in, you’ll want to choose components and installation techniques that won’t permanently alter the appearance of the vehicle and can be easily removed. You may also want to contemplate keeping your factory head unit, especially if it integrates with other systems in your vehicle, and only adding “downstream” components such as amplifiers and speakers.

What’s Your Budget?

Any good salesperson is going to ask the question, so it’s best for you to know your budget before you enter a store. Don’t forget to allow for installation, labor and parts, such as head-unit mounting kits and amplifier wiring. If you decide to keep your factory radio, ask what options are available for interfacing with it and what any required adapters will cost.

When coming up with a budget, keep in mind the old adage “you get what you pay for.” Don’t expect great sound quality or the latest features from ultra-cheap, low-end car audio components. Spending a little more for high-quality components will help you achieve a satisfying sonic experience, and you can always add on to the system over time as your budget allows.

Shop for Shops and Installers

Finding car audio retailers in your area is simple with an Internet search. But deciding which shop to go with is the hard part, and the shop you choose is just as important as the products you buy.

Ask friends about a shop’s reputation or check online reviews. Always ask retailers if they’re an authorized dealer for the brands they carry and how any product warranty issues are handled. On the installation side, you need to know if a shop’s installers are professionally certified, as well as the installation rates and guarantees they offer. If they’re not posted, make sure to ask about labor rates and warranty on installations.

Once you choose a shop, it’s best to visit it on slow days, when the store is less crowded. You’ll want time to ask questions, test-drive the products and do some critical listening without being rushed. Weekday mornings are usually the slowest times for retailers, so visit during those hours to receive the most helpful attention.

Picking an installer to trust with your precious vehicle is a huge part of the decision process. An experienced installer can be your best liaison to designing a system for your vehicle that both sounds great and is reliable. Always ask to see the installation bays where your car will be worked on. These should be spacious, clean, organized and well lit. Installers should have ample tools and plenty of supplies handy.

Ask if the shop’s installers are certified by the Consumer Electronics Association’s MECP program. MECP stands for “Mobile Electronics Certified Professional” and is the only nationally recognized program to vet car audio installers. MECP certification provides the peace of mind that your vehicle is being worked on by a qualified and trained professional.

Start at the Head

Once you decide on a shop, start with the head unit or radio if you’re shopping for a complete system. You can narrow your search according to head units that fit your vehicle DIN, DIN-and-a-half and double-DIN are standard sizes and have the features you’re looking for, such as navigation, satellite radio, MP3 playback and iPod integration.

Don’t just rely on the salesperson’s pitch to learn about each head unit on display. Check out all of the features and controls yourself. Make sure the layout is logical and displays are easy to read. Are the controls a good fit for the size of your fingers and the info easy to read at a glance? Try operating the head unit by standing to the left of the unit to simulate the mounted position in a vehicle.

Of course, the whole point of a stereo system is good sound reproduction, so listening and evaluating components (especially the speakers) is crucial. Always take your own music with you to audition audio components, and use tracks you know well and have a good idea of how they’re supposed to sound.

It’s pretty hard to judge an amplifier’s sound, so often buying decisions will come down to budget, system configuration and your own brand preferences. With your head unit and amplifier choices in mind, you can move to the fun part: choosing speakers. Just remember there’s no reason to buy a 100-watts-per-channel amplifier if the speakers you like only handle 50 watts.

Listen Up

After narrowing your search for speakers based on what will fit your vehicle, you’ll have to put your ears to work. Everyone hears sound slightly differently, and evaluating speakers is very subjective. You will be the one listening so it’s best to go with speakers that you like, while playing your own music.

Unfortunately, the demo rooms at most retail facilities aren’t ideal for auditioning speakers. The acoustics and speaker positioning are nothing like what’s found in vehicles, so speakers will sound different in your vehicle than on the wall in a store. If the retailer has demo vehicles available, check out the speakers in them to get a better idea of how the speakers will sound when they’re installed. Also ask which amplifiers are driving them and with how much power in watts.

Subwoofers can be just as hard to judge in a sound room because a closed vehicle will alter the bass response of subwoofer enclosures (usually enhancing it). It’s essential to be up front with your salesperson and installer about your expectations. You can’t expect to have booming bass that can be heard a block away when you’re driving only an inexpensive 8-inch sub. A good retailer will make sure your component choices work together and accomplish your audio goals.

Be Prepared and Get the System You Want

Knowing the basics about your vehicle and your sound system goals are key to being prepared as you shop for a car audio system. And asking the right questions of sales staff and installers will make choosing your system and installer a much easier experience.

New and Used OEM and Aftermarket Jaguar Parts Online Catalog

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Your Best Source for New and Used Jaguar Parts

We have the largest inventory of new and used OEM original parts and excellent quality aftermarket parts. We supply parts for every model including XJ6, XJS, XK8, XJ8, S-Type and X-Type and for the brand new model year cars also.

Hundreds of salvage Jaguar cars are utilized with the lowest prices and largest inventory of any Jaguar auto parts supplier in the United States. Body parts and accessories can also be purchased at wholesale. Search for parts or accessories by model name, part number, or part description in the box on right. If you can’t find the parts you are looking for phone us at 888-524-2487, International:+1-805-845-0426 or email us.

Why Shop Jagbits?

Jagbits has 25 years of experience selling new and used Jaguar parts. We quickly respond to inquiries and have had the same two salespeople answering your emails and phone calls for the last 10 years with a combined 50 years of parts experience. We know Jags better than your local dealer!

Aftermarket Parts – Replacement OEM – Car – Auto Replacement Parts

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Aftermarket Parts – Replacement OEM – Car & Auto Replacement Parts

With the help of custom aftermarket parts, automobiles have now become much more than literal vehicles of transport, taking you to and from work and the store and other important places. Cars and trucks are now extensions of an individual’s personality. Hooking your car up with a custom set or rims or buying an aftermarket chrome grill for your truck has become the norm. People’s automobiles are screaming originality these days, and far too many are more than happy to pay inflated prices to get their taste of unique flair.

Sadly, even the best of aftermarket upgrades won’t prevent your car or truck from breaking down. It might look better or a lot more like you want it, but your car’s transmission can still bust at the drop of a dime. Your radiator can still blow. Don’t take this the wrong way. This slice of truth isn’t meant to deter you from seeking the aftermarket and custom parts you want. It’s only to remind you that you’ll always need to be ready to replace a bumper or fender if it gets damaged, or a windshield if it breaks.

Since your automobile is customized and looking the way you want it, it’s a safe bet that you don’t want it parked in your garage when damaged, but rather out there on the road. This is where finding the right place to shop for parts comes in. if you had a reliable place to go to get the parts you need for a low price, those repairs can be handled quickly, even in tough economic times such as these. can help with this.

We provide the best prices in the industry on the highest-quality OEM replacement parts. No matter what you need and regardless of what type of vehicle you need it for, Car Body Parts has a factory part ready to ship out to you today for up to 70% off. We have one of the nation’s largest warehouses with thousands of parts stockpiled.

Not only that, we also sell a wide selection of aftermarket parts, so you can handle your OEM replacements and your customizations with us. Our service is built around the customer, and with our easy-to-browse site features, you can find any part in seconds. Shop with us today and save time and money on the best auto parts you’ll find anywhere.

Aftermarket Auto Parts

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Aftermarket Auto Parts

Spicer Parts – Leading the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

Whether you are driving between the lines or way outside them, demand the performance that comes from genuine Spicer automotive replacement parts. When you purchase genuine automotive aftermarket products such as driveshaft components and axles for your passenger car, light truck, 4×4, or van, you will see why Spicer is the undisputed leader among aftermarket auto parts manufacturers.

As you purchase replacement parts for your truck or car, aftermarket parts from Spicer have the durability and reliability needed to extend the life of your vehicle. You rely on your vehicle for so much, so why trust its long life to knock-off parts? Spicer parts are tested and proven to outperform the competition.

Delivering Quality Automotive Replacement Parts

It is no surprise that the Spicer brand is the most trusted name in the aftermarket auto parts industry. Only Spicer parts are manufactured to the standards of automotive OEM parts because they are OEM parts. And because Dana is constantly innovating its manufacturing processes, the Spicer automotive replacement parts you purchase will meet or even exceed the original equipment parts that you are replacing.

Spicer driveshafts and steering shafts are engineered to minimize noise, vibration, and harshness, and Spicer u-joints are designed for reduced wear and longer life. The Spicer light vehicle product line includes front and rear axles, differential systems, and more. And for the first time, you can also get genuine Dana™ axles for your light vehicle applications through the Dana Crate Axle™ Program. Get peace of mind. Know what you are getting and get what you know with Dana crate axles.