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Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad credit can happen to good people, and sometimes there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. There are a lot of people that let the words “Bad Credit” get them down. Don t be one of these people. They are just words and everyone deserves a second chance to rebuild their financial future.

If you have bad credit, it may not even be your fault. There are countless ways that other people can ruin your credit for you. It is sad, but true. The only thing that you can do is try to repair your credit, and that is where comes in. We know and understand that bad credit can happen to good people, and that is just one of the many reasons that we are here to help people just like you.

There are several lenders out there who specialize in offering loans to help people with bad credit. The problem is that most people with bad credit don t know how to find these loans so they just give up and end up living the rest of their lives with bad credit. This is yet another reason that is here to help. No one should have to live their lives with bad credit. Credit can be repaired, and the only way to repair credit is by establishing new credit.

How can help people with bad credit?

Finding lenders that will actually provide loans to people with bad credit is a difficult task. It can take days or weeks to locate them. has done extensive research, and found all of the lenders that specialize in helping people with bad credit by offering what they are calling, “Bad Credit Personal Loans.” There is a solution to every problem. You just need to know where to look. We have made it easy for you to secure a bad credit personal loan with almost no effort on your part.

Part of the problem that comes with bad credit is dealing with rejection. There is only so much rejection that a person can take. It can be frustrating and embarrassing sitting face to face with a loan officer and telling them all of your personal financial details. It gets even worse when they tell you that you have been declined. With our services none of this ever happens.

All you need to do is fill out one simple, secure application. We will compare your application against our large database of lenders that specialize in bad credit personal loans. You will not have to look anyone in the face. There is no complicated paper work to fill out, and you will not have to fax a bunch of information. Within a few short minutes, you could secure the personal loan that you need to help you rebuild your financial future. Bad credit is not the end of the world, but it will not fix itself. You are going to have to do something about it, and establishing new loans is one of the easiest ways to repair your credit.

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Impact Auto Body

Impact Auto Body is a total service, locally-owned Ottawa auto body shop. Located at 1049 Belfast Road, we are among the best auto body shop Ottawa has to offer! If you have been in a collision, need a total paint job or other body repair, Ottawa Impact Auto Body is the best choice for you and your vehicle. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction with all collision and paint repair services we provide.

The trained auto body technicians at Impact Auto Body are highly skilled and will work hard to bring your car to its original condition. If you are looking for the best auto body shops in Ottawa, you have come to the right place. We work with your insurance company to process your accident claim to avoid delays and get your vehicle looking great and back on the road as soon as possible.

No other Ottawa auto body shops can compare to the level of service and high quality workmanship Impact Auto Body provides to its customers. Our team of certified technicians has a total of over 100 years combined experience working with collision repairs. Contact us today to find out about our complete auto body services and schedule an estimate for your vehicle repairs.

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(Dependable Auto Shippers Spanish Transportistas Confiables )

Finding a dependable auto shippers that will be responsible and safely transport your car from one place to another takes a lot of time and research. Read the following article so you can learn a couple steps to follow in the big decision of which dependable auto shipper you will engage business with.

When you are looking for a company to ship your car, all of a sudden all the agents you talk to promise moon and stars and all claim to be dependable auto shippers, only to find out later on you are stuck with them and with no reliable service in response. How to know who is dependable and who is not? Well, thanks to technology and internet, nowadays it’s easier to research different companies and find out who really does offer reliable service and who you can depend on to deliver your car safely with no hidden fees, pickup and/or delivery delays, or other made up stories.

Do the homework. Yes, as tedious as it may sound, you must do the homework and research each possible company you have in mind. Use a little of what you learned from your last college research papers and apply it to your car shipping dilemma. Think about it this way, when you were in college the more you researched the more you could guarantee a good grade, the same with car transport, the more you research the more you can guarantee a good service. This will help you avoid companies that have red flags all over and leave you with the ones that can really offer a reliable and hassle free transport.

These are some of the things you have to look for and be aware of when looking for your dependable auto shippers :

Reviews. Back in the day to get a review from a business, a store or anything, you would have to go yourself, try it out and then review it or get it from a close friend that had either used the service and tried it before. Nowadays thanks to technology and the internet, it’s very easy to research reviews for companies online. All reliable and dependable companies will have reviews posted under their n

Dependable Auto Shippers by AA Car Transport

ames from previous customers that have used them to ship their cars. Make sure you take your time and review how many stars they have and what people say about them.

Deposit. Most of the companies you will find out there are brokers. As you should know, brokers take an initial deposit to secure the business and then finish paperwork. Be careful, as many brokers will catch you with upfront deposits not only to secure your business, but to only take the money and then place you on the back burner and start giving you excuses. Find companies that will not ask for an upfront deposit, only for a signature which confirms your business and only once driver is confirmed for a pickup require the initial deposit. This actually gives brokers something to work for and will guarantee you a reliable business, as they are working for your deposit.

Easy going vs. Complicated. When you have a dependable auto shippers, conversations should be easy going and making business with them should be hassle free. Agents will be straight forward with you and will provide every single detail you need to know about your transport. If when you talk with an agent you realize they are complicated, hard to get a hold of, and start giving you the turnaround for simple answers, walk away. Therefore, when something goes wrong in your transport, they tend do to the same thing.

Brokers Dilemma. Many people think that working with a broker is a big red flag itself, and once they hear they reached a broker instead of a carrier company, they immediately hang up. What they don’t know is that drivers actually prefer to work with brokers as they are the ones that get the jobs for them. Brokers take the time to also research every driver they work with to make sure insurance is up to date and that they are dependable drivers. This saves you as a customer a lot of time and also adds up to their dependable service, as many customers will not even think about this part. It is hard for dependable auto shippers to drive, commit to schedules and do sales at the same time, therefore they use brokers to help them book jobs and handle their customers while they pickup, drive and deliver.

Now you know the basics and most important point to make sure the company you are dealing with is reliable. Make sure you check out reviews and what people say in them, this will help you determine as well if they are easy to work with or will be very complicated to get a hold off. Paying an initial deposit is required by every single company, just be careful of when you pay it. Paying upfront deposits not necessarily means a guaranteed service, usually it doesn’t. And lastly, if you reach a broker, think twice before you hang up the phone or dismiss their service, as most of the drivers out there if not all, work with brokers to get to you.

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Are you ready to ship? Get a free quote on our online calculator or give us a call at (800) 516 -3440 to speak with an agent.

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Advanced tips for US road trips

Car rental tips from Lonely Planet’s travel experts

Dreaming of the open road? Car rental is all you need to hit the highway. Here’s how to lock down the right car hire deal.

Desert road trip, winding mountain passes or zooming around national parks? Wherever you’re headed, the only thing between you and freedom is nailing down your car rental. So how do you find the car hire gems among the clapped-out rustbuckets, and navigate the fog of fine print? Grab the best car rental deals with our tips.

How to snap up the perfect car rental

Lonely Planet’s expert road trip tips

Got wheels? Here’s how to ensure a smooth journey.

  • Safety first. Don’t start assembling your perfect road trip soundtrack before you’ve checked the weather forecast and road conditions. This is especially important if you’re exploring a new destination. Make sure you have the local emergency phone number, your insurance details, and a charged mobile phone – just in case.
  • Pack emergency supplies. A steady supply of sugary treats to stave off road boredom? Worth packing. A few bottles of water, extra food and a blanket in case you end up stranded wildly off course? Essential.
  • Bring a back-up map. Malfunctioning sat-nav, tablet with a flat battery… when it comes to navigation, don’t put all your faith in technology. Make sure you have at least one hard copy of a road map in case disaster strikes your gadgetry.
  • Plan your pit-stops. Road trip pit-stops aren’t just to prevent the chorus of ‘are we there yet’ from the back seat. Plan some stops along your way to keep you feeling refreshed on your journey – and swap drivers if you can. Don’t try to drive for more than 2-3 hours without taking a short break.
  • Check in with friends or family. We know, you really don’t want to text your mother. But if you’re planning a road trip somewhere remote, let a friend or family member know your route and expected arrival time.

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The ultimate automotive marketplace.

Коротко о себе

Welcome to’s Google+ profile! This is a community for car shoppers, private sellers and fans of We are thrilled to have you be part of our community and value your participation with our content and interaction with others in this space.

We want to this to be a fun, useful experience for you and the rest of the community. With that in mind, we came up with a few simple g uidelines that will help maintain an engaging environment. In addition to these guidelines, we follow the content policy set forth by Google+ and will remove content in violation with this policy.

User Content License and Guidelines, Inc. (“AutoTrader”, “us,” we”) does not endorse, and is not responsible for, any information, opinions, or content posted by users of the social media channels we operate and such postings do not necessarily reflect our opinions.  While we assume no obligation to monitor postings, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove any content that may be: 1) abusive, defamatory or obscene, 2) fraudulent, deceptive or misleading; 3) in violation of intellectual property rights of another; 4) offensive or otherwise inappropriate; and/or 5) solicitations of any kind.

By posting any comments, photos, audio-visual material or other content to a AutoTrader social media channel, you grant to AutoTrader a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to use, copy, modify, delete, adapt, display, translate, sell, distribute and make derivative works of such content, and publish your name or user name in connection with such content, in any and all media and platforms, whether now known or hereafter developed, including the Internet, for any purpose, including for commercial, publicity or promotional uses, without any further approval by you or any compensation owed to you or to any third party.  In addition, you represent and warrant that the content you post and our use of such content as permitted above, will not violate any law or infringe the rights of any third party, including rights of privacy or publicity, copyright, trademark and/or other intellectual property rights.

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SMS Auto Yards

We are glad you are visiting our website. Here you will find information about our daily work and our services. Our staff will be glad to help you and answers any questions you may have.

Auto Wrecking and Auto Salvage Services

Looking to sell that old car or truck? We pay top dollar whether it is a late model, wrecked, running, or junk. Call us today at  844 CAN SCRAP IT to receive our cash offer and schedule a pickup for your unwanted vehicle.

Scrap Metal Recycling Services

SMS Auto Yard will pay high rates for your scrap metal, such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, etc. Scrap metal can be difficult to move. Call us and someone on our friendly staff will conveniently pick up your scrap metal for you!

Affordable Auto Parts Pick your part… or let us help you!

As one of the area s leading auto yards, we also have one of the largest selections of used and rebuilt auto parts for most makes and models.

  • We have Taillights, Auto Glass, Tires Wheels, and everything you need in between.

Roll-Off Container Services for Industry

Our roll-off containers are exactly what you may need for shipping larger quantities of iron metal scrap, in an easy, efficient and environmentally safe manner! Best of all… we do so at an affordable cost to you. Please call us today to learn more and schedule placement.

These are just a few of the features and benefits of our roll-off container service:

  • Same or Next Day Delivery
  • 20, 30, 40 and 50 Yard Roll-Off Containers Available
  • On-Site Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • Usage Up To 30 Days At No Extra Charge
  • Long-term scrap purchase agreements offered

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Product Info

An affordable advertising solution with a stunning gloss finish. Regular Vinyl Decal Film is back-adhesive (applied on the outside of the window). Select “Inside Glass” for front-adhesive if you wish to apply on the inside of the window facing out.

Features— Thickness: 3.4 mil. Full-color, single-side printing on white material. Select Shape or Exact Die-Cut for custom shapes. Car Safe uses a special adhesive to protect your car’s paint. Clear Vinyl Decal Film available for additional cost. Life expectancy: 3 years. Before installing, read our Vinyl Decal Installation Instructions .

Best For— More permanent advertising in high-visibility store fronts and offices, as well as on vehicle fleets. Storefront window displays, office or vehicle door graphics, bumper stickers, etc. For full-coverage store window graphics, select Store One-Way Vision .

EZ Stick Vinyl

An all-purpose, flexible plastic film with a smooth finish. Backed with a unique, low-tack adhesive and includes a thick white liner for storage. Can be applied to any flat, non-porous surface including walls, windows, doors, metal, plastic, and fine furnishings with clean removability (leaving no damage or residue). Satin finish provides stunning image quality, crisp, vivid printing and vibrant colors.

Features— Thickness: 6 mil. Removable, reusable, and repositionable. Adhesive does not build over time. Choose “Shape Die-Cut” for custom shapes and cutouts or reusable lettering. Life expectancy: 3 years indoors (without direct sunlight).

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10 Tips for a Successful Car-Buying Experience on Craigslist

The vehicle listings on Craigslist are often light on graphics and always free of oversight, and cruising them can be an eye-opening experience. Usable at no cost for most sellers, half-truths are plentiful in the listings and vehicle histories rare, leaving it to you to connect the dots. (Very few people take our advice for selling a car online .) Yet Craigslist can be a highly effective tool for locating the car of your dreams. Here are 10 tips that should help you separate fact from fiction and satisfied with your purchase:

1. Hone your search. Craigslist allows users to configure their search results to include dealers, private sellers, or both. If a warranty, certified pre-owned status, or convenience is high on your list of priorities, you’ll want to restrict yourself to dealer listings, as there’s no reason to waste time scrolling through pages of clapped out Fox-body Mustangs and worn-out work trucks. On the other hand, if driving for two-hours to look at rust-ravaged, Vietnam-era forward control Jeep that “ran when parked” is your thing, you already know the drill: private sellers all the way. Still, the “both” setting can be handy when looking for a nice commuter car or winter beater, as sometimes dealers will offer such things, although that practice is becoming less common.

If you know exactly which vehicle you want and how much you’re willing to pay, CL offers the option of plugging those criteria in right at the top of your search. Doing so will narrow the offerings accordingly, facilitating a focused search and a rational purchase with a minimum of drama. (To cast a wider net, you can also use one of the many sites that allow you to search every local Craigslist across the country.) Of course, one could argue that a life that doesn’t include at least one late-night back-alley transaction involving a sagging Ford Torino, small farm animals, and some class-C fireworks isn’t really a life worth living.

2. Size up the seller. It’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the type contained within can be quite revealing. If an ad is composed in ALL CAPS and is accompanied by a couple of grainy images that resemble lo-res screengrabs from the Zapruder film, you’re probably in for a rough ride. Likewise, certain sellers like to spice up their ad with buzzwords and phrases like “air blows cold” and “stops on a dime,” which are actually thinly veiled code words for, “if [insert name of component or system in question] is still working when you buy it, it likely won’t be by the time you get the car home.” Bottom line: Judge the vehicle on it’s own merits and don’t believe the hype.

3. Call first. Get as much information about the vehicle as you can on the phone—and always ask if more photos are available or can be taken, especially of problem areas—and try to pick up on the seller’s character. Do they sound composed or sketchy? Engaged or disinterested? There’s nothing worse than carving an hour out of your busy schedule to drive across town only to be greeted by a seller who says, “Well, I was just kinda throwing out a feeler, not sure if I really want to sell it at this point.” Of course, if their voice is tinged with the languid drawl or hyper-intensity of a narcotics aficionado, there’s a good chance they’re looking for a quick sale—cash talks—so quit reading and start buying! We kid, of course.

4. The meet-up. As the buyer, it’s up to you to go to the seller. Meeting on common ground is always a good idea, and if the seller agrees, make arrangements to meet at a well-lit, mutually agreeable location, preferably one with lots of credible witnesses foot traffic. A local “cars and coffee” event is a good option, as is the parking lot of the local auto-parts store or speed shop. Of course, if the vehicle in question isn’t in running condition, you’ll have to visit the car where it sits.

5. A word about vans. Nothing is more creepy and suspicious than two or more guys loitering around an unmarked, windowless lockbox on wheels in a parking lot. (Especially if your meeting place is near a school or government facility.) We love vans, too, but discretion is advised.

6. Get an inspection. Be realistic. If the deal in question involves a decade-old pickup priced around $3K, it’s unreasonable to start bitching about surface rust or worn upholstery. Take it for spin, and thoroughly exercise the accelerator, brake, and, if applicable, clutch pedal and shifter. The steering and suspension will inevitably be looser than when new, but overt creaks, clicks, or clunks could indicate a potential safety issue. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a late-model daily driver for the wife to shuttle the kids around in—or you’re purchasing a classic—do yourself a favor and have it inspected by a reputable shop or expert in the make. A seller with nothing to hide will be more than agreeable.

7. Negotiate. Everything on Craigslist is negotiable. Even if a seller states that a price is firm, the very nature of Craigslist and its low, low price of free for the listings encourages ambitious pricing. Haggling as portrayed on television, however, where the seller caves after a tense 15-second negotiation and lets the car go for half of the asking price rarely happens in the real world. It’s OK to start low, but insulting a seller with an absurdly low number can quickly sour a deal. To score a good price while retaining a modicum of dignity, try asking the seller what their bottom dollar is, and then counter with an offer 15 to 20 percent below that figure; chances are you’ll be within 10 percent of the actual number the owner needs to get the deal done. Always negotiate in person; the only thing cheaper than talk is a tactless e-mail. One last thing: Seal the deal with a handshake, as the human element imparts an air of finality to the deal that only a true psychopath could ignore.

8. Make sure there’s a clean title. Talk is cheap, and when it comes to a missing or suspicious title, everyone has a story. Sorting out an unsound title or sourcing a duplicate is possible, but our experience proves it can be time-consuming and soul-crushing work. So unless the car in question is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, walk. You don’t need the hassle. If a bank or financing company still holds the title on a vehicle, ask the seller to make some calls to ensure everything is kosher, and that the title can be obtained and delivered without undue delay.

9. The exchange. When it comes time to trade green for pink, you can’t find a better location than your personal bank. In addition to being the home turf for your money, banks generally have a notary public on staff who can witness signatures and emboss the bill of sale or other paperwork with their all-important official seal. Building a sound paper trail is a great way to protect yourself in any transaction, so don’t be afraid to ask the seller to take a certified check if the selling price is more than a couple of grand.

10. The road home. At this point, the vehicle in question is yours. Unless spelled out in writing beforehand, the seller has every reason to expect you’ll be removing it from his property pronto. Suddenly announcing that you need to, “get my El Camino running first—to make room,” is of little concern to the seller. If your new vehicle needs to be towed, have arrangements in place; if it’s a driver, buy a pal lunch and have him drop you off. Before you leave, double check to make sure you have everything: the manuals, the spares, and the loose interior bits from that box that was in the trunk. Once the previous owner has your cash, they’ll have little incentive to track you down to hand off anything you forgot.

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About South Bay Autohaus

South Bay Autohaus is the leading Independent Mercedes-Benz Dealership offering San Diego Mercedes-Benz owners quality Sales, Parts, Service & Repair. We have been family owned for over 20 years and have always serviced San Diego Mercedes Benz owners with the a focus on trust, integrity and honesty.

Our technicians are highly trained, skilled and certified to perform all maintenance and service work. Our in-house parts department allows us to complete most services in the same day for your convenience.

Our selection of Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles are of the highest quality in San Diego. Each vehicle is fully serviced and inspected prior to being displayed on our showroom in order to meet highest level of standard and excellence Mercedes-Benz owner’s expect.

If you are buying a new Mercedes-Benz, contact us regarding our trade-in purchase program that will allow you to maximize the value of your previously owned Mercedes-Benz

South Bay Autohaus is your Mercedes-Benz solution in San Diego. Follow us on our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected to South Bay Autohaus promotions and news.

Meet Co-Founder Gary Flanagan

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Used Classic Cars For Sale

Our Showroom – Everything about our business is personal, and this starts with the hand selection of quality cars for our inventory of used classic cars for sale. We take great care to personally drive, detail, and photograph each car that is acquired as we believe this is essential to providing customers with accurate information to help enable informed decisions. We put the customer first from beginning to end and all of our used classic cars for sale transactions are guided by our mission statement:

Please browse through our showroom and visit us frequently as our inventory of used classic cars for sale is always changing.

1973 Dodge Challenger

Hemi Orange exterior. Black bucket seats. Center console. Built 440 CID V-8. Automatic. Ready to enjoy.

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

1949 Ford Custom

Dark Blue Metallic exterior. 2-tone interior. Beautiful chrome. 239 CID flathead V-8. 3-speed manual. Recently restored.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Restomod

Supercharged LS9 6.2 liter V-8. 630 HP. TCI 6-speed automatic. Custom interior. Boyd Coddington Pro’s Pick recipient.

1970 Cadillac Eldorado

Briarwood Firemist exterior. Light Beige vinyl top. Light Beige leather interior. Automatic climate control. 500 CID V-8 … Gorgeous presentation.