Jun 30 2020

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Buy a car Buying a Car Learn what to do before buying or renting a car. On This Page Buy a New Car Whether you are buying or leasing a new car, consider these tips to get the best deal and avoid problems: Compare car makes and models. Visit dealerships in person and manufacturers’ websites to research car models. Research the dealer’s price (or wholesale price) for the car and options. This price can help you negotiate the final price. Learn if the manufacturer offers rebates that will lower the cost. Read car advertisements closely. Ads may over promise on …

Jun 27 2020

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Buy a car How to Buy a Car 8 Steps to Buying a New Car Buying a new car is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Here’s how to research, locate, price and negotiate to buy your new car. Mobile technology makes these steps easier than ever. It is now entirely possible for a buyer to shop for a vehicle while in line at the supermarket or waiting to pick up the kids. This list explores the steps a buyer would take to purchase a new car. If you’re looking to save more money …

Jun 20 2020

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Buying a car Car Buying Tips & Advice Tips and advice that you need to know before buying your next car, truck or SUV. Featured car buying 11/05/2018 Tips on When to Buy a Car to Get the Best Deal The best time to buy a car doesn’t boil down to just one weekend, month or season. You have lots of opportunities to find great deals and discounts on cars, and we list them here, along with some pros and cons for the holiday weekends that are advertised as offering great car deals. 04/30/2018 AWD vs. 4WD: What’s the Difference? …